Stuck! Drove in…Broke Down! 2019 Ram 1500 5.7
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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! This is part Two of this 2019 Ram 1500 5.7 fuel pump. If you recall in the Part One episode, uh, link down below. By the way, we uh, we diagnosed it as having a faulty fuel pump. I ordered a new fuel pump and it turns out the unit that I ordered was incorrect and there were none available in the proper part number.

Uh, this thing was on National backorder. Uh, the owner was able to find one at a dealership. He drove there and picked it up and then delivered it to us yesterday. So uh, we're ahead of schedule now.

We will not be finishing this truck in two or three more weeks. We're going to finish it today, so stay tuned. This is going to be a very good video. So first things first, let's get this guy out of the box here.

Oh, come here O-ring We're gonna need you. So this pump module contains a new float sensor a new pump unit. The issue with the Uh the pump that I originally had ordered which is over on the return shelf is that it was not equipped with any of this emissions equipment. It just had a connector for the electrical connector and it had the fuel line output and you can see here this thing has two additional uh, little nipples for connectors here and uh, like I said, the original unit did not come equipped with those.

So uh, we've got the right pump here. It's from Mopar it's a genuine OEM part. Let's get this guy installed and get the tank back in the truck. You know the timing of this situation is quite fortuitous because uh I just finished making the space over here usable.

We hung a light last night, so now I can see we have to hang one more light over there. probably several more over here. and then I've still got some more demo work to do, but uh, but we're getting there. I've decided that closet is going to leave because we broke it and I've also decided that this section of this concrete wall is going to stay because having this divider here does not interrupt like shop flow or shop space.

and it's good wall space to hang things on and put shelves near. So I'm going to leave that there. We're going to take that away. We're going to fill that hole.

later on, we're going to put in more lights, we're going to fix that, get rid of these sinks, and then the tile floor is going to go away. The metal. This is not actually really good metal. You guys were telling me to sell this stuff.

It's more like a like a stick on panel thing. Um, I'm gonna throw that away. I'm not keeping that so the metal is going to go away the the wood. There's like wood frame walls behind this metal stuff.

that's gonna stay because that's a lot of demo work to gain six inches of floor space. and I'm just not going to do that. So we're going to leave that stuff there, take away the metal, leave this stuff here. then we'll demo the floors, get it all cleaned up, put a lift in, and then then we can do more work here.

So yeah, Anyway, back to the task at hand. Let's get our fuel pump situation handled and get that guy back in the truck. So what I'm gonna do here is pull this unit back out of the tank again, pour the fuel back out of the pump back into the tank again, and then we'll get that new unit installed and ready to go. We don't need that I Want to give this surface here a bit of a wipe.
There's still dirt there even though we blew it out earlier. So when I get all that dirt off of the ceiling surface so that the O-ring gasket does not leak because then we'll have EVAP system leak codes and we'll have to take the tank down again and that would not be good. There we go. Okay, new pump coming in.

We'll start with the uh, the float lever. slide that in there, set it into position. Now it's spring loaded so we need to press down on the unit. should there we go, clicked down into its uh into its Groove we'll get our ring started, ring friction there we go.

Come on there all right now now it'll stay I Do need to drive this ring a little bit tighter so it locks in and then we're good to go here. Let's get rid of all the spilled fuel. We'll make it evaporate. There we go.

Compressor powering down. Okay, so I'm just going to take a dull chisel and use that to drive this ring. It just needs to rotate till the tabs lock into position. Okay, there we go.

we're locked in. Beautiful! Let's go ahead and plug in this Evap line right here. We're gonna have one. two connectors, two more hose connections.

one's the output, one is another revamp vet line and then our electrical connector. but all that is left in the truck. So let's wheel this thing over and get it lifted up into position. Yeah, this tank is still just sitting on top of the trans jack.

Roll this guy on over. Truck Moving up. Okie Dokes Let's go ahead and maneuver this tank back under the truck. We will lift it up, We'll get the hoses in position, we'll get them connected, and then we'll strap this thing in with the tank straps.

Then we can let her down, start it up. Then we're going to go ahead and get the scan tool out and we're going to watch the fuel. Trims On this, come come down from their Max positive and then we'll watch this thing retake control of its fuel strategy. Moving on up.

So we've got. there's the one connection there, two, three, the filler neck four or five, and then the electrical connectors. That's going to be six connections total we have to make here. Let's get our dangly bit folded up a little bit here.

It's all just sticking out in the open. Yeah, space is going to get real tight here in a second. Thank you. I think I'm a little too far forward.

Yeah. I've got to push this thing back quite a bit. We're a little off here and Scoot you back there? where you go? Is that it? yeah? closer. Oh Hang On we're hung up on a hose clamp.

It's stuck on a wiring harness. Look at that. that was gonna. That was gonna be a problem.
I Think this goes on the other side of that cross member. Yes it does There we go in a little farther back. Come on there we go. So I was thinking this is going to be like a reverse formatted video where normally we would diagnose the car and then fix it in this one.

we're gonna fix it and then prove out the diagnosis. Got a little bass backwards. All right. Enough of the dad jokes.

