Ughhhh the most dreaded work you can read on a repair order. The car has this issue
and it happens intermittently! Truth is folks you can not fix the car if you can't duplicate the symptom. This is not saying the car isn't broke but if you can't reproduce it, you CAN'T fix it! In some cases like this you can "try" a few things that are non invasive and come up with a strategy that may help you along in your diag waiting for the problem to become more prevalent or hoping the symptoms shows up and the car stays broke! It's the best we can do 🤷🏼‍♂️
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That Phillips Guys for 2014 Subaru That's got the big Two five. It's the Forester. It's not a Forester. It's an Outback And got a question For you folks, that question is the headphones here.

That's not a question, but this nut and bolt is not supposed to be here. This: FYI this should be a Christmas tree faster. But somebody, uh, put a nut in the bolt there. Um, my question is is, how does your shop handle intermittent? In the case of the Subaru, it's got about a buckle of nine on it, so pretty low mileage.

Um, one owner, two drivers, no kids driving the car before let's work. Um, their complaint is intermittent stalling or low idle. And typically it goes like this: they're driving along, they're having fun. They went to the Walmart So if that distance from us to the Walmart or any other store for that matter is about, you know, a solid 20 minute 25 minute drive.

And then when they come out, they go in. they do their thing. They go shopping and having fun. They come out, and then that's when they experience stalling.

They started up, they're going to take off, and then so after hot soap we'll call it. That's what you call the industry. they start experiencing this. You know, stalling issue intermittently doesn't do it every time.

Might be every you know, four or five trips to the Walmart or to the store might do it one of those times, but not the other four. So, but it's doing it enough now that they're starting to be concerned about it a little bit. I Want to have it looked at however, you know every time I've driven the vehicle, naturally it doesn't act up because when you go to the doctors, you're no longer sick, right? or so it seems. Anyways, so how do you handle this? Um, there's no, you know, no codes for direction.

It doesn't throw an engine light on the car, spits and coughs, and you know troubles down to an idle where he's got a two foot Drive the thing until you know eventually clear clears itself up so to speak. But having never experienced it myself, I'm just going based off what he tells me. Now there is a host of items on the vehicle that can do that, particularly after extended Cruise periods. So things that happen during extended cruises you know you've got high purge flow command from your purge valve wherever this goes.

Wherever this line goes here for your Purge they can become stuck open. but typically we'll set you know Rich codes and correct purge flow codes. The other thing I think of is like your EGR your EGR is being commanded quite a bit. at that point they can hang open during a hot soak.

Uh, if they were, you know, stuck open when you parked the car and create issues. So EGR valves sticking uh, coked up throttle body still. So these are some things that I think of. So in this case you know I Spoke with the customer and says, well, we've driven it, We don't have a clue what's going on because we can't reproduce it.

So you can either tell the guy to pound sand and you know, let it be somebody else's problem or we can just try to do a couple things. I Suggested let's try some process of elimination. Let's clean our throttle body. Let's pull the EGR valve out and have a look and then you know he'll possibly quite have to go.
You know, drive it again and see if anything has changed. So that was my suggestion and I'm looking for your suggestion as to how you guys handle intermittence. Of course the other thing is too here. Another way to handle it is to, you know, repair it based off previous experience.

So throttle body is super filthy. Now that's it. But it's something, uh and everything that we're gonna look at really isn't going to, you know, harm anything. It's not a complete waste of time.

Uh, I'm not gonna unhook the hoses from it. We're going to clean the throttle body right here. Um, we'll get a little tree to stick down here and we'll get their hosed out and then the EGR a little different on this one. it goes over here into the water manifold.

We're gonna unplug it. I'm gonna grab a light and see if we can't at least lift it up by there and have a little look-see So other things I've done in situations like this where I'd say you know we're suspicious this EGR valve is, you know, hanging up. Oh man, mother lover. Oh yeah baby.

um you'll say we're suspicious at it. you know, acting up what's something else you can do I'll give you a half a second to think about that. That's right. Unplug it.

Let them drive it with it unplugged standby, you know, so that's a possibility too. But your your customer would have to be comfortable with. you know, driving with the engine light on which most of my customers are pretty chill. They're pretty chill people my guy.

and that's something that I already discussed with this guy. so let's have a little look at it. This little stepper motor. no bi-directional control.

so I can't run it in and out with the scan tool because there isn't any bi-directional control at least on my scan tool which kind of sinks. it's a very expensive valve of course. I Don't think the ports down here should be camera that's a 170 valve from Subaru Yeah, these ports down here are really big so we don't really have to worry about that and they look great in there. but you know a little bit of Crut here? Yeah, we can clean it out.

