In this video I have a look at customers 2008 Ford F-150 that has a customer complaint of, "the parking brake dinger going off all the time." It takes me a few minutes to find out what is going on but now we gathered the facts and a little data we have direction. Stay tuned for part two to see if we fixed it. -Enjoy!
Part II:
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F 150 interesting apparently this fella tells me that the parking brake dinger goes off off every 30 minutes so i'm not really sure there but we're gonna apparently goes off when you start it and then continues to go off as you drive. It all right. So. There's no warning messages.

Now um. Let me just see of course. The parking brakes. You know seized right up so eight.

I don't see any brake light coming on even with just a little bit that i can push it seat belt guy. Light is on that goes off comes on all right let's take her for a little joke here. See what thunder. He's talking about i'm not gonna drive.

It for a half an hour to hope just meant. Mrs. Zoe needs us okay let's go okay. So that's the warning.

We're getting no lights are on the dash okay that's interesting i'm gonna put it back in park. Okay so we're in park so this definitely is not a parking brake warning. This is pretty interesting okay so you guys heard that uh like i say nothing nothing on the dash flashing gauges look normal all right interesting. We're gonna just take and head back to the shop.

I'm gonna unhook my seat belt ah. The little seat belt light guy didn't come on i'm trying to find some clues here folks as to what this warning is i don't work on enough boards to know right off hand. We're gonna stop here i'm gonna put it in park. I'm gonna shut it off key back on because i think that dinger we hear right now i think that's the seat belt dinger so i'm gonna leave my seat belt off the seat belt light guy is on sounds like the front end of our ai.

N't fario from all right so that's interesting my seat belt off seat belt light time. But we're not getting the seat belt dinger. So here we're going to stop again throw it in the park. So you can put my seat belt on here.

Seat belt light is out take off down the road again here see if we get any dinger action. Interesting. We're gonna have to do some looking to see what uh. See what that shine is and when these things chime sounds like it's coming from the cluster about to learn a little bit about that.

But it is awfully interesting when i take my seatbelt off the light doesn't come back on i'm gonna pull over up here and do that one more time just shut it off start back up with the seat belt light on just to see if it's the same dinger. Which i don't believe. It is usually these fords are pretty annoying with their chime. Okay my seatbelt light's on now.

So let's uh hope now it's back off. So that's interesting okay so there's something funky going on here in regards to the seat belt light because now the seatbelt light is off even though it was on there for a second all right seat belt light is on we're going to take back off with it here. I don't know maybe. It has to get up to a certain speed before it uh does something with the seat belt light so as i drive along here.

I see the seat belt light is out uh. It goes on and off on its own uh and the seat belt. Oh. Here goes okay so the seat belt light is now on.
But you you could guys could hear that then we had two different audible tones. Here we have this tone that's going off plus. We had what i would refer to as their normal seat belt dinger that one right there. Yeah.

So it sounds like we had two chimes at once there we had our seat belt dinger. And this whatever this one here is which that's the one we need to figure out just curious. I'm going to keep going the next time that goes off. I'm going to put my seat belt on okay.

It's going off. I put my seat belt on the seat belt light went out. But the dinger's still going okay so now we know a little something okay let's go back to the shop. So this is where i wish i was a little bit more familiar brand familiar anyways i'm sure brian ford tech mac and loco would know that dinger right off the bat i'm not familiar enough with ford's audible warnings to know the tone difference from one of the next.

I know that higher pitch tone i guess if you will the bing bing bing bing bing that one that's your seat belt dinger but i also see right now. I have my seat belt off and the little guy's not lit up that seems to kind of come and go so i think there's you know a different problem. There. But definitely not the problem this guy you know complaining about so.

I'm gonna go do a little looking at service data to see if i can find you know the differences in the audible tones. Here find out who sets off what and then we're going to at least know what system to look at. But yeah nothing's coming up on the dash. No warning lights all the gauges look normal you know so there could be a bulb out on something you know could be trying to warn us for something uh.

So perhaps we can just do a bulb check. But i'll uh i'll do some looking at service day. I'll let you guys know what i find what uh. What direction.

We're gonna take this thing. So the other thing. I'm going to do when i sit here is i'm just going to leave it kion engine off and while i'm out looking at service day. I'm just going to keep my ears up get my ears peeled and see if we hear it you know make this noise.

Just sitting here kion engine off cause that'll give us some clues too this guy just went to get out listen to this okay. So that's the dora jar beeper. But the door jar light on the dash. Does work.

I can see it functioning. Let's see if it works for this door. Because i wonder okay it does work with that door and then the back doors. They don't have any dongers on them right no so that's something to watch let's take it for a rip down the road.

