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In a previous video I replaced the rear springs on this 2010 Honda Odyssey. Now it's time to replace the broken front spring and insulators, The customer also wanted the front brakes replaced as well as the CV axles because it has a nasty vibration under load. Easy peasy!
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All right folks. time to get back after this. I don't know, it's the 20 times. Yeah, let's see.

let's get three five. Uh, fella wants to do the front brakes. It's got a broken spring on this side and we're replacing the CV axle so it's got a pretty nasty vibration. So we're going to start by just stripping her down.

We're using the old Impact Driver and Brooksie of course the brass hammer. We're gonna take these screws out. Foreign pile here before we get too deep. We'll take some of the WD right here.

We're gonna Spritz down our sway bar link. Let that start doing something and a little bit here on our bolts here. Bolts there there boat everywhere, it's bolt. Bolt We will remove our axle nut.

There we go. We have some OEM axles for it, so take that off I think I Saw the apps. Okay now because because we're taking the spring out or the strut out, we're going to take the axle a little different. Typically I would unhook the ball joint and swing this whole mess up and out just in case they have cams in it.

But in this case we're going to just tip the knuckle forward you knucklehead and then, um, get the axle out. That way, let's see if we can't get our sway bar link off there now that we can penetrate 0.2 seconds, these usually come off pretty difficult unless you're from the south. Then they come right out so we're gonna reach behind it. We're gonna grab it with a pair of needle nose white scripts here.

Be careful not to grab a hold of the rubber. if you do, it will ruin it. You know it's my new sway bar link. These ones are tight.

Throw a clamp onto it, try to give it the no mercy reversy. We're gonna go back in with it. Oops, my scripts came off here, not gripping anymore. There we go and then what you want to do is you want to get enough penetrating more on this.

When that nut gets hot, it starts smoking provides a good visual effects here. so we're doing a little bit more pants and Pete thrower in reverse. There she is and you get the good smoke. You see it's important and I can see.

Make sure when you're clamping it, you're actually on the metal ring there now as aftermarket sway bar links and it may have uh Flats in there where you can just get a wrench on. the oems like what this, these probably have been replaced before because they're still quite tight. Um or maybe the original? You know they have a spot where you have to clamp onto. Ideally you would stick a looks like a six millimeter, you know, hex in the middle, but come on, forget about it.

it ain't happening around here. Let's see what we have here. We've got 14 I think is that 14. negative Ghost Rider So we're gonna get a little extension and a 12.

we have to take our brake hose off because we need to take our strut out. Come on. Yeah. foreign to the side.

All right. and I guess now we're right here. Bring out the dog, bring out Thor with the 22 mil. Doing it backwards but it's got the power.

I'm gonna take these nuts off. Okay, now you got to be careful. If yours does not have the OEM bolts, it has aftermarket cams. You don't want to do it this way.

My guy. Trust me. all right now, both of those are loose. We're going to leave them right in there for the time being.

What do we have? we need to take our counter off. We'll grab the socket for that. You guys are still an optimal viewing position. so reach back here and get the upper Bolt Let's go some womb and then the lower bolt which you can't see there.

There's a couple of them fellas. see if you can't take a little pressure off this thing. We start pissing down a little bit there makes them come off a wee bit easier. I'll set that fella right there.

I Want to make sure that piston can go back in where she belongs? We are putting pads and orders on it customary quests so we'll push our pistons in. Pistons Don't push in. You know your brake coats may be collapsed or you got a bad caliper. They're probably pushing that in.

You want to make learn too when you have enough room in your Reservoir Also, we'll just leave that kind of dangling right there. Foreign, stuck a little bit. We're 19. probably 19..

Crack these babies loose. Oh, they're a girl where they're snug. Look at that up there. Go grab a snug a nuggets.

I Know we cracked them loose. The steering wheel is locked so I can't rotate it to get Thor back there. I'll get that one off. We'll drop the nut or a bolt.

Rather, take the bracket off. I'm gonna set this to the side. We'll pull our rotor off. It's pretty clean as far as rust goes.

He was having a little problems with this backing plate hitting here. We're gonna tweak down a little bit. It was just scraping, just so a little rust build up on the edge of the rotor. Now what we have to do, we'll get a little pick here.

We need to unhook our ABS wire up in here. It just clips into the uh, maybe you can see it. Oh, what's your call yo? What's your call? Come on fella. You make me get me.

Ain't you get that one out? Get both of them bolts out right there. Stick them to the side. Okay, so here's where we take the axle out. theoretically: I'm gonna make sure you're not gonna pull your wire too tight.

Took her head here a little bit. about a big bottom. boom. Look at that crusty.

