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We've got a Volkswagen Jetta 2013. Wow! Opening Z Hood Hello everybody, Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here. This is the 2013 Volkswagen Jetta I Think it's a two liter four-cylinder customer states that there is engine oil in the cooling system. Oh no, Oh no.

Let's get this thing in the shop and check it out. Not gonna drive it, not gonna drive it because if there's oil in the cooling system, it stands to reason that there's coolant in the oil and uh, we don't want to ride around with a with the contaminated engine oil system. Oh let's see what we've got for mileage here. We're looking at 107 834 miles on the odometer with the check engine light and a tire pressure warning system indicator.

According to the sticker, it's due for an oil change, but uh, that may be the least of our issues. Let's go ahead and swing this thing around, get it into the shop, and, uh, popping the hood. let us check the condition of the fluids here and uh, see what we've got to work with I Have a sneaky suspicion: Failed Oil cooler. Uh, it's basically just a big heat sink block that oil flows through.

Coolant also flows through it and it allows some heat transfer from the engine oil into uh, the coolant, therefore cooling the engine oil. That's what? I Think it's either that or it's got a cylinder head problem. So this is going to be something very nice and easy and simplistic. or it's going to be a a nightmare and may need severe engine work.

So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video. And yes, I know the car is dirty. We've had a boatload of wind through here and all the uh, all the driveway has been kicked up into a dust bowl and it is now contaminating everything. So I can't wait for the rain to come back.

Powering down? Let's get out of here. It's warm popping Rings you would? All right let's see what's going on here. Where is our little hood release? We're going down there. Got it? Hello Two liter Okey-doke So right here is our our coolant overflow bottle.

We can see it's already starting to overflow. Nope. Definitely looks like engine oil. smells like engine oil.

Tastes like engine oil. Must be engine oil. See what's uh, what's in the bottle? Please don't erupt on me and blow oil all over my face. That would not be okay.

Yeah, more forbidden chocolate milk. That's so bad. Yeah, we're gonna need some personal protection for this one. Okay, let's try again.

Let's see what we have in here. I Can't get some of it? Yeah, that's definitely oil. Can't really get it? Yeah, there's that's nasty look at that. Gross.

definitely mixed. Let's check. uh, the actual engine oil. Make sure that that same frothy nonsense is not in here and that looks okay.

Yeah, there's definitely a difference in, uh, inconsistency here. and color and taste and all that, uh whoa. what do we have here? There's more. uh, there's more fluids over here.

Look at that. Oh, that's nasty. Okay, so right down here, that's our oil cooler. That's the uh, the unit that the filter plugs into or screws into.
Um, but I don't understand how we got coolant way over here. That doesn't? uh, it doesn't make much sense to me. Hang on. Let's start taking some of this apart.

Let me pull the uh, this air box intake tube off and we'll get a better look at what's going on down here. That's uh, the whole top of Trans is covered in in some kind of fluid. I'm hoping it didn't communicate oil or coolant into the transmission system, because that would mean we've got a failed trans cooler over there. Okay, okay, so first things first.

we've got one bolt that holds down this air box. I think it's just one and then probably some grommets. So let me pull this guy out and then we'll detach it from the intake. Over Yonder And uh, see if we can't figure out where all this uh, this spill coolant, nasty stuff's coming from? Come on.

Air Box. There's one grommet right here. and there's the one that I just unbolted. What else is hanging on to this thing? Yeah, I Need to pull the uh, the air filter out? No worries.

just a couple Phillips bolts, screws, plastic screws. Pull these guys out. Maybe there's one more bolt at the bottom of this air box. Uh, more disassembly.

There we go. Weird and survey says negative. there are no Fasteners just grommets. Please come out if this is any indicator to how this, uh, this job's gonna go.

I'm going to go ahead and call it quits right now. Oh, that's not coming out. Okay, let's try. Let's just take this off.

