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Happenings He Hood that's gonna get it. Hello everybody, good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! This is a Hyundai Santa Fe I think it's a 2005 model I Am familiar with this truck a little bit. It runs very, very rough on occasion and is throwing some some crazy EGR Codes now I Locked the door once upon a time I Had this on the scan tool and found that the throttle position sensor was giving an erratic reading because the wiring harness was damaged I repaired that and system was operating as normular. but now it's got a rough idle again and it stalls on occasion.

Let's go back in and catch the scan tool I forgot that and uh, we'll go from there see what's going on. So stay tuned because this is gonna be a very good video. Dangly all right scan tool powering on me OBD That's on board diagnostics and we'll just get this little guy plugged in right here. Uh, it's not connected to, it's a little bracket.

No worries. There we go. Got it. Internal power is low.

No, it's not. Shouldn't be all right. Key on starting the engine Hyundai Hyundai Hyundai Hyundai Hyundai Hyundai Hyundai Sounds like a commercial O2 Sensor malfunction. That was weird Hang on we're changing codes again.

401 EGR Flow insufficient 305 Cylinder 5 Misfire 303 Cylinder 3 Misfire Oh, there's all kinds of crazy stuff going on here. O2 Sensor: no activity Bank One Sensor One: That's not okay. Look here. we got misfires on one, three, and five.

That's all Bank one. There's an issue with the SO2 sensor First and foremost. Yeah, there's an EGR flow problem. There is a DTC for that.

But uh, we got to do something about this. O2 sensor. Hang on the bottom graph. That's what we're looking at.

It's highlighted right here. Let's give it some throttle. Very slow response. My scan tool is not picking up on much.

Look at that. Bank One Sensor two: Nothing. Let's let this warm up real quick and then uh and recheck what's going on here I Believe it is still in closed loop. so the rear O2s are not functional yet.

3.5 liters and we need a 10 mil and a 10 mil on clicks. Oh, there's another one. Okay. Pull that guy out up on the wiper cowl and that one there.

We're good. Okay, this guy out. You can go right over there. for now.

Stay to revisit those throttle position sensor wires I Think we had to replace this connector. Once Upon a Time Let's give that the wiggle treatment. Everything's doing what it's supposed to be doing. That's not our issue here.

Okay, okay, see how we've got Bank two Sensor One and this is switching high and low, high and low. Bank One Sensor One is stuck. It's being very lazy. It is not doing what it's supposed to be doing.

We want to see this thing switching high low high low. Just like the bank 2 O2 sensor is switching high low high low. We've got a lazy sensor here. so I'm over here in uh in active test and I'm trying to do a running test where I can actuate the EGR valve I just want to see if it opens and closes and if the engine responds to it and I do not have access or permissions to uh oh wait wait maybe I do hang on.

just where'd this come from EGR Solenoid test perform Kion Engine off only Okay, ah, gravity. it's not really what I wanted I wanted to do that while it's running, but hey, it's an EGR test All right. Uh, it completed an actuator test. um I I Yeah, this isn't going to help me I think I'm supposed to monitor it from under the hood to see uh to see if it's responding.

Okay, well, we're not going to get anything else done in the parking lot restocking these engines. You hear that thing slow crank. It is not a happy camper doing this Ace Ventura style. Here we go.

That door of Doom There's the door again. we're gonna make it. Oh yeah, we made it. We made it right around that old door.

Cool. All right. Parking is the auto I Feel that misfire. All right powering down.

So at 170 000, we're gonna check out a few things first. Uh, we might actually have to dig into this engine because I I Understand that that EGR valve is hard to get to and I also understand that that uh Upstream O2 Bank One sensor is hard to get to I put that back because I think bank one is in the back and this is Bank two over here I think Okay, first things first. and since I've got the 10 mil already hanging out here I'm gonna pop out a spark plug and uh, just to get a a visual inspection and a feel for what we're working with in there. I don't know why I didn't disconnect that first.

