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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back I am here Troy is here I've got Cliffy whiffy here. We're going to destroy some stuff. Today is framing in the Door day. Uh, we're not knocking down the wall, but the attempt, uh, what we're trying to do is we're gonna cut out some beam action here.

We're gonna forklift this C channel out of here and then we're gonna cut a hole in the wall over here and we're gonna use those big gigantic Bean braces on the floor I got those for eBay We're gonna take those and we're going to set up the frame for the door using these 10 by 10 wooden posts. Um, I may use one of these as a header. we may use a piece of that steel in there as a header I Don't know, but we are beginning the door demolition uh process. So uh, lots to do today.

I Think a lot of this video is going to be fast forwarding I'm not sure how this is going to work out. It's definitely going to be a stark departure from my normal type of content. So uh, let's see how this goes. Stay tuned because this is it's gonna be a very good video.

Okay, so here's the plan. We're gonna clear the space and we're gonna need to remove the wiring and all that good stuff because we need to get this piece of C channel out of here with the forklift. So I think that's the first step. We clear this, get rid of that, and then we can chop saw this and then we can knock this down.

Then we can clean the floor up and then we can prepare it for the brackets and then we can forklift the wood in here like that's kind of loosely the plan. I Don't know how it's going to work out, but that's what we're gonna do all right now. Yeah, we're gonna figure this out, right? Cliff Absolutely, we're gonna figure this out. We can do it.

This is gonna be sad. No more fan actually. No, we'll leave that on for now. now, since we're dealing with some electrical stuff, we need to, uh, get into the panels here and figure out where these wires are coming from because those are ultimately going to be deleted because there's going to be a door there.

Sure, let's shut down. Hmm, we have no breaker, so that means, but it's this one. It's gonna be these. Breakers Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and pull this entire panel face off.

There's actually two circuits running through here and I want to make sure that, uh, they're both disconnected so we don't become electrocuted? That would not be that'd be good. Do not don't want to die today. Okay So we've got this big 240 circuit coming in. Where does this one go? It's wire nutted and taped together and that one's running over here.

Probably to that, let's run into that 40 amp breaker. So both of these circuits that are going through and over and out are those are on the bridge? Okay, we can remove those easily. I Don't think I like this. Yeah.

I don't like that at all. That's kind of sketchy. Good thing this is dead. This used to be a service panel, now it just appears to be a junction box.

I didn't do this. Don't don't read on me. I I would never have built this this way at all. One day when I own it, this will get redone.
You know right now here I need to clear the debris field so I can create more debris field. Ah, there we go. It's push broom cam. Cliff You're making lots of noise.

There we go. Yeah, no negative. You got to use your right hand because that way if you take a hit, it doesn't go through your heart. Yeah, well.

all we got to do is cut it that. those are the 240 lines running up right? Yeah, well. let's get them. let's get them loose and then we'll pull that breaker out on the other side and then we'll just take these entire metal things right out of that box and just strip this box out.

I Think that's the plan. Wait, there's three of them. Yes, uh, where's that other one? Go. There's no wire sticking out of it.

Oh, it got away from him. Logan I ruined my DeWalt maid and straighten my blade I broke it already. Is it through? I Don't know. Yeah, that's true.

Okay, well. you can cut it off. You want to just cut it over there I was just going to tear them off the walls with the hammer and that'll be that. Yeah, it's not gonna work.

Oh, this is about it. That's highly effective. Timber Uh I'm gonna move that away from the breaker box before we die. Yeah, we're gonna move that.

Hang on a second. Let's just take this. I'll go up and around and through. It's like tying your shoes.

Uh, major flange. You're good man. you're good I Promise I Will not kill you today. You're jumping around electricity I Like that thing I need one of those.

it's not gonna reach there. Hang on. just twist it. just tear it out.

Uh, cut the wire. it's dead bro there. Now you can cut it. You have clearance or that or that.

that works. Okay, let's get this out of here. All right. We enter the phase where I Need heavy machinery.

Let's fire this unit up. Stopping's a forklift engine. Come on. it's backing up a four-wheel drive.

It's working bottles coming through speed. I Don't have a horn on this safety forklift Certified. This is gonna work. No, no.

Why you're such a pessimist. It's gonna work. It's totally gonna work I think I Still want to smash the uh, the metal back there? back up son. that's sucks.

It looks like it's gonna fly out. Something's happening here on Instagram Yeah, all right. let's put this in part. We: Well, we took most of them out.

Yeah, hang on. Let's uh. let's reassess. Powering down What's going on up there? Um, you know what? I'm saying.

let me climb up here and see more stuff we're not supposed to do. Is there raw? Is this thing overloaded? Yeah. look. there's a there's a bolt so it's got bolts running through.

You need to unbolt it I think it's just that one. 13 16. Oh, you and your standard sizes? that's a one sir. Okay, why are we both on top of this ladder? It's okay.
In a world of Osha violations I'm not gonna warrant coming out. uh or is the stud turning? Okay crowbar actions? Well, I mean we can hook the truck to it. just tear the wall down. You have that look on your face like that's a good idea.

All right. Well, three enough. let's try to pick up on it. back away for safety.

this is America Everything's great. Everything. Speaking the truth, it gets you canceled. Are you on a strap? I Don't know if it has a strap in there or not Mike you know what? it might have some glue or whatever on it from.

Uh wait, whoa whoa. There's some potential energy in there. buddy. Watch out! Yeah, what's it looking like? Bar more pry Bar Hang on.

