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Man I Feel bad for anybody who's like just new to the channel today that has not uh has not seen this kind of content because they've got to be going. What is this guy doing and how is he allowed to act this way? This is ridiculous happenings he would. Hello everybody good day to you! Welcome back I'm glad you guys are here I know I am super glad to be here. A lot of you guys noticed this.

XJ Jeep Now this thing is here for a few items I believe one of which uh customer states that the brake booster has failed. uh I've got some parts in the back uh, we are going to do a brake booster replacement on it and I think I'm going to pull the rear diff cover off and we may end up re-ringing the uh the rear axle of this thing now before you guys get all crazy on. oh that shouldn't be on the road blah blah blah This is a project cheat like most Jeeps are it's a Jeep thing. nobody except for Jeep people understand this but this thing is a it's an ongoing project build and and I would like to help so that's what that's what it's doing here.

you can see it's been lifted. Uh, it's got the factory tires back on it right now I think it used to have 35s or 37s something like that. We can see from some of the Uh, the structure on the frame and some of the additional components that it's got some aftermarket and custom accessories installed. We can also see that this is the X four wheel drive version.

That's right. the yeah. the front drive shaft is not present, the transfer case is still back there. but uh, for the time being.

Uh, it's kind of like a Baja Jeep where it's only got a two-wheel drive with that teeny tiny little drive shaft. Look at that. I Really like these boxy Xjs. So what I'm going to do? We're going to take a look at that brake booster system first and see what's going on with that.

What's going on with this? Oh, this is a ghetto hood scoop. That's what we're doing. We've got cowl induction with spacers. That's kind of cool now.

We can see in the dark. That's cool. Nice lights up here Hood pins so the hood doesn't fly off at super high speed. Awesome! We can see the ditch we're gonna run into on both sides.

That's cool. It's okay. I can make fun of this Jeep I Have permission. Uh, looks like it's got some Rough Country uh.

leaf springs in the back that contributes to the rear lift. The front lift looks like it was done with some coil springs. So yeah, like I said. uh, it's definitely a box and it's a project and we're going to project.

This project will one day reach completion. So let's go ahead. Fire this thing up. Get it into the shop and see what's going on with this brake booster thing.

What do we have on our odometer? Holy Smokes! 303 877.2 miles on the odometer. That's a lot of miles on our odometer starting. Z Engine Well, looks like more than a quarter million miles doesn't affect it. The thing starts right up.

Hey check engine light. I think this is OBD one. What year is this thing? Hang on a second. What year is this thing right? here? We've got a eight of 96.
now that's OBD2 and it should be. Yeah, that's OBD2 All right, nevermind. I was wrong. Not that old.

So talking about a brake booster? yeah, Hear that thing. Okay, all right, backing up the auto. let's get this thing. uh, into the building.

Does it have gears? It's not going forward. goes forward. I Don't think it has reverse gear. kind of has reverse needs transmission.

That was cool. I Love this thing. This is the cool. The coolest toy ever.

I Want one. I'm gonna buy this. We're gonna drive this around everywhere. like everywhere.

Let's see if all the switches and stuff work. Come on. Oh we got light bar that works guaranteed powering all systems on. light bar on all right shutting down.

Yeah, this is cool I Want one I need a piece of Jeep Then I can do Jeep things that nobody else will understand like drive it underneath of a Nissan Awesome! Oh I can't see where I'm going. more lumens There we go. All right, let's let's get out of this thing before it kills me from carbon monoxide and uh, see what's going on with? uh, that brake booster sounds like it's got a leak. Who does this? like who who? SE Lumens in here so you can see what we're trying to see.

Uh, looks like? All right? So here's the back side of the brake booster where it comes to the firewall. See right there. the linkage. a little rod.

that's the back side of the booster. There's vacuum leak leaking, wear and it has almost no vacuum assist. like I can't I can't get brake pedal on this thing to save my life again. Power this thing down.

Shutting down. All right. Okay, uh. we don't pop the hood.

We pull the pins unless the hood latch is still there and functional. Get rid of those things it's been. Maybe we do have to pop in? Z Hood Beginning Hood Popping procedure. Now that one.

No, No, we don't. That doesn't work. it's just hanging out. Okay, maybe we have to pry bar the hood.