What was I thinking or not thinking? unconnect? please? There we go. It's early hot. Pop this coil out right here. What do we got going on in there? Those plugs look good I can tell from here.

let's pull one out anyway just to make sure. Thank you. Uh oh, it didn't come out no worries. I'll retrieve it.

Yeah, Okay, yeah yeah, these are in good shape here. these are NGK plugs Owl warm looking, pretty good. Yeah, that's fine. you can stay.

you go back in your home. Put that back. you know, a lot of times you guys I'll uh I'll skip stuff like this like if I come into a dead end I just edit that out and then folks wonder why, uh, why I didn't include this, that or the other. And the reality is, there's a lot of stuff that gets looked at that doesn't get documented because it's you know, just a bunch of dead ends.

Okay, battery. What do we got going here? It's a Rural King battery. Odd to see that in a Hyundai in my estimation. Okay, what do we have? 700 cold cranking amps? 12.69 volts.

cold cranking amps go down to 700. come on, come on. come on. Testing 681.

that was odd because it did crank slowly I thought it did. anyway. Okay, I stand corrected. Two dead ends.

All right. Oh, first things first: Pulling up the air box, air filter, tubing, connectors, brackets, and intake. Let's get this thing disassembled. So uh, what's your money on with this one? Guys, You think it's got a an O2 sensor that's failing and stuck? Or do we have an EGR valve that is stuck open which is causing unmetered air that the ECM does not know about to enter the intake? Is it entering excess air on the bank? One runners causing them to run lean and misfire? And the sensor is not faulty.

It's just, uh, stuck because it's actually reading what it should be. I Am of the opinion that the O2 sensors are functioning as designed and that the EGR is stuck open just because it does have that EGR flow code come off of there or p0401 EGR flow metering? Insufficient. Something like that. It's got an EGR issue and the ECM has in fact identified said EGR issue.

but we don't know what that is. So what I plan to do here is: get access. Remove that EGR If possible that's a broken connector too. You possibly remove that EGR and see if it's clogged or stuck open or something.

And if we find out that that EGR is functioning as it should be, I'll go ahead and pull that O2 out and we'll take a look at that. So okay, a couple more brackets here. I'm just going to pull these brackets off and leave some of this emissions stuff attached because there's a lot of hoses to contend with and I don't really feel like disconnecting all of them foreign work. Taking great care to not tear these.

they. uh, they do tear easily, especially when manipulated with the snap on. Fires Okay, I've got a bracket here for the fuel injector wiring harness. Let's disconnect that from the intake.

pull the injectors off the connectors or not. Kind of a tough call. Yeah, let's let's disconnect those if I can reach them. Very tight.

squeeze mini fry bar. see I can't get my fingers in there to uh, press that click to maybe I can pry bar it release without breaking I've found several broken connectors already I don't want to add one. Oh, come on you. Um, it's not worth the trouble.

Okay, changing my mind I Feel like I'm gonna break that? So what? I'm gonna do Pull this guy off? Stash that aside. it gives us a little bit more space. I mean all I need to do really is reach these bolts right here. That's fine now.

I Do not know this intake has ever been removed before. If it has, there's a good chance that the bracing brackets on the back side of the intake have a not been reinstalled and it has not been removed before and that tells me that those brackets should be attached. Foreshadowing: Get that out of here I did drop one over there I'll have to fetch that later. there's a washer.

Where'd that other one go? Um, it's a nut I Oh, and it fell pretty far I'll have to fish that out with a Uh with a magnet later. Well anyway, front side of this intake has been disconnected and there is something in the back holding it on. It's still kind of stuck. All right.

We are going in behind this intake with a mirror and I see the bracket that's got two bolts and there should be another one. Yeah, there's another one right there, but there is one missing. See if we can see this one missing on the other side of this bracket now. I am going to have to get back there and pull those uh, those EGR bolts out.

See those right there. I'm gonna have to remove those in order to remove this intake. I Don't think I'm going to be able to get to the tube just yet. So I do need to pull those two EGR bolts out of there.

