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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Got ourselves a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee I think that's a WJ four-wheel drive. It has the 4.7 liter, V8 the Ocho and uh, we were doing some rear brakes on this and uh, pulling the rear axles to change some axle seals. We see we've got a pretty substantial leak right here. same thing over here on this side.

Now these are, uh, they're press-on bearings on the axle shafts and we have to unbolt this flange right here in order to get the uh, the flange to come loose. Now we have a bit of a problem going on. See, while attempting to get these, uh, these nuts to come loose, we can see. hang on.

I'm gonna get a good bite on it here. it's uh, it's stuck There we go. We can see that these studs are turning inside of that flange and I can't get uh I can't get these things to back loose. The issue is is those studs are splined and they're supposed to just grip into that flange right there and those splines have stripped out.

So what I need to do is get in here and put a bead with a welder right here on that stud and that one and the other one there. That way the stud will stay in place on the flange and I'll be able to take the the nuts off the back side of it. So I'm gonna go fetch the welder. I Never had to weld a car in order to change an axle seal and a bearing before, but uh, I guess there's a first time for everything.

so let's drag this unit out, get it hooked up, and uh and pause the beat onto that stud and see if we can't get these flanges to come out. Yay! opening Z hoods Alrighty Now One of the first little issues that I'm running into here is I'm having a hard time attaching my ground cable to anything that was loud, attaching the ground cable, anything to get a good ground on it. So what I'm going to do here is I'm going to just vice grip some vice grips to those studs and then I can connect the ground cable to my vise grips. It's just going to give me, uh, okay, some more surface area here to get a good bite to make a good electrical contact with uh with that stud right there.

So let's back up a little bit. I'm going to get in there with the welding tip and we're going to put a bead here here and one right there and that should allow me to uh to get those bolts to come out and then we can get this axle shaft out of the tube. Okie Dokes welding mask coming in, putting that thing on now we're safe. Let's get this party started now.

What? I don't want to do is weld the flange to the axle tube. I Just want to weld the uh, the stud right here to the flange. that is it. Get in there.

There we go. Uh nope, more speed there we go. A little bit more heat. All right.

Oh I am not a welder by the way. not a welder. but I can uh I can muddle my way through it. That's probably right on point.

If it's not, then uh I'll have to weld it again. Let's get the grips out of here and see if this is gonna break loose or not. Now this should not be affecting the performance or the Integrity of this particular flange. We're just uh oh that that's a horrible weld.
It didn't even penetrate. Bad angle from a dangle here. Let's try this again. I failed epically see that I got a I got the beat on the stud but nothing on the uh, nothing on the flange there.

Round two: three clip, try again. maybe I wonder if I should pull the tip off of this to get uh, get more like access in the hole I'm not running gas so I should be able to do this without the about that tip attached right? Yes, no, maybe try it again. Foreign Did I get it? I think I got it. Let's find out today.

going back in with the wrench and there we go. Now it's turning Hood Okay, that's one down. Yeah, only one of these studs or nuts came off. Okay, that's gonna work I'm gonna speed things up with the ratcheting wrench.

Let's see here. We'll slip that guy on right? Like so. Yes sir, it's working. Good slippages.

don't want that. Yep This is gonna work. Okay, we're back on schedule. This is totally gonna work.

Is that hot? Negative: Okay, one down, two to go. That is Hot. warm, hot. All right, we're one down.

Uh, looks like two to go. Let's get a beat on this other stud in there. Did we penetrate? Not exactly. Not a welder.

a little bit more. All right. that one's good. Got a beat on that one.

One more up top. Okay, one more up top. Let's get that one hit real quick. Good beat on that one now.

I should be able to. Uh, get those nuts off. Let's see here. Let's get in there with a Uh with an impact and spin this guy out.

Okay, 14 coming in? Got it? There's our nut. Hooray And one more right up Back over here. Okay, we're not going to get an impact on that one. There's just there's no space.

So back to the clicky ratchet wrench. Oh, this is nice. Yep, it's turning. We're gonna win.

Let's pull this guy off right now. Finished. Ah good. Victory is closer.

Okay, that's the last of the nuts. Need to get behind this thing with a pry bar some and start walking it out away from the uh. the axle tube. Maybe I can pull it? Nope.

pry bar needed. All right. Let's see if I can win this thing up. It's way out some.

please come out there. it goes. It moved all right. Now we're going somewhere.

I'm all the way out foreign. ER I may have to slide hammer this out I Don't want to pry on things too much. We'll end up bending brake shoes and whatnot. We don't want to do that.

