Come along in this video as I repair a 1990 Ford F-150 that is loosing brake fluid fast but it's not leaking on the ground!? Where the heck could it be going? Don't forget that the brake booster can hold a LOT of fluid before it starts burning it in the engine.
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Hey there viewers! Welcome back to the salesman! Auto Channel It was a 1990. It's the F-150 It's got the big 5-0 and it's got a brake fluid loss. at least that's what the customer tells me. Brake fluid keeps going down and it's not leaking any worse. and it took a quick tool under it. It's a southern truck of some sort because obviously, uh, you know, 31 years old in New York state or 32 years old. Rather, it's not from around here. I Don't see any brake fluid leaking under anywhere. It's not coming by the wheel, cylinders, calipers. Nothing. So therefore, it can only be going one place and that's down the booster and sure as heck it is. Pulled the vacuum hose off the brake booster, stuck the zip tie in there, and then that was just about full. So I've got a new master cylinder for it, a new brake booster, and we're gonna get that put on. or at least that's what we're going to attempt to be doing. It hasn't made it to the point it's actually burning brake fluid in the engine yet. I Have seen them way back in the day I Get to that point, makes a lot of nice white smoke. So we're just going to move the vacuum hose here out of our way. We have the cruise control cable that cruises right across the top here, which let's see you have to deal with my squeaky uh Harbor Freight step stool here. Also a couple lines, a couple bolts. I Don't think this is going to be that big a job. might have to have somebody come over and help us just hold some wires out of our way. So let's get a couple wrenches here. Get those lines off one electrical connector here. We'll get that when we flip it over. Be a little easier on movie so you can see, but just have to take my word for it. here. we've got a 5 8 wrench. Let's see. Uh American with the dust off, that baby got that one cracked loose and this one is a 7 16. Oh now we need a bigger wrench here to hold whatever that is on that master cylinder and carpet. Makes the squeakiest step stool ever. Crack that line loose there. and then before I get these all the way loose. we'll get a pig mat or something to stick under here because it's going to drip a little bit. keep it from making too big a mess. I Guess All right, try to keep being big slabs. anyways. No. I don't really have to worry about that. Not much coming out and there's that one. Okay, so those two are loose. just the two bolts. Once we get the mask on it, there's only four bolts that holds the booster and I should be a pretty straightforward job. I Don't think I Think we'll have enough slack here. We might have to loosen up the cruise control module if you will set that to the side. you know, 9 16. this master cylinder doesn't look that old, so I'm kind of surprised. Well, I shouldn't have a surprise. it's just I'm a little surprised. Get on that one can we? There's two nuts on this side and one that holds the bracket, but they're all the same. So a couple three, four strand bolt surgery 16s probably I'll take the little bracket off and then there's one more nut that holds the master cylinder itself on zip and zap that off there. Just like so there she is. leaking in all its Glory of course. I Don't see it petering right out of it right now. Let's get that connector unhooked and underneath it, there's that stick that baby to the side. So there's the one the bracket that I was telling you about to hold some brake lines on. You guys will see it. If you're doing this yourself, you're doing a DIY Uh, let's see. Are we gonna have enough room? Yeah. Maybe Let's see. We're gonna have to kind of hold some of this stuff out of the way I'm assuming it's had some a bunch of Aftermarket Wiring and crap going on over here. Brake lines are in great shape so we don't have to worry about wiggling and moving them around. I'm gonna take and uh, just for the sake of not breaking the plastic cable here on the cruise. I'm just going to take down two bolts out of it I Don't know if they're metric or not. it. looks like we'll do about three eighths, but just see wham bam. Nope, they're 10 mil so right above your cruise. Servo Here a couple bolts and drop it so there's those and there's the whole little Servo should just kind of. You don't have to disconnect it this we want it. Loose Kind of hanging now. I Guess the rest of this stuff is up under the dash and then we're gonna come out here and do some fidgeting to get it out of here. I'm gonna stick these bolts to the side and we're going to Dash and see what we need under there trying to set it up where you guys can't see crap. Uh, because at the end of the day I still need to get my big dome under here so it looks like we have a clip. see if we can't just get that by hand. Boom! So there's one clip holds that should be the brake light switch and the lever there. I'll take the brake light switch off. We'll set that down here. The other switch up here, that's your cruise cancel switch way at the top. it's got the one vacuum laying onto it. just uh, controlled vacuum leak. That's all it is. I Guess there's a little bushing goes in the rod. stick that down like a So and then four bolts and they look like they're probably 9. 