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Mechanic Stranded! Project Jeep Breaks Down! 1995 Wrangler 4.0 4x4
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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I Am super glad to be here. This is a vintage almost. Yeah, it'll be vintage in. I think next year it's a 1999.

Subaru Legacy Outback Limited all-wheel drive. It has a 2.5 liter flat opposing four-cylinder naturally aspirated that's non-turbo charged customer. States Check everything. It has approximately 135 698 miles on the odometer.

You guys see that it's a manual odometer. The primary complaint on this vehicle was it's got fluids dripping out of it. There's a few leaks going on here. I've already got it in the shop as you can clearly see it's up on the rack.

We took a look at it yesterday. I'm gonna go ahead and take you guys through what we found and uh, most of what we have discovered has been authorized to be repaired already. So we're going to do a quick tour on all the stuff wrong and then we're gonna get into it and commence the repair operations. It's been parked overnight and as you can see here, we've already got some kind of leaking action.

So let's fetch the light and the rolly stool and go ahead. get down below and see what's going on with this unit. All right, Really stool? I'll meet you down there, All right. No more screwing around.

So let's go ahead and start with what we know. We've got a puddle of uh, looks like coolant or water. so forensically, we'll Analyze This by following the evidence and the evidence says there is something dripping right here at Uh at this thermostat housing. Is that right there? A little bit right here looks like it's coming from the timing cover area.

Do that. So what? I want to do to verify this is we're going to have to pull this timing cover back some and go in there and check that out and see if it's the water pump or if it's this cooling jacket or both. I Don't believe there's much repair history on this car. I I Don't see any evidence where this cover has been off, so this may have the original water pump in it.

It's also here for some oil leaks and we can clearly see. There's a boatload of oil on the back of this oil pan. There's a bunch of it dripping down on the subframe. Got some oil leaking at the valve cover gasket.

see that right there. This oil all along that. let's check the other side. We have oil on the passenger side as well.

There was an oil leak up top that I saw earlier. It's just a power steering line but if we go out back we find more oil and we also find yeah, there's the more oil. and we also find transmission fluid. see the little red red Hue to it right there.

Now we can see all this silicone sealant right here This RTV Somebody's had this pan off before and attempted to reseal it, but that reseal attempt seems to have failed. In fact, there's a similar situation going on with the front oil pan. See, that's uh, that's fresh sealant right there. However, there's oil on everything.

now. looking back at the torque converter. see that uh, that gray unit back there behind the pan way up in that crack? I Do not see oil on that. however.

I Don't want to be completely dismissive. um of a, uh, like a rear crankshaft seal or some kind of a maybe an oil Galley seal or something in the back of the engine. Uh, that could be causing that leak. My issue is is I Don't want to rule it out because somebody's already repaired this and somebody's already repaired that yet.

We still have major leaks here, so there actually is a possibility that there's another leak. uh, at the rear crank seal, behind, uh, or in front of this transmission and behind the engine. However, my strategy is going to be to repair the obvious leaks that are staring at us in the face. Then we'll We'll run the thing, We'll start it, we'll drive it around, and then we'll recheck after cleaning up everything.

Of course, we'll recheck for additional leaks. now. we can also see these leaks. have been here for quite some time.

There's uh, there's oil on the exhaust that's been cooking off. There is oil back here on the exhaust, it's been cooking off. and I think there's some more like right up here somewhere on top of this other converter. Regardless, we want to get this thing fixed up.

This car holds a lot of value to the owners and they would like it to be in pristine conditions. So I want to make that happen for them. So I Think first things first. What I'm going to do is let this car down and we're going to go at it from the front side here.

I'm going to pull this timing cover off and we're going to take a look at what's going on under these covers. and we're going to find out if we need a water pump or a cooling jacket or a thermostat seal, we want to pull this apart, see what's going on. Additionally, if I get these covers off and find that this timing belt is original or that pumps original, we're going to go ahead and replace that whether it's leaking or not. because we also want to get this thing up to par on maintenance.

