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Hello everybody, Good day to you See that? Ford Escape It's driving away, but it'll be back when it comes back. Uh, we're gonna pull that thing in and do a thorough evaluation inspection on it. Uh I Think it needs some brakes? Probably some maintenance items? Uh, we're gonna take care of that stuff today. Uh, and in the meantime I'm gonna put some more lights up I Do believe that that big eight foot light up there is still functioning. It needs light bulbs and I happen to locate the last two light bulbs that will fit it from the the Home Depot yesterday. So I've got a pair of eight Footers right here. I'm gonna head up the ladder and get these installed if I didn't break them if I didn't and we're gonna see if I have more light and if those don't cut it as you guys saw earlier. I Got these Big Mama Jamas right here and those are uh, 5 000 Newmans So I think those will uh, will definitely fill the void if these ones right? Yeah, do not all right. Come here. There we go. No oh oh I saved the day. Yeah, like I said, those are the those are the last ones people are gonna come out I wonder if I'm okay now? Anyway, let's gain some altitude and see if you can't plug this bad boy in and get more more lumens. All Right Moving On Up all the way up Spirit of heights. Not a lot, but enough to, uh, make me aware of what I'm doing. All right. So what I Think we'll need to, do is get one end set up and in its home. that's going to be right here, right above you. There it is. Let's get this one plugged in and then I'll move over to the other side and plug that one in. I Think that's how this is gonna go. All right. You stay right there. Okay Nancy this is probably a two-person job I Think yeah. so the bulb is just kind of sitting on the lift. Let's go down, go over to the other side and then we'll plug it in and see if it works I hope it works. If not, I'm just going to take that out and we'll hang one of those big lights there and I'll wire it in with, uh, that wire that's going into this light fixture? Oh yeah, the uh, the floor roof leak situation? That's uh, that's being remedied pretty soon. Also, I'm not fixing that. Someone else is going to do that for us now. I just need to Flex this. How do these go in foursome? Oh, there we go. Okay, it's spring-loaded I See click and the light is junk. It's uh, not. Illuminating It's unfortunate. It's very unfortunate. Let me try the other side. Maybe one, maybe one side works. No, that's too bad. Okay, and the light does not work. Hmm, it's disappointing. All right. Well, since this fixture is, uh, inoperative, I'm gonna take my light bulb back and there's one more right. foot fixture in here. Let's move over to the other side and it's over there really far. Let's go over there and see if I can't, uh, get that one and come on. And if not, then I just wasted 20 bucks on light bulbs. Hooray! All right going down all the way down. ladder. Safety. Let's try this one over here next to see if that one might work. Hope so. All right moving back up light bulb first. Just gonna work. You guys nervous? Um, hang on. let's see here. we're flat. sketchy. I'm scared of heights. Catch it? Oh oh I need to climb up. one more run on this ladder and I don't want to huh? Don't Look Down Ray just don't look down. Okay, one more run here. I Go I'm up. I'm up. Okay, okay coming down I need to move the ladder again. the bulb is in position. it's hanging out on that wire. I'd see to move back and then set up that little uh connection there if it does not work I'm not. um, taking them back down. This is scary I don't like it coming down right about. Hey baby, what'd you get? some candy? Hey, you want to hold this ladder for me So I don't die today. That'd be cool. No, don't climb. No yeah, don't climb up here. Yeah oh hi. I'm I'm scared of heights I'm more scared eyes than you are I'm not a big fan of them either, right? Uh yeah. I'm not. I'm not really digging it up here. Come on top. I need two hands but I dare not let go. These lights are junk or we might need a new balance. Yeah, well. I I mean it's trying to come on I saw it flicker a little bit the ballast or junk. Okay, that's what I thought that's what I was afraid of. Okay coming down. All right. Well, the screwing around phase is over with. we're busting out the Big Boy Light I'm gonna hang that right there on those wires, those little guy wires and then I'll run the cord over and down and I can either hook it up to the switch or uh, one of the light receptacles. that's the van. Yeah, don't pull me off the ladder if by running into uh, my cord please. So I'm not not interested in falling down today. Foreign? Sure. Uh. now and later. one more run. I'm up because if you eat all that I want this on both wires. yeah, you gotta save it for later. For when you have no sugar, what's what's the