Part 1 Into/Diag Always overlooked! Viscous clutch. Nissan Frontier 3.3 4x4
Part 2 Teardown. Customer States: Huge Oil Leaks! Nissan Frontier
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Hello Everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! This is the 2000 Nissan Frontier 3.3 liter. This is video number three on this particular truck. Uh. first video with some inspection and diag second video was tear down.

Uh, we are pulling the transmission out of this I've got the front of the engine disassembled, water pump, timing belt is removed. the engine oil pan is also removed. Sit right there oil pans out of her so it's uh, it's coming down pretty far. I've got a couple other things that I want to go ahead and pull out of this, one of which is going to be this power steering line because it has some leaks and the steering gear also has some leaks.

So we're going to go ahead and pull those items out in this video and get that stuff replaced. We can see down here at this lower line see the butt. There's the shiny one on the top and the one down below. That thing's got a lot of rust on it and somewhere there's a pinhole.

It may be leaking behind this little rubber shroud thing where the uh, the line goes from the hard line to a rubber flexible line and I'm pretty sure it's leaking right over here at a at a rubber. Junction Yeah, let me see, it's leaking around there somewhere. and there's also there might be a leak right here at the at the banjo bolt. Either way, I'm going to end up replacing that line and like I said, the steering gear is coming out.

So what we're going to do is uh, get this thing up in the air, some let's go down below and try to remove that steering gear. I've got a new one on the Shelf somewhere around here. Moving on up subscribe button. All right.

That's probably good for right about now. I can get to everything. Uh, right here through the wheel. Well, it looks like we've got four bolts that hold this on and oh, a really crusty Rusty looking uh U-joint assembly right there.

Um, I've already got the pitman arm removed I had to do that in order to get the oil pan out. So all we really need to do is, uh, get this joint disconnected. Those two lines disconnected and then we can get this, uh, this unit to come free. Suppose we should lubricate that shaft before proceeding.

Hey, so what? I'll do. We'll give this a turn and I'll try to get a a gun on that little that nut right there now once. I get this nut out with a bolt rather I can't get them right once. I Get this guy out.

This thing should come off with uh, no problem. yeah, slipping. We don't want to do that. We don't want to do that at all.

I know we'll hammer it on some. okay attempt number two. I Don't want to round that thing off and ruin it. Start turning.

Is it? maybe? it is? Hang on. Yeah, we're good. nasty. Okay, let's get in here with some pry bar action.

Let's see if we can't. Uh, get this thing to separate? Yeah, no, he's your Southern done. I Guess let's try something else. Hammer.

We need to open up that sleeve. So I'm going to drive this pry bar into it now. we pry bar. Um, here it comes.
It moved. That's all that matters is did it move? If it moved, it's going to keep on moving. keeping on, keeping on and you got to keep on keeping on. Come on.

Come off of there. All right. it's off of there. enough.

Give up. Let's go ahead. and uh. let's unbolt the uh, the steering gear from the frame and on both the lines from the gear and we'll get this thing pulled out of here.

Okay, looks like we're gonna need, uh, what is that a 14? That's what I grabbed. It's a 14. maybe a 16 over here. Back on there.

come on, we're not doing this rusty truck. There we go. Uh-huh Need more lubricant? It was starting to twist the line right here because the nut wasn't sliding over there over the line. It's very awkward.

Oh well. whatever. we'll get this thing out. We'll bust out that next one and then we've got four bolts.

I Uh I Don't have to disconnect the steering gear from the steering linkage because I already did that. As I mentioned earlier in the last video when I was tearing down the Uh, put the oil pan and the front cover. Come on, it's taking forever. More more threads you say cannot have any more.

There's one. there's some fluid spillage. Let's stick that thing over there. we're I think we're getting rid of this line too.

