Total Transmission FAILURE? Circuit/Fault Codes? #mechanic
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Hello everybody, Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here. Check this out. Old square cut GM key with the round cut door key. look at there these things go.

2A 1985 Chevrolet El Camino which is it was a pickup truck? No diag uh we're gonna Parts Cannon this thing oh the door key here unlocking the auto? Yeah, we're going to Parts Cannon This thing. It's got something going on under the hood. uh, customer states that on occasion it will uh, it'll die and not restart once hot and they don't know if it's their ignition system. yeah I think it's got an aftermarket system or uh, or if there's a problem with the distributor.

What we want to do is Parts can in a a Jegs component into the engine and I'm gonna give it back to them if this does not fix the problem starting Z engine they're going to attempt uh to have the uh ignition module warranted I think it's got an MSD Anyway, this thing has got either it's rolled over or those are original 91 167.15 miles on the odometer windows down. it's hot in here. All right. let's go ahead and nose this into the shop.

We're gonna pop in the hood and uh, unbox our components in the in the Box here and uh, see how this works out. Oh, truck coming, Look out. let's get out of here. It's carbureted.

gotta keep it carbureted. look I cleaned. Yeah, we're gonna nose this end right here behind this. Nissan I Don't think I need to need a lift for what we're about to do.

Parking Ziato powering down and of course pop into Hood All right, let's see what we've got to be working with under here. My information Source tells me this is a five liter I think that's a 305 V8 and survey says I Can't tell from here, but it's either a 305 or 350. nice and shiny. We've got some aluminum valve covers Aluminum Intake that looks like, uh, never heard of that before.

fit Tech carburetor in there. It's kind of cool. There's our Distributing unit. That's uh, that's the unit in question right there.

I Think let's uh, let's hop into the cabin one more time, fetch that box, unbox it, and see what we have in the Box It's from Jigs, not sponsored. That's just what the box says. See what we have here in our mystery box? Now if my recollection of the conversation is accurate, this is a complete distributor unit. I Believe it has a coil already installed and it does.

It's our vacuum advance. Okay, come here. Shiny. We like shiny.

This is the gear driven distributor. It actually runs off of the gear on the back of the camshaft. so the timing chain runs the cam and then the cam runs the distributor. And that is how ignition timing is achieved.

Very cool with that guy right there. Anything else in the box that's a negatory. Let's go back to the vehicular module and see what we can do about pulling this distributor out. Okay, first things first.

we need to lose the wing nut on the air cleaner. Pop that guy off Okie doke. So the first thing I need to do here is pop a couple of these ignition wires off. We're just going to do the one side I'll keep them in order here.
We go. pop that guy off this one over here. We'll just stick that one off to that side now. I can undo the little clasps that hold the cap to the distributor base and those are kind of hard to get to, especially in the back.

It's got to push them down, rotate them left, and there's just a hook on the bottom of it. It's like a spring-loaded little hook thing. You have to unload it and then rotate it. You need a longer screwdriver and then the cap will come off all right.

So we got three of those things. Let's get. uh, let's get number four out of there. I can't really see there we go.

that one's disconnected. cap is loose, you know? I don't exactly have the space that I thought I was going to have. So I'm gonna have to actually remove all of these. Uh yeah, all these wires.

So I'm going to go ahead and mark them. they're not in the correct order, but I'm just marking them from number one all the way around to eight. So this is going to be seven. I'm not marking firing order I'm just marking like I said.

the way that they go around, that's two which we can't tell anymore. There we go. that can be three. This one can be four.

This one can be five. I'll mark that with an X for five or a V. V is five Roman numerals. There we go and then this one can be six.

V one. Uh, that's confusing, isn't it there? I'll wash the white out off when I'm done, pull all the plugs for all the plug wires. Rather, the reason I need to remove this cap is because I need to know which way the rotor button is pointed I'll show you in a second what I'm talking about. Whatever that was was, see our rotor button right here that is pointing in this direction.

