In a previous video I ran down the cluster on this F-150 to be the source of the dinging going crazy. To be more particular it is the results of the air bag circiut code it was throwing for the "open bulb" due to a failing circuit board. I sent it out to United Radio here in NY and they fixed it up nice! -Enjoy!
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Uh finally got some rain folks parked up town here ran out of spots uh. Uh. I don't remember where we left off of this video. But we got approval he says he approves of our diagnosis.

So here's the box from the u of r. That's uh united radio. I don't know what u of r stands for university of rochester. I guess you're uh united radio out of syracuse.

Just open her up kind of tighten. The cabinet door unboxing bear with me. There's your invoice. There's a return label here's our cluster stick some of this up there.

She is she's back from the dead uh. The fella. There that fixed it my guy. He called me.

I guess the other day told me that uh this little girl. She wasn't no virgin let me tell you what he said. Somebody's been in here. He says.

All the needles and stuff were broken and super glued and epoxied and things like that and he also shed a little bit of light on the brake light problem. And so the reason. The brake light didn't work is because they did the old used car guy trick. They took this all apart broke everything put some tape over it and then put it all back.

Together and then he also said that the speedometer was about 10 miles an hour off uh so uh you fix that for us. Also said that over on the left plug uh there were some issues with the resistors he fixed that reflowed to solder did whatever they do and said. We should be good to go in regards to the wiggly plug of the lights flicker in business. What we need to know is do we have another warning.

You know warning light issue beyond. What we were seeing you know the this thing was going you know bing bing bing bing all the time or no it was making the other noise all the time. I'm gonna make sure we got the sink on the right way yeah. I'm thinking.

That's got a face towards the back. Yes. Sir okay. There's that because we weren't sure.

If that was just a cluster issue or if there really was some kind of warning going off. I don't know if you guys remember i think that's where we were at so we're just gonna stick this up here. I didn't bring any tools with me. We gotta drive back to the shop.

It's a first date. Though what am i missing here. Oh there we go now she's slipped right in so. Let's turn the key on hey we got a working brake light that's not is that the dinger that was the dinger.

We got our flashing airbag light. Now so that's good um let's put our seat belt on seat belt. Light goes off let's uh. I wiggle this now and the dome lights.

Don't flicker let's make sure the dome lights work. They do that's the dinger. We were having having an issue with so we're going to start it of course. We have a flashing airbag light.

There must be some airbag codes in it we had no wipers or they're pretty uh metally yep. So our airbag lights flashing um and perhaps the fella that owns this truck. He maybe. He knew about that already he probably should have i'm gonna put just a screw in here finger tight that way it doesn't fly out on us going down the road.
Let's take a first shake make sure our warning lights are either gone or there or whatever uh remember in the first part of the video. We did plug in the low brake fluid warning light under the hood which i assume somebody unplugged. It because they were starting to have the classic ford you know flickering brake light problem that these clusters have so foreign shakedown. Everything coming.

I don't think so just the golf cart so now we have a steady airbag light on and we sure needed this rain folks. I'll tell you what hasn't rained in almost four weeks. Everything was turning pretty brown. The corn was all curled up looking like onion patches out here.

But hallelujah it has rained almost all night. We've got a good steady four or five hours of rain. So far well you know what that means it means. We're gonna have some mold on again kind of a lot of heat here with the rain there's the old country song says rain makes corn corn makes whiskey take some girls feel a little frisky right far so good i think we got this fellas problem fixed we're not getting the bing bing bing the noise foreign belt and water pump and had to wait for the timing covers the timing covers are all mush on it and believe it or not dorman actually makes a set of replacement timing covers for that car it's supposed to be here.

Today. So i can finish the job. So i got it all pushed back in and uh. I dare say this job is is good oh baby hold on so if you guys uh are doing fixing your ford.

I'm sure there there must be hundreds of videos of these online of the clusters going bad in these i think like the 04 to 08. Uh f. 150s like i said they're pretty notorious for this one the guy gave me his symptoms. I was pretty sure it's what we're gonna find but decide to check her out anyways um.

But yeah you know your radio does a great job on it they've fixed lots and lots of clusters for me. Particularly gm clusters and it's kind of nice because you actually get to talk to the guy working on it or at least. I do i assume that's kind of a practice there because call there i don't know there's like one guy that works on the gm ones. This other guy works on the ford ones and they're nice people they'll talk to you tell you what they found what was broke and if they're having a hard time duplicating your uh your symptom.

You know they'll call you. And you know just they're real real american people. I don't know that's all true or not. But let's stick this thing back on fire back up.

Here. There's an ac up in there by the way got a plugger over here goes on this side three pedals. If i don't plug it foreign click back in there where you at baby. There's that one oh.

There's that one gotta watch the wind here do that there west at 69 degrees triple dollar 167 000. Miles high there's a couple screws down here one in each corner now what are they seven millimeter. I guess there's that i'll get the other one and then i just put this back up here and click that thing back on everything's clicky clacked. Except.
That's where it was boom. This guy's off to the races baby and we'll take our garbage with us all right so that's that folks. I guess um. No wind to hold them no wind fold them uh.

We tried doing our little solder business. But it's a good thing. We sent it in because like you say the you know. The fellow told us that the uh.

Oh let me check one more thing. Yes. And the oil gauge. Works as it should now yeah perfect okay you know because uh like i say you know your limitations.

You know we went through and put solder or reflowed to solder on those pins. But when it comes to the little resistors and soldering and stuff like that'd be probably pretty ugly. If i you know went about it and the guy at the united radio. When i told him that he thanked me.

He says well thanks for not doing that because usually people do and then they send it in so don't do that just send it in get it fixed get it back have your warranty. And just be happy with life and make me happy down in that comment section. The questions the comments the insty the facebook and just remember viewers. If i can do it you can do it thanks for watching.

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    Kudos to United Radio for making that used cluster look brand new – and kudos to you for giving the owner a ding-free experience so the audio cues aren't interfering with the horrid front end rattle and the metal-on-glass wiper blade noises. 🙂

    Nice seeing that Probe on the lift, happy to see there's a few of them still on the road – and that one looks to be in fantastic condition! I drove an '89 Probe GT Turbo 5-speed and it was quite impressive, once you got used to flipping the toggle switch under the dash for the radiator fan, and the whiplash you'd get from the failing turbo once it spooled past 5 psi. When the turbo worked well, it was a very peppy car, but you had a 1-in-10 chance of that happening. The friend who was buying the car gave it back to the woman she was buying it from once I told her the bucking she was complaining about was the turbo about to fail – the car was overpriced to begin with.

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