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Hello Everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back Cadillac Ct6 All-wheel Drive Customer States: Do Not Touch My car. Not even kidding. This is Gail Banks's car. Do Not Touch Gail's car.

Don't do it Here we go opening Z Hood Gravity yo Check this out. Look at these tires right here. That's major chunking and I learned a fun fact about the chunking. Check this out.

It happens on the dyno. The rollers tear up those tires like look at that one right there. Look familiar. Does this place look familiar? I'll give you a hint I'll give you guys a hint.

look at that exhaust fans. Those are the cooling vents for the dyno we are at Banks Power. Check this out! Surprise surprise I Had no idea I was going to be here to do this today, but I'm here I'm standing on the dyno pad at Banks Power. How freaking cool is that? Like I might not.

you might not see it but I am I'm freaking out inside right now. This is the coolest thing ever I Didn't tell you guys I'm here with A-Rod Powerstroke Tech Talk with A-Rod I Remember seeing this kind of stuff on Gail's YouTube videos and now I'm I'm standing in the spot Aaron What you think about this dude? What do you think? We didn't uh, didn't think I know we were talking about but we didn't think we were definitely going to be coming uh-huh status. Now we just, well you're doing at old school. Yeah, ratchet straps, sandbags.

That's why you're outside, that's why you're tearing them. We've got our emission system inside, so if this is not an emissions run, but if it is, we go in. That pipe in the walls, go through the inside I'll show you and then of course exhaust. We need to pin it out.

Okay, so if you're running, then you can collect everything that's coming out of the tailpipe and analyze it on the other side. Okay, got it, Got it. And then you've got the two squirrel fans up here. Those blow air down and underneath through these.

Because we had Coke machines over there before and they were the uh. the tires would get so hot, they would frag and we would put dents in the Coke machine. So at some point they moved the cooking machines inside and put the fans up. Okay, so you could cool the tires and the rollers.

Nice. Very clever. Yeah, so that's what that's it, right? there? Is that? the new setup for the Fords Yes, so the double goes this way. second one is right there.

Oh let me see that thing that looks pretty cool so you're making. so that's the single pillar for the Fords And then where's your second gauge goes right here. Yep, so the eye Dash Stealth pod dual will have a second one right here. Oh that.

Like that puts them nice and close. I Like that. Yes, that's a clean look. Nice interior on this.

Oh I haven't This is the 23, Isn't it? That's a 22. 22. I Have not been inside of the 22 yet. While we're here, we just poke around someone's truck.

You guys think, check it out. We're on the dyno cart. These are some of the test 4-channel analog modules. like these are the guys that talk to your uh, your eye Dash And then you can run sensors independent of the vehicle sensors.

so you haven't got the four pigtails coming out. So each module can support four sensors and that's the that's the unit that I'm running in my truck to get my rear diff Temp and it might charge or my compressor Outlet Temperatures and pressures I Have to run one of those things. Super cool setup. how they designed this I Like it dirty Max Here let me see.

let's climb over. I Want to see the Dual cluster for the new Duramaxes Nice. Oh, that looks great. It's nice and compact.

I Like those and you retain the Uh the grab handle I've seen I think I've seen somewhere. They have to delete the grab handle to fit their gauges. Yes, yeah, we're hoping to eliminate those. All right.

sensitive information. I'm gonna get out of there I'm revealing trade corporate secrets. What do we got here? Oh wood, look at that. That's the L5p.

Yeah, so this is a 20 20. Okay, and these are all of our four Channel and uh, five channel modules. Okay, so you've got sensors going everywhere, so how many can you stack up in in that series? I Believe? Up to six? Wow. But if you need to go more, we have some custom firmware that'll let you go up to 16.

No way. All right. So there are pressure and temperature sensors that go all throughout this engine. I See it? Yeah, I See it? I See, That's that's where your Derringer integrates.

Isn't it correct? Is that what you're connecting to right there? So you're just intercepting signals in your Derringer Uh, how does how does what does it do with those signals that it intercepts? It's very elegantly Under reporting certain signals so your ECM over delivers. Got it? So we're not changing your ECM tune? Not at all. You're just encouraging it to do what you want it to do. Correct? Got it? If I tell you that you're only Five nine, what do you do you? All of a sudden you stand I stand up a little taller.

Yeah, I'm taller than Five Nine truck. It's this 80 horsepower shy. Oh so it goes. Wait, wait, we're low on fuel pressure or we're low on output and the dirt.

