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Happenings He Hood Hello everybody Good day to you! Welcome back! This up here on the rack is a 2013 Acura RDX I Believe it's a front-wheel drive only, not all-wheel drive model. It's got the 3.5 liter, V6 engine Acura with a V6 Hmm. what's this problem? Engine's coming out. It's got a rear main crankshaft oil seal leaking quite profusely and we have to separate the engine from the trans.

The the book says we're supposed to leave the engine here and then take the trans out, but we're just gonna pull the whole cradle out extra. Troy's doing it. I'm not doing it I Don't want to do it. It's hard work so he can do it.

Um, we have error. The AC condenser is still attached at that line right there. See that one? Yeah, See that right there. So we need to disconnect the hose from the compressor.

Yeah, that was gonna have to be disconnected. It's almost all of them though. You got the trans lines, fuel lines, electrical lines, coolant lines, all the other lines crawling down below. Or is that uh, compressing unit? There it is.

That's what we need. See that little uh manifold bolt right there. We need to get that guy disconnected. Come here.

Come on there we go. Let's get that one off. Unclick please. No come on.

fastener and then wiggle and pull and Pull and wiggle. Yeah, here it comes. Hmm. what's his problem? Seems to be attached to something up here? I'll just pull harder and come out.

It's coming off the shaft right now. Oh He-Man Strength engaged. Oh, come on, got it here. We'll put this thing we'll put in that hole right there.

Jay Okay, now since we're down here, we can take note that all the subframe bolts are out and subframe and the engine and the trans. Those are all held up by these uh four jack stands right here. So all we need to do is pick the car up. the engine will stay and the trans will stay and the car will.

Ascend and get out of our way. Troy You wanna do the honors? Press the button just a little bit at a time. go up like an inch or two. if you hear a crunch.

something's wrong. Okay, a little bit more, a little bit more. a little bit more. Uh, something made noise that was destroyed right? I Believe.

So is that the strut? Uh. coming free? Yeah, yes it was. This came flying at me. That's a plastic piece from the fender.

Well yeah, it's that one right there. I found it I Know where it went. Okay, give it some up a little bit more. Okay, let me check the strike.

Check your strut on your side. Yep, all right, a little bit more. So far so good here. I Don't see anything hanging up.

Check your strut one more time. Yep. go ahead, go up some uh-oh don't want to do that. Okay Power Steering's disconnected Electric Power steering brake lines are staying here with the with the car.

Calipers is staying here with the car so we don't have to open up the brake system. Check this side up steering shaft. Check it out. the shaft right there.
Uh, get along pry bar and let's uh, get underneath that thing and push it up and away. Okay, looking around again I See nothing else attached. The that hose is not attached that one. Yeah, that one's good.

that one's not attached. Nothing attached over here. AC line not attached. Okay, and in the back, nothing attached.

Okay. bump it up a little bit more. a little more. a little more.

it's looking good. Keep going. Yep. go up some more.

Go up some more times. Two more. Oh, we have a wheel speed sensor wire. Oh I see it's detached over there but not over here.

Now it is. Check your wheel speed sensor connector on the other side. There's always something okay I think we are clear now. Wheel speed sensor connectors are disconnected.

Go ahead and run it up. Keep going. Yeah, we are clear all the way up. Bring it up what's going on over here.

We'll just plug that up there now. I Can stop leaking. So far so good. Hey, what's this from? Oh, it's from that and that goes to the motor mount.

Okay I can fix that. No worries every time. you always get one Okay, Bring it all the way up. every time.

Sixty percent of the time it breaks every time. That doesn't make sense. See if we can get this thing back together the next day. Now you'll see that the Uh, the vehicle is up there.

the engine is down here. Transmission is over there. now. this has already been out once before.

Uh, before we go full on with the Re. There was an easier and less labor-intensive way to do this. However, this job was just recently performed not long ago, not by me. Another facility had the Uh had custody of the vehicle and they were charged with replacing a leaking rear crankshaft seal.

See that oil right there. A little bit oil right here. a little bit right here. Now they actually did perform the work.

They they pulled the transmission out of it, dropped the subframe. Uh, we can tell from the witness marks on the bolts. Uh what I mean by that is you can tell where a bolt has had a wrench on it because it'll leave little marks on the faces of the Fastener Now, this job was just done. However, it was immediately leaking oil uh after after the repair and my guy did not want to or was not able to get the other store, other shop, other facility, other dealership.

Whoever it was, he wasn't able to get them to go back and uh, and you know, fix the job because it, uh, it was still leaking oil after after replacing the crankshaft seal. And that is because it wasn't the crankshaft seal that was leaking. I mean yes, there is some oil here and yes, there's oil running out where the crankshaft seal is. However, you see this plate right here on the back of the engine block.

