In this video I have a look at a customers 2006 Chrysler Town and Country. The customer complaint is that the fan runs at random even after you turn the car off! Well that's no good. Let's have a look ad see if we can fix it.
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I Think it's possessed folks. uh 06 Town and Country guy just dropped it off to his engine won't shut off, but these cooling fans just make the fuse out for them here. So far, what's going on? I assume there's a relay stuck I don't know if they're built into the tip them on these or I'm pretty sure they're separate but I had this out and then I stuck the fuse back in it and it was really going kind of Haywire But at any rate, we'll leave that out. We'll go do some looking to see what this thing's made out of and the reason the guy thought his engine was still running is because he's deaf.

So everybody kept telling them like hey, you know your car's on and he's showing them the keys I got the keys but uh, at any rate, he said he stuck his hand on the car and he told me that the engine's still running but he has the keys. but indeed, it's just the fan that's running, not the engine. So anyhow, so I'd catch you up on that. Well let's see if we can find this little fella.

I'm assuming it's a relay that's stuck on. Nothing else in the car seems to be acting funny haha funny or otherwise, there's that one man that's Phillips head screws here too. It looks like these little guys thank you All right there's that looks like a couple push Clips there. The relay kind of hides down here in front of the car and that's a car anyways.

I Suppose we could be jumping the gun going for it, but it's about the only thing that makes sense. No engine light or anything. so I doubt the control side of it shorted there. She is.

okay. let's put the fuse back in here see if it takes off on us. Great thick snow. all of a sudden.

Relay cooled down a little bit. Nope. I can hear it. Foreign fans are getting all jittery right now.

Come on baby. they're winding up. They're winding down. They almost got going I'm making some funny noises here.

Let me take the Power of Two And from it here. Ghost Rider Well let me show you where this relay lives anyhow. see if it starts acting up on us. It was there for a second.

Oh every time I look at them, they keep tweaking. Let me show you. Well, never mind. I Went to show you and they kicked on.

Um, well let me show you where the three lane lives before. I unplug it. So that's where it lived. right there.

It's all about by that ribbon. Gotta get the red clip out of it here. Oh there we go. Didn't unplug it I Just took it on the connector here.

There we go. So the connector is unplugged. Nice and clean. Clean and green.

Obviously we know the wiring from there out is good and I'll be honest with you folks. I've seen this a dozen times. It's always a relay. No sense of playing dumb.

Uh, what? we could do or what we could have done to prove it to you is we come on the control side and we make sure the signal is not being sent to turn the relay on. Typically, we unplug these and they're usually all corroded and relays all gone funky. Um, I'm just going to do this one 100 based off experience 100 Parts Cannon Diagnosis: I'm going to get a cooling fan relay for it. We're going to put it in there because it's Friday and it's almost quitting time and if I'm wrong, well I'll just I'll eat it well.
Knapper didn't have one. Uh, Fast Freddy does though. they're bringing one up. So if you're working on one of these, so these are pretty simple relay, one of these wires is going to be power and one of these is going to the fan.

so you can, you know, check your fan assembly by using a jumper wire and just jumping these two they should. It should turn fans on theoretically and high or catching on. fire control side of the relay, we have the control. I Assume it's pulse width modulated would be my assumption and then one of those wires is going to be a ground.

I Assume probably the black one. Let's see if one of these is one of these is powered here. All right. So that's our full-time power in that one goes to our fan and I'm going to assume our black one here yeah, is the ground and then our other one here is going to be the control that turns this relay on.

We can plug our little U-scope into the back of it, use the scan tool and command the fan on, and we should be able to see that signal. So if that's something you're interested in I don't know if they are or not so we can look at that. Perhaps when we get the new relay, we'll plug it in here and then probe it just so you can see what it's supposed to look like and whatnot. Foreign there.

That's it. Kind of hard to hold the camera and not a cut off wheel at the same time. Don't touch your AC condenser or cut through the bumper cover or anything like that. You can always stick a bar under it and just snap it off too and then you know and then grind your rivet off and then you can.

