PT1: Hybrid EV: Phantom Engine Squeal | Lexus Rx400
PT2: DO NOT DAMAGE the Crankshaft! Lexus RX400h Bonus: SCAM Trolling
PT3: Repair gone Wrong: Timing Belt | 2008 Lexus RX400h
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Hi everybody, good day to you! Welcome back! I I Wanted to get all this done yesterday but I couldn't so we had to stop out for one more day. Uh I have ordered another timing set and it has come with the correct tensioner. Uh, some of you guys in the comment section said that maybe I should have swapped over um, just the the base and just read the new pulling from the older set. um which I kind of could have done.

However, the issue was going to be whoa. The issue is going to be the tensioner. Um, there were two different styles of tensioners and that's why I was it didn't matter if I did that or not because I still would have had to have ordered a tensioner. Um, that catch was and I thought about that was that? Uh, well I couldn't get just a tensioner I was only able to buy the whole set.

Um, there was one available but it was super far away and it would have taken like three or four days to get here. So I I just avoided that I hope I didn't break my charger Anyway, let's move on. We're almost there. We're in the home stretch.

Let's get her done All right. moving up a little bit higher. All right, we're back down in the front of this engine. This is, uh, take two trying to get this Timing System installed.

So we've got the replacement uh, tensioner, pulley, little washers on it and the stud is passing through. So I'm gonna get this thing lined up and we'll go ahead and thread it in. Then we're gonna go fetch the belt and get this belt installed and we'll get it all set in time. We'll set the tension on it, Then we can put the mounts and the covers back on.

Like I said, we're in the home stretch. We're going to move quick. I Don't want to make this an hour long video? Yeah! I Feel like I'm kind of beating a dead horse with this car. You guys have been.

uh, been watching this thing all week and I haven't had a shot to get around to do anything else that makes me sad. Okay, that's still nice and free. a little bit tighter. clicks perfect.

That's what we're looking for. All right. So here comes our belt right here: I Wanted to uh I Want to show you how how easy Gates Belts made to made this situation for us. Now there are marks on the cam gears up top.

there are marks on the backing plate that align the gears with the plate so you can set it in time. and there's also marks on the belt right here. we see the FR with the arrows that indicates front and I Believe that's the crankshaft mark because right around up top here we've got one camshaft Mark and then not too far away we have the other camshaft marks. so we marked these up with the purple or offset of the pink nail polish.

Well, what? I'm going to do is make a new one in pink my pink nail polish and then we Mark that bottom or line the bottom one up with uh, the nail polish on the crank gear. So I'm gonna head up top and feed this thing down and we'll set it up on top of the cams and uh, we'll go from the top down and use that order of operations. All right. climbing up.
gotta make sure we are pointing the belt in the right way first. Okay, that's front so we go this way because that is the front of the engine. that's our bottom side. This should be our rear Cam And that means that this Mark right here is our front cam.

so we're going to get that right in line with its nail polish. That's it down under and we'll I'll sneak back in there with a light and some some mirrors and I'll get that other Mark lined up. stand by. Okay so you guys didn't get to see what I was doing because uh, there's not any space in there.

but if you look very closely I have the the white mark on the Belt lined up with the pink nail polish on on the cam gear and I put a little uh paper clip on there to secure the thing. So now that that one's good, we're gonna run forward a little bit and we're gonna get that one set up on its Mark You can see the the white and the pink are together. so I will install another paper clip and that's going to hold this one on if I can get it to get it to get set up here. Hang on tight squeeze.

That's just gonna prevent accidental slippage of these guys. Now we can see here, there's a bunch of slack. but what? I've uh what? I've done is I Advanced that cam ever so slightly. so I I could fit this belt a little easier.

So now that it's all set up, I'm gonna go in with this wrench. can't see again. sorry about that and I'm just gonna this Cam and what that's going to do is just put some tension on the Belt here. watch the belt get tight Is that right there? Now that's all the slack from in between these two pulleys.

We can see here that it's lined up with its Mark that little Notch right there on that backing plate. So these two cams are in time now. I Just need to go down, set the mark up that is on, uh, on the crankshaft, run it around the tensioner, and then we can, uh, unload the tensioner, tension the belt and we're good to go here. We go all right back down below, there's our water pump pulley there.

