The swapping of the parts from the old subframe to the new subframe is complete! It's now time to get it reinstalled in the Outback, replace the engine oil pan and ship it down the road.
Part I :
Part II:
Part III:
Was it really rotted?!
How much did the job cost?
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Hey there viewers! Welcome back to our self-made Auto Channel Back on the 2014 Subaru It's the big Two five. Part One: We pulled a subframe. Part two: we put it together in part three, we're gonna put it in and this is where we're at and this is where you're at. so let's get after it.

so we're gonna put it in the same way we took it out except the opposite. So you go back to part one if you don't want to wait for this part and just play it in reverse or watch this part. The only thing that's I'm gonna do a little different is when we're going up in: I'm going to align the steering shaft in my white paint Mark As I'm putting it in because I neglected to remove the rear bolt on the steering shaft so it slides up all the way. I think I'll be okay doing that.

If not, I'm going to take the upper bolt out and you know, allow it to come up. but I think we can just line it up. give it some wiggle jigglies as we're lining other stuff up. Okay, two motor mounts are about the only thing really.

we need to line up on the engine and they were just like one was in, the other one was out, you know, just barely. And then we have our front dog bone up here. Um, we'll put the proper name uh Wishbone and that timer right was was way up, so we're not really concerned with that at this point. It should go in relatively smooth.

The only thing it's different. our ball joints. We didn't take them out like this so we might have to kind of fiddle with them. Actually, we won't fiddle with them because we'll would have pushed the knuckles back.

Power steering lines up and over. It's pretty a pretty simple subframe. really. Let's get after it boys.

Actually foreign, foreign, extra. All right, we're good. We're just going to line all bolts up exactly where they were, make sure everything looks like it's about where it is right now and then she's just gonna. It's gonna go any alignment machine when we're done anyway.

Subarus are nice. They got Factory cam boards in them of course, but just to tell in the camber just in case. it's in a little cattywampus so we'll put a good thing snugged up here just a little bit. We're gonna one snugaduga and we'll just finish tightening up by hand so we don't break anything off.

These aren't very tight at all. These are only like 30 30 some foot pounds, 33 or so ish. Where is it baby? Come on whoops. All right, there's that one to the other side and we'll just get all the rest of the Cradle bolts.

They're all the same. Draw: 55. thank you. That's it dude.

let's go on before we get too carried away, let's let the uh, let's let the engine back down. set it on the mount that way we're safe because we need to change the oil pan before we go any further. So while we're up there doing that, let's drop the drain plug on this baby right into the bucket. Foreign comes with a new drain plug.

so let's get to where it's Peter and then we'll uh, set it down that way and keep drizzling here. This engine mounts good going underneath passenger side. We're not good in the sense that we're not on it yet so we're just going to start cranking her down here I don't think it's lined up though perfectly. No.
I gotta pick it back up we got. we got tension on it I need to just barely push in on that stud I think there we go. Yeah, it's Gotta Guide Me In Now now she's going down and then the other thing we have to watch is this front Wishbone Here, let me. uh.

okay, that started. We just need to kind of shimmy that a little bit. looks like it's back I wonder. Oh okay, it is a little bit flexible there.

Um, my hand down in here bolts through the nuts. I've got this very gingerly stick on there from the time being and we've got two more nuts there. the motor mounts or train mounts. rather, the column engine mounts some whack job Subaru Weenie will call you out on it.

So I think service data causing transmission mounts Technical: I'm also using a crescent wrench, so can you really trust me? I Wouldn't All right, We're good as we can be. I Guess foreign keep you all over. So let's uh, get this thing back over and hooked up to keep it from leaking so much. See, we had a small bolt holds that bracket on.

Let's snug that up that up. Put that little fella back on and we have four boots here. The throttle body. No.

I'm not cleaning the throttle body. just FYI We never had a battery on hooked. We're not going to redo adaptations. Car doesn't have any running problems.

Don't create one foreign foreign. Don't forget your hose and go down there. Don't worry, if you do, you'll be reminded pretty quickly. You'll run like poo.

Mass Airport. Stick that up on there. Grab our favorite pair of pliers. give me something good.

bring that clamp back and stick up on there, but barely on there when it came in. The clamp back up on and you probably squeeze that one with your fingers. Wrong side fella, There's that. You're going to want to grab your 5 16 or your eight millimeter.

