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Happenings he Hood Hello everybody good day to you! Welcome back I'm glad you guys are here I know I'm super glad to be here I was uh I was down kind of with the flu or the Rona or the flu Rona last week I'm a little nasally still but I'm starting to feel a little better. My energy has returned and it's my second day back at work and I'm behind schedule. so uh I need to catch up which is oh, the battery's dead I uh I did some work on this Chevrolet Venture I forget the year I think it's a 97 maybe I Did some work on this thing a couple weeks ago. It was overheating.

It had fans that did not operate I I put a fan motor in and it drove away no problem and I think it's back. it's a 2001. I think it's back for a shifting issue. so let me go fetch my jumper box real quick.

We're gonna start to exist engine and we'll see if this particular Chevrolet work van Venture is uh on its last adventure so stay tuned because this is gonna be very good video. All right, let's see if this piece of Jumper box here can, uh, jump start our dead battery Chevrolet hmm where's our battery? oh it's buried under a bunch of stuff. Okay, hell no worries I'm sure I can get to you know there's a positive right there and get to that. Where's my negatory and why somebody just turned my my cables into like a pretzel? See that um it was the nude? Anyway, let's get this thing.

uh, jumper started here starting the engine. There's a negative right there that shouldn't probably. this isn't gonna work such a pessimist. Yeah, yeah.

11 and a half volts. Uh I don't know I don't know if. uh. that jumper battery? Okay, no wonder your battery's dead.

The radio's on the Fan's on the rear fans on. I think turn that off. Yep. starting's the engine? Nope.

Nope. Nope. Oh almost. come on.

Go baby. Go whoa. She's rough. It's alive.

Okay yeah, this thing is in worse condition than uh when last I left it last time I had it I just replaced that fan motor down there. but uh I don't I don't know if this thing's uh I don't even know. Let's get this thing disconnected. powered down.

the belt's still chirping, a misfire kind of cleared up power steering noises here. who would still there? check, Uh, check the radiator. yeah, still has cool it. I Still we return.

I Put the jump box back. We have a scan tool. Well at least the fog lights are working. That's good.

I've got the scan tool I Noticed when I started the engine that there was no check engine light. Uh I Remembered that something was mentioned about it. doesn't go or it doesn't shift or it doesn't shift or go. Um, we're just gonna go drive it and see what this thing does.

Oh wait, hey, look clue. The dipstick has been removed here from here. Yeah, it's nasty. It's pretty brown.

that's like motor oil. Brown this is the transmission. Good Tip: Okay, so that's been removed. Maybe we do have a system problem.

Well, I guess we're gonna go find out. I Was doing a real quick walk around and I see that they've put some new tires on it since. last time it was here, they were complaining of a thumping noise and a vibration in this tire. Back in this right rear corner was just gone.
It was out around it was bald in some spots I think there was cords hanging out of it I don't really remember I featured on the last video on this particular car. So if you're interested to recall what the Tire condition was, I'll just leave a link to that video down in this video's description and then you can go back and see if yourself. Anyway, let's see if there's air conditioning in this. I don't know if there was or not I Hope yeah, yeah there is.

I Remember the compressor was clicking. Okay, we're gonna power up the scan tool. Uh, we probably won't find any trouble codes in this because it's been sitting here with a dead battery for like a week and since the battery died, there's a great chance that, uh, all the scan tool ECM data has been erased. All right.

Our scanner is pulling up. 2001 Chevrolet Venture EXT 3.4 liter V6 With 27093 miles on the odometer or 43 93 or 43 I Can't really tell? Yeah, that's a four. Okay, that's a 43. All right.