deal? Oh um okay. all right, that's that. Woohoo Yeah coming down. Gary Okay, moving back up. How are this discussion block ER Alrighty so I've got the Uh wire run over across this truss and then I followed the uh. the conduit ran this wire into this little junction box right here and uh, I'm gonna go ahead and splice it in with some wire nuts here and here and then this big light will be on a switch. That's the idea anyway. Oh I forgot my wire nuts. I'll be right back. All right, coming back up. I've reached altitude. Okay, that wire is good. A viewer taught me to flick the wired trick. I'm gonna see if it's hot. just flick it. Uh, not an OSHA approved method. Let's keep those away from each other. I'm gonna twist these, twist them up and then I'll check them uh before I put the nuts on. Hate redoing wire nuts. All right. we go down and flip the switch and if that's good, we'll button this box back up and then hang that up the other light I got two. Those are also LEDs I'm really hoping that the uh frequency of those LEDs does not mess with the my camera's shutter speed. Anyway, here we go. Here's our switch and powering on. Yeah, we have lumens. Nice. That's uh, that's much better. Oh yeah. I'm sold. one here. one over there and you know what? For fun I'll put in two more. why not? That's that's great. All right, powering down, let's go back up. Wire nut that put the cover back on. this one's good. I Also found from that box that uh, this wire is live going into that box so I can hang a second light probably right here somewhere and then wire it into that junction box over there. This is going to work out swimmingly. climbing back up. Where's my nuts? There they are. There's one numero dos excellent and I need to tighten the clamp on the connector for the box right here. It's going to clamp down on the insulation on The Wire Keep it from wiggling and moving around. Click All right now. let's tuck this stuff back into its little home there. This thing was full of uh wasp nests and stuff when I opened it up. It's kind of gross. Yeah, just shove it all in there and there's our cover. Click. Tighten that guy down a little bit and we're done in this box. forever. There we go. Cover kicks all right. Let's get out of here. I'm gonna scare the heights coming down. Let's fetch the tools too. I Don't want these to fall in my Noggin All right. more illumination. Let's look at it again. Oh beautiful and it's on a switch. I Like it. Okay, fast forwarded some. We've got the second fixture installed so I've got one there and one right here gets fired up. Begin illumination now. Oh yeah. Fantastic now. I Can work on cars. Cool All right. let's get this stuff out of the way. I'm gonna get that. uh, the escape in the building. Let's get that thing checked out and uh, see what it needs. All right now we can get to work trucks out of the way. I Think this is a 2007 Ford Escape I Don't know the engine size yet, but we're gonna figure that out. Momentarily stopping is the engine sounds good? 156 000. 381 miles on the clock. Nice. All right, let's check our wiping blades. Our spray doesn't spray. That's probably empty. The sticker says it's due for an oil change. Okay, well, our concern is brakes. So let's go out for a ride real quick. Hmm. Driver's window doesn't come down good. Yeah, we're gonna check the brakes out. Uh, we're gonna check out everything else on it. I Already found one defect. Uh, of course we're gonna check lights. uh, alignment. We'll check tires out, leaks, all that. good stuff. So let's go at the road real quick and see what this thing feels like. You know what? it's hot in here we need? AC There we go. onward. Test drive time. Okay, it shifts okay. Steering wheel is a little off to the right, so we, uh, we may need a geometric suspension alignment in the future. Check for some vibrations while breaking. That's what I'm looking for a little bit. Not too bad. Okay, all right, the rest of this test drive was fairly uneventful. Uh, didn't find anything else that, uh, that showed up that sticks out except for an engine mount. It may have a bad motor mount I Feel a little bit of a vibration at red lights and it seems to be coming from the engine. Anyway, let's swing this thing inside, get it up in the air and see what we've got to work with here. Oh, didn't plan that out very much. Well did. I Hang on. Oh yeah, the window doesn't work well here. Let's do it like this. There we go. Or if this lift is too big for this truck, Hope not because I like this lift. see where we're at? Uh, it might be too big. we're gonna find out. parking's the auto window down covering down? Oh yeah, of course popping things you would. Okay, this lift is a little too big. but not to worry I'll just swing the lift arms in and then uh we'll scoop the car forward. Alrighty got the rack set moving on up. green subscribe button. The