They want to keep this car around for a long time, and judging on the condition of it I'd say it's well worth it. It's a very clean vehicle, it's all-wheel drive, there's no rust on it whatsoever, and like I said, it holds a certain sentiment of value. So we want to do whatever we can do to make sure sure that this particular rubisu lasts very, very long time. That being said, without any further Ado introduction or explanation, let's go ahead and let this thing down.

and uh, we're gonna go and get started. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video. Okie Dokes So first things first I need to start pulling some of these covers off of here. there on.

with just some 10 mils, it should come apart quite easily. It says hi, Unclick all this stuff. Let's get these guys out of here Now. There's going to be a lot of pieces coming off of this vehicle.

So what I'm going to do is try to keep everything, uh, kind of together as much as possible. That way when I go to reassemble I know that you know, like these bolts go to this cover and that cover as well. Then I'll just set that aside. So this cover is kind of interesting because it's part of the alternator bracket bolt.

We can see that's that's a new looking Nader Oh, that's not okay. Look, it wants to twist the cover. It's beard. okay I'm not.

Uh, I'm not fluent in rubasu I Know they're right here that they're easy to work on and there's a lot of big fan base behind them, but it's not something I'm really accustomed to working on all the time. so next up we need to get the belts off. Got two belts here. They have manual style tensioners we can see here in the zoom in zone.

We can see here that threaded Rod Got this block right here and then we've got this threaded or we got the bolt head for that. Rod So what we need to do is take this loose that way. This uh, this little block can ride up and down and it's flat and then will be able to turn the rod and that will loosen the belt and then I can pull the belt off. We'll do this one here and then the same thing happens on this tensioner pulley down here for the AC belt.

Let's break this guy loose which it wasn't very tight. Okay, just make sure it's loose enough where it can move and it's it's been stripped. Okay, there's a there's a nut back here and a lock washer. You guys see that? Yeah, silver one right down there.

That means this is no, that's not supposed to be there. Oh no worries, it works. I'll make do. let's get behind it with the wrong size wrench.

Okay, yeah, Subarus are easy to work on. 11 millimeter. It's going to be an 11. how does that happen? Nothing is 11 mil.

that's beard. Whatever's actually. I Think that this bolt is a standard bolt because this 10 mil is really sloppy on it. I Think that's a standard standard bolt as if one got lost or broken and uh, and replaced.

It's no matter. let's loosen the belt there. we go see how the alternator goes down. It gives me space to pull the belt off the pulleys and we'll pull this out.

Set that aside and looking right and down a little bit. There we go over. Shear Attention on the bottom tensioner device. This is the nut that locks it all in.

Kind of hard to get a hold of. Let's get that thing loose and just like the Nader there we go. Let's pull that off and we'll set you aside as well. Alright, so since these covers are coming off, I'm going to go ahead and remove this entire tensioner assembly right here because it's in between.

Well, the covers are between the tensioner and the block. so we're gonna pull these bolts out. I think there's just two I think I don't know I'm not a Subaru master I ow I Do not know and sticking true to the theme I'll keep these bolts with their respective components. Okay, so looking straight down right here, we can see.

here's our crankshaft pulley. um I'm gonna have a hard time getting any kind of Fastener on that. So I think I'm gonna have to pull the uh, the radiator fans out of it. um I don't know if I can really get a tool in there to uh to get that loose or a puller if necessary I haven't figured that out yet.

So what I'm going to do is go ahead and drain the cooling system as we speak. I'm reaching over pulling the valve out and we're gonna let this thing drain for a while and uh, figure out exactly uh, how we're supposed to get the the rest of this apart. Okay, I'm gonna make an attempt here to uh, get this belt to come off. Let me see if I can figure out some way to get this belt to stay.

I meant pulley, not the pill I'm trying to get the fully to come off. Watch this here. if I wrap that around, see how it's kind of wrapping around that crank. uh, crank pulley that might produce enough friction on that pulley.

where I can get a bite on, uh, put a bite on it and uh, hopefully. Break It Loose I Don't know if this is going to work I may have to pull it all apart and uh, and use the impact, but we'll see. unclick these. oh that's tight.

It's like Tiger toy that's uh, it's not gonna work. Come on. Oh, it's not coming. More leverage.

