In this video I have a look at a customers 2013 Ford Escape with the big 2.0 that has a customer concern of a no start, no crank. He gave it the old college try but could not come up with the answer. Let's have a look.
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Hey there viewers! Welcome back to the South Main Auto Channel that's a 13 Ford Escape It's got the big 2-0 and apparently it doesn't start all right. Drove it in but the guy showed me a little trick. He's been working on it for a while. Uh, he's at his Wit's End he's made a call on the BCM wants to know if he's correct so we're going to take a look at it and see if that's what it is and if it is I guess we'll have to Source out a new one. If not, we'll find out what the real problem is. Uh Butternut that's all I know in order to get the vehicle running, he showed me you hooked the battery up and then you take the wire here and you shove the wire in into the battery post and then you stick it down inside the fuse box next to this fuse here and then the car will start to run. And indeed it did because that's how I got it in last night. Uh, ahead of the snow and then that's that's all I've done I just wanted to get it in so it wasn't covered with snow. so I say we? We keep this in our mind that we shove it back here in the fuse box and the car starts. Uh, that's good to know he did tell me. However, if you have that shoved in there, it doesn't make the car you know. drivable per se. I guess it throws you know a bunch of codes and and things like that. So I say we leave the the rigging out, we'll hook the battery up, we'll throw a maintainer on it, and then we'll just kind of take our diag as we normally would. uh, just bearing that in mind if that can help us shortcut the process along the way. So I'm going to hook up the battery I'm going to take and grab a maintainer, throw a battery maintainer on it because we're gonna have the key on for a while. We'll get a scan tool on it I don't know how many codes are set because of, you know, because of doing this or things that he was doing. He says he'd been working on it for a while and he just said it's wits end. So uh, to let's do that. we may. um I Guess what I was getting at is we may clear all the codes out of it that are currently in it and then you know it's kind of get a good fresh start here. So I'll show you where we're at folks. Uh, key on engine off of course I've read all the codes out of it. Here's everything that pops well. Initially my first initial read it was I don't know 79 codes but I went through and cleared it and then we'll go to a report here and this thing is just littered full of codes. Uh, ambient temp, intake air temp? You know? Of course the guy was telling me about some of this and um, but you can see here that I mean this thing is just you know, full of lots of com codes. you know, you name it, it's in here, so just give you guys kind of the quick run down there so that that's what's going on with it doesn't crank. um it doesn't really do anything. it carries on and you'll kind of hear it clicking on and off and doing some weird things out here periodically and some uh, some dingers going off. I do have some direction though and that being this here. this ignition on relay. So this is the codes out of the body control module and for about I don't know half hour 40 minutes here. I've just been going through all the codes, just kind of looking to see to see if something really sticks out to me. you know what can be causing this. plus what we know from the customer where he says you know he's shoving this wire in the fuse box and and got it running. So I was looking at this ignition on relay code and I also pulled up a wiring diagram to see you know where this relay is, what controls it. Can this make the whole thing not start? You know, does this crash input have anything to do with it? Does that disable it? If it thinks it's been in a crash, you know, just all kinds of stuff. And let me show you what I think we have going on here I Know this isn't really ideal at this point of screen here folks. by the time we're gonna do it for right now, Um, here's our ignition relay and that's one that we have the code in the body module for. You know, some something going on with this ignition relay. We know that the customer says that the fuse box isn't powering up or certain fuses in it. So I just looked at this relay to see where it is, what what controls it. It is controlled from from the body control module, so that makes sense that it has a code in it. You know whether this opening this wire or something going on here with the relay. Um, and if this really doesn't work I wanted to know what? You know what would not work if the relay wasn't working and the answer is a whole lot of stuff. So this entire row of fuses here, you know number? you know, 37 up through 44 46 couple other random fuses. Uh, not to mention if we follow this diagram around the uh, the PCM power relay doesn't work either. So there's a lot of stuff that doesn't work without the ignition relay. So my question is, if we bypass this relay, this ignition relay. Could we just bypass it? Does a car start and run and seem to kind of act normal? Do we still have a bazillion codes? There's a sun in this? Just on a wild goose chase. So I still have the key on currently. Now this here is the Ignition relay. Pull that baby out. Somebody's had her up before she's got the crush Mark in It got us a test light here. We're just gonna hook to a ground assuming we should have a couple Powers here. Okay, we do. So we have a couple powers. Uh, let's look at this relay. So we got the two bigger terminals here. number one five or three and five. So we're gonna have a power. Yep, and that would be the other one. That's a power. So this one over here should be a control. This should be the ground from the BCM and we don't have a ground there. so we