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Customer States: Engine barely runs and has a severe lack of power. It also has the occasional no start or long cranking before it starts. So far I've found vacuum leaks, clogged ports, antifreeze leaks from the water pump and the electric fan is damaged. I had the fuel pump, filter, spark plugs, ignition wires, and a distributor cap and rotor. It also has a new coolant temp sensor, O2 sensor, MAP, intake demp, IAC and throttle position sensor replaced. The ECM / PCM has been replaced too. See part one.
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You guys remember this: Jeep don't you? 1995 Jeep Wrangler Four Liter OBD1 Came in here not running, stalling, no power leaking, coolant, overheating. We fixed all that. We did that on previous videos last week. Um, I had a delivery for a set of shock absorbers on this because we saw how the original ones were all flipping flopping and falling off and making noise.

My problem is I'm having a hard time getting this thing to fit on the rack. Jeeps are notoriously difficult to get on the lift arms because they have such a small wheelbase um that you can't uh, you can't really find a good lift point. you cannot lift them under the Springs because they just slide off and then it falls. And my issue is is the truck needs to be that much farther over now.

I've been wiggling this thing back and forth for like 10 minutes and I've got the fronts lined up okay, but the rear is not so much so. I'm getting a little annoyed. I'm gonna try something because I know it's where I want it. What I'm going to try to do is just pick it up and see if I can't just, uh, maybe just push it.

I Mean it is just a little tub after all, but I'll try to just push it over this way. Yeah, just like that, maybe just maybe I'll be able to lift this thing up in this configuration. Let's go see because if not, I I won't be able to work on on Jeeps So if I can't lift them up, I can't really work on them? Yeah. I kind of can, but not really.

Black subscribe button don't fall. Yeah, that's sketch. Okay, that one's in the back one is kind of in what do we got here? front one that needs Improvement and this back one is on. Okay, let's let it down again.

pull that front this way some and I think we're good. I think deep coming down off, lock coming down. Can't believe that jack thing actually worked. That was perfect.

Let's see that's what we want. a little bit farther in. you guys see that? No there. now you can see.

Okay Jeep Moving back up. Actually, this is the first time I've wrecked this truck. so Jeep Moving on up. Sketchy.

Yeah, how's that one doing? That's good. It must be getting late in the evening because the scooters are out. They always bite me in the ankles too. Don't know why they like my lactic acid content.

Okay, back to our Jeep Let's go I'm not screwing around. Yeah, we're going all the way up. We're gonna give this a good undercarriage inspection. We know it needs shock absorbers.

It probably needs differential fluid. We're gonna check the brakes. We're gonna check for leaks. We're gonna check for holes in the frame.

We're gonna check for everything. It's a Jeep thing. Nobody understands maximum altitude achieved on the locks. Cheap click.

But before we do any of that, we're gonna double check all these mounting points. and uh, make sure our Jeep's not going to fall down. That one's not the greatest. That's as far in as this would go, but this is acceptable because if it goes that way and slips, it'll slip into here.
Dude, if this goes that way, well, it slips, then I've got three more inches of frame to hold on to it. so we're good. So I guess I better show you the goods before you guys get bored and leave. We've got one, two, three, four, five boxes that say Rancho on them I Believe four of them are shock absorbers and one of the boxes is not like the other that one.

I think that is a steering damper? hey I needed that for my drive shaft. Yeah, we got some ranch. Arrow shocks. Uh, nothing super fancy.

They're economical, they work, and they're red, so you know that they're good here. We'll just go ahead and uh, snip this guy right on into its home. Get on there. What are you doing all the way on there? What are you doing? Oh my.

God It would be so much easier if you just hired a cameraman to hold your camera and follow you around and all that good stuff. Well, this is one man show most of the time unless the wife units around. we're all so we just deal with stuff one-handed There we go. Actually, that was kind of hard.

so the other three I'm just gonna do that off camera. Anyway, yeah, these are our units. We're going to take out these old nasty, crusty bushingless units that's not good. same thing on the passenger side.

let's get rid of that Moss same thing on the front, not good and number four flipping flopping. Now in order to make this a lot easier on myself, I'm just going to go ahead and pull the wheels off. Uh, they can be done with wheels on, but it's dark under there and uh, I'd rather just stand up over here and do them wheels off. so wheels are coming off okay.

impact gun, cam kind of. usually it's attached, but not today. Do do there we go and we get to check the uh. drum brakes.

