We've all had those days where if feels like everything you touch breaks or goes wrong one way or another right? I hate those days 😐 The good thing is they don't come along that often. In this video I thought I'd show you how to bang out a set of rear shocks on the back of a Nissan Altima and then rust happened..... ughhh gotta love salty NY.

All right folks, we're inside. It's a 2014. it's a Nissan Altima 280k. Wow, no kidding, huh? That's what she says.

She would like to have some of your shocks installed. So let's do it. How come you do with this one? Because because you want me to save it for Dashie He was looking like he's gonna be a little bit yet he said he was going to be done at 2 30 and then I told her you should be almost done. That's what he said.

I'm just trying to provide our customers with the best service possible. You're a good service man. we gotta get busy. Okay I'm sure it's nice to have some nice weather now.

I Tell you tell you that I'll peel the wheel off here. She looks like a pretty easy one. You look pretty easy. Gotta be mindful of how this setup is.

We just got some dirt. All right you guys saw the F-150 was the F250 is bad. Look at this one. that's a nice clump of salt.

All right, you gotta get past it if you work here. Um, we're gonna stick a stand underneath this uh, control arm. We got to take the tension off the spring a little bit. Take the bolt out of this little guy.

Is she 21? No, it's like something different. It's something not 21. we'll give her a little push out here. You don't have to get crazy with it.

We just need to take the tension off it. There we go. A little tensions off it. Let me go get some tools.

Oh man. not even the first try. Oh yeah. second try.

yeah I tell you I think I'm getting worse as I get older here. oh I don't have a regular wrench on me I hope she still got some tension. Your ears are up a little, shouldn't have oh the shock had some upward springy dinghy to it. That's kind of weird.

What do we have up in there up in here? Looks like one Rusty blob and two Rusty blobs? I'm assuming probably at 13. can't really tell. It's like just a couple of clumps. It pulls everything else we work on.

Let me go get a socket I think might fit. Okay let's give it this one a go. We'll start with a 14. we'll see we can with alert now I know he gets can.

it's way up there in the hole. So yeah I think she's 13. guns. This one's a little Saucy Careful with this guy.

Foreign there's one. Easy peasy, Yeah, she's stuck in there. Yeah, you gotta believe me. I got it.

Now it's number two. Okay, see up in there. Oh now it's on there I heard it. No mercy.

Oh that ain't no good. That ain't no good at all. I felt felt like she was getting jammed up. That sucks a big one.

So now we're screwed. So that's a bit of a problem working on a car. it's gonna play Rusty Curd Uh, one came off one clearly didn't come off. These are welded in studs so they've got a flat head like a wheel stud and they're welded into the body.

which is, you know, kind of in this secret little compartment. We'd have to tear apart the entire back seat, parcel shelf, and everything because it's an alignment right here. I'm gonna look in the trunk to double check, but now we gotta come up with a solution here. I've got an idea I think I think the best bet.
Um, idiot I Feel like an idiot is what it is. It's crusty. Um, so put some WD on it. Uh, what we'll do is we'll just cut it off flush.

I'll cut it off would would be a cleaning upy tool and then we'll just drill it out and uh, you know, pop a riff nut in there and then we can just use uh, you know, just a standard bolt up through there I Think would be the best option. there's no way to it would be prohibitive, you know. I carved this H2 You know, tear it all apart just to get a stud in there and re-weld it. So I think that's gonna be our best bet.

You guys won't be able to see the process, but I'll show you after a second here. Whoa. Wow. Chopped it off flush.

If you can't get a little center punch on it here, don't walk around I Think we're probably close. Whoa. That's too close for me. and you got us a drill bit and a drill.

See if they can't get where I can see everything here that ain't gonna work. Dude Negative: that ain't functioning for us. Now that's drill bit. that's the long one.

Foreign moving around a lot because I'm trying to get it right dead center. There we go, throw it out in first gear. so there's a hole Wendy's that long 5 16 spit to get back there. punch a hole through it, dead in the middle.

and then I came back through with a I believe it's a 7 16. and that should accept our eight millimeter nut certainty. Hopefully that is I've got the arms as short as I can get them I think I just gotta give it up in there. it's flush and then we're gonna take a few more bites out of it.

Thank you I think we got it. Find out here. See what she looks like? That's just a standard, uh, like eight, one, two five. So the boat we took out was eight millimeter.

Oh yeah, she looks mint. Let me find my mirror and have a look just to be sure. I Swear to you this dude Motors along this morning. literally this morning.

but it's an electric lawnmower Now we're mowing it with the gas. Kid you not folks? He really really likes mowing lawn. Nice guy loves this woman. Oh I guess you guys want to see what that looks like, don't you? Let me show you.

So there we are. So now we have one stud right there in one knot right there. So it's just a nuts or a riff nut whatever you want to call it. but that'll Outlast the rest of this car's life.

I should have known I mean I felt it as soon as that sucker cracked Lewis I'm like oh boy, that's when we gave it to no Mercury Mercy because it's either gonna go back on or just snap it off on the other. So here's this. Oh, watch him grow. there's that that looks the same.