Remove engine I'm going to get this tube out of my way a little better. Okay, so I I Really don't want to fight with this the way it's fighting with me. Pop this guy off and then a little bit more. Right here.

Let's lose this section unconnected. Another Come on tube number eight. There we go. Just lay that over here on the side that is oily, nasty, gross.

look at that. Uh-huh Okay, this is getting a little worse. Look at that. There's a there's a bunch of nasty coolant looking oil sludgy stuff inside of the valve cover right here.

You see all that. It's not looking too healthy. Okay, here's what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna I'm gonna plug this tube back in. Actually, there's no, is there a mass airflow on this? There's not a mass airflow on this.

so I can I can actually run this engine I'm gonna go ahead and start and run this engine and see if I cannot uh, visually identify uh where that that leak is coming from I Hope that's not going to be a problem, which it probably will just put a towel on it there. Okay, let us go stopping Z Engine I should probably see what those trouble codes we're talking about as well. Yeah, key on restocking. engine seems to run okay I'm just gonna stare at it for a little while and see if I can't see where that cooling's coming from.
It should start to leak. I Mean there's plenty of a leak here. It's got to be coming from somewhere where let's grab some coolant. We'll fill that up a little bit.

it could be pretty low if it went somewhere. so let's add a little bit to the system and then maybe depending on if at least or not we'll uh, we'll seal this system up, try to generate some pressure. the engine is still cold. it has not reached operating temperature yet here.

Let's go ahead and seal this up. I'm going to let it come up to Temp It's going to build some pressure in the cooling system and then we can go and inspect over here for, uh, any kind of leak action. I just can't uh, can't seem to understand how it, uh, how it got everywhere I'm not getting the whole story I wonder if this thing growed until it overheated and died and then this is what they found. Perhaps they refilled the coolant and then tried to check it again.

You can see some coolant on top of that trans cooler. That's the trans cooler right down there. The coolant on top of that. These things are milliliters.

this little manifold assembly thing right here. There's a pipe behind it. those are no leakers. starting to run a little rough.

I think I saw some bubbles right here inside the tank. Let's pull this back out and just take a look and see what's going on in the cooling system. It's been a couple minutes. It's not all the way up to temps yet.

Let's see if we have any action. See, there's some bubbles. Oh, here comes the water. showed up out of nowhere.

Oh my gosh, look at that. look at that. It's terrible. Foreign? Yeah? I can't even do like a block test on this.

There's just so much contamination in there. Yeah, let's go back to the original plan. We're going to seal this up and just observe. We're gonna watch, see what it does, and then we'll take some uh, some action from there because I Really don't know what? uh, what direction to go in I Don't know if the cause is over here Gravity flashlight down I Don't know if the cause was the leak over here and it overheated and the head gasket let go or if that cooler is just simply leaking I Really don't know how this is uh has transpired, but I'm gonna figure it out again.

I Still see there's nothing running out right there. that might have been for me. We'll see. Okay, so the fans have come on.

Good to know that the fans are running. That means temperature is coming up in One Symptom says: realize this good Still no signs of the leak just yet. I'm not too thrilled to hear this rattle noise. Okay, the fan speed is picked.

His pickle got some gear but I'm not feeling my feet from the lower hose. That's a little interesting. Let's plug the scan tool in while this thing warms up and uh, and we'll see if what? those codes are telling us. All right.

Scan tools powering on satellites linking up in outer space. We've got a Volkswagen Jetta 2013. Whoa. What are we doing there? It is.
Power that down. Right Now there's the leaf. and now we know the rest of the story. Okay, splattered out everywhere.

Keep going. Yeah, it's steaming from the cylinder head right there. That's that's what that little nipple comes from in the head. Okay, that's not what I expected to happen.

How hot? Okay, so it is overheating. It's overheating. There's no cooling system flow, the fans are slowing down. So this explains all the coolant that was everywhere over here.

That also explains why this hose. See this guy? Well, we have these two uh, hose clamps on here. Somebody tried to fix this already. Hmm.