There's a metal. metals like okay, it is free I Feel like we're gonna drop this clip? This is scary. See you over there. That's the problem.

Move it right. I'm going to move it right. Am I going to clear the cabinet? Uh uh yeah. yeah now.

I gotta turn I Want to clear the cabinet? Hang on. I'm forklift certified I got this. as it falls coming down. Are we gonna hit the shovels? Silence.

Stop it. Stop it. You're scaring me. Dude Killing me man.

Loud noises. Oh I can get out forklift certified ring I'll show you it's gonna be great. What's it going darling? I'll run you over. um are you just gonna knock the entire wall down? I Think we should cut him dude I Really think we should cut it.

but let's cut it so the whole entire thing doesn't collapse on us because I know. But we didn't want to do that because then we have to clean all that up. Let's cut it here and we'll cut it here. and then we can knock it down in sections and we have to keep this section.

So we'll cut here so we know where to cut here. Yeah, we'll cut this cut last. I Think well I'm gonna cut it here. We'll knock down this section first and then we'll set the post and then we'll go from there.

How's that sound? Uh, we can. We can break stuff in a minute. Let's cut the thing first though. Thanks.

Oh, that's easier than the demo saw Sawzalls, they're the best. It's great for Left four. Yeah, all right. let's are you ready to knock this thing down? Uh, why do I Gotta do it.

You do it. You're the project manager I Say out, can we knock it out or is that metal? Let me try it. You're ready to run. We have to go in.

Yeah. Do it. Hey if you hit. if you get this column right here, it'll swing the whole thing out and it'll fall off and then come straight at me.

Hit it there. Try that. Denver Here it comes. Oh man, that was violent dude.

There's so much more airflow in here now. This is great. I Think the parts guys here I think he's got your Jeep parts Okay hole in the wall I Got a cut here that's not all the way through. We broke it through right here.

We need to cut that rebar. Then we'll knock this section down. It's gonna get another cut right here, but that's got to be a perfect cut so we're just going to do that later. Am I Doing it okay Sawzall in action.
Wow. these two are so gentle. All right. You can have the power.

we don't need it. Okay, so we got that cut and then we have another cut and we're Cliff We're also fresh out of battery I ran out of battery right at the bottom. You missed it too because when we were done, a bunch of water drained out but the bottom of the crack. It was hilarious.

Yeah, so that's now cut. Um, did we knock it over that way or this way? I Don't know I vote this way because all the stuff has to come out. So I think we should knock it over this direction. We're gonna have to break it along here.

Yeah, so that it folds when it comes out. That's a lot of work. we're all out of. uh, no, not cut it.

break it. Then we'll just push it over because there's a metal thing in the way. Oh, let's get the chisels out. Hey, why don't we hook and change to it and just pull it down with my truck? We can do that I can poke some holes in it so you can stick a chain through.

you. just wrap it all around the whole thing. Yeah, let's just pull it down with the truck. Drag it out of here.

All right. this is where it's about to get good. Oh yeah, firing up the dirty Max And it is dirty in here too. Stunting the engine 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 226 000 miles on the odometer.

Something like that. 226 376. backing up the auto. Sure it's gonna work.

Yeah, yeah, oh, that's perfect. Hey, let's see, it's gonna work. Should we go? don't? I wouldn't stand near it. Not at all.

That's probably dangerous. foreign. All right. What's your concern about that? No, that's good.

It's a pencil. Hitch Man It's not gonna go anywhere. Pause tearing the ball down. if I didn't want to tear down I saw it moved a few moments later.

There's another hole next to the hole. Are we good? Yeah, we got it through all the way down. Rebar's cut. it's clear here.

clear there. I I think it's I think it's good to pull it down. What do you think? Try not to. uh, you don't try.

All right I'm gonna do it. Um, back up some I don't want this to come and then pieces grenade and hit us in the Noggins Yeah, let's where's the kids. Yeah okay, yeah. back.

make sure they're over there. Round two: let's clean this up. trying again with the chain. Okay, you guys hide behind the car a little bit.

Troy your own insurance? No seriously. I turn around and watch this so if something comes at you, you can hide. Yeah, thank you. Sure, that's not.

even do it right there. Okay, well I don't know if that's how you do it, but that's how you did it I mean hang on I need to get my chain out of here. It's fun to do this kind of stuff every day. For me, foreign, Here's the deal I Keep cutting you guys in in the middle of conversation.
But here's the deal. We're gonna clean this junk up, get rid of this thing right here. and then we're gonna go to Home Depot and get some plywood. We're gonna build another wall here and then we're ending the day I think oh good, he's back.

Yeah, we're gonna. We're gonna go get plywood to cover the hole and then we're done because uh, this is a lot of work and I don't want to do any more work So that, uh, this phase of this, uh, part of this section is, uh, near. In conclusion, we're nearly finished. Let me go and close this video out.

Thank you guys for watching this, uh, scattered and unorganized demolition video. Hope you enjoyed this video. I'll show you uh, the the assembly and construction phase. As we get around to that, it's probably going to be a few days because I Have to clean up this garbage, Get the dump trailer, throw it in there, clean the mess, get rid of the debris, tear down my makeshift wall, and then then we've got to get the stuff off of the tow truck to frame in the wall, and then once that's framed in, we can cut this stuff away and I'll put the makeshift wall back up.

Call the door guys, have the door installed and then at some point have the lift guys install the lift and then we're good and functional. Yay! So again, thank you guys for watching! See you guys later have a great day! Inner Transmission.

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