have no control turning this relay onto. nothing's telling. that's relay to turn on at the moment. Uh, we can go like this, might be able to reach it, stick that in there. We'll hook our ground back up and we'll try to just trigger the relay if I can reach it. or ah, it's got a little piece of plastic in the way here. Oh, all right. Well, we just heard. Can you guys hear that? I Tell you what? Well, let me get something. Hold on. Let's do this because we want to see right now. this row of fuses up here. These are all dead. and this whole row fuses down here. are not dead. Okay, all right, but this is the row up here that is dead. and those are fuses: 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42 So on that we were seeing on the diagram there that were controlled by this ignition on relay. So I got a relay bypass here. We're just going to bypass it so we can still use our test light. Okay, now all these little guys are alive again. Okay, so that livens up the fuse box essentially what he was doing by. you know, shoving that piece of wire in there. So let's just go like this real quick. I Don't know if you guys be able to see this again. too many lights glaring on in here. We're gonna let it go through a us a quick erase and then we'll rescan it and see if everybody appears to be happy. And so far it looks like possibly because we're getting a lot of green lights here. thank you so that can really change our Focus See, we'll just do a fault scan again. I'll let it go through here and rescan. Technically, the car should start and run at this point. Uh, I mean we did drive it in with that jumper wire in there. It looks like so far just one code there in the driver's door module. That's right, because we got the window down or something okay and then okay. I Think that that gives us good direction customer help to shortcut this one a little bit. Uh, which is great. Don't know how he got his conclusion, but we're gonna steal it for now. Uh, let's just start the vehicle. it should start. Probably won't run until we turn that off, but let's just make sure it starts anyways. I Just got the key off but it's still running. Okay, so we learned something here. All right. I Just wanted to turn the key back on. It's a push button to start, turn this back on and that turns everything on. Let's change all of our Focus from anything we were thinking, to what controls the ignition relay. what turns this on? uh, we know. I Guess we know a couple things. We know: this relay is good because we jumpered what's in here. Let's put that back in there. Kind of take some of the facts that we know. if we, if we apply a ground to the control side, get back under there. Okay, so if we apply a ground to the control side, we hear everything turn on and then by simply bypassing the relay, we know the other parts of it are good. so everything from here out should be good. The only thing we don't know is why the body control module is not turning that on and if the wiring from here to the body control module is any good. But we did learn a couple things. so let's go with what we know and uh, kind of take it from there. I'll put this maintainer back on there and let's see what we can figure out now that we have kind of more of a pinpoint uh, test here testing that we can do I think what we want to do is I want to pop into Body Control Module before we even look at too much and I just want to look through some live data now I've been down through some of this already and I just want to pay closer attention to anything that looks abnormal I Want to look at like you know. ignition switch inputs? You know anything that you know just kind of jumps out to me. Okay, so here we go: Ignition Switch run, position, accessory position. Let me just push the all right. I don't know how much of this is generic either because obviously this is push button start. So I think I'll just kind of keep going here. Foreign. It's good just to grab as much data as you can. Okay, here we go: Power modeing ignition on post accessory mission on display insert request on. Okay, so it does recognize crank mode. Okay, so that's I Guess that's a good good thing to know PMS Junk I don't really care about TPMS stuff get the more normal. Yeah, so that's interesting. Um, yeah, that all seems to function and it seems to like everything. That's really making me curious if this, the body control module itself has failed an active test here I Don't know if it has anything worth the who. um nothing really here that's going to help us I'm gonna let it run through a self-test again. What's really interesting? Uh, now that I even sit here and think about it for a minute is we got a wiper mode switch Hood switch. Okay, so it does have a lot of issues. Um, wow, we got stuff sitting up on the window I don't want to kick the wipers on. Um, but I think once we had the uh, once we had powered on that ignition or that. remember when we reread the codes out of it, there wasn't any codes in here, so that's kind of curious that it, you know, fixed all of these codes so to speak. Let's kind of focus on on this ignition on relay because we know if we get that to turn on, everything works, so we'll kind of disregard some other stuff here, at least for the time being until we get sidetracked. Let's let's focus on this ignition on relay. I'm going to look it up, see what it takes to make that sucker work, and then see if we can come up with a plan. So the great part about this car is everything is ripped to shreds and he told me don't put anything back together so it's even better. The body control module lifts here behind the glove box and this is just how we receive the car now. I Looked on Mitchell here I Wanted to get the code set criteria for that B10e714 the Ignition relay. Uh, and that is a circuit short to ground or open is how it's identifying that and it says beats. The Body control module continuously