All right, we've We've got a We have an overheating issue here. and since we have an overheating issue here with coolant in the oil, I Can only imagine that this thing was driven massively overheated. Uh, at this point I'm thinking uh, thinking it lost a head gasket. See what's under here? There's no pressure at all, just dumped out so let's take a look.

yeah, that's more fresh oil and again, nothing. Nothing on our dipsticks so it's only passing through one way. We know where all this mess came from, but we still don't know how it got there and what's going on with it. So I'm thinking I wonder if I can get if I can get some of these spark plugs out of here and maybe I can look inside of the cylinders and check to see if any of those cylinders are steam cleaned Because if there's coolant that got into the cylinders, then we know for sure that there's a cylinder head gasket leak.

I Think that's what I need to do. Let's uh, let's pull this intake off and pull some spark plugs and take a look down in there and see what's going on. I think this is internal engine failure and there's coolant oil sludge on the scanner here. That's gross I don't want that.

Previous vehicles go back to my Volkswagen sit and Save scanner scanner Danner Volts vacuum. Let's try this again. That's people's car off Deutsch U.S Vehicle uh 13. let's re-link those satellites.

I'm afraid because I don't want to blow up on me. Auto Magic Identification beginning Jetta Sure Two liter I Choose a for Apple two liter. Just give me the codes please. Wow, That could have been bad if my hand would have been over there.

I Could have caused some type of burning action. It's not cool, Not cool at all. For your convenience, the scan tool is in Cherry blah blah blah yeah I Don't care for my convenience unfortunately. Um.

Engine Management Trouble codes determining ECU This is taking forever. Come on with it. Variants are found I Don't care? Just um yeah. Special Functions disabled.

Just give me codes please. Why are you making this difficult the Germans are seeking Revenge What is this trouble? Code 148 Delta Zero Zero Helo slash 1346 816 Refer to OEM Repair information for code description. Okay, emission system is broken 24.50 All right, that's minimal help at this point. We'll just put this thing back in there for now.
You stay. Oh, you know what? I think I lucked out. Look these two spark plugs. that one down there and the one next to it.

Those are pointed at me at this direction and these two spark plugs are also pointed at me in this directions I Think I can get these plugs out without pulling the intake. That's a bonus. All right here. let's try this.

We're gonna go in with the uh, the Kirby uh needle noses and pop these wires out without tearing them yo. What's up man hanging out working? Okay, well that was kind of a waste because I ended up breaking the uh the plug wire. It just tore in half. There's like a rubber insulator.

see that? Yeah, it tore right off whatever and looks like normal 9 16. Let's pull that guy out. All right, let's see about digging this plug out of here. This is a cylinder four I Believe.

Go ahead and remove this guy. Let's see what we can see. Yeah well. I don't really see I can't really tell I'll have to go in there with a borescope I Think let's keep pulling the plugs out until I find something that uh gives me a good red flag.

I'm looking for a steam clean piston and what I mean by that is if coolant gets into that combustion chamber due to a head gasket leak or something of that nature, the Piston will be super duper clean like brand new and that's what I would like to uh to find here because that's kind of the The Smoking Gun that we have a failed cylinder head or a cylinder head gasket. I'm gonna ruin this one too I Bet it pop. Yeah, that one. that one broke also.

So I'm already into this for a set of plug wires. at the least. there's that rubber. come out, rubber, stuff it.

There's more rubber in there. Hang on. Hang on, we're gonna. We're gonna get gonna get this out one way or the other.

Not very much space for me to play with at all. I got it out halfway. Come on a little bit more. Please see, there's all this stuff in the way.

It's not allowing me to get my rubber off of the shaft of the spark plug. Come on. I try to get a grip on it and I push it down and I don't want to do that I want to pull it out? Hmm I need a different tool? Let's try some straight ahead needle noses. let's see.