Okay, I'm pulling up Powertrain codes I've got a P0135 heated oxygen sensor circuit Bank One Sensor One Okay, so that's uh, should be the front bank and the Upstream sensor. And when I say Upstream I'm referring to the location of the catalytic converter. There's a sensor before the converter which is Upstream There's a sensor behind the converter which is Downstream The Upstream sensor communicates to the ECM in real time the oxygen content or fuel to content of the Uh the burnt mixture as it leaves the cylinders. The downstream sensor communicates to the ECM the behavior of the catalytic converter and that is to make sure that all conditions are present to ensure Optimum catalytic converter performance.

Say that five times. Fast. Okay, so that could definitely cause a running issue if. uh, if there's a bad sensor, or if there's like an air leak or a fuel leak, that's uh, skewing that uh, that particular sensor's output.

It'll confuse the ECM and it won't know what to do. Um, that could inhibit shifting if the engine is in a low power condition. so they may have gotten those issues conflated. Let's go into this transmission real quick and see if there's any Dtc's that are present regarding the shift patterns or clutching or solenoids.

Things of that nature. Maybe we're just the powertrain. Okay, okay, so it appears that going into the trans function, uh, only. Well, it takes us back to the engine control module.

so there is no separate TCM on this. So the really only code we have to go off of is that O2 sensor code. So let's go ahead and pull this thing out. Some kind of a tight squeeze.

Oh, it doesn't move. Yeah, hang on. See if it has reverse? Yeah, no, it's it's done. Maybe First: Well, this is gonna be a shorter video than I Thought: Hang on a second.
we're not doing anything and going anywhere. Let's go back into the trans module. Data: Let's check out transmission data. Transdata one.

All right. So we're in the ECM I'm kind of scrolling through data. Uh, it's telling me we've got engine RPM and I can confirm that with the throttle input. so that's working.

Torque converter, clutch slip is being monitored. see if it knows what. uh, gear position it's in. You find the pay selector switch, but there it is.

Park Neutral Drive: That's the second one up in the bottom, not highlighted. We're going in reverse. It knows we're in reverse neutral. Fourth gear.

That's Drive Third Gear: no overdrive. Second Gear First gear. Okay, so it is receiving its input to be shifted. We did just check the fluid and the level is up so there should be sufficient fluid to generate hydraulic pressure.

I believe that the transmission has died perhaps. uh, perhaps the pup blew up in it I Really don't know, but I do know I need to figure out how to get this in the shop I Wasn't gonna go out on the road, but it's not going to move so we just need to. Uh I guess we need to push it into the building and uh, maybe we'll pull the pan down, take a look at what's going on down below powering down I shouldn't have done that I needed start. Okay, okay, yeah, we're not gonna I'm not gonna let the battery die again I Can't believe I did that.

We're gonna need power steering when we go to push this thing in. so not powering down, open the door. let me out here. I'll be right back.

You guys wait right here. Okay, a few moments later, okay, life unit's gonna drive and steer this thing in and we're gonna go out back and push. Shall we? Are Your red eye all right? You guys help me. push.

Wait. hey guys. All right. One, two three and push really far.

Turn left, left, left, left, very good. not so hard. left. it's hard to push there.

You go. Thank you. Flipping on gravel. Yeah we're going uphill too.

My feet are slipping. you watch for the bumps. Go go one more bump area. All right.

we're gonna make it. Don't hit the brakes. Keep going. Yep.

straight ahead. what's in the way? Keep going. Keep pushing. No, they're not.

keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Come on that way.

This way there you go. Stop. Perfect. beautimous.

Thank you guys. Thank you sir. We can see you All right. let's set the rack real quick.

You know what? powering down now I can power this down without consequence? There we go. Okay, real quick. Let me set these lift points and uh I'll be right back once this thing's up in the air. more more camera gravity.

