In this video I have a look at some folks 2017 Hyundai SantaFe that left them walking. From the sounds of it, it quit charging. Let's have a look and get these people back on the road.
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For magnification folks. took a week off here and we've got parking lot full one which includes this Hyundai here I think I Had it towed in there from out of town and brought the jump back. so that's what it sounds like. His alternator has died so we're all winter down so we don't get locked out here.

I'm gonna go through a jump back on it see if we can't get it to fire up. Get it inside. Okay, all right, should start now. Gray of course some money late time.

Let's get her inside here. Oh nuts. All right. no alarm, no follow there hood struts are bad.

Let's get something to hold the hood open here there. I have a few other things I Want to take care of this morning in the meantime I See a terminal's only on halfway? Not that's what's going to be causing a problem I Want to take in? Uh, just loosen that up. We need to throw a charge on it before we do any, you know, quick testing here I do want to get it done for the fella as soon as I can because he was supposed to be at work today from the Carolinas but this car has been sitting out here for several days because we've been off so which is no problem. he came up to go deer hunting.

All right 10 mil I think oh yeah, sucker's way loose, huh? No unusual and there's a Duralast yeah, sucker was super loose. Oh got your classic pop can in there or something piece of another terminal. some kind of shim? I guess it would be. It's kind of silly.

doesn't seem like it needed it. At any rate. Let's uh, set around nuclear here for a minute. Battery is.

oh, actually, let's not set of that nuclear. that battery is 100 charged. It's the fact that that was rigged up like that. That's quite interesting.

Well, I tell you what, that would be kind of silly. this guy's been stuck here in New York or a stupid battery connection. and I see, it's pretty cruddy and stuff there. so let's get this cleaned up.

Take these things off there for a minute. Uh, get this cleaned up. We'll clean up terminals, spread that out so we can get it down on there all the way. All right that's opened up.

I Just want to see something here. Shouldn't be any problems tightening down. I wouldn't think Let's uh, just check this battery real quick. 700 cold cranking amps.

don't all tell here I'm gonna do an auto vehicle. test your fingers to work. Performance is going to be blowing up all day today. Take off for a week Tank's getting a little silly.

700 cold cranking amps. We'll start the test see what the survey says here. Replace battery 372 cold cranking amps. Well, we need to be able to proceed knowing this.

I Think we will get a battery coming here. I'll print that out for the customer Sue We will get a battery coming however. Um, However, however, what are we going to do? We need to make sure that the system's charging or not charging. So in the meantime I guess we can kind of toss it back together here.

Let's do that. See if this thing tightens up? Yeah, yeah. I don't know why they had the whole shimity in there 372 cold cranking amps. We'll see if it'll start up.
it's on power. Foreign. Let's do this. There's no lights on the inside.

Of course we've had the battery unhooked. You know the money lights out there and uh I don't see a battery light on which I didn't notice being on? maybe I mentioned that right? if you guys saw that that there was no battery light on. I Guess I could just leave that sitting there. For now, let's go fire this thing up again.

Not charging I'm sure. I got a good yep so it's down to 8.6 volt, 8.3 8.2 It's 9 quickly and we're going to run out of power here in a minute. So seven volts is all we're putting out and it's like a stall on this. Yep, so we're down to six volts already if you can see it.

But yeah, 5.6 volts. So um, shows over at Five Volts, our battery's nuked. Uh, the battery is junk even though it was at 12 point. You know, seven volts.

So we'll get a battery coming for it. Um, our alternator fuse isn't blown I Checked it on the back side there while it was running. Okay, we're not charging, so just for the sake of getting stuff. I Ordered an alternator I ordered a battery from Napa We won't have it till this afternoon or late morning, rather.

I Was just seeing if we could get to the alternator to do some testing, but the sucker is buried in there. Uh. service data is absolutely terrible and it says to remove it just to remove the belt, remove the two bolts, unhook the wires and that's it. but I don't see how it comes out of there easily.