So when I pull this distributor out because this unit is geared, it's going to actually rotate slightly. So I need to reference this uh rotor button in its position. So when I drop the new one in there, theoretically it will still be in time and I would not have adjusted anything. So what I will do next is just put a little bit of white out right where that rotor button is pointed right here.

and now I know when I installed a new one where it has to be referenced to. Fun little trick: Connect my uh my vacuum line right here for the vacuum advance. Just unplug that little guy. Come off.

There we go and there's one wire. Should be one more wire connecting this thing somewhere. Where is it? Am I touching it? I Can't tell. All right now is where it gets interesting.

The uh. the hold down for this distributor is actually going to be located right down here. There's like a there's a bolt that goes into the intake and then there's like a little clamp thing with two fingers that rests on a lip that's on that distributor shaft and as you can see, we can't get a tool in there. We can't get a wrench in there.
can't get a socket in there. There's really nothing we can get in there except for a distributor wrench with this huge offset. So what we do is, we sneak this around the back, get it over that, uh, that little bolt down there. Let's see if I can get some light in so you can see.

There we go and then I can attempt to crack that thing loose. There we go. it turned a little bit and once I can get that loose, it'll turn. There we go.

the unit turned and I should be able to reach in and pull that thing loose and get it all apart. See I Think I can rotate that unit and get in there with fingers and pull that bolt in that little clasp out. And then once that little clasp is gone, the entire unit will lift up and become free and then I can drop the new one into place. Come on.

and I also have the base of the distributor marked right here. so I know I know where everything is referenced and I'm going to put it back exactly where it's referenced. Once that's done, I can drive it and make sure that timing feels good. There's our Bolt and here is the little clamp thing.

See that right there There we go. Okay, coming up, see how that that rotor button turns as I lift. That's the unit sliding over the gears on the camshaft. So we now know that when I go to reinstall this, this rotor button needs to point like right over here and then end up pointing right here.

if it's wrong, I just have to pull it back out and clock it again to uh, get the gears to line up properly. Come here. distributor there. she is okay to the bench.

Let us compare units. Okie Dokes Let's go ahead and pull the cap off of the new unit here and just pop these little Clips out, pull that guy off and then again, we get a close-up of those little uh, little hooks right there. screwdriver in, push it down. this is spring loaded and it slides right off.

See that and then repeat. Come here. you get in there Beautiful. Number three and oh there's number four.

It's hiding out like. So pull our cat back off. Set that aside, we have a different design here. No, no, that's all the same.

Looks good, It is good. Must be good. Okay, take this unit over to our car. Truck car.

What is it? Is it truck or is it a car? What do you guys think? comment section down below. Anyway, let's take this over to the vehicle and get this thing dropped into place and reinstalled. Okay, so I tossed a little bit of grease on the gear here. That way it doesn't run dry for any period in time of time and we're just going to slide this thing down into its home.

I'm holding up the gasket with my uh, my fingers here. and I'm going to set this in approximately in the same position that it came out. and I'm not worried about the base. I'm worried about the position of the rotor.

That's all we're really focusing on right now. So I think we're off the tooth. There we go. It just fell in.
But look at here. the rotor is not lined up with that little Mark we made so we're one tooth off in that direction. So what I need to do is pull it back out and slide it over one two. Now the problem is is that the drive for the oil pump is not lining up.

That's why it falls all the way down in this position, but not in its correct position. which is right about I Think right about here. So I need to turn that oil pump Drive ever so slightly counterclockwise to get it to line up with the mark inside of the base of the distributor. We'll go in for the close-up and I can show you that.

uh, oil pump. drive down there. See the slots right there. See the slots on top of that shaft? Yeah, there they are.

That little slot has to line up with the little slot on the bottom of the distributor and it is not So what I'm going to do is we're going to reach down in there screwdriver here, get it on that slot and then rotate that distributor. I'm sorry. oil pump just a wee little bit except I cannot reach, it's far away. Well yeah, we need more lumens in here.

See if I can't get some, uh, some better light down in that hole? this is hard to see. Let's see here. try again. I'm actually using the camera to look down so I can see what I'm trying to see here there it is.

See that a little farther down. Oh, and we'll just turn that slightly. Let's try it right there. Let's drop the distributor in again.

