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We should. We're gonna race these. Let's Race Let's Race the Milwaukee and the Ridgid I only have one bar left in batteries though. I need a new battery? I got two.

You have two bars All right. I Accept We'll do it. Raise them anyways. ready.

Go opening Z Hood Gravity Hello everybody. Good day to you! Welcome back I Just learned a fun fact Cliff is not mad at me I Know what I'm doing I have wooden blocks in my truck? That makes no sense to you guys but it's a it's a joke we were having. We're back at the shop, we're doing some door work on the frame and we need to cut this giant piece of wood and then set the giant piece of wood up in a fashion where we can, uh, forklift it off of the truck. show.

We're gonna throw some wood in here. so hang on, wait, wait. what I'm gonna do is I'll set this down on the wood and then we'll move the fork over there and pick it up over here and then shim it up with that piece of wood. That's why Cliff is not mad at me for having wood.

Hello helicopter all right. climbing in starting Z Engine come on Okay, we're coming down there we go. Beautiful. backing up there we go.

Forklift certified. Is this gonna work? Nope, yeah it is. Stop with your evil. it's gonna work.

I hope it's gonna work. Actually, it might not because uh, we're a little off center here. It's okay. I think I can get in there.

you're gonna stand on it. I love our ocean violations. There we go or under it. No, we're not going to the right to the right.

You say? Yeah, That's all we get. If it falls, run, Is he gonna stay? Maybe. Oh I've got. Yeah, yeah.

Grab that other block and then stick that one in there. Don't smash your phalanges. go. Can you stand it up here? Let me go up some.

Moving on up. Bring it. bring it over to the right thumb a little bit farther. Do I need to go up.

No reach under it. Come on man. all right now we're good. Okay, contact over there contact here.

All right, our block is lifted. We're gonna need that. Yeah, All right. shut this down.

I Am not the boss. You sir are the project manager. Okay, this thing ain't got no gas in it. You're the project manager.

Got me All right that actually, uh, that works. We're almost out of gas. Um so that let me just push that one back over. right? Yeah, if we push that over, we can take those blocks and put them under this and then Fork this over there.

watch your toes. I'm good. they're over here. Timber Oh, that's not that heavy anymore.

I have the best plan of all plans without having an actual plan. Oh way there. Okay now this comes down. we move this over and Fork this thing off The truck.

Yeah yeah, this thing gonna fall off foreign. Navy Yeah yeah, let's do that. I Think that's a good idea? Let's move the Silverado say cheese cheese? foreign. Thank you.

Oh, they fell down I'm gonna need you to reshift. Wait, we rotate something squared off. You gotta make sure those chainsaw cuts are square. it's pretty pretty and it's I Got it all right with chainsaw.
That's not bad. We should have ran it across the table. Saw is that the uh, that's where we gotta trim that has to fit inside of that. Make sure to see how deep you've got to go use your laser laser beams I Need hydration? It's so hot in here Yeah clean all the dust off? Is this right? Yes, that's that's appropriate.

Yeah, off of a extension cord off of another extension cord off of a multi-cube socket. Extension cord. Yes, this is all correct on a 15 amp breaker. Round Two fight.

That's fine. Okay, so can you get halfway through with your blade? Did it make it to the halfway mark because it makes it to the halfway that deep? Uh, we're gonna have to go in there with a Sawzall blade. Let's flip this over and do one more cut on the other side and then we'll finish off the center with the long salsa. Back to the Machinery restarting the engine again.

What I'm gonna do is I'll Fork it and then you roll it over and then I'll set it back down again. Yeah, it's only gonna work. Moving on in. Oh, you gotta stand on it.

Just yeah. just stand on it one more time. You want to roll it one more time down there. you can do it.

Yeah, all right now. stand on it. You stand there. Well, you can't I need come on this side.

Come over here. Come on this side. Foreign good. These are so off-center it's not even funny.

I'll get it. How's that? Seven and a half and that is also a seven and a half? Yeah. I Don't think you measured properly. Oh no they are.

Look there you go. It's seven and a half. Oh my. God They are all right.