There bud and see if when we open the door. If the door light lights up here on the dash to do our our dome lights. Do work. But that was quite a repetitious you know i'm not gonna do that because the donger that we were getting was very repetitious never mind forget anything i just said kion engine off it's beeping away at us uh.
One thing. I do notice. We're sitting here kion engine off is we have oil pressure. So i shut the key off oil pressure gauge goes back to zero turn.

The key on our oil. Pressure gauge goes up coolant temp is up battery everything else looks normal. So there's clues we'd gathered so the customer thought that it was something to do with this parking brake. Which now we know that it's not has nothing to do with that we know the door dinger is the same same thing.

The that one is for your headlights. And your seat belts um. So we just need to figure out what that deep tone is for and we know it has nothing to do with the parking brake because kion engine off vehicle's sitting stationary it's not doing it so there's all the clues. I can give you you know what i know so that's where we're at so i plugged into it before i got too far and i did see here i'll show you so here's the code.

There's not a lot of modules on this thing. But in the instrument cluster. There is a code for the a brake fluid warning uh circuit. I think it was here let's go in here oh the cluster's over here.

Doing this thing. I'll go in here and get the codes for you. But um. Because that's one thing when i did a key check.

I didn't see the brake light like right now. All the lights are on the dash and i don't see the one for the brake um. Perhaps. That's why the guy thought there was something going on with his brake fluid or his brake parking brake.

Because perhaps the warning light was coming on okay so so here we go we have oil pressure switch failure um. Which one was i seeing here courtesy switch. Uh. Yeah.

So these are all them. This 1187 brake fluid level sensor input open circuit. So that's interesting. What i want to do is i want to see if does that light work because it's interesting.

I don't see it on the dash. There let's see brake lamp uh no we don't need live data. I just want to see if it works i'll toggle on and nothing the dash is dead. I don't see anything so.

Let's make sure this function of our scan tool works. Let's go to um i don't know where do we want four lows abs warning lamp we don't need data i just want to turn it on and there it is so the abs light lights up down. There you guys can't see it but trust me and then i guess we could go to all warning lamps. We don't need data we'll turn that on dash lights up like a christmas tree.

No brake warning light. Though so i'm curious if we go into live data. So let's go so yeah. This is just all the gauges and stuff if we go to live data is there a brake warning lamp here um brake fluid level low so it shows it as brake fluid level low.

So. That's interesting that would definitely give us a dinger and i think ford is usually pretty good about abc order here and they are so i don't see anything indicating which warning light is on uh definitely not one for brake brake voltage or battery voltage brake fluid level low so that's interesting it's in diagnostic mode it shows the fuel level just kind of scroll through these here with you it says our oil pressure switch. We have okay pressure parking lamps. So yeah not a lot of not a lot of great data here um.
However this here. I'm a little bit concerned about um. I'm sure i mean this came from another shop. So i'm certain at this point.

Somebody must have looked at this let's see here that was pretty easy i popped the hood. It was unplugged and let's see here it still says low. But we also had that code for it i'm going to take i'm going to clear the codes out of the cluster and i'm going to see because these clusters are pretty notorious for going bad in these trucks so i'm going to take and clear that out i see we still don't have a brake warning lamp. I'm going to see if we still have that circuit code for it it was unplugged so somebody has probably been down this route.

I assume the parking brake pedal is probably unplugged also even though it's seized up let's see so we don't we just have the oil pressure switch fault ignition key and circuit fault courtesy switch fault. Interesting here. I'll go back into live data and our brake fluid level still shows low. But we were getting that 1187 code.

I'm curious if that takes a little while to come back uh. I did see the little float in there was up and the fluid is full obviously i'm going to take it for a drive. I want to see if that 1187 comes back. I got an idea for i thought this trim cover just popped off these.

But i was wrong there is a screw down here in the bottom corner. I think i remember from the past working on one of these different problem um. And i remember just wiggling the freaking connector on it and the thing went haywire and i think that's probably what we're gonna find here. It's just it it's been quite a long time like i said.

I don't work on a ton of fords. Let's take and get this thing down here. A little bit. I believe this yeah.

It's gonna say i thought this just came off and then the connectors are right up here on top. We've got the adjustable pedal switch here we need to unplug there so then i'll say oops the hands are done okay so the key and fault so some of you guys might be asking you know about these other faults uh. The key in fault. That's a super common ford problem that's down here and if we wiggle the key.

We can watch on live data. We'll it'll say key end key out so that's goofed up the oil pressure switch. Different issue that's broke in the sense that it's always reading oil pressure the courtesy switch. I believe is for the dome lights here and i see that doesn't work when i flick it up.