Yeah. Fry bar. Which is awesome because I got a new pry bar yesterday. All my pry bars are angular pry bars and this one's just straight ahead pry bar for extra frying.

All right, so we don't want to scratch the paint. So what I'll do is we'll just put some protective towel. Whoa. Get in there.

We'll put some protective towel in there and then we'll just go in with our little pry bar here. And good thing I Got the big pry bar. Come on out Good. Come on.

This is what it sucked to do on the side of the road. Come on. Hood Oh almost. We're gonna need compound multi-stage pry bars here.

This isn't gonna work. okay. maybe I should just downgrade the screwdrivers to go from there. Yeah, let's try that.

I'm not supposed to fry with my screwdrivers anymore. Snap-on guy said so for the heat breaking them off Line: why are we stuck? It's gonna be a long video If I can't even get the hook. it's gonna be real long. Hey man.
All right. so we got one pry bar in now. we'll get a second one in there. take the first one out and then we can go over here and pry bar the other side, see how we've done.

Wedge it in. I Think what's happening is the pins are getting stuck on the thing there. More paint protection. Shove that in the hole there.

begin Hood Opening procedure. Now this is the longest Hood opening ever. We got somewhere though. Look there's the latch.

Let's see. Come on. hood latch. Highly effective.

It's totally 100 a cheap thing. What have I done? There we go. Oh it's open. Oh it's not much better under here.

Well it's got a four liter that's red so you know what makes super duper extra high horsepower? Nice. Yeah, we even got a red battery. That's the best part of the whole car. Is this hopping the battery right here? How about that? Got the old zip tie mod broken connectors man I could like make a career out of this thing.

Okay so I'm thinking I need to find my hood prop because this, uh I might not be safe. You know my hood prop is actually in use it's it's over there in the Nissan So we're just gonna use the pry bar. I Think if this, uh, this should work here here, bear with me for a sec. I'll tell you what first things first, let's throw some light on the subject and then we can pry bar the hood open.

There we go. Ah, we're getting places pry bar for everything. There we go. Now we're in good shape now.

we can see what we're trying to see here. So uh, this unit is our brake booster. What this thing does, is it? Uh, well. the engine will pull vacuum on this canister right here.

And in this canister, there's a big rubber diaphragm so there's actually two sections of it, the vacuum side and then the atmosphere side. So what will happen is when you depress the brake pedal as the driver, it will overcome the spring keeping the brake booster and the plunger in the rear position. So once you press that, the spring is overcome. It's vacuum assisted by engine vacuum and that, allows you to pressurize or put pressure on the plunger inside of the master cylinder, thus displacing some fluid and then sending hydraulic pressure down to your wheel, cylinders and brake calipers.

So what's happened here is that booster in there is leaking. Once you move the uh, the diaphragm, remove the pedal that I think is probably cracked or broken or we've got holes rotted into it. Who knows what. but that booster inside at the diaphragm is leaking and the engine Vacuum cannot.

Supply Any power assist. So we need to pull this unit out and replace it with a new unit now. I'm gonna attempt to do that without removing any of the hydraulic lines I Think I can just unbolt this master cylinder and pull it aside and we can go inside, unbolt the booster, pull the thing out, and then we'll swap it out with a new one. Once we do all that.
maybe we can, uh, talk about some other kind of repairs on this thing in the future. High Performance. Oh yeah, yeah, look at here. There's our uh, that's our little spacer things for the hood that lets us vent some hot air out while we're doing Baja off-road jumping action for engine cooling.

High performance. Everything's high performance. High Performance Jeep It's got a high performance style. more high performance wiring, High performance radio antenna, high performance wiper blades.

Oh yeah, High performance. Oh what is that it is that's high performance. Plasti Dip Nice man. this thing's so high performance it breaks off lug nuts.

Look at that. Yeah buddy. uh. you guys are gonna have a field day in the comments over this thing.

Don't worry, don't worry. we're in business to fix cars, not make fun of them. or they're high performance. Coolant hoses.

Oh, we got more of it. High Performance alternator. See it down there. It's shiny so you know it's high performance.

Hot Forum is distributor cap I wonder if it's got high performance oil? I Don't even know what that thing is, but it's red so it must be high performance. Okay, all right, all right. I'm done. I'm done.