Okay, attempt number two to get this thing to line up. Let's drop her back down and see if it lines up with its marks once it's fully seated. If not, I'll just have to do it again and again. See, let's give it some some Wiggles here, right? It's almost in a it's so close.

Gotta get that oil pump to line up I think that was it I think it's there? Yeah, Yeah, Yep, that's in. that's in all the way. Let's go in for our close-up I'll show you what's going on here. So we've got.

We've got our rotor button aligned with the little uh Mark right here and the base of the distributor. You see her down there that is flush with the top of the manifold. Now that's all timed properly with the cam. so this is in time with the cam and the bottom of that shaft.

That little, uh, little notches in the bottom of the shaft that is in the groove on the oil pump so everything is aligned and clocked properly. Now we can go ahead and put that clamp back on and bolt that thing down. Like I said I'm not going to time this as long as I get everything in the correct position the first go around which I I think I have it because I I marked everything and I utilized my marks so it should not be out of ignition timing if it is. That's unfortunate because I don't think I own a timing light anymore I'll have to, uh, have to purchase one.

Well, like I said, our our issue is not a timing problem, it's a stalling while hot problem. Why don't I have this thing set up properly? What did I do? Is that right? Is that it's flush, Isn't it? Yeah, it just it didn't seem like it wanted to fit very well. Oh, we'll figure it out. see if I can't maneuver this uh little bolt in here to clamp this thing down.
There it is. Come on. I can't drop this. This is a standard threaded bolt and I don't think I have much in the line of standard.

Hardware Here you begin threading. now. come on. I Think it's going.

feels like it and the clamp came off Hang on we're we're not doing so hot here. See, it's not just newer cars that have no space. This older car also has no space. This comes with the territory.

I Suppose I think that's about right. Let me try the other hand. There we go. Make it some.

Headway Now the threads are threading. Okay, that's bottomed out by hand. So what? I want to do next? Double check my reference marks that one's good and then this one right here. I have this pointed at that little Mark right there.

So that's going to time the base of the distributor and that should be exactly where the old one was. So let's go ahead and put some clamping Forest down on this. uh oh, this clamp and then we can put the cap and the wires back on. hit the key and uh see what it's going to do? You're getting cramping now.

There we go. We don't have to tighten this to the moon or anything, just a little bit of wrist action and we're good. Okay, I think that's about right. Let's pull this guy out and let's go and fetch the uh, the new distributor cap that came with this new unit and get my little red vacuum plug out of there.

Do that. That's forever mine and we'll plug the vacuum advance hose in Right now. It's easy to forget and I don't want to forget it. Good Okay.

Distributor cap coming in I Think that's gonna go right over here. Let's get all the wires and whatnot out of the way. Pull that guy up. pull that guy down.

We need to plug this wire in that one plugs in right here. Custom wiring job and then I believe this one plugged in. Oh hang on. I'm missing one.

That one needs a big one. This guy plugs in right here. I Think that's right. you're getting plugging in now.

please. Is it backwards? Yes it was. There's a little tab in there I had it backwards. The thing? that tab was there.

There we go. click that's plugged in and then one more, a little wire. That one goes in right over here. Let's put this guy over.

Hmm. there we go. Okay, that was in now. I Need to set this distributor down where it's supposed to rest and I think that's right about right there.

These things sit. very loose and sloppy. light clamped in. so I need to get that out of the hole there.

That's perfect. So let's start getting these guys clamped down. We push it down, unspring it, turn it, and then that little hook just kind of hooks to the bottom of the unit. Very simple design, exceptionally simple, but it worked mostly.
Not the best uh system to prevent watering grass, but it did work. And of course there's that one in the back. we can't see it, but I know it's there. Let's spin this guy around and clamp you in next.

slippage. Okay, that one is also clamped into place. Now we just need to get the wires back on, throw the uh air cleaner back on, then we can stop and use the engine. Let's figure out which one of these goes, where they go.

Remember I had them numbered right. sort of. I'm totally gonna be completely wrong on this and I'm gonna have to look up the chart. guaranteed Gear: Ron Teed In fact I can't even find some of the other wires.

