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Part 4.5 Unlisted Second Half
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This video is part 4.0 (There is an unlisted 4.5 at the end)
Leaking Crankshaft…Remove Transmission! Hundreds of Bolts! Part 4.0/4.5 STAY to END #motor #engine
Part 4.5 Unlisted Second Half
Vehicle Inspection for oil leaks and A/C System Performance. High head pressure and low calling fan output #diag
Looks like both front and rear crankshaft seals are leaking oil. Loads of rust under this Nissan! Need to remove the timing belt and the transmission!
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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I'm super glad to be here. This is going to be the final video on this Nissan Frontier We have put in loads and loads of work in the previous videos on this truck. We have removed the oil pan, removed the front timing cover, water pump, oil pump. We had the transmission out of it because I replaced the rear crankshaft seal.

So now I am in the finalized stages of reassembly. the trans is back in flywheels bolted on starter. Motors Back in. Oh yeah, we also replaced a steering gear and some front end parts on this also.

anyway. I Digress: I'm at the point now where I need to get the rear cross members reinstalled. we've got to get the drive shafts in and I've got to get fluids added to it and then we can uh, we can hit the key and attempt to restocking the engine. then fingers crossed, need to make sure we don't have any leaks.

This thing had better not leaked. So since we're right here, we're up in the front. Let's go ahead and get the the front steering system reassembled and put back together. We'll let this thing down, fill some fluids at some point.

I'm going to get the cross members back on and then uh, like I said, we can uh, we can start this thing up and see how it does. So stay tuned because this is going to be a great final video opening. Z Hood So first things first, let's get this uh idler arm back on the center link I believe it went uh in this orientation here. If I'm wrong, we're gonna find out real quick.

Let's get the bar back up into position. We're all kind of heavy and of course over here on the right. We also need to get the pitman arm back up onto the uh steering here. slide all this stuff in.

actually I may be doing this wrong over here on the idler side. let me pull this back out. So I think I'm gonna put it on the bracket first and then we'll slide it over the uh, this little ball joint thing right here. let's try that.

That's probably a smarter way of doing this. A little bit of a impact encouragement Foreign. There we go. Let's get our castle nut on perfect.

A little bit higher up, got a big washer and one more nut. Okay, that stuff's secure. Let's go get the pitman arm installed. We'll bolt this thing on next and then we can tighten everything down here.

What I'll do is put the hammer over there I'm gonna need that in a minute. This guy up and in. There's a there's Master splines on this so you need to make sure they're aligned before we just full send this thing with the impact gun because that would probably ruin this new steering gear. and I don't want to do that? Let's see here: Master Spline Master Spline I See it a little off center? Give it a turn right around here.

There it is. Got it. Let's get all the dirt off those threads. You don't want to ruin those.

Okay, we've got a big lock washer coming in and our big nut get on there up. It's not on enough. Now it is. The threads we're not going to catch right? All right.
Full send time with the impact. Loud noises click I am not kidding I meant full send when I said full send, that's at Uh 10 send and then we got what is this one right here? that castle nut. but I don't think I can get a gun on that one. Maybe I can.

Nope, we'll do that manually, you know. I probably could get that with a gun, but uh. then I gotta go fetch into an extension and unlock the steering gear. I'm not gonna do all that, We'll just tighten it down by hand a little bit more.

There's cotter pin holes here here we go. Okay, new split pin cotter pin coming in. Run that through now. let's see if I can, uh, set this pin up the specified way.

we go around and under I think that's how things how most of them are supposed to go. You can do whatever you want as long as the pin stays in there. There we go. That's pretty all right.

We're in good shape up here in the front steering. uh, the front differential is out of it. Um, I'm not going to put that in today. Let's go out back.

Okay, gravy, let's go on out back and get the drive shaft and the rear cross member set up first. So in order to get this transmission out, I was supposed to have removed this crossmember as well. However, due to all this rust, it would not come out because I had to remove these torsion bars right here and those were rusted and so solid it was never going to happen. So what I did was just pry this thing down and then bolted it in that way it couldn't spring its way back up.

