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Maybe if I pick this up and allow everything to just kind of Wiggle around. so I can get that thing. Oh I pinched my got it. Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here I know that I am glad to be here.

We are going back to the Land Rover Range Rover Five liter Supercharged V8 I've got a delivery of a door lock actuator motor for I think it was the left rear. The actuator was not actuating when commanded so uh I had to order one and fun fact: I actually ordered one and I got the unit in the mail I opened the box and it was actually somebody else's used unit. so I had to reorder it. but we can see here as we actuate the buttons, the lock in the back does not in fact actuate.

I've seen the uh, let's see if we can't make it happen right now. I've seen the lot try to try to move and try to actuate. it's not doing it anymore leading me to believe that in fact the actuator, wiring and connector was in okay condition and it simply had a failed motor inside of the actuator. So we're gonna go ahead and pull this door panel apart, back the thing into the shop not in that order and see what I can do about getting that new actuator installed.

So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video happenings he Hood pretty sure I don't need to bring this up on the lift so we're just going to kind of Swing this around the corner of death here. a little noser in, pop that door open and then, uh, get to work on pulling the panel I've uh, I've never had the door panels off of one of these vehicles before I believe it's actually quite a cumbersome operation according to the Labor Guide So uh, let's get to it and see what uh, what we're gonna get into with this particular operation here. Now if we come over here with the fob and we give it some clicks, I can hear it's attempting to actuate, but nothing's happening and it's not locking or unlocking. So that does lead me to believe like I stated that this actuator right here is the cause of the issue.

We just need to get the panel off and figure out exactly how to go about replacing that unit. So the first thing I need to do is figure out where all the hidden fasteners are. We can see there's probably one right back here behind that little plastic cap. Pluck that guy out survey says there's a Phillips screwdriver bit back there going around the bottom I don't see or feel anything so maybe it's just that one.

For now, let's go to get that guy removed and then we'll go seeking screwdriver. I Choose this one. why not? I'll just pluck this guy out right quick. like maybe I'll luck out and this is remarkably easy.

and there's just the one one screw and then the panel comes off easily and we'll end up with just like three bolts or whatever that hold the actuator the door. This could be a super easy job. However, the labor guide says it takes 3.6 hours to replace this unit. So I I don't know.

It's either labor guides wrong or even worse, the labor guide. Is Right Let's see. Give that a tug, it doesn't move. Yeah, there's got to be other stuff holding this thing together.
but what is it? and where and how this? I do not know. So seeing as how there are no screws anywhere in here, I'm assuming that this thing is just connected with some, uh, some plastic clips that go into the metal of the door. So yeah, there was one that just released. So I'm just going to go around locate those clips, pry against them, and we'll pop this panel loose.

Yep, here they come. Now if I need a bunch of resistance, that's going to tell me that there's another Fastener somewhere, but for the time being I think it's just, uh, just plastic. Clips Let's see what else we get here. There's some resistance.

Okay, okay, so over here at the at the handle section of this door panel, I'm meeting a lot of resistance. I'm pretty sure that there's another screw in there, but I can't figure out how to get this apart. I I Think that the plastic trim is going to come off and then there's probably a screw here. and maybe here because it's it's on there.

Pretty good. So I'm gonna try to get behind this with my trim tool and see if this plastic pops off. It either does and I'm on the right track or I'm about to break it. in which case I need to I'll have to repair whatever I break.

I'm pretty sure it comes off. it has to. It just has to. There's no other.

Uh, no other option here. Oh yeah, yeah. I See a clip There we go. Yep, there's a clip back there.

Aha beautimous. Got the thing off. no breakages and we've got screwdriver. There's a screw and then there's another screw here and here.

Let's go ahead and pull these guys out. Come on screws. Yeah, let's get these guys out. and then maybe the panel comes apart somehow someway again.

I'm in foreign territory. Here is Bloody Dark Hogs. Is that how I say it. Bloody Door cards.