The driver's asking for this and I can do that. So wait, go ahead and feeds it some more juice. and okay. I see CCM does not know that the signals it's receiving have been manipulated I See Okay, so when you remove it, it's like it was never there.

and we're so you're 100 emissions compliant, then you've got no issues with uh, everything carries a carb. EO Got it! So very good. Every all of our modules have Carbios. That's an executive order from the California Air Resource Board And that means that it has, uh, passed all the emissions tests and meets the minimum standards by the state of: California I See Okay, very good, very good.

Meanwhile, I'm over here. they're all walking off I Want to take a look inside of this giant wind machine because I have seen this thing on videos in action and now I got my hands on it. How cool is that? I Guess it's some commercial, uh, commercial vent fans for like a laundromat or um, I'm not really sure of it. They're commercial grade vent fans, steel and a couple like two three horsepower motors on the back.

What are those things? Seven and a half horsepower electric motors times times two? Looks like so we've got 15 horsepower of wind energy funneled. They they did this to to emulate real world driving down the road conditions. I Mean we can stick a fan up here, but this thing is simulating 60 to 70 mile per hour wind going over the front of the vehicle and that's going to put this engine in its natural environment. That way their testing is as close to real life as as they can come up with.

And I See, we've also got some sensor inputs in there too. Data: Gotta love the data. Let's go inside and check out the shop. Are we Machining Uh.

intakes over here? Is that what This is? All sorts of stuff in here? Okay, we're in the Machine Shop look at that cylinder heads, intakes, castings. We'll do the final. Machining Here we're gonna put the threads machine the surfaces to our exact intolerances. Wow! Thank you! You got to get your uh, you gotta install Safety Springs I am Safety Sprint exempt see I've got the exemption corrective lenses.

Yeah, that's the two fender for the five inch fender.5 inch. Correct. that's a it's a Mandal mandrel Bender Words right? Correct. Okay, it's a good machine to see how.

we don't kink anything where it makes the bends. You don't have any marks and indentations. That's a good vendor. that's a Primo machine.

We're only scratching the surface of the commercial manufacturing facility. There's other buildings on the complex where Banks Engineering is devoted entirely to military vehicle, power plant production as well as research and development. We'll get to that part later. Incredible machinery that are going on right now.

If you've got the new school technology which is our CAD Department mechanical engineering, we'll send a file across the street and we can cut it and bend it right on this machine that's behind here on the big five inch vending machine. Or we can do it a traditional style which is with with a jiggers coming in. We've got James here so everyone is identical. see how they're formed I See all of the jigs are stored above.

We bring it down so we set up our work in The Jig Hold parts from the bins and then they're set up on The Jig in order to be welded in position in the right places. Yeah, there's another one. You can see all the pipe coming in. cut to size, right, all the lengths.

Then it'll get carted up and then it'll go either into bending or welding. We've got raw material getting, uh, getting broken down to the right length. That's what our guys doing over here. It's going to take this piece.

It's going to chop it up in the right sections. Hey, what's up my man and uh, he's gonna prep that for the next stage in production. Right side. These are all the tig guys.

I Think they said six stations hazard. There's six TIG Weld guys here. three and then I Think three on the other side and that's where. Uh, where they're setting up some of the smaller smaller components.

See what this guy's doing? American 100 percent game on. Wow. Look at that band saw. Look at that thing.

It's a fruit table. Saw some smaller pieces. Yeah, we're on the other side of that first take station we saw. So we've got three more stations back here.

I See, my man's got jig set up. He's got a vent fan helmet right here and there's his tool right there. There's this welder. so I think what we're doing is we're taking over the raw material.

It goes to this man's station. He has the pieces that he needs welds them on I Think we're doing exhaust hangers here and they're gonna hand weld those on on The Jig and I I'm assuming he places his finished product down right here in this bin. It's gonna move on to the next station second weld. Let's see the heat coming through.

Look at that. He's cleaning off the slack from his weld right now. Thank you sir, Thank you thank you very much. Here we go.

That unit's done nice Wells too. It's all handmade. Jesus Thanks brother. Appreciate you.

Perfect Bend Danger: These look like four inch over axle pipes. I Think there's three hangers per exhaust times 40 50 different exhaust systems. So every every application is going to have its own blueprint on how it has to be assembled so you've got your own jig. Then for each application, imagine a new Ram truck where you have like let's say a 2 000 Ram You have a single cab short bed, a a dual cab short bed, a dual cab long bed A mega cab.

Long bedding make you like all those combinations. all take different lengths and different hangers. Yes, so each. Model Truck could have four or five, six different Skus just for the package of of an exhaust pipe.

hundreds of skews. Wow. This is one of the only fenders west of the Mississippi that can bend five inch stainless tubing right here. checking to make sure that it was a good bend.

