Hurt at Work! Smashed Myself | 2010 Equinox 3.0 AWD
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Happenings he Hood Hi everybody good day to you and welcome back. Glad you were here! This is part two of this 2010 Chevrolet Equinox In the first episode, we replaced uh both parking brake assemblies, the backing plate wheel bearings, this lower control arm, sway bar links in the rear and the rear bushings which are way way way way way up there where you can't reach them. And in this episode it's going to be really easy. We're just doing a front right front lower control arm that I've just shot myself in the foot because when I started the job on the rears I said this is going to be really easy and it turned into a challenge.

It was a northern car challenge is what it was. Hopefully this right front will not present to me a challenge and it's going to go swimmingly. but you never know because it has corrosion, oxidation form of corrosion. it makes Parts stick together and not come apart foreign.

All Right Moving On In what do we got here? We got a really nice looking brake job we have that got good front pads. it's not as bad up front. Okay, looks like we've got two bolts here. one bolt there and a ball joint to remove.

How's that ball joint gonna treat us? Looks like someone's been there before. It's kind of kind of Booger it up a little bit. all right backing up like I said I Hope this one goes a little bit better than the Uh in the rear side, but we need to get that cotter pin out of that ball joint. First things first.

Well, since that's a fresh one, we'll just try to force it out, grab it with some side cuts and give it a tug. see what it does. We're using the principles of Leverage here. Look at that.

Came right out. no problem. All right. you know I'm gonna have to unbolt this ball joint in order to unbolt this ball joint because if you see here, there's no room for that nut to escape with.

uh, the CV axle here and I don't feel like taking it off so it's not what I'm gonna do all right. What do we got in here? 17 kinda. that's that thing's been chewed up a little bit with some pliers or something, you know. I Feel like somebody was trying to do this job and they gave up.

Now it's my turn. That's what it feels like to me. it's gonna work. Cut it off.

did it slipper? did it turn? Ed Oh, it turned. Sweet Blank drive. Plus from Snap-on it's got little ridges in it so it engages the flank of the Fastener and not so much the tip. Yeah, there we go.

You're gonna come off of there. you're gonna get stuck again. I'll rephrase you're gonna come off of there. Yeah, look at that.

when that one's all been in. see that castle on the nut there? that's not. Uh, that's not good. So what I'm gonna do is just take this.

Loose as far as it's gonna go and then I will unbolt the control arm from the ball joint and then I'll break this ball joint loose and it'll fall down, leaving me, uh, more space to extract this castle nut. That's the plan. Are you gonna work? Sure, you're better. Boring.
This is like the car of no power tools because I can't fit any anywhere. Everything I Do. It's got to be done the uh, the manual method I Think we're about out of threads here? Yeah, See that it's turning the CV axle. I'm just gonna let it ride.

Maybe it'll press that ball joint out I Think it's gonna work? Yeah, Ah, a little further. Okay, that's all she wrote the. let's get these bolts off the bottom here. I Think that's in 19.

19 coming in the 19 in conjunction with an 18. that was tight. it's two. Give it back the socket.

had my uh or had the nut. Let's turn this a little bit. Can you guys see what's going on? No. Ah.

I see mosquito? Okay, let's move you all over here and you can see when it fixed the light. Okay, last one. All right. All right.

let us wedge in here. some additional downforce on this ball joint stud. Foreign. Let's break this thing loose now.

One two I Just hate you guys with a hammer there. Got it. Kind of got it. Mostly got it.

See what I meant by getting that stud loose? Like So okay. let's turn you guys around and we're going after the two bolts right here. Two nuts on top and that holds this uh, this bushing which locates the control arm that holds that to the subframe. So we're gonna go at it from the bottom with an impact at the top of the wrench to hold the nut and the rapid unclicks, foreign flashlight.

Okay, we switched sides again. We're now looking in and you guys are right above the brake caliper and get that last nut right there. loud and then I'll just sneak this bolt out of here. Come out, it is my will.

All right. A little bit of pry bar action back here around this bushing and it should pull free from the subframe. Yeah, just like that ball joint dropped out and she is loose. There's our unit control arm gravity backing up.