Let me get a little pocket screwdriver. see? yeah? yeah! I don't know. Man, it's probably not a great guess unless it's getting hot and binding. I Mean it seems to move quite easily.

Before it's worth, we have it out. We'll clean the carbon and junk off it. Sure, it moves nice and smooth and then, like I said, if we still suspect it, you know, leave it unplugged. You suspect the purge valve.

Leave it unplugged. Uh, you know if this thing's acting up about once a week on them, let them drive it for a couple two, three weeks. If it acts up with each other valve unplugged or with the purge unplugged, well guess what? That's not your problem lady. Maybe Find something smaller.
Well I don't have a smaller container so we're just gonna come back here with some diapers. These things are pretty absorbent these pigments. and then of course we always save the old pigments any of them that you use and aren't fully absorbed. So we'll stick a couple back here and that'll give us our absorption.

and we got some. Amsoil Power foam it's called never use this stuff I Don't know where it came from I Found the camera upstairs. powerful carburetor and induction system cleaner 2 for sure. Clean deposits, ethanol, degraded fuel, gum, varnishes.

maximizes horsepower. so let's see. Oh look at that. That's fun, huh? I Don't know if it works or not, but we're waiting here.

We're going to give the old EGR a full douche down too. We'll power it up on that baby. Damsoil stuff has a cult like following, so we'll see I Don't know what works in this regard. Maybe it's just what the doctor ordered here.

We'll give her a little twirl around here. Oh right in my face. doesn't taste very good. If this doesn't work, we'll go to the OG the Old Birkenbile two plus two.

That stuff will pretty much eat through anything. I think it causes cancers in every state including California This stuff seems to be working pretty well actually because I'm I'm using a nylon Brush by the way. and no, just because I have this style brush does not mean I have AR-15 rifles. So for the record, it seems that see, apparently this is this brush is only used to clean AR-15s You can always give me thumbs up on having these brushes I bought them because they're on Amazon They come in a three pack and they're cheap.

If you want to know the truth, sell this power. Foam seems to be working quite well and it's not very pungent to be honest with you. I Guess hardly any older. For what it's worth, we're just going to clean off the throttle plate here.

mostly. The bore is what we're concerned about. See, it's still stuck to the plate here in several spots, so we're gonna whack some more here with some foam. It's really quite fun to use.

I'll do that. Let's see. Dr Valve clean Like I said, we may be totally wasting our time. kind of.

but not really. I guess outside of this Beltway it doesn't matter much. We're gonna be more concerned down inside here and around the kennel. more so than anything.

Let that soak some more foreign. We're going to get a lot of comments on whether or not you should push the throttle plate open If I'm telling you what to do. Uh, the answer is absolutely no. Never, ever push on the throttle plate.

It will ruin your throttle body. So that's what I'm supposed to tell you. And then the other thing I will tell you. Speaking from experience, Pushed open hundreds if not thousands of throttle body plates and I've never had one break.
so definitely don't You know? Push open the throttle plate is what I would tell you. Make sure the edge of it. It's probably easier to get with our finger because that's where it closes. It's where the air bypasses.

make sure it's clean. both sides foreign I Say hooray to the power foam. To be honest with you, I'm not a big fan of using a product just because everybody loves it or think they love it with no proof, but something like this. this stuff works pretty well.

and by that I mean like some people will use a product simply because it's expensive, they don't know if it works, they just don't cost a lot. And they saw that on a race car. You know what I mean. All right, look at that.

We'll give it one final rinse of the power fold because it's very satisfying. I'm gonna squirt here I need y'all We're gonna finish cleaning our EGR valve. I'll get my little pocket screwdriver and we'll cycle this thing up and down. Of course, we can't do much inside of it other than let the power foam do what power foam does.

The more you put in there, the more horsepower you're going to end up with I don't know if that's a true statement you might want to contact Amsoil about that. All right, let me open that little sucker up. Oh, this is kind of like some kind of what they call sacrilege. We're going to use a BG screwdriver to open this up to use Amsoil product Oh Man, the world's probably going to stop turning because that would probably be one of their big competitors.