See them right there. So it looks like I've got three bracket bolts and two EGR bolts to uh to reach back in and remove and I don't I don't really have a lot of space here. Look at that. Yeah, not much at all.

Hand tools only. I Think All right, we're going in quarter inch drive ratchet with a 12 mil. C of 12 is the right or the correct and proper millimeters. Looks like it feels like it.

Okay, that one broke loose. This is good. Try that second one. see if that's going to break loose.

Yep, there we go. So I'll pull these two guys out and then I'll get that third bracket up at the front and then I'll pull that EGR Once that's loose, the whole intake assembly should should come out no problem. Unless I forgot to disconnect something I'm sure I did. I'll find it.

In fact, this thing right here that's not connected or that is connected that is not is connected isn't Yeah, Okay, that's two. Yeah, more. Wiggly action. Find that other one.

Where are you there it is that one's tight. Hang on here. I Almost lost a lost ratchet. Change that angle a little bit.

it locks into place. Oh yeah, what do I do with my my Fastener I lost it. Hang on. Found it lost, it Found it, Hang on.

I need a different tool now that it's loose. all I need is the stubby and that will work the uh work that bolts out of there. You can see the reason why people don't put these back because they're they're hard to reach. They're even harder when you're trying to line them up and actually put the bolts in this.

Bolt's coming out is usually easier than bolts going in. That was foreshadowing and I'll be able to reach these uh EGR bolts too. doing the same method, giving it the the front side reach around treatment. Are we loose? Much much better.

Okay, all right, moving around to this side: I've just decided on a whim that I'm gonna pull this throttle body off of here and I'm going to do that because there's coolant lines attached to it and uh, I think there's another line in the back over there attached too. And yeah, they have one coolant here. one coolant there. rather than opening those up and spilling coolant.

I'm just going to unbolt this and stick it over here and then I can reach right around and grab that. EGR So we've got uh. two vacuum hoses here. One with that, you got a little zip tie that I broke.

It's okay. I put that there I can break it if I won't and the whole green striped one there. we go. Four more 12 mils actually.

these are uh, these are 11 aren't there? No, it's well, that one's just rounded off. So okay. send it. Foreign.

All right. The view is not the best because it's dark in there. but that's our. EGR There are two bolts that run through it that bolt it to the port on this intake manifold.

So I'm going to reach in there with this uh Flex head ratchet on a 10 mil, not a 10. it's like an 11. we're reaching there with the right size socket and unbolt that thing. Yeah, it's actually a 12.

the 11 was also incorrect. Pull this guy out foreign and that other one. Let's unplug this thing. You come here unclick please.

One was very tight and this one or one was loose. This one's very tight. It's odd I wonder if this has been removed before? I'm assuming it has because one of the bolts in that bracket. this one was missing in action.

Foreign s are dangerous to get you in trouble when you assume they make you an ass. Zoomer Okay, got it. EGR is loose from the intake but still bolted to the exhaust shoe. I Think this guy should come right out of here.

Let's back up some so we can see disconnected. Everybody's looking good. Nope. One connector.

There's always one connector. Okay, all right, let's get in here and take a look at the CGR and see if uh, we've got some clog in action or something going on here. You guys see? All right? Uh, well, that's the valve. See a little valve right there.

It is. a it is not fully closed. Odd. Well, that's definitely a problem right there.

That's that's a problem. So here's the deal. This is definitely confirmed. A major part of the issue right there.

This valve should Not be open in this position. This is a vacuum actuated valve. There's a vacuum line. Uh, right here.

The vacuum line that comes out of the diaphragm or into the diaphragm on the EG EGR connects over here to this vacuum system. plums through the intake. That's where it gets its source and it is controlled with this little actuator solenoid right here. Now, this valve is normally in a closed position until the actuator kicks on or that little solenoid turns out and it applies vacuum to the diaphragm.

Here on the actual EGR itself. I'm wondering if it's got like a bunch of dirt or something built up like on the stem or on the seal and uh, it's uh, it's clogging it or wedging it open. I'm curious to see if we can. uh, we can get this thing to free up a little bit.