So those of you who have watched the Channel with any kind of frequency know that I like to do uh I call them algorithm things. It's where I kind of test and probe the YouTube algorithm and I do such things by asking for interactions from you the viewer. Now normally uh as I go ahead and approach the lip button and we notice the Subscribe button I would ask for uh viewers to subscribe to the channel. However, we're going to substitute the Subscribe button with the like button today.
so we're doing uh. we're doing algorithm things with like button requests so I would like to see if this video can get 5 000 like buttons. You know the Drone tap that like button down below if you don't want to if you don't have to. But like I said algorithm things.

moving on up six six glasses. you know this is a real shame because the guy that owns this fan just bought a set of tires like I said I Just had this thing in for that uh, radiator fan motor thing dying out. We just had the thing apart, he spent money on that. Then he went and put new tires on it and all was well.

and now a few weeks later, it has died. All right. let's roll the drain pan not that one. that one's super full.

Let's roll the other drain pan down underneath and pull that pan off to see if there's Carnage inside here. We'll just maneuver this thing right around here right underneath of our transmission pan and we'll get the bolts pulled out of that. What do we have there? 10 mils or eights? looks like tens, eight millimeter and go figure. The 10 is nowhere to be seen.

okey-doke style. Myself a 10. let's pull these guys out. throw them in the bucket.

It's a clean bucket, no debris. There's a bunch of uh RTV silicone in here in lieu of a gasket. Someone's been here before, so gross. It's been leaking fluid and getting coagulated dirt buildup on everything.

that's nasty. nasty transmission. RTV fluid dirt. Ah, it's leaking.

oh that's bad. Look at that. I don't like a couple more in this pan should start to hinge down that way and that's going to Spill the majority of the fluid. four lumens.

There we go a couple more Fasteners here. Yeah, that is not looking okay. I Think it's dead down to three bolts. All right.

So the Niagara fluid has subsided slightly. I think we've just got two more bolts in here. Yep, and that was one of them come out. Here Comes Number two Jordan You're in the danger zone.

Watch out! Yeah! I Don't want you to get soaked in this, uh, disgusting bit of fluid here. See what? we have to work with me? Okay, let's get this pan out of here. We'll take it over to the bench and give it a closer inspection to see if there's any metal. uh, in the pan Now at this point in time.

Uh, my. Confidant tells me that this fluid smells burnt. I Cannot smell it because my nose is not nosing very well right now. But we can see all this black stuff in here.

This is all clutch material. That's what all this stuff is. So I'm really not seeing like a boatload of metal in here. but there is some amount of metal yet.
See the streaks right here running through. That's all sparkly material. all those little streaks in there. That's metal that's in the solution.

Let's get a closer look over here. Yeah, there's a lot of sediment in in just the pan. I Imagine that the filter is even more loaded up full of it. Yeah, look at that.

A little bit of sparklies in there. Yeah, this trans is. uh, it's kaput. I think she done nasty all right back under the car.

Troy's gonna pop the filter out for us. It's gonna get filter removal experience now. There's either one bolt or two bolts or no bolts in a trans filter and the only thing holding them in is the bolts and then the spout that goes up into the valve body. So I don't do that? No nope, just two-handed since you don't have any bolts, just kind of pull down and twist some.

just kind of rock it back and forth and as you're pulling, it's going to want to come down. and then as soon as that comes loose, middle of saying it. I should have said it faster than that I couldn't because of words. Okay here, let's take that filter would you? You grab that because you have fluid on you and I don't thank you sir.

Put that in the Box yeah I Want to just try to take a gander inside of that and see if we can't find any, uh, any chunks of garbage, Dump it out, all the others. oh sorry, no no, it's just kind of nasty it is. The purpose of the box is to not drip fluid all over the floor. Yeah, you know what? I'm dumb I forgot I had two oil drains.

Just check this thing out right here. not going back to the bench. And here is the inside of our filter. That's nasty.

Yeah, this is not okay. This side's even worse. Oh, that's what we're looking for. There we go.

We found something more evidence. Larger metal chunks. Much larger metal chunks. Oh, that's gross.

foreign. Clean of this fluid away and we can expose the shininess of the metal. Yeah. I Don't know.

Not really. Yeah, not really. That was not exactly as effective as I was hoping it was going to be. I Wanted to wash all this nasty stuff off off of this debris here so we can confirm that it is metal.