I Checked two different sources of service info and they're both exactly the same. And more importantly, we've got to see if we can get to it to do some testing. It looks like a pretty basic alternator system it does have. it does work off canned communication or Lin bus I should say Lynn Network to the PCM So perhaps the easiest thing to do is perhaps just to plug the computer into it and see.

you know, see if we have any codes which I imagine we will. Oddly enough, the battery light is not on with it running, but the battery light does work I did check that so let's plug the computer into it, see what we can learn from there, see if we can talk to the alternator. If we can, then we know the wiring going to it is good as far as you know the communication side of things and then I see we can get to the big battery terminal so we could do you know voltage drop tests on Outlets Everything is quite difficult to access and you can't really do a voltage drop test unless the alternator is charging. you know, no current flow, no voltage drop so it may be a big fat guess case.

I Hate to do that, but um, let's see what we can get to here. sitting here flipping through data and you know I put a little turd on the battery, put a couple maintainer on to get it running and the alternator wasn't working and then you kind of hear it making some ratchet down there and then all of a sudden it is. You can see it's putting out about 17 amps now so this is kind of peculiar but it was making a fair amount of Racket and it was charging and then it wasn't and then the noise kind of got quiet and now as you can see it, it is charging. so kind of suspicious.
Um let's just putting out like I say all loads are off right now putting out about 17 amps but like I say it was making a fair deal. Racket: I should have turned turn the camera on while I was watching this happen but it was kind of peculiar. however I guess having heard that I guess we confirm a couple things. Well, we know electrically it all works because we can watch it on the scan tool working.

Um, so that kind of shortcuts our process a little bit. I don't know what the heck that noise I was hearing here was where is? uh, but we can assume it's in the alternator itself. So I still say I think we're on the right path to just uh, if this guy's gonna drive that far to just go for it, change it. I'm going to continue charging the battery I want to make sure we weren't getting duped by the uh, quick surface charge that we put on it? So I'm going to continue to keep that I'm going to unhook the battery.

We're going to put it on a slow charge while we're figuring out how the heck to get this thing out of here and then kind of take it from there I peeled the wheel off. We're going to take the splash Shield out see if it gives us some room here. Perfect. There's one more 10 in here.

See what we can see now? Not a heck of a lot is the answer to that question. We're going to continue by pulling out. Oh I See this clip started? Oops Already broke? Uh, we're going to continue by pulling out the splash Shield here. Take some of these plastic Clips out of there and we're going to pull that back.

That's going to give us some access. I Think we're going to see the compressor a little bit better. I Think we may have to move the AC compressor, leave the lines attached. Unfortunately, the electrical connector for the alternator that you know if we wanted to do some testing is right behind an AC line.

We can't even get to it. If we want to, we'd have to go and do our testing at the ECM I guess would be the only way which doesn't tell. It's a heck of a lot, but we'll keep. Motoring Let's set that there.

and I think that gives us a bit more access at least to the compressor alternators. One step above that, we may have to pull the little uh, plastic shield down here at the bottom as well. This doesn't look like too much work. It took the bolts out of it just to be certain.

I Want to make sure these scribbets weren't holding the plastic piece on the inside or something ridiculous. You know there actually one came out there that gives the slots are roomed out. There are some you see the see the framework underneath this thing. see I have like some of this you know, plastic framework that holds us together.
There are some screws you know here on the back side of it that you don't need to remove just because they hold that little stiffening brace. I'll show you you can see this little plastic stiffening brace. on here. There's a bunch of screws in it, actually one of the scribbets the screw it here.

you did not need to pull out the other ones. the other the other two we did that one and that one. I Guess this middle one could have stayed. That's probably neither here nor there.

but anyhow, that's what that looks like. All righty. All right, our tension is right here on the bottom alternators right here above the AC compressor. which I think there's four bolts to hold that AC compressor on lines look like they've got lots of extra hose instead of trying to fight that all-nighter trying to get it out of the top or whatever it's supposed to do.