So we're going to undo what I did, run this guy back up, get it bolted back in, and then we can go ahead and set up the front torsion springs I need to, uh, pull the bolt out of the other side as well and deprive our action. There we go. Crust All right coming in with the jack stand here. We're going to use this guy to press this thing back up into the frame and then we'll get the bolts through it.

Moving on up. See it going right there. as long as I don't pick the car up off the lift I think I'm good. a little more, a little more, a little more I'm watching the bolt holes right here.

It's coming up right there. see if we can't get one to come through. Yeah, it's a negative. Oh, there it goes.

Got it. Got it? Got it? Good. Pry Hammer: That one's in bolt number two. That one's not lining up.

Let me pry the unit over that way. just a little bit. There we go. Still not lying up.

Tell you what? Let me move my jack stand here and we'll align the other side. There we go. That one's through. All right.

So we got two bolts in. Here's number three. That one should go in up here and it's not okay. Subframe cross member that way there.

Perfect. Slid right in. Okay, we've got gravity. There's one of our nuts right here.

They're new. Okay, two of the bolts are in position. Let's get the nut started and we'll run over to the other side. that's the driver's side.
We'll get the other two nuts on. Then we'll tighten this. uh, this cross member down. here we go.

Let's go on over to this side right here. Second: Bolt One nut and second nuts right here. Nice. All right.

Let's get these guys tight. 17 mil impacts coming in. Loud noises. All right.

it's two on the driver's side. Two more over here on the passenger side. A little bit of light on the subject. Beautiful.

Okay, while we're here. I'll put uh, put some tension back on the torsion keys I Have to unthread them. There's a lever right here that's connected to the key and as you unthread, this bolt right here releases that lever and then it takes the tension off of that torsion bar which is what puts pressure on the front control arms, which is what sets your ride height. So I need to get in here and resight in this guy.

Get on there please. Wrong size? Yeah, it's a 19. Oops. See this thing about these.

Japanese Chryslers Nissans Um, every bolt is a different size for everything. so I'm not torquing the Daylights out of this bolt or anything like that. I'm setting up Spring tension on those torsion springs that run forward to the lower control arms. Okay, one side down, let's get that other side more light.

There we go. Get on there. there. it goes.

All right. Let's get our support structure out of here. We'll set finalized ride height later and it's on the ground. Let's go ahead and back up and get the drive shaft set up into position.

Actually, No, no, No. I've got one more cross member to install one more Uno Mas not done yet? Okay, Next we're going to pick the transmission up off of this cross member because this one is not the one that the trans bolts to. It's just kind of resting on there so we're gonna bring her on up as high as it'll go. And then we have to set up the trans mount and that third cross member.

Maybe fourth, maybe a second. there's four in total. Another? Okay, we're up a little higher. a little higher, a little higher, a little higher.

That's uh, that's about all she's got. Okay, good to go. now. this cross member has to sit above those torsion bars.

and I kind of had to sneak it out that we need to get it in a little sideways, move forward, then rotate it, and then it's going to bolt on to these ears that are on the frame right here. and then, uh, two more bolts on the other side. And those were super fun to remove because this entire little ear was just a giant moisture collector and everything was rusted to nothing trying to get it apart. It was not fun.

So what we do? Give it the reach over treatment here and drop the bolts in through the holes. Go in there, we go. There's one number two coming in that was the hardest to reach because there's virtually zero space. This guy in there? Come on, let's see you poking through.
now. Drop these through the holes in the crossmember, get in there and get them threaded. All right. There's two over here started.

Let's move the other side, get the other two started, and then we'll put the transmission mount into position. Go on, Thank you. It's going together easier than it came apart. I Don't think this has ever been a part to to this this level, ever.

ever. All right. Bolt Number four. Can't find the hole.

Hang on here. You're gonna need two hands to get into that one. There it is. Hold this.

Look at the nut. on. Come on. get in there.

Okay, Bolt four is now threaded to its nut. All right. Let's get the mount set up next. Okie Dokes We've got our Mount right here.

I'm going to slide that in and through its holes in the crossmember here. That's good. now. gravity again.