Yeah the English people are like you idiot yeah I think uh no no, no negative one more. There's another big one right back there. Okay, so that's four screws in total now. I think this guy is Gonna Come Apart So let's get this last big screw out.

That's a long one rear screw. It's here Big one and survey says oh yeah, it's free 3.99 so it should just pop up and off of the door. What do we hung up on here? I don't know. Let's go in there and find out.

Let us see what the problem is. Okay, we're taking a look behind the panel and I don't see anything else holding this together. So I'm assuming this guy just slides up and Pops off of here I Don't know what. It may just be the trim for the glass kind of holding on to it.

Let's roll the window down. do that next. powering on window. coming down.

there we go. powering off I Don't think that helped me out very much. Okay. Clip released.

Scared to apply Force because I don't want to break this thing. Parts are expensive for the Range Rover this right here. that's our cable for the door release. Let's unhook that.
We've got some electrical connectors here probably for a light and then we have our connections for the controls right over here. Let's pop these guys out. If I can see there we go. There's one and other connector there I Know it was dark in there.

We couldn't see anything. Sorry. Okay, looks like we've got some kind of a door module and a single connector on that module. Disconnect that guy.

Oh, a speaker. There's a door speaker here. Let's not break that connector. while we're here.

There we go. And up there's that sneaky hidden one. One more light bulb down here. Whoa.

Move your braking stuff. Okay, it's three hours to service. um, that actuator because there's no access to any of it. Okay, yeah, so it looks like I'm taking probably the glass out of this and then I'm going to take this regulator assembly out and then I can disconnect this actuator and somehow remove that thing.

This is. uh, this is gonna be fun I mean there's the connector I wonder if I can just remove it through osmosis? What do you think? Well, it's not going to get done with all the parts in the way. so let's see what all the Fasteners out, see if this thing moves around or what it does. Maybe I can just disconnect it, push it in, move it to the side, and then just kind of give it the reach-through treatment.

It's the optimistic version. The pessimistic version is three hours, three and a half. Three point, six, probably four hours. five if I strip out all the bolts.

Now what happens? Nothing. Something. Uh, I'm gonna raise this window up some because maybe there's some tension on the uh on the glass or something like that. So let's go back in power this thing on systems Awakening and we'll give this a little bit of up action.

Okay, let's push this panel away. Come unstuck. Please push that guy through. Very good.

It's not scratched the glass. can I I think I can reach in there I can reach in this thing right? Can I get this without taking the whole car apart. What do we got going on in here? Cable: There's the assembly back there. okay connectors and all that good stuff.

I'm gonna I'm gonna give it a shot to, uh, just replace this as it sits right now. let's go from there. I Uh I Think we need a what is that? a torx30? Let's go find out. Torx bits, Torx bits, Torx bits.

Oh no my uh. my darling youngest child was here because all these are in the wrong space. She likes to clean these and then takes them out and puts them back. but they don't go back where they came from.

No worries, not that one. Yes this one and that happens to be a 27 T27. All right, it means that's the 25. Okay, let's get these bolts out of the door panel and see if, uh, if our actuator Falls Free unclick? Well, it didn't fall three three, didn't pull three.
see if it's loose. Survey says yes, it is. Oh there's some cables and some connectors hanging on to it I need to kind of pull it out that way some so I can get. uh, better look at what's going on here.

All right, taking a look back inside I'm gonna reach in and go after that farthest away connector right there that's on the actual actuator. Uh, so we're gonna have to do this by feel here I Think we really can't see much of what's going on. We can see the actuator right there. Yeah, but uh I need to get that thing disconnected.

It'll be easier to actually connect, but we're not there yet. We're in the disconnected and can't take things apart phase. Okay, let's see what's going on there. Shove a light in the hole there now I can see that's I Could barely get my finger on this thing from the inside and the outside for that matter.

There we go. That's one connector. disconnected. a few more to go.