Let's move around back and start getting things connected here. Start with this, uh, this evap hose. That's where we left off when we disconnected it. so it only seems fitting to connect that because we are going in inverse order for this thing plug into is that it I cannot see I think that's the connector right right? there? Is that it? Sure.

I can't see it. I'm actually looking through the camera to see what I'm doing here. Connector click. Yeah, yeah, we're good.

We got it. Okay, let's get out of here. Watch this. She doesn't know.

Here we go. Oh come on you thing fit. Go go in there. Yeah.

I'm working. You mean he's not full? No. hey I don't see any whipped cream on that coffee? it is. No, it's not.

They didn't put the Dome cap on it. She didn't have anything. What kind of wild why is this? That's fine. Thank you babe! Love you.

Okay, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna adjust the Tilt mechanism on this jack stand a little bit and we're going to lean this tank towards the front of the vehicle. That way I can reach up and over and get a hold of the rest of those connectors to uh to make the appropriate connections. So let's just tilt this guy a little bit. Not so much where it knocks the tank over, but just enough to gain some more access to our our Vital components in there.

Before we button the back of this up though, let's check on that filler neck and it looks like it's in its correct position. Let's go around and check it from the other side here. make sure we're in the right spot and we are I can see it. So uh yeah, we're good to proceed here.

Let's keep going. Okay, a little bit more up action. it's looking good. Okay, that's about as high as it's gonna go until I'm ready to secure it.

So I need to reach in there and get that stuff plugged in. We've got the fuel line, the electrical connector, and this, uh, evap vent line right here. Oh and then I've got to put those little uh, the safety connectors back onto it as well. Those are over on top of my my blue box.

Come on. Click? All right? Yeah! I Remember this is this is the hard to reach everything vehicle. Yeah, here's our click. See if I can't reach in here and get the fuel line next.

you can't see. Nope, a little higher up. All right. there's a fuel line that's connected.

Let's get this. Oh, you guys can't see you fell down here. That's not gonna work. Yeah, it looks a little better.
Kinda going back in, put the wire up. Okay, that's our electrical connector. I Just need to put the safety clip in this one and in that one be right back. I Really can't see though I don't know.

Well I kind of forgot which one goes where I think the blue one goes in in here flashback Oh clip gravity. We're gonna need to recover that and a flashback I Guess we're gonna find out. Yeah, the blue one goes there because that clicked right in. Good to go and that red one still can't see.

Oh man, yeah I really can't see it at all. but I can feel it and I can probably hear it when it goes. Nick Foreign I've made a gross error here. I've got these things flippy flopped.

The blue one does not go here. the red one goes here. So I need to get this back out. I Love my job so much I Do it twice.

They appear to be similar, but they, uh, they are not. So let's try this again. Put the red one in there. Let's go ahead.

now. we're cooking. Let's see about that blue one. now.

There we go. That was easy. Oh, you guys can't see there it is. Blue one's in position.

We're all connected except for this front hose I think and then the uh, the filler neck. So uh, let's get the let's get the tank back up into position and we'll get it strapped in flashlight. It's moving on up. All right.

Let's see, we've got this connector connection. I tried to say connector and connection at the same time. connect. Sure that one goes in there.

we'll clip that guy on. I Think that's uh, secure. Let me check it again. Uh no, it's not.

Um, it's not in all the way now. it is clicks. Okay, let's move around back here to the filler neck and make sure that that thing is going to slide onto the or the hose is going to slide on the filler neck rather. And then we'll clamp that guy in next.

Oh nope, not yet. a little higher up. Uh, what are we stuck on? We're stuck on a nut there right there there. Now we're unstuck.

Okay, let's try that again. I Had to move the tank just ever so slightly squeeze this guy on and then we can tighten that down. I Think it was a quarter inch bit. Memory serves all right.

Mirror, Hose clamp, click and I've got to put that little hose back in its bracket. There we go. All right. good to go.

Let's go ahead and get the straps on the tank and then secure that to the truck. I Put the nuts back on the studs so I wouldn't lose them front and the rear. Remember this job occurred during the middle of a construction zone or a destruction Zone We're at a let's See straps I Need my straps there we go. Which one was which? Um, this is the deep side.

So I think that goes out back I Think yeah, that one goes back here. so we need to get it up and then slide it into the frame there. Uh, nope, Never mind. this is the wrong side.

This one goes in the front. Let's try that again. No, it doesn't Okay So we're just gonna go with what we know. This one goes on the front.
Figure that rear one out in a minute. Foreign this all the way up. if it's not already which it is. okay now.

I Need to figure out this rear strap. Why don't you want to fit? Seriously, it doesn't want to go in there. Maybe I should move the jack. slide it that way.

some okay. Go on there. We go. Got it? That's hanging in its spot.

Okay, now we're getting somewhere right there. Nut number two: Okay, I Think we need a Uh 16 millimeter, an extension, and a gun and we'll tighten that up. We'll let this thing down and see how it runs. Let's see 16 16.

there we go. Impact Cam A lot of noises. All right. let that Jack down.