Where's the chainsaw? I Think we should just rip it with the chainsaw because if not, we're doing this. That's not gonna work. Chainsaw chainsaw. It is chainsaw.

Your Precision has failed. shallow on this side. Does it work? Measure bro, that's gonna work. It's like we knew what we were doing I know we were hammer it in and then we'll uh, we'll set it up and then level it and lag it.

perfect I think so it was a lot of work. You're gonna help. We're both gonna hit it with a hammer. Hammer Cam Yeah, put this over here you guys.

you guys hang out over here. We're gonna hit this with hammers. All right. Oh, it's like our hammers share the same heart.

Uh, we need there. Foreign. Actually the crack is good because it'll expand the wood into the bracket. So I guess I'm cool with a pile of crap.

That's actually true. Loose or tight. Uh, that should be good because if we need to move forward or back there. Okay, so let's get floor jack out and we can probably stand this up by hand.

I think or why don't we Fork it up. Drive it this way so it clears the overhead area when we go to stand it out. That way we're not leaning it. I'll move it this way.

we'll stand it up. You know what? I've got four foots in I picked this end up. All right. we can do that here.
You clear the stuff. I'll back us out. That works too. Like I said between you and I we must know everything.

Start: ER Well, we do have a forklift. Nice clean exit. There we go. Nice.

See, that's why we didn't knock down that bottom of the wall. So we switch it for a workbench. You knock that down later. Foreign.

There you go. Lean Back Perfect. Is it working? Yeah, if it falls, don't let it hit you I go a little higher, get more vertical out of it There we go. It's going all the way up.

Okay, that's uh. can we stand it up? Let's see what we got. Wait, let me get over there. Hang on I don't put a ratchet strap around it.

That's what I'm thinking. let's I don't wanna I don't like doing that Danger No, we can stand this up. We got this. Yeah, come on.

Uh. I run left and you run right now. So we stuck on. Hang on back and we'll wrap it.

Let's go. Can you hold it? Yeah, all right, you're good. I will move the lid. it's kind of wedged in there.

It's pretty good. I need to back up one more time. Thank you right there because we're gonna. we're gonna push the bottom over.

You don't want to be too high because it'll flip off Yeah about right there. Because yeah, you're good. We're good. So we'll move the bottom into place, snap it over with hammers.

Yeah, those are good hammers. It'll work. or we can tri-bar under it and try to walk them over if you can do that away. Oh yeah, that would be we need to tap it.

Just give it a tap. give you about an inch that way, and then two inches that way. Uh, maybe one more hit. We should be there.

and then that way. Yeah, uh. half an inch is that it? Oh, there's two more hits. Okay, perfect.

Now we gotta wet your oven. Yep. Uh, you want to use the lift to do it? Yeah, let's get past that. Who put that there? You? Did you put that there? That was.

that was you. Yeah, that's annoying. But the wood. That wood.

No, that's the guys. I Think we just need to get it up there and beat it. Yeah, let me let me Fork it. Yeah.

Plus, before we do any more of that, let's get this over. Just a hair. put one bolt in. Uh, so it doesn't slide this way or rotate and then beat the top.

Okay, is it on the edge? It's like right there. Yeah, you got more space to bring it over. Problem is is this piece of metals. it's getting caught up on that piece of the metal.

if we, if it gets vertical, that metal will slip over the little flange there. So I was just seeing if this is about where. Oh yeah, it's on the edge of this. this pour right here.

It's right there. It's one hole, one hole, one one. Bolt Oh I Think we should just send it and send it vertical and then bolt it in. It's not going to go anywhere because the more we push that, the tighter it's going to get here.
Yeah. I was gonna push it with that up there. Let's do that. I Want to do that because we need to also get the thing plumbed.

Okay, what left? No, no. the actual Fork to the end of the oh I See what you want to do? We can do that coming down. Watch your Noggin makes the adjustment that's good and then move okay. I'll parallel park it that way and push the thing up.

Go where? Oh yeah, you're you're smarter than I am right there. Okay, Oh yeah. I'm going in now. Yeah, where should we do to go more a little more.