Well, in theory that's working because it is holding the crank. I just need to be able to break it loose so we'll put uh, put a cheater bar on this. Let's see if that's gonna work. Skipper it turned again I Win Uh, victory is mine.

Kinda put the socket back on it, spin the bolt out with said socket I Don't know if I need a puller for this or not to get it to come off. it may just slide right off like I said, this is a Subaru and I don't know how to Subaru but I'm learning. Come on, it's coming out. Oh, come here.

crank Bolt there she comes. Okay I'll take this belt back now. come off. Friction is very, very powerful so let's try the easy way.

Does it come off? kind of? Wiggles Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle Yeah. Gonna come off. Come on this. Ruby Suit pulley become easy I Heard these are easy to work on I Want that to be the truth and it is.

Look at that. Yeah, baby! these are easy to work on. Okay, well, the coolant's still draining and regardless of having that pulley off of there or not, I'm still going to go ahead and pull out some of this cooling package. maybe not the radiator I might just pull the fans out.

Um, it's still draining the coolant. but I've got to get I'll take this hose off here. There's a 10 mil there that holds the uh, the fan shroud on another one right there here here. We'll pull the coolant overflow bottle off and create a bunch of space right here.

That way, if I do need to, uh, get some tools in there to get those covers off I have more excess. All right. let's get the hose clamps loose on the upper hose. There should be enough coolant drained out of the cooling system to get rid of this thing.

Loud noises, loud repetitive impacting noises and get these guys off. Become disconnected. There we go, right? Okay, Set this guy aside over here. All right.

Let's start pulling bolts off. We'll do the uh. overflow tank first. Get this thing out of the way, should just pop right up and out now.

I Don't think it's bolted on at the bottom and it's not. Set this thing aside and then see what else we have. All right. Two bolts starting at the bottom here.

We'll start from this side. We'll get these two and then move over and then get the other two. I'm pretty sure I can't get those covers out of here with the fans here. Ooh, these come out separately.

Yes, they do. That's cool. I've already reached out and disconnected the connectors when you guys weren't looking okay. Fan? um or not? What if these bolts on from the bottom as well? I think they do? Yeah, yeah.

okay. let's back up and lift this thing up. and then we'll get the uh, the bottom bolts next. Moving back up.

Green Subscribe button or like button. Yeah, yeah. okay. yeah.

there's there's more bolts down here. Multiples? There's one. There's the other one. Okay now.

Oh Vault Gravity I got it. Let's see where you went. Come here. Okay now.

I Can get those fan shrouds out Okay, the Ruby Sue is back on the ground now that the bolts are removed. I Could try to maneuver these fans out and they're still not coming out because this pulley's in the way and this bracket's in the way. So let me unbracket this bracket and uh, I'll try again. So here, let's pull these brackets.

Oh, that's a big bracket. Okay, let's pull this big bracket there now. Can I get the fans out? Survey says yes, fish kind of. Let's try this one.

What is the problem with everything? Why they're loose? There we go. Okay, there's one fan and now I can get the other fan out. Cool. Now we're getting some space.

This is good. Okay, let's get down inside this hole a little bit and start working on all the fasteners for these covers. I wonder if I can fit my little gun? Yes, I can. It's gonna make this nice and more easier I think I can't can't see the bottom ones but I think I can feel them.

they're here somewhere that's not gonna work. Okay, we've got our covers off and it appears that at some point in history somebody has, uh, put a timing set on this. You can tell because there's marks on on the pulley. So then put a Mark here here.

I colored that Mark in I Don't see any names on anything, but it looks like that water pump has been replaced. Once Upon a Time It's got a different patina than the rest of the components and looking over here again, there's also some marks so this has been replaced before Let's uh, let's lift this back up in the air and take a look for uh, where that coolant was coming from. We need to find that coolant leak. Definitely Okay.

moving back up all the way up all right so our noises so back down below. I I Made an error. What I thought was the water pump right here is actually the oil pump. That's the oil pump right there in the center.

What? uh, what? this is over here is the water pump and that is where the uh, the leak seems to be centralized. So what's gonna happen next is I'm gonna go ahead and pull these timing components off of here. Um, we're gonna get this water pump removed and I'm gonna replace the uh, the timing belt and the pump. and uh, I'm gonna look to see if there's a kit to uh to service this.