The belt is already running around it. So now we just need to get our Mark here set up on The crank. There is a bit of slack in this belt so bear with me here. I might have to take this tensioner back out actually or there's not enough slack in this belt.

You see how I can how I can arrange this Maybe I can back crank out some I'll back this off and get that lined. There we go. So now this Mark you guys can't really see? Hang on. So now those marks are on the pink nail polish and all I've got to do is, uh, move the crank clockwise and it's going to pull the slack out of the rest of the belt on this side.

Okay, let's turn this a little bit here. Gravity You're really gonna pull it until it pulls the slack out and we line up the other. you guys can't see the other nail polish dot at the top with its mark cover. This is going to be kind of a tight squeeze here this and just squeeze this over or slip them.
Whoa, that was loud I gotta slip this over I think I can do this without removing this tensioner I might have been a little premature with that or tensioner pulley rather. Yeah, I'm just gonna go ahead and pull that out I Don't want to over over complicate things. it was close, but I didn't have the flangy strength to really get in there and you're not supposed to pry on uh, on click. We're not supposed to pry on timing components.

This is bad practice. This is the third or fourth time I've had this tensioner off my job so much. Do it a bunch of times. Let's try this.

come on, just a little bit. Yeah, there we go. That's what we're looking for now. We think we're good up top, but we still need to go back.

And Visually check because this belt could have moved or slipped a tooth and I may not have noticed and we don't want that to. uh, we don't want that to be a problem so we have to check on that. Let's go back up top and inspect uh, our situation at hand here. Oh yeah, see that look I didn't have the belt over the water pump all the way there now I Do see what had happened is when I turned the crank it pulled on this pulley but that was over the water pump so the circumference was larger and it pulled this thing out of time.

See the mark? So all I need to do is go into that back here and we'll turn that until it tightens up again and we're just going to pull that back into time right there. Visually rechecking my Marks here. that's good and let's go back down. We'll recheck the marks on the crank, make sure that is good, which it is.

All right tensioner coming in. So what? I'll do. It's kind of tough There we go. we'll get the Big Bolt in.

please go in and a little Bolt There it is. Okay, let's get these things tight and then go ahead and pull that pin and let it ride can't reach. Clicks: Okay, those guys are tight. Ah, all right looking good up top.

I Rechecked everything. Let's go ahead and get this uh pin out right here. Saw the tensioner start to move. it's halfway out.

Come all the way out please. Hey no, no, no, please. now come out now. All right.

Yeah, there's a lot of pressure and friction on this pin. I'll do it like this. Maybe I'll just be nice. Okay retention.

I Know it's anticlimactic. Okie Dokes Next up is this motor mount device. Um, this Mount has uh, two studs and two bolts that run through it that also secure the uh the water pump. There's a pass-through holes on that water pump.

So for all the Re that was out there about Mu Knot walking down the water pump, well, I had to, uh, put the timing belt on first. So there this is. Uh, that's just how it goes anyway. I got one, one stud in one bolt is in.

Let's go up top and get the other one put together. Moving on up. Yeah! I Guess we could call the water pump fastening assembly. Uh, like a two-stage setup or one stage is The little boats.
and then the second stage is these bigger bolts and studs. You know? I should have put these in when I tightened the water pump, knock on the shield property and there's this guy over here. I'm dropping stuff almost. Um, not aligned with the holes.

Hang on, Let me feel around in there. there's the hole. Okay I get one of these in I can use that one as like a pivot to align the rest of them. so I sure can't see what's going on I Think that's yeah, that's it.

Right on the money. Now before I tighten these I need to run the studs in and secure the studs into the block. Foreign? That's two and a half. That's three.

Let's go down below one more time. Oh, what happened to my radio and got our little Torx driver for the studs? if I can get that on there. Yep, we just run the studs in until they stop. There's no reason to put a bunch of torque on them.

You don't want them to bottom out against the block and then become tight. It's not how studs are designed to operate, they just kind of thread in. I'll rephrase. That's not how most studs are designed to operate.