I Think that's the way we're going with it. Connector for the AC's right here. I Can actually reach it right here. Boom.

Just unplug that. Let's get the belt tension undone. Take the four bolts out of the compressor. we'll let our compressor just swing down here on the hoses and then we should be able to reach the two bolt to hold the alternator on and be in a good shape for the shape we're in like I say the electrical connector on the back is just an absolute piss pot.

I Think to get to it to do any testing in the vehicle you may be you might have to pull the upper support and the fans or something like that. I'm not really sure. It's only inches away from the catalytic converter there. So anyhow.

stick 19 mil. I Think right? Yeah. 19 mil on our tensioner. A little tension off that loosen that up.

Foreign. My paint marker is. see if we can see magic marker. Oh we can.

It's magical. Put a little set air on here. It says out this side out just that way. when we put its belt back on, we're not running it in reverse.

Nothing that hurts anything, but sometimes that promotes some squealing. So we're just going to kind of stick that here up off to the side. I Don't think I Think we can get to all these without unhooking any hose. Pierce So they look like they might be 12 mil.

Yeah, they're not 10. try and get sock on here. prove that. Yeah, So probably 12 millimeter.

Let's pull that. uh, all four bolts out of that. I Think there was just the one electrical connector which we already undid. There's two.

if you can get to these top ones. they're probably the best to take out first. Whoa Man down. so there's one AC compressor Bolt Okay, I kind of wedged my light up here.

This other back one here might be a little bit trickier. No, if we get it with air ratchet or not, we'll try coming in here like I saw a negative Bill shirt straight, something else sneak in there. Okay, so quarter inch 12 swivel, get it done, and just get that bull out. So there's the other bolt and this thing out.
these bottom two over here. Oh, this is a New York car. They've been so crowded in there wouldn't got them out. So I think we'll shoot the southern unit so there are those four and then we should be able to just let that baby hang right there.

We could probably zip tie it to our core support here. Let's do that. Let's twist and tie. Close your eyes.

foreign. We'll just take a little bit of tension off those hoses. now. this thing's very heavy at all, but that's a good comment.

Generator: when you leave something hanging like this, so we'll just go like that, give it a little twist to give you guys a false sense that that's actually doing something, everybody will be happy. There is the electrical connector now on the back of the alternator. I'm going to reach up and the classic creature on it unplug it and then also as I'm reaching up here. I'll do it so you guys can't see anything because that makes for good videos.

We'll get a 10 mil one hooked to battery wire from the back of the alternator. I Think it's a 12 millimeter? Oh yeah. First try. I Can't get it off all the way? Yes sir.

So it's just the nut. Take the wire. Uh boom, it's uh now. I Think we just have two bolts here on the front side I Can tell you all about it I Can show you let's see what are these all about.

about a 14. sounds good. Oh, it's gonna be a knuckle breaker so we'll leave that one and there is or should be one up higher. also I can't see it so you still I can't see it.

Oh, we can feel it fella. Let's get a little bit of an extension. I'm gonna put about a one incher on here inch and something not quite as long as a there's a long socket. but when it gets past the pulley, oh yeah baby.

just a great size. There we go. Don't paint yourself into a corner. That's about as far as I didn't come in there.

ratchet. especially with a open head. Ratchet like that, you don't want to back yourself in. Let's see.

All right, there's the top bolt out of the alternator. Here's the bottom bolt from the alternator. Are they the same? They're exactly the same. so you go ahead and mix them up all you want.

Pull the light down. Good bar of crying. Oh the bottom one slided. We didn't have to take her out all the way.

I Guess All right, let's uh. get your held up here. Wiggle and pull. Get him to slip off the top.

