Part 1: Hate doing THIS! 😬 2010 Honda Accord 2.4
Part 2: WASTED Bearing! OOPS, Completely Forgot! 2010 Honda Accord 2.4
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Hello everybody! Good day to you! I think this is day three in this Honda Accord 2009 model. Uh, we did some front brakes on it. We've already gone ahead, changed the oil, put some spark plugs in this thing. we did half the rear brakes and then I got around to the right rear and remembered what I forgot and that was a a grinding and helicopter sounding rear lights rear wheel bearing. So uh I went ahead and stopped by the parts store. We picked up a bearing assembly and we're gonna go ahead and pull this hub off right. Quick slap a new one on there and then we'll finish up this brake job. so stay tuned. it's gonna be a really good video. All right, let's get down here and pull this hub off. It's uh, it's bolted on to the knuckle assembly. It's just four bolts so we can get that from the back side. You know one thing I've noticed uh, not working in retail anymore is I don't have to adopt that Turn and Burn mentality. Now what I mean by that is that since I'm not in the retail environment, I no longer have to uh, operate under the Turn and Burn mentality which is you know, get into the shop, get something fixed and get it out. and in this particular case, since I had to acquire the Uh the bearing, I Just left this thing here overnight. where in retail store Land we might have finished the brake job and then gone ahead and rescheduled it later on for a bearing or done the bearing first and then reschedule it for a brake job one or the other. and that would have meant that the customer would have ended up paying overlapping labor because they would have paid to take this corner apart once and then paid to take it apart a second time to do the bearing and or the brakes, whichever one comes second and since I have to uh Rush these things in and out. you know, within an hour or two hours. I don't have to really worry about double charging a customer, which I think is a huge benefit to them and it's also a pretty big benefit to me because I don't feel like I'm taking advantage of somebody financially so I'm really digging this. uh, loud noises I'm really digging my new business model of just taking my sweet time and I can focus more on quality as opposed to quantity I think it's really nice My Ultimate Evil Plan is to have the entire world adopt my business model, try to take over the world, and uh, the retail stores will no longer be able to function as they are currently designed. If you consider retail automotive repair a functioning business model because I I think it's starting to fade out and uh, the more and more people that become aware of, uh, what's actually involved here I'm just gonna ultimately hurt the retail model because people are not going to, uh, to want those types of services anyway. ramble over. That's my four bolts. Let's go ahead and get our linear impact driver out and knock this bearing out of place and then, uh, we'll get the new one slapped in. if I need a hammer which I don't look at that. That was beautimous here. We'll put that right there next to the saw blades. Then we're gonna move the saw blades because my new bearing is Rush up Precision Hub part number five one two three Five three it is made in China but decision is a fairly decent brand. I've never run into problems with them. Got a new o-ring I think that's four on the back side right here to keep water from entering that little cavity because there is a cat on the inside of this uh, knuckle right here. That's to keep the elements out so we don't ruin our bearing. Hey, did you guys catch my Uh Banks exhaust video when I put uh, my four inch monster exhaust on my silvery radio? If you didn't check the link down this video's description and uh, go to that video and check out the pinned comment because Banks power actually ran across that video and they commented on it which is super cool and they're gonna hook me up with a new shiny exhaust tip since my old one doesn't fit as per my miscalculations. So anyway, I'm excited about that I was I was actually kind of shocked that Banks uh saw my video I didn't even tag them in it too, which is really cool. I'm glad they were there. Thanks again guys for the tip! I appreciate that. no pun intended. let's get that out of here. Okay, well, let's get this guy installed and then we can continue on with our actuated caliper brake job. You know I mean all that stuff I said earlier I'm I'm having the time of my life working for myself. This is this is the Best! Erico you were wrong. You said it would take six months before I uh was wondering why I didn't do this sooner in life and uh, it's taken me. um I don't know what? Three weeks, four weeks? Yeah, so you you were wrong. Eric but uh, your spirit was right on point 100 here. Let's go ahead and move you guys over here a little bit. I uh I can't see what I'm doing and you can't see either and that's not good there. There we go. now we can see. Let's make sure I got all those bolts lined up or bolt holes rather, looks like it I can see them all from from my angle. All right, we'll go ahead and get all these things started as per my normal area protocol: I'm going to spread all of the fasteners before applying torque because any play and variation in the relationship between the bolt holes and the threads could be taken up and put out of alignment. If I torque one down. For example, this thing turns to one side, then I tighten it. The bolt may not line up with the threads on the other side, but since it's still loose, I can maneuver it. Maneuver. There we go. Words: I Can maneuver it around, get