thing we do here Nice. We have lift a good placement all right. let's check the other side let's see looking good? Yes looking good in the front and the back side looking real good All right. continuing to move on up. All right. let's give her a shake I'm sure it doesn't fall down. feels good and yeah we're good on this side too. All right, clear to proceed. see what we got in here? All right under hood lumens what are we working with? Looks like it's the Classic Ford 3 liter. Very nice. Goodbye let's take a peek for some leaks. Uh, we got a little valve cover leak right here in the front side. Nothing major. Belt looks good. a little valve cover leak on the back side I Can see some oil on top of the alternator back there. No big deal, cool and slow. See about our power steering. Yeah, a little gross looking, but it's full. No leaks. Let's see how our battery's doing. Uh, what do we got here? 650 cold cranking amps 12.67 volts. This is good battery. all cranking amps. What did I say? 650? Sure, there we go. 650. 618 Good battery. All right. that's what we're talking about here. Let's check our trans real quick while we're here. Still has a dipstick a little brown I Can still see red. not bad for its mileage. Brake fluid. what do we got? Yeah, a little dark. Again, not bad at first mileage. I Can recommend fluids as maintenance items later. let's get this thing a little higher up in the air and we'll shake down the front end and pull the wheels and check out the uh, the brakes. Now What? I mean by shake down the front end is we're going to grab this tire, shake it left and right and up and down. We're going to be looking for play in the ball joints and uh, steering parts. See what we got here? Let's do a little bit of play if it's in a tie rod. Yeah, a little bit in that outer tie rod. Let's check the uh passenger side. there's this one whoo. Lot of bit of play and some up and down action. What is this? Let's get a better. View From The Inside See what we got going on? All right I Threw some lights in there. Let's take a look at what we got. Looks like it's steering part so on the inside here we've got you can't see. Here's our outer tie rod. There's a there's a little bit of play in that outer, the boots torn. but take a look to the left at the inner. this right here the boots torn. it's a it's got a bit of a leak I think can see there's all kinds of clay since that's torn away. Yeah there it is. Take a look. there's the ball and socket joint on the inner. Watch this. See all that. It's no bueno so we're gonna need to do uh. we got two outers and one inner. I'm gonna suggest we do both inner and outers that way. Uh, the full system has been repaired. We need a new boot. Um I don't know what kind of leak that is. Yeah, there's a little bit of fluid leaking in there. Okay, it does need a steering gear. It's gonna need a rack all right, Backing up a little bit, taking a look at the brakes. Uh, we've got real good pad thickness up here. Uh, eight or nine millimeters or so. Uh, the inboard. It's tough to see in there I Can see you guys probably can't but inboard's looking good. Let's check pads over here. similar condition. Rotors are okay. pads look good. I Don't think we need to do brakes on this. There's some other stuff that I think takes priority and check the Rears Come here. drum looks good, a little dirty from brake dust. I'll clean it out later. no thing. Let's check the other side passenger side. what we got here: Leaking cylinder Maybe A little bit of build up here. let's see if there's fluid behind these dust caps. Oh yeah, yep, that's a leaky cylinder. Do that. Let's check this side over here and that one's that. side's good. but yeah, there's a there's a leak in this wheel cylinder. It's gonna need a wheel cylinder. I'm gonna clean that off before it contaminates the. uh, the brake shoes because it does not need shoes. Beginning shiny contaminant reduction procedure. Now let's get this fluid out of here. Oh that one. Burns Aha I Found a cut there. Nice and shiny. Okay, so priority is going to be at least one wheel cylinder. I'm going to recommend we do both. Uh, shoes can stay, drums can stay front, pads and rotors are okay I Want to do both. Outer tie rods and I'm thinking steering gear because we do have that leak in there and I saw some other leaks on the other side. So uh I think priority on this regarding safety is going to be the steering gear and then um, uh, then the little stuff on the brakes. So uh, let me go get this written up and estimated and I'll see. Uh, see what we're gonna do. Stand by. Okay, begin writing now on whiteboard. It's a thing my wife and I do. don't you guys worry about it. Okay, you're the mess. Hey, we're official Now it's on the Whiteboard All right again. Window washing sequence now. Yes I like watching you work. so I don't have to I'm not I'm good at