There's a wheelbar and here's our Axle just kind of hanging there now where it's not tight. Everybody's happy. We need to take the axle itself out of the transmission. It's going to temporarily hang a little Gap there.

you also wants a transmission oil changer that's my proper. uh. so I already have the transmission empty. It's been draining for a while.

If you don't you may get a little surprise at least a little bit. we shouldn't leak much. The other side was a little different than this side. I'm gonna rotate that right there I Want to see if I can't reach in here with this little fella? I bet you guys come right where I need to be.

So I'm gonna try this best I Can we're gonna give her a little pull like that? Just like your pouring tooth. except you don't use a bar that thing. when you're pulling a tooth, this deer snaps loose there. Give her a little.

what's up there it is. Oh, she comes easy peasy. Now for the time being, we're gonna leave it with the axle out because we're going to take the strut out and I want a chance coming down and you know, laying it on the new boot or something like that. So we're gonna move our hooky down in here.

Leave that out of the way. What's our bearing? Okay, our bearing still feels good so let's let the car down. Uh, the boot here is pretty well smoked. We don't have to do one of those, We'll just trim her off flat like that.

Not 100 necessary. A lot of struts. We can have them. We're reusing the strut.

they're not leaking, they're not bouncy. So tired. Let's take the strut out behind this. Really nice because they give us access holes so you don't have to tear the whole stinking towel apart like some other companies.

which is really handy. You're really handy. Honda I Believe we're going to be using a 14. Yes sir.

14. take that one off, but we'll spin that one back on a few threads. Gonna play. Yeah, Oh wow, what a bunch of jerks.

Let's uh, see if we can park the wipers up on the window. Much better. I Am losing over here. That's exhaust went the wrong way.

so that nuts off. Let's find our plastic cap. I Just sent the no man's land. Oh yeah, we're gonna have fun getting that one.

Let's get the claw. Yes Ma'am What's up? Tow trucks here. My tow truck just pulled in. There's that.

Let's go see what the tow truck guy needs. All right. You can see this junker they're dropping off. This came from the dealer.

thank you I Kind of don't want him to leave it here. They smoked the inside of this car. They haven't ripped the shreds. apparently.

The guy drove it to the dealer and it left on. A tow truck got ripped in A million pieces out there. So let's figure out what the story is on that. I Guess So this is what we're taking out all the way.

We got our front one in part of the way nuts rather. thank you. Sure, you're gonna make it a little easier now. you always want to leave the one and otherwise you'll drop right on the ground.

There tow truck guy went. So there's that one and then we're gonna reach under here. We're gonna hang on to the truck with one hand and the bolt. There it is.

hang on through with you one handle. Take this one off all the way. It looks like it's off all the way and then just kind of slip around the side and there you have it. There's his truck.

Put a little tension on this spring. Now at this point you're not familiar with. Don't do it. Um, take it to a shop or machine shop.

Just have them. Most of the places will swap over the spring for you for a little bit of a labor charge. You know. All right, this spring is broken on the bottom.

I Don't know what we got here. Is this thing a nine millimeter, nine millimeter, or six six millimeter Set that little guy on there. We're reusing these so we don't want to destroy them. Foreign.

I'm gonna try to get down before you end today. Okay, but Josh has time when he's done with this. I'll help him do it. if Josh has time when he's done with this car.

I'll help him do it. I Do have the tires. No, it won't be any road yet. You know it's way straight to the sidewall.

Foreign strut. Get the Bellow off here. Bellow Let's jammed up down here anyways. foreign.

What's left of our spring? Set that off to the side. decompress because we need to swap our bearing and top plate over to a new spring. So let's clean up our strut bearing here. Don't wait to dirt off it, replace them if yours are cracked or you know, stiff, they don't turn anymore.

It's kind of a slip plate here. on the high news, some of them run actual bearings like the Subarus I'm gonna wipe the dirt and cut off our top plate here. All this stuff looks like it's a pretty good shape. Yeah, the customer got us new Springs the lower spring insulator and the upper bump stop.

So the bump stop we're just going to pop out of there. they just slip down in. I Mean these ones look pretty good still. but he brought us new ones.

We're just gonna slip them in there like I say the Bellows bottom of us torn so not much you can do about it. Make sure that's all good. Make sure you put your plate on the right way. put it on the wrong way.

it'll just break it. put it on upside down. You know what? I'm saying. it's pretty obvious what way it goes.

our top plate here. it does say underneath the front, all right. Put a little paint mark on the top of the one that goes on the inside. um which you know the front will still lighten up with the front, but uh I think they're offset.

