In this video I have a look at a customers Jeep Wrangler with the big 3.6 that has a customer complaint that the turn signal works until you turn on the headlights. At that point the light goes out completely. Sounds like a typical Chrysler/Jeep bad ground to me 😏
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2012 Jeep or Wrangler that's the Sahara It's got an awesome sticker on the back too. Let me tell you right there, that's some funny stuff, right? Only because it's true. Uh, what do you guys bring it here for? Oh, the left front turn signal evidently goes out when you turn on the lights. so we're gonna kick on the fourways and we can see.

We got the blinkers in there I've got the blinker right there. that blinker right there. so that's all good and we come up here. We've got the blinker there, the blinker there, but you can see the one on the left of the vehicle.

It's a wee bit dimmer and it goes out when you turn on. he's at the headlights. But when you turn on the marker lights little glove and we all know why. Because Chrysler So I turn that into Market lights in the latest out.

So what's that? Tell us? I'll tell you what it tells us, tells us it it's background. I Assume I assume it has a background and I assume that because um, I can only imagine that somebody probably already tried to put a bulb in it I would think so. let's have a look-see and see if that's the case. So this is kind of Handy where that light is? huh? Let me, uh, give us a ground here with our test lights.

see if there's anything out here that's not rusted. Story of my life right there. All right. So I Hooked on the EBS module, we got our this is a low current test light 150 milliamps maybe Now we don't even need a diagram because we have three wires.

I'm assuming black is ground, this is going to be marker light, turn signal or vice versa one or the other. So let's just probe into it. Now we should have a blinking light on the turn signal which is that one. Well, we got it first try.

Huh? Can You guys see that? So that is our turn signal wire. Now my assumption is that when we probe the ground, we're also going to have a blanky light and we do so. and that's kind of how silly this video is. So I've probed into the blackware and we have you know current flowing through that that hasn't you know found itself to ground yet? and then we'll go into the marker light and we have nothing.

Everything's cool there, but we can see our ground circuit. Hope you guys can see that is is blinking. So I guess I can prove it to you. Another way we can hook a jumper wire to it or what we can do is we can look at a wiring diagram and see where this goes because we know a is a Chrysler B All their grounds suck and C they usually fail right at the terminating point of the eyelet.

So let's look on the diagram and see where the ground islet is for this left front light. Okay, when it does a diagram, gosh, I Need glasses? Let's see left front side marker. Okay, so that's this one here. Oh it's not depicted as a bulb, it's just a square box that makes sense.

left front part turn so it has a ground which is black. the white with green wire which is turn signal in the white with light green which is your indicator light. So it's this. this one right here and you guys can see the ground goes down there and that is ground One Zero Two G102 near right headlamp assembly and it looks like there's a bunch of grounds one two, three, four at least that are shown in here in this picture.
There's four four separate grounds that go to G102, which in typical Chrysler fashion I'm sure there's a lot more in that. Let's go see if we can find it. Oh, would that be? Wouldn't that be nice if it's this one right here? Do you? 102? Let me. um that is the right headlight assembly and that is a nice crusty one with a whole bunch of wires going to it.

But I See Okay, that's that's a connector. Let me see about getting this out of here so we can have a little luxie and uh, see what we see. Foreign? Foreign. Oh now we can see.

Oh girl Crusty! Krusty All right, we're not even gonna test it. We're going to take a big fat guess. Based on a lifetime of experience, we could find the individual wire, but there's more than four going into that. Mia See if it can't shift you folks around where you can see, we'll tear it off apart.

We'll put some eyelets on it I'm sure everybody will be happy in the end. All right, that's perfect. Full there. Let me go.

shut off the four ways there. Let us see what we've got here with some crusty, very crusty. the Krusty Crab Lady Let's open that up I need to maintain as much wire as we can so we'll we'll open this up a little bit here. Oh easy like that.

Give her just a couple of flicks and a screw and a twist and turn here. Yeah, let them turn to dust as they often do I Don't know why Chrysler does this, but a big fan of GM and all the ground wires into one little spot. so that's why I prefer coming to fix these instead of doing like an overlay or just adding a ground down there near the light just because when one of these items goes, the problem is other ones usually are not far behind it. Get out our pocket knife here.

can't tell if they're all fused together. A little tug, we got one. We got one separated from the group. Let me, uh, chop it off.