I'm all bunch of fingers today. I'll get the two nuts at the bottom of the trans mount threaded. We'll just get them started. We can back off our Jack adjuster here let this down some to reduce that clearance and then we'll get the other two bolts into the transmission itself.

Well, technically, that's the transfer case. Semantics: I Think that's good. Let's drop our bolt through. see why we left those others loose.

Give me space to work with here. Come on Red. Okay man. come on, come on.

come on. you can do it. There we are. and then one more on this side.

Let's get that one dropped through nut coming in. and come on. start. get on there evil nuts.

All right. Got it. Got it? Got it? Let's go get the ratcheting wrench and we'll tighten the stuff down. You're backing up.

Let's let her down. Very good. The weight is now coming onto the cross member. Yeah, this is also how I had to take these apart.

A quarter turn at a time, down a little more. Let's get this: Jack Out of the way. It bothers me. Goodbye Tripod Jack Okay, I've got that one and it's counterpart on the other side.

Titan We've got to get these two 15 mil studs here. Studs and nuts. That's not long enough. Everything's a failure today.

God I'm trying to pass it off as comedic relief, but it's it's. really, really, really getting on my nerves like oh, that's the wrong nut, that's the wrong ball. Oh, you can't tighten that down. Come on.

Killing me. Smalls Killing me. Give it back. Thank you.

Why stay. You know it's not the car's fault. I'm I'm impatient today I'm I'm grumpy I got uh I Got about 15 minutes of sleep last night. one of the babies was sick and uh, well.

we were up all night so we're trying to recover from a No Sleep situation. So I'm really I'm really, really irritable. That's what it is. It's not.

uh, not not with it. not okay. I mean that I'd rather be hung over with six hours worth of sleep than you know, completely hydrated, full stomach I had my vitamins and no sleep I just I Cannot function without slumber. Yeah, I'm gonna be the grumpiest old guy ever.
When I get to be an old guy? All right shaft coming in. it's going into the tail shaft housing on the trans transfer case. Let's get this thing lined up right here and then we can Bolter back in. got four of these and I do believe they're all 17s and it's in park.

Of course it's in park. Why would it not be in park? That would make this easier. Oh yeah, I do need a nap. I'm I am not happy I'm turning into like cynical evil dealership technician level.

Ray Ah Spider, you see him. He's a little daddy long leg spider. He doesn't appreciate my attitude today either. Nobody does I don't even appreciate my attitude and it's mine.

We're gonna do it myself. hang wrenches. So I'm really not in the mood to go like try to find any more tools. So I'm just going to do this.

uh, just the manual way. I don't feel like getting swivels and sockets and extensions to fit then I got to let the car down. put it in neutral. I'm just I'm not doing all that it's gonna do with the the hard way.

I Guess whatever. I've given all all hope on on something easy. Oh whoa. Dropped it.

Yeah, no sleep for me. that's why I'm dropping everything. my uh, my hand, eye, mouth, brain coordination is running a deficit. Stop slip.

Dude, nothing works I don't work. Even doing this manually made it hard on me. I'm over here slipping spline drives and stuff there. Click.

Got it? Hey, All right, my rant is over now. I think I need to figure out how to clear the headspace. Go do some yoga. Just kidding kidding I don't I don't do yoga.

it's not my thing. I mean I'm cool with the Spandex and stuff. never mind. Statement redacted.

Shouldn't have said that. you're canceled. All right. Note to self: delete that part of video.

Okay, a couple turns on this one. begin clicking now I don't know it's tight and one more on on the far side. I'm not even gonna move the camera. You guys can just kind of watch me sweat if you want.

I'm getting lazy and the first thing that's gonna go are my cameraman skills. You guys can probably already tell because my lighting skills are horrible. Here we go a little bit more foreign clicks all right. Rear drive shaft installed.