They only go one way anyway, so it's not super important. However, if they don't go just one way, it would be important I put the rubber insulator on the bottom of our spring already. Now the spring direction is important. has paint marks on it lined up like your old one.

In this case, you all went on the top. and if you're buying the Springs um oh yeah, it will have the paint marks on. A lot of the aftermarkets just have a white mark. I think the white Mark goes up I'd have to.

They usually come with a sheet of paper that tells you all right so it's all back together. there new insulators on the bottom. Let's stick it together. This is the scary part.

You take shelter behind this inch and a half wide pipe here just in case it all breaks loose on you. Hopefully it doesn't I Haven't lost one yet, but you have cat like reflexes. you're going to want to make sure you're employing them at this point. All right.

I Think we might be close A lot of junk in the bottom of our strut here. Come up through. Oh, dropped it. You gotta kind of get your guided up in the bump.

Stop there. There she goes. Let's look up top where it comes through. Boom.

it's not on there real quick. It's like putting the pin back in the grenade although you can't really do that either. So anyhow, let's see. here's a guy who just took it right back off.

Make sure you switch your ratchet habit I Looked it said on but off is a new on. There we go. Now we're going the right direction now. before we snug that down too much I Wanted to get my Allen socket back there.

We need to line up the bottom of the strut here. We'll push it down a little more. See, it's keyway right here. It's got this notch on the insulator.

Well, it goes with a notch in the back of the strut. Look at that baby lined up and then I'm gonna hold it I'm gonna start taking off some pressure. Looks good. I Think it's going to want to slip on me because the way I had the spring hooked up, but it ain't going nowhere.

It's going to get kind of jammed in here. You have to rotate it a little bit because I want to put that in there. We're gonna stick it back in here for a second. there.

we go now. I'll put a little tension on it, take some pressure. back off it here now. We got re-squared in our machine, snug it up without fear of it flipping out on us.

we'll torque that factory spec of course. got your stuff back and I'll go stick that back in the car and then whatever system you use to find out who goes where I should told you before you took an hour after you take it out. you know Mark it in alignment so you know what goes where but I'm pretty sure these are offset. It's where it only goes one way.

we got our socket and extension. we're gonna need a little hanky, put a little Kleenex on there or paper towel that'll hold your nut. so when we go, you know back down through there we'll get it. So I'm gonna reach under now.

I marked my plate so I know which way mine goes. Doesn't mean I'm going to get it in the first try. oh my. God I'm gonna hold it with one hand there.

Well let's see I can't see crap in here I'll keep guessing yes ma'am I'm gonna drop this in, hopefully we're on the stud. we're on something. I'll tell you that foreign might have enough napkin to hold this one. Watch that a little bit.

there's that one. We've got these little fellas. Got it in there she is. Give them a number one pour up through.

There's that. Now we'll get our last one in and of course, shorten the factory specs. You know me, a piece of hanky and that one goes right down there. That way we have to run all away by hand.

Ling by hand. Let's grab our torque wrench here quick. There's one, there's another. There's our third one, so that's good.

51 foot pounds on those little fellas and then we gotta click these back in. What a great idea! Good job everybody else. Pay attention now. we need to slip our axle back in there.

Gonna grab some of the Dw1? put it on a Q-tip sprayer on the seal here. I'll get a little extra yeah, probably the Q-tip and so I make sure our seal is lubricated good, usually training fluid spewing out of it. There we can pull the axles and I can see in our case I already drained it I Wanted the green and refill a couple times, so all right. did it Once drove the vehicle, got our Green in the second touch.

Now don't damage your seal. You're lined up where you want her. Give her one of those Whoa. Well what's up If I was right in the world, it'll slip right in there for you.

We're going to take a little never sneeze. I'm gonna put it inside the splines of our Hub here. These don't have a tendency to see, but we like to make sure it's a man. I Seize your taste.

foreign. There's not a lot of junk stuck to your magnet, and if there isn't, we will line this up very gingerly. Slip that baby in. Slip on the axle nut.

a couple threads I'm bringing it around now. Watch your boot. Don't rip your boot. now.

turn this a little bit. You get one bolt in. Once you get one bolt in, the other one's easy. Clip your ABS sensor back in.

put it on. BofA Both of these nuts put your sway bar link back in there. Oh, where'd you go fella? There you go. Put that back in there.

We're gonna have to get this little whack down there with the other gun. Threads are a little crusty. We'll give these two a snugaduga. Oh, that's cool.

Oh Thor Man Thor Door knob. All right. We like it. We'll finish these guys off with the proper cork of 116.