them all started and then I can fasten them. Angular clicks, incoming loud noises, Camera gravity. How about that? Hey guys! I caught you. There we go. Looks like my magnet was not, uh, magnetic enough. Let's try that again. There we go. Come out bearing or, uh, socket. There cars are always trying to steal my tools. Yeah, no worries. I got it. Voila. Bearing install complete. Okay. Got the new rotor unboxed and unwrapped. We got to get rid of that protective oil there. otherwise it will contaminate our pad and it'll smoke when it heats up and we don't want that see here right about? Yep. Perfect shiny. Oh man. I Forgot there we go. Let's go ahead and bolt this guy back in. Snippets Any of you guys were asking me why I'm not wearing gloves and I don't know I'm I guess I'm not in the habit of wearing gloves right now I think that comes in Cycles I have lots of gloves. Five or six boxes of them I just uh, neglect to put them on I'm not really certain why I'm doing that I'll get back into habit later. I think I stopped because it was getting hot outside and they were somewhat uncomfortable. It's cooling off a little bit now. it's about 70 I think like 76 today. So yeah, it's probably a good time to restart the glove action. keep my flanges clean. I'm just getting all this brake dust out of this piston. I Don't want to run this piston back in with a bunch of debris in there. Shiny. Maximum shiny. and you guys thought I was gonna start being stingy with my brake lean? That's a big negative. Alrighty, let's start actuating our actuated caliper. You remember the tool from the last video. Yeah, oh, it's binding again. No worries. let's throw some tools in there to help us. Yeah, it's getting a little. Threads are a little rough right here at the end. Gravity tool, gravity. oh I must not be uh, in my zone yet or you're dropping stuff and losing stuff throwing stuff. There we go. We'll fit this guy back in here and again, we'll just rotate the tool, press the piston in if I can figure out what I'm doing. There we go and there's those sticking threads again. I'm gonna have to get the snap on guy to warranty this if they even have this model anymore. Like I said. uh, this is a very old tool I'm sure they've got a updated replacement or something. Stay all right, put some pressure on it. The angles on this one aren't going to be very conducive to filming, but that's how it's got to be. Maybe you can see it through a little hole right here. Let's zoom in, All right. Mr DeMille I'm ready for my close-up so pay attention to the Piston We're gonna rotate and then press and ideally we want to do this at the same time. Easier said than done. There we go. It's definitely a patient's situation. see I've got to reset the tool again. Hang on. It's moved there. We go just like that and it is in good now. I Just need to get those grooves lined up. See, there's this little, uh, little nipple right here that has to ride in one of these grooves a little bit more clockwise. I'm looking through the same hole you guys are so we're sharing a a view on this one. Stop it tool. It's stuck. What have I done there? We go a little bit more right there. I Think we're good. You guys think is that vertical you can't see? Hang on I Think that's about right? Okay here, let's flip around and uh, we'll go ahead and prep this bracket. It's easier off the car than on the car, so we'll pull our shims, pop these guys out, goodbye, goodbye and then new shims coming in. The surface is pretty clean. Florida We have non-rusted surfaces unless you live on the beach boy and even then, the beach rust isn't that bad, more like a surface dusting. It certainly is not a northern rust which. I am I'm retired and that no longer a fan. There we go, let's get our pins lubed. Critical that the pins get lubed. So many people skip that, come out and give it a twist. Come on you there, Give it a little wipe down and some purple spillage. Let the air out there. we go. wipe off the dribblage. I Just made that word up just now. There we go. Whoa. There we go. All right and we'll let that air out. Press it down. There you go. that caliper bracket is prepped. Uh, where's my pads, pads, pads, pads. they're on the bench behind me, pad's located foreign, the wear indicator right there, oop too far, and outboard pad coming in. Okay, let's get this thing set up and hung. and then we'll uh, hang that caliper and we'll go on this corner although it has been overnight. I Did not forget that little shim that fell out just like the driver's side you can see I threw some grease on there so it sticks and we'll just put that guy right back where it goes. The bottom shim is still there bracket coming in carefully. I Don't want to knock the shims out again because then I have to do it twice. Okay, there's one numeral Dose there we go and uh I think we need Milwaukee clicks. Oh no no no, no, the gun didn't fit I have to do that manually. Where's that other one tart? Squeeze There we go. Clickage number One right there. Perfect. Oh Springs I am Rusty today I'm forgetting everything and the second one right there again. I'm minding the groove on that piston so the little nipple that's on the pads fits inside of it. Very important if one does manage to get that assembled and it's outside of that Groove Eventually, what can happen is uh, the Piston might actually turn and then line up, but then when you go to break after that, the brake pedal action will have to actually expand that piston until it meets the Pat or it meets the pads and if that were to occur, then you'll have a momentary loss in the in brake pedal pressure. which uh, might be bad depending on the situation that you're in. Milwaukee kicks pleased. Good