Yeah, I'm gonna. I'm gonna get the slide hammer out. It's probably best. Okay So we've got this flange adapter here.

It's threaded in the center. We're just gonna throw some lug nuts on to this axle this down and then we're going to screw the hammer into this threaded area here and we'll give it a tug. Here's our Slide Hammer unit. Long Rod With the hammer.

Take this guy, screw it in. like so hold on. Get in there. There we go.
Okay, so right here with the right hand. I'm going to pull on the rod and then I'm going to operate the hammer feature. Pull this axle out so close. I Think the studs are binding on that flange? Hang on here.

Let's get that. uh oh, there's some actual fluid leaking we're getting somewhere. Yeah, there we go. Release.

Got it? good? You know? let's get a closer look at how this is functioning here. So we've got this flange we have. Let's go down here. We've got our flange.

We've got our bearing. It's like a some kind of bearing spacer. The race is in there. We're gonna have to pull that out with a slide hammer and this has to go over to the Press so we can press this off of the axle.

Very hard to maintain design. Alrighty, we're rolling the Press over. I Brought it over here from in the corner because the corner is full of Subaru parts and it's really hot over there. So we're over here right now where I've got some more light and some more space.

What we need to do is set these axles up in the press and press. Uh, press the axle off of the bearing and off the seal. So this, uh, this is gonna be kind of interesting I Hope the Press can accommodate these axles. If not, uh, I'll take them elsewhere and have somebody else press them fingers crossed.

Hope this works all right and again. All right. So we're getting kind of set up here. I've got the bearing press around the plate.

uh, it should be in a position where I can start to press I need to shim this with some blocks just to make up a little bit of space here and we're going to press down and push this axle out from this match. the uh, that's the idea. Anyway, you can hear uh, there's more destruction going on in the background. We're loading up all this stuff from the wall that we tore down and go.

It's gonna work. Yes, yes, it is all right. Here goes: nothing. I'm beginning to press.

Now it's either gonna work or it's going to crush the wood or it's going to slip off and not work. So far, we're crushing the wood. Uh nope. Epic fail.

Not working. Oh, lost it. Okay, trying again. We're getting some down pressure on it.

Uh okay. Something happened and we lost the bearing. So the looks like the bearing itself is disintegrating. Well, since it's broken, let's keep sending it.

See what happens So you're gonna come out or it's not I think it's going. Oh so sketch-o-matic running a little sideways too. Come on, it's this guy right here holding us up. Okay, so this is starting to press sideways.

if this is not working, my configuration is all wrong. So I'm just gonna go ahead and chop this thing off. We've got a cut off wheel Cliff left it here. We're gonna chop into this and air hammer it off and that, uh, that should work.

Okay I've got a cut uh into this little uh bearing spacer here. I'm gonna try to get after it with an impact and drive this thing off. It should, uh, maybe I can break it. Let's see here.
loud noises I don't know he's done there. Pretty good. Cut into it deeper. Okay, Let's try to try to press this thing down some more and see if this is going to come off.

I I Gotta deep cut into it and I'm hoping that relieved some of the the pressure on the shaft. Maybe it'll press out. Maybe it won't. Let's give it a shot.

I'm cranking. Oh yeah. move. See that? Yeah good.

Come off. Yep, it's moving. We might win. I Hope the race for that bearing comes out here.

Yep, the race is also coming out and it looks like the studs are bottomed out so we need to reset and re-shin this. It's coming out. We're gonna win. This is more effort than I thought it was going to be.

but we're gonna win. Yep, it's moving good. Slide that in. Okay, okay.

I re-shimmed it with some more plate steel. Get a about another half inch out of it. So let's continue with the Press that. uh, let's get the bearing out there.

We go. It's working, Got it? That's what I wanted. Wow, there's the seal. Nice.

Okay, well this was a lot of fun. Not really since. uh, we've got the wrong kind of press setup here. I Was afraid this was gonna happen.

Um, is what it is I mean we got the thing off so now I can get the new one pressed on. That'll be easy because I can just set the Press up. Flip this over, have the shafts running down through the press, and then just press on the other side of the flange. Now my problem is is we've pretty much annihilated these bearing press flanges.

they've been welded on. they've been pressed on. I'm not even going to try to save those I ordered another set. so uh, at this point I'm gonna go ahead and grab the other axle shaft and get this one that one taken apart and then uh, I can pick this back up once.

