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Foreign. Hi everybody good day to you! Welcome back! It's Friday it's the end of my week. it is Me day and I'm gonna do something for me. So it's Duramax Truck day I Got something in the mail I actually got this in the mail like months and months and months ago when I ordered my front bumper and I Never ever, uh, never got a chance to unpack it.

So let's uh, let's get into this thing and see what we got here. Not gonna be an unboxing video I Swear bear with me on this but I'm going to experience the the joy and happiness of opening this and uh and I want you guys to share that with me. Don't go anywhere. let's see what we got.

see I Didn't open this at home because the children were around and they make the noises and they'll do it for days like they'll save this stuff and stash it in their closets and hide it and then Non-Stop make the popping noises forever. Do my ears deceive me? Is that a broom that I hear? Thank you for cleaning up my mess. What do we got? Pull back the veil here. Check that out here.

Dechromed heavy duty bumper for the rear that matches the ranch hand for the front. This is not a ranch hand bumper but it does match so it's got a cut out here. I'm assuming that's for a backup light, something of a decorative cut out here license plate I Think that one not for a light because that's the other light. maybe trailer hitch it might be for the trailer hitch? wiring receiver.

we'll see. So yeah old. Bumper's coming off new bumpers going on I Got a big box of hardware and stuff too spot. Look at it.

Sweep the button all right. Let's back this bad unit into the shop and change that bumper back there. Hooray! You were on camera and didn't even know. Okay, so here's the plan.

This bent and ugly and kind of damaged bumper is going to go away and then I'm going to put on that Not Bent and not ugly, not damaged bumper that's going to match the front bumper over here. like I said I ordered these things at the same time. uh, this one was damaged from a deer collision and it was like package deals. so I got that one to go with it.

but I've uh, I've had it for like months and I've never put it on and I'm just trying to at least take like one day or half a day or maybe the sixth or seventh day out of my week to just try to run down some of these projects. I Still haven't even done the steering parts on this truck yet. They're sitting over there in a box like there's there's so much. Um, Project Jeep Rage is on.

I'm waiting for uh, a tubular exhaust header. We're gonna fix that uh, exhaust manifold and a potentially intake manifold leak up at the engine. I'll show you right now. Yeah, it's gonna be this unit right up here.

It's got a huge huge leak when running and we're going to take that out and we're gonna take this out. And we're going to take that muffler out and that pipe because this transmission is coming out because that clutch is coming out. so there's still loads of work left to do here on. Project Jeep But that's for next week.
Not this week because this week I'm working on my truck now. from the look of things down here, we've got this bracket on the side of the frame. There's a bumper bracket here that bolts to the frame. uh, that bracket bolts to the bumper in a couple places.

Uh. and there is a similar one on the other side and some wires. Let's just get these wires disconnected while we're here. What do we got? Some lights? Yeah, light bulbs for the license plate light.

That one's burnt out. Hmm. that one. that one fell out.

We'll just pull these uh, little loom clips loose and recover the hardware later. All right, that's off. So it's electronically disconnected I Need to, uh, pry off all the plastic I think and we can get to the bolts. Once we get the top bolts out of this, it should come out of there.

and then once it's out wiggling, disconnect that trailer hitch too. Once it's out. I Can take the brackets apart. That's the plan on the non-plan plan.

What do you guys think? Is it gonna work? We're gonna find out today. we're gonna get rid of this violent. oh look at that. It's got carriage bolts I Have to do it for the inside Tricked me.

Okay I'm just gonna put that back. You don't need it. Okay, okay, back down below again. What do we need? We need 19.

Is that an 18? I Think we need an 18. we'll get the Uh 90 degree impact. That'll work. And in case I am wrong, Let's take all of these all right.

The survey says 18. that's what we got. 18 millimeters? All right I think I'm just gonna go with what I know and what I know so far is that one. So we're gonna get up there and get that one out.

it's gonna work. Loud noises and dirt falling. Let me get out of the way. All right.

Yeah. Carriage belt's turning now. All right, there's one. This is slightly awkward.

Good fasteners. All right. let's get these ones up here on the side. Okay I came loose.