Okay, the other connector on the actuator that's right here in front of us. Um I need to kind of make some slack on the harness. it's a little pinched and then unclip that thing and then pull that one back. Land Rover Connectors How do they work? Oh I see the clips at the bottom? It's down there.

Okay, let's see if I can't uh, manipulate this enough to get that guy disconnected? This is weird. Yeah. connectors on the bottom. Push that guy in.

Oh, come on, please come off. Maybe I can get a little pry bar behind the connector here and help push it away. Yeah, there we go. All right.

that one's loose. So now we've got one cable holding it on here. and then there's another cable that connects uh, to the uh, the door release lever on the outside of the car. That's going to be kind of the hard one too to remove I Think done.

I just don't really know how to do it. Wow, Something poked me here. Let's disconnect. uh, disconnect this connector right here as well.

pull that guy back and then I'll pull it off from its little bracket right here. Uh, where's my trim tool? What I need to do is get behind this and hop this. uh, this clip away from that uh, that door lever and I need to do it in such a way that it doesn't break it. which I just did.

Yep, Okay, no worries. I can re-zip tie that later. I'll pull these guys out and get them out of the way all the way out of the way now. I've got some space to get to that cable back there.

However, I don't know how it comes apart all right. so I can see the end of the cable right there. I'm wondering if I can squeeze in here and apply some surgical accuracy. If I can just disconnect that inside is kind of pop it out of its bracket and then turn it and release it from here without releasing it from the exterior door handle.

I'm going to try that first. I don't know if I can really reach in there far enough to achieve this, but it's a it's a shortcut that actually might work, but I don't know I Guess you don't know till you find out, right? We'll give it a try. It's the worst that can happen. It doesn't work trying to push that cable off of the bracket.
then maybe I can turn it I don't know if I can do that or not. It's not very stable. I don't have a replacement cable so I can't afford to break this thing. It should just pop right out of there.

Come on. Ooh again. Did it move? No. Hello phone I'm receiving a phone call.

Okay, I'm going in with a little pick and if I figure if I can pull on the tabs that secure the uh, the cable to its bracket, I can slide the cable off of the bracket and then slide it out and that'll give me enough slack to rotate the end of the cable here to get it out of. it's a off the lever. Um. problem is is well, it's a problem.

That's the problem. It just is a problem. I've got a pry on the little tabs and I don't want to break them. If I break them then I need to put a cable in it I don't want to do that either.

Okay, one of the tabs is pulled. You go in, try to push that cable off of its little mount. It moved a little bit. This really is like surgery.

Okay, that's one side if I can pop the other side off without the first side sliding back in. We're in business and it slid back in. Yeah, I'll just keep doing this until it does what I want I have no other option or I can do it by the book and take the rest of the door panel apart. Where's the fun in that? Yeah, there is none.

Oh I just lost a screwdriver pick and it fell far right row. okay I recovered my pick. Let's uh, pry on. Oh okay.

it rotated, it rotated. so I've got the the cable halfway removed. going back in with my pick here and I just need to pluck the other side off of the bracket and it will slide out. There we go I felt it.

Yep, okay, we're getting somewhere almost there. The cable is halfway disconnected but not all the way. Uh uh. I need to turn it right here and get that end of that cable to slide out.

see I don't know if I can do that either. I need some slack which I don't have if I can just get a hold of it with some needle noses and just rotate it until it lines up with those little slots and then it might pass through. Come on, come on, come on then. Nope.

Slippage. Maybe the pick. the pick's been useful I thought it was going to give me more slack and I thought wrong foreign. I'll use the pick to get more slack.

That was. That was effective I need a longer pick. kind of cutting myself on the door panel where it feels like I am Nope, not like that should I turn the cable this way. Nope, not like that.

It's it's almost there. Come on, come on Come Nope. not happening. This is why I don't like the video interior door work.