Give it a give it a spray here. Brand new can. uh, how does this work? Oh, it's hard to push a little bit on both sides. Let's give it some.

uh, some timer. Hammer Some Tammers give us some. Hammer action. See that Hang On Let's uh, let me get a vacuum line and I'll just I'll pull vacuum manually and see if I can get that thing to start actuating what I meant is.

I'm going to hook this vacuum line up to the EGR and then I will uh I'll just suck on it. Plug that guy in, see if this is gonna work. You guys, watch your valve. I'll shock on the EGR Okay, yeah, it's not working now.

let's try it while I tap on it. Not working. There it goes. Thank you.

Very inconsistent I think it actually might leak or something too. I'm pulling a pretty hard vacuum and it's not doing what it's supposed to do. All right. Well, we already caught it being stuck once.

Uh, we seem to have freed it up, but I don't want it to get stuck again, especially since it takes all this labor to get to that. So we're pulling that off and I'm going to replace. We're gonna need more lubricant for that. Yeah, get that on there.

Nice. Okay, here's how this is gonna go. We're gonna get a hold of that nut with the wrench and wedge that up against this bracket and then I'm going to come in here with some pliers and we're going to, uh, twist this. uh, this unit loose.

Is this gonna work? There's no, this is n't gonna work. This is. how else can I do this I can't reach the exhaust. Nope, can't reach that.

This is fun I Don't want to do this job. Hard to do? Yeah, let's try that. You guys can't see what's going on. Begin unclicking now.

Oh man. I need bigger pliers? Okay, let's try this again. with the bigger angrier bears. This isn't so much of a force thing that's going to do this.

It's going to be like a finesse thing because this valve is dangling on the end of this pipe and uh, this pipe is just kind of suspended and curved around. It's not working. My concern is growing. Not a lot, not yet, but it's getting there.

We haven't reached a point of no return yet, which is cool, but uh yeah, that's not. This isn't gonna work all right. So here's the deal. no matter what, this bracket's in my way right now.

so I need to get rid of this if I have a hard time getting this EGR disconnected from the tube I'm gonna have to disconnect the tube from the exhaust and again, this bracket is in the way. so we're just gonna just gonna go ahead and pull this bracket right now once that thing's stuck on there too, which it feels like it. There's two more 12 mil bolts that bolt this bracket to the cylinder head. Yeah, those are tight too.

Oh, this is getting hard. It's okay. not everything in life is easy. patience.

It's one bracket. Bolt Yeah, got it. See how? I cut my hand open on that? so when it broke loose I didn't punch something and punch a hole through a knuckle. Okay, so now we at least have more space to not be able to get that thing to come out.

And I'll be at a pessimist. now. let's try again. Okay, got the wrench back on there.

I'm gonna shove this piece of wood in here. that way the wrench isn't pressing down on this, uh, aluminum valve cover because that wrench can be broken for the valve cover can be broken. Then we're gonna put the big nasty wrench on and that's that's not gonna work. It's just not here.

That's good. I Got a bite now. Oh yeah, it turned. see that.

Oh beautiful. That's cool because I was getting nervous. Okay, we're not out of the woods yet because I'm still gonna need to get this little Fastener loose from the tube. It's still rusted to the tube.

The reason being is the replacement valve. Oh I Have to go order that because the replacement valve may not be of the exact same thread. Show: It's imperative that we get this thing to break loose from this tube. more lubricant.

Absolutely imperative. Yes, All right. So I've got an idea. This is either going to work or I'm gonna break it 27 millimeter socket on the 90 degree impact.

Oh, it's not doing it. more battery here. Let's try it with a fresh battery. see what happens.

It doesn't have to come off, it just has to turn flashlight battery. Um, well all right. seriously. get out of here.

pliers with the assist. foreign. That thing's not budging loose. That's not.

