In this video I bring you along on the process of removing the exhaust manifold on a 2017 GMC Sierra with the big 5.3. It is very common to see broken exhaust manifold bolts on these trucks and it's not to bad of a job.
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A lot of folks working on the Chevrolet GMC here. I Guess it would be Sierra It's got the big five three. It's got a broken exhaust manifold bolt and evidently it's ticking on. The guy in the morning he saw the front bolts missing.

It's all black round manifold so we're gonna get after it. This is probably a repeat video. I Didn't look but I'm sure we've done videos on these before. Oh, however, I don't recall showing one on one of these this body.

I Don't think we've done this body style? Yeah. I'm not sure we're gonna pull all the screws out of the fender liner. Gotta find them all. A little bit of mud here.

Yeah, let's get something to dig that one out. I think that's most of them. One more right here in the back. Foreign.

probably at least here I'm guessing feels like they're hanging out I Don't really want to be friendly. see if we can do it without breaking all the clips. All right, that's as far as we should have to go. Come on baby, get one.

I Don't think so. Maybe let me dig around here in the mud I Forgot a screw? Yes sir, we did all right. take out the last screw. It should be good.

Go set this somewheres Pretty Water logged and then we'll uh, tattoo with one clip so we can get it back off. Well, we can kind of see what we need to see. Truck's pretty messy so here's what we're looking at. There's the the front bolt there on the manifold.

Hopefully you guys because I can't see what you're seeing, but uh, you can see it's broken. Got some black soot around there leaking a little bit around that. Cylinders three, two, at least the rear one's not broke. They're kind of a pissier to get to.

Um, let's see. I think we got a pop I hope we got pop. Steering shaft loose, probably may as well. We're right here.

at least give us a little more room. Hi I'm hoping you guys can see what we need to see. I'll do my best for you. No guarantees like always.

All right. let's throw the other gun right on the steering shaft here. 15 mil caref about sticking your finger on the back side of it though. it should get you.

it's got a flag nut on it. forget our impacts open very well extension. so if you're sticking your hand back there, well now that you can't see, just be careful because if this is a little bit stuck, this flag note will come around and I'll let you know. it'll give you a little what's up on the end of your finger.

Just so you guys know. Be careful. Safety. Third, as always, and to address the fact that this customer is a complete scumbag for bringing their truck in Dirty.

Oh, we got six inches of snow yesterday I Brought the truck inside because everything was frozen, so that's why he didn't wash it. So before you guys go bananas about that, why didn't I wash it? I Don't know. I'm not a car wash, not my problem. So let's see.

we should be able to do work that intermediate shaft up in there right that collapse up into the column. I'm thinking carry a little. let me go get an air hammer. pull that harness down out of your way.
We'll spray it with a little bit of the dub d just in case there's any water in it. I'm such a jerk. Okay, put some rattle on this a little, see if it vibrates it loose. Let's see if I can get my other hand up in here and give her a little push as we rattle.

Boy, look at that. WD-40 working doing his job. Huh? I Spoke too soon. Can't really give it a good spot in this thing.

Way to go. WD Foreign do we go there? That'll give us our clearance. We're going to need see this little stuff there. Make sure your steering wheel is not going to spin a 360 on it and now that's going to give us our little clearance here where it comes down into the steering rack.

Okay and then boys, it's a terrible video to try to record. I'm gonna yank off our plug wires. do all four of those. I Can't move the camera for you because I got you in about the most optimal viewing position.

Let's see if we can set the light somewhere so you can kind of see what's that right there of that for you. It's a little dark, but you get the picture. There's a gist, not maybe not picture because these plug wires spin. then you gotta do the old pull and pray method.

Let me go get a pair of plug wires pullers, so spin them to get them cracked loose and then we'll try to grab them down here as best we can. Oh, there's one and didn't break off so that's a plus. See if I can spin any of these other ones nicely. Cut these brake lines right out of the way, huh? There we go.

That one just cracked and then usually at that point you can pull them off just like so. But if you don't spin it and get it to break loose, then you're in trouble. Can't really get my fingers on that? We'll see if we can't spin it with these little guys. straighten them out here so you can give her a 360.

There we go. I Think come on baby. there's number three There she is. We don't want to buy plug wires or he doesn't have to buy plug wires.

Maybe if I find it There it is. and here is my number one. What's up? The guy with the van? black man out there? The white man. Yes, parts are ordered.

You're supposed to be here from Buffalo this morning, but they're not. So I'm assuming they're coming midday. you have to call them. Panthers What we're gonna do.

