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Hey you guys, good morning, Good day to you! Glad you guys are here! Welcome back! We are not working on my Silverado today we are working on that 2004 Chevrolet Suburban Some of you may recognize said Suburban from previous videos it has been featured before. Uh, it is here because the customer states that the engine has low oil pressure now. Uh, last time I saw that truck I installed an oil pressure sending unit because the gauge said it had no oil pressure. we put a sending unit in or pressure came back and uh, now it is intermittently falling low while driving and uh, on occasion it makes a rattle noise on Startup that's not looking too good.

So what we're gonna do is we're gonna get this up on the rack. I'm going to drain the oil I'm going to take a sample of set oil so I can ship that to Blackstone labs and have them analyze it. and uh, I'm also going to cut open the oil filter and uh, check for debris or metal shavings or any contaminants in. If we do not have oil pressure after replacing the engine oil contingent upon the absence of contaminants in the filter, then I'll recheck that sending unit and make sure that that's functioning like it should be.

If we find out that there is no sender problem, I may or may not pull the pan off and replace the oil pump. So this could be a whole lot of work and it could be just a little bit of work. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video. and it has 113 775 miles on the clock.

Actually, check it out, it has an actual clock as well. 4 341.5 engine hours. Okay, enough screwing around. Let's get this up in the air.

and uh, cut this filter open I Want to see what's going on on the internals? So far, we have decent oil pressure. It's where it should be. Hmm I Got some new shelves for some inventory I Made an inventory order for uh oil filters. Woo! It's the classic example of I Guess you got to spend money to make money? Yeah! I bought a lot of oil filters.

A lot of them. Parking is Yahoo Firing down: they're not here yet I've only got one multi-pack of filters for a Chrysler so far I'm waiting for the other ones to get delivered, but uh, they're on the way and happening all right. What do we got going on here? We have 5.3 liter. V8 Let's take a peek under our cap.

Nice and clean. We'll pull that out to let us know that oil is coming out of the car that way. Walking by, at a glance, you have an indicator that you have no oil in the engine. Okay, lift arms are set and black subscribe button up.

Let us fetch our oil drain. Um, confession In full disclosure: I Uh I actually forgot my gravity filter gravity I actually uh forgot my um, what you call it my filter kit to send this oil off. So I'm just going to contain this oil in a clean sealed container until I Come back tomorrow with my actual filter kitchen Park That right here there we go. Okay, now we're gonna capture the sediment in our cup unclick and we're not going to start at the beginning of the stream and we're not going to finish at the end of the stream.
I'm going to use a coffee cup. It's clean inside, it's got a lid. This will work to hang on to our sample until uh, well, until tomorrow when I come here with the actual bottle because I forget things. Oh, that's hot.

Ah, it's still hot. Yeah, hot hot hot hot. Let's see, soil's kind of thin. It's also uh at operating temp too, so who knows.

Anyway, we have our sample, it is collected, it's clean in there, there's no debris. We're gonna seal that off and I'll stash this in the office until tomorrow. All right. check this out.

I Get to use my uh, my new oil filter wrench that I got the one I went to Vegas for yo fits on the Ls is perfectly. Look at that. I got these because of the tight clearance between the filters and the oil pan. on this, it's always been a bear with the Ls engines.

Problem solved. All right, let's get this uh, this filter out of here. you hot And it's hot hot. See why? I Wore a glove.

Nasty. Yeah. I'm gonna let that cool off for a second. Okay, that's a little better.

No more scalding oil on my phalanges. There it is Again, all right. Okie Dokes We return to the filter cutting area. My toolbox here: I have this, uh, adjustable oil filter tool.

It's got these rollers on it for one side, then a cutting head on the other side. You adjust it with the knob to fit your appropriate size, give it a little bit of pressure, and then you just turn the filter and The Cutting head will cut into your filter body. Once you get a couple turns out of it, tighten it a little farther, keep going. see what's inside a little tighter.

we're through. Got some oil escaping? Oh, a lot of it. Let's see what we got here. Well, it's definitely a dirty filter.

Okay I Don't see any metal in this thing. No chunks or anything like that. that looks good. There's no debris or build up inside of the filter.

a little bit right here in the bottom of it that might be glue or something. I don't know what that is? Yeah, I don't know. that's odd. but yeah, nothing too irregular here on this unit.

Okay, we go dump this out and we'll just check this for sediment real quick. Well, the filter did its job. There is some sediment at the bottom of this, could have just been contaminants in the filter. Thick, a little bit sludgy, nothing horrible.

Okay, well I don't think we've had catastrophic engine failure. So what we're going to do is we're going to send this sample to the lab, we're going to perform the oil change, refill it, and we're going to go out for a test drive and see if we can't replicate the uh, loss of oil pressure condition. Poof mess is clean and we introduce our Pf-61e oil filter. It's an AC Delco original Equipment Plus because this is the extended length filter and the shorter one is what actually goes on these, but there is a longer version and folks like to use that one, so that's what we're going to use.
Back to the burb, we go. We need to oil the O-ring lubricantio ring. There we go and filter. Oh, there's oil on my finger I can't get it something now.

I've had the oil pan off of this for a reseal a few few months ago. I'm pretty certain that I put a new pickup tubo ring in it. So that being said, I would definitely would like to keep the stick nice and shiny. Cannot have drippages.

Oh beautimous, just like it was next time I touched it. Okay truck coming down. we need to install five quarts. Six quarts of five winter twenty engine lubricant all the way down? Yeah! I've got some.

What is that? Castrol GTX Synthetic 530. customer supplied oil. it's not mine. Begin crank case filling procedure.