16 to be my guess. So let me go grab that impact that we had with that swivel socket. Get them babies unbolted. Okay, let's see if we were right. A lot of extra wiring under here. There's one. Oh yeah, baby. there's two. There's three. I Want to drop them down behind the carpet? you know. Numeral 4-0 That's weird that one didn't go in the socket. It didn't seem like somebody put a different nut on that one top left. Let's remember that just in case. it's done that way. intentionally. Yeah, so that one's definitely a different bolt or a different nut. So I don't know if that was intentional or if that's the way it's supposed to be. I Don't see any reason why it would be. Well, we should be done in here. We should be able to go out there and pull that booster off. now. get up on a little crazy here. That's a good old stool. It's a little noisy. no that didn't help. Foreign. We got it running at full. Boost Gotta change the oil in your booster lady I Told you guys there was some brake fluid in there I Thought I was lying. You gotta drain your chorus before you send them back. You know? So yeah, so that's that. That's a problem. If you have a brake fluid loss and you don't know where it is, this is potentially where it's going. You don't see it too often nowadays, but that when I was just a young boy used to see it I don't know. This thing's pretty well busted up. she's old I Don't think new booster comes with this. We're going to try to preserve a little bit of it anyways. not 100 necessary, but very gingerly. slip that off there. We'll take it, transfer it onto our new booster here and we can put the Bellows back on it. Let's see. I should be the right way, right? Yeah, check those at the top, the baby just pointing down low. Probably kind of a waste to stick this back on, but we have our little rubber Bellow that goes on here and that's that. I Guess we'll just slip her back in there now, snug her up and start getting the stuff put back together. Let's see. Get her lined up and get some hoses and everything around here just stuck down there. You just don't want to pinch anything. between the firewall foreign, get the hoses. are the holes all lined up? They're really tight and they go into tin so it's gonna sound really terrible. It's kind of gotta work it and that's just how boosters go I Want to make sure nothing's pinched there. nothing appears to be pinched. Our crew Servo is going to pick back up there and everything's gonna fit back where it was nicely as it can. I guess around and lay around before we get too far out here. I'm going to go back inside and we're going to bolt them four bolts back down. pull her back in, probably peek back here in the mirror. I Don't think there was anything back there. we just have that almost fell down. Man down. We just had this one big vacuum hose here which really can't get pinched. I'm just going to kind of try to stick that up at the top just while we tighten it up. kind of. just make sure it's out of the way. I think we're okay I Am going to look though because there's a lot of Aftermarket Wiring and junk they've got running back there just to be on the safe side and we'll snugger up. I Do believe we are safe. Oops, Just knocked this cup holder off. You're right here on the right side, pointing in the right direction. That's good. Okinoki put on these nuts. Oh man. And then we got the one Oddball Here we'll set that back up where we found it in the upper left hand corner. Let's see if we can find a torque wrench. Got it again? Thank you. Hey there fella. Give me back foreign. shake that back off. That's kind of odd I wonder how we got it loose the first try must be just good. Juju So we're gonna pop this back off, stick the bushing little plastic bushings and move that out of the way. Stick that in there. like. So pull our pedal back up. slip it on. We'll slip our brake light switch back in here. see if I can do it one-handed foreign folks Clips Right here. So brake light switches back on. You got to have the bushing just right to get the brake light switch on. You got to make sure the bushing stays in the control rod here for the booster. and then your brake light switch is just on the metal shaft itself. And now we've got to stick this funny looking clip back in here. If we can get her, should be able to just push, push, push push there it is all hooked up. Man, it's not too bad. We'll just put our cruise Servo back up here. Kind of get this hanging back where it was. This is a simpler time boys simpler time. back where men were men and women with women son of us and you still lost your 10 millimeter way down to the land of the unknown. Ah I think I got her boys there it is 10 millimeter fishing. IRL Seem like some ding dong would change the lock on us. All right there. Okay, let's run our hoses back around there. Yeah, a little clamp that told me everything together just kind of give her a bit of a squeeze. I Guess we had to go down to the Wilbert you pulled a bath to get a bushing for the clutch pedal on this thing that holds the rod on for the clutch master. that was M.I.A and I just happened to look under there and see that it was gone