There looks like there's some more there. There's four and that's dog bringing out the dog. That one maybe I'll Honky Tonk there. So there are four little wires and one big Jabroni one two, three four five.

We got five little wires. So five little wires and one big. Honker Let me go get some eyelets and we'll get them all resoldered, crimped. We'll crimple a cider.

We'll do everything. Try to tick everybody's box the best that we can have a see what we can do. I Think first thing first. the first thing.

I Always first, always first. the first thing you do. eat. Let's even these little guys out.

Let's make everybody equal. 2023 Okay, let's do some stripping. What? what? Stripping? Yes Ma'am no I'm just watching the stripper. You wanna come see? You can bring them over here.
It's not very exciting though. These people are watching it though. They're getting what they paid for though. Let's see: I'm half blind trying to do this.

Do I have an eye doctor's appointment Vanessa yeah if I could only see where I wrote it down slot There we go and then this one this one. we're gonna have to do it by hand. I don't have a pair of strippers for that. so we'll go like this.

We'll get out the doll blade and give it a little bit around there. Okay, they say cut toward your Chum not your thumb. that's what they say. I'll give her a little slot.

there. it is there. it is just like that and I got one of these. This is all I had I Think that could accommodate everybody? everybody in the club.

let's see so we're gonna stick that on there. You guys are gonna love this. You got it. Love Love love love.

Just make sure they're all this one. This little guy here needs a little more stripage because I want all the copper to be even where it begins. You'll see what I'm saying. Maybe there we go there.

we go. Now we're talking boys and girls. Some lady informed me on my channel the other day. I should say boys and girls because apparently there's a lady that watches us.

Now we're gonna bend the one little tabby over here. This is gonna get some people going which is great. Let me go get a different pair of players so I can give her the full squeeze. I think I need a different pair? Maybe not.

We want it to look nice. Don't get a lot of torque with these players. I'm gonna bring the other pair over. Yeah, let me get a different pair here folks.

I Think it'll be nice when it's done. Oh yeah, Oh yeah. look at that nice flatty, nice flatty crimp. Bring this one over.

Here Comes Flatty number two. You're lined up just perfectly. Oh crimpy cramp. So there that is I don't know if you can see it or not.

We got a nice flat crimp on it now to be assured that we have a great connection. We're gonna solder it to Sol D E r Here comes the triggers. I'm gonna be using some 60 40 flux core. Breathing in that smoke deep.

Don't breathe it. It's wet folks. You breathe this in, you'll act like me. Ain't nobody? Want that? Now we must let it cool and then we can crimp over the other end here that goes on the wire.

It's gonna be like it's gonna be like Factory Folks got the patience of a three-year-old Hang on to it with that and then we're going to give her a little crimp down around here. I Don't think you have to go full gorilla with this portion of it. just like baby gorilla. Fold that around there.

I'll get these. We'll set them on a medium gorilla type setting. Squeeze this direction. Hey guy, give him a squeeze there.

Boom There it is folks. Be sure. be sure to go in the comments and explain in detail how this is an improper fix obviously. but that's okay.
that's in 2012 or 13. So you know what that means. It's almost on hospice. Hey, there goes again.

Um, and I will give you my unlimited limited mileage warranty that this will Outlast this vehicle 100 guaranteed or your money back. A bunch of fine print there that solidifies it. Replacing bets Folks at least your bets. Mm-hmm Thank you.

So clicky. Oh, right now right and shiny. Turn on our markers. This one doesn't work.

This one doesn't work. great. Really like check these ones out. they're all corroded on these junkers is a bad bulb.

Let me go get some bulbs. Well boom boom pretty boom. They're all working now. Just gonna throw it back together.

All right folks, That's it. Got the Deep all done. the lights work. We put a couple bulbs in there.

it'll be happy about that. and I think that's about it. Anybody that watches our Channel knows that Chryslers and their grounds are the pets are terrible I like our government. uh and that's it.

It's it. It's fixed. He's happy I'm happy you're happy I think Mrs O's happy you happy he's so happy she says and uh I'd be happy to have Facebook You guys want to do just my viewers I can do it. Thanks for watching.

Thank you.

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