I'm gonna do a keon engine off. And then oh look at that so that's flicking. The dome lights and the airbag light. Oh yeah.
Because i guess that's one lightweight okay. I didn't notice that so we don't have an airbag light. Let me show you what's going on here. So i'm going to wiggle this connector.

Right here. Oh see there's the airbag light right there. So that's just wiggling that connector. I'll tell you what let's use our scan tool.

Here. Let's go like this. We don't want live data. Oh look at that brake fluid level.

Okay. And that's just by wiggling uh. Let me just wiggle. This.

Some more. Oh yeah. So i'm wiggling. The connector.

Now and look at that wiggle. Wiggle. And you can see the brake fluid level is going from okay to not okay. So which i've sent these clusters out to be repaired.

I don't know if it's a solder joint issue. I guess we could pull it out and have a look i don't know if it's a solder joint issue because i believe if we look at this um. See. If i can get this with my meat nugget here.

You know i think everything always looks good the pins are nice you know they're in good shape. I don't think we ever find an issue there. But i i do remember running across this in the past. So brake fluid level low and i wiggle so it feels like probably a solder joint.

I'm not your circuit board guy. My guy. I'll tell you that right now however we kind of have a little look. Let's see if we fluid okay i couldn't get it to hold still long enough so i'll break food okay.

So that's interesting right now the brake fluid level. Says okay. But we're still getting the beeping. So that's interesting of course.

I don't know if once it starts in sequence of beeps perhaps it doesn't stop. But we do know we have a issue here probably stupid for going after this right now. But it sounds all too familiar uh either case. If we send this cluster out to get fixed.

I'm gonna need a part number office. I'm going to take a pop it out here oh shoot. That's right totally forgot about those so i'm assuming because this is the connector. We were wiggling right here and of course.

There was there was some screw. I took these three screws out right here you know and all we're doing is just barely wiggling this thing so i'm thinking i don't think i can get some of the dust off this thing not really like i said. I'm not big circuit board guy you guys know that we fix all the other stuff. But let's have a look i just want to see if i can see you know i've done like way back in the day.

We just do the old dodge clusters like in the minivans. They would have a really obvious broken spot on the circuit board here where the pins went through and i'm hoping to be able to see this here where the pins stick through there. And i don't i don't see any cracks around them. So i'm just using the exact size male pin.

That is on the cluster and i'm just going to go down every single hole here. I don't even care. What they go to i'm just making sure that i have good pin tension on every one of them that one must be empty. Yeah.
I got one empty one there so far so good they feel great yep. So they feel good like i say there there are some blanks that are obviously blank. I mean there's nothing you know nothing in the whole. But yeah i'd say pin tension wise.

We feel good. I'm gonna do a little pokken. Just to see if there is a common solder joint that that goes bad in it um. I might even call united radio.

As few blanks in this one call united radio and ask them um. Sometimes you can talk to the techs. There and just see if not i'm just going to plan on sending it in to get it repaired. So as i do fiddle with this you know obviously we get the flickering dome lights.

And then i did see the oil pressure gauge drop down you know then we get the airbag light coming on and off we have a brake light that doesn't function uh. I'm gonna quote the fella on the cluster and or getting this thing fixed. I was kind of hoping. It was just you know a bad solder joint over there or something because it's quite obvious.

The problem is on this side of the circuit board. And it's it's far beyond my capabilities. It's just a you know a general repair shop. But however.

I do know if i put a cluster in it and program. It it's going to take care of this issue. But okay see there the oil pressure gauge just went down. So that's interesting yeah.

I think it's clusters going wonky and before we get too deep into this i think. This is what we need to do just in my opinion that's the way i'm gonna handle this folks. I know the problems in the cluster. You know we're not dealing with a loss of power loss or ground.

Or a pin fitment issue. Or anything like that it's something on a circuit. Board and instead of me goofing it all up uh any more than i possibly have we're going to send it in and get repaired. I don't know if the guy will go for it or not um perhaps.

He'll want to you know put a used one we'll do a pmi on that maybe i want to get a new one from ford. I don't know but i do know i can't fix it so one thing. I another thing i do know bad transition. There fella is that you guys should go in that comment.

Section. Questions comments concerns uh let me know if you've seen. This problem on ford's i remember running across this in the past various symptoms nothing with the warning buzzer. Though but for various lights.

It didn't work backlighting. You know other issues like that uh that i've come across so not surprised to see uh that's a cluster on this like oh 408 vintage or whatever fords. You know these are so anyhow comment section. Questions comments inste facebook.

You all know and just my viewers. If i can do it you can do it thanks for watching.

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