In this video I bring you along as I work on a customers F-250 that had a customer complaint of, "hard to steer and it makes a lot of noise." Didn't take long to see the front axle joints are locked up solid! It trashed one of the lock out hubs too. Oh and it needs some brakes. Come along as we make the rust fly.
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Time to work on the longest lasting, most powerful truck the truck that built. America Folks the Ford F-250 that's got the big five for it I Don't know if any of those statements are true, but uh, this one needs front axle U-joints and they are seized up so tight and I can't turn the steering wheel. that's as far as I can turn it I'm kind of weak if we start it, we can turn it with the power steering, but it groans and snaps and crunches so we got to take the wheel off the brakes. The Hub This lockout Hub is junk.

Uh, this one is partially engaging in making lots of Racket and I assume because of the Season joint probably busted some of his jiggly bits. We've got a new lockout hub for it. New axle U-joints new big seal I've got some new brake stuff if we need it, so we should have everything. so let's get after it.

Oh, she's a crusty one. There's one of the bolts we have to get to. there's another one anyone up here. You have to be able to take the speed sensor off.

Oh, here's another bolt here. So so we need to kind of dig out the bolts around everything here. so I can be dirty before we go home. Uh, we need to take.

We'll get these bolts out and get ready for taking the bearing off I suppose. and that's a couple of twist sockets because these are no longer a size. Well, that one came right out. That's good.

Like they used to be eight millimeter 5 16. So we're gonna look at that. And there was salt Y well. small fella.

We'll leave that bolt right in there. see if you can't get this other one. So if that's the same size, oh look at that. it's half there.

We go. get in here. Oh, look at that. That one came right out too.

See if we can get underneath this little fellow without breaking it. Maybe a little Christmas tree. Fastener there's that one. We've got one here on the frame.

Look at that. a little poking a flick Maybe like that instead. how's that sound? The connectors should live right up behind here. Oh there she is.

Okay, good. that's the hardest part of the whole job. Not really. I'm kidding.

Okay, the easiest part of the road job. Actually, the easiest part is pulling it inside so we'll leave that sitting to the side. Now we'll get our tools to remove the caliper. Let that hang by the hose.

It's great. Just great. Now got it. Foreign.

There's one. There's two. Oh, she had a little rust down. That's why.

Imagine that. I will grab the BFS short for Big Fat Screwdriver. Come on guy. What's this your first day? Oh I Know what this feels like? This feels like it's got little dongers on the, uh, backside of the brake pads.

I'm going to try to compress our Pistons slightly. If we can really get in on anything on this fella, we need to push our Pistons back because if you just go yanking, you're gonna get in trouble. You're gonna be in big trouble. You're gonna break the Pistons see if I can stick the little screwdriver in between the piston and the pad here and get the Piston to go back a little bit because they must have little ears on them that are catching on the Pistons one way to bend a screwdriver there fellow.
But we've got nowhere to put the sink I Need something to take up space? Let's see like me in school taking up space because that's what my teachers told me right before they told me I'd never amount to anything. Ah, that was just a lucky guess on their part. Forget her now. get her now boys.

Yes sir. No casualties. Yeah, see, it's got a little uh, dimples here on the back of the pads. man.

turn back your pads. a little rivets that hold the shims on. They don't stick up much, but if you try to force the piston and past those, you'll break the edge off the Piston If they're phenylic, that's French For plastique, it may not be French but so these appear to have metal Pistons or at least metal faces I don't know sometimes phonetic Pistons just have the metal on the outside, but these may actually be real metal Pistons But in either case, we didn't damage them which is great. I'm gonna make sure to pissing those back in here.

first. you got our bracket bolts off. I Have to use a bar here. There we go.

Yeah boy. okay, that's a little snug. Not too bad though. that's weird.

All right now we have those broken. We'll grab the yoga dog again. It's usually easier if you can turn the wheel, but unfortunately we can't. Well, I suppose if I wanted to go up and start it, we could.

but we'll struggle. We'll struggle. that one pin that's good and one pin that's locked up. Let's fix that too.

I Guess slip that little guy off now. She's a little chunky on the inside so it's getting a new rotor. Okay, can you place us? Where are you? Don't get to use the old T27 too often, do you sir? Okay, there's our little screws. All right.

it's a little screwdriver. Take that little guy. I don't know what's chowdered up in it, but sounds like a baby rattle. Reach down inside here I am blind right now but yeah.

so I think I have to get a light and we're gonna like snap ring in here. A lot of a lot of metal dust in here too. must be from that. Hub whatever was coming apart in that see here Hey what's up Eric let's crack that baby loose so there's my snap ring I was after I put light where you can't see.

it makes for a better video like I say there's lots of metal bits in here as you can see stuck to the magnet I assume it's whatever's inside the Hub that's falling to pieces because there's nothing else really inside of here. This is empty. There is a small roller bearing which we'll see but I assume uh, like I said probably that Hub eating itself apart. Oh bouncy up.