the other day when I was checking this out and I was like man, if it's a young boy that drives this thing I said I'd really scare the it's not out of them. If you come around a corner or come up to a stop sign, go push the clutch in and Rod pops off or something. that would kind of suck. wouldn't be a good day would it? I guess that'll kind of I don't know if that's how that runs from the factory. probably not. At least keep it up out of his way. Take this off with that say warranty void if Chuck Velvet's removed. ooh do Not remove under the penalty of oh well. let's see, let's get a pair of pliers. we can take that one off. I'll tell you something, these players here I'm not much of a tool guy I mean I am a little bit of a tool guy I got lots of tools but uh, usually players don't really turn my crank so to speak. but these players here from Snap-on I am I think I'm in love I am grabbing them suckers all the time I just really like them. It's such a simple set of slip joint, needle nose, pliers, uh it's just they just seem like super handy and I'm using them continually and they are super handy. They work great on hose clamps and all different type stuff. They got just really good power. I Don't know I'm not a big snap on Fanboy or anything by any means, but um, definitely like those suckers. What's this? Say failure to replace the leaking master cylinder will void booster warranty Rod Made require adjustment some cases for installation Shark for a damage run Amusement Engineering: The cords are turned okay. Excellent. Well, let's bleed out our master cylinder. Stick it on here and see if we get lucky. Sometimes you can just bleed them right here at the lines and you don't have to touch anything else. That's when you know you're really lucky and everything's good. Stick that back in here so we can send it back to the know-how Boom, there's your number on that if you need it. Your Classic 54 74 210 after Napper Not a sponsor of course, but I think probably Cardone would be my guess. made in Mexico It said what's up because it reminds me of you darn tough sick I Put it on my toolbox I Got some room for it right over here Got our master cylinder. Gosh! I should have tried to open that first I Guess mother a pearl. Let's see. Uh, we're gonna fill that baby up with some brake fluid here. The classic dot four you can always. You can go up from three to four. It can't go down. just has a little bit higher boiling point and then we're going to bench bleed it best we can and we'll stick it on there and we'll bleed it out at the fittings and see if we have to go bleed out the whole system. The brakes work well on the truck other than you know the continual loss of fluid and I actually happen to have an actual brake bleeding tool for bench bleeding mesh cylinders I don't even remember I Bought this thing many moons ago. It's something that sits in a toolbox that you rarely use. You can use a screwdriver just as well. This just makes you feel fancy. I Guess I'm just going to give her a few pumps here. start to get the fluid flowing. Take these right out. I Guess sometimes it takes a minute to get it going, just kind of hold your finger there, let it build some suction as it pulls fluid in. There we go now. I Can feel it starting to get a little bit of pressure and we can use the nuts. We'll stick them back on there now. these don't seal perfect, but at least get us started here. Now we'll do the rear half foreign. If you don't bench bleed these, you'll have a hell of a time getting all the wheels bled out on the vehicle. Try to get as much air out of the master cylinder as you can before you put it on. Otherwise, like I said, you'll be at it for quite a while. You'll just end up filling the whole system full of air. Let me go, grab a pair of pliers here. like I say these don't seal perfect, but it'll get you really close. So I'm just going to kind of keep pushing to steady pressure on it here and you'll be able to tell. I mean if it starts spitting air out there, it looks like pretty steady fluid. Let the pedal go all the way down, a little bit of air coming out of that back one, and then before you let the pedal back up or pull your screwdriver out, just snug these up. Let it rest a second, Make sure it's pulling fluid in until the pedal's pretty stiff now. Feels pretty good to me. I Think it's a good place to start I Think we're out of fluid too, right? Yes sir! we'll go get some more brake fluid. Uh, we can get this put on in the meantime to tell you guys. Hey, I'm not a big Tool Guy whips out a tool only made for bleeding Master cylinders on the bench? Yeah, now they believe you, there fella. Well, you better be the right connector after all that. Okay, it is. Let's get this tightened back down on here. Hold this vacuum line up out of there, snug that up. give it a couple snug a nuggets here. I'll try to get this done. I've got a appointment I've got to be at just a little while. We'll try to get it done. If not, we'll have to finish it up tomorrow when I got my way. Okay, now we just got to put the bracket back on. but prior to doing that, I'm gonna stick our diaper back under here and we'll hook up our brake lines one at a time and leave this bracket loose while we're doing that in case we got a fidget with them at