What I do with them? Ah, here we go. Let's find number one. first. that was two I had two right there.

Uh seven. Went there I don't remember which one that is. Where's one? What do I do with one? Is that one? This is one. Yep, so one that one? started here.

Click that in. Then I had two, three dots became number three, four, five. and then this one is six. That one goes there.

Seven was there because I wrote seven on it. This one was. well. that one's got three dots on it too.

Uh-oh Hang on I forgot there's eight I Know that's correct. Is that four dots or five dots? I Remember, it goes like this: This is correct. If it's not, we're gonna find out real quick, won't we? Okay, wires are now wired, units bolted down. vacuum, advances on connectors are connected.

It should be in time. Let's bump the key and restarting the engine so it's either right or it's not. And I hope it's right. Starting alive.

Yes, it is alive. All right. So far so good. It started quickly, it runs well.

Let's go ahead, get our air cleaner and everything back together. get the tools out of here, and then we're gonna go ahead and take this thing out on the road. make sure it's got plenty of power, and we're gonna make sure that uh, it's not backfire or anything indicating it's possibly out of ignition timing. which I don't believe it is because we got a reference and uh aligned mirror perfectly.

So it's kind of a non-issue but you never know it might have come in and it's not in time. You just never know if it isn't all we have to do is take that uh little base plate loose and then rotate the base of the distributor and it'll change the ignition timing of that unit like I said. I Don't think we have to, but we might. Let's get the goodies out of here.

We'll put them over here next to the transmission valve body for a Nissan it's broken. it's broken right here. ding link to that video uh, right about here right now. I'll also leave it down in this Video subscription uh and in the comment section and in everywhere else I possibly can think of because I'd like to see that video.
All right. let's get the Drop lights out of here. Let's get this light out of here. Toys are all gone.

Very good. Come on light, you're coming with me. the long one here. I'll just hang that right here for now, you stay okey-dokes Nice and clean.

clean. oh my. Fender cover fell off. There we go.

closing Hood Oh wait wait wait. all right. climbing in, let's back this thing out and hit the road and see how she runs backing out the Auto Safety honks you gonna go? It was in Reverse but not all the way in Reverse Okay, got it now it's gonna go back me up El Camino So I wonder if the AC works? Let's power on maximum. Very good.

All right let's hit the road see how she runs so far. so good. feels pretty strong AC is kind of. it's doing something, but I'm not getting any airflow.

Yeah, that's a little bit okay. whatever is I can just roll the windows down I'm always afraid to drive stuff like this because if anything happens, these three are harder to replace than than you know like a Mazda or a Pontiac or an F-150 or something like that or a Volkswagen. All right, not bad, feels good. I like it I don't hear any pinging or spark, knock or anything.

Let's go over the bridge and do some wide open throttle real quick just to make sure it doesn't uh, pre-ignite itself to death or anything. If it does, I may want to go ahead and adjust the timing back just a little bit. Like I said I don't have a timing light. it's a Antiquated technology.

It's like trying to play Space Invaders on Atari and something's all right. I had uh I tried to give it like three quarters throttle when I went to pull out and it just kind of kind of fell on its face a little bit. I didn't like that. Let's go adjust this up some free.

You shouldn't be doing that without a timing light. It's okay I can do it. It'll be okay. See back in the high school days when this was all the stuff we had, what we used to do was have someone come inside of the cabin.

uh, power break it so they'd have a foot on the brake, they'd have it in drive and they would give it some throttle, hold it about like uh, say 15 1800 RPM and then you'd go down below and adjust the distributor based on how much torque that engine was putting out. so you would adjust it, you'd Advance it until it torqued up some and then once you once you advance it to a point where torque fell off and you'd see the engine visually kind of slack back off against the mounts for you to adjust it back and then back just a little bit more and then lock it in. That was usually like right on. Absolutely perfect.

That's how we used to do it back when we didn't have timing lights and tools and uh, and things like that. So I'm uh, I'm literally doing this kind of the old school high school method. It's gonna work. Oh and by the way, nobody sent me a timing light.
Don't do it. Just because I don't have one doesn't mean I need one. Please Do Not send me a timing light. I Don't uh I don't need one.

