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Hello everybody, Good day to you! I Think this is a 2003-2004 bird F-350 it's a dually Super Duty Let's go check that uh that year real quick because I actually really did forget. Uh, how about an O6? I was close 2006 and it has a lot of miles on the clock. 183 620 miles and customer States But it does not start. It does not crank. doesn't do anything. Let's try it. neutral, not a lot of those popping easy. Hood Okay, let's try that hook thing again. Uh, it was towed in behind a pickup truck. but you do what you got to do so trucks here. Let's see if we have battery power. It sounded like we have battery I Think they just fried the starter. What do we got here? 5.4 liter three valve Triton It appears it's got a good battery that's fairly newish. It's a never start from the Walmart Hmm, that's that One's not good. Are we missing a battery? When is it? Where does this go? I don't know that runs to the fuse box. Okay, that's not. That's not gonna work out too well for me. that one's to the alternator. This one one of these goes down to the starter I Think it's this one right here and I don't know where this one goes to the starter. Also, maybe out back for, uh, like a pump for the lift or for the dump bed or something. That's not the greatest either. No battery connection. Well, just in case that battery is, uh, no good, let's fetch a jump box and uh oh, that's not the right thing. Unplug There we go. should be fully charged by now. Let's get a jump box and let's tighten up some of those cables or clamps, rather see if anything improves. Probably not. I'm thinking that the starter is cooked on this thing, but uh, we shall see. All right, what do we got here? Those should be 11 mil. Yeah, let's tighten this stuff up real quick and that one's good. That one's not very good. Now it's better. It's more better. All right. Jump Box: Powering on. This is that annoying jump box that never stops beeping. Yeah. And ground Table: 12.3 volts. Okay, it might have been a little low restarting gonna work. No, no, no. reverse neutral. Oh no, no. Okay, All right, that's the old Jeep distributor. but I'm here for this. We want the push button starter jumper device here. One end hooks to 12 volt power supply and the other end is going to connect to the starter. I'm basically going to circumvent the entire electrical system and just run power straight to the starter solenoid and see if it will get that started to turn over. If it does not, then we can conclude that the starter has failed as long as the power supply wire to the starter is. uh, making a good connection. Um, if it does turn over, then we'll have to take a look at the circuitry in this thing and see if uh, the Exciter wire is damaged or something like that. So let's crawl down below, connect this thing up to the starter, give it a push, and see if it turns over. Oh, climbing down on them, rolling in the dirt. let's see what we got here. Okay, all right, there's our starter. The big wire is the power supply wire. That's the Exciter wire for the solenoid. Looks like a newish type of replacement. Let's go ahead and clip that onto the Exciter and we're gonna get out of here because in case this thing somehow is in gear, I'm not gonna get run over. You never know. Starting the engine, nothing, that's power going straight to the starter solenoid. Hmm. It clicked once, but then it gave up. The ghost. let me go check that wire just to make sure it didn't fall off. I Think we need a, uh, I Think we're gonna need a starter. but why is this brand new starter junk? That's what? I'm wondering. Yeah, nothing. It's not even clicking anymore. Nope. Okay, yeah. I need to need to check power at this red wire, make sure that's good to go, and then we can condemn the starter. Okay, we're gonna need the Voltmeter here. We got this. uh, green jumper lead. We're just going to connect that to ground which is not the one. I was about to connect it to the bumper box. Okay, that's connected to the ground and I'm just going to connect that to the ground lead on the meter and then we'll go ahead and give our meter a quick test. 12 volts meter's good. All right. let's go back down below and we'll probe that power wire going to the starter motor. Thank you. All right we are back down below. I've got the meter down here with me. There's our power wire right there. We're probing that meter says we've got 12 volts there. You guys see that and let's hit that button one more time. See what it does not? Uh, let me try to clip that on. Okay, now let's hit the button and see what it oh um. lead fell off terrible at my job. A Let's hit the button and see if we lose voltage. No change. Okay, real quick. Let's just make sure we're getting voltage at the Exciter wire. We have to test the tool just in case. Hit the button voltage button off. No voltage? All right. Yeah, this starter's junk at the very least. The question is is why did a brand new starter fail? Um I Guess we'll cross that bridge later. I Need to order a starter and get that thing installed so stay tuned. This is a gonna be really easy or a really complicated video time will tell. Annoying jump box powering down today I Have a starter motor here for this old F350 So let's get that swapped out and see if this thing runs. I I Don't think it does because the guy said he put one in it and he thinks he burnt it up cranking it trying