I think is that there's that one I Can't pretending their way there. These might have to come out anyways. When we do the wheel alignment to replace it with a cam bolt, there's that. they all snugged up.

Click back on. This fella get a little bit good mother wondering if this guy would change that monitoring on its impact? Okay, we don't back her Back off here this very lightly. A number one snug and dugout. all right.

There she is. She's almost tight. She is all the way folks. We're going all the way now even though the top face is clean before we put the road around.

You see these little spots right here. You just want to at least get those two little spots off. That's where the you can put the forcing screw through the rotor, but the rest of it's clean so we're not too worried about any of that. We'll put a little Spritz of the film on there.

Get a couple of these screws, you don't want to put that on the proper way. Centrics Brake rotors from The Rock Auto Customer supplied I Think the one part store here in bath Fest Freddy's I think he carries them, it's really called Fred Roberts like Fast Freddy's put these screws on very lightly and if they're missing, forget about it. they're not super necessary. Naturally, you got the brake clean need to have oil all over them so we're going to spray it on a clean rag, wipe off the outer surface shiny, flip their egg around free to do turn this little guy with there.

yeah ew. that should keep us from getting contaminated, blasting them off with the sand and then wire wheeled them on Roger so all the rust is gone and prior to doing that I also pulled out pins because they get really rusty here at the top. Okay, where's my napkin there? We can use it and you just wipe off the old grease. get all the crap off the top because that's what.

SEALs it on the boot. Okay and they weren't seized up or Rusty or anything. just small grease in there. so we'll stick a little bit of new Lube on there some silicone grease, not too much meow.

slowly work it in there. we go now. let's click, then pull this one back out. Now if the boots and stuff are ripped, obviously they need to be replaced.

same thing on this one, you know? Make sure it's the groove is all cleaned out like a little silicone grease on that fella. Keep them all slimy. there's that. This is what we Super Lube because it's super and Luby that brush.

Where's our other stuff here? It is some silly ramek. Ultra super high temperature 3000 degrees. You can get your breaks with this stuff, turn them into molting lava. The grease will still be working liquid hot magma.

so we're gonna put a little bit on here. If you have time and it feels so inclined to do so. Paint these little fellas. Whoa dude.

I need to calm down and get that baby right there. We Loop them up. Not because it's a slipping point, but we Lube them up to try to combat rust. We just so we try to get our works right In every little nook and cranny in there we have brand new hardware.

We'll stick them right there. click them up in. yeah, they're in all the way. Don't lose that during that drag clip.

Don't be a drag man. there's that on the inside Leading Edge of the pad the Leading Edge of the rotor. We will have our squeaker. There's that.

We'll make sure they're in there. They feel good. Flip it around. Get this one to start.

Also I Feel like I'm gonna send this one on the floor? Nope. There we go. They should move nice and easy. These are accubono pads customer supplied.

They seem to fit okay. Make sure they slide nice and easy with minimal Force You'll be able to just wiggle her back and forth. I Don't want to keep flicking it out here. There we go.

Let's go stick this on the car. a couple bolts. can't see back there because you guys are right in the way. So we're gonna try to do this one by feel I guess I could look in the viewfinder.

it's not very helpful. Ah, first try, there's another one up here. Let's go for it. Come on man.

you got three kids There we go. Let's see here. one Zero one Ftlbs as it says, so we'll pull on that a little bit. Service station didn't say anything about lock play.

There's much of anything really on the old Honda there's that I got my 101 or thereabouts 108.4 Wow, this little fellow down where we can get to it. It's pretty clean in there. we're gonna Lube up the ears here. There's a bunch of rust and crap back here.

You need to get it out. Trust me. when I tell you that and we're going to put a little bit on the Piston face. try not to make a big old mess.

any metal. The metal contacts. we want to try to get this on there. eliminate squeakage.

These pads do have shims on them. Okay, so we got a little Lube on the Piston face. You can Lube the back side of the pack too. It doesn't matter, there's no ways.

Now it's a little trick Memaw taught me take a bowl okay, foreign. the top pin you don't want to slipper down on yet though. Let's get her up in that top pin because I need to maintain holding it while getting these anti-drag clips. Stick one in there.

stick one in here and off. Your brake pads are super loose. they're gonna go full iron. We're gonna bring her down here a little bit.

We're gonna stick our little hand right there. It's a pretty clutch mover going hold your pad so they don't go flinging out, get in there pin and then bring her around town like that. You'll see. You'll see when you're doing it.

