Part 1: I’m in Trouble! No Turning Back! 2005 Santa Fe 3.5
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Happenings He: Hood So our guy up there has got a very flat trailer. He'll think he realizes it. Look at that, he's just riding along on the rim. Uh, not very aware that uh Tire's flat? I should probably go tell him I'm gonna go tell him.

What do you guys think should I tell him? or maybe he does know and just doesn't care. Also a strong possibility. All right, he's turning off I Hope he knows that's not cool and that is why you do not put car tires on your trailer. Oh yeah, pre-trip inspections gotta do that with trailers.

Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! This is day Two of this 2005. Hyundai Santa Fe uh 3.5 liter V6 thing was stalling running rough. We found it had an EGR valve that was stuck open and a damaged sensing element on the Upstream Bank One O2 sensor which is way way way down there where we can't even see because the light's not even turned on. There we go.

If you, uh, happen to miss the painful and arduous extraction of uh, this particular O2 sensor, just go back. Whoa. Playing gravity, You see that just go down into this video's description and it will take you back in time to the part One of this. Hyundai Santa Fe You can see here.

there's the old sensor. That's how it came out of the manifold, smashed and dented, melted. Uh what I think happened here is the EGR was stuck open and it just, uh ran superheated exhaust over this for such a long period of time that it eventually just collapsed. Uh, collapsed the sensing element but we had a lazy O2 it wasn't functioning and uh, this was definitely.

uh. this is the culprit of some of those Dtc's that we found in the ECM Now I have already noticed this when I ordered these and I would or after I received them. but I'd like to let you guys, uh, take a peek at what happens sometimes in aftermarket parts land. First of all, these are the only Upstream sensors that were available for this car.

Period. Could not find anything else anywhere else. Check out the part numbers though. Three, five, Zero, three, four, five, six, six on both boxes.

see that now although this vehicle only required one O2 sensor as per my calculations, I felt compelled to just go ahead and order both of them. These are both listed as Upstream. You just saw that they both have the same part number, but uh, I Want to point something out the stuff that causes vast amounts of headaches? that right there. do you see the difference? Let me flip it over.

Do you see the difference? These connectors are different between the two units. However, they both came as the same part number in the same box, but these are obviously and very clearly completely different units. Now, if we take the connector from the old O2 sensor, I ended up cutting it off so I could get a tool on it to remove it You can clearly see that one of these connectors is not like the other. See that right there? That's the wrong color so we can already.

uh, count that one out. But if we take a look at this one, you see that that uh, matches up much better than uh than this one right here. See how that has the rails where the clip is and this one does not. This one also has these two protrusions that stick out into the sensor body and uh, this one does not.
so that tells me that this is the wrong part. It was not boxed properly and it's not going to fit the car. Now let's head over to the connector and just make sure that this connector does in fact fit because there is some subtle differences in it mostly right here where it mounts to its little bracket. But I just want to plug it in and make sure it's actually going to fit before we have to seed because again, this is a four hour replacement of this particular sensor.

and uh, I don't have to do it again. What we've got here is our connector that's the downstream O2 that's back on the converter and this one here is the Upstream and I've got it upside down. Nice solid click action so we're good. This is the correct unit for the vehicle.

All right. We're doing the lean over thing again trying to get Down. here. I'm actually a little sore from all this from yesterday.

Oh, you know what? I need to stop I should set uh, this heat shield back in first and then put that sensor in because remember I pulled the heat shield out with the sensor still attached and hold the wire through the hole. That was a quite cumbersome. Let's just get this guy back in. Unfortunately for me, it wedges in there very nicely and it's got stuck bolts and I'll be able to, uh, secure that with a uh, like a metal hose clamp or something.

It's got one bolt stuck that rusted through the heat shield and then one bolt broke off and I found one at the bottom that was already broken off so it technically has no bolts. Okay, that's tight. hand tight again with the slotted O2 sensor socket. Quick tug on the ratchet.

We'll finish that off. Click All right right now. I'm just getting this bracket installed. It's got three bolts that hold it.

one of them is already in the head, the other bolt that holds it runs through another bracket and then it bolts in. bail bolts into the cylinder head. Now those bolts are kind of pointed at me and up. so they're they're very hard to align.

I'm not having a good time doing it, but it's got to go back in. and I lost the bolt. Oh okay, where's my hole at there? It is okay. lined up again.

there's one. Okay, we're back in there with the the manual ratchet now. I can't get the enough torque delivered with that electric just because. Well, I just it won't do it.

So I'm doing it by hand. almost there. foreign when I get out of this. uh, this hole right here.

I don't like working behind this I think if I ever have to do this job again I'm just gonna like pull the engine out because I'm not having a good time and this is day two and I'm still suffering from day one fatigue. All right. Okay, two bolts are tight. We got one more small one on this side of the bracket and then that guy should be secure.
Then we can do the other bracket. Did I miss uh with this problem? I'm missing that bolt here. There we go now. I got it.