washing. Keep watching. Make it nice and shiny. This is shiny. Oh you for hang on we forgot. Hang on a second. Hang on. Okay oh God Gravity failed I ruined it. Hang on. I think it still works. Ruin that one. Oh man, yeah. I know I was terrible. You know what? Um, we'll take the lid off and get another one. I think there's another lid. You're off there. It's okay. it can be saved I think if not, we'll just poke a hole in it. spray it everywhere. Disclaimer: You should not poke holes in pressurized bottles. but you know I do what I want? Okay, just got uh back from collecting some pots I have Primo oil filter I've got some tie rods those are the outers. Uh what I do not have is the steering gear I had to order that it will be here tomorrow, but today, uh, we can button up these brakes and uh and solve that uh, real rear wheel cylinder leak. We're gonna do both sides. As per protocol, we don't like to do brake work on just one side, so we're gonna do the two rear cylinders today, cleaning, adjusting the drums and then I'll start pulling that rack apart. maybe. or I might just wait until it shows up tomorrow in case I don't get the correct one. Uh, we will see how much time I have left in the day after. I uh after I fix up these brakes so let's get to it. we'll run out of time Okie Dokes First thing I'm gonna do is close off this brake hose right here. That way when I remove the cylinder from its line, it doesn't drain and leak out a bunch of a brake fluid on the floor because uh, that would be bad. Okay, let's move around to the back side of these brakes here and we'll start to uh to pull off the uh, the line and then the two bolts that holds the cylinder to the backing plate. Now what I want to do is break the line loose first before I take the two bolts out. Otherwise, the cylinder will just rotate and the line will not come free so that came off fairly easily. A lot of times these can rust, the line will Rust to the nut and it'll actually twist the line and that's a whole different can of worms you have to deal with. Let's go ahead and pull these out. Now that's a 10 mil Real real easy job and cylinder is now free. Almost nearly there we go. Now we're free. Good. All right. Moving back to the front side, let's go ahead and extract the cylinder and we can do that with more pry bar. We're just going to pry the shoes away from the cylinder and spilling brake fluid on the floor and same thing on the other side. So got it. Okay, quick match up. There's our new unit versus our old unit and we can see it's got this uh, little plate here so I'm just going to transfer that over. No reason to omit it. it came with the old one. It's going to go on with the new one. Broke that loose already that way when we squeeze the Pistons in, it doesn't shove air up the line and we're just going to get this into place. ASAP Get in there please. Taking care to not get the rubber dust boots caught. we don't want to tear those. That would be bad and that's in. Let's go back to the back side and get the the line reconnected. I Always do that before putting the bolts in because it helps if the cylinder is able to move around some in order to get the threads to start. Where's my bolts? There's one and two. Got him same deal. Get the reach around treatment, Spread everything in. there's one and a numero dos. All right, let's go ahead and snug up the line. There we go flying clicks and I will pull the hose clamp off. That's going to let my fluid flow freely again and once it starts to come out of the bleeder valve, we can seal it off in preparation to pressure bleed it just a little bit and I'll I'll check it with a wrench real quick. There's a click, there's a click and we're already starting to get some fluid flow. Good. Let's go ahead and close this off. We'll come back and bleed these later. I Love the shiny. All right. let's back up and fit the drum. Okay, next up we'll put our drum back on. I've already cleaned the inside of this out, gave it a spray, wiped it down. Friction surface looks really good and the fitment here is also very good. So I Do not think we need to, uh, adjust those, uh those shoes. Okay Moving on to the other side Okay, we're gonna repeat and set procedure on the driver's side. Clean that out later, get rid of all the brake dust in here. Wash this out. let's make it nice and shiny. Oh no no, let's limit this. Freight clean for days. There we go. Yeah, you guys thought you were like oh well. let's see how much brake clean you use when you gotta buy it yourself. Well I've been buying it myself this whole time. so there that way I can use as much as I want whenever I want on? Clicks this thing off of here. Oh whoa whoa whoa wait. I forgot my clamp. that's that was gonna make a I was gonna make a mess. We don't want to do that. Begin break hose clamping procedure. Now away. clamp. Click there. Now that I got out of