In this video I "sleeve" a ladies exhaust to save her a few bucks and get the car some more time before it needs a whole exhaust system.
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Little Guy at the 2011 Honda Here folks, it's a CRV It's got the big 2-4 and the lady wants us to chop it off. She wants us to chop off her exhaust before it falls falls off. I Guess that's what she tells us. or at least that's what we told her I Guess my guy Josh Just did some rear pads and sway bar links and told her that the exhaust is ready to break so she wants that fixed to Inspector Guy's work. Okay, he did some sway bar links. you told me boom, get rid of the Old Pad slap on the rear and then he said the exhaust flange is whoa, that's what he's talking about. She's at my what the heck's holding that little guy together. Not much fella. So what we'll do is we'll just chop it off and put a sleeve on it by a little bit of extra time here. The rest of the pipe still look too bad the car's got about one and a half bazillion miles on it, so let's uh yeah, just chop it off. There's that, so we don't have to cut through that get that color out of the way. look at the best place to cut this boy. We don't have really much room to get up from here and do any welding do we? It's gonna be like a tiger. We do have a hanger here. We're going to put a different hanger on it I Say we get the Sawzall and just chop her off right there and chop it off just a little bit above this one. otherwise she's gonna have to buy everything. the whole Muffler and front pipe and all that. when we can just put a little sleeve in there. I Think in getting the girl some time and it'll last a while anyways. I Think it'll be good? Well, here goes nothing. Actually, we'll cut the top first because the hanger will hold that bottom one. That scared me Foreign jerk. See what we're trying to cut through here? Oh, we're just about to. We're in good shape, we're good. and I just buy a thread though. Pitch on it. just hanging on by a red one up there. Foreign. We'll save that hanger. We might be able to reuse it. Where is that? She's good to go. Let's uh. I think I've got a sleeve here. It'll fit right in there nice. and let me get that measured up. Take some of the burrs off. this side. Looks like she's two inches. this one two inches. Also, it is. Let's see if we got a two inch ID sleeve. We'll have to grind some of this off because we left a little bit of that flange that was on there and uh, we got one of them bad boys. which I think we do. We stock a lot of these things because this is a pretty common fix here. The Prny is cars rot out. Let's try to get some crappy lighting for us. All right. Let's see, it's only five hours of sleep we did. How's that help? It's classic 419 or 4-0 from Walker It's a two inch ID 8080. Uh, a little snug which is good. Side might be a little caved in. we have to straighten it out a little bit. That side's good, so I think it'll work out just a lovely and this side's got a little bit of a ding in it like a ding dong. see if I can't bang that out straight. Round two that fits on there Lovely right now. Foreign baby. It works. So we'll give that a couple little tacks, get it where we want it, we'll give that a few tacks and we'll figure out how we're going to weld up on the top of it and all that stuff, and then we'll worry about we'll worry about everything else in life once we get that figured out foreign. hook up our welder. So we're going to put a big old pair of vice grips up on here. Now we'll grab the ground from our weather. We will attach it to our vice grips with the lights we can see at least a little. We'll give this a couple tacks, then we're going to make sure our Muffler is where we want it. We'll give it a couple tacks on the top. it didn't really move. Watch that holder back here. It doesn't do a whole time. There's that one super attack here on the back. foreign fiddling with it. So I'm going to reach up here and give it a couple tacks and then we're going to figure out how in the Thunder we're gonna weld all the way around it. We'll give her a tack up here attack right there. We'll give her one here on the back. There we go. so that's good so that should hold her steady Eddie for us and a lot of folks are commenting right now or they already didn't. They're gonna have to go back and delete it because they want to know why we're not just putting some clamps on it. and that's because the pipe is really deformed through here from the bend. it has a big dent here and a huge dent on the inside. So I Have to, you know, fill that in with some dirt. Well down here you could probably get away with it. but the pipe goes from two inch down to like, you know, inch and seven eight says it. You know, kind of tapers in here. It's easier just to weld it. At least it is in the shop. I Believe on the back here. we could likely get to all of it. Yeah, we could weld this whole thing. So we'll weld this whole thing right here. then. I Think what we'll do is, we'll let the muffler down a little bit to get to the top of it. We can only go down like you know, two inches and then it hits the sway bar. So let's weld up this back side. I Really enjoy welding on YouTube To be honest with you, it's the only way you can piss off 70 000 people in about 15 seconds You ready prepare. There we go. There's that half a partner rubber mounts off there so the pipe's hanging down. If you don't know I don't know man it's gonna be a snug fit. Let's see what we can do. Foreign I think we're missing like a half an inch. It's a very tipping top. especially it's my old school. Well to this thing with some with the gas torch because I don't think son of a mother wrong foreign. Oh I think we got her boys foreign I guess no time's really convenient I guess but fixing it before it breaks I suppose foreign ER off and reuse reuse. it should be able to without an issue I think it's Hollow it is I just cleaned it up a little bit on the grinder ground. awesome and the junk on there. it is stainless so that's kind of cool so we're gonna use it. Come on baby. push that back through there like so and then like I said. I Don't think this one really does much because it has two here on the resonator and two on the muffler and just this little short pipe between. But well, they can just, uh, stick that back on there just because. All right now we got her down to the shiny stuff. That's a roll on me foreign. So we're just going to put a Little Love Tack on it. Oops, sorry about that folks. let me whacking a leg there so we'll just hold that gingerly put on your Squints there she is. that's all attached. same thing on here. Beautiful foreign folks. I Think it'll do this lady good and we just saved her more money in 15 minutes and Geico ever will. and the Hanger's back installed. Like I said, it's got a couple hangers here. of course it's got the one there that we just put in and then a couple in the back, but it looks like it's got a little bit of time left on. it's a little Muffler in the rest of the pipe so I couldn't really see it sensing somewhere the whole shebang. because in order for us to do this, we buy all free bed pipes you know from the store so we would have to come from the cap back. you know? so it would includes a resonator, this pipe, and then the muffler. and of course it would be all aftermarket junk. you know, the Walker exhaust which is you know, complete garbage and they only last about two years in New York so you might better spend. I Mean this is really cheap. Those sleeves are only like nine or ten bucks and then you know half hour labor and that's it. So it's way cheaper than that whole exhaust and will probably last as long as the rest of the exhaust will. So that's that, folks. Hopefully you enjoyed it. Be sure to go into that comment section and list all your welding certifications and credentials and then criticize me and tell me I did it all wrong. But that's okay because I know one person that's going to be happy and that's the lady that owns this car and the other person would be happy is me if you went in that comment section and left your comment question concern everything. Put it all down there insty: Facebook You guys know what to do and just moved here so I can do it. You can do it. Thanks for watching Foreign.

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