So sure we're gonna get this truck done today. It's somewhere between five seconds ago that last clip in this clip about six hours has passed. I think we started this truck this morning. Well now it's the end of the day.
Mother Lover? All right. this one's as I said, everyone's pulling out the whole stud but we got her to crack. but sometimes that is how the cookie crumbles. so I don't even know what I was doing.

See here kind of sucks, but you can't turn it. We'll count a little bit about that much. We might have to actually start it up here folks. and I don't know if you guys are in the frame you kind of are.

You might have to start it up to get in here on this top one we'll see. Oh there we go that fell through. Go Yeah, come around. We come around through here and out.

Get this bearing out. We'll be home free. Mother Lover, that's turning the whole thing stuck If I don't have enough power in this thing. Oh, we do.

And the nut came off. Hooray! Winner winner. We'll get this one. that one's on the ground.

We'll go get the other two. Classic swivel socket. Probably a bad idea. Swivel socket and flex head ratchet.

What could go wrong? Foreign there. Gosh. there's all four of these nuts. Oh, that's right.

I think last we were looking inside there, we've seen all the metal shards. I'll give her a little Tibby Cat Oh freaking jerk. Hitler Shield Which is pretty well paper thin. These usually come off pretty easy.

so they come off so easy. Well, that's a great question. That's because they have an O-ring here that seals them and then of course the big giant seal on the inside. Oh this.

this is pretty thin. Get the shield off here. put that to the side. I'm gonna set this little guy down all right.

You don't want to get yourself a little screwdriver slash pry bar minus five footer works pretty well. We're gonna get right behind this joint. Push push push. Now she comes.

You can use a smaller bar but I think Ben Franklin Once said, if I had a lever big enough I could move the world should have been Abe Lincoln But it's true no matter who said it. Now that's a stiffy Look at that all the way around. Big Stiffy reminds me of my old high school nickname Rocco that's what they used to call me. So we're gonna come in.

this seal right here. This thing's pretty well pooched. you can see, crusty, oh mess Oh shot at it. You had a high rate of speed.

What we can do. Oh, we can do meow. We'll plug up this hole with Mr Hanky Then you're going to want to get classic if anybody remembers the cleaning uppie tool AKA cut off wheel with no guard and then uh, let me go get some glasses so I can see and then we're going very carefully with the wheel in here. Thank you I just might clean that edge up.

You know what? I mean You know what? I mean jelly beans no doubt Uncle Trout whoa Whoa. Dude looks good, boys looks good. Come in with a little Mr flippy Fabby give me a little flippy flap. Perfect perfect and then I guess we'll leave that in there for right now.
we'll We'll clean this up a little bit even though these are usually pretty clean. Oh, you're a good hole polisher. Yes, you are foreign I Can't believe that's almost the second time. I've almost forgotten that.

Get this little Twirl in here. Usually we put grease in these things. helps the seal slide in better, helps keep it from seizing up when you got to do it again in a year or two. They're pretty well junk here in New York So yeah, you end up doing lots of your joints in the front of these things.

Nobody ever greases them. Half the problem, the other half of the problem is soft, and the other half of the problem is taxes. All three halves of the problem that we have here. Okay, oh I Love the smell.

Break clean. get some of that Cosby sauce. I'll get yourself one of these. You can buy these aftermarket I find.

However, the OEM fits better than the natural one. It's uh, like the tin shield on it. it seems sturdier or something. They're about twice the cost as a CR ones.

which I mean you wouldn't think they'd have a lot of tooling to make these little guys, but seems like they all come from the same place. Now get yourself a piece of pipe that fits that, or in my case, an inner tie rod end tool which seems to fit just lovely okay and then get that hammer hey, Ram it home until it hits the bottom and that's it. You're in. You're in.

You're in all the way. Now for the next 45 minutes, we'll be doing this little deal. Uh, let's see. I Thought we had another hammer out here fella I Guess we just got that one.

I'm missing one I Don't think so. This guy's a loser. The idiot. Okay, now we need to get our Clips off Good.

Come on baby. Wow. You're gonna make me get aggressive. Only semi-aggressive I Guess there's one clip and we'll get this one here.

see if we can't get her or is it start s right up in there somewheres. Oh there it goes. Did you see it? It's going. There's two clips we're gonna scrape around in here see if we find another one.

It must be bottomed out on this side. Usually they're a little further off the notch on one side or the other. I can't see, but we're gonna do the Poke and hope I caught I Think we got it Hulk and hope it's like doing it with the lights off. going in blind.

Here we go. There's three. Where's this one? hiding? foreign you mother lover persistence always wins. I Don't know if that's a true statement or who said it, but I am pretty sure it's not true because that was pretty persistent with my dad a few times growing up and I lost I Remember them days, we gotta find this one Something here.

we're gonna go with a 13 16 inch, righty? We're gonna cheat on this one a little bit. We gotta be a little careful. not like walking on thin ice. Careful.

but dude mindful, we'll call it. We're gonna use Ball Joint Press That's the OTC and uh, you gotta be careful because when you're pushing on these little guys, you can bend the yolk like if this little sucker's not coming and that yolk's just getting splashed down. well that'll put you in a bad place. So using ball joint press is not always the best idea.
so give it a little push like that. Don't push much harder than that though and give it a little tap and she'll pop. See it popped it. Some people on YouTube wonder why I hit the end of the ball joint press of the hammer.