to trying to get it to start. So uh, at least we're gonna get it to crank again. I Don't know if it's gonna run, but uh, let's see what happens here. First things first: we're gonna pull the battery out of it. This thing's huge and it's heavy. I'm not going to try to get into the shop, it's going to take forever. so I'm just going to slap this starter in over here on the ground. Working on the ground is not my most favorite thing to do. but if you got to do what you got to do, and to me, that seems like the path of, uh, least resistance so far. So let's get down there and pull this thing out all right. rolling around in the dirt again, What do we got up there? Let's see some bolts, some nuts. The bottom bolts are going to be fine. there's one up top. It's kind of a bear, but we'll work through it all right. Let's see what we got I think that's a 13 right there. Let's try that. see what happens. Unclick? All right, there's one let's get rid of. uh, power wire. and then I got the Exciter wire. I Think that's a 10. I hope it's a 10 because that's what I brought survey says yeah, that's a 10. get that guy off working left-handed again because I can't reach up here with both hands I'm laying underneath of the radius. arm legs are sticking out. No. Jack I'm just kind of squeezed my way under here. again. not the most efficient way of doing things, but I get to lay down. Relax. All right, those are gone. Let's go ahead and back up some and we'll get these bolts that are bolting this unit to the Uh bell housing here. I think we got one right there. It's gonna come out no problem. Next one is right here and then there's another one. Where are you? Oh, it's way up there. Got it? I'm gonna get that top one first. it's the hardest one. I'd like to get that guy out of the way or wait. No. Maybe not. Maybe because there's one. There's one right here on the back of the bell housing. See that one going forward into the starter? Maybe that's the other one. All right. let's see what I can do about that. uh top bolt. Um, turns out that this ball housing bolt right here does not connect to the starter. I Took a second look and I was mistaken, but rust this right here does. So I got an extension and a swivel on that and we're just going to reach on up. With that done, let it ratchet right there. Encourage that guy to come out and that's how you break your teeth. Let's try this again. Very awkward. Okay, this is the hard one and now it's gone. Come here. you come out. Got it all right? that's two and uh, where's is that? all of them? It is all of them right? No. Maybe it should. uh, should come out now. Fun starter. Did I miss one I must have missed one that was too easy higher up Did I lose count? What have I done I think I lost count yeah I only got two bolts here I'm dumb. there's there's another one way up top. uh I thought that was the the hard one I was gravely mistaken. All right, going back in there, we go. foreign. Somewhere lurking close I'm so very close might pull the fender well out. I Know the Ford guys are saying Ray pull the fender well out. it's easier. What the hell are you doing? Should have been an astronaut? Yeah. I think I got it. I'm on it. It's there. but the extension is rather high up. You see it way up there. No hey. I caught at that time. Okay, try again. I put a one inch extension on my existing setup of extensions. There we go. I'm into it now. It turned that extra inch matters there. we go one more time and it'll come on out of there a little too long. with that extension now. I Think see I might just have to do this by hand. Let me try it. You lose I Win dirt dirt again. This is why I love my wobbly bits and make things like this possible. That's it. She's out. Just hold that up some. This is what I didn't want to do because there's friction on the threads. Now do the weight the starter. but it also gives me a little bit more space because I can wiggle it around so maybe it's a double-edged sword and I've got my fingertips on that Fastener up there I'm just kind of walking it out the rest of the way. just a wee little bit left all the way out there. it is. Got it? Okay, old units out. Let's get out of here for a minute, take a break. Stuck stuck under a Ford That's never good. Yeah, all right. come on guys, let's go compare this uh, old unit to our new unit. make sure we're good. That was fun. Okay, old starter motor, new starter motor looks like bolt patterns. The same teeth are the same. solenoid's in the same spot. Mounts are the same. We're going in a good break. Was short-lived wasn't it here? We go get the rocks out of here here. Let's uh, let's take a look at the flywheel if we can get a view of it while we're down here. I can't see in there but I think you guys can see how's the teeth look on that thing? Are they okay? let me know man, it is exactly midnight in one minute and uh I'm back at work and I'm back in work because I am absent-minded and I forget things and I forgot. uh well I forgot one of my GoPros and I need my GoPro because if I don't have my GoPro then I can't make any content for you guys. So oh, it is even worse too because I had I had footage on two GoPros and uh of the same of the same operation and I left one of them here and I didn't realize that I was missing half the footage until I was halfway done editing which was like three hours ago and and I had a tough choice to make. So I am here I'm at the