my own way to finish taking this off. Foreign I already got the bolts but I forgot I do that kind of thing and our cylinder is uh, it's nearly a cheap freedom. Come here. pry bar. Like I said, this was the good one. It was not leaking. but since we're here and because we do break work in pairs, it's getting both. I insist let's recover our little shim thing. Okay new cylinder coming in. shims on there. pull the plug, open the valve. I've already indexed the the business in where it meets the uh, the shoes here. Sometimes they you get these and they're uh they're in like sideways like that or something so you just take a screwdriver or a wrench and straighten them out. No biggie. press that. press this one again not tearing the Rubber seal if I can help it which I I can help it please go in there there caption and moving around again to the back. We will restart with the hydraulic line. that way we can stop this seepage even with the clamp. this uh it does leak a little bit but not uh, nothing major. You guys can't see. My fat fingers are in the way here. the phalanges find the hole. There it is. Got it? I Think all right please. thread. Do it there. Oh flashlight gravity. there's one that's the first one of the new shop. not gonna be the last. Come here I don't get it Erico has the same flashlights and his his don't fall down I don't understand Eric how do you do it sir? I need to know kicks and uh double clicks. Now let's finish off this line and then we can, uh, get these bled real fast now I Think this section will be complete? Yeah? I have the whole clamp back off. Need to wait for the flow while we're waiting. I'll spray this uh, this other drum out and get that cleaned off. and then we can, uh, get my healthy helper to hop up in the cabin and give you some brake pedal action so we'll get this fled, nasty, foreign shiny. get our drum back in position. Good to go and we're already starting to drip from the gravity bleed. So let's close this off and uh, we can go ahead and start pressure bleeding these She responded. you believe that? Awesome! I Need your assistance? Please? let's go let this thing down some. Do you want to do it? Yeah, Come here. Come push the button. Please Subscribe Button All right, That's good. Left hand, reach up and pull that down. That's the Safety Lock and then right hand. Push that one down and then the car goes down. Nope. Nope. Nope. Keep holding that one down. Don't let that one up and push it down. And that one. Push them both down. There you go. You don't have to push very hard, right? Oh, you're good. Stop okay. Driver side. We hop inside of the cabin. please. All right. we're having a training session today too. Right this way, my dear, Right this way. Thank you Can climb up there. Yes, don't hurt yourself. Okay, that'll catch our fluid. and where's my 10 mil 8 mil? That's it. Okay what you're gonna do? Uh, push the brake pedal, push it three times and hold it okay. and then tell me when you're holding it, you are push it really hard. There you go real hard. You gotta push it real hard. Now it's gonna move. Don't let up on it. Okay, tell me when it moves. Tell me when it stops. Did it all right now. let up and pump it again and then hold it. Push it three times and then hold it really hard. Push it all right. Hold it. No Air Perfect. Okay, let it up. Let's go do the other side and then we're good to go. Go ahead and pump it up and hold it please. I'll open the door so she can hear me. Hey, unlock the door. There you go. Oh cool. You got it all right? Okay, go ahead and pump it up and hold it. Hold it. Yep, there we go. There's our fluid. Don't let it up. don't let it up. I know you're not okay. Pump It Again and hold it. Push real hard. Thank you Nice. All right, that's good. Thank you All set. You can hop on out and one more finalized spray down just to get rid of the rest of that fluid. Yes, I could use water, but I have brake clean so that's what we're gonna use. All right everybody. I Think that's enough? Uh for one day? uh tomorrow? I'm gonna go ahead and start on that steering gear. We're going to change the rack and pinion and then both outer tie rods and I'm also gonna do an oil change on this. but uh, that can wait till tomorrow. So uh, stay tuned and do not forget to return a Manana for our uh, our version two or episode two of our 2007 Ford Escape So that being said, as always, but thank you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button and dropping me a comment or two down below because those interactions by you is what lets YouTube know that I'm doing a good job and if YouTube thinks that I'm doing a good job, it is far more likely to recommend my content to other potential viewers. That's good for me, that's also good for them. So again, and as always, thank you for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later into Viscape.