Timing System with if there is, I'm just going to get a whole kit which is going to come with the pulleys and the tensioner. So I'm gonna need to get that uh, that ordered. Okay, let's get out of here one more time. Let this thing down.

We'll uh, we'll set up the timing marks on this, uh, this belt right here and pull the belt and the pump off and uh, and then we'll go from there. So let me get the stuff ordered and I'll be back when I have Parts stay tuned. don't go anywhere Okay I return. it's the next day.

it's actually late the next day. I've been doing admin stuff all day. Uh anyway. I Digress: Uh I have received a parts order uh for this Ruby suit.

however I do not have any of the timing components. that stuff was supposed to have been local but it is not here. So rather than pull this apart and then wait for parts, I'm going to continue disassembly with some uh, other items on this car that we're gonna service and that's going to be the valve covers. I think next, uh, after we do the valve covers and get that stuff pulled off, then maybe I'll go below and do the oil pans.

but for the time being I do have valve cover gaskets I do have some spark plugs in there and I think I had a set of wires around here somewhere. Yeah, there they are. and I've got wires also. So rather than uh, rather than waiting for the parts to show up, I'm just going to modify the plan ever so slightly.

Troy's gonna help. we're gonna pull this thing down. get the valve covers off. Which is going to be interesting because the valve covers are over here again.

This is a flat four cylinder so the there's no V V shape to the engine. Uh, it's not a vertical four cylinder so the valve cover is not up top so these things are on the side. Kind of like a Porsche or a Volkswagen uh. So what we need to do First get some more lumens in here.

We're gonna pull the plug, wires, and everything off, get the spark plugs out of it, and then there's a series of 10 millimeter uh bolts that hold these covers on. We'll get those things loose and then pop these units out. and then we can change the gaskets. okey-dokes So what we need to do, We'll get the mass airflow connector disconnected.

We'll pull this air box off. I I think I'm gonna have to do this from the top and from the bottom. So I don't know. However, I have discovered that this is not clamped on.

Here's one of the clamps. Here's the other clamp and uh yeah, it's not even attached. Oops, Somebody made an error. Let's get this thing out of here now.

we'll pull our nice shiny new air filter out. That's cool. That's like two brand new filters in two days. I Guess people are bringing me cars with new filters on them.

Uh I Need a 13 and a 13.? All right, 13 coming in Unclick that one another. Oh, that was actually a 12. another error. Okay, let's pull this thing out of here.

Keep the screws and whatnot with it. Now we've got kind of more space here to get a to attack that gasket. Okay, we've moved down a little farther for uh Optimum viewing. We're gonna go ahead and pull these, uh, spark plug wires out of here.

Don't need those. Wiggle some and remove that. That's right. We do the honors to fish these guys out of that section there and we've got.

uh, you can see here, there's a ten. There's ten. There's a 10 and probably three more at the bottom. Okay, so while we, uh, remove this side's valve cover, Troy's gonna pull that battery out and probably that washer fluid bottle over there.

That way, we have some access to that size valve cover. So we're doing a tag team effort over here on this thing. That's how it's gonna go down. Sure, let's get these things removed.

Don't drop the stuff. You're breaking stuff. Oh my. God in my hand.

I'm using it. you try on. Yeah, there's multiples now. I I Just located a PCB hose right here.

I'll need to pull that guy off too. otherwise our valve cover is going to be dangling by its hose and that's not good. Just to put that thing aside. and I think I wonder if I can reach those down there? Let's give it a shot and see I either can or I can't and if I can't then I won't And if I that's not gonna work.

Yeah, no, I've got to get those from the bottom. Sure, or maybe with a wrench. I'll try it with a wrench. Yeah, let's do that.

but I can't lift the car up because he's still, uh, he's still working over. Yonder Actually, we'll do a combo low profile ratcheting wrench that should, uh, that should let me get down there deep enough to, uh to get these Fasteners out. Now what I'm hoping for is that once these, uh, this thing is removed, I'm gonna unclick I'll be able to finish the thing up and out. I've heard horror stories where you get these covers loose and they actually don't come off.