monitors the control side of the ignition relay. Uh, this code sets its BCM detects it open or short to ground in the ignition relay control circuit. When this DTC sets, the control side of the ignition relay is disabled via the Fet. so that's your transistor. the Field Effect transistor. what's the condition that causes it? Code is repaired BCM Must pass the self-test in order to clear the code. System operates as normal well. we know one thing for a fact is the control side, so that's what's going to turn that relay on out there. We know that it is not shorted to ground so it's either open-circuited or a bad, you know, body control module. If it was short of the ground, it would have turned on as soon as we stuck it in. because remember, we poked the Uh, the control side with the test light and essentially turned it on using my clients. So that tells us it's not short of the ground. so we're either looking at open or possibly a bad BCM Now I Went back to our diagram. our power distribution diagram. Got out my magnifying glass and I can see the Body Control module. uh, pin number 14 on connector c2280 Delta So that's what we need to find here is that connector and we need to find this particular wire which appears to be green with purple stripes. So green with Violet And what my plan: I See a lot of green? I'm just looking up here. there's a green with Violet There there's one there. there's one there, so that's a pretty common color on a Ford I Can see somebody's really done the Hokey Pokey here. Lots of wire poking must be there on the same color wire because here's a green of Violet's got a bunch of holes poked in it. Lots of lots of wires. here. it's been poked. So we'll find out which connector that we're supposed to be looking for and then we'll simply ground the wire in here with our test light and if that relay turns on, we know our wire is intact and at that point then we have to make a call on. You know whether or not the Spidey control module is bad, which I Almost have to assume it is because looking at scan data, it appears that it has everything else it needs to work. It's seeing the input from the key and all that. it's just not turning on that relay and we know that once that. relay turns on, the car seems to function. So let me find which one of these connectors is the c2280 Delta and then we'll go from there. Okay I think we're in good shape. There's the connector c2280 and then here is the pin out. So we got B E G D d So it should be this one here. one through nine. I'm wondering let's unplug it and um, let's see about taking the cover off. Here has a zip tie on it. Let me get a pair of Cutters We're going to snip that zip tie. We're going to slide it off that way we can just back probe it while it's plugged in. I Think would be our best option. See which way does that latch? So okay, so it's gonna go that way. Let me get the zip tie cut and then get that cover off. All right. So cut the zip tie and what it takes to get this cover off. but let's see if we can't pop it off here. it looks like it's got a couple little latches there. Yep, so that probably the side latch will probably just pop off I would think. Okay, so now plug it back in. All right. So that's plugged in and set that cap to the side and it says 10 through 20. And I think we were looking for number 14. So 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. make sure our wire color matches. So bottom left at 10 11. 12. wait a minute 10 11.
12 13. make sure this was right I thought we were going for number 14. Oh wait a minute here just because I was looking at the uh looking at upside down so we gotta run from the top down. So 10 11, 12, 13, 14. Yep, okay. green with purple. Okay so let me set this back up here. This is our control wire for the Relay that's out under the hood. That ignition relay unhook this. We're gonna let's get a ground here on anything. Make sure that our test light functions and it does. Our test light lights up. so if we plug into this the key is on, we should hear stuff power up. Oh but I don't Okay, so that's interesting. Um, all right, that is the correct wire. We are probed in there. Let me go out under the hood and make sure what are we making sure of. We're making sure. Okay, our test light is still good here and it is our test light's still good I kind of know. was half expecting that to kick everything on. Let's go out and make sure we did plug that relay in all the way. Another thing we can do is make sure that it doesn't start okay and it does not. and we knew that it did before. Okay, so that's something we know. Yep, and we do have the relay plugged in all the way. and we know this relay was good. No sense of pulling it back out so that is plugged in all the way, so that's pretty good. That tells us that we we likely have an open circuit. Then let's see if that relay command is being turned on. Let's apply power to it. Let's see here. Um, you know what we should have. This should be light in a test light. Right now. we definitely have an open circuit because on the other side of that control of the relay, we have power. We know we had two Powers at the relay and we know, um, we know that we could ground it and it would turn on. So yes, technically our test light should be lit up right now. If our body control module was bad, we can make sure that the body control module has the ability to control that circuit. We should be able to let me find a circuit down here that's hot. We'll see if we can steal some power from it so that top one there is hot. Let me see if I can't just probe beside it here just with a t-pin Oops. Let me see if that's hot. Oops. Got to get it in there. Let me see if any of these open circuits are hot here. but I guess I could just hold I could just hold it on there. probe that 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. We'll probe into that one and then I'm just going to