to go. All right, let's get out of here a little bit. So normally I'd go ahead and sign us out right now and close this video out. However, I was going through some comments yesterday and somebody wanted to, uh, come along for the brake burnishing experience and I realized that's dangerous territory because there's probably a hundred different ways that a hundred different people like to burnish their brakes. And uh, I'll bring you guys along with me on the test drive to show you my way. which I think it works. The idea of being you want to mate the pad surface to the new rotor surface. that way they can wear in evenly and people do this different ways. And like I said, I'm going to show you mine. But before we do all that I need to go ahead and let this down. and uh, let me torque these wheels with some actual picks. Standby Torque Wrench Cam Honda Coming down all the way down. Who doesn't love torque wrench can? I mean seriously, where is that torque wrench? Uh I choose the kicky Snap-on torque wrench for this one I Don't like to use the digital wrenches for uh for Wheels those are highly precise calibrated instruments. Okay, let's go ahead and dial this in we're looking for. Let's see that's about 80. we'll do 85. Initiating actual clicks now. 85 pounds. Wild Ride isn't it? There we go last one. recheck. Foreign good. Moving on over left front. see how when I tighten these. They are not very tight at all. but I'm bringing them up to Fork with the wrench. The concept behind the torque sticks too the limiting sticks is they want to get you there about 75 to 80 percent of the way and then you finish off with the torque wrench. That is the proper procedure. Yes, I did skip that part I did not use a torque stick s foreign. Left all right, let's clear the wrap from that, hit the road. All right. let's go ahead and stopping the engine. We'll get out of here and uh, go on that brake burnishing test drive. First things first, after brake job, we need to uh pump the pedal a little bit that is going to displace fluid from the master cylinder and from the reservoir. It's going to push the caliper Pistons out and they're going to make contact with the pads again if we don't do that, then we got to hit the brakes and the pedal goes straight to the floor because there's nothing for the Pistons to act against and then we do not have a braking ability. So just to give it a quick test, put it in. Drive We're not going anywhere over forward some feeling good looking good, it's good. Let's get on out of here. No honks for safety because I can see where I'm going. Yeah, see that compressor is not in the way I can get in and out and no one stole it. Still here. So one more recap. We did front and rear pads and rotors. We did a right rear hub bearing assembly because it had that grinding slash helicopter noise. Uh did a set of spark plugs and uh oh I have wiper blades to put on this later on too. And I've got to put the cabin filter back. so I'm I'm almost done. but I'm not quite done. Come here. Gate: There we go. Yeah, we fixed the wheels on the gate. Now the gate's not falling off the track anymore. Awesome safety clicks because all right now burnishing the brakes. Some folks like to take it out, get it up to speed and just slam on the brakes and come to a real fast hard stop. I Do not like to do it that way. I like to get out, get it up to speed and do some light braking first, you know, put some heat into everything, burn off any of that oil that might be left over, and after three or four moderate stops, then I'll initiate a heavier stop or a more aggressive stop. I should stay breaking traffic. Nope. This is actually kind of tough to make a left out of here. Hmm. I'm gonna be here for a while. Let's go ahead and put this cabin filter back in. Why not cabin filter clips? I Still gotta put the door check back on, but at least now it's not all flipping flopping around. Hey, and we're off. Let's go. So before I break and do anything I'm just listening for any noises. Let's verify the absence of that helicopter noise from the right rear which I do not hear. Get a little bit of speed. Careful to make sure I don't break. Check someone behind me which I'm not and we'll slow down Light breaking just Light breaking. Let's go ahead and get through this green light before it becomes a red light. Don't pull out in front of me. high traffic intersection makes me nervous. That is a horrible intersection right there because there's no uh, green turning arrows and folks like to just Dart right on out. For example, you've got a line of cars on one side line on the other side it'll turn green and the left turn people will just cut off the Straight Ahead people and then they'll make like a left turn train and it just creates this uh, like traffic free-for-all situation. And I disapprove because it violates the natural Order of Things and that's a huge problem with Society School Zone Don't speed in Florida school zones. They will hunt you and they will pull you over and they will make a scene out of you and that's never good. So real quick story time. Uh, once upon a time I think 2018 2017 I was uh, dabbling in landscaping we were doing Commercial Landscaping accounts for like, uh, like Walmart Dollar General Dollar Tree and some gas stations and whatnot. You know we'd come cut the grass and Landscape put some mulch in that kind of thing and uh, and I had a few kids working for me 1920 21, 22 had three guys at the time and I hired a new guy and we are in this traffic jam. We're down south in like Northport or something. We're in this huge traffic jam going through a school zone I Didn't realize it was a school don't school zone where we went down this