shop firing down. Let's uh, let's head inside and and see if my missing GoPro is here. I I hope it's here I think it's here. Um, because it's not at home. it's really dark outside. Hang on, let's get out of here. Yeah, it's not at home. so I really hope it's here because if it's not, well then then you guys don't get to see the video that I made and then I would have wasted a bunch of time and making half a video and that would uh, that would just be bad I Returned shop powering on real quick real quick. Uh yeah, it is late. Let me just clear the area here and make sure we don't have any any. Intruders they're broken or sleeping in here. You never know these things happen. Let's see how's the shop. We good everybody. We're good here. Yeah, we're good now. I Uh I made a mess today. Where oh where? Yeah I made a mess but where is that GoPro lights powering on. Please tell me it's here because if it's not here, I'm going to be sad because I don't think it's at home and I lost it. that's not a GoPro um I'm slightly nervous. should clean up my mess. where oh where is it in the office? Hang on I'm gonna leave that right there. Not here. No no no no um oh all right now I'm getting a little nervous. where is it I had it I was working on a Ford not that one. maybe I didn't have it in the shop I had the Ford outside. it was huge. It's got a dump bed on it. it's not over here. Why am I here in the middle of the night looking for a camera? Ah there it is, you sneaky bugger. That's why I forgot you. Okay, crisis averted actually I need to check this and make sure it's got. uh, it's got the right footage on it. Wake up. Oh come on, the battery's dead. What? No. Oh, we got a delivery the other day. Check this out. It is my master kit. Oh, for my Jm3 oil filter wrenches or from Jm3 oil filter wrench, it's my master kit. It's got all of them. all the sizes for the Motorcraft all the standard sizes which also fit the K N's and AC Delcos wicks. Yeah, if uh, if you don't know what I'm talking about, orange is good. If you know what I'm talking about, then go back and check out my SEMA videos. and I think there's one on the second Channel where I was working a booth with the creator of the Jm3 oil filter wrench and I requested a master set from him that way I could utilize these in real life. Okay, so these ones are my favorite because they're multi-colored see how we did that? Handmade I Like them? Yeah. quite decorative too. These are gonna go somewhere nice. Oh oh I Still gotta check the footage on the camera. Hang on. Let's go fetch a battery. I think I have some out in the truck I better I better. Is it safe? I'm safe guys. don't worry about me. I'm 100 safe guaranteed. I Take my personal safety as a oh what do I want to call it a? Uh, let's just say I put personal safety first and foremost. How about those batteries? There's one and some coffee? Yeah, that's right I Grabbed some coffee at like 11 30 at night. but it is a Friday or Saturday what is it? Saturday it's a Saturday There we go. So based on the fact that it's a Saturday and I'm drinking coffee and not beer, say that's A. That's an improvement. All right. Come here. GoPro Oh unit out, new, unit in or backwards. Come here. Battery click. That was a week one-handed powering on. Do it, Tell me you got the goods. Uh no no, Oh no. You mean to tell me I Drove all the way over here and the footage that I want is not on this camera. What? No, no, this is a disaster. That means that either the camera did not record whoa, like an hour's worth of footage. Personal safety see that. OSHA That means either the camera did not record like an hour's worth of footage or um, uh, or it's in here after all on a memory card and I went all derpa derp and didn't realize it. Oh no now I gotta go check all the other cameras but I'm pretty sure it was that one. Hang on, Hang on, put you guys down. I'll be right back. All right. I did some investigating and uh and I found the footage. You guys aren't gonna believe this. Um, the footage was on the camera that I thought it was on the one that I took home and I downloaded it and I saved it to the GoPro file and it was a it was a rather large uh video. it was like eight minutes and I didn't cut anything. it was just an eight minute run or whatever and it turns out that the phone battery or I'm sorry the that the phone ran out of memory and it did not save the last or the one eight minute uh segment because I checked in the camera and it's there and then I checked in the GoPro app on the phone and the same footage is there. so I was like oh I'm an idiot I just must have skipped it when I told it to save all of them and so I tried to save it again, removing it from the app and putting it into photos so that I can put it into the editor and in his headphone is out of memory and could not save so now I just need to clear up some memory and then I can just go into the app and save it technology I I I'm I'm so I just drove across town for nothing like I should be in bed right now. This is this is my life. What have I done? Fail? Life fail. Alrighty new starter unit coming in just slips right on into its home. There foreign did you hear me? Starter: I was wrong. Starter was right I was wrong. silly. Ray Now we're gonna get these bottom bolts in first. that one's easier. that's gonna locate our unit. then I'll give it the old reach around up top and uh, tighten up that top bolt. That's