I'm done. We'll quit making fun of the Jeep It's a cool Jeep I Like the Jeep This is the kind of thing you can like do anything you want to it and it doesn't matter. like you can roll the thing over in a ditch or you can drive it around to a car show. It doesn't matter because it's like it's just.

it's custom. It's fully custom. Anyway, let's get back to actual uh, normular content here: I'm gonna prove that this booster has a leak. I'm going to disconnect the vacuum hose and there will be no vacuum stored in the booster.

There we go and no vacuum. This right here is actually a check valve. so if this booster was in good shape, then it would hold a vacuum inside of the first chamber and we did not hear any release of pressure or vacuum. rather.

Uh, Therefore, we can definitely with 100 certainty certainty, words conclude that, uh, this thing has failed. Now we're going to go around back. I Believe we have a replacement unit back here. Find out and survey says we do brake booster in a box and here's our gear set.

bringing looks like a ring and pinion and what is this? These must be. Oh, the bearings. Okay, we got bearings and a ring, continuing set and some fluid. Anyway, Let's uh, let's get over here to get this thing pulled out and installed.

It's not terribly difficult. We got four bolts here. one bolt here at the shaft. a couple bolts out here.

All right, we'll figure it out. We need electric ratcheting mechanisms. Where'd my green ratchet go? It's Over Yonder Okay, so there's a couple sets of bolts here. We've got this bracket which is bolted onto the stud and then there's another bolt behind it which bolts the master cylinder to the booster.
We've got to pull these things off. That one there. I kept saying bolts. it's actually a nut.

skip the nut off and the one on the other side here. I Think these are all 13s. That one's a strip 13. Okay, it's fine.

I'll get in there with a wrench. Yeah, it's kind of rounded off. no worries. I Have some turbo type flank Drive rounded Fastener Remover wrenches right here.

That should get a pretty good fight on that unit and crack it loose on click. Yep, come here. Turbo wrench. It doesn't contact the Fastener at its uh at the tip, it gets it at the flank of the Fastener.

So when they're rounded off and the tips are gone, you can still get a bite on it. I think it'll do like 80 percent rounded off? Who makes these? Capri it's a Capri xt90. I'll look for an Amazon link, not a Shameless sales promotion or anything like that. Not sponsored, but I know somebody will ask.

Therefore, I will provide that one's still. uh, still on there. it's rounded off some more. There we go.

Got it. Okay, that's two nuts. We got two nuts off. All right.

Now that we've lost our nuts, let's see if I can't uh, peel this thing back a little bit and that's unfortunate. I may have to break into the hydraulic system. this proportioning valve doesn't really want to let go, but I don't want to bead this I know I'll just uh I'll Flex it some. I'm not gonna bend it, we're just gonna Flex it Flex the parts come off bracket.

There we go. Got it? see I Think bending implies that it won't go back, but flexing indicates that it will go back. So we're just going to flex this out of the way Flex more. Get on there all the way.

Flips There we go. Okay, back to that. 13.. let's uh, get this nut off and we'll get the one on the other side.

there's that one, and then my nut in the back, which is not stripped. It deflects the bracket some. Here we go. Okay, we've got all four nuts off.

Almost. gravity. that was a flashlight got us. Now do we have enough space to get this unit off of the studs? And the survey says we do.

But I'm disassembling myself into a corner here. We need to remove the uh, the air box. This air box is going to become a problem. so let's unclick this.

Do we have an ultra high? Performance Engine Air filtration element installed? Snoop Sure, don't That's okay. those filter better in adverse conditions, but that didn't give me too much more space. but that's plenty. Whoa.

Look at that. We have a high performance brake booster. It's purple in there, so it must be good. Interesting.

Okay, well, that's enough for the easy part. Now we need to go into the cabin, unbolt this booster from the inside of the firewall, disconnect it from the brake pedal lever, and then we can pull the unit out from the front. so we're going into the dungeon of Jeep. Let's see here.
move the seat back if we can. Yep, it's good. Now this is going to be a problem. The door keeps closing and yeah, that's not gonna work.

Bungee cords, you know I can tolerate a lot of stuff and a lot of stress. but when there's a door that just keeps closing and closing and closing and closing and it bumps into you and you can't do anything because there's a door in the way, that's where. I I run out of patience. Uh, the next thing that makes me run out of patience is a lack of bungee cord.

which I Also don't know what my Bungie is no feels like a Monday I need to go home losing my mind. Well we have no bungee cord ratchet strap I think it's fitting for the circumstances. those ratchet strap the door open, you know? I've seen doors held closed with ratchet straps but never opened before door doesn't open. oh Dukes of Hazard style the seat's connected to the door.