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    I got one of those Harbor Freight fans for work, added some small locking wheels onto it. It’s. Hassle to move around otherwise. With wheels on it, easily rolls where I need it. Have to lock a couple of the wheels or it’ll blow itself away.

    I have a couple of those brake line clamps myself. Safer to use than vice-grips. Used to get 5-gallon buckets of brake clean, then fill up my own spray can and pressurize with shop air. Worked great. Save a lot of money buying in bulk. I’m also all for using a pressure blender. You can flush out all the old fluid and don’t need anyone like your wife pumping the brakes. Though this was a simple bleed job.

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars William Basinger says:

    Replace the starters on the lights

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars njoy livinglife says:

    Ballasts. Easy peasy.

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mdbem986 543 says:

    My wife has helped me do the brakes for years. I am not a professional mechanic. Just a CPA that enjoys working on my vehicles.

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars matthew johnston says:

    @rainman ray's repairs I found you!!!

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Puppy Gadget says:

    Ray. You have a gorgeous wife

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars snowman9123 says:

    I just kept screaming in my mind, "Put both lights in Ray" – Spent 4 years working as a Lighting tech changing fluorescent bulbs for summer work…… hated them

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Vance says:


  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Howard says:

    Great to see you working again! Can't wait for the continuation!

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dennis says:

    Both bulbs have to be installed for the fixture to work. (Turn fixture off when relamping).

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ken Eagle says:

    No time constraints, no boss complaining about having cameras around. Both which are making for better content.

    Well done.

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Matthew Nelson says:

    Thank God you fix car's and don't do electrical housing/ commercial wiring

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars E-Nonymouse says:

    The ford escaped, again!

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wallace Hardin III says:

    It's cool you have your own spot now. No more other people's doodle dee doos. Congrats.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Craig Kaschan says:

    Handy video my wife has a Mazda Tribute same as that car basically. Will help when I have to fix it. I have that exact same hose clamp from 35 years ago

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert Witkowski says:

    33yrs as a journeyman IBEW electrician, I just threw up in my mouth.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert Rosicki says:

    The progression of female brake bleeding helpers: mom, grandma, little sister, girlfriend, fiancée, wife, soon to be ex-wife, new girlfriend, second wife.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ray says:

    No they're not junk the chances of you got that in properly on The blind side is 100% not going to happen nothing wrong with them lights any of it was $5 would fix them so how you going to take your scary ass all the way to the ceiling and put them big lights in really but anyway good luck on your adventure new adventure of 15 ft off the ground LOL

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Edward Carberry says:

    With the inner and outer wear, looks like there is too much turning the wheel while stationary.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars pgrwrx says:

    In another life you would have made a wonderful teacher. Thank you.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kevin Shaffer says:

    Ray, Pretty sure you need to have both bulbs. In the light the same time to work.

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ray says:

    Most of the time them neon light will not work unless you have both bulbs in really

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Daniel Ventura says:

    That Escape job got real expensive really fast.

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pedro Equis says:

    Looks like those headlights need a good polishing Ray.

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars G𝔥ost says:

    Haven't you people thought that maybe, just maybe, he really didn't want to use the old lights to begin with? Maybe he just did the bulb thing for content filler.

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tim Castilo says:

    You need both bulbs in for them to start. Those magnetic ballast will not light one bulb at a time

  48. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Puppy Gadget says:

    Hope you put up led bulbs