Total Transmission FAILURE? Circuit/Fault Codes? #mechanic
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Hello everybody! Good day to you. This is not an unboxing video, no worries. I mean well kind of. We're gonna unbox it like a little bit.

Check this thing out shiny Hang on we're gonna need some uh, some Blade action here. The blade boss the blade all right. floor blade for Sharp knife There we go look at all that look what's going on right here and I already see that I'm missing something I don't have a filter for this. What we're looking at is a remanufactured, rebuilt and rejuvenated valve body assembly for a 2005 Nissan Frontier 4 liter two-wheel drive.

Okay, right here in the center that's our control module. We've got our solenoid pack here, wiring harnesses, pull this thing apart. very nice looking dude to refresh your memory. This is the module out of the uh original valve body and we can see one of the pins where it connects to the solenoid is broken off and some of you guys said I should just go ahead and solder this thing together and then reassemble this unit.

and I decided against that long ago because my logic is if it broke in half as one solid metal piece, why would it not break in half if it's too semi-solid metal pieces or two repaired metal pieces? So I figured it would probably be prudent of me to just go ahead and replace this unit. That being said, it's not really available as replacement unless you get a rebuilt valve body which is exactly what we have here. So what I need to do is well first I Need to order a new filter for it because that other filter was smashed in a little bit. So I'm going to go ahead and order the filter kit and we're going to head back over to our Nissan which is still hanging out on top of the rack over there and we'll go ahead and get this thing reassembled.

We'll refill the trans and we'll take it on the road and see if that's going to fix our shifting slipping uh, check engine light transmission problem. so stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video. All right, let's go ahead and grab this unit right here. We'll bring it back over to our truck and go ahead and get started with the installation.

All righty, we are back down below. This is the bottom of our transmission. It's been hanging out here dripping for like a week and I need to get this valve body back up into its home here so my memory is not really serving very well. But I believe the way this is gonna go.

and I do recall having to plug this connector in the shift lever right here. Uh, running off this Rod has to slip inside of this little uh little Rod right here and that's what tells the valve body what position the transmission selector is in. So what I need to do is get this thing right here lined up with that thing right there. Plug this guy in, get it in position, and then bolt her in.

So let's see how this is gonna gonna work out for us here. Stripping less than the original did, but it's still. uh, it's gonna get some fluid on me. I'll be okay.

Plug this guy in. there's a click and then I'll slide this unit up and into its home and we're not aligned with the little dowel thing here. Hang on folks, Bear with me. it's hard.
Sketch-o-matic I Think we're in position right right here. that's feeling good. so let me get a couple bolts in here to, uh, take the weight. Oh man.

I Gotta tell you, this is a little fatiguing holding this kind of weight above my head here. but we got one bolt in. let's get one more in on, uh, on this other side here, or somewhere about right here. Come on, thread that one's too short.

Let's try this one and that one has threaded in. Sweet. Okay. Woohoo! Arm fatigue? Okay, let's do a little bit of a rechecking real quick before I start to, uh, put some bolts in this.

we can see right here. the cam that's on the shift Rod has engaged that little plunger right there. So when we when we shift this, this lever is going to rock back and forth and it's going to engage this little device here and move that plunger back and forth to uh, change fluid, uh, fluid flow. and there's also a switch here that's going to indicate that uh position has been changed.

So what we've done. we've got the harness connected here that's rerouted plugged in I Have got to get this connector right here connected. I believe that's going to go right over here into that little slot and then one of, uh, one of these bolts on the back is going to hang on to this bracket. So let's get this thing right here.

plugged in with a good audible click and I Believe this. This one bolts in somewhere around here. I'll figure that out. Yeah, Okay, so this is going to be fun.

I've got three different lengths bolts, three different length bolts. There we go Words: We've got the darker ones which are about five millimeters longer than the lighter colored ones these ones. and then I've also got these extra long ones which are a little bit easier to find. Uh, confession.

I Had to actually take this down once already to figure out where the studs that pass through the unit pass through. so I had to pull this down, put those guys back in. and now I'm just trying to figure out where all the rest of these bolts go and uh, then I can get those guys in and at some point I'll tighten this unit down and uh and get it torqued and then we can put the pan on and uh and fill it full fluid. So I'm I'm doing a lot of uh, troubleshooting and trial and error right now so bear with me.