Oh sugar, there's a wiring harness holding us on. Let's stick that back up here. Ah okay you guys, you have to close your eyes for a minute in case that falls aren't gonna be able to see much. but I gotta get the wiring harness.

clip one down. it's just a standard double. Diner Christmas Tree faster. my baby.

There she is. but I didn't see it, but it clicked right up into this bracket. Yeah, there she is baby. Well, there we are folks.
I Think that's way easier than trying to give birth to that thing out the top. Uh, because I don't know what you would have to do to get out the top I'm a little disappointed in Hyundai service info, which is typically one of the better service infos as far as getting that out. That's really bizarre. At any rate.

I guess we just have to wait for Napper now and as soon as they get here, we'll slap the new one in yeah I say I Don't know what was making noise in that sucker when it decided to kind of come back to life on us. Appears to be original yeah, but it made a little racket. then it kind of started working again. but nothing I would trust with my family.

hadn't you know, several hundred miles back south where the weather's warm, it's got a pause working on this thing. It's a Toyota it's going to be in another video for some Camp sensor issues. the know-how just showed up with the alternator for this baby. so let's see if it's right.

Well, we're waiting for them to show up with the parts for that stop. Stop what? let's see. So there's that. I Want to make sure everything looks like it's in the correct spot and it does accept for one thing.

what's that thing, the little bracket that goes right here. Let's grab an eight mil, strip that baby off. I Also grabbed the seven because I've been wrong before. What would it end up being? End up getting an eight just like I told you first.

try peel that off. Look at that baby in there. That's where that wiring harness that so conveniently holds the alternator for you. There's that.

Take this little guy off. take that off. Same thread as the OG it is so we're gonna use the OG We'll stick this back on the core. I Was going to have the fellow take the core with him but I have been down that road a time or two.

As soon as he takes the core you put the new one in a new one doesn't work. You got the one from the other parts store. Now this part store's got to bring the court back to get the other parts store. Yeah, yeah, yeah, here we go folks.

Let's hope to know how has it going on today. Everything looks good I think I'm gonna try to do this without I'm just showing you a bunch of armpit the whole time. We're going to kind of stick that up there I want to get that wiring iron put back in? so I'm not sure if that's accessible shot or once it's in. All right that babies clicked in, We'll get her lined up there with the top one wiggle up under.

Come on baby! you guys are kind of in the optimal area I need to move it briefly whenever I need a hammer? Hang on. You guys should buy the hamburger. I Don't say I didn't teach anything. So these little deals here that take up the space when you Bolt the alternator down the nuts.

Well, when they rebuild it, they don't push them back all the way, so thread your bolt in there quite a ways. now. don't just go whack on the bolt because you could bust the ear off the elevator so we'll set it on a socket to back it up. back it up, baby.
knock that in a little bit so that pushes that in. Okay, and then when you tighten these bolts up, that pulls that nut in there and that's what takes up the space. To make up for discrepancies in each size bracket that It Bolts onto. Okay, that's all we had to do was just that little bit.

Just move that sleeve. that whisker I'll be at a black one. They're the stockiest. Okay, round two: 178 amp.

It says it touched that idle at 124. Wow. Foreign plug in our harness. Yet again.

there's the hole now. It should slide up on there ever so nicely this time. And it did. Don't let it fall.

Whatever you do, let's stick this one here in the bottom. now. don't go cranking it down foreign. Get that started and then we'll get the other Bolt which we've determined they're exactly the same.

that one goes in the top. however, I need to push it over I Need to find the hole on this one. There we go. I felt it.

You'll know when you know you know there's that one. So grab our air ratchet so that last little bit there where it was tightening. That's when it pulls that nut in. Okay, hear that bushing, loosen that up.

just a whisker and I'm gonna have to move you again. That's the problem you guys always wanted to watch. You're always in the way. So I'm going to remove the extension here.

We're going for the top one. We're on our end as far as we can. all right now. we'll put our little extension on there.

We just don't want to get her jammed in there. Foreign? Yeah baby. Make sure you torque that the spec. obviously.