Oh, what is that? wheel spacers? Why? um, it's not gonna fit. Okay, check this out. I've got a socket for just, uh, such occasions. It is a thin wall, low profile flip socket 19 millimeter on one side, 21 on the other side.

It must be used in conjunction conjunction Junction What's your function conjunction with this three inch extension? it's got its square drive on the inside see right there. So in this configuration, it's a 19. You flip it, hence the name flip socket and now it's a 21. I Think we need the 19 feature I Don't use it often because it is low profile.

therefore it is prone to breakages I only use it when I need it right now I need it. Oh, you know what? While we're here 's another example of why, or an example of why: I Don't like wheel spacers see how much of that stud is not engaging with the threads on the nut or vice versa. They're not not engaging with the threads on the stud. That means that although this was designed to have you know what, eight or ten threads hanging on to it, we might only have five or six or less.

I've seen them come in with three three threads engaging. Not good. Could use these if you were to combine it with extra length lug nuts, but that would require that you pull all these studs out and put longer studs in. I Just uh.
I'd rather not not really my thing. I mean I know you do what you got to do. Come on. come off drum brick.

There we go. Not too badish. Yeah, drums are getting a little thin. shoes are getting a little thin, but it's not terrible.

There's no axle seal leak I Don't think the wheel cylinders are leaking. Let's see. Yeah, that's a little wet in there. Mini fry bar standby got it.

Snap-on miniature pry bar. It's an overpriced little screwdriver, but it was 3.99 So I have it. Yeah, there is some moisture in there that does appear to be brake fluid you can't see because I'm terrible cameraman. Let's try again.

I Don't think we need to, uh, address this until it's time to actually do brakes. So we'll save that wheel cylinder for uh, when it's time to do a breakdown. All right, let's just see how well this goes. There's no bushings for these bolts to get stuck on.

Remember that. Lexus So these, uh, they should come out good. All right. there's one.

there's one halfway done. Let's move forward. Get that top bolt next. Let's see here.

All right. So this one, yeah, I can almost just get it off of there. And okay, there we go. That one's off gravity.

The question is, is that right there a bushing? It's part of the old shock? Or is that just part of the the threaded section that bolts this on I Hope that's part of the frame. It looks like it's welded. Yeah, we'll leave that there for now. Okay, so this new unit does not have a metal insert.

So I'm assuming that that metal piece up there is just part of the shock absorber itself per part of the is just part of the yeah. Get on there of the bolts itself, one nut and then we'll back up and get this thing in its hole right here it does not reach I Have to pick up on the axle. All right. Well, since I don't have the clearance here to get that to bolt on I need to make this uh axle go up now.

I don't have my high lift uh jack stands here yet and my transmission jack which is also high lift that's in that bottom box over there not assembled. So I'm just going to try to do this with a ratchet strap. All you need to do is pull the axle up like an inch so maybe I can ratchet scrap it. maybe not.

I guess we're gonna find out, aren't we? This should work should. Yeah, it's working. mix more I need to go up like a whole another inch. What this is doing is just pulling the axle up mosquito and times two and compressing the spring.

I think that's a 600 pound strap so it should should do what I want I need a couple more clicks? A lot. Ah I need another click? Maybe two. Just let's go. It's gonna be violent.

All right, we're good. Let's go. Uh, head back down below. put the bolt in I think it's good I hope it's good, that's good.
Nice there's our nut. Let's get that guy in. look at my uh my Impact Guns click and uh, of course the one up top I didn't get yet. All right.

good to go here. One done. let's do the other side. next.

look at what I got here. not the right size fastener see what else it's pointed this way with the spring goes this way and now this bolt is hitting u-bolt and uh, it won't come out. which means somebody had this leaf spring disconnected while the shock was on or so. I don't even know how they managed to do that, but somebody did that.

this is uh I gotta cut this off. Yeah, that won't come out of there I'd have to take this uh u-bolt out and it won't survive that. So I need to cut this out and put a new one in. All right, let's see how we're gonna do this here.