Okay x amount of time has passed and I think I have this kind of figured out I know where all the longer bolts go and I know where all the shorter bolts go Now what I need to do before I really tighten all this down is uh is get this replacement trans filter installed I don't know if you can see it, but if you look real close, this isn't actually a filter. it's more of like a screen just designed to catch uh, chunks and particles and whatnot so it doesn't actually filter out Micron level debris. It's again, it's just really a screen. That is why most of the time when we service Transmissions we actually don't have to replace these filters.
those are just there to again catch chunks and large bits of debris. I Hope that answers some folks's questions because you guys are always wondering whether I should not replace the filters or why am I doing fluid exchanges without putting new filters in there? Yes, we can change the filters on those, but we don't always have to anyway. I'm often to change it. So what I need to do now is pull out all of these bolts that I just put in and we're going to go ahead and get that filter in position.

We can see the perimeter of where it bolts on. right through here. So all of these perimeter bolts need to be removed. We'll get that filter in position, bolt that thing in, and then we'll uh, we'll start to torque everything that is the that's the plan, see how that's gonna work? Eventually we're gonna get out from under this thing and put some fluid in it like that's my goal I need to pull these two bolts off right here.

Those are kind of tight I Remember tightening those to make sure that these were the right length and they are plus one of them I think was holding up the unit before I got this corner bolt in and again I've got the studs coming through. Perimeter is clear. This is good. Okay, uh, one thing to know: I think that the filter is going to slip under this little bracket.

That could have been a catastrophic miscalculation. so slip this thing in. put that on. There we go.

Now we're cooking and let's just put one of our little stubby bolts in here just to hang on to this. and I'll go ahead and reinsert the rest of those. Fasteners that I just took out. Gravity filter, Gravity.

Stay there. There's my other stubby. There's only two or three of these and I actually have extras because this uh, this valve body came with some Hardware but I don't know which Hardware I had to trans over transfer over and and which Hardware I had to reuse. So I'm trying to figure that out right now.

Okay, super long one that goes in or right there and I'm keeping an eye on my little wire here making sure that guy is not pinched and it is not I have it tucked in behind here I Don't know if it actually goes back there or not, but that's a pretty good spot to hide the thing so that wire's tucked in there wire ramblings. Let's see that one's gonna go. Not there or not. Nope, that's the wrong one.

way off base. Let's try this one that's too long. That's right on the money. That one goes there good and it's not going to go in because the threads aren't aligned.

See what I get for tightening down bolts I Regret having to let this thing sit for so long I Won't say I regret it. It is it what it is. It was what it was, but my, uh, my lack of memory is making this harder. and I don't like harder.
Let's get our nuts on. Let's see. Uh, the gloves are interfering. Come on.

I Probably should have installed this filter while the valve body was removed, but I didn't remember one. the filter wasn't here yet and at number two, it's not the way that I took it apart. I Do realize that these are nuts that are on a stud and they should have been tightened from the other side, but that didn't work out so it's not doing it that way. That's my long one.

I think I Hope let's find out. Yep, that's that. That one goes there now. I'm getting somewhere slowly.

that one goes there. It is of the proper length. That one goes there. proper light.

Oh, this is good. Now we're getting somewhere sweet. Too short, Way too short. Even shorter than too short.

Hmm. get those last thank you. Where's that other one? Alan Yeah, Allen Allen that one. Yeah, everybody's becoming tight.

Not that one once. I thread these. That friction on the head will allow the the impact gun to create some impacts. but I've got it.

Just bottom the threads out first. Neutral drop. That totally worked, huh? Nice that one. Sweet.

Okay, that's most of the filter bolts except for this one. There you are I need to find one more longish. ER One that one. There we go.

Perfect. Oh wait, missed one. actually I missed two. There's one here.

Got that one and then this one. I Can't find the right one. These these seem to be a little too short. I've gotta have one more medium length thing on here.

Hang on, it's hiding I found it. That's better. That's what we want. Clicks: Okay, let's do review Recap: Filter bolts and nuts.

those are all in Perimeter Bolts are in all the way around the perimeter. We've got the connectors connected, shift, linkage connected way up top. There's a little Tang thing that's supposed to plug into. another little Tang thing we've got that already set up.