This plate is sealed with RTV sealer. See that right there and the leak is coming from up here at the sealant, not down here at the rear crankshaft seal. Now I Can tell from the condition of this sealant right here that when, uh, when this was removed, when the seal was removed, they did not remove this plate. So what they would have done is gone in here with a screwdriver or a punch, punctured that seal, or even used the seal remover the poster that sealed and fried it out.
Then they took the new one and just hammered the thing in with like a rubber mallet or something like that. What needed to be done was this plate had to have been removed. So we got two bolts down here on the oil pan and then the six seven eight perimeter bolts around the edge of this this panel right here. I I Know that they did not remove that panel because this sealant appears to be original sealant.

It's in the same condition as this sealant over here. same condition as here. so I don't think that this was removed at all. Furthermore, I don't see any marks on these Bolts from tooling.

So I don't believe that this thing was actually removed and resealed if it was. and I mean I guess that's possible if it was. Perhaps they boxed the seal somewhere, but it's confirmed right here. There's oil.

There's oil up here. There's all right here. all running down over here, all running down here. So the leak is here.

not here. So we actually have somewhat of a misdiagnosis. So now that we know why we're doing this and what we're doing here, let's go ahead and pull this, uh, this panel plate off of here and change out the seal. and then I can get this thing put back together out of the top.

A couple bolts here. Now, those two that came out of the bottom. Those are actually very important. when we put this back together, those have to be tightened up first and it's going to draw this plate down flush against the top of the oil pan.

at which point that was a little rough. At which point we can, uh, install the rest of them and then reseal the unit. that was also kind of rough. I wonder if this was removed and resale resealed.

but I don't know I don't see see how I left marks on this one. There's no marks on these other ones. This is odd to me I Want to believe that uh, this was done the right way I really do, but it's not looking like it. Okay I need some pry bar? Let's peel this thing away from the engine block and see what it's looking like.

Okay, let's see if the door panel trim tool has the stones to get behind us and pry it off and survey says yes, it do. Now there's a dowel pin right here and another one right there that's uh, going to align this thing. See what we've got down here? Oh look, there's a gasket. There's an O-ring gasket right here and it is flat.

see that I Bet that's our leaker right there. located right here at the top. What is this carbony oil buildup sludge? Interesting. Yeah, that's gross.

Let's get that cleaned out. We don't want that in there. Foreign? Yeah. I Don't think that this has been resealed.
This looks, uh, looks kind of old. I mean if they did reseal this and this has been a part? I I Can't say that they did a very good job I Hate to uh, besmirched the efforts of others, but this is clearly a failure anyway. I need to get in here with a scraper, scrape off, uh, all this old sealant, and get this thing cleaned up and prepped. And then we can get that new seal and new sealant installed.

All right. Let's get in here with a little razor blade and scrape away all this old sealant. Get rid of that. Yeah, you can tell this has been here for a while because it's stained and oil colored.

It's not. uh, not fresh sealant right here. That's our leaker area. That's where that little o-ring was.

Scrape that away. Get all that sealant off the top of the pan. Very good. Nice and clean over here.

Much better. Okay, let's head over to the bench. We'll take this back plate. We'll get the uh, the plate resealed and scraped away.

We'll drive the new seal in, Then we'll get that thing reinstalled. Okie Dokes Two. So first things first. I Want to go ahead and drive this uh, old seal out? So I will flip this thing over, get it on some blocks of wood, and I'll just drive it out with a little pry bar right here.

A couple, uh, a couple Taps that should pop right out. Maybe just one. Must open our new one new seal right here. Let's get this thing pressed down.

Oh wow, that's cool. It goes in by hand. I can just press it right in there. Look at that.

instead of seating. flush a little bit a little more. Hang on here. Watch this now.

We're good. Okay, new seal installed. Let's get rid of the old sealant on this unit. We'll clean it up some.

We'll get our new o-ring installed, and then we can get this cover back in position here. Let's get rid of that old. RTV that's a room temperature Vulcanizing that's the acronym. Scrape that off Goodbye Old sealant? Yeah.

I Really Don't think that this panel had been removed and if it was, they didn't put sealant back on it. Come on there we go. All right. I Think that's about as clean as I'm gonna get it with the scraper.

Go in here with a towel. Utilize the abrasive qualities of the towel to scrape away the residual and the small pieces of sealant that the scraper couldn't remove like that piece right there. Scrub away around that little dowel right there. There we go.

There's a pin here for aligning it and a pin there to align it. There we go. This is nice and shiny. like almost okay.