That's not good. All right. Quick break away from the shop. I'm going down to the uh, the home supply store because I need fire and I do have fire at home but that's 40 minutes away and the store is like it's like store.

instead. there's a concrete truck next to us. That thing's pretty loud. So anyway, um I uh I Also decided that um, well my original plan was if I didn't find an EGR problem I was definitely going to go after those O2 sensors that Upstream on bank one.

uh I did find an EGR problem but I'm reluctant to bail out on replacing that bank one. Upstream it's like a 50 sensor and it takes four something hours to get to and I'm 90 of the way there. So I think when I get back since I am waiting on that EGR valve to show up. I'm gonna go ahead and uh and order that O2 sensor because I don't want to run the risk of not changing that sensor and then finding out that it also still has a fault.

um I I realize I did find a problem. It may not be the problem I Know it's a lot of the problem, but there still could be an issue with that sensor. Plus my other thought is if exhaust gases are running through bank one and leaning it out, then um, that means that sensor has been running under real real high heat because it's also re-burning and re-burning exhaust gases where the bank too may not experience that phenomenon so much. I I'm not so certain on it yet.

It's kind of up in the air for me in my head. but I I Do believe. I'm gonna go ahead and replace that sensor as well. Torches, Torches Torches.

We need fire. You guys see any fire. Negative: Ta-ha Napcast That'll do fire. Okay, no, it's not an oxy acetylene set.

Yes, I need an oxy acetylene set. Ah, they found me. but uh. but I don't have a time to get tanks filled right now and I don't have tanks.

So we're doing the MAF gas method. back to the shop, starting the engine right back at the shop. This is a last ditch effort. I got a can of map gas and a torch head I own like 100 of these but they're all at my house.

not here so we're gonna just gonna make this nice and hot as I can get it. This thing gonna work please. Like fire. All right.

We got it. Okay so this is either gonna work or it's not. Oh, that was loud. There's a guy outside I'm aware that I would be better off with an oxy acetylene torch, but I don't have one.

so I'm using MAF gas instead. Uh, it's harder than propane I suppose. So uh I know you guys are saying this is never going to work and you're probably right, but some heat is better than no heat. So I'm gonna give it a try and if it works then great.

and if it doesn't work then uh well. I don't know I haven't thought about that yet. So one thing at a time More Steam All right, it's getting pretty hot. Let's give it a let's give it a go.

Foreign moving. Okay, it did move. it's turning. Okay, it's now free.

It's free I need to free it up a lot that way when I go to attach an EGR valve to it I can thread it in and it'll work. But all right, we we got somewhere a little bit of heat better than no heat if I can create a flash fire with PB Blaster Uh. Negative: boils right off. Excellent Me: Ant.

All right, we got it. Flashlight gravity. Okay, now yep, we're good. It moves by hand.

Nice. All right. we win. Is it cooled off enough? I need to get some lube behind the fitting that way it can slide by hand later because when I go to put this together, this needs to move very freely.

Yeah, that's good. It's been restored. Okay, so I'm debating on uh, what to do about that O2 sensor uh I had a whole pile of codes for a fall d02 I saw it not working. My only concern is that this stuck open EGR was, uh, was causing that bank to run lean I'm not so certain about that because the EGR dumps right into the uh, the intake right here or right behind the throttle body.

I should have said and both Banks equally share EGR flow. So I I'm a little reluctant to believe that that stuck waveform on that Upstream O2 down there was caused by the EGR issue. I'm I'm almost thinking there's two different problems going on here. so uh, I think what I'm gonna do since we're already here and since that sensor is cheap, I'm going to go ahead and replace that.

it's a it's not a very costly unit. it's not a wide band and it's a four hour job to replace it and we're already four hours into that getting to it. So I I'm gonna go ahead and pull that uh, that O2 sensor out. it's way down there on the exhaust manifold, but I'm gonna go ahead and pull that guy out and get that replaced as well.

Okay, we've moved in quite a bit closer and here's the bracket that houses the O2 sensor wiring, connectors, the sensors down there underneath of these uh, heater hoses right here. I believe I can get it out of there without pulling the heater hoses off. Um, if I got to pull the heater hoses off, then I Will is that cool yet? So what? I'm gonna do without burning my hand on that hot thing right there it is. Uh, I'm going to go ahead and get these sensors disconnected from this bracket assembly here and unplug all this stuff.