This may be the one that leaks and what I got there is 16. let's find out. Oh no I was wrong. It was a 17 and that's what I grabbed Okay, let's break this one loose.

get bite on it somehow someway. I guess that works. awkward I need to switch sides. Let's go over here.

give a good pull on this thing. see what it's going to do here. Oh, unclick, These got it cool. Okay, loose is that thing twisting or what are we doing? We need to make sure I don't ruin the lines.

The other line was fine to ruin, but not this one because I was not. uh, planning on replacing this one. Maybe I should. Got it? Okay, two lines both disconnected.

Now we just need to, uh, get the big bolts out that bolt this thing to the frame and then we can maneuver this guy out. What we'll do is I'll push it Forward Some get this, uh, steering shaft off of that that shaft all the way and then sneak the guy out. That's the plan. All right.

let's see about these bolts next. They've been lubricated to see if they come out. Oh, there's a nut on the other side. Hang on.

let me check that nut. Yeah, I thought those uh, that was part of the frame but looks like there's a nut back there. Hang on. Let me get a wrench in it.

Zoom the other clicks if I can reach the thing, hang on. This is hard to do. ow. what's up? Poke me that hurt Rust Pokages guys.

bear with me. So it worked on a Nissan before. Okay, I got a wrench on the nut. There's our there's our first Bolt and the nut that goes with it right there.

Put that in the bucket. we'll get number two. See, the challenge here is getting in and out of this. Uh, without? uh, letting power steering fluid dump all over me I Don't want to be lubricated? Thank you Number two.
I'm getting the hardest one first for my own. Uh, just I Don't know. it gets easier as you go along. I Guess Okay, that's three into the bucket and let me get a whole fourth nut here.

There we go. All right. So it's mostly free. We need to get the steering shaft off and uh.

this thing should come right out. No problem. More pry bar coming in. Come off.

please. come off. Come off Now the magic word Abracadabra Come off All right. It's fine.

It's fine. No worries, everything's fine. You will come off there. It's off.

Okay now. I Just need to see this guy. Get this little hole right here and we're good. Come on.

Steering gear got her heavy. There we go. Okay, new unit coming in. it's in the box.

We're gonna get it out of the box. We're gonna make sure it's the right one. Hope so. And then, uh.

we'll get this new one reinstalled. Oh dirty, dusty and dirty. So far the right unit. Okay, here's what we have.

There's our new unit. That's the area for our, uh, our lines to screw into. There's the shaft. Looks like it has a master spline.

That's good. See it right there. There's our Master spline. Mounting looks the same.

Got one master spline two two three and four on the shaft. One master spline two three and four on the shaft. Good. All right.

back up into our wheel. Well here you guys hang out over here on the tie rod. and I'm gonna go ahead and uh, get this thing back into position here. Oh, coming in super heavy steering gear, let's just sneak this thing past this little bracket.

Yeah, just like that. Now the master spline is on the opposite side of this shaft right here. So what I'm thinking is I see it right there I Think it's pointed right at me? Yeah, I Think it goes on. Just uh.

just exactly how we're looking at it. So let's try that. Let's slide this over. try to get these things lined up here.

Bear with me. I'm shoving my head into a wheel. Well, you guys are in here too. We're all hanging out together.

Slide on. Okay, Anyway, here's what I'm gonna do. Uh, since we had to hammer that off, I'm probably just gonna hammer it on. So let's put a couple of these uh, bolts through this.

Hang on to this unit, get in there, and then when it's stable I can get it lined up and then we'll tap it on with a little Mallet or something like that. that. uh, that may be the best course of action if I can. If I can swing this property here, let's see collapse some tripping over like a pile of Parts here.

Oh, it's not going to collapse any further than it already has. Okay, so let's take one mulch out, leaning back, get our splines lined up again, and now we're getting somewhere. Almost. we're off a spline.
Hang on. let's try again. Oh, we're lining up there. We go.

Good. Okay, let's apply some leverage. see if it's gonna work. Not yet.

Mallet Encouragement: Tap it on there. Let's turn it some and we'll try to hammer it from the other side next. Kind of just lock the thing on. Okay, yeah, we're getting somewhere.

it's moving. so Let's uh, let's get this other bolt in if we have enough here. it's no, not yet. a little bit more.