gonna be the hard one. Foreign lumens for our viewing pleasure. Get on there. Click Starter clicks. All right. Time for that. uh, that nasty top bolt. Move You guys over here some and can't see it I can feel it. That's all we got here. You guys probably can't see it either. There we go. threading, threading, getting noodle arm. it's threaded. Whew Now how am I gonna am I gonna do this? I've I've developed the muscle memory on how to find the head of that bolt so that makes this a little bit easier. So I know right where it is. the light's in the way. This is why I like these. uh, extended reach electric ratchets a little bit I can really get into some difficult places with them. Oh no I lost it. That sucks. My suction came off all that prep work and it's over. Wasted all that talk about muscle memory and gone in an instant fail. It's a lot of people get mad and throw things. Some people I don't like to throw things. it makes them harder to find. Later there we go and I got enough space here and a articulation to, uh, give that a good click. There we go. That one's tight. Let's get these other two real fast. Flashlight suffocation. Visual suffocation? Come on. Almost done. That's good because there's like gravel digging into my back I Find it uncomfortable. It's actually asphalt, which is why I'm glad it's November because there is no way I'd be out here doing this in uh August or something. Not a chance Nick on that one too. All right, it's two bolts, two bolts in Let's uh, let's get our starter and starter wire connected or our power and our Exciter wire rather I call it an Exciter wire. what do you guys call it? It's rather exciting to me. Yeah. I need to move I'm getting noodle arm switching arms lock washer 10 millimeter now. these we do not want to wrench on them super tight. We want to make them tight enough to collapse that lock washer and that is all any. Tighter and it'll turn the studs inside of the solenoid and then break the studs off and then then your starter you just put in his junk. See how much Flex that has? That's that's dangerous. The flashlight in your face again. So I'm pretty sure this thing is going to crank I'm not so certain that it's gonna start and run. Come on. Oh so I noticed I get like shaky hands when I'm doing things like this and it's not. uh I Was wondering why I'm doing it. Wrench Wrench Wrench 13. I wondered why I did it because I've you know been at home or at the computer or something I can hold my hands still and it doesn't shake. but then when I'm working on something, my hand is shaky and I think that I do that like trying to figure out or keep attempting to line things up and I think over time I've just learned to constantly move my hand when I'm manipulating something to better find that fit. like for example, right here see how we're not fitting. but if I keep moving it around, it slides into place and I think I do that subconsciously. but it's not a it's not a coffee thing or a lack of food thing or a Parkinson's thing or a uh, well, anything else kind of thing. You guys have called it lots of stuff. You know somebody even said that I might have Parkinson's um, I don't I just think I developed that behavior subconsciously. so I can better manipulate fasteners. Just a thought, what do you guys think? Let me know. All right, let's get out of here. We have, uh, some cranking to attempt. Let's get all these tools and flashlights and whatnot out of the way. We're good and my hat and my ratchet come here. ratchet somewhere through. and my other flashlight and sockets and extensions. All right. we're good climbing out, my head is in the wheel, well look at it I'm like getting into my work so they say bro, there we go look I Dug a little hole for for my bum. All right, let us reconnect this battery see if this thing's gonna live 13.
it's actually a 12. I should have brought the 12. Well, we'll just tighten it as much as the 13 allows and then we'll come back with a 12 later. Here we go there. you know what? Let's uh, let's try that again. Probably not gonna work unless this is tight I know better than that. being lazy loving my job so much I'll do it twice there. Okay, let's try this again and I hope it works because my wife unit needs, uh, mileage. Okay, we've got noises. Uh, here we go. Is it gonna work? Park uh kind of nice. it works back in. you know this is curious. It's got a glow plug indicator I wonder if this thing used to be a diesel or something and then they stuck this Gasser in there because yeah, it's got a glow plug thing going on, but who knows. Either way, um, it now runs again. Let's see if it drives I think it's gonna move I don't know if it moves. anybody behind me and uh yeah, looks like it moves. Okay Success! I Have repaired said vehicle. Free parking, Ziato powering down. Uh that's all that they wanted. They wanted the thing to start again so we have made it start again. Uh so that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now. lock the door. we call them a guy tell him it's done which is going to be great because I didn't tell him I was going to touch this until like the end of the year. so now it is finished I'm gonna give him a ring, he'll be happy get him to come pick it up. uh we're good to go here. So all that being said as always like thank you for watching this video hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of 5.4 liter Triton Bird goodbye Ford.