Yay! Yay! we're getting somewhere. Okay, back to front walkthrough for all the safety stuff we're bolted on Transmission transfer case is bolted on the rear cross member for the front Springs is bolted on that one's not bolted on see I'm I am losing it I didn't even bolt this crossmember in I am a horrible, horrible technician. It is good. Okay, click yeah, that one's tight.

that one's tight and I need to get a socket on those other two because those are not going to tighten by themselves. See, it's things like this is the exact reason you do a post repair walkthrough with yourself. We're getting. That would have been a horrible, horrible mistake on so many levels.
Last one gauge, you move back my wrench now. Seriously, try again. Thank you I Wish I was hungover today. You know what? You know what we're gonna do I know what I'm gonna do I keep whining about not having any sleep.

So here's the plan. Finish our walk through that's tight bolted on starters in transmissions in oil pans, in front, differentials not and I'll do that later. Lines and hoses and power steering stuff is on front uh steering linkages on steering gear Tire not tie rod, sway bar links, sway bar bushings those are in uh. steering shaft that's in I'm gonna let this down.

We're gonna put fluid in it and I'm gonna start the engine. That's what we're gonna do. We're gonna start this thing and leak. Check it because because I need to win I Need to win very badly because once I get my win I'm going home and I'm going back to bed.

That's what's gonna happen here. I'm gonna go get my sleep. Yeah coming down I Sure hope my kids grow up to appreciate the sleepless nights because of the sniffles I Really do I Hope they do. You know, even if they don't? I don't care because I know that I was there All right Nissan Dotson on the ground.

First thing we need to do. Toss some motor oil. You see what I did there. We need to put some motor oil in this thing.

Once oil is in it, we'll throw some coolant in it. We'll get it started. We'll check the trans fluid level. words: disconnect our battery too.

Get that thing on there. and then once all that is done, we can lift it back up and leak. check it because that's what I need to do I Need to I need to verify that the repair is at least complete and successful. Okay Motor oil cap on clicks.

Get that off of there. Let's go fetch the funnel. I think we're five quarts of Uh 530 I Believe that one's dirty. that one's not.

So we're gonna use this one. We'll go right there. Thank you stay I need to fetch a can of motor oil additive I think that's this one right here. Yeah! I don't need the uh, the Epr, the performance restoration cleaner stuff because there's no oil in that so I really don't need to put cleaner in the engine plus I break cleaned it for like days on end.

but that stuff that's an added package. It's good to help. longevity of the oil which pop phone don't stop Pringles I can't mentioning Pringles I don't even like Pringles I like Ruffles best in Doritos especially the blue ones love the blue Doritos Okay I need a jug first some oil and we'll fetch some out of the drum fan powering down. You're loud Winter 30 fully synthesized engine oil.

That's what we're going to use today. I Wonder if I can pressurize four things? No, No. I'm not even gonna do it. Not this time.

I Do not feel like tempting fate. So therefore I won't We got three and a half. Yep, four, Four and a half. right? about five? That's good right there.
Hey, no spillage. Look at that sweet sweet. Oh looky, more of the Wall came down the uh. the supplementary slash decorative wall.

look at pouring. Things episode where I can't possibly spill. All right? Okay, I'll just jump the whole bucket in the funnel. That's fine.

goodbye. Woohoo! All right funnel, you're coming with me. Get our cat back on. Let's do a preliminary oil level checks just to make sure we're kind of close.

See what he says? Yeah, it's on the dipstick. okay. Let's uh, let's start this thing up and uh, well. let's see how she runs again.

We did a new timing belt, new tensioner pulley, new water pump, new crank pulley. it has a new fan clutch installed, new steering gear. what else is new? There's a lot of new stuff on this truck. Oh, all right, moving around, key on.

We still have battery power. That's cool. stunting the engine. Fantastic.

All right, we're getting somewhere All right. Let's shut her down. check the oil level, and then we can go ahead and refill the coolant. Oh, this is great I Feel like a billion times better than uh, well that I did 10 minutes ago.

Finally I Get a win. Yeah, these these longer projects they they kind of chip away at your soul a little bit I need to let the oil level settle some. It's like a battle of attrition, these types of jobs and there's always that looming feeling of death that if you make one mistake, you got to do it all over again. Hooray! Restart: Run.

Need to fetch some coolant with refill the radiator. Okay, so here's how this is gonna go. Let me throw a no spill funnel on this. You'll see what I'm talking about in a second.