Let's let the truck down and see how it runs. All righty. we're almost there. But before we key this thing on, we need to.

uh, re-popping easy hood here and reconnect that fuel line I think it's still disconnected and oh, that's a negative. Nope, it's hooked up. We're good. All right.

Let's hop on in the cab and uh, starting with the engine actually I'm gonna clear this rack all the way first so I can move this back because we need to get in and out of this thing with the scan tool. Change of plans on my non-plan plan Plan: Continuing to come down. get rid of you. Get rid of that one Here we go.

Foreign. All right. See if you can't squeeze in here real quick. Like oh, tight squeeze.

Okay, let me key it on a couple times. We'll let that pump. Prime I Just heard it. Come on one more time and starting the engine.

Foreign alarm. Okay I don't want those fuel trims to start resetting right away. So I'm going to shut this thing down again. Let's go get the scan tool out and get connected.

Uh. Negative Scanner Scanner Scanner scanner. Uh oh. over here.

I got it. Scanner that's a little dirty from the construction. Shiny. No.

I'm not going to spray it with brake clean. No, it's a computer. All right. Scan tool powering on.

beep. And there's my little connector. There's our OBD2 port onboard diagnostics. Oh, for those of you who do not know the uh, the Chrysler products and the Dodges that have the electronic uh shift, a shift knob, electronic shift knob.

There we go. Words: If you need to put it in neutral, it has a manual release so now it's in park. Now it's in neutral. Back in park.

The tow truck, right? Tow truck drivers. More words. Know this. but not everyone knows this.

and now we all know this. Now that I can figure out how to put this cover back on, we're good. Get in there. gonna do.

Oh, come on. Seriously there. All right. back to the task at hand.

Let's fire up the scan tool. We're gonna go to Fuel Trims and I'm gonna watch them come down towards zero I think we left them at like positive 30 or something. they were full. maximum positive So vehicle history: 19 Ram 1500 Four-wheel drive 5.7 liters waiting and scanning and scanning and waiting.
Don't care if I don't have Wi-Fi connection As soon as this pulls up, we're gonna immediately find fuel trims. All right. look at here. We've got long-term trims: 33 percent 33 long term spank two.

Now let us stockings the engine. see where our short terms start to? Trend off to. let's let this thing warm up. Well that gives us a second to, uh, go back under the hood and put the engine cover and the fuse box cover back on.

If we can at least do that. See, while we're waiting, we can always do something else. I have the push Clips out of this bumper cover here or the radiator cover I should probably put those back on as well. What do you think? Yeah I know right? This is about as exciting as the washing me wash windows and do oil changes.

Yeah yeah! I Haven't gotten you guys with an oil change video in a while I Need to need to quit slacking and sell some oil changes around here. What do you think? if you build it they will come. my oil change Empire yo. these are two piece clips.

same thing with that one right there. Did I miss one. Sure did I missed two I missed this one and this one and this one's been reset. So I have to unreset it.

There we go. Part of it. okay, fuse box cover that can go back in. that's Dusty So let me undust that.

That's it. Collateral construction, damage, Foreign. There we go. and I know it's a little dark in there, but I'm putting the decorative engine cover back in position as well.

right there real quick. Let's go check on those fuel trims. See what we're doing here on uh, on our short terms. Are we still an open loop? Let's give it some uh.

revolutions. Okay, it's been about five minutes. I've got the engine covers on. Let's look at our fuel trims here.

We've got bank one. Long terms it has fallen down to 12.3 percent which is perfect. That's acceptable. Uh Bank Two, we're down to 10.9 percent and I do believe it's still falling short terms are trending.

That's negative. 18 15. Yeah, yeah, everybody's coming down into play. So what we had was either a fuel flow issue uh, or a pressure issue or both.

Um, it. What really gave it away is the pump failed while it was sitting on the service. Drive Where my wife? Parks So uh. but this is definitely a confirmed kill.

We've got it handled, the situation is resolved. I Just need to clear these trouble codes. Back this thing out and we're good to go. Clearing this is the third attempt I've made to clear these trouble codes this uh this Ram yeah it does not like my Snap-On scanner.

Let me try it with another one here. Let's try it with my Uh Matco code reader scanner from when did I buy this thing in 2005? Yeah I think I bought this and like no, no I Got this in 2010, got it in 2010. either way it's it's. been around for a while.
It's been around so long that I can't order a replacement screen for it. See how the screens you can't see? there's a crack in the screen. the Matco Guy cannot even get parts for this thing. Yeah, there's our lean code.

Let's just erase all this stuff when the survey says access denied. seriously, let's try it. Uh Kion Engine off the Doge thing. clear trouble codes clear throwing down, restocking, powering on and check engine Illuminator is survey says no longer illuminated.

All right, we're good to go. Mission complete Doge Complete repair success. See you guys later Have a great day! Thanks for watching catch you in the next one. Don't forget to check the link down below end of transmission.


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