It's solid. Well, trust me folks. all right I know it's solid, but if you just keep squeezing with that ball joint press, you're gonna wish you didn't. You're gonna wake up one day and be like man I wish I didn't do that.

We've all said that this guy has I'll tell you that much. typical lack of lubrication. We're gonna give her a little push, push, push the other way. Press is heavy or I'm gonna win or both.

We got her all cockeyed. dude. Now you're up the creek. See, that's the problem.

Yeah, freaking big old hurry. Come on, switch gears on me fella. Now the problem might be if I put a little Groove in it and no, you can't just tip it out. It just never makes it all away.

This is one of the ones that'll trick you. You know you'll think you'll make it but it doesn't make it and then you hit it with a hammer like come on, go and that doesn't go I Tried to do a little tune there for us. Let's straighten out. Frick I Don't want to mess it up because it's because I don't Here's a guy who should be working on a workbench instead of a flimsy cart until it's gonna take all day.

Foreign. Just do your job. foreign. That's what you need to do.

You know what? I mean Make sure. Yeah. put a little booger Mark in that sucker. Nobody likes little booger marks.

Try this. We're either going to get it or we're going to get it. So drop that. Nobody's gonna want to work stupid rusty cars.

Anyways, foreign. foreign. There's more overly lubricated needles. Again, it just doesn't fit here.

Who wants to see if we can screw up both sides? This guy does I know you got to push on it straight. You got it. offset I Hear you do it I Hear you. We're dead in the middle.

Okay, almost dead in the middle. Oh yeah. the first tried foreign. Come on, you're not being super friendly dude.

I'm gonna have to go stick this one in. Advice: Give it a squeeze and tap it off there. Got it. Was over the place I Straightened this one up so we can.

How many hammers does a guy need? Let's be honest here. that's like anything. All right. Next thing you know, your old toolbox is empty.

Yeah. I Just tap this one back straight so we can finish running her out. there it is. Look at that.

I Do it on the bike but over on the bench. but my bench is dirty and you guys will get all judgy on me. I Don't think you will. but yes I'm just being lazy.
We'll get Mr Wizzy Come here. Mr Wizzy. Give it a little hole polish. Oh yeah, yes Ma'am Every one of those get you cleaning up your toys.

You go on glasses. These things have a tendency to fly apart. It can stick you in the eye or the juggler. foreign.

We're using it in an entirely the wrong fashion. but it works great. Yeah, definitely don't do this at home. but yeah, you're welcome for the tip At the same time, you guys know that song it was Merry Christmas Gosh, let's find a U-joint Classic QJ 374.

from the PRC from the PRC all the way to the Prny like everything else in this world. Speaking of joints, yesterday was 420 because big holiday New York Now big Holiday take off our caps. we puffer grease. We're gonna set them somewheres down here because you know Kyle Being well, what's gonna happen? I Won't even tell you, you just know, as far as your orientation is shaft, these are not made as an assembly.

All right, Let's just be honest, they're not balanced. So before you get on me about not marking, anything doesn't really matter. Dude, it's not a drive shaft. Well, kind of this, but kind of is, but kind of isn't.

Then we're going to give it a nice little push. get up in the middle of that joint. Torque setting number three. Oh, push her all the way through.

not all the way, but most of the way. I'm gonna flip it over. Make sure you didn't get any dirt on it if you did. wipe it with your dirty finger.

Wood got it? Man, Stick your other cap on there. See, we got some dirt on that one which we will clean off. You don't worry about that I Know Tiger Tool makes a U-joint pulling apparatus I See that down there in the comments section. She's almost home.

Oh so I Think it's a country song. Got it? Another great one. Make sure it Clips in the right spot and then just give her a little gentle nudge I Call it a friendly reminder. Make sure your clip is going to fit and it will push push, push the no Mercy reversy.

Now you're usually I'm talking like it's been two weeks. Give her a little whack here and look at that. Now she's loose, but you got a chance you don't chant. it won't work You're Gonna Want to get Mr Hanky Wipe off the dirt.

thank you. Oh oh nice. Mr Hanky Down there like so the cap all lined up. Oh yeah, don't go too far all the way, but not too far.

The one powered grunt. but yeah, seriously, if you, if you haven't, if you don't have much experience, all right with using a ball joint press or a press to push out your joints, you got to be really careful. You will frig up that yolk like Ain't Nobody's Business and we ain't done yet. All right I Can still frig it up, you know me? I could have loosened up the forcing screw, but who's got time for that push click? I'll just give it a friendly reminder I ain't doing nothing Hey Kitty kitty, make sure we got Groove width.
We do push. there we go. and there we're all done. Except she's gonna have a little stiffy in that direction.

You see floppy this way? Not that way. Remember the chant ready. Oh, it went quick. We must had the right chant right off the bat.

You know what I'm saying? Oh, she's Mr floppy in all directions. Come here Kitty. Come here. Come here one more time.

Come here. You know how to use the front door. Come here. Nope.

You're gonna go hide under the car. Okay, never mind.

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