all. Foreign first. and then I'll show you how we can potentially bleed it right here at the line. Now this only works if your brakes are already working really well to begin with and then you have to use your judgment after that. I mean you could have a little bit of air in them still, but sometimes you get lucky. Foreign started. Remove the plug from the back I got the camera set. Yeah. I got it just right so you guys can't see anything good. so I know I'm doing a good job just hooking up a couple lines. Anyways, that rocket surgery here. when it comes time to bleed it. I'll show you all right that one started. I'm gonna take and snug those up. You don't have to crush them. No, don't kill them right now. We just want to get them where they're tight. There's that one. We'll do this one. and then I'm gonna put the other nut back on that bracket here that holds the lines in place. Then we're going to fill it up full of fluid. see if we can get away bleeding it right here at the line. apparently I'm out of quartz. We're gonna have to use the jug. Usually we use this for filling the power bleeder. We're going to fill it up because it doesn't matter if it comes out of a quarter of a gallon. All right, that baby's full. Let's go get a Helper You're a designated help from this though. Oh, you want to hop in that little fella? We're gonna be bleeding the brakes. It's the middle. See, it's a three pedal job. Okay, old-fashioned Oh yeah, it is old-fashioned Okay, are you in there Miss though? Yeah. Okey-dokey What? We're gonna need this right here. All right. Go ahead and push down on the brakes. Okay, let up. I'm just letting that spill on my diaper. I'm filling my diaper. Okay, push down. It's a pedal dropping Vanessa a little bit. Yeah Okay up. Okay, okay. go ahead and push down. pedal. should have felt pretty decent there. Yeah, okay up. Try to avoid. if you guys are bleeding brakes. try to avoid having somebody get in there and just keep pumping the pedal where they're like pump pump pump and then hold. Because what that does? if you have air in the system it just it whips up, the brake fluid, fills the brake fluid full of air and you will be bleeding until the end of your life to try to get on the air out. So single push is what you do. Okay ready push down. probably not dropping as quickly there is it right? so we can see the fluid coming out. it's nice and clear, not getting any air okay lit up and people are questioning. you know how am I getting air out of the line? you know on this little bit here where it spilled out? Well the fact is when we when we bleed and we close it when she lets off the pedal and it pulls the fluid back through. If there's any air trapped here usually it comes out and then on our next pedal push we always get which we've already done. a couple of. um how does the pedal feel? Is it stiff? A little bit of plate at the top but okay yep that's and then it's pretty stiff. Okay all right so that's good Miss Though we appreciate you as always so let's uh, blast this off with some of the good stuff and uh Chuck on a rip here. We probably should hit this booster with some fluid film because they just saw they put on is some kind of packing oil stuff and I believe this young man is going to be driving this truck in the wintertime now so hope you enjoyed it while you had it. So these old Fords will disappear pretty much overnight in the Northeast oh that's it. I'm gonna let it dry out I'm gonna give it some fluid film I'm probably going to wait until I'm 100 done with it though to be honest with you. let's go for a rip there bud. Okay, let's try to do this thing important breaks on. Yeah, that feels pretty good that's if. I Buckle you guys down I Don't know if I can do everything here all at once and this is old school old school. it might be a minute. Tow truck being a tow truck had the same interior is enough. super duty but it's like 6.9 liter over here we'll get a fast classic not a big Ford guy. I Always admire these those bodies though. if I was gonna have a Ford it would be a four. No better check your pranks I Got some pretty catch feel pretty good I'm glad that we have to turn you off here because we're gonna have to do some shifting and driving. What's up folks? Uh, seems to Run Drive good. Of course they're never on problem. Anyway, it seems to stop well. we'll say that without the pedal going down to the floor and without all the fluid going into the booster. So if you're losing fluid and you don't see it leaking under the vehicle, you know. take that check valve out, Stick a zip tie way down in there. uh, you know, or something non-metallic I Guess you don't want to go jamming a hole in the diaphragm if it's good, but we use a long zip tie. stick it in there and pull it out and see if it has food on it. Shouldn't be anything in there other than vacuum, so that's a pretty easy job man. Old truck. kind of fun to work on, Fun to drive and kind of gives you a break from the crap we have to do today. So why don't you guys take a break from the crap you have to do today and go in that comment section. The questions, the concerns insty the Facebook You guys know what to do. just one of yours. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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