You gotta like halfway pull the engine out to, uh, get clearance and and I don't want to do that. So this Subaru is going to treat us good, right? Well, nice, Well, good and nice. That's what it is Dude. Yep, I Uh, you're probably gonna have to pull that washer bottle out.

It looks like it. You can do it. Just unplug it and unbolt it and then just put it out to the side. Yeah, well pick it up and just put it somewhere else.

Actually, once you get it out, you probably want to take it outside because it's going to start dumping blue water everywhere and I don't want to contaminate the floor. Put the Blue Waters This takes forever with no power tools. Yeah, you're getting her Okay, that one's loose I See if I can't spin that thing out by hand? That's a negative. We're gonna have to keep clicking away with the ratchet wrench.

In fact, this thing's running out of space too. I Need this? I need a regular wrench smaller? Okay, going in again with another tool. This is how I end up with like every tool in existence within my box outside of my box because it's like one tool works great for a little while and then you switch it out with another one and that one works great for a little while. Then we end up switching it out with another one.

Substitute Power Tools: rambling, nonsensical, blah blah blahs. That's how it goes. Come on. Oh, it's getting loose now.

Come here. and now it's tight. Again, There it is. Got her? Got her? Gotta got her? All right? Look at the oil riding out of that.

look at that. It's covered in lubricants. Okay, let's get uh. well.

then oh man, it is dripping oil everywhere. Look at that. Hang on. I need a I need a little bucket? Where's me? Buckets uh those are full this one.

Yep. I guess I didn't think that one uh through did I Yeah oil slick on the floor. There we go. Okay, back to the task at hand here.

two more bolts and this cover should start to come free. Okay, let's see how how well I can get these last two out of here. see what happens? unclick U H It's so close so I can get a power tool in there. It just It just doesn't have the clearance so close yet.

so far away is where it is. You know the cool thing about this tool. See what I'm doing here: I've got my finger on the socket. The uh, the ratchet part of this tool that I have is similar to one of these guys right here, except where a socket sits inside of it.

So what I'm doing is I've got my finger on the socket and then I'm using my other fingers to move the tool, letting the gravity or the weight of the tool swing it back down to take the Fastener loose. Sweet little tactic. It doesn't always work, but when the Fasteners start to get real loose where they want to thread both directions or the the rebound of the ratchet wants to re-tighten it, you can, uh, you can employ that type of a method I'm still rambling. Nobody knows what I'm talking about I don't even know what I'm talking about I know Troy doesn't know what I'm talking about, but you will.

you will I don't think I will. Yeah, I think you will. I'm not confident. You don't need confidence.

You gotta develop skills and then your confidence will come after that. You can't be confident if you don't know because that's how you get yourself in trouble. Confidence is like a double-edged sword sometimes. Let's see.

All right, last one, let's get the one in the middle switching sides, reaching down I can't reach. Maybe some two-handed reach-around action here. Let's see if I can get it off like that. That didn't sound right.

Don't laugh at me I Mean yeah, Do laugh at me. Yeah I Don't know if I'm talking to you guys or Troy uh yes I don't know either. At this point, neither do I I've lost my mind, years of stress and torment in the workplace I'm no longer capable of assimilating with the normal Realms of society. runs of society.

groups run I Don't know that's not okay because now it's gone I'm gonna try to get that center bolt from the bottom here. Let me I got it, You got it. Hey I'm Gonna Roll around the floor here. see if I can't get this guy.

ah I Get you good? yeah? I think that's all the bolts? think I don't know. We're gonna find out in a minute. Let's see if this thing cracks loose or not. Maybe there's some in the middle.

Let me feel around. No I don't see anything in the center or feel anything in the center. Maybe maybe some pry bar? Okay, let's try some pry barring. Maybe I can just kind of pop that guy.

it's moving Yeah Yeah I broke the seal I See Subaru Camshaft It's gonna come out. Yes it is. It's totally gonna come out here. Uh, it's coming out there.

We go. Yeah, these are. Well, it's scarier. Scary to think about than it actually is.