I mean I could use one right now. but this is like the first uh, carbureted distributed car that I've worked on in a decade. So if I had a timing light, it would just sit away for like another decade. So no, please nobody Amazon me a time invite.

Don't want it, Don't eat It Don't do it. please. Thank you. Yeah I Can hear a couple little pings now.

a little bit of spark knock. it's uh, too far advanced. Yeah, let's see if I can demonstrate the lack of power right here. So green light and I'm in the throttle.

It doesn't want to go. Oh it's gonna die. Move over a blue car I'm driving in El Camino 's back into the surface stall. What was that? Ran over a McDonald's cup packing to the surface stall.

Check that out. that Doge thing is gone. There's now more space that I like more space soon. I will create even more space.

All right. parking. The auto unclick it Here we go. three popping the hood.

Okay, let's see here. let's get back under the bonnet. Ah, there it is and I need to get my timing tool. Where's my distributor wrench? No no no no no, it's over there.

Yeah, wrench and a light. That's what we need to hook that one more time. I can see it so I can barely see it. okay I got a bite on it.

Let's go ahead and crack that guy loose. Not so loose where it can move by itself I just need to make it loose enough where I can rotate the base of the distributor I hope you can hear me. The fans going? Yeah, a little bit more. there we go.

Now about there, we locked down again. I'll stew a snap throttle check first if it responds instantly with the snapdraw. we'll go out and drive it again. If not, I'll adjust it some more.

There we go see what it does. Come here all right. I Need a towel a little better? I think yeah, let's try it out. let's go drive it.

Stupid guys. be closing the hood again. Yeah, all right. Attempt number two to go wide open throttle and make sure that our spark knock is gone I haven't heard it yet.

Pretty good. Yeah, no pings. Oh Steam Beautiful. Oh sure.

See if I can't just squeeze on past you I think we're good There we go. Illegal passing I Departed the lane. Who knew? hey another Sheriff All right guys I'm headed back to the shop I'm all done with this thing for what I said I was gonna do uh Distributors swapped out. um it didn't do that stalling thing that I heard that it does but again my my guy just wanted me to drop this part in and uh I think he's gonna warranty the one that I pulled out or uh, this was supposed to have been the the case study to see if this fixed the problem that it had which I again I believe was a hot restart.

Um, we're gonna go back and check on a hot restart real quick. Uh, if it is or if it does, if that problem does present itself then I think that my guy was going to change out some other ignition components. Um, but I'm not 100 certain on it Anyway, that is uh, like I said all that I'm going to do on this uh particular El Camino for time being. So, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right about now.
and as always, I will do such things by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. I Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below. Drop me a like button while you're down there.

And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day in the transmission. Oh by the way, uh, don't be a Karen in a Mercedes Just because people didn't go fast enough, doesn't mean that you need to be honking at them because that doesn't really change anything. So good job! Karen Look at you sitting at that red light, look at you. You didn't go anywhere.

They're special I Hope that car sits there for an hour. ruin your day I Met a Karen at the gas pump today actually I guess it's story time I Pulled up with my dump trailer to the gas station and I needed to get fuel in my auxiliary tank to refuel some equipment and the all the back spaces were vacant. and I pulled into I Pulled into a space and there was a car in front of me at the other fuel Island uh they didn't have the gas pump out so I figured they were on their way out so I pulled up behind them you know and I had a trailer so I kind of scooched in and I see the person looking at me in the mirror? they're they're looking and they just kind of sat there. so me not wanting to be confrontational with the air horn or anything I didn't uh I didn't really press the issue I cleaned out some stuff in the truck but the the customer or that the customer the Karen just kept sitting there and next thing I know uh the Karen comes out and starts opening up their doors and they're holding like this little dog thing and they start emptying trash out.