Let's check out the goods here. make sure everything matches up and there's any appropriate proportions. Yeah, I Do believe it is. Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep, Yeah, we're good now.

Remember, we gotta feed this thing in simultaneously as the nut. Otherwise, uh, we have to take that uh Cbx allow and I don't want to do that? Sure, let's just get this guy kind of in position here. It'll start it like that with the square part in thank you. Well, it fell out So what's my my malfunction here? Is it the ball joint after all? put it in threaded that way I Don't have to worry about it there, that's not gonna work.

Okay, what? I need to do is get that bushing in. Hmm. Balls are stiff there. push it on the ground, bend that in a little bit I might have something to do with it Hammer I Need linear impacts for this one to nudge this thing in now.

I'll get that ball joint in there. Come on, come on, come on. come on. Okay, all right, a little bit of pry bar action on this back bushing over here and that should slide down into position here.
Let's just take this. uh, this nut loose right here on the bushing. Maybe it'll turn. Yes, it will.

There we go. That's beautiful. That's what we like. Okie dokes.

Let's get a couple of these bolts in that where it goes right there. ruin the threads. Those were just love caps guys. That's what the spreads are okay.

plus this is pointed. see that so it guides it in. We're good, no worries. I've ruined enough of these to know when I'm about to ruin one of these girl.

where's my gun? There it is. Let's get these ones secure and then we'll get that other bushing. I Don't know what that was the bolt for the other bushing? Sure. All right, all right, let's get this bolt in.

I Think we're lined up enough where it'll fit? Uh yes indeedy. yeah, almost one side was other side. not so much here. Got an extension here? Let's use that as a hammer extension.

so the best way to treat your extensions. but sometimes you just gotta reach out. And Hammer something. Put that on a t-shirt Foreign.

Let's get that nut screwed on right. Big nut coming in. Oh slippage wrench. We need a wrench.

Got a wrench spanner click? Well that moved along quickly. All I've got to do now is get that ball joint castle nut installed. We'll get this sway bar link installed and bolted back on I Took it off and you guys weren't looking just in case I needed to pry up or down on something. They tend to be a little restrictive.

Yup, gonna need a spanner. Clicks: Okay, that's on and now we just got to get the get that little castle nut secured and cotter pin you. Let's see if I can see in here. Hope so Can you guys see I thought I Also, hope so as soon as we draw this ball joint in.

that will conclude the the replacement operation. I Didn't really figure out what was wrong with this control arm. It looked okay. It wasn't rusted to nothing.

However, the left front has recently been replaced. Perhaps that was due to rust, and perhaps we're just doing this to make sure it all stays mechanically symmetrical. Oh uh. one more one more, quarter turn are we lined up with our holes? Negative: a little bit more.

Nope, a little more. Yep. good to go. Oh guys bad news I uh I thought I had a bunch of Master service kits full of goodies over here and uh included in those kits I thought I had some some cotter pins and guess what? don't I have O-rings I got crush washers got a camshaft uh I've got some body panel clips and um I've got some oil dry mats but what I do not have are cotter pins So I need to order the kit for cotter pins so I can cotter pin that bolt? so I guess I'm done for the day because part stores closed, it's getting late and um I don't think I have any around here.

maybe in there? Yeah yeah I have no I have no Powder pins so yeah I think I think I'm done with this car now for the day. So that being said, it looks like I'm also done with this video and since I am done with this video, the only thing left for me to do is to thank you for watching this video and as always hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that. Bye tap that like button down below.
If you do not enjoy this video then um go back and watch something else. Actually, If you do want to watch something else, go back and watch the part one to this Equinox because that was a little bit longer and probably more interesting due to the pain. I Had to suffer through with the with this rear suspension. so yeah, go back and check that one out.

The link is down inside of this Video subscription and uh, it's also in the pin comment in the comment section and that will conclude my moment of Shameless self-promotion So again, as always, thank you for watching And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! Oh real quick. put the lights on shiny. They're not hooked up but they're on there.

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