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Let's drill into a Toyota hopping Z fuel tank lid. We can see these things are they're riveted on and they must be drilled off in order to remove the uh fuel tank door. Begin drilling Now Drill came. Do I need a bigger bit? What? No this is fine.

Got it. Um openings he hoods gravity. Hello everybody Good day to you Welcome back I Just got this fuel tank door back from paint. It was black in color and now it is silver in color.

It is designed and meant to replace this fuel tank door that has broken off hinges. See that hinge is broken right there. What was happening is the hinge was broke and when the door was closed it wasn't latching on the button properly and that told the BCM in the vehicle that the door was open and because the door was supposed to or was open the sliding door would not open. So we had to uh undrill or drill out the rivets on the old door and uh get the new one painted and now I'm going to either rivet or bolt on this replacement fuel tank door.

So uh let us uh let's head out the parking lot and fetch our vehicle. Oh I Also think I have the the broken mirror here for that as well. Anyway, we're gonna go ahead and fetch the truck. No I'm not as forklift in the way.

Yeah yeah, they're gonna move. They're moving now that they're moved. I Can move. Yay! So we're back in our 2015 Toyota Sienna 3.5 liter V6 Win Come on screen what it was just there.

Hang on. Oh I don't know how to work this car I Just saw it with 105 336 miles on the odometer. All right. That took way too long.

So anyway, the plan. We're gonna go swing this: Toyota into the shop. This is actually the second video on this particular. Yoda uh, the first one I diagged it.

We chopped the mirror off the side of it or the uh, the gas tank torque. words: um I Was thinking about the mirror Words: Association Uh, it's got a cracked and discolored and broken mirror glass on the passenger side I have replacement glass in a box in the shop. So we're gonna button up these two remaining items and then get this particular vehicle back to its owner. So we're doing the mirror and we're gonna do uh, that fuel tank door and try to get that thing installed, riveted, or bolted on.

However, however, it seems to go the easiest. so stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video. Actually, that all over there looks like a good video too. Sketchy.

Everything's sketchy even driving through this parking not sketchy. I got an El Camino over here and a tow truck over there and a Tow Motor over there and I just want to go inside and put on a mirror. Get me out of here. Maximum sketch-o-matic The Nissan is still there waiting for a valve body component.

Let's see. Yeah, we can just park this thing right here. Parking's the auto windows down powering down. Let's start with our mirror.

first. let me bust this thing out. I Think that's it. Fragile glass, super sharp knife there.

Let's see that one. that one's already cut. Come on. mirror.
Ooh shiny I Can see you. Oh that's not right. A little sideways. You see this right.

Here is why I don't like to use the head camera because I had that entire like two scenes on super high speed lightning fast motion and I did not intend to and it happened with an accidental screen swipe of the camera. So that's the reason I Don't use the head cams. you guys. everybody's going raw.

You need to put the head cam on so you can have both hands. Well, when I do that, it ruins my footage. so I prefer not to. So anyway, I need to, uh, pull this little indicator device thing out of here because it needs to be transferred to the other mirror.

Let's pop that thing out. Bring the wires out with it. Or maybe I can't transfer this. Perhaps it does not.

Uh, accommodate this indicator? That's odd I Don't think it accommodates the indicator guys. I Believe this mirror is, uh, not gonna work. Let's see. Yeah, it's that's not gonna work for us.

It doesn't even have the little clamp thing that holds on to it. So we're losing a feature and that feature is a little lane departure departure warning indicator. So that thing's not. uh, that's not going to be there anymore.

That sucks. Well, What? I can do? I'm gonna put this mirror on anyway. We're probably gonna have to order another one, but for the time being I'm just gonna pop this mirror in. I Didn't expect that this was supposed to be a direct replacement and it had included all the features that they said the car had.

But as we can see, um, our non-oem reproduced unit has fallen short. Well, car parts. Modern car parts. Why? Why? Well, anyway, I've got the uh, the space for the heaters.

so I can plug in the heater circuits. Yay! So what we're gonna do? Tuck that harness back in and we'll get this thing plugged in and reconnected and then snapped into place. That's that's a disappointment. I Did not expect that to occur.

Why? let's plug that guy in there. We go. We'll stick that connector just down inside that little void. and then we can rock this unit in and it snaps.

Is it gonna snap or what? I Guess there will be no audible snap. Oh wait, wait, doing this all wrong. Terrible. this thing going to click in or what? I'm scared to break it because oh, because it's a mirror begin kicking.

I Remember it was a bear to come out. You did not want to click. Yeah, See, we've got the little tabs right there and they've got to fit into that little slot there and then they both snap in I can easily do it I just can't get pressure behind it in order to make the snap uh, actually occur. Maybe I need two hands try with two hands begin snapping please.

No, it's not gonna do the click okay escalation. Yeah, here's what I'll do. I'll reach behind here with uh, this little trim tool and maybe I can hold base so I can put some pressure on the mirror to snap it in I'll try that this thing. it better line up and fit.
or I'm gonna have a fit. That's how that's going to work. you're either gonna work or I'm gonna have a hissy fit. break something.

get in there. come on please. Maybe if I maybe if I threaten it with like death. if you don't go in I'm going to break you.

Yeah, perhaps threats I can use threats. Oh there was a snap. Did I get it all? Did I get both sides snapped in in the survey says yep ER Okay, both sides are snapped in. This is good.

Let's get this little uh, red thing out of here. What is this glass protector? Do I need to take the glass back off too. take this red thing out. Um why come here red thing? This is boring.

See man? Oh I'm way overthinking this. So this little red thing is between the glass and the frame and there's nothing I can do about that. So I'm not gonna do anything about that. but what I can do is wipe off all my fingerprints on this glass.