I'm sure there's some where you're supposed to bottom them out, but I'm pretty sure on water pump studs, that's not necessary. Foreign nut and that's a 12. and the ones down below are 12s. I'm going to run these down and just torque them manually I can't fit a bunch of tools in here.

Okay 12 Milli Coming in click, Click type. All right. that one's good. Back down below.

Shake hands with danger danger OSHA Okay, that's two down on this. Mount two to go. Get that last one finger tight and then we'll bring that up to torque. Become a torch.

now. a little speed and we've got one nut for that last stud. I Know you guys can't see. Sorry.

There you go. Now you can see what I'm doing. Look at that. lost it.

There we go. Click All right. Okay, we can get the bottom cover on next. I Think no, no, we need to do the top cover because the top cover sits under this.

Mount right here. Wrong. All right Back up. top cover is this one the one we need next.

Okay, so this could be the point where I begin to regret putting all that other stuff on back there because I need to I need to reach in there and get the bolts in. So I'm hoping I can achieve that because I did put a lot of stuff together yesterday to save myself some time. I'm sure I can manage foreign harness get out of my way. it's caught on the cam gear.

Hang on. Yeah, there we go now. We passed our obstacles. That's better.

Got it? Okay, let's get a few Fasteners in this to locate the part can't see. okay, one down right in front of us. Let's go ahead and get that one in and out of the way and there's one up. hit the ground.

I found it. There's one right here and then one farther back on the top and then one farther back in the bottom. So I'm gonna get the top one from up here and then the bottom one from down there. All right.
going back in really far away. Okay I found the hole I can feel it in my finger. it's lined up. threads are going in.

This is good. I'm gonna get this as tight as I can by hand. so I don't have to fiddle around back here too much with a little ratchet because I can't get a I can't get a power tool back there. Not gonna happen.

but I can power tool at rest of these. Plenty of space for that. Nice. Okay, now we can remount these wiring harnesses to their little brackets.

That one goes there and then down here. if I unclip the wire, put that back on up here. there's one more and then this big harness assembly has two more mounts that, uh, secure it to that a little cover. Get on there.

Okay, one more cover, four more bolts down below. Let's get out of here. Danger Okay, bottom cover coming up right there into its home. Stay bolts coming in.

We'll toss these guys in and we'll get that crank pulley bolted back on. I haven't gotten that far away bolt that's on the cam gear back there just yet. but I will fix. Foreign.

but I've got one more in my hand. Oh there it goes. It goes way up here. That's the one that goes into into both covers at the same time.

Got it? Yeah. Oh, that. uh, that ratchet didn't fit. or we have wobblies.

Foreign. Okay, backing up a little bit more. Let's go ahead and fit our crank pulley in. It's not really a pulley because it doesn't pull on anything because this one's hybrid.

but they did use the same the same part for the hybrid engines versus the the non-hybrid engines. Makes sense. Cost cutting measures. Foreign.

Got it? Click. Okay, so real quick. in an effort to reduce the the sheer Terror that occurs with the first restart after changing a Timing System we're just going to Bar this thing over a couple times. make sure it all feels good.

I'm listening for noises under the under the belt cover to make sure it's not touching something. Not saying the belt is wrong, but the covers could be misaligned and rubbing on the belt or something. I'm feeling for compression feeling for sudden stoppages and this is a yeah I Think we're all good here. Feel compression I don't feel stoppages? Yeah, we're good.

Let's go ahead and uh and let's see the reassembly. We've got a couple mounts up top to put in and and that's that. So let us. uh, let's get to it.

Oh, and the battery got to do better. Okay, back up top again. We've got our vertical engine mount thing. Got to get this little uh, nipple stud thing lined up with the hole on that bottom mount.

You see how this is going to work. Foreign? Slide that guy in. Then we'll get this other Mount section installed here. and I think it went this way.
Yes, it did. Yep, Okay, third little one on the top of that little bracket. We'll thread that one in there. we go.

This torque on that kicks a little bit here on that one. There we go. Our little guy is next. Slippages: Oops, there we go.

That one's good. Uh. What Other parts do I have in the ground, piles of them. all right in front of us.

