In this video I have a look at a customers Hyundai Tucson that has a customer complaint of no blower motor and some clunking/rattle noises when driving? Let's have a look!
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Foreign. Look at this. Hyundai it's the Tucson a customer complaint of no blower motor most of the time. at least that's what misses.

Overall Down: oh it looks like we've got a note on the seat baby. It is a note but it's not for us. Uh so no blower motor so let's just go key on. Indeed we have no blower motor so that's good.

No high, No. nothing sounds like the mode doors are working. Yeah I can hear them moving around so that's good. And what's the other thing? Miss So says that he has a rattle so we're gonna take a free little shake down here.

see what we got? I don't know if we're talking like sway bar link rattle or if we're talking like heat shield rattle I did not get them in particulars. let's go around the corner here and wax. Railroad the back out of there weird over the railroad tracks feels real wishy-washy in the bathroom and give her some side. Wiggles it's like you turned on the back end catches up with you.

look at that was struck back there rattling. possibly kind of what it sounds like to me. So I wouldn't be surprised to see like the I'm gonna take a turn the key on folks. Uh, blower motor is on high I Grabbed us a test light before we do anything.

Let's just back probe this little guy. It's pretty easy to see there in there. Oh look at that. We've got a nice bright light so what's that? Tell us it tells us a lot that's off low.

Next one up, next one up, super bright burning my retinas. so let's give it the old. Fonzarelli Everybody knows fines, huh? Hey I said a a that's not working today, but we know we just simply need a blower motor because we're lighting a 5 amp test later 4 amp test light. so needs a new blower motor.

uh, maybe seats up or something there or open circuited more than likely. So anywho, there's your problem lady. Shield I Didn't even hear that sucker on the test drive oddly enough. And then looking in the back, uh, it does not have struts.

It's an inch classic shock spring setup here. and it's also your classic just rotted out. New York Car: It does have a bad sway bar link. Maybe you can hear that rattling.

so that's probably what we were hearing rattling that sounded like a bad strut. Um, in the Prny, you've got to be a little a little bit lenient on what you're looking at and not lenient in as far as safety aspect. but you know a lot of you guys that are outside of the New York or the salt belt. We'll look at this be like this whole thing's shot.

Well, you're 100 I Mean this is a 08 so it's going to be hitting the crusher here probably in the next year or so. Um, but when we look at suspension bushings and stuff, yeah, they're all going to look dry and crusty and weather cracked and you just kind of got to close your eyes a little bit if they're still attached. Well, that's what it is because this looks just like any other 2016 or 2018 you'd pull in too. I think I was just telling you guys, it's 2008 to 2014 so it's not a no.
wait, it's a 14. either way I guess everything we said is still the same and I know that sounds a little bit ridiculous. and I'm not saying I'm going to overlook, you know, blatantly obvious safety items. but you know, let's tell a customer.

Let's say we told them like, well, all your bushings had some, you know, checking in them and you need all new bushings. Well, at that point the car is totaled and that's even if it's a, you know, say, a two-year-old car in. New York You know they're junk, they're rotted, and you know you're not moving these cam bolts. you're not getting the bolts out of.

You know any of the suspension components. So if you say Hey Joe customer, you need this five dollar bushing. What's going to cost? you know, five thousand dollars because you're going to need a subframe and every bolt that attaches to it. It's just the fact of life, so you kind of have to use your best judgment when when looking at stuff and which battles to pick.

But obviously if one of the bushings is completely ripped out in the arms, you know, banging around, then well, you have no choice. And unfortunately again, it keeps saying that that's what condemns some of these cars in. New York State rust. I Mean that's what ultimately gets them in the end.

Uh, this liquid calcium chloride or magnesium chloride? whatever it is they put on the road I Mean it spanks these cars. You guys seen that video I Did not until I'm going at 2019 Chevrolet I Mean it's rotted. It's just. you know it's three years old, but about 10 years is usually about limit.

most things over 10 years old. Well, you're pushing your luck. They're getting pretty smoked at that point. Crown Fluid film.

Uh, you know. New Hampshire Oil coding Rust Check Whatever one you use, Use it. You'll get twice the life. You get 20 years out of your car instead of 10.

So think about that. For a while, somebody's already played the big washer game with this thing. You're completely rusted out, the bolts won't. Uh, well, they might come out.

We usually what we do on these kind of heat shields. When they come in, we take the factory nuts off. we put a fender washer on there, but somebody's already done that obviously a while ago. So um, you know you can reattach it with some rivets or you just take it off, throw it in the trash.

but we can't play that on. YouTube Because people would go crazy. This thing fell off on. the road.

Nobody. Think nothing of it, but can you imagine if some rack job YouTube mechanic took it off and threw it in the trash in front of everybody in the world. Foreign heat shield as opposed to letting it fall off? you know I'm drilling into the frame structure. make sure where you're poking a hole, don't go just jamming holes willy-nilly And then I'm using using them Rivets, so it should last a little bit longer.

Some time has passed, but we did get customer approval a little bit later in the day now. Had to pull the car outside waiting for him to call back, see if we can't unhook this. probably should unhook this earlier to see if it's all burned up here. It probably is.
It looks like it is. Yeah, it looks like the resistance has gotten to it. The connectors all melted in here. Thought about that after we checked it out.

However, we know we have good power and ground. But yeah, she's pretty cooked inside that terminal. It's terminal fella. Looks like she's cooked inside There we're gonna take and we're gonna cut this plug right.