Oh, that was hot and I need to get which one of these wires. Is it the bottom one? I Need to get this off of the bracket. mini pry bar. Yeah, don't burn the hand.

It's got just that little tab right there that holds it on. I'm just going to bend this tab I Can bend it back later. Why? Okay, you know what? I'm replacing the sensor. so I'm just gonna break this thing and that's uh.

I'm gonna be the end of it. Just cut it off. That guy's not coming out of there. It's rust, jacked and stuck and dirt crudded and it's not coming out.

If I intended to put this back, I probably would have done that, but since it's not going back, that'll be just fine. Detaching the wire from its little bracket down below and the sensor that we're looking for see the little blue on the wire and then the yellow. the sensor is that uh, little silver thing sticking up out of the exhaust I Need to get down onto uh. onto that with a O2 sensor socket and break that thing loose.

It's far away. All right now we're going in. We've got an O2 sensor socket. It's got a slit cut in it right here.

That way we can clear the wire, it's going to pass over that wire. Otherwise, how would we install the new one? It's going to be a tight squeeze. That's the theme of this one. tight squeezes.

So we're not out of the woods yet because this thing still has to get that sensor out of there. and I'm hoping the threads. Break Free We're going to go in with a Long Reach uh. ratchet.

put some torque on that, see what happens so you're gonna come out. or uh. we got a big problem here. Very big problem.

Okay, that's not gonna work I Need a wrench that will engage that socket? Don't have any space. Oh, here we go. extra long. 22 flexi head wrench that might engage the socket or it's the 24 and I got her backwards.

I Think it's backwards. Let's try a 24. All right, it's not a 24. it's not a 25.

It's a 26. So show I'm gonna try this again. with what I started with the first time. except I'll send it all down as one piece instead of a set of two pieces.

This doesn't work I'm pulling that coolant line out I Don't want to, but you gotta do what you got to do. All right. One last effort: I've got another style O2 sensor socket. This one's a little bit deeper reach and that'll reduce that offset which is making me run into this heater hose that seems to be engaging.

Let's try that. coming in again with the ratchet I know you guys can't see I kind of moved you over for a better view. plus you're sort of obstructing me I'm trying to get, uh, get this ratchet on that sensor and I think I got a bite here. so let's apply some negative torque here and reverse torque see if this is gonna work.

Oh, that's got some Flex to it. Come on. Break Free It's uh, I don't think it's doing it guys. it's uh, not breaking free.

This isn't good. It's not good at all. Okay, I've resigned myself. coolant lines are coming off.

not very easy, but those are definitely in my way at this point I need to as well I need to work that sensor quite a bit and with these hoses in the way, it's only going to serve to upset frustrate And Delay The overall process. So these things got to go I tried to avoid it working out I break the bond without damaging that heater core that it's difficult to do I didn't want to go in there increase risk I Still don't even know if I can get this O2 out I'm it didn't feel very good and I can't put heat on it because it's down inside of the heat shield and the only way in is through that hole where the little socket is. So if this doesn't work I'm gonna have to abandon the operation or pull the cylinder head off. Let's go ahead and try the uh, the straighter socket, the one that doesn't have that little offset lever and then, uh, we'll go back in with the ratchet again.

My efficiency gamble did not pay off. But bright side is I've got a lot more space to work with here. more leverage, more room I can apply more Force you're going to come out of there. Do it.

Come on. Okay, something happened good turn. Did it strip? Probably all right? So uh, pliers? gravity? yeah I made it to the ground cool. So this job is going down like the Hindenburg um I have two choices.

Three choices. Choice number one I can uh I can put it back together and walk away and um, take the risk of not replacing that O2 sensor in which case I didn't solve all the problem. Option number two is I can uh, keep messing with it as it is until I strip that sensor and then it's really not going to come out. Or option number three I take this heat shield off if I can and get better access to that sensor and then I can maybe apply some heat to it and uh, figure out a better way to uh to get that thing out of there.