Put that little damper on funnel, goes on, and then we're free to just dump coolant into this and it will naturally Purge itself with air as uh, as the system reaches temperature. let's see what I've got I've got blue coolant. It's Asia blue so you know it's good. There we go.

pull it on up. Drink it up! I mean don't actually drink it, it's not Kool-Aid Kind of looks tasty though. like a Blue Margarita first in there. Very good power steering I'm sure that's low.

Let's build that thing back up back to the cabinet. Foreign. Alrighty, this thing has been going uh for about a half hour, maybe 40 minutes. I've got the transmission fluid topped off, engine oil is full, coolant level has stabilized, power steering is full and stabilized.

No more bubbles. The power steering pump noise is gone. Let's run this thing back up in the air one last time. and uh, actually, no, not one last time.

one last time today and we will check it for uh for any weeks at that oil pan as well as the front main seal and the rear main seal because that was our, uh, that was our primary concern here. So let's go verify that our work is complete. All right. Back down below.
Right here is where our front main seal leak was located. You see no oil creeping out, nothing around the perimeter of the pan, and we won't be able to tell anything about a rear main seal for a while. If that thing's leaking, it's gonna. It'll take some time to show up.

Uh, but it's so far so good. Trans lines are not leaking I need to spray off this residual stuff but when we had it apart earlier but uh, looks good to my eye I Think we have a success going on here guys. I Still got to get the front drive shaft in and of course the front differential. but I think that's going to be good uh for this video and for this particular project.

Oh I've already made like I think four or five videos on this so I'm not going to record that last little bit of a component installation. So let me tell you, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now and I will do that I Think he needs you know everyone of you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed it if you happen to catch the other videos in this series. I Also hope you enjoyed those as well.

Again, if you did not catch the other videos in this the tear, down, the timing, the transmission removal, et cetera et cetera. Just check this video's description down below and you'll see links listed in chronological order which will all take you back in time to the first uh, parts of this particular series and that will end my moment of Shameless self-promotion So again, and as always, thank you guys for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourself a straight day. See you guys later! End of this and Dawson Oh, I wouldn't leave you guys hanging. hang on a second hang on powering down.

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    Must rest, yes, rest you must.
    You do nice work and you deserve success.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Random Blogger says:

    The baitiest clickbait, obviously yer talking about the truck not yuutuub

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars señor says:

    It's me or your own shop now is a mess?

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Marino says:

    My way of dealing with unavoidable sleepless nights dealing with the kids was to remind myself of how in my younger days when I dealt with a sleepless night of my own doing.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeremy Hawk says:

    Good video! I think responsible parents are well and completely familiar with those night of no sleep… I've had my share of 'em! When I have had one of those nights, I pretty much don't do anything that requires significant brain usage because brain no-worky, I do what I can and don't do anything that might cause bad stuff.

    As to the filling of the engine with coolant, I've become a big fan of vacuum filling devices. Those things are just soooo convenient because I know there's no leaks (holds vacuum) and no air pockets when it's all full. I've had to use one a couple times with my F150 and afterward, I wondered why I didn't get one sooner…

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Daryl Morgan says:

    Epic series of videos on the Nissan Ray even though the last slog was a a bit tough with lack of sleep.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Stephen Westmoreland says:

    I hope kid is okay 👌 😇. I was exactly like you. When I started Dropping Spanner’s and tools 🛠️ too much. I know it was time to walk away and get some Rest. Your just not helping the Job when you feel like that My friend. Hope the Family are Well soon. Steve Westmoreland 👨🏻‍🦳♿️🇬🇧🛠️🤞😂❤

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars bish1979 Gaming says:

    On behalf of all Australians…… Ray that was not a real spider!!! Come on down here and meet some of our beauties. Today we had warnings of extremally venomous spiders pretending to be dead in the bottom of peoples swimming pool just to spring back to life and bite. Anyway hope you get some sleep mate. 🙂

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars candice beebe says:

    After a while your going to realize that no matter much you charge per job you are not going to get rich. Just doing someone a big favor.

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul Monk says:

    Bet there's a drift pin somewhere in your toolbox😊