Um, once those flanges arrived. So now the real question is, is, where is there? it is? There's our flange. Uh, let's see here. I'm Well, since I have no fear of ruining this, maybe maybe I can just give it some full send action without put that right there.

I'll just send it full send style without having to really worry about ruining this flange right here because I I see no way to get this thing to come off with with we have on hand without, uh, bending that flange that in order to press this off and I can't get around this bearing retainer to press that off. So I really have no choice except for to uh to damage this flange in order to remove it. So we're just going to do what we did the first time and I'll just replace the flange. Uh, when the new one arrives.

That's kind of the kind of the plan on my ever evolving non plan plan This one set back up and we'll start to start the press action to get this one removed as well. Okey-dokes Axle shaft number two has the bearing separator plate installed behind the bearing retainer plate again. I'm pretty sure we're going to bend the crap out of this one trying to get this to press off rather than trying to be delicate with it like the last time. I'm just gonna set this up and full send it because I've ordered another one of these and we have another bearing and we have another retainer and we have another seal.
So I don't care if I ruin this one this time. I've already conceded to the fact that it's going to be damaged, so uh, let's just uh, let's just send it full send style see what happens? I Think that's going to be okay? I Um I Found some C-channel steel in the shop and I cut it down. I'm going to try to use these as, uh, some shims as opposed to the four by four blocks because these were starting to crush and deform. Yeah, right here.

and I didn't like that. so we're gonna try it with some steel ones and see what happens. Oh, this is cool. Look unforeseen.

Challenge Number 75 on this us: This axle is longer than this axle. so now this axle really doesn't fit in my press. So I need to figure out something else to get This to come out now. I'm now I'm not happy this is.

this is going downhill. It's going down like the Hindenburg quickly. All right. So I'm standing around staring at this and I think I have an idea since I can't make this go down any farther and I can't make this go up any farther.

Maybe I can just cut this thing off or make it shorter I think I'll I'm gonna try that. Let's take this thing apart. I'm gonna take this section of the press over to the bench and I'm gonna try to uh, cut this off with a cut off wheel and then perhaps after doing that I don't have enough space here. We'll try that next.

Seems to be a good idea or it's a bad idea and I'm gonna ruin my press. but uh I don't know. we'll see a show. What? I need to do.

Pull this. Jack out of here. come out. Jack Oh there it is.

Yeah, let's pull this thing apart. Try that. We'll just chop it to pieces. It's gonna work I Don't know, but it's probably worth a shot.

I mean if it doesn't work, I can just weld some stuff in there and undo what I did. Yeah, we're gonna do that. We're gonna put that over there. Let's get this piece of Steel out of the Vise here.

Let me back it up. great! We've moved on to Metal Fab work and things of that nature. Hooray! See how are we gonna do this? You know it had to be a Jeep too. It's this guy's fault because he's a Jeep person you have cursed me with with deep edges.

Hey, come here real quick I'm all out of hands Tighten the Vice in thank you sir. just crank around down, crank her down. That's good. not too much.

yeah. circular cutter or Sawzall I'm going salsa I'm gonna use the Sawzall Yep, definitely saws off now. seeing as how that has to be somewhat of a Precision cut, we're gonna bust out a new Blade full contact metal Diablo style not sponsored. That's just what I use.
Let's see, we'll lose uh, our wood cutting blade and install the carbide metal cutting blade. You can go in the bucket see if this is going to work I Think it works but better. Okay, here goes nothing. See what happens? It needs to be square and flush Victory got it.

That's uh, about as flat as it's gonna get I think too. Okay, let's put the press back together and try again. Yay! Oh impressed piece. Yeah, that's that's pretty good.

We're flush, we're flat. That'll work. Okay, back to the Press he's taking way too long. don't fall I knew there.

this is gonna work dude I don't know I guess notes? maybe perhaps I Guess we're gonna find out. Okay, all right, trying again. Now we got plenty of space. This is good.

That's that's what we need here. I Like it. Okay, we're set up a little bit of space there. No worries, we can trim that with a socket.

Uh, we've got the C channel in here on the bearing. press both sides. That means that the flange for the axle is clear. That should be plenty strong enough to not Bend or go anywhere.

Let's uh, let us initiate the Press Oh, that socket doesn't fit. No worries, we'll just run it down as it is. I'm sure there's enough throw in that Jack to to get it to, uh, make contact with the top of the axle. over here.

we'll do the vice grip. Jack Handle Method: Bring her down. This is totally gonna work much more better or than uh, than that first method. with the wood blocks and that stupid thing sticking out I Don't even know why that's there.