That's not too bad at all. I'm gonna live with that. Here's the valve cover piece. It's clean in there too.

Nice. Another piece of the gasket right here. Get rid of those. We have new ones.

Yeah, that gasket's super flattened out. Look at that. It's compressed and brittle. That's why it leaks and you can't tighten them up to make them stop leaking.

If we take a look at the bolts here, you can see that it's not threaded all the way. So when you tighten this down, it's going to compress this gasket. It'll compress those gaskets and it'll only tighten down as far as this thread allows it so it can't. Uh, it can only deliver x amount of clamping force.

and so if they're leaking and you try to go in there and tighten bolts more, that's ineffective. you're just going to strip the threads out and then it'll leak forever and that will be bad. Okie Dokes We're on the bench unboxing our valve cover. gasket replacement seal set comes with the perimeter gaskets.

It's got the spark plug tube gaskets. Looks like there should be four of those in here. Yep, all four of those and it's got new grommet slash gaskets for all the bolts. This is good.

That's the full monty of a gasket material for the Ruby suit. So let's get all this stuff unpackaged here and uh, we'll re-gasket the covers and then, uh, put some sealant on those uh, those little biscuits as I call them and uh, we can get these things back together. Okay, so here's all of our all of our bolts here. Let's go ahead.

and Slide the new Grommets over them Old grommet. goodbye New Grommet hello wrench and repeat. Six per side. 12 in total.

That one fell off already. Yeah, another. Now we don't want to do these upside down because we put them on upside down. They're not going to steal very well.

Yeah, let's get rid of the old ones. this junk out of here. Good move that over some. We'll get our cover here.

Peel off the sold unit, goodbye nasty gasket. And like I said earlier, I Believe these are symmetrical for not, we're gonna find out very quickly. Yeah, yeah, we're good here. Perfect.

Fit this thing into place, press it down, make sure it stays. We don't want it to come out while I'm trying to maneuver this thing down over the uh, the cylinder head and then have it come out because then it'll leak and I'll have to do it again and that would just please me greatly. Okay, okay, that's one is done. Troy is uh, 77 complete with his side.

So I'm gonna go ahead and pull those spark plugs out of the spark plug tubes on the cylinder head while we're at it. All right? let's go fetch. Come here. let's go fetch our sparkling plugs of their uh, other homes here.

So I've got my plug socket with a wobble. We definitely need a wobble so we can get around a little bit side of the car here. Get that socket on. Did it hook up? Yes, it did.

Now I can reach in there and uh, get the thing to uh to unbolt and pull these out with the electronical ratchet. Get that in. Unclick. Here it comes.

Yeah, got her. Okay, what do we have here? Some ngks? They're not horrible. They've got a decent amount of wear to them. It's okay.

we're gonna change them. It's good. Reach into the other cylinder here and pull out the uh. the second plug.

There we go. Click that we got here. Yeah, again, not horrible, but we're changing it. Okay.

new plug coming in. Now we're not just gonna send this with fingers crossed. We've got a gotta start it by hand. first.

We don't want to ruin a cylinder head. do we? That would be bad. That would be catastrophic disastrous. Unforgivable Slowly, it's crushing the Crush Washer You know the next one in.

Okay. Spark plug number two coming in. it's set up in the socket. We'll maneuver that down into the hole.

Go ahead and get it started. You can't see because my arm's in the way I Can't see because my arm's in the way. Nobody knows what I'm doing the shadow nose Troy You know about the shadow that knows you don't know about the shadow is that before your time? Hey, how about this one. It's 10 p.m Do You Know Where Your Children Are You know about that one bro.

you don't know about Paul Harvey Oh man, how about I can't say that. That's Aegis You're discriminating against me For my age, that is not okay. Someone clicks all right now. You guys didn't think I was gonna put spark plugs in without actual clicks did you? I Hope not.

I I Don't want to deal with the wreath from not torquing critical engine components so there actual click achieved. You got to take this apart to get it out though. That's a it's interesting and I can't my spring-loaded Falls were too tight and it doesn't come out there. No seriously.

yeah. look spring-loaded balls right there. It's a ball and it's spring-loaded Your balls are too tight. Yeah you.

you took that a little too far. that was. that was a little too far. So you gotta, you're gonna throw out an innuendo you.