They'll both worked fine. and then we gotta go upstairs to get a new clip for that foreign foreign. Take that baby off. pull that baby out.

Don't use uh, cheap filters like a bone dry, no silicone and a drain back valve junk. And I tell you what, let's do the hardest ones first or the ones that look like they're gonna be the hardest. These ones in the back are super. Rusty So we'll beat up 10 mil up on there.

All right. Cracked, right? loose. Negative: I might have put a 3 8 on that one. That one came loose.

All wrestling should be gravy then at this point. Famous last words: All right. Yeah, let's get a 3, 8 sky or 3 8. see if we can get a hold of that one a little bit better.

Just like. So All right, let's get the other nugget done. Whip these babies out of there. Come on foreign.

Got a bucket of oil down there. let's see if we can get them all out without one of them going in the bucket. So far so good. Oh sorry.
one more back here. Hey look at that funky day now. I Gotta beat this pan off there Foreign. You can usually get them to go there.

it is baby foreign. So I use a strike through handle rigid scraper. This one's made by Top Tool. a lot of companies that make them.

uh Toyota actually has this 90 degree one for doing their oil pans. It works pretty good. I Imagine I Don't have it. Uh, oil level sensor sits over here so be careful in that hip back in this corner even though you you really can't and then you know you got to have something rigid and thin.

you get up in here with a screwdriver. You can really gouge the heck out of the uh aluminum here if you will. So use your best judgment your Astro 9532. It's a classic carbide scraper.

You're going to want that for cleaning off the silicone once. it's the one swipe wonder I call it, it's still standing up on edge. You make the chips fly on this stuff. So just running across there a little one pass and everything's clean, huh? It's a good little scraper.

Stiff wear, brush takes silicone off really well. It's kind of a pain, but you have to get it off Man, make sure you take these O-rings off up in the block there before you go stick this one on. Uh, one was stuck on Earth one came out but I just don't forget I didn't get any Subaru OEM silicone. We're going to be using the Permatex it's the Ultra Gray that's good stuff I've used it a lot I can vouch for it I'd be using Toyota Fipg if I had some I thought I had a whole tube of it but I don't So we're going to use the next best in my opinion.

We'll go ahead and squeeze it around on here. You don't need a lot. see it's a pretty tight machine to fit. We'll smear it around with our finger anyways.

Just make sure we don't have any air bubbles in it or anything like that. Make sure we got good ample coverage so we'll give it the old finger here. Smooth it around a little bit like I say it's quite a tight tolerance the way it fits so you don't don't feel the need to put it on here. Crazy thick foreign stuff I Just squeeze it into the cap and put the cap like that and I let her sit when it dries up and dries about here in the tube.

then you just poke it out and Away you go. The only time is the paint is if you need it like tomorrow when it's kind of half hardened. it's a pain to clean out so let's go put this thing on there quick. Like a bunny, let's see first things first.

I Already have cleaned off once but it gets wet pretty quick. Just wipe this back off Ultra Gray is pretty tolerant I have found for semi slimy surfaces I Just spray a little break clean on this I'm just going to go through and wipe it off here Just One Last Time Grab a couple bolts and we'll do it to it. Goes like this right? Yes sir, you'll feel it slide up into those tubes there where our O-rings are. just make sure you feel click into those babies.
The oil pickup tube drawer return I Need to see the oil I Don't know I didn't even pay attention. That was my problem all through. High School that and other things I guess line that up on there. oops.

just popped down a little line that one up on there I'm gonna go through and stick all the other bolts in here and we'll find a fork spec and we'll come Jam them all down. 4.7 pound-feet of torches. This girl over finger tight pretty much where we had it. anyway.

that one you need the 3 8 huh? Yeah, so it's just barely tight. oops and uh, we'll come back. we'll get this one here. We go.

That's it baby. One thing I forgot to show you folks uh, that steering shaft bolt I did put that in but I don't think I recorded it so just rest assured that baby's in. We can see Tennessee whisper of the silicone coming out of that oil pan so that's good. We know that's going to be good.