Much more better. All right. So now this thing moves around enough where I can get another bolt in it. That's two bolt, three coming in full, four going in, did you hear me there? and of course, four nuts.

We'll tighten this thing down. All right. I'm going after this one first because that's the hardest one to, uh, reach with uh with my wrench I've given up on not letting uh, power steering fluid drip on me. It's just, that's how it is.

You guys see what I'm doing? Probably? Yeah, Pardon my. Noggin coming in. three three sirens? All right. Sounds like a fire emergency.

There's one. Let's get those other three on and then we'll move on to that line replacement, rain, and transmission fluid. Yeah, what I'm trying to do is undercoat this that way. the rust stops, soak it all.

Okay. Loud noises, impacts coming in. Three of those are tight. Ah, it's dripping down my arm.

Oh okay. four are tight. Let's get out of here. Wait wait wait, we're not going anywhere.

We have to get uh, that bolt in. That's the infamous kill people bolt as I call it and we can see it's a it's set down far enough because the notch that was in that shaft is visible right here through the bolt hole. I Don't even know if you guys can see, but it's in the right location. so let's go ahead and run that bolt down.

Wiped off all the Crusty rusties on it. Get that guy right back in his home here. Give it some clicks. There we go.

Okay, now we can get out of here with razor. back up a little bit and get that power steering line disconnected. Moving back up. All right.

Going back. Uh, down below again. we're down under our engine. We've got.

there's one bracket right there. one more right there. Those guys are holding the line to the frame. We need to get those things disconnected.

Surprise. Surprise. Wrong socket. Try again.

Oh that's because I grabbed a nine and not a ten. Wrong spot. Round two fight. Actually don't fight.

just come off of there. It's fighting. Yeah, okay. I Hammer you on to ooh text message I wonder who it is? Try this one.

That one came out no problem. Maybe if I just wiggle it a bunch, it'll strip even more. Yeah, all right. Fastener you have, uh, forced my hand.

Is that gonna work? No. I'm gonna have to upgrade to a higher caliber of socket that's a flank. Drive Snap-on now it's slipping too. Hmm Okay, yeah.
okay. getting annoyed. I Now choose violence. We're gonna run some some turbo sharp remover sockets on this thing.

It's going to come out or not. out of my violent sockets seem to fit about this one. Yeah, we got a winner. See, the key to doing this is not thinking about hitting your finger.

Yeah, that's uh. it's just like a wheel weights. If you think about hitting yourself, you will hit yourself. It's called Target Fixation Motorcyclists Experience Target Fixation.

Uh, in the event of collisions like what happens is you see like the hazard and then a set of driving past the hazard. you're looking at it. you're fixated on your Target and you'll drive right to it. I Mean cars suffer from the same.

uh, same thing. but it's A. it's a major issue with the motorcycles. Come on.

this thing's slipping right off of here, not working, totally not working. Or is it are you turning? No, it's just tearing metal off. Well, that's silly. I'm gonna have to chop that off one more try.

man. Come loose. I Don't know. Maybe.

Oh yeah. Buddy cool. I Got it. it's working.

cool. That's better than it. Not worthy. Voila, Good thing I have all those spare Bolts from the Miata Hey, okay, now that the bracket bolts are unbracketed, let's separate these mounts and peel this line out of here so I can get into it.

I Might need a screwdriver. Yeah, screwdriver, more pry driver. So this is just like a metal strap that wraps around these lines and there's a like a rubber bushing inside which is turning into dust as we speak. That's fun.

Yeah, look at that goodbye rubber and there's one. the other one that's right over here to the right. Let's pop this guy out. Yeah again.

those little rubber bushing things are turning into dust. I'll have to stick some, uh, like rubber hose over the lines to create a bushing. Yeah. Looking left again, let's go ahead and fish this line down and out.

and then we can, uh, closer. give it a closer examination when we get it into the light. Okay, we're gonna let this thing drain since it's kind of hanging down a little bit and dangling. We'll let it drain into the bucket.