Uh, note of the wires are pinched. They all appear to be routed properly. The brackets are bracketing I Think this is as good as it's gonna get. Let's go ahead and get the pan installed and then we'll refill the unit and the pan was bent.

Remember: see how it's smashed in? We're gonna unsmash it. Plans: Put it over here. We're gonna unsmash it with some. uh, it's a big rubber hammer.

I should do it. It's kind of crude, but uh, this should work I Think is loud. Is that better? Kind of. Yeah, that'll do that's more better or very good.

Okay, now we can put the pan back on, give it a good little wipe down in here. It's already been sprayed out and it's been draining, so just give it a wipe. make sure there's no debris hanging out in the corners, which there wasn't much in here to begin with, but it could have fallen into the pan while the pan was hanging out inside of this pan while we were hanging out waiting for that unit. That right there.
Okay, real quick. let's get some torque clicks. Some actual clickages on, uh, on these bolts here. See that one that was not tight? Yeah, I'll get that one Squeeze in here and get that one.

Yeah, all these perimeter bolts were loose. I'm glad I Uh, didn't forget to remember to torque these things That would have been a catastrophe of epic proportions. Like these ones, not so much critical, but the valve body themselves are the ones for the valve body itself that could have. That could be bad.

For getting that, go over here to the rear side and that one that one next. Okay, I've made several rechecks already of the perimeter bolts. Those are good I need to get more torque on these studs. see how they turn.

Uh, all the bolts that are in the filter are good. so those are clicking. You can't hear the clicks because the countertop guys are grinding Granite again. but I assure you there are actual pickages that are taking place.

You see him right here. There is a Glick so that's going good. Uh, this one. Yeah, that stud is tight, but these other two studs were not tight.

so I'm just going to make them tight with additional impact. Neutral drops right here. See that one. Watch it there.

Now let's see if I've got my correct inch poundage. The survey says Nope force my hand. How about now there we go. That one's tight.

That one, Okay, Pan Pan's coming in. it's time. I'm getting anxious I Spent an exceptionally large amount of time running through and making sure all those bolts and the filters and the fellow body was correct because again, I don't do transmission work. so I had no idea what I was doing.

uh oh, Alien and so anyway I spent a lot of time in there and I'm I'm anxious to get the pan on. So this is this is good feeling. Feeling better now I Like to make progress anyway I need to run through, get all these bolts in and then we'll hit these with the torque wrench. Also, since this is kind of monotonous, we're gonna go ahead and speed this up into super high speed lightning fast motion for the bolt threading segment and then we'll go back to uh, back to torque and this thing also.

so don't go anywhere. Okay. Got them all installed, Let's just thread them down, then we'll torque them click. I'm just using this to run the bolts down.

No worries. No torque, No stripping except for that one. Kidding. And yes, there is a gasket on the pan.

down in Yay! Vulture is threaded. Okay, so here comes our torquing sequence. We're 70 inch pounds. We do the corners.

there's one. and then we go from here and go around the perimeter. That's the order of operations. Ooh, that's the one in the corner that I can't reach in the corner.

Hang on I think I needed wobblies for that or something. How did I get that out of there I don't remember. No worries, we'll just go in straight drive. No wobble that was not threaded either.
I Missed it with my gun. Hey man. Oh, this is now an extended capacity pan because I'm seeing that I hammered that out a little too far so it kind of has a bulge. Now it's going to hold extra fluid.

It's modified. All right. That one's tight. Felt my click action.

We've got to get the corner and the driver's rear over here. Let's get in there and get that one clicks. Beautiful. Okay, now we just have to go around the outside.

Get all the rest of them as well. I'm gonna do this fairly quickly. Minimal monologue: I Already got that one but I did it twice. Come on.

come on. Getting fatigued because I'm old? All right. See, this is why. I skip a lot of the torque scenes because it's repetitive.

Kind of boring. I bet half you guys clicked away already. Error production error. last one.

Okay, cool break time. I'll do this again when you guys aren't looking and we'll let this down and then fill it up. I'll tell you what: we're not filling anything up. if the drain plug doesn't go back in.

that could be moderately disastrous there. Put that guy back in right now. 19 mil Tighten that. That's good.