Woohoo! Connect that guy right there on this bracket which mounts here. We can go ahead and connect these O2s right now. Slide that down to where it goes and we'll bolt that on later. Okay, so I've got a new Uh EGR unit here.

This was very unobtainium, hard to find. I'm going to go ahead and just apply vacuum to this to demonstrate that it does function properly. Come on, you know she opens in, she closes. This is a good functioning unit.

Let's go ahead and get this installed. I'm not going to tighten this, uh, this nut down on it just yet. What we're gonna do here is: get it in its approximate position and we'll leave it a little bit loose that way. I can bolt it to the intake manifold when it's time.

Let's take that a little bit looser. I'll be able to bolt it to the intake when it's time and then I will tighten down the nut at the very end That allows this thing to move around while it's being bolted on. and then when I'm all set and done with it after that's installed. I can reach back here with a wrench and snug up this little fitting right here.

Okey-dokes So got the coolant lines on the brackets are on. that one's tight. this one is not tight because it's got a lot of play in it and I need to make sure it lines up with the bolts on the intake and uh, got the O2 sensor connected I Just said that EGR is on. so uh, next up we're uh, we're gonna go ahead and get this intake put back into place I did just put a new gasket on that.

That's a new one. Ah, here, that's a new one, not the old one free. There you go and before I forget which I already did forget I need to fish that bolt out that I dropped when I took the intake off of The Nut rather it's way down there in the intake Valley Come here magnet. Oh it's a Is that a twofer? Yeah I got a nut and a it's like a valve cover bolt I didn't drop that gravity.

Are we missing one negative? Okay, all right manifold coming in. Cut that down over the studs on the lower manifold and that is it's home. Let's make sure we're not pinching the wires. Good good.

it's sitting flush. I'm gonna go ahead and get all the connectors reconnected. I've got to put the vacuum line back on the EGR Then we'll bolt this thing down and then move on to the this side over here where the throttle body is. This is actually going really well.

It took a like four or five something hours to get to this point where I'm at right now and I think reassembly is going to go just swimmingly. just some Creek I'll bring these uh up to spec later. Okay, upper bolt on this bracket back here has uh been threaded into the intake. Let me see if I can't get it tightened I'm trying to do this with power tools since I know everything's out now.
Thank you. There we go. Got that one that's tight All right. I've got a couple more bracket bolts back there that need to Snug up.

Um, there's some yeah now I can see I can see what? I can't see. it's uh with all this stuff in the way I can't really see anything I can't even feel it. but I do have to get these last two bolts tightened. remember the ones I said I left loose to align everything Well, they're still loose while I'm back here I'll go ahead and set up that uh, that new EGR gasket and then Bolt the EGR in the head or to the intake.

there's a click. we're reaching around even deeper. Where is that bolt? Come on. Where are you got it? Come on please.

All right, got it. The tool is on. Yeah. I should have pulled the engine out of this thing.

seriously. might have been easier. All right. Okay, brackets tight.

Woohoo! Okay, let's move around back to the driver's side. We're gonna go ahead and get that EGR bolted to the intake manifold. So what I'm going to do? We're going to run the top bolt in and then we're going to sneak the gasket in there without dropping it because that would be unfortunate and it's off center. Okay, we go in there, better be lining up.

it's not wanting to be very compliant. Um, it's like too far this way, just a little bit. If I just push it, it needs to go towards the passenger side just a little bit. Come on Fred get in there and do it straight and it came out.

Oh I'm prying it over with these needle noses here. This job is murder. and I think I just dropped my gasket. Yeah I did.

Hooray! Okay, try again. I Feel like I'm about to damage that pry bar 30. that should. That should be enough.

It moves all right. What do? I do? Climb back in here. let's try this. uh, this gasket business again.

Okay, the gasket is over the bolt just trying to get it lined up lined up with holes I can't see I think that one's in. Yeah, there's one that one's threading. All right. Let's get that second bolt set up.

hold the engine out. So I work on Chevy trucks I don't have to do all this. Yeah, that one's a little crusty feeling there. Now we're threading.

Nice Good. Okay, okay. good. Somewhere we're almost there.

We're definitely going somewhere. Stubby ratchet with a 12 mil socket I Should finish this off with a much greater ease than my fingers can achieve I just don't have Terminator hand leverage as humans are soft and Squishy and weak. Okay, second bolt is running down with ease. The gasket's in there.

we're uh, we're getting. we're getting in the home stretch. This is good. It's tight.

woohoo but it's not tight enough. I'm gonna punish the next guy. Wrong angle all right. Put that little hose back right there.
Good to go. Okay Throttle Body. what's next? All right. New Throttle Body Gasket sure that that's clocked properly? It is.