Yeah, keep pushing All right there. Got it. We can ratchet, strap in pry bar the rest of the way, can't we? Yeah, it should be good. stuck in this corner I Can't get out I'm like right up against the wall I Just use the camera.

just use the counterweight to smash the wall down. Yeah, that's the perfect idea. Can't wait counterweights. He's always stuck in this corner.

I'll get out Austin Power Shuffle There we go. We got a ball in the ground in the concrete. The battery was dead in the GoPro so we didn't catch that it is. We almost got it level.

Check it out like that's uh. that's skills. So I'm gonna go up here and hit it with a hammer. There's a Twist to this piece of wood.

I See that? Hmm, we need to hammer that side that way and it'll rotate. Yeah, it's it's not exactly. Square Uh, no. maybe we should loosen that lag bolt or that, uh, on the back.

Yeah, yeah. Both of them. No, not the one on the back. That one.

we should tighten and draw it in. loosen this one in the concrete so it can rotate because that's captured pretty hard with that bracket. Yeah yeah, let's do that. Where's the where's the other? Milwaukee Foreign and then where is it Square looks like it.

Where's the square at? I Don't know a little bit more. it's not Square yet I Can see it. now. let's get the square square with what the crack in the concrete right? a little bit more.

Let's say a little bit more. just a wee little. I'm using how far it digs into the metal as a reference. Oh yeah, yeah.

awesome. how's that? Is that better? It's good enough in my house. Oh yeah, yeah, that's that's it's still not. Is that going to be a problem for the garage door climbing up? We need to secure the top of the post I Have drilled some pilot holes in the red Iron and we're going to run lag bolts.

We need to put one here to pull the twist out of the board and there's already one right up here to secure the beam. That way, the beam can't move while we attempt to untwist it because there is a slight twist in this beam show that goes here I Think I need to make that hole bigger. One more. one more step.

There it goes. Good enough loud noises click. your bit's getting hot. Should I drill a pilot hole? No really.

No, no pilot holes. Few construction guys are weird. we need a pilot hole. It's splitting the wood.
Told you so. All right Round two: Pilot hole time my way. they're gonna work. Maybe probably it's gonna split this beam right in half.

That didn't work. Yep, well looks like uh, we're not taking any more twists out of this. Give me another lag bolt I'll bolt one more top, one more from the top and then that's it. Oh I need the step drill bit again I took it off about right here.

Yes, that'll do pig. that'll do foreign. That confirms it's definitely at least a six inch slab. Yes Yay! I Never get to use construction equipment like this before.

I Kind of got this little uh Gap thing going on here. if that's yeah, Should we? I mean it's up to you? Uh no. I'm asking you because this is your wheelhouse. All right top of the tape.

Keep going. You don't have to do that. Last little bro had to have the last one. Oh it's the last one.

Yeah, yeah, well you said it was good and I was like no hold on one more. There you go That out, Got it? Yeah. Foreign I Only have one bar left on batteries though. I Need a new battery I got two.

You have two bars All right? I Accept We'll do it. Race them. Yes. Ready Go! haha I Win! Oh I know it's because it's not the fuel Milwaukee Is that what it is? Yeah, well actually you know what.

I'm just gonna let them I'm gonna let them do it in the comments section I'm not even gonna say it yeah I'm just gonna let the comments handle that one. yeah. Okie Dokes back on the forklift I'm gonna go put this back in its home I Think we're done for the day. We need to put the plywood wall back up.

We've got one post hung. next phase. we have to measure and cut that wall out and then Notch it and get the stuff off the floor and get that out of here. Then we can hang the second post and then once that's done the garage door guys can come and hang the door and then I will can cut out the remaining metal stuff and we'll be good to go.

So I'm gonna go ahead and park this like I just said and uh I will also go ahead and decide to close this video out because it is late in the afternoon on a day off and uh and I don't want to work anymore I want to go home and have a day off. So all that being said, thank you guys for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this uh construction video. I Swear we know what we're doing.

Yeah Anyway, thanks again guys for watching! See you on the next one! Have a great day in the transmission finalized forklift powering down.

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