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    You need stiffer wobbly bits. There are some with o-rings in the joints for a little friction.

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jason Stovall says:

    Thanks for all the videos Ray has any one said anything bout tremors.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brad says:

    you could have Parkinsons my hand shakes a little every once in a blue moon too so I could have it too

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rob Steingruber says:

    Appreciate the dedication to put this all together for us. Living out in the sticks, I will lay down a large piece of cardboard when I have to climb under my truck or have to work on the ground. Keep up the grind on this effort. I am happy for you and the rest of Team Ray.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mikocean18 says:


  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars HouseCallAutoRepair says:

    You were about as good with that deep well socket, as a teenage boy fumbling around try to line it up the very first time!

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars GKB says:

    Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta Doodlidoo

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David says:

    Ray, only throw tools or parts in a predetermined direction, making the retrieval slightly easier. The anger relief is sometimes worth it.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TieDyeontheHWY says:

    It's alcohol withdrawal entrepreneur

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bob Wellman says:

    After you found your "lost" footage and got under the F350 I noticed for the first time that it looked like your hand was shaking, then several minutes later you made mention of it. I WAS kind of wondering what that was about, but I just put it down to working while laying on your back.

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brad says:

    Yeah the teeth look okay ray

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Lang says:

    You call the exciter wire: its a trip wire!

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars iLUVmoshing says:

    Did that truck NOT need a key to start?

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Anonymous, Inc says:

    Were I you, I'd box that damned jump box up, powered up on a fresh charge, and hand-deliver it to CAT headquarters, ATTN: Design Department so it can sit around beeping incessantly until someone opens it and realizes it's their own idiotic design. I would chuck that thing in the bushes after the third or fourth 'BEEEEEEEEP'.

    Whoever thought that was a good idea is a moron. I get that it can keep you from forgetting and leaving it on, but at least give five minutes of no activity or something. JFC, designers these days are stupid.

  48. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TheStp77 says:

    Dude stick a screw driver through that buzzer or shot it but do something, my wife hits me every time it goes off🤷‍♂️😂

  49. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars kyle roberts says:

    Ray your dedication to your subscribers is why you were at your shop at midnight. I have a question for you Ray what video editor do you use?

  50. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars peter butzer says:

    Did you install the third bolt?