Uh, maybe. I'll magnate test it just to make sure. Yeah, we'll try the magnet on a stick, see if these particles are metallic or not, and the survey says they are definitely metallic particles. Okay, that is enough evidence for me.

This Trans is junk. The filter is full of metal. There's clutch material everywhere, the fluid's smoked. Needs transmission.

Probably not worth it. So uh, we're probably not going to fix it. but at least we found the failure or confirmed the failure. The vehicle does need a new transmission or a rebuilt transmission.

or have this one removed and rebuilt and then reinstalled. Either way, I don't think that's going to happen. This thing's uh, it's pretty rough and it it might be a good time to cut bait and walk away on this one. So that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and cut bait and walk away in this video I Told you it was going to be kind of a shorter video.
All I need to really do here is throw that transmission pan on and we're just going to push this thing back out in the parking lot and we'll see what our guy wants to do with it. I Don't have high hopes for future repairs on this particular Venture Could be the end of the line, but you never know. Some people will say go ahead anyway I'm rambling. So before I get too deep into my nonsensical ramblings.

I'm going to go ahead close this video right now and I'll do such things by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. As always, hope you enjoyed this video, hope you enjoyed the witness the Carnage that was bestowed before us. If you did enjoy this video or if you did enjoy the Carnage please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below. Tap me that like button while you're down there if you have not already.

And most important, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in the Chevrolet Venture And you know what else? I'm not putting fluid back in it because it is done. It is over. Oh, you know what else? Look, we've created a secondary door of death I moved the Vault of viscosity and if the door is left open, it encroaches on the door line for the actual door. So we now have dueling doors of Death.

That one and this one. he's laughing at me. it's not even funny I think it still screws through there I'm tempting fate I know I wonder if they've got like a pool yet on how long it's going to take for me to run into the wall or a door with a car? I'm sure somewhere on Reddit somebody out there just taking notes waiting lurking in the shadows waiting for me to wreck the car. Challenge accepted I Will win.

Let me know, let me know if you guys are selling squares or taking bets on that because if you are I want in on it totally, you're gonna bet against me. That might not be fair because you could theoretically cause me to to damage the car and thus win the bet. So I mean I guess I could I could Grant a waiver and allow that and not acknowledge the conflict of interest recovery. Come here.

So yeah, I'd be okay if you were. if you were in on the pool, probably shouldn't have said that. Now somebody's gonna start the wreck into the wall pool watch I told you I was starting to ramble in Babylon Let's get this thing out here. My good man.

Will you push the Chevrolet It won't be as hard because we're going downhill and we're not going to make so much of a turn because I'm going to stick it in front of the Corvette not my Corvette not gonna be my Corvette uh it's not for sale. You guys keep asking about it powering on. Oh and the battery's dead again. no power steering for me here.
I'll help you push since I don't have air conditioning or power steering. Okay, just sit here. No well it doesn't start now. Um I shot it off and let it sit here and then the battery just murdered itself.

Girl there I can do like an entire customer States episode on this car. There's just so much it's not okay. like the sheet metal Bondo looking deal here. How are we planning on breaking this? Uh, the Corvette will stop it.

Yeah, it's okay I mean realistically I did not plan for that yet. Don't go so fast oh my God Close call. that was great. Made it.

Uh you know what? I still need I still need to get the jump box because the window is down Epic yeah we I could have just started the car inside Poppins you Hood but I didn't because it's broken like the video's over. This is just the after party I was wandering around trying to figure out how to park a car we're just being NPCs I am a non-playable character. Um oh, it's buried under there where you can't see it or get to it. Put the red one on that because it's red so you know it's red.

He was laughing. Put that just over here in this little body thing. Turn on the knob, knob is knobbed, powering back on doors, locking radios, back on, window back up. Come on, come on.

All right powering down. Beautiful Goodbye Chevrolet Venture.

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