There's like a plate or something back there holding it on. or a plate that holds the holds the bolts. Uh, I can't get it. Yeah, there we go.

That's cool. Okay, two down, let's see what else we got. There's one right here. Flip-flop this around the top.

one foreign. Nice. All right. One more on the frame rail.

Hang on I think I Need a wrench? Yeah. I think I Brought a wrench too. Definitely brought a wrench. Yeah, yeah.

I'm reaching in from inside the trailer. hitch on the right. still not getting a hold of that bolt. Hang on.

Yeah. I got it now. All right, let's go over to the driver's side and uh, repeat said procedure. hey Lauren look at the floor.

you think about anything about that? Yeah, this is the life. That's just how it works. Yeah, Love you. So I'm uh I'm seeing more dirt on this side.

Must have been from uh, my late night dually burnouts in the yard. It's dead. There we go. Foreign at least I'm not eating it.
I Made a mistake pulling up that uh, plastic though and now I'm eating it. Oh yeah, yeah. I Made a mistake pulling this plastic up because now it's not holding the carriage bolt down. Through this off, you don't need this anymore.

Oh, you guys check this out. Come here. Let me show you something. I Bought this truck from Alabama and it still has the Alabama Clay Georgia Clay Alabama plate.

so it's Clay dirt. not really dirt dirt. Okay, back down below my helper is coming. She's gonna hold those carriage bolts for me while we, uh, disassemble this stuff.

Quick. Come help foreign. I got that one. That one worked so low.

Foreign. Thank you. You're good and uh, hang on. there's one more.

Oh I Missed one. on. the other side because there's one here I never got that one. Hmm I'll grab my wrench.

get that thing into position here. Don't fall on me All right. I'm gonna go back and get that one last one on the other side. All right, All right.

let's get out of here and pull this. uh, this thing off I think it's loose. wiggle? Okay, hang on. don't scratch my paint goodbye.

nasty bumper my lights on. No. No. I don't think so.

What if I should just pull the spare tire out of here for uh, weight reduction. Maybe later? I don't even know if I have the tools for that. Okay, well, circumstances dictate that that spare tire stays there because I do not have a, uh, the tool in the truck to remove it. so it's just going to stay.

The unboxing video starts again. Ah, flashlight. The unboxing continues. That's what I meant.

We've got some bolts and some Hardware those are brackets. Another one a Florida roach. Seriously. Go.

You see that thing looted? Yeah, at least it's just a palmetto roach and not a a German roach. Get the brake clean. Go. go break clean.

Don't lose him. He's up. Yeah, we're not gonna have this. Hey now.

get the red can. That's the good stuff I See him. He's making a run for it. He knows we're after a look, he's peeking out.

Yeah, he's coming around for us. Round two: Fight. Get out of here. Roach You're not breeding in my shop.

Okay, so according to the instructions that I did not read, uh, this bumper bracket has to come off the frame. so we have one more bolt here and then one more little guy right up there. So let's get the big one first and then we'll pull the smaller one off. Um man.

I Grabbed the impact without a socket? Hang on. I Got one. I Think it's in my in my chair? There it is. Got it.

I'm gonna clip that thing on? Okay. I'm gonna reuse that. so I'm not gonna sweep it out. Do that one.

Do that. That little guy right there. See it in there. That one.

Uh, take that one out. All right? Oh my. God What happened? Yes. Good job.
Gravity bracket. Gravity. All right. Grab that one and then come over to the other side and do do the other side also.

please. Okay, you get it. See it right there. Yeah.

Get that one out of there. this one. don't hit your Noggin noise. Good job and I'll get it.

I'll get the big one here. Will you grab the bracket so it does not fall down and startle me ring? All right. So now I can put on those brackets that go on the other bumper. Okay, you're gonna need some Fasteners Now here.

sort it out. organized. I Need a bolt that matches this bolt which held that uh, part of the uh, what you call it trailer Hitch words. Yeah.

The one the hell. No. How many of these do we have? Hang on. We got two, four, six, eight.

We have ten of these and then our brackets have one, two, three, four holes. Um, we have more because I don't have a nut because it was part of the old racket. it was welded to it. All right.