Okay, go back and do all that. Sure what you folks can see, but here we have our connector I Can't see anything because I'm letting you guys see. So we're just giving a little feely here I think maybe that way. Nope, Nope, nope, nope.

What in the Thunder this way? Oh yeah. first try and then there should be or a big battery post up here somewhere. This is kind of a silly video to record because you guys can't see I can't see so there is a Battery Post flip that on. You guys probably can't see crap.

That's okay. We're In It Together we'll stick our light there. we'll grab the OG nut. Oh, there's a little slot on that eyelet that goes into a corresponding hole I'm gonna have to move you I Guess we can't all see all the time, but I'll shine the little camera up here when I get this one on.

so that's what it looks like there in case you're wondering. So you just got the big battery wire on top, the connector on the back, and then on our AC compressor right here at the bottom. You do have two dowel pins. There's one there and one right here, so make sure you didn't lose those suckers.
you can do it. Get that hose around there. Okay, yeehaw. and that's just a matter of sticking the four bolts back in it.

Make sure you're lined up on your Dolphins like I say I Don't know why they don't have this in service data. Seems like it'd be easy to write, but it's literally five steps. Once we get these bolts tightened down, obviously we'll come in and torque them all the factory specs, then we'll plug the connector back in, and then we'll put our belt back on. Then, prior to putting a new battery in it, we will test it one more time.

I've had it. Wait, We're going on almost four hours on a charge at around a two. Amper I think Electron two and two amp or 10 am. but it's been almost four hours since since we stuck that on there.

The test of the game. Let's see this one bolt. I Think a little bit of a pisser because we've got our quarter incher out here. so we'll come in and run her in with that and get it.

rest away with the torque wrench, which we take all the hoses and everything off so we get our torches in here. You guys know the story. Uh, let's see Foreign Belt go. Does anybody remember how this thing went? Let's just take a guess here.

At first, Whoops. Looks like we've got a water pump up here. Perhaps I'll give it, it'll reach up. Classic move.

Maybe down here around here we got some crank action. Ah no, dude, you got way too much slack. so let's see. maybe it goes around town.

Maybe it goes like this before we look it up. Oh yeah, we're on that slack now. Boys around that pulley Maybe Like that. I'm thinking I think we're close I think it's getting close to lunch time.

Well, let's go the other way. Yeah boy, look at that. Get up there. let's have a gander.

Looks like we're on the pump, run the alternator, idler, tensioner. Everybody's going the right way. Looks good enough for me. Okay, let's see.

let's turn off the charger. It was on two amps I Can see for the past several hours so it's sitting. you know, stationary right now with a static charge on it. 13.2 volts.

Uh, let's let's hook the battery up. otherwise it ain't gonna start you. Ding Dong: As a general rule, that's always the case. I'll push that thing down all the way.

An eight millimeter will not cut it. 10 millimeter wheel. A baby's toy inside here. snug that up.

Okie, dokie. let's hook this back on because well, it's easier than going to get a meter. multic. Easy fella.

Foreign volts of the direct current. Here we go: Contact: We're charging engine sounds like it has no oil pumps. can be crazy loud, foreign. We're gonna turn the headlights on.

We're going to take a bit of the surface charge off this battery and then we're going to retest it. So let's just leave those headlines. and however long it takes to get the battery tester out like I say we just want to take that surface charge out, it usually doesn't take very long. We'll power this up.
This is the altel MBT the Bravo Tango 608 There it is. Battery diagnostic assistant So we'll hook this little fella up just to be certain. I don't want to sell my battery unless he absolutely needs it. There's that.

Our surface charge should be gone. keys off headlights are now off see I don't know if I can see you guys now I can see it. We'll do the same thing. We'll just do the out of car test.

put that up I like the snow, we'll hook that up like so vehicle test. All of our information should already be in here. which is a lot. 700 cold cranking amps flooded style which it is.

she's a lead acid. Let's see what the survey says or the before. 372. Yep, so I think we're just slow on charge so now it's up to well.