It's easier to add things up, add things in to take space, than it is to subtract as we've just seen. see my hazard front Jack is leaking. Yep and I did steal that one from AP says Hazard fraught I like it. It's catchy.

Uh, where's my Jack handle? Jack handle Jack handle. Where are you? Um, yeah, that's my new Jack handle. See what happens here? You're gonna work. Yeah, it is.

and it's not. Pieces are going to fly out and it's going to hurt like that. Yeah, that that bearing plate thing has no chance to survive this. Come on, you can do it.

I'm out. I might need to reset this. uh, bearing plate device. Here we go.

Something broke. Okay, Okay, I do need to reset. See how we're Uh, we're bottomed out on our studs down here now. So I need to reset this.

make this smaller. We've got some space to work with. Sure, let's back off the jack a little bit. There we go thing.

almost fell out. Not okay. Okay, so we'll squeeze that in some actually. I don't know if I should flip it over now.

Yeah, I'm gonna flip this over. It's a convex or a concave depends on how you're looking at it. It's one of those cons. idant convoluted contrail conjugate good one vocab word of the day.
conjugate did you me too? I did that once. It was awesome I had a victory in Academia So boring and painstaking and annoying. Not my favorite type of operations here. Come out gravity.

Okay. flip this over. try it at another angle down here. See how that works? Is it gonna work well? I Mean we've established it, will work There we go.

It has no choice. Let's work. It has no choice. It is my will.

We command it. It's going to come apart. The key here is control demolition. You know we don't want it to fly apart in a in a hazardous manner.

sending projectiles in all directions. that'll cause that OSHA thing to happen. insert clip of truck dragging down the wall. uh no, no.

I had a permit for that. You can drag down walls with trucks I pulled down entire buildings before with trucks. Yeah, it's really cool. Come on.

screw it in there. We go. That's good. Okay, let's try this again.

Take two, press two, round two, number two, set that guy in and go up with the Jack some more. I'm gonna get these uh pieces of C channel in as far as we can and center the work on the on the Press here. Hang on Right about there. right there.

That's good. That all looks good from my point of view. Okay, continuing the Press. There's an angle here, is there? Okay, yeah there is.

I Wonder if we bend the Press It's fine. I'm gonna send it Center there. That's exactly what we're doing. Full send action.

Well, you're in danger zone. Watch out, you do not want to injury start to collapse. the bearing come out Devil bearing. Treasures Coming up there it goes.

Wow, it's working. Yay got it! Yeah, yeah there we go. Bearing Retainer bearings seal destroyed, seal retainer all of it destroyed but we got it apart without destroying the axle which is good and I made some new toys to work with my press which is also good. Okay, well we are now in limbo until I Get the rest of the parts here.

Okay, so here's how this is supposed to go back together and we want to reinstall all this stuff we're going to put our new retainers in. We've got our seal. We've got a bearing which is a two-piece bearing. Here's the outer race and here's the inner race.

and actually this outer is two pieces. See that little line right there Now half of the outers are still at the axle too is we have to extract those? but when this goes together, put our bearing over it. Then we will put I'm sorry, We'll put our seal over it, then the bearing, then the retainer. Then we will set this up in the press and then press the axle down into this until it bottoms out and it then we can insert the entire axle assembly back into the tubes on the truck over there so we don't have.

We do not have the uh, the flange retainers here just yet. We need to pull these races out of the axle tubes and I'll have to use the the slide hammer and the uh the bearing puller device to uh to get these guys out. So let's see there's the there. they are right there.
It's one of these two should fit in there. It's like full on uh on that race. See if this is the one, this is not the one this is gonna be hard to get out. Also, that one doesn't even go in all the way.

Okay, we find a I've got a kit with some more of those. These ones don't fit very well. Let me try a different one I Think that's it. Yep, and leaving that race in the in the axle tube is not an option because again, we saw that the replacement bearings are a multi-piece units and this one, do you fit? That one doesn't fit either.

Maybe this one. Not a chance. Nothing does not fit. Okay, so how do I get you to come out? I could cut it down.

just chop it off ever so slightly. Oh wait a minute here. look at that. I lucked out I'm silly that doesn't press in at all.

See the thing move. Look, it moves I can turn it. okay. well then abracadabra come out bearing race.

got super human flangy strength. That's what's going on here. Let's just pull Races by hand. This is like the first time ever ever got it.