We're gonna let this car down. We need to go back up top and unbolt the other side of this line from the power steering pump up on the engine. So let's get out of here and back up here. Miss and coming down.

Okay, so back up top we see our line dangling Down Still draining into the bucket. We follow it up and it comes up behind the power steering pump and is right here flipping around doing a U-turn You couldn't see flipping around, doing a U-turn and it bolts on with a banjo bolt right here at the top of the pump. So we seem to get that bolt out and then that line will be free. So I Believe that's a 24 millimeter unclick and it is loose.

Oh bolt gravity I Need that back? Hang on. That's a specialized bolt. You cannot lose it. See how it's Hollow in the middle middle words with the uh: the hole in the side that allows fluid to pass through the center of the bolt and then through that hole.
thus going from the hole in the pump into the line. Fancy and clever. So now I just need to sneak this guy out. Probably up.

I think it comes up through the top because I don't think it's gonna go through the bottom very well. Maybe it will. Maybe it won't I don't know. We'll try.

We'll try the top first and uh, that's not working at all. Okay, yeah, we're going down to the bottom. Yeah, we'll just send this flexible portion down. There's a lot of stuff in the way and everything's covered in oil.

I'm feels gross too touch things on this car. Not because the car is gross, it's just the leaks with the rust. You know leaks are one thing and rust is one thing. but when you get leaks and rust, they they kind of work together to just feel gross because you have like crusty oil.

That's what it's like. Yeah, all right. got it. Okay, got the line out again.

We can see it just loops around, runs behind the pump, turns into a metal, line, runs along, turns back into a rubber line. and if I'm not mistaken, our league is right around here somewhere. See all that rust? Oops, we're leaking again. Get back in there.

get in there there. and I've got a new one right there in the bag. So I've got the new unit unboxed and from what I'm looking at right here, all the bends are the same. The measurements are the same.

So uh, this is a a suitable replacement. Let's go ahead and feed this thing through and get it up behind the pump and bolt it in and it will run it across and then get it all connected to the steering gear and put that up there for now. Huh? Moving up and I believe it went under here and then it sneaks back behind here. Come on up all the way up please.

Ah, there we go. Then we've gotta do the loopy, bendy around thing. Oh, come here Towel. Okay, hold this thing up Loop it around and we'll kind of set it up over here on the pump how it's supposed to go.

It's got a little notch in it that aligns it for a little. uh, I don't know what you call that thing. This thing's sticking out aligns with the notch on the pump that way. it's oriented properly so we just need to get that lined up and then, uh, run the bolt into it.

So we've got a pair of copper. Crush washers. We do need to use the new ones. That one's not even flat.

That's cool. No worries. it will become flat when we tighten it. So one washer on the top, one washer on the bottom see that? Let me line up the little notch, thread it down, and then tighten it.

Don't fall. My hose is stiff. It doesn't want to bend. Go in your hole hose please.

Now there is a sensor that screws in right here. I've got to remove that from the old line and then screw it on. We'll do that later. A couple forward mix: good to go guys guys guys guys.
potential spammer. Hang on Hello Hi! This is Matt a recorded line and I made Medicare help representative with LTM Medicare Really close by for additional Medicare benefits at no cost to you Do you have Medicare Part A and Part B Are you a computer? Hello yeah, they hung up on me. foolishness I Don't think that was actually a computer I Think that was really a person. You know the audacity of some people to call you and then tell you that they're recording you like can you believe that? That's that's not even right If you don't get to call and be like, hey, uh, by the way, I'm recording you no, no, no, no, no, no, that's not okay and then to attempt to violate HIPAA by asking me to disclose personal medical information I just I don't know if I can abide by that I'm just uh I don't think I'm I'm in that camp.