Yeah, make it nice and shiny. We like shiny. No fingerprints. There we go.

Perfect. Okay, let's go get to our main event, which is that fuel tank door. I'm not screwing around. Okay, so first things first is I need to kind of flatten out this area right here where the rivets came through because it sort of popped the metal out some and it's Bowing in a in a convex manner.

So I just need to go in there uh with like a punch or a chisel and just flatten that out with a hammer and make it flush and then I can get the uh, the new door riveted tooth body. Here's what we'll do. put a chisel on there or a punch, give it some tap or tap action, hitting customers cars with chisels and hammers like Play-Doh but when it comes to soft materials like wood, I'm inept. it's kind of stuff's easy to me.

bid there. we go do a kind of a test fit here. it all lines up. This is good.

Okay, let's bust out the rivet gun. Get this thing reinstalled actually. I'm really glad I get to use my rivet gun I Bought it like eight months ago so I could do a window regulator and a BMW and I have not had much opportunity to utilize the tool. It's a massive rivet gun.

It's for very large body rivets. See what I've got here in the way of hardware that's too small? Where's my big ones? I need the biggest ones that I can get? Uh I don't know if those are going to be big enough? Hmm. anything in here? No no, no small rivets? Nope. I thought I had some bigger rivets.

These are the biggest ones I have 3 16. I think those might be large enough I think let's try one out. We can do a test rivet see, see what it does. What I'll do is I'll rivet this rivet and then we'll take it over to the body and see if the diameter is going to be appropriate.

Okay, it popped. If it's not, I need to get bigger rivets. Let's go see if this can work I may actually need to put that in that's close. Um I don't know I've got to have some bigger ones somewhere I know I do because the whole on the last rivets that I used were larger than these ones.
So I've got to have another larger set somewhere. Hang on, let me let me get organized here figure out what I'm doing. Okay, it's been a few minutes and I had to go and borrow. Permanently.

borrow some bigger rivets. I found some quarter inch ones that the guys next door had some I cannot find my quarter inch ones and I even sent Lauren to the parts store to go get some and they said they had some, but then when she got there they did not have some so I had to borrow some anyway. Uh, minor inconvenience. Game on.

Moving on. Continuing on. Let's get these uh rivets in place and one of them. There's our rivet number two right there and now I Gotta go in with the big boy rivet gun and get these things.

Uh, installed. A little nervous here I don't want to mess this up or break the paint which I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be all right. First, squeeze. Big rivet guns are good.

Oh, don't fall out. get back in there. No no, no, no, no, we're not doing this again. I don't want to scratch my paint I'm scared there's compression.

number two, a second pull and that one pop. We're good. That's the spent casing. Get number two in.

How's the alignment on this is that is that gonna work? I think it's uh I think that's all right. First pull. Wow. All right, is it gonna work? Okay, doors closed, it's kind of working.

Pop the uh the lid and see if it pops open. see this is why I don't like do Bodywork because this is just way outside of my wheelhouse because if I mess up like that wrath like that last rivet for example, uh, that kind of got away from me I could have very easily couched the side of the paint here which is not good. Either way, that's a success. It's functioning as designed.

Let's go ahead and check the side door operation because that was the issue. Let's see: opening side door I guess I'll use the remote. What was happening is it wasn't tripping the switch inside and because of that the side door was not being allowed to open but now began closing. There we go.

But now we're good to go. That thing closes BCM knows that it's closed. This thing opens and closes. Successful repair all right and now I know I need to order a big box of the quarter inch rivets because I cannot find mine or I never had any or last time I needed them the other shop had them and I did not take them because they weren't mine that that also could have been an option.

back there you go. Prepare. Successful. We've got the door on.

Oh I need to make the door shiny. Back to my towels and my spray. Leave no fingerprints. it's kind of my ammo spray that down there.

We go give it a good wipe, goodbye, fingerprints. paint matching on. that's fantastic too I can't even tell can you guys tell I think it looks good. Wonderful paint matching.
Okay so I need to figure out what it is I'm gonna do about that lane departure indicator that's on the mirror and uh, that's probably about gonna cut it for this particular vehicle. Oh I Left the thing outside. hang on I'm I'm losing my mind today. What is wrong with me? Give me that I can't start the car without the fob.

Anyway, guys starting Z Engine I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out. No, it's a little short. a little bit sweet is what it was. body repairs and red and whatnots and this and that, but we got through it.

That was the list of repairs that they wanted. So that being said, as always, like thank you guys for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below.

Tap that like button while you're down there. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of Sienna in a transmission in the video.

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    The wrong part on the mirror happens to the best of us Ray.

    Remember the aftermarket guys have trouble getting basic replacement parts correct to spec. Not sure where this mirror came from but seems like standard insurance grade replacement so the company probably only makes the most common variants (non heated and heated) then list it for all models of the van. So you never had a chance to get the right part.

    Flip side is that the OEM replacement glass probably cost more that a full replacement mirror or one from the boneyard. Double screw on it is that if you went the boneyard route to replace just the glass and toss the housing/motor, there would be a high probability that the glass would either not heat or autodim.

    Source: have a 2013 F150 that had its mirror replaced with a boneyard part. Original mirror had heat and autodim and was powerfolding, boneyard replacement was supposedly like for like but the heater did not work and autodim failed shortly after (turned mirror fully dark), then cracked when I tried to remove the glass to verify if heater wires were getting power. Ford OEM Replacement glass is currently about 380 so decided to go with a cheapo aftermarket that only heats and has the powerfold symbol engraved on the mirror. 24 bucks but had to have 2 shipments because first arrived poorly packed and cracked. But finally have a non cracked and heating mirror.

    Patience and perseverance pays off in the end. Keep calm and poppening the hood on, Ray!

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