Okay, that's one race cool I was wrong. No slide hammer needed I Stoked too soon. Nope, this one's coming out too. Look at that.

Oh good. We get to finish off on a positive that's awesome. Yay! come on. No no tools required.

it's now stuff. Oh yeah it is. I got it stuck. Oops.

Epic fail. Well again. I Had a little catty Wampus sideways like just walk it out don't I like the sound that it makes. Come on and out.

Yeah. hit you guys in the face of the race. Got it though? Cool That bore looks really good Fantastical We win All right. It is now a waiting game until Parks show up.

So uh, that being said, I have no more to offer you on this particular video. We'll get back to this later on. Um, next time around. I'm gonna go ahead and do some press action with those new bearings.

We're going to install this and then I'm gonna turn the truck back over to Troy because this is his project and not mine I jumped in on it in the middle but uh I figured since we rented some difficulty I would uh I'd illustrate that for you guys. So that being said, I'm gonna go and close this one out right now and I'll do such things by thanking each and every one of you. As always, go watch this video. Certainly hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did enjoy this video, let us know about it by tapping that like button down below. Drop a comment or two while you're down there. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! Interview.

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    Why didn't he use the vicegrips instead of the wrench ,the vice grip was already attached.jusgivnushit

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joe Vreeland says:

    I gotta quit watching — again — and this time forever. You're just hacking at the presswork – wrong placement of the bearing splitter – it goes 90° to the opening of the press bed – and WOOD BLOCKS? Hey how about cutting the bearing retainer first?!? I just UNFRIENDED you.

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Matt P. says:

    What a terrible design. First the flange, then the removal of the bearing.

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Greg Johnson says:

    Really, using wood blocks?

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars darkwing4 says:

    Ray,, I used to remove pressed on axle bearings by heating the collar and inner race with an acetylene torch (hot flame in one area,,,) after heating turn axle on end and tap the splines on the floor,, The bearing will fall right off,,, Takes about 5 minutes for both axles,, 🙂

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Craig Riker says:

    Word of the day: penetration and hot nuts 😆

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ian Tyler says:

    I was shouting at the screen (get the torch on the collar to expand it) but you got it anyway. Nice work.

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert Howard says:

    Don't throw out that piece of round stock, You are going to need that for bearing that don't have a axle stuck in them

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Les Reeves says:

    Gas axe heat it cut with cut off wheel hit it with air hammer job done.(The bearing).

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gary Carr says:

    Use a torch cut the top one from the side be very cautious once you do that everything will slide off it's just pressed on. Use your air hammer to put it back on top of the bearing

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars The Real MrCods 🗸 says:

    I had to cut mine to get the bearings off, cut both sides then air chisel. Was a PITA. 👍

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Matt D says:

    Ray, to extend your press, would it be a better idea to weld together a U-shaped base bracket (lowering the bottom piece basically to the floor level)? Seems like you have the metal on hand!

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeff Hoag says:

    What a joke. Backyard mechanic tactics for sure. 2 mins with torch on retainer then smack with chisel and it’s off. You need to learn a lot about bearings and installation if you are going to do this kind of work. Heat retainer and slide it on all can be done in a vise no press needed.

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars rcbohno says:


  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Aaron Koivu says:

    Long broomstick and hammer gets and race out on the Jeep front and rear axle tubes, old school move lol

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars No Beret says:

    Thank you for putting the model code in the title! I have a Cherokee XJ and every time I search for something model specific, I get tons of Grand Cherokee and other stuff because so many creators just say "Cherokee" no matter what.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Norman Appleton says:

    I would have removed the brake shoes first to give better access to weld!

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ab Normal says:

    Just use the vice grips on the stud then wrench the nut?

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Barry abell says:

    Con Spiracy

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeff Ally says:

    Yeah please please be very careful with that pressure tool it can do some serious damage to a human being. Please be very safe we need you around on youtube we need u ray. From orange county ny

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeff Ally says:

    Yeah ray looks good to me. I did read other people comment. I do feel they might be right in heating them up. I do remember 42 years ago as auto tech helper at a private school on campus. Heating them would be much better for to do. 😅 what do I know I ain't know mechanic like you ray ray. Your still my tech teacher. I will never stop watching you. Thank you for your videos youtube 😊

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Victor Bellan says:

    Put the new bearings in the freezer, they’ll fall into place !

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeff Ally says:


  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jim bellingham says:

    "Rayce remover"!

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jim bellingham says:

    THAT wass a "Jeep shot" Raymond!