This is so awkward and cumbersome and then trying to record it doesn't really. uh, doesn't really make it easier. Oh oh yeah, there it goes I got it. I almost gave up and then walk over and it works.
Okay so now this thing is free. Uh, the next challenge is going to be to squeeze this unit out of uh, the window here I wonder if I should run the window all the way up? Yeah, let's let's do that. I don't think it's gonna make it past the glass. Okay, let's back up some.

You guys come over here. So what? I need to do. Push that actuator up and out of the way and then put the regulator back in the panel Slide the studs through. We'll go back up front and hit the up button.

All right door panel is coming back in I need to connect that uh, that door module that we unplugged. Plug this guy back in right here. I Think that's the way it wins. Yeah, there we go.

Plug that back in and then glass goes back up. Stay this connector module again. Remove the panel back to the trunk with you and we'll try to move that back out of the way and slip the thing past the glass powering down. see if that's gonna work I hope the glass does not.

what to fall down when I Take this back off. Yeah, this whole job is full of hopes and dreams because I don't know what I'm doing a lot of pressure on it from the weight of the glass. my uh, my left hand is holding up the weight I might have sent it a little too hard. There we go.

Okay I I have some space in here. Is it enough about to be calm out? Hang on I need to get this table all the way out. Okay I need to figure out how to manipulate this. turn it to get it to come past the the outside door handle and then this regulator this is is going to upset me.

if I get this far and I still have to pull the glass out. when we're not doing that, it's going to come out I'll make it come out. Come on, what are you doing? It's like so close there we go. Got her? Look at that? There's our actuator.

Very good. Got it removed. Hooray! Okey Dokey's got my new unit. It has been unboxed I have transferred one of the cables over to the new one.

See that thing will be functioning as designed now I Need to go ahead and maneuver this thing back into this door panel and I think it went like so we'll get this thing back into the panel and then uh, we'll get the thing put back together and see if it works again. Our complaint was it does not unlock and occasionally it doesn't lock so see uh, see how this goes back in. Oh and it's already stopped. What? What have I done? Tuck that back in and then down.

You gotta go in and down and then figure out the cable. Oh so somehow I've gotten this wrong and bass backwards. So maybe maybe I'll try to get this side in first now. Oh what have I done? I don't know what I've done, but I've done it now.

Whatever it is that I've done I've definitely done it. Words: Let's see. Okay, that's in a little farther than the previous attempts. How did I pull this off? I have this thing pointed the right way? First of all, Yes, Yes.
I do. Um I don't know. Maybe if I pick this up and allow everything to just kind of Wiggle around. so I can get that thing? oh I pinched my thumb.

ow got it. That hurt. Yeah, look at that now. Got my flanges my big one.

I'm a big flangy here. Okay so this actuator assembly is now in in its home. there. that's good.

So now I need to work on getting the cables reconnected and all that other good stuff. Yay! So first things first. we need to figure out how this uh, this cable was maneuvered I think it goes through the top up here. how did I do this and that sits up high? so that means the cable is gonna pass through this upper hole.

so let's get that thing up and in position. It was quite stiff and I really don't want to Fubar this so that's gonna go up there and then way back in there. I need to figure out the uh, the other cable for the exterior door handle. that's going to be the Hun the fun hard part.

it's The Hunting Park Yeah, okay, I can't even find the other end of it. it's it. Flip-flopped back and went away and I can't get it. fingertips on it.

Lost it. We lost the light too and as soon as I get some free hands, we'll fix all these little uh, inconveniences here. Yeah, getting this cable on it's going to be a peach, that's for sure. Yeah.

I'm doing something out of a out of a good order here. Hang on Let me let's get a hold of the end of the cable here with some needle nose just so I can move around and see what I'm trying to figure out here because I can't I need to get this cable on the other side. Hang on. I'm doing this all wrong I'm failing so miserably.

what's the actuator up a little bit and I'm gonna put I'm gonna put one of its bolts in just to hold the actuator in position keeps flopping down I'm having a hard time getting a hold of that cable with this thing in the way. I'll probably have to remove it again or disconnect it again, but for the time being, just leave that up there now. I can try to get back, grab a hold of that cable which I have it try to get that thing set up in its little uh, on its little bracket thing there. there's the other end of it disconnecting cable.