We tested the tested voltage is 12.67 and it's up to 586 cold cranking amps. It needs to be recharged. It needs to have a full charge because I don't know how long they drove it I mean I assume they drove it until it was completely depleted. Yeah, we were duped a little bit.

so I'm not going to sell them a battery. He said he's not going to be able to pick it up until a little bit later and they're going to head out with it tomorrow morning at this point. So I want to make sure we've got a full charge on it for our customer. We'll put these plant bits back in a couple bolts on this one.

Foreign. Can't plan for a breakdown, you know, Just hopefully when you do it, somebody's able to help you get your back going. That's all I would ever ask if I broke down but and said somebody Bill help me out a little rip here to warm it up. see it's got an airbag light on I see that when I was clearing the codes, it only had one coat in it.

That was pretty occupation classification fall of some sort I'm assuming the light was on prior. Okay, we're back to the shop. It should be fully warmed up. We took her for a little rip around the block.

There hit okay DTC not detected. Well, that's good. Let's see. very current 3.9 voltage temperature.

check the communication status of the battery sensor. not really sure here. Let's hit Okay headlamp on okay, headlights on high beams are on maximum blow Edge full time I think it's what I said three check we're ready to press it on there probably between two and three thousand if any of the current value of the only seconds and study Eddie 2500 hit. Okay, all right I said it was going to take 50 seconds.

Let's see what happens at the 50 secure. Good results are good I Guess we let her idle back to an idol. turn this stuff up at a current average four amps. All right I Guess we'll hit.

Okay, let's see what it says. all later test results are good and it's kind of silly I Guess we could have looked at all that stuff. We'll turn this off. Some building functions are kind of I'm going to leave that on auto.
Yeah, get some in good shape. For the shape we're in. it's all warmed up. it's still charging which is great.

I Cleared all the low voltage codes out so everybody's happy. At least this fella should be happy. And back to the Carolinas Get out of this communist state that he's in and then uh, and then he'll be happy. That's the day of work, so hopefully he didn't have to use a vacation that would stink.

Hopefully he didn't use them all up and get a no payday because that's even worse. And the only thing I can think that'd be worse than that is you not going into that comment section to leave me the comment. The Question: You're concerned planets on our socials. You know where they're at.

It's the insty. the Facebook You guys know what to do. Just remember viewers. If I can do it, you can do it.

Thanks for watching foreign.

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    On my 2003 Toyota Highlander (aka Lexus RX300 "creampuff" with only 115K on the clock) my battery went DEAD during low-miles Covid fiasco. Alternator good .. parasitic drain 70 ma. Just not enough time / mileage to keep the(then) 2-Yr-old battery charged. EVERYONE said I needed a NEW $300 Battery. One shop added: "You also need a new alternator". (NOT yet, me thinks). Have just done the 120K service in my home garage and will change the alternator myself when needed.

    For MY DEAD battery … I Bought a $30 NOCO Genius 1 maintainer … free delivery from Amazon. ~ 48 hours later … ALL Good. Now I just hook up my Genius 1 after each trip … battery goes to solid green then into cycle (cycle / maintain mode) after about 60 minutes. Sometimes 3 DAYS between trips. THAT was 2 years ago. Now, I turn OFF the OD locally (now only 30 min to achieve full "re-charge". When I want to "Blow Out The Carbon" (Ref: The Car Care Nut) on a freeway trip, I also turn off the Overdrive.

    Amazing what 3,000+ RPM for 40+ miles or so can do … and has done. Tip for Toyota owners. At 113K, AFR B1,S1 Heater Wire Code. Changed Both AFRs & downstream O2 Sensor … All Denso parts … $350 + (Note: Sprayed the rusted B2S2 O2 sensor studs each night for 3 nights … then bought a $100 Ryobi Impact Drive at HD … to avoid breaking off those studs with a “Gorilla Bar”. So $450 vs ~$1,200 at dealer or shop.