BG Makes a lot of the mechanic in the canned stuff too. you know, fuel system, treatments and things like that Throttle Body cleaners I don't even know where I would have gotten this screwdriver where I would have obtained it from. So we're gonna open and close this a few times here. So the other thing I found interesting about this car I think is worth mentioning is the EGR monitor was not completed on this car and I know this guy and he doesn't do any DIY stuff.

but I did see it has a relatively new battery this month, so I'm assuming that once the battery has been replaced that it just has not run the monitor yet. That's my, that's my big fat guess I see it's a brand new battery I might get another screwdriver. we're going to hold that valve open and just kind of Hose her out there. but look at the difference in that throttle body.

I'm using the Amsoil powerful I Think the whole throttle body looks clean, so make sure the board is 100 clean and it appears to be I am thoroughly impressed. That did quite a remarkable job. This had some pretty heavy coking on it where typically it would take a lot of cleaning, but this seemed to clean pretty effortlessly. Huh? I mean almost to the point like I would probably order some if I ever.

That's what it looks like. No idea if they still make it, no idea how long I had it and no idea where I eat them got it from? That's kind of weird I wonder it doesn't make it kind of difficult to rinse it so we'll leave it. Leave it at that hang out folks. I guess that's it shows over.
We didn't really fix anything, but we're having fun to keep the throttle body a final rinse. Wow, what good stuff, huh? I'm pretty impressed I'm a little bit like Shania Twain that don't impress me much. you know what I mean stuff usually doesn't but that's this. stuff works remarkably well.

I Can't wait to see how much horsepower we've gain I don't know if that's it. Doesn't say how many horsepower per can that we're gonna. You know that we're gonna get from doing this. I'm thinking probably at least 15 horsepower total price.

Seven and a half horsepower here and another seven and a half horsepower here would be my guess if I could be wrong, but that's if I was guessing. that's what I would think. We want to make sure our o-ring looks good here in the throttle body and it does finer bolts. The other thing we're going to do, we're going to check the mass airflow sensor.

clean that off even though when I drove it when I was watching it. Fuel trims were spot on. The money, you know I didn't see any anomalies the entire time I drove it, but you never know. We're gonna give this guy his full hour and do a couple of things and ship her down the road.

So unplug that little fella because they have a look in the air box. Make sure there's no Rogue mice or anything in here. you never know there is. It's got sunflower seeds in it.

so let's go all the way. We're going all the way. Unhook your power steering line pocket screwdriver for down there. Undo this clip, push a little donger down one and then the other.

Take this off all the way. Foreign feeder. Get that junk out. I'm Gonna Knock The junk out of this pretty fair amount of stuff loose in there.

All right. So just reading the directions on that power foam because I See it mentioned something about mass airflow and it said don't get it on your mass airflow and according to the directions, it's supposed to be just consumed down the engines. It's used as an induction cleaner as as it states in its name induction system cleaner So you're supposed to spray it in just like you would use seafoam, right down the intake and then you shut it off, let it soak. I Don't know on this style mass airflow if we can even see the hot wire.

Some of these are pretty okay, so I know we can. We can see both of them there so they're right down inside this cavity here. They both look pretty clean. I'm going to give a little two of mass airflow sensor cleaner supposed to be on the safe side.

We'll stick it back together. Uh, why didn't I replace this? The guy does his own service work. Um, so I'm gonna let him go do that. He does his own oil changes in La He does a little bit of DIY just in that regard.
So that's about it. So I'll tell him to you know, get a new air filter. Plus you know, as dirty as this is, this isn't going to cause our symptom. So I'm not gonna go just upselling the air filter.

You don't want to be that shop. Let's see, it's got an aftermarket frame. It's got I pretty much use. He must get his filters up at Walmart because I see it's got a Fram oil filter on it also.

So I need Subarus I find that a lot of aftermarket filters don't fit the Box very well. at least not as good as the OEM. So when I do these subies, typically I will use OEM air filters. They just seem to fit the Box much much better in my opinion.

I Know you guys have asked me before: how do I determine what I use OEM and what do I use aftermarket and this is one of the things I use OEM I get this over and slide it back in there nicely. There it goes. Wait, how do I determine that it comes from experience I Guess trying a couple different brand aftermarket air filters seeing that none of them fit very well and then I just default to OEM I think the Chevy Cobalt a couple of the other GMS like the tracks The Encore some of those I use OEM filters also because aftermarket again doesn't fit very well, at least in my experience. So there's that.

let's throw this thing back together. So no real point to this video. I Guess holding the van, hearing your thoughts and dreams of what you do. We'll put the front here that PCB hose on there in a minute.

but I am genuinely curious to see what you guys do. Some shops around here just do not do intermittents. That's just that's the Golden Rule We'll fix it if it's broke. If it's an intermittent, forget about it.