hold this on power. We'll probably have to reset the PCM to get it to command this on. Oh no, there it is. So our test light lights up. Can you guys see that? Yeah, just probe this here. Kind of doing this. Uh, in a foolish way. but I Just want to show you just proof of concept. here. we can prove that our bite. So okay, so that's the control for the ignition relay. You can see it lights up. Let me turn the button off so it's button off, button on. Okay, that's the control for that relay. So that's a pretty definitive test. We have an open circuit. We either have a broken wire or a bad connection. Awesome. So now that narrowed it way down. Um, at least we don't talk about programming a body module or anything. What we need to do at this point is look at a factory diagram and say, where does this wire go that runs that control for that relay. Does it go? You know, through this connector, any other connectors? where is it heading and that should lead us to our problem. We're probably safe to slide this thing back on here. Pretty impressed with this kind of connector here. It seemed to come apart pretty easy as far as gaining access to back probe it. We'll throw zip tie on that before we finish. I Just want to put a sign here so we don't lose it. but that's a that's a pretty good stout connector. I Like that. Good job. Ford So I hope you guys are kind of following along at this point. I Think we've narrowed it down. Uh, pretty quick in the sense that we know it appears that the body control module functions or it's working, but it, um, you know, clearly isn't making you know the signal all the way to the relay. and that's essentially exactly what the code criteria was. Where we left that you know basically stating it was either shorted or open circuited in that control side, that we were able to narrow it down to see that a it's not open or it's not shorted, rather because we know when we plug it in, you know it's not kicking that. At least it's not short on this side. And then we also found quickly that it was open circuited because we've seen that the body control module has the ability to control. You know we can turn our test slate on and off when we apply power. However, when we grounded it, you know it didn't turn on that relay because you know there's no connection from the body control module out to the fuse box. So now we just have. You know the possibility of you know, open circuit and a connector? You know broken wire? You know fuse boxes junk. So I'm going to try to find an Oem wire diagram that's going to show us all the connectors on the system and then we can come up with some logic. How how can we break it down in big chunks and pinpoint right to where we need to get to? So according to the wiring diagram that wire is 100 straight shot runs out of that fuse box, up all the way across the firewall, over to the strut under the battery and then up into the bottom of the junction box. Now the fella I'd see has this this thing already all loose. I Have had experience in the past with these Fords With broken wires near at or under the battery box or behind the brake booster. we've run across that too. Uh, you know with mouse damage and stuff. Um I'm just kind of kind of poke around here. look with some mirrors. we may take pull the air box up out of here just to have kind of a look a visual inspection, see if we see anything obvious. It would be really nice if we had you know another connector so we could split the system in half. but we may at this point just have to do the Poke and Hope and see if we can find it. Now a lot of things and this car had been touched. There's a lot of broken stuff but I'm gonna see what we can do as far as just some visual inspections before we get. you know, kind of too deep here. Uh, get lucky. we might be able to see it. Foreign the past I've always found these broken wires back in this far back corner. I think we did a video on one. actually different. you know, different symptom, different wire. but I think same car. you take a quick peek there see if we just get lucky. Kind of hard to see back here. Real pain to to do anything with to fix anything back here. the last one I think we had to look at it with our borescope to even see back here. think it was a fiesta or something we did a video on. maybe I didn't do a video on I had no headlights or something like that if I remember right? Well I don't see any Mouse damage immediately I don't smell any either other than what the customer has done. you know, tearing stuff out there I don't see any, uh, anything super obvious, you know I like to say we got some broken bits here. Oh wait a minute. Wait a goddamn minute here folks. Oh let me get you on here for the money shot boys. I think we might see it I could be wrong but I want you to miss it. This may be the money shot. three colored wire anyways I see this wire here I didn't even really give you guys a big display for the right for the climax there. I guess so that's it. That's what's causing all our problems. I'm assuming it's the right color wire so it got pinched or something at some point something got after it. like I say all this stuff was like this when I got here unintense. So before you guys start ragging at me for being a hack, this is like this: in a customer requested that I leave everything apart. he's going to put it all back together. So I guess with that being said, we'll fix this wire. and technically we're either fixing a wire that's the same color or we found the wire and I don't want to try not to get in the way here. Let me, um, move you guys. Let me get this wire out of the bigger harness here. Get it out. We'll just trim it off. but yeah, it's all green and crusty there. Let me show you, let's trim that end off there. the end's trimmed off. but I don't know if you guys if how good that thing will focus, but she's very full of the green. plus here. Yeah, well, you