It's got to be like very obscure I Mean you can't be. You can't just like, completely say something. Uh, that fits the bill. You know you got to be able to be like I didn't say that.

you got a dirty mind, look at the way you're thinking it's all right When you, when you, when you grow up some you'll uh, you'll understand the art of subtlety so far. Um, that's twice. Yeah. Take a juice.

There we go. Okay, both spark plugs are installed. They're torqued to specified specifications. Let's get this valve cover down in position here.

All right. Going in with some needle noses I Need to pluck my biscuits here. Just grab a hold of it, give it a tug. they come right out.

see how there's some sealant in there. We're just going to clean all that out and then throw a dab of a fresh sealant in it and that will prevent leakages from this. uh, from the same location here. So that's the that's the top one.

the bottom one. That one looks kind of harder to get I think it's way down yonder? See if I can't just get it by hand? That's a negative. Okay I know all right. Bottom Biscuit: We're going at that with some super duper long needle noses.

Just kind of. Wiggle It Some yeah, there it goes comes right out. Yay! Okey-dokes biscuit. Numero Uno A sealant applied.

Do it. I Didn't give a reach in here real quick. Make sure there's no oil and we'll get this thing set up into place. And then, uh, we'll go ahead and prep and install the uh, the actual cover itself.

Get that thing in there just like, so press it down. Good, Very good. Okay Biscuit Number two. Coming in, it's been wiped down, the old silicone has been removed.

Let's put that guy right where she goes there. We go ahead. Okay, now. I'm gonna put a just a tiny dab of sealant at the top of this cam seal.

right here and right here here and here. where it meets. uh where the plastic part meets the aluminum part. that way oil can't Wick between the two at the cover surface here and then leak out doing a full-on reseal here.

Just a little dab right there. that one's off center. No worries. Good to go.

Okay, especially cover to get that thing dropped out in position next. All right, cover is coming in. Let's get this connector out of the way here now. I need to make sure that I take care to avoid smearing that sealant.

So I'm just going to kind of pull this cover towards us in favor keeping it on this side here that way it can't uh, you can't hear that silicone and uh, cause a leak that I don't know about I can see the back side of the gasket from my overhead point of view here and the gasket has, uh, stayed in position. We're about to make it seated. Once we're there, we're there. Whoa.

Whoa. You know what? I made an error error. Big error I need some sealant? I think up here at the cam caps. Yeah! I do need a little bit up there.

it could leak. pause I'll be right back. It doesn't seem to have any, but I'm gonna put some right there just to help out with the gasket so it can't uh, so oil can't see through a little bit right up in there. I'll apply it with the screwdriver.

Highly effective. Find it a little bit more. This probably would have been okay without adding the sealant, but oh no my. GoPro just shut down because it's too hot I guess it's getting a little warm around here.

Anyway, there's some more sealant that's uh dab number three which I need to redo. it won't come off the screwdriver sacrificial sealant applicator. get you right up in there, right? That's what I want to see right there. stay and then the bottom part.

I'm just gonna have to reach in and put that in position here I can feel it right there in the corner. There we go. Okay, let's get this cover maneuvered in before my camera dies again from being too hot. We have auxiliary sealant.

We have actual sealant. We've got gaskets, They have spark plugs. We've got grommets. I Think we're good to go here.

So I'm going to put this middle bolt in. It's going to locate the cover. It won't be able to go anywhere forward and backwards and up and down. Left and right loop-de-loops and all that stuff.

Come on, become threaded please. There we go. We'll thread the top ones and then I'll thread the bottom ones Get that one in back one next. Get that one in there.

It is okay. let's reach. Uh, let's reach out from the bottom and get those last three bolts in. Okay.

Bolt number four. you can't see. but I'm gonna try to get this one started from up here. Yep, proper flangy articulation.

Saves The Day that one started and then this one. This one's the front side. that one's starting I Feel it going. That's good.

Now the hard one is the one that's in the back corner here. See if I can't get this one I Know you guys can't see. It's like zero space for eyeballs. but it's it's going on.