We have more crap to take off, but we're going to try to get just a couple of the bolts out first. Now these are locked off right from the factory. so I find it as best. so just come in there and give it a little bit of heat.

I Don't see it's coming around too. that's what you might think, but it'll at least crack that Loctite loose for us. Foreign will pull that heat away very quickly, but usually it's enough to get the job done. Let's see if we can't crack this one.

I Felt it cracked loose, but we need a different socket. I'm gonna get a little bit of angle on that thing. Let me get different socket folks. I did feel it cracked through.
so we're gonna going with the Ugaduga. There we go. There's one that's not too bad. There's one.

Bolt Oh I Don't see the lactating on this. Maybe they quit using it. Maybe it's been played. We're not going to bypass our procedure.

Come on there, we go. foreign. So now it has to happen. This thinking oil dipstick.

We need the cracker loose I Hope that will come out of the block because typically you don't like to because they're usually rotted right in there. Of course this one's all aluminum. Let me go eat some lunch. ponder about this.

Let me have to see if we can't get to screw that holds a little dipstick on here. Take some of this stuff off. I'm so tired after lunch you can hardly work. Come on baby and do it.

Get off there. There We go there. We go on the old creaky stool. Man, come on man.

Get off there foreign. Come on. come on man. there we go.

So there's that little screw that holds the dipstick in. Sit there right there like you see I doubt it'll come out of the block. It could be wrong, but we at least got it where we can tweak it out of our way. It's not what I want to do it but I did not buy a new tube.

which is you gotta get a little violent with these things. but let's do uh, do the best we can folks. Let's just see here. today is our lucky day.

I'm gonna stick my arms right smack him. oh you know what? Oh, this tube's moving baby and the movie I like Sarah wiring harness here for a little bit. we're gonna run some WD right down that tomb. hopefully it'll oops, get that O-ring a little bit loose I know you guys can't see much, but yeah, just bear with me.

or maybe I'll admit this part. oh look at that I must be living right baby. I'll tell you that look at that. we're gonna have a look at that.

silly just came right out. I'll be I'll be we got it. Let's look at that. All right.

We're doing good now. Let's try to keep you guys right where you're at. It's gonna come right in here. You guys see where we're at.

You're just looking at a wiring harness. See this. look at the wiring harness. Let's see if I can move it again.

I'll take this wrong way folks. Some days you're a little bit annoying, but some days it's hard to get you where you gotta be. Here's where I gotta be. So I try to put you where you can almost see and I can see a little bit myself.

All right, let's see what we have it. and here we go. Oh, we're making a video. Andy Yeah, no you know I know what? Um no.

I just with the camera work. Oh yeah, you can discover that yourself. Really? I'm trying to get the people where they can see and I can see. we can all see Howl in the Thunder you're supposed to get to that back bolt so it's tight.

looks like a job for the torch. Oh hey, don't make all that came out. light them up. I'm thinking I'm thinking we're going to pull the heat shield off here I wonder how that's gonna go? We'll find out.
Standby: Oh they're easy to say to come borrow some tools. Let's see here if we can get this heat shield off. I Don't ever recall working on one of these that way going. We did grab a 10 millimeter right? Yes sir, we'll give that one a little whack see what happens.

I'm gonna have to grab a 3 8. it might be a little rusted I hope that one's that. Rusty Let's try this little guy up here. Maybe a longer extension? Man, oh easy fella.

Use this big long gonger here. Can't get up on that one. Wow, Today's our lucky day. Them rusted bolts came out so that's good.

Plus The dipstick came out, which is great. Easy. Anyway, there's that one. Yeah.

go back on this bottom one. Let's see. I don't know if you guys can see that one. Yeah, that one ain't nothing there.

that's uh, forgot to grab something different. It's 3 8 a little bit right there. Oh, maybe it'll either come out or make it I'm just hoping it doesn't make three inches a little smaller than a 10. let's oh man, look at that.

Hopefully now that gives us enough room. sorry I mean to bump you. Thank you Now we got the room and we'll have to bump you a little bit more here folks. I Just want to set it up there.

Okay now let's see if we I can't think anything else. It can be frisky now with a bunch of dudes. here we go. Okay, so we can get on that one.

However, are we gonna unhook It from the manifold to read that's going to pull this baby back, slight new gasket and get the broken bolt out? Let's unhook it from the manifold and be wise, above it, they look like 15. Let's go assess the situation. Usually, these need heated so let's see if we can even get out of extension a little too short, but a little short today and go through this one that we can reach and do it without heat? Probably not. I Tell you what? one down, two down.