You know what? We're just gonna revert to not having a plan and that's gonna be the plan. So what I'm gonna do I Know these all go here. So let's just start getting them set up a big washer for the other side and then they get I think a lock washer. No, they get a small washer and then the nut.

all right. Now that's in position we can run through, bang out the other ones real quick like and just start getting parts hung on the car. and once that happens, once I run out of Fasteners I'll figure out what to do I think that'll work right? Good plan, bad plan, no plan. So then two of these will go here and here.

So that occupies eight of these things. I've got 10 total. These are two actually hang the actual bumper off of here. Let's get this is the driver's side frame.

Let's get this dirt stuff out of there. You got the bracket? I Do Yeah, yeah, you fit that bracket in there. Yeah, just like that. Okay, left, left, left, and the nut.

and I'll put the other one on. I'm running these down almost all the way by hand. That way, it snugs this thing up against the frame rail. Let's see.

I need uh, this one and again. Hardware Washers and a nut. They're gold, so you know that they're good. It's actually legit.

The uh, the coated ones I Think it's like a zinc or something. The coated ones indicate a stronger type of metal or something like that. Don't quote anything because I don't know for certain. Yeah, so that's eight of these things.

Let's do this one in here. It's nine and then ten is for the other side. so that accounts for all those. So I just need to find like a small bolt that'll go in that little hole over there.

All right. I might have one. I think I Do you want to go on? I Don't need a big washer here. We'll just use the small one.

It gives me one more thread to engage this nut. Ah, there, that's good. When this gets tightened, it's going to want to sit in a different position. That position.
So let's just set it up that way right now. Oh wait, that was dumb. I was wrong. Okay, when this gets tightened, what's the tightening? Direction it wants to go that way.

so we'll just set it up that way right now. and we need a bolt for that little hole over there. A little bolts I can reuse the one that was there. but I don't have a nut.

find one in my my scrap pile. Found one in the war chest that should fit? No problem. Yep, that works. Good to go.

Okay, let's repeat on the other side. Actually, hang on before we do that. I'm gonna change this bolt out right here because this is part of the trailer hitch. I have a bigger and better bolts for that spot if it's gonna fit.

Oh, you are gonna fit I order you to fit. Not acceptable I Want to use that one and that's the one we're going to use. It is my will. Yeah, see that.

that's not enough thread. Man, No, how about this one? No. How about this one. Yes, that won't work if you need.

Pixies that's a pinch lock nut and I can't hold it. So I need a tool to help me? That's enough thread. Okay, full send or not. Click.

Click. Okay, that one's in. Let's go ahead and we'll hit these two on the side. or three.

Oh my battery's dying. Battery number two. Foreign in just like the other side. so can you hear me? that gun down there I'm going all the way foreign.

Okay, let's get these two. Uh, these two side bolts here I actually should turn those. This is wrong. gravity stuff.

gravity. foreign. this. it's going to want to turn this in that direction.

And I want this? secure it on something so it, uh, doesn't spin do that. That's what I'm looking for now. we can do that bottom one all the way. Get in there beautiful.

And one last little guy I had to find a nut that fit on that. uh, that Hardware right there that Bolt that's a another pinch lock nut. Got it all right? Brackets are on. Now we just need to grab the bumper, hang it on the brackets, and then bolt that guy on.

Put those aside for now, because when I put the bumper up there, that's just gonna push them out. So now I know where they are. Okay, so what we're gonna do. Okay, you're going to want to get your arm out of there.

now. if you need to, you can set this down on that trailer hitch. Okay, just start moving it. a little closer to the truck, go down.

Something's not seeming to happen here. Foreign. We're butting up to it already. All right.

Just hang on to it. I'm gonna put the uh, a couple of the bolts in. Um, yeah. I need to do this one down below.

Just don't pull it this way. All right. Just be cool is that the weight is on that trailer hitch. so we're still good.

Come on guys, we're going down here All right. we're still uh fiddling around here. That one's through. It's almost safe.
Don't move. I'm not good I'm good. All right. Well I mean it's safe for you am I Well I mean I got my hand on it.