Oh, you gotta unlatch the seat from the door to get the door to open. Yeah, first time for everything man. I Feel bad for anybody who's like just new to the channel today that has not uh, has not seen this kind of content because they've got to be going. What is this guy doing and how is he allowed to act this way? This is ridiculous.

Uh yeah. Okay, let's see here. So what we need to do? See a little clip right there. We need to unclip that clip and remove that thing.

I Bet my voice sounds weird. we need to pull that clip out of there. and uh, disconnect that lever from the booster and then we can pull the bolts out. There's one right here and there's two, Three, and four.

These clips are always a bear. This one's been, uh, manipulated. Oh, that was an easy clip. Look at that.

It came right off. Wow is my lucky day. Primar need mini pry bar? It's cool. I got those too.

There's one. Okay, it's back down below into the Jeep nether regions. We'll just pop this little uh Rod right off begin popping. Pop a rod.

Come on there we go. Okay, that's disconnected. Now we just need to get to the bolts. Onto and three and four I think those are 14 millimeter.

Let's go with that. I Choose the swively 14. let's try that one. We'll run this on a little impact.

We'll get the 3 8 out there. This configuration should, uh, make light work of our situation down here. Now we can see there's two bolts that are easy to get to I Always get the hardest one first. That way, the hard bolts aren't taking the weight of the assembly.

When I try to disconnect it, we'll get the top ones first. These ones actually aren't too bad. There's there are some that are much more difficult or to gain access to. Yeah, these are all right.

so there's one top one. Hope you guys can see what I'm doing in here. You can't. You have no idea what's going on I can't even see.
Let's just get through this. Well, that one wasn't even tight. Hmm. probably because it's hard to reach.

that's the second one. Get number three right here. Come here. third bolt nut both.

whatever. You can't see anything with all these wires and stuff in the way. Hopefully my uh, my commentary will get us through this particular section last. Bolt Okay, I got you all right.

that's the four bolts that Bolt the booster assembly to the firewall. Now we can come back around on the hood around the ratchet strap and uh, try to wiggle this thing out of this uh position here I might need two hands for this heavy. There's things poking me getting poked by a Jeep come on Jeep release release the booster with the studs are bent I will pry bar this thing. Don't tempt me right.

It was like, all right. All right. All right, you win, You win. Ray There we go.

Okay, we have old booster removed Where'd I put the new one. What I want to do is compare these units and make sure that they match up. diameter size bolt pattern Etc Looks good. Hmm this one was missing the little diaphragm unless it fell off during removal.

Uh I don't know what that's about. A little shaft is in there. Okay I think we're good. Let's go ahead and uh, get this thing set up and installed and bolted in.

Oh I Can see why this thing didn't want to come out. Look, there's this little bracket inside of here that holds the brake lever and it seems to be favoring this side so it was putting some friction on those threads. I'm gonna have to shove this thing in there with a little bit of force and as I insert the studs on the booster, it's gonna have to push to that uh, that little bracket thing off to the side to make space for before mentioned studs. This might be interesting.

Let's go in it. We'll shove it in sideways and then just trying to force it into his home there. I Think we got it. Let's go back into the cabin and check to see if those studs came through.

If they did, we'll thread them up with the nuts and just go ahead and draw that thing in right now. And if they didn't, we need to fight with it some and they didn't. Looks like two on this side are in. The two on this side are very much offset.

We have to go into this thing with some pry bar. Yeah, why not. It's pry bar repair. Do this one here.

Pry bar everything. So what I can do. We'll go up into that hole there and I can push on the side of that bracket a little pry against the side of the vehicle. here.

you seem to collapse that bracket some and then it should give us some space. I need to ratchet strap this thing too just to hold it because I can't push that other side through unless watch this. I'll push it with my leg and then while I push it over I can give it the reach around here and push the booster in. There we go.
That totally worked. Let's check it. Aha look at that. Yep, studs came through.

see that one there and the one up top that? That was highly effective. That's cool. So let's get the nuts on the studs so that thing can't fall back out. There's one of them threaded next one that's the one way up high.