Um, the bottom of this heat shield is already broken off where it mounts and there's two bolts here at the top, but they're rusted to no end. I don't even know if I can get these guys out of here. So I'm going to try option number two I don't want to concede defeat just yet. I've come so far.

those boats are not coming out man. Uh yeah yeah. I'm getting a little frustrated here. Nothing is working.

Oh yeah, there is another option. Um, see what's happening is the split O2 sensor sockets. It's opening up where the split is and it kind of common with the with these things. Um, the other option is I cut that wire off and then use a socket that does not have a split.

but um, if that fails then I'm I'm in big trouble. So I'm that's uh I don't want to do that I want to get the heat shield off first? That's probably best. Okay I got lube down there on the the head of one of these bolts and I'm just kind of working it back and forth I think it's turning just a wee little bit if I keep working it with lubrication on there. it may free up those threads and I can't just send it and break them off.

Otherwise, there will be no heat shield on this exhaust and it'll burn the car down and that would be bad. So the opposite of what we're trying to achieve here: turn. so turn and Lube and then do it again. See it moved.

Ah, this thing's uh, it's hurting my heart I'm not my actual heart, more like my emotions. Why should have been an astronaut or a fighter pilot? Yeah, fighter pilot? That's good I don't even know if this is working or not. Wow. all that work and uh, the bolts is actually broken off I didn't even realize.

All right, let's try the other one. I was doing all that for nothing. seems the uh to be the theme of the job here. that one turned.

this is gonna break off too I think that one's coming out. there's so much PB Blaster on me I'm a very well lubricated technician. Oh, by the way, my finger doesn't hurt anymore. or when I smashed it earlier, it's good now.

Okay, this thing's I got it. Loose I Just need to maneuver it up and out and somehow get that. Oh no. I have to take this other bracket off I Think yeah, we're getting closer.

we're getting. Yeah, we're getting a little closer. We're not close at all by any means. All right.

I am hereby placing this job on my official list of jobs that I never, ever want to do again. Okay, uh. been back here for about 20 30 more minutes tinkering around getting these bolts broken loose I need to remove this bracket right here that big one because it is in the way of the heat shield and I can't get the heat shield to come out and I still can't get the heat shield to come out awesome and I uh I still can't get the heat shield to come out? Tell me you're going to come out of there. Please please, let's not fight anymore.

This is already getting ugly. Come on the bottoms. Hung up on a power steering line that I can't really remove I wonder if I can just push it out of the way, push you back that way. if I can get it past this power steering line, we might be in in business here.

Mm-hmm Well now what do we do? I'm just gonna pry on it. Oh, that was easy. Okay, the heat shields. Oh, almost out of there, please come out I don't want to do this I don't want to fight with you heat shield.

Oh, it's stuck on that power steering line again. Hang on. Okay, got the heat shield out all right now. we still haven't gotten anywhere.

Um okay, so we still haven't really gotten anywhere and I'll show you what that means. Oh look, there's that socket that I dropped. Okay, what we have here is now we have access to this guy right here so we can put a better tool on it, hopefully apply more torque to remove it, and if need be, we can maybe apply some heat down here. Let's see now that's looks like a good view from the phone, but we were just tucked like down and almost looking straight down and even back some so it's we had a good view just then, but up here in the real world, that's uh, that's actually a pretty precarious situation to be in down there.

but we got to get that thing out. It has to come out. Okay, here's what we're gonna do: I'm gonna use these big uh flex-headed spline drives I believe that's a 22 millimeter I'm gonna use who made these You guys are going to ask. these are K Tool uh I think I bought these from uh the USA Truck part number KT ixdd b21x22 Do that there.

um I'll tell you what I'll uh I'll see if I can't find an Amazon link for these I bought these in a pair. it was the the 22 and the 21 and it also came with the 24 and a 25. Um, the 25 is a little a little odd because nothing is 25 but 24 works out. Anyway, rambling over with I'm gonna go ahead and slide this guy on.

we're gonna run the connector through it. so I don't have to cut the electrical connector off, then I'm going to try to. Well, that's not gonna work. Yeah, we're not putting the connector through that.

that one's too big. Oh yeah, all right. um. regular boxing wrench? not gonna.