We're gonna connect this so it doesn't rotate and it's gonna get the Sawzall treatment I am failing. Everything's a hammer and I got it now. Okay new blade. This one's done in the hands guys.

Got it. Woohoo! Whoever did that was dumb I'm hoping this top one does not give me that kind of fuss. Foreign, Yeah, it's good to go. Wow.

Check this out. Look at this shock right here. This guy I should not be able to do that junk. Also, all right, new one coming in I can hear it now.

three stop calling people's cars junk. It's like I didn't call the car junk I called the shock absorber junk because well because it was so that's what I called it duh oh another duh. This goes on the other side of this brake cable right here. So I did my job wrong.

Now you can re I've earned it. Let's try this instead. wiggle that guy right back on there we go and I'm going to need to ratchet strap this side up also to get the bottom bolt that I don't have in position. dirt shot click.

All right. All right, let's get this bottom one installed in its little bracket here and I do have a replacement not in Bolt Uh, are you gonna line up? Sure, there it goes. and I got a washer. Good practice to have a washer I Like washers? All right.

Finalize clicks that was installed. Good to go Top bolts, bottom bolts Let's Lose uh our strap right here. let this thing down and then I can move on and get the fronts and the fronts actually are concerning me because they're also very rusted and uh I might need a torch. I'm running out of Sawzall blades and I don't have a torch so might not be able to do it until I get one.

I don't know, we'll see, see what happens up there. Wow. I'm rambling mid-video I Usually don't do that until the end. All right.

What do we got here? Another 19 19. hope it's the same on the other side. These up here are the ones that are slightly concerning. I should be able to spin that guy off.

we'll see. Okay, since I don't have any torch here and I don't have any access for power tools, this is only going to come out one way and that is the manual way. Here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna put these vice grips on the shaft.
Fortunately, it's rusted to no end and uh, that'll give you a good gripping surface. We're going in with a ratcheting wrench. That's how I'm going to attack this top bolt. Oh what? I'm a big baby.

Look at that, it's coming right off. See how good PB Blaster is we love Rust penetrators I uh I didn't see that coming. Wow I had that all worked up for nothing drama Channel I Suppose that since the bolt wasn't tight and there wasn't friction on the threads, then rust never had an opportunity to make a really good Bond maybe I speculate. Who knows? Look at that.

Well, that was easy. Guess the video's over. All right. Looks like we're back to those Uh 19 mils again.

one right there. Nice. Get out of here. Hang on you guys.

check this out. Look up here. there's some kind of retainer clip. Unbelievable.

You know the Jeep did this to spite me. It heard me talking about it and was like oh yeah, you think this is easy I'll show you so anyway, we can get this thing out now. since that little clip guy is gone, we will, uh, recover the pliers and uh to the scrap bin with this old one. All right.

Got our new unit here. the uh, the boot is still on it. Let's go ahead and set the bushings up bottom side. Do you hear the paint is too thick? Oh no, no, there's a little weld.

See that right there? A little defect. There's a weld right there and I can't get the washer to go past it I need to grind that off here. This looks like a job for some rotary 80 grit. Overkill Probably fixed it.

Quality Control Complete good job. Rancho Okay, now where were we right about here? Okay. shocks in. there's the other bushing, the other big washer and flashlight.

Gravity with combination vice grip gravity. We got them both. One shot. Oh did I break anything? No, no back up there.

Okay, let's pull to death. Or the nutted on nutted. it's on. Thread that down some and tighten it and then we'll put the bottom bolt in.

There we go and again. since I can't get a tool in there, we're just gonna hand tighten this until it starts to collapse those bushings. There we go, bottomed out that's good and again back down below. let's get our bottom bolt.