It did come with some new mounting hardware. see what we have here because I did buy some strut baits also. yeah, basically it's more of the metal jiggly bit. oops I don't know as if we need it, let me pick that up I don't know if we actually need this, but I bought it just in case.
So I wasn't sure what all the shock came with. Foreign except that large washer. Maybe we can salvage from the uh from the OG We'll stuff these back in the Box whoops. Flatten that it's not doing good today, but perfectly honest.

I Haven't been doing good all day. This has not been my day. Wrong. Wrong.

Not even close there. we go. We got it. Let's pay attention to the order.

So is that that we got this little guy spacer look I went like that and then this must be the big washer the other one comes with but that has you guys. can't see it. but there's a bump stop down in there so we will transfer it there. we go.

all the new jiggly bits together. That little guy went there, done one, then that little guy. wait, did this go? probably down? I would imagine. Yes sir, it's got a little rib on it there that goes down and then which way was this anybody remember? is it that way? I Think so and then let me go get an apparatus and hold that little fella and then we'll snug that up here.

We go use that for our apparatus to hold it and then this will come down until it bottoms out because it has a spacer in there so it's only going to go so far. Like right there. just it just stopped moving so give that torque to spec cleaner off. There we go.

Now she's ready to go back. Thinner Whoa Man, that was a good one. Put your little black cap on there first so it just slides over all that stuff I Hear Luna over there. that's when it's inside.

We're gonna slide that back up in. put her on that one. stubborn. Let's kind of let it hang out here for a second.

I'm gonna get the factory nut. We're gonna stick that back up on there socket. stick it in I'll slide that, maybe up in there. then I'm holding it.

Somebody let her in today. That'll hold that. and then I got us a new 8125 by 25. that is the 8.8 variety on the hardness scale.

Oh I get that first try. Thank you. All right, that one's up in all the way. Let me go get a ratchet.

We'll give it a handy snug grout. There's that torch. the studs looks nice. All right, real nice.

Let me show you there it is. Bolt on that side nut on that side and uh, that's it. She's good to go. Oh I don't know if I have enough Jack here.

If I got enough threats, we gotta bring her up a little bit more. I Had a port clutch on that lawnmower. I mean I don't mean that throttle's broken. It looks like a newer lawnmower.

but man, that thing goes from Zero to Hero that's wide open all the time. Little clutch engages and you hear the squawk. Seems to take it all right. So what we want to do is we're going to lift this up even more.

get her up about right? You know, we don't want to temper off the lift, but we're gonna put some tension up on her all right. And then what we'll do is we'll snug this up. Okay, it goes from Full Throttle to off. Oh, maybe it doesn't have a throttle on it All right though.
All right, we're gonna snug that up by here factory specs of course, 81 foot-pounds of torque. Then we can undo our jacket. Go do the other side, not be a dummy. but if we are a dummy, we know how to.

We know how to fix it. Fool me once. Shame on you. Fool me twice.

Shame on me. Oh, 25 seconds is about long enough I think let's give her a little extra for good measure. Oh, it takes a drop of this stuff to get bolts to break loose. Let me tell you what.

I Don't know if that's a fact, there's one, but it's as far as we got that time too. Without incident, there's one. I don't know if they're a lock nut or not. WD right there folks.

That's the only difference between this sadness and WD Truth be told, we could have sprayed it with water and had the same results. So sometimes you just need a little Lube Let me suck this guy have out. Come on man. there we go.

The whole shaft is turning. That's what's happening there. just just a little FYI for you. In case you're wondering if you're wondering why I'm jamming on a trigger like that.

That's why when we do the new one, we hold the shaft. It's not really good to do that to a shock. Poor struts. At least that's what they tell you.

So this is how the job's supposed to go. That's it. I think costing this lady any extra my mistake. Oops, hang on I got it.

Come on, get off there we go. Didn't take that long to fix. anyways. stuff happens.

that's what they say questions. Thank you Where you at Buddy I'm telling you man I should have stayed in bed I should have stayed in bed. there goes. Should have watched the first part of this video Huh before I Put that back on.

Gosh. I Think the way you guys watch this guy at this point I can't even change his shock there. Hmm. just left there that a light snug and duck is sitting Andy here.

well those are two-handed I Guess what is that? Oh get your socket back. Thank you ready. that job's done I Gotta tell you this one, it's not my day. What are you talking about? What am I talking about is what? just emotional and do you need me I Feel like I'm having you my man period because nothing's going good today and then the freaking Post Office.

I Got a mail order check. A check checks. Oh mail order checks. A bunch of them that's freaking screwed up now and then.

that car screwed up and everything before that. So what is really wrong I should have said that thing. This is one of those days folks. What? Today's one of those days And I don't really have a lesson for you I have a lesson for you.

What's your listing? Let me give you this happy whining I Know, but it's just one of those days folks. And some days you get the bear and some days the bear gets you. But we were able to fix the Nissan it was a Nissan Exactly. We fixed it, We came, we saw, we conquered.
I'm gonna go get your checks. Missile is gonna go pick up our mail order chicks and everything's gonna be better tomorrow. So anyhow, thanks for watching folks and uh, if I can do it, you can do it. I Came inside enough.

What? Foreign.

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