Off to the oil drain for finalized cleansings for this. Get all that old feel it residue out of here so we'll give it one more wipe with a towel. another Let Us Return back to the bench, We'll get the O-ring installed and we will get the sealant installed on the panel. and then once that is done, we can get the panel reinstalled on the vehicle.
Okay, o-ring First, this guy's gonna sit right here and all of this contact area around this. Uh, this panel needs to receive some sealants. actually. I'm not going to use this sealant because it was like way way too watery.

Just right here. Watch. Yeah, it's almost like water. I don't I don't like that for this.

so we're not going to use that sealant. I Just got some uh film. Pro RTV I'll use this instead. Just a thin light bead.

Yes, some of it is going to get onto that O-ring It's okay. The air bubbles in the sealant are messing up my bead. Can't like it Putting this on as thin as I can while trying to maintain some kind of uniform coverage. Here 's some air bubble.

now. the original sealant did go around all these little bolt holes. so I'm gonna do the same thing because I do not want this job to fail a second time. There We go.

That's better. That's good. a little bit more right here. that's a thin spot.

Don't like that and we need a little bit here on the bottom. I've already put some on the oil pan surface, but I want to just fortify that position with a little bit more right here? Come on. almost I'm running out of sealant in my tube. Boring isn't it? It's like watching paint dry.

I Think we're good to go? Let's head back over to the engine and get this panel reinstalled. All right. That should stay there. We don't need you back to the vehicle.

well, the engine, rather back to the engine. There we go. it's gonna be out. One shot only kind of deal if we Fubar this.

Yeah, it's gonna be a problem. So let's get this thing ready to rock. taking care to not smear my sealant Tolerances are kind of tight here. They're very tight.

You only get the base position first and then slide that seal in. Gotta rock it into place here. See how that slipped in? I'm trying to avoid sliding the bottom of this across the top of that oil pan as much as possible. There we go, Seal is in position.

Let's get the dowel pin seated. Tap these guys in. Very good. Very very good.

I Like what happened here. seal slid over the crank very nicely. It didn't fold. We've got uniform sealant all around the perimeter.

Good. Let's get the bottom bolt started. All these bolts have to get started before we start applying torque and that was not aligned yet. There we go.

That one's going in very nice. That one that one started, they're all started very good. Let's run them down. some not cross threaded.

Very good. That thing is now seated. All of the sealant is compressed. wipe away the excess so it looks pretty.

Probably gonna smear it around and make it look ugly, but it's the thought that counts right? Hopefully no one will ever see this again, but I'll know and you'll know and we're all. Gonna Know We're going to require 104 inch pounds of torque on these fasteners. There's a kick action. I'm going to draw the bottom down first.
There we go Mix 104 inch pounds of torque achieved on all Fasteners except for that one that was loose. All right. I'm gonna check them all again. That would need a little bit more good.

That one's good, good, good again and finalized. Okay, all right, we're good to go here. Rear seal replacement has been completed. this has been resealed.

New o-ring is inside. Now we can get the flex plate back on, get the trans back on, and get this unit back into the vehicle. Okie Dokes Let's get our super cute little flex plate reinstalled here. See that guy? Super thin.

it doesn't even have teeth on it for the starter. those are actually uh on the torque converter. Weird, right? Okey-dokes Let's get this thing lined up back over the crank. I think I don't know.

I'm not sure if this Uh is indexed one way or not. I'm looking at the bolts to make sure they don't overlap and it looks like it indexes just like that. So we're good. Has this little guy here that's going to go over top and then we've got our series of bolts coming in.

These are 12 foot bolts. They're specific to this, uh, this exact application. We are going to thread lock them because they are torque converter bolts and they have thread lock on them. So I'm putting thread lock back on them.

This guy started here. Begin threading now. Super fine pitch. You know what? Rather than the thread locking each bolts individually, I'm just going to thread lock each bolt hole.

That'll make this go much faster. Get on there. There we go. Let's get all these guys in and I believe these are going to become torqued to 55 foot pounds of torque.

Get in there, get in there and thread in there. Do it now. Thank you! Okay, preliminary electron clicks coming in. All right guys, that's been, uh, been replaced.

We're good to go. Next up, Troy's gonna put the transmission back on this thing and then we're gonna work on putting that thing back together. Um, as you've gathered by now, I did not do any video action. uh, in the in slow or real time of us disassembling this and uh, consequently, I'm not going to do any video action of us reassembling the cedar.

So that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now. Hope you enjoyed this short video. If you did enjoy this short video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there.

And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of Acura end of rear crankshaft seal in the video in a transmission.

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