Now don't overflow the funnel ring. That's what I get for using funnels plug glug. When we're done with this, we will go inside. I Believe this has a clear flood mode and if it does, we will initiate that to Prime the filter.

That way we don't get a uh a no oil cold start simply because it is highly suspected that there could be a problem with the oil pumping system or worst case scenario, it's uh, losing a bearing like a cam bearing or something and that we're intermittently getting low pressure. That's my fear and that would greatly upset me because I Really like this truck and this engine is in fantastic condition. It has been well maintained I Don't think it died I Got it Possible anything's possible. Anything fail because some spillage and some privilege.

Let's get that out of here. Wipe it down. Okay, cap on. Pre-check Perfect.

Let's go start this. Beast Now I had mentioned clear flood mode. Can we fit? Yes and what that is is a is a mode of operation that allows you or the driver or the operator to crank the engine without the engine actually starting and what we're going to do and not all vehicles have this. Google yours to see if it's equipped.

Foot pedal to the floor accelerator pedal to the floor key on crank if it starts, let off the key immediately and the throttle. Now we take our foot off the pedal, restarting the engine oil pressure gauge. There we go. Pressure's coming up 40 PSI It's where we're supposed to be.

Let's shut her down. hop out and check for leaks all right down below. I See nothing? Let's go check our level again. oil level indicates to me full right here that right there on the full mark.

It's better seen on this side for some reason right there on the full. Mark So we're good to go here. That was exactly six quarts There we go, All right. So next up: I'm gonna restart this.

Let it run for a little while I Want this oil that I just installed to come up to operating temp while that's happening I'm going to lift this truck back up, restocking the engine, and I'm gonna go ahead and pull these wheels off and just do a quick tire rotation and uh, then we'll go. from there, we'll hit the road, take a test drive. we're gonna watch the oil pressure, see if it falls, and then we're going to make a determination of what to do next after our test drive. Okay, I Got three down.
one to go my dear. Come help me. I Got an idea. Come here.

You gotta make some money here. Take that. Come over here. You're learning.

dude. Cheers! Take that. Take the wheel off. Okay, oh cool huh? All right.

put that over there. Okay, yeah, a wrong way. Yeah. Lefty Loosey There you go.

Put it over there. There you go next. Okay nut. gravity.

I'll get it or you get it. I'll get it. We got it right here. There you go.

look. Mommy's learning. Mom's working. look All right.

Come stand right here see if she doesn't like the noise. All right. Perfect. You can do it.

Got it. Noise I know now what? I'll put that down over there that's heavy. I'll take it from here. Okay, thank you.

Thanks for helping. See you later. She wants to learn so we'll learn. All learned together.

That's what we do here Close days. Another my, uh, extremities went faster than my gradient. Did you guys see that? Okay, wheels are back on. Let's let this down.

and uh, go check our gauge. This thing should be at a good temperature by now. Let's check the pressure gauge and then we'll go out and take that drive real quick. Like tires in the way.

There we go. Okay, it looks good under here. Yep, okay, goodbye. V8 or not.

Actually, you know what? while I'm standing here I'm in the interest of, uh, efficiency and due diligence the little things that count. Hello? All right. it's full cap. Click.

Okay. Engine oil pressure? bro. What do we got here? It's 39 pounds. that's looking pretty good.

Let's go out for a ride. But before we do that, powering down key on two three times to the floor with the accelerator pedal, stockings, the engine, and our message indicates to us that come on, oil life has been reset. That's the onboard oil life monitoring system. Next up: Air conditioning because it's humid outside.

And then safety clicks. Ah, backing out the auto, backing out. the auto honks for safety. Where's the baby? He's in there.

Where's the baby? She's back there. Okay. tragic story time. My uh, father's friend.

Mosquito. It's not funny. Yeah. I got him.

He's dead. Silly mosquito. She's laughing at me. She's like cracking up right now.

Anyway, yeah, tragic story time. Uh when I was a young and one of my father's friends. Um, how do I say this? He he was a truck driver and he was prepping to leave one day and uh, he went out and started the truck, got it warmed up. you know it's a heavy duty diesel and put all the kids inside.

went out in the barn for a while. uh, kept getting ready to go something like that and one of the kids had gone out as he was leaving and was playing Between the Wheels of the truck and um, and he backed over him. So uh Having learned my lesson as a young and back then I I always triple and double check, especially with maneuvering around around the kids. So if you're driving in your yard, drive away anything and you got kids around, look at them before you move the vehicle.
If you don't see him, make sure someone does I know that that's a horrible story. Um, and very sad. but uh I Tell it whenever the opportunity to write arises, just to be able to bring awareness to the dangers of children and moving vehicles. because it can happen to anyone.

Okay, onward oil pressure is up because engine RPM is up. Where are we at? 50 something pounds 52? I don't know, but that's where it should be that's in Spec So I'm gonna ride around for a while. keep an eye on this. I I Don't think I'm going to witness an oil pressure loss I Don't think the pump is bad on this and due to the lack of metal that I found in the filter I Don't think there's any damage in there either.

but uh I guess the lab results will tell us so. it looks like this is going to be an experimental and educational part too unless I find something in the test drive. So that being said, as always, like, thank you for watching this video I Hope you enjoyed this video. Uh, please let me know what you think about this video down in the comment section below.

Tap that like button while you're down there and most importantly, Break Check! Do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of Tahoe For now Suburban Not Tahoe Suburban end of Suburban You know what? This thing better lose all pressure because if I got conned into doing just an oil change, that's fine. That's fine because business is business and that's how it's done. But if I got conned into doing an oil change, yeah, I'm starting to think you tricked me. I'm on to you buddy I'm on you.

Don't worry next time. next time you thought I was gonna let this slide. that's a negative I used this one because it's more pokier. nice shiny.

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