So what I'm going to need to do here is hopeless. So by some miracle have managed to sort of get this aligned properly. I've got my hand I've got the cable and I just got it in the little lever I can't even see what's going on. it's so dark in there.

Let's Slide the piece of the cable down past a little shroud and then I can slip it into its bracket and once that's in. I I think I'm in in the home stretch here for some smooth sailing I don't even I think that happened by accident. Tell you the truth because I was just trying to figure out how to maneuver things and it kind of all just went together I know you guys can't see what I'm doing I'm really sorry I can't even see what I'm doing Nobody can see but whatever it is, it's happening. So I need to get the cable on.
Well I have it slipped around the lever and now I just need to get it onto the bracket. Also hard to do. incredibly hard to do there. Got it? Okay, so the exterior door cable is connected to this actuator.

The interior door cable is now connected to the actuator. Let's Orient the actuator properly and get it bolted on and then we'll run the electrical connections and all that good stuff. Okay, let's go back over here. we'll put the three Fasteners in it and then we'll get these wires and stuff hooked up.

Oh, let's see here. how's this guy gonna go push it up? I think I may have achieved The Impossible because I was not supposed to have been able to do this the way that I did it. Where's the bolt holes? We've got to be around here. somewhere.

right? there's one. Come on bull hole. I'll cross thread you I don't care. Hmm, it's not even close.

What am I doing this thing bolts in or what? What's the deal? I guess Oh there there we go. Wow that foam is too foamy. There we go. Nope.

try again. That's all I need to do is cross thread this and have to do it again. That's how your Rage Quit Land Rover Making technicians made quick since the 70s. There we go.

Fix? All right? Okay, let's get the wiring connectors back inside of the door. Get in there please. All the way. Thank you.

Put that thing. how are we gonna do this? A lot of reaching and stuff I Need to get the this one first. The far away one. That one went all the way up top.

All right. Got the connector connected. the one that's up at the top. Let's uh, let's get back in here and find that big connector.

Plug that guy in against that one. Plug that one in next to our actuator. Click that on. This thing can get pressed back a little.

Rubber seal there. and probably the same for the Rubber seal which is on the uh, the cable right here. Let's pull that guy forward and just push that thing in from the inside. Come on all the way.

Cameron Cameron Flangy strength assemble. Let's see what's the deal here. Why are we going in? Yeah, Okay, got her. Okay, that seals through.

mostly. It's not really a seal. It's kind of like a grommet. Okay, that's connected.

That's connected. We need to get this one connected to whatever it connected to, which is hiding somewhere. stuck, stuck in hiding. There it is.

that guy. this will plug you back in. That's it's not right. Oh I'm silly.

this one goes over here. I'm just trying to connect this male connector to this male connector and that's it's. not going to work like that one's got a you can't poke each other there, just slide that thing back into its little zip tie thing right there. Yeah, you stay there.
Okay, backing up again. Let's go ahead and get the uh window regulator panel thing reconnected to the door. so I need to pull that back out from where I stashed it I'm glad it's got these studs on it. didn't have studs I'd be uh, kind of up a creek here I'm gonna slide that up.

Oh no I need to. uh, let the glass down some. Come on, come on stud, go through the hole please. Oh there it is.

Got it! Woohoo! Okay, let's bolt this thing back in. I Like how it seems to have this little handle deal right here for me to manipulate I Know that that's not actually a handle, but that's what I'm going to use it for. There's a bolt, there's a bolt, there's another Bolt and we've got one more little uh, little plastic. uh, what do you call this thing it? Escapes Me body plug plastic plug.