they get done with all the trash, they put the dog back on the driver's seat, bought two dollars worth of gas, went inside, got some food and then came back out and sat in their car at the fuel Island and ate their food with their dog in their lap and she kept staring at me like in the mirror like I'm just sitting there and I'm like are we gonna go, what are we gonna do So I waited for like 30 minutes just to get you know, 60 gallons worth of fuel Now I know what you're thinking, why don't you just leave and back up and uh, the reason for such things is I had my dump trailer behind me and I had some I think there are 22 foot, 10 by 10 pieces of wood and those were sticking out of the back. Now there was a line of vehicles trying to get into the other fuel pumps behind me so I couldn't really back up because all the cars were stacked up waiting on the next pump and the next one, then the next one, then the next one. So I was stuck behind a dog toting lunch eating. Karen Who decided that the fuel Island was a great place for a picnic and a great place.
uh to clean their car out. So I had a Karen encounter today. so I'm really salty when it comes to Karen's and I don't like them right now because they are rude and I I already knew that had I uh hadn't made an attempt to communicate my frustration with this Karen we would have been making a different video today. so I just kind of sat there and just ate it while I waited for them to get out of the way and rejoin.

Society So that's my Karen today. uh I guess Story Time Will conclude with my words of wisdom and that is Do Not sit at the fuel Island at the gas station that is not a parking space. that's not where you pull up so you can walk inside. That's not where you clean your trash out.

If you're not pumping fuel, that's the only thing you should be doing. There is pumping gasoline. I Will give one exception to that rule and that is people with a trailer. Oh, by the way, um, if there's only one diesel pump and you're not buying diesel, try to Not sit at that diesel pump.

please. And if gas stations are very very busy and you buy gas, then pull up into a parking space unless somebody else have the pump. Be a decent human being. Please thank you.

That will end my rant. See you guys later I Can see you in a transmission. Oh wait I forgot powering down. Oh Automatic door locks.

Try that again. Automatic door locks.

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    What do you mean by parts can?

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert Howard says:

    Pulls the distributor and in the same breath says. "I'm not going to time this" REEEEE. A Whole wall of tools, I don't own a timing light!, but has a specialized distributor wrench/ REEEEE. Uses three numbering schemes on wires, Phoenician Roman and Arabic. No Brake clean REEEEE. So much stress

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert Laughlin says:

    FiTech has an awesome tech support line that helped me diag and fix my warm start issues. It has something to do with the prime shot when the intake is hot. I’d give them a call and see if they can help you fix the issue.

    Side note: I haven’t got more than 3 minutes into the video yet and I wanted to add that there is a known warranty issue related to these FiTech TBI units. I sent mine in and they replaced all 4 injectors and the ECU that controls them. They gave me a 12 month warranty on the new parts that they determined that needed to be replaced. I was out only $30 to ship them the unit.

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars InsideOfMyOwnMind says:

    Lesson of the day: If you have a vintage distributed car bring your own timing light to the shop with you.

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars noneya says:

    wokred on a old 76 f150 that would die and not start when hot, was vapor locking in the metal line that runs infront of hte engine, I just bypassed that with a rubber hose that runs in a cooler place. Runs great 9 years later still.

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars dbrown4bbl says:


  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Greg McConnell says:

    Man!! Haven't seen that system in years. KOOOOLL !!

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars bobbg says:

    Just 4 you, if I see ya pull up behind me at the pump, ill eat my lunch air up my tires , rotate my wheels ck my oil, wash my windows, panhandle spare change, go to the bathroom, take my dogs for a walk then eat more junk food. Just to make you happy. And my names not ……

    Just kidding.

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Piedmont Stairlifts says:

    Ray, don't u own a timing light?

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brett Nipps says:

    Done this many times in the past, God bless nylon gears! At least it's better than replacing a cam shaft

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars old biker says:

    Ray get a commercial anti kerana diesel card , fuel up at a truck stop.

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SeanBZA says:

    I have set timing by ear, then checked later on with a timing light, and it was pretty close, so it never got adjusted, as it was close enough to correct, and within the timing error. New distributor, or rather new to me, because the original distributor got stolen in the street. Toyota engine, and that is a very expensive distributor, and was also only available as parts, and half out of stock. New was close to $400, used one, from a rolled vehicle, was only $25, and came complete with the plug leads, clamp, vacuum lines and the bolt.