Clean off. Not uncommon to see this. We'll cut it off. We have an aftermarket motor so we will just cut the terminal off from it also.

Yeah, this one's been definitely has been super hot. You can see the wires all cooked there. Uh, what do we need Phillip Said it looks like JIS that's what you want to call it I Thought I saw one right here. Got more than just two.

isn't there? The guy would think, All right, there's two. Where's our third one? Maybe right over here in the middle. can't see. You guys are all up in my way.

We'll do some feeling. Feels like there's a third one in here. Foreign. There it is.

Come in with the aftermarket here. We just nailed that the first shot. Oh, take it back out, huh? I Told him itself. see if we can't get a screw started in it here.

Foreign. foreign. Catch a couple threads in the next hole here. All right, like a couple professionals.

foreign. Plug in directly, but we're going to be better served to chop it off. No, no, hopefully it's the polarity is correct. We'll cut this off.

direct wire it. Call today. Well, let's see. So I Looked up inside the old motor and the terminals all burned out inside of that sucker.

All right, taken. Chop it off he wants to go back to OEM All we can do is go down to the salvage yard, try to find one of these connectors and go back that way. Oh let's see what do we have? Black blue? Gonna strip this little guy back here? Come on baby, let's see. I Brought us a couple of connectors I Don't know if we'll be able to get a blue one on there.

we'll be a little on the large sides. Yes sir. I'm about to go full. yellow.

Slide that up on. Remember to squeeze a little tug, strip back down. same thing I Got my section. it's going crazy about now because we're not putting a connector on it.

but that's okay. You like to make people crazy and at the end of the day, if this fails folks, it's my problem anyway. so not a big deal. There's a fail.

Foreign: I do have the key on contact. Oh goody. it's even blown in the right direction. I'll shrink these little guys down here.

Foreign. That should piss people off. Why do they piss people off? I Don't know, but the old Carmike section usually gets a little testy there when. I Use a crimp and seal connector.
so it's a mechanical crimp they seal. they have adhesive in them. They almost never fail unless somebody crimps them incorrectly and breaks the insulation. I Don't know.

Maybe people get pissed off because they work I'm not sure. I Enjoy doing it before I Forgot to put this little guy on I Looked right at it in the Box too fresh air deal there for the mortar. That's what you get for being a jerk. Echo Chrome Socket Impact Foreign.

bounced. It feels like it's got about 15 pounds of air in it. so that's probably why I was so wishy-washy in the back end. 17 First try.

Look at that. There's no flat spot on each Factory ones. so let's see if we can't just grab it with a pair of vice grips here. easy I thought I Had all of you there's one.

try the same thing on the bottom here. Come on baby. All right there we go. Yeah, throw the whole thing away.

same part. number. left and right are the same damn boy. These are 17 mil also, but it's those lock nuts that are smushed down deformed.

However, these have Flats on the inside so you can use a wrench. You want a skinny one though? 16 mil on this little fella. I'll go like this here. I Have to hold that.

look at that. Of course the opposite side is exactly the same. just on the opposite side. Let's take that baby back in there.

These are actually pretty easy sway bars some of our links to do. It's nicer to say part number: see if we can whack them babies down without holding them. Nope. let's get that wrench up in here.

There's that. Let's hold the bottom ones for cutting. You gotta be careful because you can wad them suckers up if you're not careful. Come on baby.

one more. I'll get dug it for good luck. Uh, that's it folks. Let's put the wheels back on it.

I'm trying to tick every box so we're gonna use a torque stick also. Let's see, we better check the tire pressures like I say bounce these on the ground. This one felt like this one felt like about 28. yeah, 27.8 like I said I bumped the other one.

That one felt like it had about 15 pounds in it. Tire pressure lights on and flashing. so he's got sensors that don't work. but it's not a big deal.

It doesn't fail inspection for it yet in the Prny so nobody ever fixes them. Yeah, that sucker's pretty flat. like I said. you can tell when you're driving it too.

It was pretty terrible. See what we got? 15. yeah, look at this guy. 14.9 Wow.

I could set up a little stand at the fair. Bring your tires in. Let me guess your weight stuck right up. All the tires are about flat.

I See it's got some Mavis All Seasons must be able to put out at Mavis Tire must be they didn't Uh, check to see if the sensors are leaking or you know, crowded around the beads and that kind of stuff. Well my guy Josh does tires here. We always take care to, you know, clean all the beads. So he's got these three here because we're waiting for the seals for the TPMS sensors because they leak too.
So we we clean them all and I think you guys have seen it in the past. We use the old fry Lube on there so it's a tire safe. You know, grease so to speak. keeps the rim from getting all corroded.

And I See the Napa guy was just here and he dropped off these TPMS sensor seals. Get this! Toyota So there we put the new uh nut on it, the new seal, the new screw, and the new valve core. and a new cap of course and that'll uh, keep you from getting comebacks. Take a little dude around town here, hopefully she's a little tighter in the back now.

boys, that's better. She's ready for whacking so then clunking back there anymore either. I Think that'll do it folks. I'm just gonna go back to the shop here.

We've got a good blower action. We fixed his rattle both of them, the rattle in the rear suspension, and we fix the rattle underneath without just taking the guard off and throwing it in the trash. you know, but try to keep everybody happy as much as we can except for our butt connectors and torque sticks and stuff like that. Oh, and chrome sockets on impacts Anyhow, going under in that comment section Instinct Facebook You guys know what to do.

There's my reviewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Oh thanks for watching.

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