Nope, Nope, nope. Anyway, let's go ahead and uh and get these lines connected to the steering gear and then I'll fashion some kind of bracket for uh for down there. I actually might hold off on that since we have all this uh, sludgy rust stuff and I kind of need to clean that. but uh I don't know.

we'll see. We'll see how I feel about it later. Okay, no. O-rings just Crush type connectors and I don't know if you can see I'm trying to get that thing screwed in.

we made you do it through the wheel. Well, yeah, that's probably best. All right. Sneaking back into the wheel? well here.

I Recall we did the the big nut first, which was the older line. there it is, so let's get that one started and then we can do the smaller nut. now. I'm not going to be connecting the pitman arm or the steering linkage just yet because I need all that clearance uh for later due to the oil pan uh still being uh on the floor I'll need that space to sneak the pan up into position.

This is going to be kind of slow going here. Live my life a quarter turn at a time. I can't just spin this in. There's a lot of friction between the nut and the line right here because there's probably some Rust and dirt and stuff in there.

so I have to I can't just spin it in by hand unfortunately I wish I could but I can't so I won't and since I won't then, well, I don't know I won't rambling blah blah blahs. continue. it must be getting late I'm getting tired, coffee's worn off, my brain is not in control of what the mouth says. the side effect I don't know what that's the side effect of.

it's just a must be a side effect of flanges getting there almost click a little bit more tight. Okay, that's one the next one. I'm gonna go down right here again. it's not lining up I need to do things here I Gotta Give like the whole truck, the reach around here I can't get all this lined up properly? yeah see how I can get this one to kind of turn the other one would not do that.
wasn't spinning spinning here we go. Sorry I know I'm a big flange user in the way and you guys couldn't see my apologies. no seriously I mean that look I feel bad you guys were watching this far. it's long and then I just lock the camera with my my mitts my meat hooks I think did you just call them your meat hooks? Yeah I told you guys it was getting late.

There we go. Clickage that one's in. Okay, let's get out of here and fetch that sensor from the old line and then we'll get it screwed in to the new line. Okay, we're over here at the old drain.

Here's the old line. Here's our pressure sensing unit. Either gonna come off easily or going over to the vice I don't know yet. see 15 millimeter? Not easy so far.

Dual switch. let's try 15. Yep. put a wrench on it, squeeze it together and loose.

The question is, does this have tape or an O-ring as a seal? I say o-ring because I can see it here right there here. This thing's this thing's filthy too. Everything's filthy. This whole truck's filthy I need shiny.

It's not really filthy. It's a it's a well-kept truck. but the leaks have done this to it and the leaks are there because it's a little bit older. We're gonna undo this regardless of how nasty it is.

Oh I forgot. All right, a little bit more torqueage here and uh, this thing's good to go. All right that's on. Steering system repair is complete.

that should uh about handle the uh, the power steering leaks. that one, the hose, the hose, and that little banjo fitting right there. So I think we're good to go on that one. So I'm gonna go ahead and call it a day.

I'm gonna close it up. it's getting late. it's always like thank you guys for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video again.

This is video number three on this particular Nissan If you wish to see videos one and two, just check this video's description and there will be Links at the very top and that will conclude my moment of Shameless self-promotion So again and as always, thank you for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! end of transmission.

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  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars twwtb says:

    i always answer with, "I do not consent to be recorded". Sometimes they hung up right away. If they kept going, I would say, my charge for receiving your call is $500 per call. If you wish to arrange billing, please have a real person call me back with your complete billing information. If you do not agree to these charges, take me off your calling list and do not call back again. That usually took care of it.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert S. says:

    Can you fix my 1987 Russian Lada? It has many leaks and makes grinding noise..thanks Raymond

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Terry Robertson says:

    You mi9ght be ready for Medicare by the time this truck is done.🤣

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeff says:

    Really digging this Nissan R+R. Glad you got the nod to refresh this vehicle. I'm sure the customer has their reasons for all this work.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars GreenBay Packers says:

    LABOR$$$$$$ IS THE KILLER 😲😲$$$