That's the way all of our dealers are. They spend no time on intermittents so there's some mouth turds up here. So I have to tell the guy I believe this car gets parked in the garage. so I'll pop some mouse traps that's for sure and we've got our little spring clamp.

I Try to deal with intermittents the best that I can. however, you know I can't be all day driving a vehicle to catch that one second glitch and then it's you know, trying to come up with a plan that can be super difficult. This should have a Christmas tree fasting up, but we're gonna put this thing back on there I Don't know if the customer did it or who did it I would have to assume. so.

kind of odd. Kind of a pain in the butt too hold all this stuff down there. So something like this, you know if the customer has a good good story. um you know some the data they could collect the best they could.

You know it does this. When I do this we can come up with a little bit of an assessment. That's what we think it might be. I won't tighten that too much and then you know, develop a plan like this.

Well, is any of this going to change it? You know. we clean the throttle body, we cleaned out the EGR we cleaned off the mass airflow, all viable options and then let them drive it. If he comes back and says no Eric it still does it once in a while. I'm going to unplug the perch.
Let them take it. You know it comes back, not still doesn't. We're going to unplug the EGR Let them take it. You know.

I'm going to try to kind of narrow it down like that and then in the meantime hope if this doesn't clear it up, hope that it gets worse or at least more persistent. which would be great because then we can then we can get it now. then we can tell. Here's what's going on.

Here's how your car is broke. We're gonna let it idle for a little while. Throttle: uh. Subarus when they're cold.

do have a high. It'll take them several minutes to calm down. Foreign. Hooked: When I was doing it, our idle is calm back down.

I'm going to take it for a shake again of course. Shouldn't have any codes in here. All right. I Went through the active tests and special functions to see if we had any control over EGR or Purge or anything.

and Subaru on aftermarket scan tools are not that great. Uh, almost to a frustrating point. You know what you can do what you can't do? That's Air Force working like I say when I drove it everything everything looked great. field trends, everything.

So that's it guys. We'll let you inside or baby. That's it folks. I Think that's all we can do on this car.

or at least it's the best that I can do with my abilities in my guessing. You know based on customer symptom you know seems to have the problem after a hot soak, what can some issues be and how can we track it down? So just kind of treading that out and being that it's so intermittent it makes a real pain which all intermittents are. Let's be honest. Um, so I'll be curious to your thoughts down there in the comments section.

how do you handle when customers come in? Do you send them shipping? or do you just try to use some logical guessing if it's not too horribly expensive? I don't know. I Think each case is different Case by cases is different. Um, you know we try to look at you know, pattern failures. You know we try to use all of our resources to you know to see what we can do.

but sometimes these are the toughest ones to solve. So I'll give it back to them and what I'll do is you know this video will come out before this thing's driven for weeks I assume. So maybe in like a month or however long it's been I'll update you or if it's uh, you know has acted up in the meantime. well we'll revisit it and we'll try something else and try to kind of keep in touch with uh, this guy and what's happening with the car and just see how lucky we got.

Do we did we guess good I don't know. but I'm gonna guess that you're done listening to me talk about nonsense and you're going to want to go in that comment section. You're going to want to leave the question in the comment. find us on the entity the Facebook You guys know where we're at and just remember viewers I Can do it.
You can do it. Thanks for watching foreign.

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  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sicktrickintuner says:

    Intermittent faults, you can drive it and keep it for a couple days, or tell the customer to drive it, and call you as soon as it comes back.
    Sure you can guess at it.
    But what if it was a fuel pump?

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars gelo gia says:

    Would there be an option for the customer to buy or be supplied with a diag tool to monitor the performance at the time of the issue, preferably with the ability to record the car performance? Strange how cars have all of these computers and none record what they monitor or events. If the suspected issue is that the butterfly gets stuck, can a camera be mounted externally to record the position at the time of the event?

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars CMAB2SA says:

    Fix it when it becomes non intermittent.

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Eric Paul says:

    What about the green crusties on the ground wire near the throttle body.

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kurdaitcha says:

    Intermittent problems are literally the ONLY reason my car ever sees a mechanic….
    I need someone with a higher knowledge/skill level than my own!
    I am paying the mechanic to track down the problem, then I can make an informed decision as to whether it's worth fixing, replacing, or scrap the car!