road, but we were kind of stuck in front of the school for like 15-20 minutes. The kid in the back it was like his first or second day. he lights up a joint in the car. marijuana. Now I'm not opposed to people smoking. They can do what they do I Kind of view it as alcohol, but the guy lit one up in the truck in a traffic jam in front of a school. There's those police right there I See you lights this thing up in the school parking lot? Almost. And there's literally traffic cops like the crossing guard guys. they are right in front of the truck and I'm like dude, what are you doing over there and he's like what you know I thought you were cool with with smoking and I was like not while we're at work and certainly not in the school zone. I'm like put the thing out so he rolls the window down and starts kind of. You know he tried to peel the hot off of the the cigarette thing that he had. The cop is like from here to that post and he's you know he's doing his job, he's not looking but I'm like man. I know this guy can smell this Long story short I I Flipped my lid on this guy because he was just so nonchalant about the situation and he was upset with me ultimately because I had a problem with him smoking weed in the truck in a school zone while we're at work. Needless to say, I fired him that day. Like when we got back he was done I just I I couldn't have it I'm like and I hate to encroach on people's personal habits and whatnot. Um I Do believe we all can just do whatever we want, but this this dude had no filter at all. and he did not. He honestly did not realize that he should not have been smoking pot in the car in a school zone while at work. Couldn't believe it. Blew my mind. So anyway, now that we're done with that school zone, we can get back on task. We've already got a couple Light breaking events in. again, there's no traffic behind me I can see you so let's go ahead and do uh. let's do one more moderate stop and then we'll We'll get a little bit more aggressive with it. That one didn't count because uh I didn't want to slow down in front of that car. Oh look at that tree. that one fell down. It's a hurricane tree. All right. Speed it up some. I Know there's no cops up here because they're all back there. So we're gonna do a 50 mile per hour slow down and again, everything sounds good. It feels good. no vibration, no noises, very smooth breaks. This is why I Like premium products because they deliver performance. Let's get into a hard stop right here. There we go. Yeah, these things are fantastic and I'll uh, I'll repeat said procedure. We'll just do some random light slow downs. nothing too aggressive backing up, spin it around. but yeah, that's how I prefer to burnish the brakes I Like to ease into it and then towards the end of the test drive, we'll put some heavy stops to it just to just to make sure it's going to perform in a panic situation and then that's good to go. Speed it on up. We're gonna do a 60 mile per hour hard stop right here Here we go on the brakes all the way down. Yep, see that smoke roll off the front. That's some of that oil cooking off because there is oil in the veins on those rotors because they do get just saturated with it. I'm not sure what it is, a Cosmoline or something else. I'm not really certain, but uh, that will cook off over time and that's another. uh, point of interest when doing brake jobs is you really do want to put some heat into them before you return it to a customer because when the customer gets it, the first thing they're going to do is take it out and just stand on that pedal. They want to make sure that their car is going to stop and if they put a bunch of heat into those rotors all at one time, they're going to see that plume of smoke come out and they're going to think something is wrong and then you will get an inadvertent cutback and you'll have to explain that it's okay and that that's normal. and then that's a whole another can of worms. Because when you tell someone that their brake smoking is normal, they look at you funny, like you don't know what you're talking about because they just don't know. So it's just better off to go ahead and just get that out of the way before returning the car to the customer. That way you don't have to go through that unpleasant interaction. So that's going to go ahead and conclude. My Story Time Brake Burnishing and Finalization of this particular car Like I said I do have a couple other details to work out when I get back to the shop, but nothing major. So that being said, I'm going to go ahead and close this video out right now and I will do that by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. As always I Hope you enjoyed this video. if you did enjoy it, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below if you did not enjoy this video or even if you did enjoy it, go ahead and drop me a comment or two. Also down below because those interactions by you is what lets YouTube know that I am doing a good job and if YouTube thinks that I'm doing a good job, it is far more likely to recommend my content to other potential viewers. That's good for me, that's also good for them. So again, and as always, thank you for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! Entering a school zone ending transmission. Oh I don't know what to do. The light's not flashing but the cop is still there. Do I go 35 or do I go 20. What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? actually he's not still there. he just left and now he's three cars behind me I think I'll go faster. the lights weren't on and I can prove it got it on video. Hope I don't get pulled over haha I'm safe. they can't get me now. let's close the gate.