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Herb Parker says:

    It had to be a 305 or it would have got loose when you floored it 😆 the Fitech has a reputation for being crappy.
    I own a 1986 monte carlo ss and it will break loose

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SheerWill Survival says:

    Lol if you’re one tooth off you will know it 😁 you don’t have to but when I worked at the Chevy dealership I would always bring it to TDC on number 1 and then do distributor . Just my way 😵‍💫 I still have my oil pump priming tool when built small blocks . It made turning the pump shaft easier

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Foster says:

    First, I won't send one, but every mechanic needs a timing light, if for no other reason than nostalgia. 😆

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Mankowski says:

    . it still had a QUADRAJET carb or an older Holley, I might say, an over heated carb. Those style engines use to use exhaust to warm the carb. Then they used the engine coolant. There would be a crossover port between the head. When fuel injection came along, they blocked those openings in the head and intake. Good thing it's not Points yet.

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SeanBZA says:

    Still got a timing light, and actually used it recently, to check that a coil pack was weak and misfiring, by comparing the 2 halves output of the coil pack.

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SheerWill Survival says:

    Miss those days. Had a 70 roadrunner with 440 six pack and a 69 hemi cuda . Which I added all the good stuff. Was big time summit racing fan

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Veritas Aequitas says:

    Dissies were all there was when I was a lad. ideally you would use a strobe light to time them. i still have mine. It's 50 years old.
    But you could get good timing by ear.
    You slacken off the clamp and rotate the unit clockwise and anticlockwise until the engine starts to hunt in each direction and the sweet spot is in the middle of those two extremes.
    I used to set it like that and then check it with the strobe light.
    But I eventually didn't bother with the strobe light because I never had to adjust them.

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul Danner says:

    I was literally thinking of sending you my old Sun timing light until you said not to, lol.

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Timothy Weers says:

    I had a 1999 Cadillac Seville when I lived in Tampa between 2006 and 2009. I went to fuel up putting 20.00 into tank, the car refused to turn over. I ended up putting another 20.00 in it and it ran perfectly first crank. I guess filling gas tank only to about half way is a no no. LOL

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jason p says:

    but ur number 4 n 5 wires r wrong n need to be switched too go back n look at replay wen u marked them have nice day

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mic Glou says:

    30 minute wait? Wow, that's some patience for not being confrontational…. I also don't like unnecessary confrontations, but people like that? Gets my blood boiling.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Invisible man says:

    I’m 47 years old ( live in U.K.) my dad taught me how to do distributors when I was 14. Also how to use timing lights. I’ve never forgotten. I took great delight doing a dizzy on my first car. ( a 2.3 Ford Cortina) my Dad was very proud

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MAtilda Mortuaryserver says:

    Mom had an '86 El Camino, the doors were always a problem, they were so freaking huge and heavy the hinges were not up to the job. She loved that car, but, she did not maintain it, it didn't last very long. Shame. Funny how I see these vehicles from that time and think how horrible those years were for cars, about 1974 through 2004. But at the time I though they were so great. Cheap poor fitting plastic and just low quality control, sometimes bad engineering like the mid eighties Blazer transmissions. If they were any good at all you would still see a few around, I don't think I have seen a Blazer from those years in at least a decade. My personal thinking on it is when they switched away from leaded gas they tried a number of different ways to seat valves and they all just failed. That and pollution controls meant they were running without proper fuel mixture, and the state of the art computers of the time were a joke. I am pleased with the quality of my 2021 Silverado, once again properly maintained we can expect them to run a long time.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jim says:

    A buddy in High School found himself an old muscle car. Didn't like the way it "sounded" or performed. My dad had a timing light. Buddy brings over the car. Chalk everything up and used the light to get everything where it's supposed to be. Engine performance improved. HOWEVER now he really didn't like the way it sounded. Being timed correctly, it lost some of it's growl, so to speak. Ultimately ended up setting the timing by ear until he liked the sound of it, even though it wasn't correct. 🙂 People are weird.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike Sherrett says:


  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars George Bryan says:

    One of my favorite cars! My dad had one when I was very little, I believe it was either a 77 or a 78. I'm personally looking for a 78 due to the year I was born. Great video Ray!