We've got this other little bracket here. a little stabilizer bracket thing. Let's get that on. That eliminates three more pieces from my pile of pieces.

one two, and three all right. Next up is the torque mount that slides into uh into the body back here behind this Reservoir in front of us, right back there. and then it bolts to that bracket we just installed right here. two bolts so let's get this guy through there we go and the one that goes down vertically on the back side here.

see if I can. Yeah now I can see it there it is. Hey now you can see it too there. it is foreign I don't know if I can get that one by by way of the tool or not.

I don't think I can bend that bracket some more and find out you actually just use a wrench. Yeah, silly. Ray More speed all right now. I can bend that bracket back that I bent earlier I needed to get get into there when I took it apart.

So I bent that little metal bracket. We'll plug the ABS module back in module. Click! Now we have this bracket sits in there like so it's got a nut and a couple little 10 mil bolts here. secure this bracket that we can mount the reservoir back to the bracket.

You guys can't see what I'm doing terrible bad Ray Bad to camera man. All right. Uh oh. I failed I tightened down those two bolts before I was ready I didn't have the uh, it wasn't aligned properly I couldn't get the third bolt in.

broke my own here and paid for it Live on camera I Really hope I don't have to do this type of job again anytime soon. I'm just going to convert to a tire shop. This fix flat tires all day make things easier. So I should have two, ten more or two more 10 mils to secure this.

Reservoir Where are they? I don't know, got them? we're in my my parts tray organized Controlled Chaos organized. It's my style. You guys should have seen my closet when I was a kid that was Controlled Chaos Okay, we've got one more bracket. Make sure all that looks good.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's what I knew I forget something. one more bracket. where did this thing bolt to up? I missed something. There's a little noise suppressor.

There's any electronic noise suppressor device here and that bolts down back here and I failed to secure that. so I'll just do that right now. Bolt that to ground. put that back in there.

we go now. one more bracket. This thing is going to hang on to the uh, the big plastic, uh intake assembly, but it's no problem. Text message All right.

moving along, we're going in for the kill. Let's get the air box uh, set back into its little home right here that's gonna get bolted down. one, two three. Fasteners I Already went ahead and threw the battery in and got the upper radiator hose on there.
Uh, no need to, uh, waste valuable time on uh and such low level things. Okay, so we got a couple 10 mil bolts here to, secure our air box down. and it does look like my efforts to install this cover yesterday were in fact a little premature because I needed all that space to fit. uh, this little air box right here.

so uh, down in the back, it plugs into the throttle body, then it plugs into the air box and the right. and then there's the uh, uh, this little uh PCV tube down at the bottom. so we'll get the tube on and then we'll uh, squeeze that in there and then we'll uh, get this thing attached to the throttle body next I Can't wait I'm excited to get this thing, uh, back together and running again. I'm so excited! it's been a long and arduous operation and I'd like to uh I'd like to complete it ASAP Get on there please.

Okay, let's see if I can't get that throttle body clamp. It's gonna be fun. Oh come on. Oh, you guys fell down.

let's try that. You guys see, Oh you guys fell down. let's try that. Insanity Okay, that's one.

and then this one that slides in. Tighten this guy up next. Oh it came off. Let's just fix this thing right now.

I Unclamped it too far. There we go. All right, that's on. Uh, what else do we need here? Let's get this thing in position.

one bolt there, two there. let's see mass airflow sensor. how did this go thing comes up and over and I don't have it routed properly? Okay, yeah, that thing that one Clips in there. that one there mass airflow click connected or one bolt there running out of bolts.

This is good. We are nearly complete and the one in the back and now I put my fancy covers back on I Had a feeling I was gonna have to pull this back off, but you know, just being an optimist. I Tried I tried and I failed but it's okay. Engine air filtration element goes right there.

good. Catch it. That's what he does. That's all he does.

Oh I forgot a bolt I need to get that one to see it down there. Get that in a minute this one and I'm missing one that goes here. Where is it? No worries I'll find it nice. All right.

Told you we were gonna skip around a little bit in this video just to uh, make some progress. I've got everything bolted back on. the covers are on batteries in. we're getting some coolant in there I use the uh no spill funnel this time.

that way you guys when read on me for first spilling fluid. So I used my no spill funnel. Uh, we're gonna go ahead and let this down and start the engine like this is the moment of truth. Is it gonna start? Is it gonna run? Is it gonna work? And more importantly, is it gonna make that squealy noise.
Remember the noise from part one? Foreign. but it has no belt. Uh, let's see if it makes the noise. Let's get tools out of there.