    AND I and my neighbors are enjoying my new Impact Wrench!

    Best to all,

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chris Etter says:

    keep up the good work

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mark tippin says:

    I like the fact that you still use air tools a lot of mechanics now he's use everything is electric I am old school mechanic and everything I used was air tools and it's nice to see that you still use that air tools not electric

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dwayne Baker says:

    The automotive engineering is not the greatest on the next person that has to the repairing & replacing parts on the later model vehicles

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Ellenbaum says:

    why don't you stock batteries ?

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars That American says:

    Thanks for the heads up on that silliness. Not buying that car.

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wolley Segap says:

    Replace battery ? Sometimes those tools lead you in the wrong direction. Mine almost did, but I knew better.
    They're very lucky they landed at your place Eric.Excellent video.

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Barry Suss says:

    All hail the mighty twisty tie. Not the hero we deserved but the hero we needed..

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Caleb says:

    I'm only partway through the video so I apologize if this is already covered. Having worked at an auto parts store that pushes those felt washers, those are why that shim was installed. The felt washers push up on the positive terminal clamp and make it almost impossible to get a positive engagement for that clamp. This particular style of clamp was the hardest to get working with those washers. Not worth it and "benefits" they may or may not provide. I hated installing those dumb things and would try to get the customer to opt for just the grease.

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mel Meter says:

    Good job

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Smith says:

    They won't be happy, you didn't have the twisty tie in hand when you unbolted it lol

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Darth Volvo says:

    Helping out a stranded traveler in need.

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BIG GUY SIMPLE PRODUCTIONS says:

    Please please tell me the volume on your right ear air tools my bleeding ears will appreciate that

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars wakcedout says:

    This is what I don't like about sideways engines. Things that should be easy diy replacement are complicated by having to take off tires and remove panelling.

    Thank goodness my 08 exploders alternator is on top and easy to get to.

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars A Moni says:


  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 2003RFVert says:

    “Communist State” poor New Yorkers…

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rafi Lader says:

    Hi, how does your computer know the temp of the battery?

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars deedspm9 says:

    You da man Eric O! The world needs more people like you!

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars freakyflow says:

    I took a stab at upgrading my electrical system that started here with a parasitic draw on my blazer …Today i have a 78 series battery that is 1 cell longer than the 75 And a shoe horn to get it in …Seriously you need to remove the coolant cap to get the battery in. And a AD-244 alt from the bigger Tahoes etc to swap out the CS-130 ….Good for 150amps And I think its called Harbor freight store (Princess auto in canada) to get 1/0 Awg welding cable for grounding wire Hammer lugs And im in bussiness ..No bad charging here lol

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TopCat577 says:

    Nice job…patience of a saint. On the other hand, if that were me, I'd be cursing up a storm- my neighbor's dread when I'm outside working on my trucks; they even have to call in their cats and dogs.
    "“There are all kinds of low class slime who are trying and will continue to try to wreck this country from the inside. Most of them don't know it, but they are actually working for the Russians. Some of them do know it, though. It doesn't matter whether they call themselves communists, socialists, or just plain liberals. That is what they are doing.” General George Smith Patton, Jr.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars leonard peters says:

    LOL, Get out of this communist state. Made me giggle for a long time. I won't be giggling when I am replacing the blend door motor on my Crown Vic next week.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars michael downs says:

    Give use a report on how the guys hunting trip went,it's terrible he was forced to miss work and stay on his hunting trip a few more days

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars watajob says:

    This man will probably never realize just how lucky he was.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dustin Descalchuk says:

    All those Hyundais have that super shitty positive battery clamp. And all of them I see come in just like that, barely on the post and all it takes is to open it up and slide it down further. Not sure why that’s a super complicated concept for other techs

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars T Downey says:

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