Okay, I got a hold of it Here it comes. There's that nasty thing. Okay, spark plug number two coming out. This is very thoughtful of Volkswagen to angle these plugs so I can pull them out without removing the intake I Appreciate that Typical engineering would have required me to remove the uh, the intake.

Yeah, that one looks. it's odd. It's like polished, clean on one side and kind of chalky on the other side. Okay, all right, that's two.

Let's go over uh, to cylinders one and two and we'll pull these guys out next. Let's get a hold of the heat shield and we'll give it some. Wiggles Please come out without breaking. Come on.
you can do it. pop and that one broke. Go figure. let's get the rubber out.

Sorry if you guys can't see I can't even see what I'm trying. Yep. rubber boot thing fell down. No worries Now I can get the plug on.

Clicks Hmm. Similar to the others. All right. we're going in with the boroscope.

We're gonna get down into those cylinders and I want to see what the top of our piston looks like? and that is. It's actually not okay. Nothing's squeaky clean. There's no way at 100 something thousand, this thing should be that clean.

So coolant's coming in to at least cylinder number one. I wish I could turn this, try to rotate it some. What is that? Okay, so number one is pretty clean. Let's go ahead get into cylinder number four here and look at that.

We can see all that carbon and that build up on top of number four. See that right there? It's check number three. and yep, a bunch of carbon on number three. It's not a broken piston.

What is that? See that? What is that doesn't look good And then just to refresh our memories, let's go back into number one here and number One is squeaky clean, spotless. All right. we've got internal engine failure. It's going to need a cylinder head I Think at the least.

Okie Dokes Well, I'm putting this thing uh, back together so we can start it and run it and at least move it because it's not going to sit here in the shop all day. I'm pretty sure that we either need to pull the cylinder head off of this and try to repair it, or uh, replace the motor engine. What do you guys think? Is it engineer motor or does it matter? Can it be either? or I Know there are some who use those terms interchangeably. Then there are others who who swear they cannot be interchanged because of definitions and whatnot.

I Prefer to not call engines Motors and I definitely don't call an electric motor an engine. even though a petrol or gasoline, or a diesel engine has been and could be referred to as a motor. Don't go anywhere. Yeah, one of those age-old debates, ones that will never probably never be resolved, is what it is.

Oh, my ramblings are strong today. my nonsensicals. Things of no matter. All right guys.

I Think we've seen enough. This thing's uh, effectively destroyed. Uh, it needs major overhaul type of work. It's gonna take a while before I can get around to that.

I Was hoping this is going to be something easy like a leaking oil cooler and that was going to solve our issue, but we have far greater problems than engine oil cooling. so I'm gonna need to work up a solution. I've got to get a hold of my guy and I think he's out of town right now so I might have to wait for a while. So that being said, I'm not going to have any kind of directions or answers on this particular Volkswagen for a quite some time.
So I'm going to go ahead and close this video out right now and uh I will do that by taking each and every one of you for watching this video. I'm gonna break the spark plug if I Keep that up there two hands everyone of you for watching this video as always I Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, you know the drill. Let me know about that by tapping that like button down below that one If you do not enjoy this video or I think I'm a little off base on this one.

Please also feel free to let me know about that in the comments section also down below. So again and as always, thank you guys for watching and most importantly, click There we go! Do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of transmission after party. Let's put all the junk back in the car because it's probably gonna sit in the parking lot for a while. I Never had an air filter you had to install with a screw, right? Okay, let's see this thing.

I'm just gonna shove that back in there I wonder if this thing is going to run with a broken spark plug wires I'm sure it will hope it will cause I Don't want to buy wires. That's a big negative We do not wish to buy parts for blowing up vehicles. and no, I'm not putting Blue Devil in this. No mechanic in a can is not.

Uh, not a proper fix. We're not doing that. Don't even ask. There we go.

One more screw over here. I don't even know why I took that one out. it didn't do anything you I got the schmoo on me Rose All right I'm really gonna go this time. See you guys later.

Come on! Volkswagen.

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