Yes, it is. Stick this guy back up. Another: Are you seeing why these don't get tightened down until they're all in? So you've got to move this around on occasion to get the threads to line up? You can't see. Clicks? Four clicks more clicks.

and while I'm holding the tool? I'll I'll revisit these intake bolts over here too. There we go. One more. All right.

that's good. See, we have a connector here. Put that one back on. Very good.

and then two hoses right here. I Believe that was the correct order. Vacuum hose for the booster that goes there. Foreign.

There we go. Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Connected. Let's get the rest of the connectors connected. That's idle Air control.

I Need to find a bolt back here on the back of uh, this throttle body that goes to that other little bracket right there. That one was missing when we got here. I Think I found one that's gonna work. Think I Hope I've made a couple attempts already.

Yeah, that one's good. Perfect. It's not too long. The thread pitch was easy.

the correct length was not. They were bottoming out seriously. I Restart this like three times. Click Okay.

I've got the brackets set back up for uh, some of these connectors here. just re-tighten those. That one for the O2s, the rear brackets are on. we're all out of bolts on the dash plastic.

I think I just got to get the intake Plumbing back together and we're in good shape here. Engine Air filtration element installed one more big hose, one more little hose and I think one more connector and you can go ahead and stockings the engine and we'll double check it, see if we have O2 sensor activity I do need to add some coolant. we lost a little bit but I need to check O2 sensor activity and then we'll go from there see if there's anything else we need to do to this thing. I Don't think there is there we go that goes there and this is supposed to connect here.

Yeah, that goes there. Weird weird setup. It's a Hyundai thing that's tight. that one's tight.

that one's not tight, but it will be so weird. A band clamp is also a bracket for a wiring harness connector. very weird. Okie Dokes Moment of Truth is upon us.

Let's head back into the cabin and starting the engine. This thing's gonna fire up here we go. What we got going on here: looking good, smells good, feels good. Gotta add some coolant to it.

This we can cool it. Let's check those lines. they are not leaking by what I can see I don't know if you guys can see I can see him not leaking. Food's flowing running smooth.

Check the scan tool and uh, we'll clear those trouble codes out to go for a drive cycle and see if they reset before we do that. We're gonna wait for this thing, but sure, and we're going to make sure that, uh, we go into open loop. Fuel control. begin scanning now please.
Well, while the scanner's thinking about it, throttle feels good, seems to be a little bit more responsive I Recall yesterday, it kind of was boggy and sounded. It just sounded like it was out of time or something. it just didn't have. It wasn't responsive.

that's what I'm saying. Okay, so we still have our O2 sensor codes blah blah. Let's go ahead and clear all those out. Those are the previous trouble codes from before the repair ing check engine light powering down shut her down restarting.

Let's go back into engine codes. just make sure nothing's set right away. No trouble codes present. didn't think there would be unless I left something disconnected or unplugged or whatever I Want to check on uh, fuel trims and see if fuel trims come down? remember they were.

they were way off on Bank One Come on. Oh oh, are you ready to join us? Switch to Data Pids. There we go. We're gonna look for uh, short-term fuel trends.

Oh, they're already coming down. Look at that. I think one ended up at uh negative 4.5 So yeah, fuel trims are coming back into spec. Those were long terms.

Yeah, yeah, we see. long term was it 19.5 short term was 8.6 and long term on the bank. two is now 5.5 in short term is in the negative right now, down from 19.5 So yeah, it's it's all coming back into play in the fuel Air strategy is being recalibrated as we speak. Excellent.

All right. check this out. It's been it's been about 15 minutes or so. Long term fuel Trims on Bank One down to 8.6 Both of the short terms are hovering around at zero.

This is excellent. I'm gonna go ahead and pull the graph up and we're gonna go ahead and pack this vehicle out. We're going to go on a quick test drive real fast. I've already topped off the coolant, but I will recheck it when we get back.

I Put the engine cover back on. Everything has been reassembled. There's no bolts and parts left over, so that's always a win. I Think we're good to go.

One quick spin around the block. We'll confirm such things and that will bring this particular video to conclusion. Now let's go check that O2 sensor and make sure its data is doing what it's supposed to be doing. Look at here here's Bank One Sensor One And right here is Bank One Sensor two.

We're gonna watch these two guys switch. We can see that uh, the Bank One Sensor 102 is switching high, low, high, low and Bank two sensor one that's also switching high low high low. So everybody's doing what they're supposed to be doing backing out. Z Hyundai All right guys, we have seen all that we're gonna see.

All that's left right now is uh for me to ride around the block and just confirm such things after driving it. So I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now. so down we go I'm gonna flip her around, head back, go back to work on Project Jeep or something like that. So uh, as always like to thank you for watching this video.
I Hope you enjoyed this video I Know this series ran a little long. the last video was over an hour I think is what it is. This was a pretty tough job but like thank you guys for hanging in there with me. Glad we got to get through this together.

So again and as always, thank you for watching and most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of Hyundai Well now that success has been achieved, the only thing left for us to do here is make it nice and shiny. Thanks again guys! See you later Foreign.

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