We're gonna give that some time to get high and dry and I guess we can put our ball joints in while we're waiting. Okay buttons here coming up. Oh because the other side's in. Um, just go move that Nook on the other side for me, the sway bars holding it down.

Oh let's get the other side started. Keep that one up a little bit. Yeah. foreign tripod.

Dash Well whole thing it's gonna help but you never know. Same thing on this side. that's it. Call today I Guess we'll put our tie rod ends back in.

Get the castle nuts on those you need to re-torque our wheel bearings our axle nuts Cotter keys in these once you tighten them babies up. I Only buy a three inch cotter pins or two and a half inch cotter pins about all of different sizes 64th inch increments. but then I just cut them down as I need them. That way you don't have a whole bunch of different lengths sand that that is not bent in accordance with the FFA or NASA or Nascar or NHRA or NBA or ABC or the CIA.

But we're not sending this baby to the Moon fella. 168.90 on that one foreign foreign nuts started. We're using the old gaskets. shouldn't be an issue, looks like that two studs.

Then we add one whole sub that pulled out foreign full synthetic by napper. I'll put on a 70-55 Napa Gold which are made by man Hummel who makes the Napa filter Just be Wicks back in the day but not anymore ready. Okay, they run this irregular standard mercury three I think it even says on the cap probably Nope says power steering fluid use ATF Dextron as fluid filter appropriate level I think OEM They use Agromatsu fluid or the brand anyways, so we're just going to use some regular. Dex Merc Ed We didn't lose a whole lot so we'll just fill her up to the full line there.

It's pretty foamy right now so it's going to be a little noisy. Okay, foreign. Let's get lined up here. We have a right at the upper Dot so that's good.
Okay, let's warm it up. We still need to put that little plastic clip in there I'll tell you what I think we got one right over here. Okay, foreign, foreign mess. didn't come apart good.

Let's see probably some well in the hanger back uniform hooked on there. This hanger here is busted off too, so we probably just put a couple hangers on this thing or it's gonna get all ripped off. But the stuff we did look shiny containing leaking so that's great. Uh, we just gotta have my guy Josh get her lined up for us.

Plastic piece off that goes here is over here. just this little plastic. Shield We're gonna leave that off until we're done because I'm going to spray the new frame of the fluid film and give it the unlimited limited warranty. I Think it's about it folks.

we're done. Let's see the window. 104 250 on this baby. Remember our hotel? Cockeyed! The steering wheel is beep beep I Went too bad it's off a tick to the left of course.

I didn't drive it prior so I don't I don't know I assume it was straight but inspection flowers put in a new subframe and new control arms. Usually things aren't too good in the steering wheel apartment so we're not going to go very far. I'm just going to go for end of the road turn around. We'll go back.

Let Josh and get her all lined up for us. How bad is it? Yeah, that's not terrible. Is it now? too bad? I Don't know if bringing that toe in will bring the camper back in if I want to get one shouldn't Yeah, it should have camels that'll be in Subaru Rear ends nice and straight. Anyways, well get rid of your beam here.

Hold my let my guy Josh finished up the alignment. Looks like it'll be a pretty easy one for me. He's gonna just camber on both sides, get them exactly where they need to be I think it's going to happen if I have to keep snot out of the tie rod ends, get the damn nuts loose and get those where they need to be and then we should be good to go. and then I'll just go through and finish the rest of the stuff on the guy's list which is dude I'm running out of speech here I still got a fan I should have done it.

You want a fire rotation? I Didn't realize that I should have done that when two front wheels were off. so I gotta do a tire rotation I've got to do a transmission service which has a CBT which is just a spell and fill but you've got to use the Subaru uh that's a force owner so it's going to be the Cvt2 fluid that Subaru has which we have here and then of course we've got to inspect it. make sure it passes the inspection which it failed for the rotted out subframe and I don't know what else I don't know it might have been it but that was back in October and we're now in December but Parts behind back order So what are you going to do I don't know but I know what you're gonna do and you're gonna head into that comment section. You're going to leave the questions, the comments, you're going to give me the concerns that you have.
You're going to find us on the NC the Facebook and you're going to ring the bell. All that stuff just my viewers I can do it. You can do it. Thanks for watching.

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