Okay, let's get all this stuff out of here. Let this thing down and uh, get it refilled. Actually, there is something I forgot inside of there. Ah, cereal and fingerprints and drift drops and whatnot.

make it shiny. Bye Okay, we're cleared out, oil drains gone, everything's out of the way. Let's uh, let's let this thing down. send her down to the bottom and we'll go ahead and get, uh, get that unit refilled Miss Sand coming down all the way down.

good. All right. let's see I wonder if I turned this light off when I last used it or if I let it die and oh cool I did turn it off? Yes. All right.

Over here is our dip and stick tube. Way Down Yonder Pull this guy out. We'll get the funnel in there and then refill this with some ATF that's an acronym for automatic transmission fluid I Know you knew that. but in case you did, know that, now you do know that.

So now we all know that that's what they call it being on the same page through the Vault of viscosity. Let's see what do we got here. I'm trying to use use up my uh, my leftover bottles of everything that I have. there's some ATF there's some ATF we'll use two of these and well, here's some more in here.

Yeah, I Guess we're just going to use the case I'm not going to use the BG fluid. You know it's too much money. It's expensive. This is, uh, and this is not so expensive I mean still like nine bucks apart, but it's not 19 bucks a quart or whatever.

Now, although there is a spec for a drain and fill I did have the valve body out of this and it drained and dripped for like a week. So I'm pretty sure we're going to be over capacity regarding the drain and fill spec. So what I'm going to do is probably toss in five quarts and then stop and recheck it. See that's why looking up spec is not always accurate because if I drain it and refill it and it only takes you know 4.5 quarts, then theoretically I should be right on the money at four or five, but you know you let the thing sit there and drip dry for a week and a half, you're going to lose some extra quartz.
So Spec is a good. It's a guideline. Really, it's a guideline. So if you're working off guidelines, you can just use your dipstick.

I Mentioned that because folks get upset with me for not looking up. uh, the specified fluid interval amounts like oil changes. You know? well, it'll be a 6.5 quart engine and I'll put in five and start it and check it and that box some. I'm gonna use that for we'll do five.

That bothers some because they just asked why I didn't look up the spec. well I kind of have to I mean in the time it takes to go look up the spec after pulling up a vehicle, I can just throw some oil in there, start it, let the fluid go down, let filter fill up, and then recheck it. and if it's slow which it usually is, I'll add some more and if it's high, then I'll suction some out. but I just found it's a little bit more cost effective regarding the amount of time needed.

If I just, uh, put in what's almost or what the estimate is and then actually measure and check. Now if I'm looking up, spec is a really good idea. You don't ever want to deny specifications. Anyway, fluid filling rambling over.

Let's do a preliminary fluid level inspection. See if I can't see my dip and stick tube here? There it is. I Know we're not supposed to check these with the engine off or cold. I'm just getting a preliminary measurement.

Okay, we're looking pretty good. It still looks a little bit over, but let's go ahead and start it. and uh, let the trans pump pick up all the fluid. Then we'll go from there and get these gloves off now.

I Think it's sweaty inside of here I Can't like it. Let's see if the battery's good. It's been sitting here for a while. Oh I bet it's dead.

Look the scanner was plugged in. maybe? no, no, no, it's starting the engine. Hmm I think it's dead. Yeah, that thing's dead as a doornail and doorknob.

door hinge. dead as a Door Let's see what we have for voltages: I Totally killed it. Pretty sure I turned this off, didn't turn the car off. Horrible bad Ray My Volts stick that in there and services.

Oh Six and a half Volts I'm terrible technician who does this okay. give me that recharging the battery. It was the scanner that did it the scan tool Drew small amounts of Power with its backlight over a large amount of time and brought that down to not a nothing zip zilch extension cord. Let's run this over here.

plug it in and then we can. Uh Stockton the engine. Come here, cable, plug it in, plug it in. Okay, so let's power this on.
do 25 amps for a little while, let it kind of build up a base charge and then we'll hit engine start and uh and crank the thing over a little while has passed I Grow impatient, Ramp this up a little bit. Begin Engine Starting Amperage. Now now this is gonna work. Let's see what our volt gauge says on the dash here and there we go.

That's what we're looking for. more power restarting Z Engine or not, it's not cranking. Wait I think I failed I I wonder I don't remember I think I un or disconnected the trans wiring harness and I believe I failed to plug it back in. Uh oops error, error, error, error.