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    It's a little weird watching without the phone going.. .. .

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Vernon Bosshard says:

    Dang it man, wash those nasty shop walls. Not schiny!!

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Daniel Goodman says:

    Oh neaux! I much prefer to take a wire brush to the bracket's shim seats. I like to see shiny (as it can reasonably get) metal! I can see how a thin coat of brake dust and nothing more isn't a big deal.

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Silent Ferret says:

    Yeah and them not doing the service jobs kinda means them doing the job in a nightmare fashion or running the vehicle until it falls apart and gets into an accident and just insurance upgrades it or just scrap the car for a new one. Rare chance they have small shop repairs do it cause they have the notion they would scam more for the service just to make a living. Its all a mess.

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Steven Bryant says:

    True! not at work. I worked at a fireplace company with installers. One installer told me not to waste time with the morning check out list for his box truck. So we load up, got going and he stops at two different gas stations like usual. One for gas and the other for cigs. Then we hit the main road but, instead of like usual he didn't light up his " special cig ". He made a point of telling me that my spiel of the previous morning concerning the fact that he has a family, is at work, driving someone elses box truck and not quite awake really struck home with him and he'll wait for after work as to not include myself in any potential problems the happy weed might create. No sooner than he said that, he then lit his tobacco cig and told me there is a state trooper pulling him over. So the smoke pouring out on this female trooper was legal! Ironically we were being pulled over because the innner dually tire was flat! Our Ohio inspection and plate were not valid for commercial use in Indiana with a brick and mortar outlet Indiana base. He talked her into letting us go back to the shop but, when he got there the DA pulled into the back lot thus allowing the trooper access to all the other trucks that hadn't left and of course had Ohio plates. He should have parked up front….. the owner of the business came running out flipping his wig when he heard she was closing us down. I should have pressed the check list as much as the no smoking sign. LOL

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Craig Laing says:

    That’s why I go to trusted local mechanic 😎👌

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bob Hudson says:

    I have read a lot of comments from others who say they bed in brakes differently. What I would suggest is that they check what brake pad manufacturers say about bedding in brakes. I don't think you will find any brake manufacturer saying that Ray's method of bedding is sadly lacking. Retired mechanic in Land Down Under.

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars bluzamps23 says:

    Cali already had start up costs beyond unreasonable when I was gonna start! I have that caliper squisher.

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rusty Robinson says:

    You are the best ❤️

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars davidbwa says:

    Wheel bearing question – Is the part you showed / replaced how most wheel bearings are these days? It surprised me because I've only changed out what I guess are now old school wheel bearings where you have the axle nut and the two conical shaped bearings that go on each side. And lots of exposed grease – cleaning out all the old grease, packing the new bearings with new grease and so on. Last one I did was about 3 years ago on my dump trailer. I at least had nitrol gloves. I did some back in the 70s and i didn't have disposable gloves.

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Don W says:

    I've never seen rear calipers that also acted as the E brake too…good stuff to learn. As for burnishing the new parts…I do it the same way.
    Another great service performed:-)

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars davidbwa says:

    Have you tried / considered figuring out a way to mount the camera during test drives so you don't have to hold it and drive one handed? Convenience / safety / not having to worry about a cop hitting you up for distracted driving. I'm mentally picturing some sort of flex arm with the camera mount on one end and some sort of hand spring clamp on the other end for temporarily clipping it to the back of the seat (or where ever).

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jordan Lewis says:

    Im a lot like you Ray in the fact that ive always cared more about quality than quantity. It was hard to work for the big security companies as an installer because they only care about quantity, the more jobs we get done they more money the company makes. Now im working for a small time operation and i can take my time with installs and do it right, so much happier

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars EricRobertson says:

    Your plan is my plan. Let’s take over the world

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dent Tech says:

    I fix cars because they need fixing and get paid as a side result…don't get me wrong I like getting paid too.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Beta Hours says:

    As an arm chair expert, i always use maximum ugga duggas to fasten, because when torquing lug nuts with excessive ft lb-age you can easily cross thread studs if the nuts arent snug.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars William Hyland says:

    You might be able to find a thread file for the piston tool. It's old school, but a machinists supply house may have one with the proper pitch.