Again, you guys can't see what I'm doing here. Really sorry for that, but is what it is. okay. Nut number two way up there I can't see it but I can feel it.

You guys can't see it either. Maybe All right, that's two nuts. Let's get nut number three. that's gonna go on the bottom stud over here because that's the one I can reach right now.

Let's get that guy started. Begin threading now. please get on there. Okay, that one's on and nut number four.

that one's harder to reach and I don't have enough thread yet. So what we need to do? Come over here and give this thing a shove there. sweaty. It's getting a little warm in here.

There we go. It's a humid day. It's not so much of a hot day. it's a humid day.

We had some a little bit of rain last night, which is cool. I Like green? Come on nut. get on there. Got it? Okay, let's tighten this thing down.

We'll put the uh, the brake pedal on next and then we can put the master cylinder back on. I'm gonna make this one up here tighter than what? I found it because it was kind of looser. next. Hmm.

seriously, my swivel is too swiveled. Let's die. and then the hard one up top I Can barely see it. Like right through here.

You guys can see. now. there you go. All right.

So all four nuts are tight. Let's get this thing out and we're climbing back in. We need to get the clip clipped onto the brake pedal itself. It's kind of a tall order.

see here. I'm rolling around on my back I Need to be able to reach up and around. Slide that guy over and the clip right here. Whoo! Come on, clip.

Let's just get this over with. I Don't want to be down here anymore than uh. well. then the next guy is this clip on I Heard it.

Okay, the clip has clipped. All right. That's in. We're good to go.

Brake pedal installed. Get me out of here. I'm stuck. Okay, let's Get our illumination devices out and back around to the engine compartment.

We'll get the master cylinder reinstalled. Pull this thing back. now. See that little, uh, little protrusion right there? The shaft inside of the booster has to go inside of that little guy right there.

Otherwise, when you push the pedal, that shaft will not actuate the the master cylinder and you'll get no brake activity. And that would be bad because that's not what we want. We want brakes. We don't want no brakes.

Come on nut, It's our first One second one's right here going on the back side after. I Uh. Flex This bracket out of the way. some more flexing, not bending.
Okay, let's make a toy clicks and another one on the other side. Let's give that a little bit more torque with the wrench. It didn't really. Uh.

I couldn't bite into it very well with the the socket because the angle is starting to get a little weird. There we go. Click that on. Now our little bracket needs to go up and over the studs and then we can.

Flex Those hard lines back and get this thing bolted back together. there. That's enough. Flex The nuts will take care of the remaining.

Flex It's one nut. Oh I'm dropping it. Come on, Other nut. Get on there.

Begin threading on your stud now. please. Seriously? Okay, that one's on. Tighten these guys down twice.

Clickage: We have an electrical connector. This is the brake fluid level sensor. I Think it might be something else? I Don't know the Jeep stuff and we need to get the vacuum line attached. now.

This new booster came with a new check valve so we're going to discard this one. It still worked I'm sure. but uh, we got a new one, so why not let us reinstall our engine intake air filtration element without leaving the wrench in the air box? There we go. Put this guy back on.

We'll get the Uh air box cover back on, look another clip and then we'll make sure we have Power Brake Assist. Click that on, Click that one on, click that one on Pcbos, Press that on. There we go and mechanically that is complete. Let us, uh, restocking Z engine and check our brake function.

I'm pretty sure that the absence of that air leak will, uh, confirm the repair. Oh yeah. look at that. That works this right here.

That little wire that doesn't work that's a hazard. Let me shut this thing off. We need to get this thing tucked out of the way. That's no bueno that'll get you in a position where you're wrecking your car.

It'll just wrap this around the OBD2 port that should handle it for now. Cool, All right. That's a one thing on the list of things that this Jeep needs checked off it is Now get out of here. It is now safe to drive or at least to stop.

Anyway, like I mentioned earlier I've got other stuff to do on this Jeep there's there's boat loads on this particular project we'll call this from Project XJ not project CJ that one's still outside for something else. Uh, anyway. I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now. and I'll do such things by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video.

Certainly hope you enjoyed this video. hope you enjoyed this Jeep Let me know what you think about this Jeep down in the comments Again, tap that like button while you're down there. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in the project! XJ Thank you.

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  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars F Huber says:

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    Fastest way to fix a Jeep.

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    By the way, I get a 2011 Liberty with 223,000 Miles

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