Come along as I show you the process of removing a snapped off speed sensor in the rear of a GMC Sierra. I pull out a few classic moves to get the job done 😏
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And folks working on a 2009 GMC it's the 1500. it's the Sierra It's got the big five three and the guy needs left wheel speed sensor so we're gonna do that for him. She's pretty rotted so we'll see what happens. light here. First thing we'll do is unplug it, which it is right up the top here. So I put the light there so nobody can see, but it's right here. You'll see where the little guy plugs in. Hopefully give her a little reach around here. unplug it from the harness, move that baby down. Then it has a comfort here on the frame. Now we can see. Let me get a screwdriver slash side. Cutters Now the plugger here should have had a little Christmas tree on the end of it, but it was already unhooked so it clicks in up the top here. right here on the very top of the frame. So I'm going to use my side Cutters and just poke at it. We're gonna take and get this one out of here. Maybe it's gonna be pretty low rusted. Come on baby. look at that sucker to pull down. it's just gonna break off. but it didn't The whole thing came out so that's good. and then the one up in the frame. we're gonna go ahead. a long pair of side Cutters to get the correct angle. gotta have the right angle the dangle to get that one out. We'll just leave that alone. For right now, there's another one down here in the back of the axle and oh boy, she's looking gross down here. Monday Morning's in the soft belt? There's that. Everything's pretty well rotted on this truck. She is old 09 old. That's pretty old for here. What's that? 13 years old or so to over 13. pretty much it for a Chevrolet in this part of the world. All right. So now we are faced with the task of removing the bolts. It looks pretty well, pretty well. Punk Let's see here, let me get some good light for everybody. If there's anything metal left to hang on, there we go. I'm gonna poke at it what we have our hand here. Maybe we'll just disintegrate I do have a new bolt coming for it she was supposed to be bringing to us today. I Tell you what. let's um, let's get the old air hammer. Let's rattle around here a little bit. Get rid of some of the needle or the scale here with the needle scaler. Then we'll rattle on the bolt a little, see if we can't loosen it up. I Don't imagine it'll be that tight to get her to come loose and great foreign years. Oh yeah, might actually be able to beat a Torx in there. Maybe Um yeah, let's try that. I've got some of those rbrt sockets or bits. see if we can't just beat one in there and then get it Loose that way I wonder what size it was originally? there's a 25 I don't know that seemed to go in there way too nice. We'll give it just a little bit of a push here with a socket. foreign. So let's jump up to the old classic T27. We'll see if we can't give it a little love tap. persuade it in there a little bit. Oh, we hit bottom. I Don't think these things have any Loctite item I could be wrong. Look at that foreign. Just like we knew what we were doing. Got it? Didn't even need a new? Bolt Yeah, we do. These rbrts work good for taking stuff out but not putting it in. it does have Loctite on it. It's like a little bit of pink stuff or something there, some of that low strength mmm sounds like gear oil. Now that we've overcome that hurdle, we've and overcome our next one which I think is just going to be stuck in there. Look at that sun, we're gonna just move. Did you just move on me little fella? Today is my lucky day. Maybe Let me go get a little screwdriver. We might be able to slide that thing right out. Give her a little shot of the WD WD I Had a guy flip out on me in the comment section for using WD-40 on something because apparently it is only a water displacer. I'm an idiot. Whatever. Here's a Ding Dong home watching YouTube videos. let's see here. Come on baby. See if we can't get behind this sucker, give it a little bit of out pressure while we're wiggling it. Foreign. There's an o-ring in there is what we're trying to overcome without snapping. It Off So I'm trying to hold a little pressure out on it while I twist it, you can't really get a hold of it very well. I wonder if I got one below it and above? it? Would be really nice if this came out in one piece and we didn't have to drill it. Usually got drill these little suckers out trying to give it the classic. Wiggler The Double Twister got all kinds of moves we can pull out here. Oh I think it's gone foreign. Give it the old double twister. Pulling out some classic moves here. The Devil's Mister Oh, you know what? You're familiar. That's one of your best notes. I Don't want to brag what's up? You need me? All right? stand by it folks. Tap her back in. sometimes that works if it can get in there and just kind of work them in and out a little bit. like I say if we can overcome the O-ring we'll be home free. Oh I think it just broke? Yes sir. All right. Well, we're right. We're right to where I expected to be anyways. so we snapped it off. Oh boy. Now what? Well now now we just drill it out I guess So let's try this. We're going to go right. kind of in the middle 130 yet somewhat of a hole there. and then we're going to go by the edge and we're gonna go by the other. Edge I Can't tell you the left side and the right side because it's circular. People go crazy when I do that. When I start talking about the top and bottom corners of the circle, all the engineers come