Okay, first things first. let's make a little bit more space right here. I'm gonna Bend this bracket out some so that this shot fits in there nice and easily. Then I don't have to hammer it in that metal is relatively soft so it bends quite easily.

So this front axle is kind of the opposite of the rear where the rear axle is hanging down. uh, too far for the shock bolts to line up. This one is up a little bit too high, so I'll just tap that shock up. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't.

In this particular case, it worked. And where's the nut right here to get that guy started? 19 spanner. It's actually a three-quarter that's standard size. No, you don't saved it.
Click all right. The right front is now done. by the way. I Do realize I need to go back and put all these in position and zip, tie them on.

I'll do that later after I Wipe them down, fingerprints and whatnot. Okay, moving around to the driver's side. let's go ahead and stick with what we know. Works Lube Vice grips and ratcheting wrenches click through here.

I'm gonna go on there or are you standard size too. Oh good, that one turns nice. I Can see that little clip in there too. I wonder if I can do this by hand? Kind of not really.

There's some dirt getting caught up on it and it was easy. You need to keep my mouth. shut up. Flashlight that one's down for the count.

Did you hear the bounce on that one? Come on you there. I Will solve all this off. Just gonna make it. Yeah, this is what I thought that other side was gonna do I think that was violent Did you hear that snapping? Ooh it's heating up I Can feel the heat trying to get the wrench a little farther down on the nut.

It doesn't exactly fit. Yeah, it's a lot of heat being generated from the friction. Uh-huh. Come on.

PB Blaster hey Pro tip for not busting Knuckles Check this out. See right here. Let me move that it's Blinded by the Light If I were to push on this right here holding it like so and it slips I'm going to take the wrench with me and punch the side of this car. that would hurt.

but do it open handed if your wrench doesn't slip and you do it open-handed If it does slip, see that I Don't follow through with the punch and that can definitely save some Knuckles Try it out, Make it a habit. It's worked for me for uh, many moons. I don't even know what that was probably Jeep parts Yeah, now that we've got a good purchase on that nut, we can go to work on this a little bit read: oh that is horrendous Lube Come on, noodle arm, this is the last push I Cheated I Switched arms Foreign. It's an interesting problem.

You can't really touch it. it's kind of hot I'm touching the wrench surface, not the nut that's in there. It's a little bit warm, but hey, we got it. It's out except for that silly retainer clip.

There it is. I'll get you too little. Chrysler Drumming got it all right. Let's take a look down below and Buzz that uh oh and we'll Buzz that bottom bowl out of there.

Now These appear to be 19s. Yeah, Come out. Uh, come out now. Come out please.

There's rust on the shank and it's binding up there and dirt. Got it? Woohoo! Okay, new shot coming in. there is our pushing and our first washer moving on up. I Don't know what that was but it fell out.

Yeah, this thing is just like throwing parts and tools back at me. I Don't know. Okay, that's our top. Vault Again, unit is secure.
Let's just go ahead and thread that until we're done. Give that a quick click and then we'll uh set that bottom bolt up. Hurry up thingy. Fatigue great.

All right. become removed and one more down below. All right. back down low again.

Let's uh, let's get this guy in its position and I'm gonna have to bend that bracket again and I put away my Angry pliers. so I'll use my canipexes. They should do just fine. Nipex for the Uh English speaking types foreign.

get in there. Oh what am I done? I hammered it right out of alignment. It was almost perfect. There we go.

Got it. One nut, one wrench, one set of electronic clicks. clicks there. Good to go All right guys.

I Don't want to bore you with the installation of the zip ties. so I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right about now. and I will do that by thanking you guys for watching. Hope you enjoyed this video.

It's a cute little drive shaft. If you did enjoy this video, you know what you do. Let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. If you do not enjoy this video, then constructively let me know about that in the comments section also down below.

and then I can use your constructive feedback to uh, create better content. Ending of Shameless Moment of Self-promotion So again, and as always, thank you for watching. Most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later into shocking Jeep Oh by the way, later on we're gonna pull these differential covers off front and rear and inspect the Uh internals. and I still have a steering dampener to replace also.

but uh, not right now. maybe later.

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