You get this when I dropped rolls across the floor here. there's that one. Oh, numeral 3-0 is way up there. Long extension for that.

All right. here we go. We're going in deep. Boys, there it is.

It might cut down our power too much. Perfect. Wow. Put it in there and then we're going to come in to our last uh, manifold stud here.

Well, we're on a roll. Let's just try this one with no heat. Let's just see what it feels like. Let's just get a little feel.

Um I don't like it I Don't feel like drilling that one out or welding anything to it. So let's use our head here for more than a coat rack. It's hat rack. I Guess that's what my teacher used to tell me I Don't know why heating them worked so well because there's probably already read in the comments.

It's counter-intuitive it. you know theoretically should heat up the bolt, making it tighter in the hole. which I agree with. However, it works and I believe it's because they have Loctite huh? They typically do oh too much talking and then it breaks that Bond perhaps breaks a rust bond that it may have.
Yes, yeah man. I'm barely pushing it now. Boom I don't know it. it feels funny, but we've got a quite a steep angle is going on here too, so we're gonna give this one a handy all the way to the end.

I Can't fit my impact in here. All right? I'm gonna pull out there. we go because you're about to learn a hard lesson here folks. It keeps us getting after it right there.

What's gonna happen? The manifold is going to fall down and you're gonna break a spark plug. So what do you do? Stick a bolt back in the middle, just kind of hold it. Okay, there's my extension. So now we come back in here.

hopefully get it up in there. Oh man. set that down. Oh yeah, all right, not the most grateful way.

But work. Get out of there. get your sock it back. it's in here.

Feel for your bolt. gets bolt match. Now you gotta move again. You gotta go back over where you can't see because I gotta work right here in the middle and got into your manifold.

Tada. Now take the bolt put in your pan. let's slide this up like that. Put your gasket, pull that little guy out of there.

That's what that looks like. all right now. See if we can't just set this up on top of the engine from down here. Maybe we can.

Hopefully we're not hitting anything positive. we're gonna set the area up on top the engine bolt. Okay, now we're out of the meat and the potatoes. People are going to ask me why I don't take the spark plugs out if it's a risk breaking them because I'd rather break one and have it plug the hole then sit here feeling the whole full of stuff.

Now we got us a quarter inch twist socket. Just a little fella. Okay, this is a size this baby. 8.25 mm Mr Twister I Call it it's kind of like Twisted Sister but let's see if we can.

Hopefully it's got enough grip. this bolt shouldn't be very tight I Could be wrong though. Yeah, she's pretty snug, but because we have a good grip on it, do the same process here. Oh, hit the lever, hit the knob.

Duty duty. Oh gotta go next. Size: smaller down to an eight mil. which would make a little more sense because it's eight millimeter stud.

We're not quite straight though. let's see if this works. Can't tell what's going on in there Come on Talk to me. We've turned too much to be stripping on the outside.

I'm not worried about stripping out the hole I'm just about the socket biting here. I Think we're rolling. Oh, we're doing it now folks. we're in the homes.

Let's get some. get some bottle where where Chicken dinner we got whoa coming up in there with a bristle. You may have to move because I think you're only going to see my elbow cleaned off the manifold in the sandblaster. So I'm just going to stick it back.
you know, right up here so we can slip her down in and keep all the other stuff here. But just so you know, in case we have some trust issues I Can't manipulate this around a little bit. they're just sitting down in here. I'm gonna try to do this with you folks right in the way of course.

I Can't see what you can see right now which might not be much. might not be benefiting anybody here. Um, okay. slip that there.

let's get a bolt in it so we can hold it where we need it. Let's see. hey, it's that guy. Just went in because still a little fella.

Okay, see if I can't reach soup here? Let's put this one in. There's that one. Okay, let's get one more in there that is going to require a tetanus shot. What what kind of problem you got? Well, the holes ain't lined up.

Oh, we're gonna look at something dormant Parts made in America Same thing, only different a little bit. see Andy what's that down sometime? All right folks. So the difference is when you put it on the velcro, you don't put the felpro side out with the made in. America You put the made in America side up against the head.

it is slightly offset now. I Typically this is my first time using aftermarket multi-layer steel gaskets on these. I generally use OEM in the OEM says right on a manifold side. however I hope we're gonna say anything on it, but it did I can look see if it came with any paperwork I mean look, he's standing by.