Hang on, hang on I Really hope that's what it is because I just looked up trouble codes and it's got a can uh or actually got two can communication problems. So I I either didn't plug something in which is the connector on the outside of the trans or is this Rayman unit that I bought is junk. In which case I will be remarkably and probably angry, but hang on I'm hoping I just forgot to plug in the wiring harness. Let's let's check that first.

Not gonna lie I don't remember so I actually am experiencing a moment of fear right now because if I have to do this job again I'm going. Oh yeah, yeah buddy. look at that. I forgot to plug it in.

Cool. Oh, that's so much better than not plugging this in. Clicks Okay. Price is subverted across our fingers I Hope so there.

Let's try this again. Nissan Coming down. take two. round two all the way down.

Please work, you know I I Really dislike it when I do these kinds of things because there's that that moment of just Terror inside. Start this thing. back up. Let's do all the amps.

this time. we're gonna force that thing to communicate. Yeah, okay, let's try again. Key on.

let's reaching there. Come here. Key There it is. Okay I'll reach through and restarting the engine.

All right, let's turn down the battery charger. We do not need 200 amps. Let's back that down. Uh yeah, we'll do like 10 amps.

Yeah, it's got an alternator that's doing some of the charging, but a little bit of auxiliary can't hurt. Yeah, let's go ahead and pull our dip and stick again. See what kind of fluid level we've got to work with here? Pull that out. Wipe it off.

Jake Dip it back in your head and we are low. Low Low Low Low Low Low Low low. I'm gonna do this one. Uh, one quarter at a time here.

Throw this guy in one more. Court I Think this is six? doesn't really matter and while that's going to go ahead and fill and then drain down, you're going to go back into the cabin, fetch the scanner, clear trouble codes, and then do another code scan to see if we have any trouble codes that want to come up while I'm here I Can cycle some gears in a moment? Uh, well. let's just go in the transmission. see what's in there.
codes only. In my transist mission, what do we have? No communication. It did that before. it should go in.

I'll pull up data that will help I Know it communicates because it didn't communicate. That's why the car didn't start. Now the car does start. So I know you do actually communicate.

What it's not doing is communicating with this, not talking to my scanner. Danner No worries, it's reverse neutral. We'll just go through some gears to get some of that fluid flowing. Park Satellites continuing to link up in outer space.

Internet of Things Oh good. They went in and there's no codes. This is good. There's going to be two can codes in the ECM Let's go ahead and get into that.

We're gonna clear those guys out. We'll leave it in drive while. I do that. This is multitasking.

Foot on the brake, by the way. Oh, come on. look at that. Stop talking to the ECM This is crap.

Um, it's got a communication difficulty. Go back in. Come on. Yep, there's the two can codes.

Yeah, it makes me go in twice to, uh, get access. so let's clear those guys out. Check engine light is on. Pushing the yes button to clear check engine light will be turning off.

Begin turning off. now. Waiting There we go. Light is off.

Continue, Let's put her in park, let's go back outside, check fluid level, and then we can hit the road and see if this thing actually has first gear. because, uh, earlier, it did not look at that. Pop that guy out. Going back in with our dip and stick, we'll lay down and we're at the top of our marks, but we're also not at the top.

On this side, there's some fluid still in the tube. It's just hang back for a little while. I'll recheck it in just a moment. Stay right here.

All right. I've allowed some time to pass. This thing should be up to temperature now. It's been idling for about 10 minutes.

Let's go ahead and get a level. Recheck one more time here and we are still low according to the dipping stick. That's fine. We'll add another quart.

I Think we're up to seven now. Let's keep doing this until until it's full. Let's go that guy up in the meantime. I'm gonna go ahead.

We'll let this thing down the rest of the way. We can power this off as well. We'll disconnect all of our support equipment, we'll get the lift unlifted, and then once I refill that trans to its maximum capacity. we can go out and hit the road.

So let's get this thing out of here. Goodbye Lift arm, lift arm and number two and let's take that trash with me. All right. get rid of that one.

Get rid of that one. Cool. It cleared it. We've come full circle.

Let's lose our uh connectors here for the charging unit. Swing this thing out of the way dude. One more dip with our stick. We're doing a lot of dip sticking dips.