There you go. Okay, let's go fetch the panel, connect everything back to the panel, hook it all back up, and uh, let's figure out if this is gonna work or if it is not going to work. I mean I'm pretty sure it is. So we've got door module.

it's connected and there's our door switch that I had removed earlier. Plug that guy back in. We've got our two connectors for the door switch. so we're running out of space in here quickly.

Like, very quickly. It's getting dark too. So anyway, there's one connector connected in the dark, two connectors connected in the dark. sorry guys, three connectors connected in the dark, three cookies, and then over here.

let's get our cable on. that's the cable for the door handle also connected in the dark. sorry, snap that back in. Running out of space big time.

and Light there's one more connector here and then there's the one at the bottom for that light. Let's hang this panel real quick. that where it goes. All right, let's tap these little Clips back in.

just going around the perimeter here, giving it a push. those are all connected. We've got our wire for the light right there. Let's go ahead and plug our light back in.

I'm sure I didn't break it I don't think I did. That's a negative. it is functioning. Flip that guy back in and we've got one, two, three, four screws to go.

A couple more screws and we're all good here. Panels on. We're doing the big screw. Then we got two little ones, one more even more little or one than the rest of those panels.

and uh, we'll go ahead and test the function of this thing and make sure it, uh, it operates. Oh, click as design and uh yeah, I Can see how this probably calls for the 3.5 or 3.6 hours that it's supposed to. This is a not an easy job to accomplish, but I Don't like to remove glass unless I have to, especially on the the European variety of vehicular modules. That's three.

One more up here at the door handle. Let's get this guy in gravity. I Dropped it. Come here.

I Thought these were magnetic. They are, but the screws are not. They're not ferrous, non-ferrous fasteners, non-ferrous metal fasteners to be more precise and that's tight. Slip this little plug back in so it's cosmetically appealing.
How'd that thing go? I Can't see it's dark, dark trim. Okay, let's get a little chromium piece back in. Come on. Chrome snap, crackle, pop.

What are we doing? I See Pretty sneaky. All right, that's back in. Let's get the tools out of the truck and off the floor. See if this, uh, door lock actuation device is going to operate as designed here.

Okay, re-powering on a low battery start engine must have left the key on for a while beginning engine starting sequence. There we go. Yeah, I left the key on. Okay, first we'll check the window operation.

Moving up. Good. Moving down. good.

Door locks The door locks. I Couldn't help myself. Sorry. Okay, now it's time to check the door locks.

see if it functions. It opens. Yes. Lock it again.

Does not lock. Unlock it again. It opens good. Let's go check the uh, same functions from the outside.

so it opens, it closes Lock. Did it lock? No, it won't lock because this door is open. So lock, Double check it, Unlock lock and it does not open good. Now let's unlock it, See, unlocked and it opens.

Good to go. Successful repair. Awesome Now people can get in and out of the door all by themselves. All right guys.

I'm calling it quits at the end of the day. Range Rover Land Rover is good to go. The door lock actuator now actuates. it does what it's supposed to do.

All systems have been repaired that I'm capable of repairing. I do have some knick-knacky stuff to do on this oil change. I need to fix that sway bar link issue going on in the right front. But other than that, this thing is, uh, all set ready to go.

Good to Rock and Roll! I'm all done with it. No more work. So that being said, as always, I'm going to thank you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did enjoy this video, please communicate that to me effectively by tapping that like button down below. That's what lets me. and YouTube know that I've done a good job here. and if YouTube thinks I've done a good job, it is far more likely to recommend my content to other potential viewers.

That's good for me. It's also good for them. So again, and as always, thank you guys for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of Range Rover Land Rover Man, you guys didn't think I was gonna leave fingerprints all over this did you? Come on, you'll be better than that. shiny hmm it seems I have a malfunction of my can I don't know why it's uh, doing that, but it's doing that.

Another wipe it down, no pinky. Prince No forensic evidence. Absolutely not. Leave nothing behind except footprints wiping down hat, pants, shirt, shoes, coat.
Wipe it down shiny.

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