out. So what I'm trying to do is give a little bit of relief. Okay to the O-ring probably won't work. We're gonna bring out the classic slide hammer, see if we can't screw it in there and get a bite on it. Sometimes you get lucky doing them like this. Good little bite on it and give her a little. Give her a little what's up, hey girl, what's up? Look at that boom and by drilling on the edge, it was my hope and my dream that it would relief that O-ring a little bit. Which it did because you got to be careful if you go all crazy and start drilling straight through it. Um, you could drill through and damage the axle because I think this one does. This one have a metal tone ring or a magnet. Some of these are magnetic I thought oh this one's metal. You can go. just go willy-nilly Less of a chance of breaking that one, but if you can avoid it, avoid it. Okay, so there's that. That's out. It's done. Shows over. Enjoy the rest your day, folks. You want to get yourself a valve stun with a cap going deep. Unscrew the cap that's going to plug the hole for you. You don't tell anybody that trick. That's why I don't mean taught me back in the day. Back and forth tires even had tubes. There's that one. She's clean. Now the top edge of that hole above the O-ring always has a little lip on it and you gotta come in here and say man, clean that lip. There we go. Just like that, sounds like an airplane wind drop. Like a sue. There we go. Yeah boy, that's all good. let's get some brake parts cleaner. Dum dum. That's gonna save me some editing right there, boys. Give this a little two. I Think we're good now. grab your bow nozzle using the Venturi effect. We shouldn't even have to take that cap out a little bit. Let's try it. Ready One Two Three Go One Two Three. Go Boom. Just like that, it goes flying out of there. Huh? I'll say I didn't teach you anything man. Two tricks in one day. Two tricks in one day. Okay, what's next? So once that's cleaned off, I'm just going to grab a little bit of axle grease or grease out of the grease gun. we'll call it. We smear it around, get a little bit everywhere. It's not like this thing's ever going to come out again. Let's be honest, it is an 0-9 Got the part here right from: Chevy Uh, there's your part number if you guys can see it somewhere is on the bag there. perhaps Classic 209 or 38121 all the way from Mexico it says so you know it's a genuine Chevrolet America After High Baseball in Mexico It's pretty close to the U.S under the tape I think that's where these trucks are made Anyways, if I remember correctly Mexico or Canada Oh, slide that little guy right in there. We're going to reuse the old bolt temporarily because my Chevy guy, he's not going to be here until afternoon and I can just go out in the parking lot and swap that over. Oh I lost a bit. It's actually doing really neat. It's t27 fits right back in there nicely snuggle it right up. Bring this little fell around that goes right in there and I will put the other one in here right up here. Let's see, it might have to play whack-a-mole to get that one in now. I Think instead of farting around trying to get the little Christmas tree out of the top, we're gonna do it the smart way because it doesn't appear to be broken yet. so we're just gonna wiggle this one off. Look to the past the lock. Take that off. We'll save it in case we need it. and then we're going to stick it. It's right back up there where it belongs. Started life out this little color around here. Pretty sure we can do this. Ah, there you go. I'm gonna plug it in. Boom Boom. Everything's good. Look at that. It's like the factory in case you couldn't see it. that's where that goes. That's where that one goes. That's where that one goes Boom The other thing the fellow wanted was a couple of these: I don't have a part number for you? Sure? I do. It's classic One five, six, four, six, two, five zero wheel nut covers coming a five pack away from either. Pretty inexpensive. Oh, it's missing on these trucks I think people might put them back on with you I'll get dug a gun or take them off too aggressively I could be wrong. I'm gonna reread the codes. no codes detected. good. He'll be happy now. His lights are all out. well, that's that folks. A pretty easy job on these. He's in a pretty common job also, particularly when they get this old and they get this. Rusty We always see this rear speed sensors. they you know it gets rust behind them just like the front ones do and then it usually breaks the head right off so you can just you know you go back there, check it and all. you got to snub as soon as you touch it the thing falls apart. This is the first one I've had in quite a while where I actually grabbed it with pliers and was able to move it. Thankfully we had the little mini Slide Hammer this one's made by Mac Tools an SP 8p Sierra Papa eight Papa in case you want to look one of those up I'm sure they don't make I've had this for many moons and it just takes a regular you know Flathead pan style pan head style screw perhaps like a number six I would guess. Pretty handy little tool for things I Don't know if it's using the body shop but I use it for pulling out the speed sensors and seals and various things like that. It's a sweet little slide hammer. So one of you guys hammer on that keyboard down in that comment section leaving a question in the comment. The concern you have the insty for: Facebook you guys know where we're at Just My Rewards If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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