Okay, yeah, that didn't come out right. I meant dip stick sticking dipping. You guys know what I meant. Anyway, fluid recheck and we're still still a little low.
Okay, coming up on another. This is number eight, the Ultra that took a lot more fluid than I thought it was going to take okay. Final recheck: I'm getting kind of tired of Dipping my stick here. It's getting a little old one more time.

Show me the money. Where are we? Oh good. We're at the top. It might be a little bit overfilled, but we still need to drive it so that is full enough for us to drive.

Let's get the funnel out of here. We'll get our cap out of here. We get our lights and stuff out of here. No flashlight gravity today and we escaped that one.

Let's get this stuff going. Power this guy down, get that out of here and recharge it. and then, uh. we're gonna go ahead and back this thing out.

Take it for a ride out on the road, see if it's gonna work as designed. it's either gonna work or I have failed and need to do a lot of this all over again so we'll see there we go. Backing out. Oh, it died.

Try it again. I Know why the hood was open. Try it now. Okay, let's go out and drive this one.

Oh, by the way, I did not. Uh, I didn't call out mileage on this one yet because it's uh, this is part two, but we have 133 402 miles on the odometer. And since we're talking about part two, um, there is part one to this particular vehicle. I Will leave the Diag and Disassembly video in a link down in this video's description.

Uh, it will be in the in screen all the way at the end of this video. I will leave it in the pin comment in the comment section and I will also leave a link for it right up here that way in case you guys have not seen or would like to go back and refresh your memories. Uh, you can just go back in time with one of those multiple links and it will take you back to the part one of the this particular. Nissan Anyway, that will end my moment of Shameless self-promotion backing out the auto.

So the real test here is: uh, does this thing have first gear or not because I recall when we left it, uh, it went through two shifts and by the time I made it to the red light around the corner, it was done shifting and uh, it only had third gear plus the check engine light was on so we don't have that either. So so far I'm feeling pretty good about this particular repair moving forward Okay Click it or take it for safety back in Drive Feels good so far. Okay, we have first gear. We have second gear, a third gear I Think that was fourth gear.

Far so good. All right. we're coasting coming to a stop at the red light. That guy ran the red light.

Two figures, these you at least have to try to stop. It's whatever. Not my ticket so far so good. It's shifting right.

we're gonna slow down and Coast one more time, then we're gonna go up and over the bridge. Get some speed going. We'll make sure it shifts while under a heavy load and that might take a while. Traffic traffic.
Okay, we've had two stops. two restarts. here we go packing. Transmission is alive.

Hello shop is you See this is weird. The shop is to the right. We just made a bunch of right hand turns but now I need to go over here in the left lane, make a couple left hand turns and then we'll be back at the shop. How's that work? Yeah, not even kidding at all.

Left: I'm not gonna run the yellow I'm not gonna do it if it was my car. I might have done it. but I'm not gonna do it. Yeah First, this is the first of the left turns.

anyway. while I'm here I'm gonna go ahead and pull scan tool data back up and just check for some trouble codes that might be pending if there are none. Then I'm gonna head back to the shop. We're gonna recheck Food level one more time and I believe we'll call this one good if you're clear there's nobody in there.

Modules have no Dtc's pending stored or current, which is fantastic. That means all systems are operational and functioning as designed. As soon as The Slight turns green, we're headed back to the shop again. We're going to recheck the fluid level.

Oh I I Would today is scaring me All right guys. So we have no trouble codes, no check engine light the transmission is Shifting it has more than third gear. I'm going to call this a successful repair. We did not have to replace or rebuild set transmission, it just needed a remanufactured valve body.

Again, go ahead and double check the uh, the first video of this particular. Nissan That way you can see where the failure occurred. I'm going to go ahead and close this video out right now and I will do such things by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. As always I Hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of transmission End of road trip enter Test drive Full speed speeding in a 35. all right back at the shop.

Parking is the auto opening the door re-popping news Hood Where's that thing at? Oh you know what we need to check that battery condition. Let's do a restart. Real fast restocking. Okay battery came back up.

This is good with check fluid level. We're good to go here popping. Hood stage two and our dipstick says I can't see it and it's hot in there. There we go.

Missed it. Uh right on the money. Beautiful flashlight's powering down. Video powered down.

See you guys later. Foreign thank you.

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