We go put those in the pile of tools and uh, we're clear here. everything's on I'm all out of Parts on the floor. You can believe that there was like a whole engine here. Let's get this thing up.

Oh the locks coming down and well, we're gonna start this motor. Is it gonna work? Is the noise gone? I'm I'm concerned about the noise. like I know it's gonna run I know it's gonna be fine, but the noise is what I'm worried about I'd be afraid I went through all that work and still have the noise Kion starting Z Engine climate control full power and yep, what happened? Boy, let's go ahead and set that down in there. It's gonna fix the brain on some electrical.

Yeah, foreign. she's running. it's shooting along, taking its coolant. I'll squeeze his hose a little bit here and turns the air out.

but yeah, we're good to go here. It's alive. We're good. Beautiful.

I'm sure we don't have anything leaking out of it. No noises and I'm not hearing that squealy squealing noise. Which leads me to believe that it had to have been. uh, it had to have been that belt or one of the pulleys on that timing belt.

Very odd. I I Perhaps the water pump leaked. Maybe it only leaked when it was cold. Or maybe it only leaked when it was hot.

And that was enough to get some fluid on the old belt. And then when the belt went over the pulleys, it made the noise. Uh, who knows. It could have been a few things, but we do know and this confirms that it was in fact under the timing cover.

So it was the timing belt that was doing that here. Let's pull these covers back, see if you can see down here. Let's see. I was thinking it's got a belt making noise, but in a hybrid there is no belt.

That's a confirmed fix. Good to go. So the only thing left here for me to do is to go ahead and get the rest of these covers on after. I Purge all the air out of the cooling system.

Uh, we'll take it out in a quick test drive, air the tires up, wipe off my fingerprints and whatnot, and we're good to go here. So that being said, as always, thank you guys for watching this video. Thank you for watching this series of videos and again, if you missed any of the other three parts on this series, please feel free to check this video's description down below and you'll see the links in chronological order. Uh.

Additionally, at the very end of this video, you'll see an end screen pop up right here in the middle and that will take you back to the first Uh video on this particular particular. Lexus Words So again and as always, thank you guys for watching and most importantly, don't forget to have yourself a great day! See you guys later ending up: Toyota Lexus Hybrid Squealing noise, diagnosis and repair. All right. Listen I know you guys were freaking out.
Um sorry I Couldn't help it. It was fun I couldn't help but I I remembered these and I saw them. No worries. Yeah, there we go.

But don't tell everybody. Don't tell everyone.

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    Had the timing belt replaced and as soon as we left with the car, the check engine light went on immediately. They "fixed" it.. And it was never the same ever again. Never go to an automotive repair chain for something as important as a timing belt.

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Shawn says:

    As someone who has done intake stuff and FORGOTTEN towels stuffed in the intake, this gave me a slight heart attack and anxiety.

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Garth Howe says:

    Did that the backing plate for the cam pulleys have enough bolts holding it? I so hate engines mounted sideways… makes it so darned difficult to get to things. Good Job Ray!

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars joe mac says:

    well done Ray fantastic job great to watch ..

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars pcs0snq says:

    So did you have to take the intake back off to remove paper towels?

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Slattery says:

    Ray, it would have been better to have a shredded towel behind the exhaust pipe as you did a walk around.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars GARY OSBORNE says:

    That job (based purely on level of frustration) was worth about $20,000. I would have never guessed that so many uninvolved working parts would have had to be removed to get to a couple of parts that needed replacements. Glad I saw it with my own eyeballs and I will keep that in mind the next time I feel like crying when presented with a repair bill. Great series of videos.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars peter daughtrey says:

    All's well as long as labor charge's commensurate with at least the actual including all search and discovery. Any vehicle over 10 yrs is restoration class.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rich says:

    Great series Ray. I love any videos with deep maintenance and repairs. 4 day series even more exciting. It would take me a month.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MrSilverado1982 says:

    You just trolled the RE out of people!! Lol nice one!!