Yeah, so it's calculated risk. If I didn't trust you I wouldn't be down here. Oh I don't have a choice. Okay, that's one.

It's safe on this side. let's go to the other side. Need that one. That one, that one, and that one.

and uh. going back in. All right, don't drop me. Don't hit me in the head with a with a bumper.

as much as you may want to. Oh no. you have to explain. uh why would you think I would want to.

Why wouldn't you? can you pick that up? You can get some All right? Never mind. never mind. don't move it. uh drop.

Where's the things that fell that made sounds? yeah no, no. the small one that's that's the other one that that fell that made her sound. hmm. uh.

up top. Can I have one of those little uh, the gold washers? Little gold ones. Maybe a little gold one? This one is this good. Is it gold? Yep, it's almost safe.

Ah, don't laugh at me. it's not funny. Danger I could be killed at any moment. you know? I shouldn't say stuff like that.

Why? That's the truth of it. A meteor comet could strike the planet in the song right now. Okay, can I have the the little red gun with the socket on it? We're gonna do some impacting clicks down here. Draw this thing in.

All right. All right. take two with the proper size socket. let's draw this in to fit.

Yeah, okay, let's get this. uh, this other one fitted into there. that's a tight squeeze I should have done the top ones first next time. I'll do that next time.

I can't feel the hole. It's not good. No, seriously. I don't have the space for most managers I might have to take that bolt back out.

Oh oh there it is I See you? Okay, let me see those you see the hardware you got there? Yeah, oh no. I need a gold one that was not gonna work rejected? Give me a gold one. only the gold ones. Oh there you go.

Thanks. You snuck up on me I Expected to see that like down here. Sneaky. Oh there we go.

Now we're good. Yeah, we're good. All right. One more on the other side, then we'll run these down and draw it in flesh.

after we check the spacing of it. let's get that other side climbing out. Okay, we're on the passenger side view putting that nut up into the hole that I can't feel. it's kind of poking around until it goes in.

There's no method to this one. Hey, come on. Yeah, gotcha. sort of.

it's sideways. No. I need that gun. That little red gun from over there and it fell out now.

Bolts are in there I'm good. thank you I Gotta start this over. the thing is pointed this way and it's jammed sideways and I need it to point down like and not be sideways. Third time, second time.

this time it's a charm. That's how it's gonna work. Oh got it. That's beautiful.
One-handed Seriously. I Rolled away All right. You know you can't get that. it's gone I got it down here rolling around in the dirt.

Why not just slide across it while I'm here? Okay, cool. let's draw this in some and then make sure it's centered. it's drawn in. Okay, let's go check the clearance.

Let me start right here. not hitting the fender good. We'll check the same clearance on the other side, not hitting the fender good. We got a middle fingers worth of space, middle fingers worth of space and I just gave the finger to 300 000 People Canceled Lauren It's over.

All right. Let's Hammer this down and then now we'll step back and see how it looks. Mm-hmm Nice. All right, let's get out of here.

Okie Dokes So we're out here at the back of the bumper where the trailer hitch uh harness is supposed to go and I've got this new seven-way that I bought and it came with a backup alarm and I don't want to buy another one that fits that because I don't want to wait for it. so I'm going to try to reuse this one. That being said, what I did was I bent the bracket back out and I I cheated I kind of tested this before I turned the camera back on. but I can wedge this in just like so I think oh well.

I had it in there already Anyway, I'm gonna wedge this thing in here right about right here and then I'm just gonna drill two more holes through this bumper. They're gonna be like here and here and that's going to secure this wedge or this, uh, this unit to the bumper. I'll also do some self-tapping screws on the bracket up here to fill those holes up. and uh, that should make it, uh, a halfway decent, uh, functional installation.

Foreign. I'm just going to set it in position and then please go in. you were already there once. I'll set it in position, then drill the holes, and then put the bolt through it.

That's the plan. No, seriously, like, what's the deal? I had this in there already. let's give it a push there. it is like.