It's going in, it's going in and on. Yes, okay, that one's good. I'm gonna reach up with the Electric Tool and we're gonna get that center bolt right there. and then uh, that's going to cinch down the bottom of the cover.

and then when we move up to the top and we go to do the top bolts of the cover, it'll help to seat everything and make everything secure. That's uh for I Felt it bottom out. it's squeezing oil out towards my face. Second one, second one's in.

Can't get a tool off the third one so we'll come up here. Get the top ones back. Nice clamping. Force Mixed There we go.

Now keep in mind all these bolts are bottomed out so making it tighter does not increase clamping Force at all. So the only one I need to worry about is this, uh, that last bolt in the bottom corner and I'll have to do that one by hand. Uh, that is a ratcheting wrench. Uh, this one here set that to tightening mode.

There we go and slide it on and we're just going to inch this thing on one click at a time. Rear this thing's broken. It doesn't want to switch to tightening mode. What is problem with ratchet wrench? I broke it.

Why? Hmm. Okay, please don't break my ratchet wrench. It's older than you are. Can't believe I just said that.

Aegis it's Aegis Yes, it is. No, that's actually factual. That ranch is older than you are I'm not kidding. but when I call you old which is factual I'm not old I'm an old soul.

That's what it is. not an old body bro. I will take you out. old body.

What is this unbelievable I can't get I'm trying here. Hang on. let's go from the back right here. let's try this and then I'll reach up there.

we go now. I got more speed. You guys can't see what I'm doing but I got the speed going extra extra Speed Come on with it. Almost there.

It's I'm running out of threads I can feel it almost there. Age discrimination in the workplace? Hmm, that's a new one. OSHA is not going to help you I assure you the gate's locked I won't let him in I'll tell him to come back with a warrant I Didn't consent to additional government overreach. You're gonna need to get a warrant from a judge for that, sir.

They get off my property. That's the that's the American way. Get off my property now. Okay, that's one side is done.

Uh, as soon as this young whippersnapper figures out what he's doing, we'll get this other side put back together. In the meantime. I'm gonna put my spark plug wires on all right. Got my spark plug wires here.

Let's get these things kind of routed and in position they're gonna come up through. We're gonna come up through somewhere here that's not the right one. There's two types. There's angle booted ones and then there's the straight.

Boots The straight boots were on my side. The angle boots were on that side. I I Don't know why I Don't know why they have two different ones, but they do anyway. That's uh.

that's my front cylinder. That's my rear cylinder. It's very quite self-explanatory-ish and I can set these up in their little brackets later right now. I'm just going to get it down in the hole.

And if oh, I almost forgot, my my lubricant. my protectant lubricant. my dielectric lubricant. can't forget that it violates my Constitution There it is.

To wipe that off, we don't need the nasty, give it a squirt. Beautiful. Yeah, a little bit in there just to prevent that moisture Ingress and electrons from escaping gravity Dielectric grease gravity. So let's not get these confused.

This one is this side down over the plug in the hole. proper orientation achieved and I'll just give it a push until I feel it snap. That's it right there. I Heard the click and then this one same thing.

Put that in way lit over the plug and give it a push and there's our click. All right. good to go. My side is complete.

Let's go check on Troy over there. Okay driver's side covers on. he's on the last of the Fasteners We've got to put the uh, put the oil fill spout back on. Spark plugs are in, wires are not in yet down here.

From the bottom side view. oh come here. we can see bottom bolts are in. We've got some phalanges doing flangy things over here.

This is good. So this side is done and I still do not have my timing set and water pump. so uh, we've reached a point of conclusion on some aspects of this repair. We've got something removed and replaced and done so.

uh. That being said, I think due to the link for this video, it is probably advantageous of us to go ahead and close this video out right now. As always, I will do such things by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. Certainly hope you enjoyed this video.

Uh, clearly there's going to be a part two on this because I don't have timing stuff yet. So I will pick back up on this uh, this newly founded series as soon as I receive received my delivery whenever that may be. So until that time again and as always, thank you for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of Aruba Zoo Part One.

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