Nothing no raises, no ridges. uh, no divots things like that. and then we're pulling it back off and it's going to go over into the bin nice and shiny, cooling the tooling Mark the oil left behind his wiping that down too smoke as pink and we're entering restricted area. no filming.

It says it right on the door. We're done. See what actually is? All right? we're leaving the restricted area I Can't tell you, but you guys wouldn't believe what's going on in that building. You wouldn't believe it.

That wasn't a lot of recorded either. Sorry, maybe next time. This outflows A Straight piece of pipe. So if you were to measure the outlet here versus the outlet at Ace as you kind of a straight piece of pipe, this is better.

literally. Yes, that's awesome. Talk about engineering where you can. You can do a 1260 degree Bend exactly and then I'll close the straight piece.

It's absolutely does. It's the way we diffuse the air on a turbocharger straight piece, but it doesn't flow as well as an 18 degree included Angle medicine. Well, that's the megaphone bent over. It's not the hot side, it's full size calculations the same Dynamics rule whether the gas is hoverboard.

This flow bench has been hot rotted with a map sensor. so we know the air mass measuring air mass where Gale acetyl-handedly is trying to move the industry in that direction. you know and again. One other thing that stands out to me the most is is you guys are actually using your products that you're selling retail as part of your R D process.

You're running I Dash and analog modules here just to measure. you know, your test equipment. We did that for our own use. Now we're selling them well.

I'm glad you are because I've got two of them I've got two of them. Now what are you measuring in your truck again? I've got my diff temp Pro back there because I like to know that it's super cool I like to watch it when I'm towing something and I'm watching those temps climb up yes and then I come off the throttle and I can I can tell that that Ram air scoop is just whole. it's pulling out of it and I'm just watching it fall. Then I get back on the load again and I watch those tents climb back up and and I can see a huge difference when I've got a load versus just an empty truck.

I mean I could see you? Absolutely yeah I can see the the unit is in action and it's It's just cool to be able to know what's going on. Plus if if I'm in a 105 degree day and I've got 16 000 pounds behind me I know I know if I start pushing it too hard. you know because if I start seeing this one I needed some mountains. Yep, I'll I'll take it off what floor it is.

Yeah yeah, we're a little 10 feet above sea level flat. We're not totally flat, but we do have some grade, but nothing like what y'all have here. Yeah, the better. Answer your question: I'm running I've got a temperature and pressure sensor at my compressor outlet and then I've got my other channel running the diff temp probe and what I'm going to do is when it's time to get my intercooler done.

I want a temp and pressure at my intercooler? Outlet because I want to see the drop from the old unit and then I want to see the difference once I install a new intercooler. so I want to be able to date it to log that first, document it first right and then switch out the intercooler and then Watch What Happens Next like I'm the temperature difference for me I want to see it happen? Yeah I want to see the difference in performance between one unit and a new one. but I can't do that until I've got some data collection. Yeah, all right guys.

uh I'm backing away slowly in that room. and in that room is actually stuff that cannot be shown. but we are for real in the Gale Banks Dino Room Control Center. This is where we're throttling the engines we're monitoring with Uh with our data units.

we've got everything set up for Uh for controlling the operations and I am on my way out again. I Cannot show you guys what's behind the glass, but it is truly remarkably impressive ever after it 300. come on, come on! 9, 50. 80, 90.

1003. So uh. that being said, I'm going to close this video out. Thanks for hanging out with me on our tour at Banks Power.

Thank you guys for watching and as always, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! end of banks Power Tour I Remember seeing that in uh in magazines. Some of the oh is that a uh, like a type what they call this a typhoon? Is that what? Yeah, that's this. Was that. like the Cyclone prototype? Let me get out of here.

Wow. It's pretty impressive. Quite impressive. Phenomenally impressive.

I think I'm close to the man's office I'm gonna back away a little bit entering another uh, another high security area. I'm going to go slowly back away over here. Check it out. Scales trophy from YouTube land.

They really should. They really should give you some more of those like every: 100K I Think you should get a new one I Think you really should get a new one every time. Yeah, how about that? Ah, that one. My favorite.

That's true. Yep, again, 24. it's one of the Navy engines over there I Was gonna ask if these were Marine applications over here. That one there? okay, not that one.

That one. Oh this one. Yeah okay. Supercharged Yes sir.

and twin turbo I Like that Super turbo? All right. Here's one of our Pikes Peak cars we were in for two years. That's terminal charging on alcohol, so you probably don't know that he has the real one. What color in fact red with bright? Stripes Yep, that's cool.

Oh the way we'll pack it up, it's five o'clock.

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