just have to take my word for it. Uh, kind of funny that that right there completely disables your entire car. You have a nice day. Well, I guess that's it folks. just waiting for that to cool down. Just use the crimp and seal connector because I like to trigger people. not as big of a trigger as a welder. but it does pretty good. So once that cools down I'm just gonna, you know, stick it back in the harness I'll likely clip the box back down for the guy that this was. you know, all unclipped like I say and then probably prior to sticking it a hundred percent together. we'll just pop the battery in there to make sure. or at least you know Slide the tray in there, but that should be it I mean that's the right color wire? It would be kind of funny if it wasn't but not funny at the same time. Give that a few minutes. Uh, no idea what hit that like I say all the zip ties and everything are still in here other than this being unclipped which I assume this has only been unclipped for a short period of time unless this got unclipped sometime in the past and has just been back here rattling around or something. I don't know, it's not a regular customer. so I don't I don't know his, you know his work habits or you know any history on this car. So we'll see what we can do here. I Think you're always kind of silly to put a battery in the negatives way in the back here. Snug that up and I'll push it in there. put the positive in. Went ahead and cleared the codes fired up. now. just let it go through another fault scan here. All right and then driver's door module has a code in it. front window, motor position, sensor all right. I Say we've done pretty good starts and runs. Of course he's got quite a mess in here to clean up now. everything's all kind of ripped apart. It's got bang on around here, but that's all I wanted and that's all we're doing. See if that takes care of that code for him, see if the auto function works now. Oh, and it does Okay, let's reread that. Boom Pop back in there. That should have fixed that code. It's a freebie for you. There you go now. We got all green lights for now and the good news is it shuts off with a button. Well that was that folks. Kind of a kind of a weird one. Uh, this thing led me astray with the just the vast number of codes in all the different modules and the you know, the communication losses and the ones that led me to stray the most were the amount of codes in the body control module. Uh, leading me to think that you know we might have I guess in my gut I'll be honest with I mean I Thought we were gonna have a bad body control module when we first started. just based on the symptoms, the amount of codes that were in it, the weird things it was doing just sitting here, key on, engine off, you know I hear stuff clicking on and off and it was just pretty bizarre. So I didn't want to just jump the gun, order one and you know, obviously we would have been wrong. so we had to follow some evidence in the video. uh you know through editing and stuff it seems that this whole job was, you know, pretty cohesive and it just went nice and smooth. and you know, 30 minutes and you know, a couple clicks on a computer and boom, we're done. That's not the case. This job took me several hours, uh and most of that was research. was looking at wiring diagrams. you know, how is this all related? Granted, the customer you know, shoving the wire in the fuse box and doing you know some poking and hoping on his end was helpful because we knew that when he did that the car started. So that kind of gave us, you know some. Clues got our Wheels turned in here saying okay, well you know what powers this side of the fuse box. Does that make sense? So that did kind of direct some of my uh, some of my diag. So I don't have a clear um, mind or thought as to how I would have approached it having not known that. So it's just this is just how we did this one. Uh, and that's it. Pretty amazing that. one. relay not turning on can cause so many problems and can be pretty. you know, mind-racking for some folks. But uh, it definitely racked my brain a little bit. We were able to get through it and that's it. I'm not gonna sit here ramble anymore. Why don't you guys ramble on down? In that comment section off a comment question concern entity Facebook You guys know what to do. just my reviewers. If I could do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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    Been there, done that! And I tell you, I still get enjoyment each time I run across a job like that one!… The main key though, is like you said, access to the wiring diagrams & connector pin-outs and general description of how the circuits are supposed to work… Without all that, you're basically dead in the water and VERY VERY difficult to figure out that info on your own (difficult, but not impossible as I've unfortunately had to figure them out on my own a few times without access to the info I needed like wiring diagrams and schematics)…

    As Doc Brown said in Back to the Future 3 (when inspecting the schematic for the time circuits that got fried by the lighting strike) "Unbelievable that something so small could cause such a big problem!"…

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    One day, I was out of state with that car, and came out of a gas station convenience store, and this young mother was crying outside her FORD that would not start, all of a sudden. She was a single mom, on her own.
    As I drive old cars, I carry a tool kit. I tested the screw driver method on her relay. The car started.
    So I decided I bought that extra relay for a reason. It took 10 minutes to change HER relay. I think it only had the 3 wire connection bolts, and 3 to attach it to the firewall.
    Having a complete stranger hug you while sobbing is priceless.
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