You know, just we'll mount it back there. or if it comes with rivet or not. Looks like those big window regulator rivets. All right.

Fast Freddy Showed up. It's a classic. Uh, Romeo Yankee 446. foreign.

Hooked up. We'll get our connector here. plug it in I Went upstairs and got some rivet too. Even looks like the right size.

Let's make sure that we've plugged in the fuse I think we did. I don't even look I Put the cover back on it so it must be I did. All right. So let's get this thing decoded here.

We'll make sure everybody's happy first before we go. put it back in and then I can show you how the control side of it works. Okay, let's see. we're gonna go active tests and then we're gonna go radiator fan control.

Do we want live stream? Sure. I'll pick out some data pits here. I'll bust out the old youth scope here. a couple of probes.

They're kind of a big connector. We should build a probe in there. no problem see I'm just going to go into control side so the black is green and bare ground. If you're coming on a Chrysler kind of a loose connector and there's our control.
Hopefully we're probed in there. we'll hit start. so in this case it is because we're at 100 percent. it's not.

Um, let's see here. Let me change the time on our screen here. Got to get some stuff packed and back. Oh I keep hitting this button up top like what the heck is going on here.

So in this case it's not pulse width modulated. it's just pulled from 12 volts to ground when we start it. So all right, so let me see if there's a low speed or something that you can see the actuator actually or the pulse width modulation actually working here. Yeah.

So if I go to fan relay fan relay controller low speed fan relay the only one that works is the fan relay control altel is really awful on Old Chrysler So like say pre 2007 Chryslers It's probably the worst tool you can choose in in that regards. The the data lists are usually kind of hit or miss. You can get some erroneous data and a lot of the actuator tests are are irrelevant. They just don't even apply to the car you're working on.

So I guess the only thing we can do? let's just get it done. Let's just put it in and we'll boil it down and then I guess we could, uh, you know, back probe it and start it and see all that. But essentially what you would see during low speed is a pulse width modulated signal to the relay. Um I guess that's the best I can explain it to you.

The other thing you guys can do too if you didn't have a uh, if you don't have that little U-scope or a you know lab scope of any sort. to see a signal like that, you could use a really low current test light like an LED one. or you know, 100 milliamp, you know, test light like the little OTC one with a red light on it that would work good and then you could look to see if it's receiving this signal to turn on. Of course, if you don't have a scan tool to turn it on, you'd have to wait.

You know, until the vehicle is up to temperature and it was commanding the fan on. Or if the air conditioner worked on your car. you know you could turn the AC on and wait a little bit. You know to get that uh signal to turn it on this car.

the AC doesn't work so I can't even can't even really show you here. You know we'd have to wait for it to heat up and see it, wait for it to command to low speed which has got quite wants his car back here so we'll uh, throw the parts and pieces back on it and ship it, move on to something else. Actually, it's the last one last car for the day. So right, it wasn't even planned.

he just happened to be driving by. tell me his woes. Oh baby. Well that's it for all you mother butthole man.

freaking window all right. Eat junk cars. Nothing frustrates me worse than a stinking stupid electric power window and your customer doesn't tell you it's broke. but it's the number one rule in the aftermarket automotive shop.
Warning world has never ever touched a customer's window because they're always freaking broke because they're junk there. End of rant: Oh gosh, it pisses me off though at anyhow. at any rate, that's uh, fixing your cooling fan that stays stuck on on your Chrysler or maybe perhaps even in your case, one that doesn't work. Typically if the cooling fan relay fails, there's a wiring or circuitry problem.

We'll say on the control side you would have a check engine light and I would assume like a P Zero Four or something. maybe like a 481 451. something like that, some kind of cooling fan relay control circuit code. whatever that code is and then you know you would trace it down from there.

But our circuit was intact. It's just the relay was going. you know, whoopty on the inside, so that's it. Um, I'm glad we got the window up.

and why don't you guys get on that comment section. Tell me what's up. Questions, comments, concerns, insty the Facebook. You guys know where I'm at.

Just remember viewers, if I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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