I'm gonna have to cut this connector off aren't I That's what's gonna have to happen here. I am beginning to grow very weary of these setbacks all in the name of protecting myself from certain. Doom So we're gonna try to take this connector apart again I'm leaving myself the option to where if, uh, if this doesn't work out I can undo everything I've just done so I'm trying to not take bring myself into a hole. The the issue is is even if I can get a a good grip on that O2 sensor down there and I'm able to take it apart or uh, you know, get it to break loose, there's still a chance that it pulls the threads out of the exhaust manifold in which case uh, well, I'll be in a world of pain I'm gonna have to d-pin this connector and just pull pins out of it usually I don't put this much effort into a into a bad part, but yeah, okay, all right let's just see if I can get these pins to to back out of here I don't know how to unpin Hyundai pins on the inside.

Okay, what's this thing? oh I Bent my pen tool. What am I doing? Come on. thank you Gravity I could have pulled the engine out by now. Lubrication it's cut off.

we're done putting the socket on it. Done. Done messing around. No.

but first I'm using the 24. we talked about it. You guys saw it. the 22.10 22.

green not working I probably already broke it, wrenching on the thing anyway. So what? It's a little bit more gonna matter. come on you method. So we're committed.

Now it's coming out one way or the other. Yeah still. uh. still parking away down there? We're gonna do one side.

Hopefully it'll expand enough on this one side to, uh, break that tension threads All right next. Moment of Truth Let's get a good view in there because this is, uh, this is our Hail Mary play right here. This doesn't work out. uh I'm gonna have a problem All right.

We got the zooms turned in that's pretty deep, but here we go I'm putting some force on it. Oh yeah, yeah, buddy, look at that. In turn, we are in business now. All right I am uh I'm so relieved I may have been a little over cautious on that, but I I didn't I didn't really think I didn't think it was gonna happen.

To the truth my thoughts were it's not working I'm not gonna break it anymore and if I succeed and I get that thing out, then everybody wins our wrench And it was seriously the spline Drive wrench that saved the day. My next option was going to be to actually cut off that sensing out sensing element and stick a socket on there. So I'm I'm pleased I didn't have to do that. Oh wow, that was intense.

Yeah, okay, aha, it's free. All right. You come out of there please. What do we got here? All right, Is that thing deformed? It is deformed I didn't deform that.

That's not for me. that's from, uh, well, that's from forces unknown. So perhaps we did have uh, more than one problem going on here. Yeah, how about that? Okay, well now I'm waiting on parts to show up and uh, I don't think that's gonna happen today.

It's getting a little late in the evening Sun's going down well guys, since uh, since we're at the halfway mark and it's all uh, it's all good things from here I Suppose that, uh, due to my absence of Hearts I think I'm all done for for the evening. So uh, let me go ahead and thank you guys for watching this video as I close this thing out. Um normally I would ask you for a for a like button and a comment or two, but it has come to my attention that um, some folks were uh, we're going to subscribe to the channel or they were checking their subscription status. uh, due to my Jeep uh, Jeep giveaway issue with the deer with the differential and it turns out that folks that thought they were subscribed to the channel are actually not subscribed to the channel.

So rather than asking for you to tap that like button down below I'm just going to ask you to go down below and check your subscribe button to see if you are in fact subscribed. Um, if you thought you were and you're not, maybe now you should be. And if you're not, now is a good time to consider doing such things because I got a goal to hit a certain Milestone at the end of the year. It's a pretty steep goal, but I Have faith in the audience that you guys are willing to participate in these little Endeavors with me.

so just do me a quick salad, Scroll down below, check that subscribe button, and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in the Hyundai.

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