You might not have been able to see anything right there at that moment, but when you're doing it, you're trying to get that clip on an unpads hit before. Like the 13th time a have somebody help your B total clip away or C I guess just do it like we did. The other thing you can do too is get a pair of C-clamp vice grips. Clamp them on your pads way down here at the bottom.

put your Clips on start to bring your calip around and as soon as your caliper is on a little bit of it, it ain't going nowhere. Okay, let's snug them up. make sure you don't have any curly q in your uh brake hose there. Oh, we're just spinning.

that pin isn't that one? We could get a wrench, but look what we have right? handy? We don't wanna. They're only like 16 foot pounds. They're barely tight so we'll just clip onto it with that. What a hack, huh? What a hack? Look at this guy.

Go to school. Hackery good enough baby. Hope you ate your Wheaties today 240 some odd foot pounds on this little guy. Oh we're gonna need another bite on that and there she is.

248.7 242 I Think that's what it's supposed to be. All right. Give her a whack and I guess Last but not least, the brake closer line that fill up. That's 16 foot pounds or a very light snug, a dug, or a quick hug a dog.

Yep at 16 foot pounds right there. guaranteed. Let's see how close we were. Let's see if it moves.

Nope, it didn't move. It's at least 16 foot pounds. probably probably 19. It's probably where it's at and everything's the same over here.

Same process, you know. I got the spring, the link, the brake hose, the rotors. everything's Everything's the same folks. Uh, the only thing that is different is the axle.

Okay, the axle has a male half or a female half on that side. you understand here in a minute. So the this is not the springs in a previous video Springs Me: in this video, this is off the driver's side. It's got the male half the passenger side.

got the female half. You know what? I'm saying boy Girl: I can get it and uh, so let's get this one off. Uh, just a long brass punch. Give her a smackeroo and it pops out and goes back in the same fashion as this one does quite easily.

In and out, baby. We're done. so we'll leave it at that folks. Um I gotta take I gotta fill up trains I got a bunch of other stuff the guy wants done to it too.

So I gotta keep cranking and uh, maybe I'll show you something else. we'll go for a test. So I gotta fix the window. we gotta put a belt on it.

All kinds of crap. some service stuff. So I'm Gonna Leave the wheels off of here I've gotta take a power bleed out all the brake fluid. It looks like the bleeders will come loose on this guy.

Thankfully, Hopefully we'll see and I'll see you in that comment section. questions, comments, the ends the Facebook You guys know where to find us. Just remember viewers, If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching foreign.

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    My first car had clackety CV joints. My father specifically forbid me to attempt axel repair/replacement. You disassemble one engine in a frenzy, and they never trust you again…I put most of the parts back in the right places!

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dennis Lippert says:

    customer-supplied Akebono pads? He must watch Scotty…

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tom Oakhill says:

    "Apparently he drove it to the dealer, and it left the dealer on a tow truck." Oh my! That is classic. What is that dealer's motto? "If it ain't broke, we will break it."

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars K B says:

    Using Kleenex to hold your nut… 🤣 Yes, I am still a teenager at heart, and a mechanic, so everything can be interpreted as dirty.

    I’ve worked on more Hondas/Acuras with the J35/37 that had vibration issues due to the front axles than I have any other powertrain. In fact, I may have replaced more axles specifically due to a vibration on the J35/37s than I have for all other powertrains combined (not including removing aftermarket axles that caused a vibration). It’s not a common issue in general around here, but it is somewhat common on this particular Honda/Acura drivetrain.

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Iain Kinsella says:

    Another Phase 4 repair…

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mice InOz says:

    I dont see many put anti-sieze in the hub spline as you (and I) do. I am not in a salt area, but it may be me that removes it next time……..

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Browning says:

    What is it with some of these new (Chinese) ratchets that flipped on and off? I won’t buy if it’s reversed!

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dirtyharry70585 says:

    So Eric, if that high temp grease wuz on the shuttle undersides, would the Columbia still be flying?

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael O says:

    Eric over here in Australia we have Possum Pee so if you ever find that Panther Pee is ineffective let me know & I'll send you some!

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Timothy ONeill says:

    Eric, you have been using WD40 as a rust buster lately. Problems with PB blaster and such?

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike Robbins says:


  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ` says:

    Wonder how many people know on the Toyoders the strut holes have about one* to whatever minor adjustment for camber..

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mr_matthew_brewer says:

    For the DIY’ers, where can I go to find torque specs?

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Crispr Talk says:

    I forgot why I was watching this.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ThacMan says:

    Check out all that white gold on wheel well liner.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars D C says:

    Like Toyota! Have to rip the cowl then the in take plenum off to get to the Bank 1 sparkplugs and coilpacks.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Defender Mender says:

    I followed along the video but couldn’t finish the job as my driveshafts are gender neutral Eric 🌈🦄