So so what I'll do is run a self-tapping screw in right here and right here and that'll secure the thing. Then I can drill some holes for that bolt and that bolt and then secure it with the the other two fasteners. this one and this one passes through the holes that are in the original bumper. So I just bolted this unit to the bracket.

using these two, let's get this one on. I Hate to drill holes in brand new stuff, but that's what we're going to do. Self-tapping screws are the best. Get this one in there.

I'm nervously reusing these I've already drilled with them before. The reason for my concern is that the the bit is a little, uh, little dull and I don't want to break off in the bumper. We're good. This guy back in and it's functional.

There we go. All right. connected. Okay, we need two more Fasteners this one and this one.

There's one of them, but I can't put those through because they hit the metal on the bumper so we're going to drill a hole through it right about there. Thank you. Must be close. Yep, nice.
and I'll reach around way around and get that threaded on the other side. Oh, it's close too. I Didn't think about that. It's very close here we go and that's also pulling down on the bracket so it's sandwiching the bracket between the bumper and the Uh and the connector here.

All right, there's one. Let's get that second one. I'm not using a lot of pressure and I don't want it to get caught and then break the bit because that would be bad. We're through and reaching around again with the nut.

that one's even farther away. I Gotta reach under the back side of this little alarm backing up thing. Some folks might find that backup alarm to be aggravating and unnecessary, but I have little kids that run around my yard and because of that I I Like the alarm, you never know. They do things they're not supposed to do.

There we go. That's time. All right. backing up.

let's take a look at the nearly finalized product. Looks good, looks really good. I Love how it hugs this trailer hitch. That's the best part.

Nice and clean. So it I am supposed to have some uh, some lights for for back here. they're supposed to be auxiliary backup lights. um I'll find something to go in there later.

It's not a huge deal I need to put my license plate back on and I need to wire the uh, the license plate lights. but uh, I'll do that later and the reason for that is it's end of day, it's about 4 30 and I'm trying to not be here until eight o'clock at night again. so I'm gonna go ahead and get out of here I need to clean this stuff up I'm going home. it's almost the weekend and I got I got work to do.

So that being said, thank you guys for watching this video. Uh, let me know what you think about it. Let me know what you think about this bumper right here. Um I I forgot who made it.

That's their symbol but I really do not know who made it so please don't ask because I I don't know. It does have a part number though. it's three, zero, Three two VR that's Victor Romeo Um, if you're curious and uh, or would like to buy one of these for yourself, I'm not selling them I'm not sponsored, it's just some stuff that I bought for me. anyway.

I'm rambling. so I'm gonna go ahead and uh and close this one out. Thanks again for watching this video. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of: Chevrolet Rear end wait wait wait wait wait Don't go anywhere.

Wait a second. Hang on because this may be close to the end of this project. but I'm going to show you why I started this project. So the entire reason that this entire thing happened.

That that's the reason trailer hitch needed a trailer hitch. This is. This is how it all landed and how it all ended up because of that. That's the uh I call that the why while I'm there effect while I'm there.
Why don't I just do this while I'm there. Maybe I should do that. It would make it a lot convenient. A lot more convenient to do it while I'm there.

And so this is a result of the Wildland air effect. That's it because I needed this and because I needed this. I had to get this because this has a larger size than the other one that I had had. Yeah, and while I was there I had to get the bumper thing because of the deer.

and then I got this bumper and then I broke that trailer hitch on the other bumper. So I replaced that one. So while I was there, this is how it all ended up. This is how these are how my projects work and that is my toxic trait.

See you guys later. Therapy session over tailgate coming in. Foreign. There we go.

Nice kind of. this is I don't like this thing anymore. it's getting all flaky and junk. I'll do that later.

Oh you know what? One more thing while I'm refilling I received in the mail my bank's tip. So now I got a tip from A bank's exhaust. Thanks again guys for giving me just a tip. That's awesome I like it.

Beautiful. Yes, maybe maybe a little farther out just so I can be obnoxious. Hang on, wait wait, let's be. Let's go for super sticking out there.

We go. Leave it right there. Yeah. fueling, complete pump powering down There we go.

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    The original GM bolts and nuts look far better quality than the zinc-plated aftermarket hardware store stuff.

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ThroughTheWormhole says:

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