What's it say? If you can't get this little guy fed very up in there with a quarter inch camera tipping the hole, hopefully we come straight enough to get it started. Gotta be gentle with it here. I Got a little piece of hanky around that because that's what holds socket Now we'll just go through and very lightly snug them. Foreign clicks on this one are going to be pretty quiet, so you'll have to, uh, really, pay attention if you want to hear them.

This body style is definitely more difficult to do than the older ones, albeit not very difficult. The older Chevys though we've been doing both sides by now. The other side on this one is not leaking, however, and he's the customer just requested that we remove the broken bolt on this side so this is all we're doing. Hold on I'm gonna have to you Okay, right away.

see if we can't get up on there. There we go. Let's go back through and double check them here of their Factory spec. Most people didn't even know you could torque with a swivel on there like that, did you? Oh man, that sounded terrible.

Then don't worry I didn't break. It's just where I slipped here. There we go. Okay.

see if we can get this slippery little sucker back down where she belongs around town. I Got the end of it cleaned up and re-lubed Now we gotta play the Poke and hope game so close I Can feel it. Boy it's super inconvenient though. Oh my man.
Hopefully you guys can see that tube in the mirror sitting down in there flush now and get it in a better spot for you or not. Uh, well, can't really. but trust me, it's down in there all the way. You are able if you're struggling with this thing and it didn't take much.

I Took a long screwdriver and you can set it right next to the manifold. Here you can follow the two breakdown and it will just touch the flange on the dipstick tube and I just barely gave it a push of the screwdriver. That's all it needed. You can just get better purchase from right there.

It slipped right in so now it's sitting flush with the uh valve cover. We put the bolt back in prior to doing that though we can and we will bring down the heat shield. but that's like that hinderous main thing. and before we get a million comments about the number of cracks in this head and how the heads crack and all the time stamps.

Trust me folks ahead, it's not cracked. Okay, you're correct. my God it's not cracked. those are just casting marks.

Let's figure out this little comment section down there a little bit. everybody always sees a crack. The other day I did a video yeah, follow-up video on changing that fuel pump. My goodness, the number of comments saying that my air compressor is full of water.

Dude, we were blowing water in mud from the top of the tank. literally in the previous video I sprayed the top of the tank with soapy water. Or soapy water as you say on YouTube so that's why that looked like it was water coming out of my hairline I guess I was kind of surprised to see the number of you need to drain your air compressor. Bro comments: That's all right because of something to talk about.

slip all of our wires back on. there is Dielectric grease in the end of them. help them slip on it a little easier. Plus it also helps insulate the spark from shooting out together before.

I Forget we have to do a little fishing. let me look down around here. We dropped them bolts and uh I'm not sure where they went just having a look-see and we get the fishing magnet see if we can find them. Thank you guys! See it? wait? I Just saw you.

Damn! I Want to call this Good plate in the other one is right there. Boom! We got both our bolts recovered. Stick that over here there now we got all that. Let's put the bolt back in the dipstick which is right here.

foreign with the camera today. I Don't think I don't know what the solution is for recording these jobs where it's super tight and you can see and I can see everybody's happy. I Don't think it's the advantage to wear like a you know thing on my head like a GoPro because sometimes the view from my advantage almost has to be directly in front of my eyeballs. can I Tried out this camera deal where I wore it like glasses and it's just the quality from it just wasn't quite there enough.
I I Don't think in my opinion plus you weren't really looking at what I was looking at because the camera was just you know, like offset to the side where the frames of the glasses are where they go around your ears back in there. What stupid is that pathetic? You gotta put all this stuff on here so you can't hear your motor knocking all the time. Thank you All right, sounds good for my house I Think we'll leave it at that folks I need to get just from what we did. pretty much not much to see really.

Oh we did is take out one broken bolt which wasn't recessed so it's not difficult to do. um, difficult to record. So hopefully there's some benefit of this video that you guys can have some kind of takeaway. I don't know what it is, but you'll let me know in the comments section I'm sure and there's not much more else I can say yeah, don't don't get on this guy too much about not washing it like say everything was frozen yesterday when he dropped it off.

so I left it and tied it thaw out so it is what it is and I don't have time to wash every car at work on so you know if I was doing some major project. maybe. but not like we're laying over it, scratching all up or anything. whatever.

Um, beats your own I Suppose well go be your own down in that comment section Questions: All right spinning Comments: Instinct Facebook You guys want to do it. just my reviews. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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