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When you know it, Customer: States Vehicle overheating. It's a PT Cruiser thing not looking good. Side of this: 2.4 liter turbine powered PT Cruiser Crank it right up opening Z Hood We got here 2005 PT Cruiser 99 103 miles customer States Overheating a lot. That's not looking too promising.

I'm just gonna keep refilling this. I'm gonna let it come up the temp. Let the thermostat open fan is running. You hear the fan.

We want to see if we have a leak internally or externally. A customer states that the thermostat has been replaced three times down there. three times through thermostat. Still over here now? Uh, other than my own spillages I don't really see, uh, any water in there and that's for me I Think that's water for my spill? yeah? I Don't see it running out yet still getting those rhythmic bubbles in there that that's concerning to me I Speculate that that could be combustion gases being pumped into the cooling system from the combustion chamber in the engine and that would be bad.

Oh, there we go. There's some more. Whoa. whoa whoa.

All right, the level went down. then it came back up and it went down. Then it came back up. We're going to continue to Monitor and observe looking down below.

What we got is that's AC water back there from my spills right here so nothing's pouring out of it just yet. Okey-dokes It has been a couple hours since we last looked at this thing. I Let it cool off I haven't seen anything leaking externally just yet. See it's cooled off temperatures back down to a Sub-Zero levels fan kicked on right away with the AC turned on I Don't see any leaks at the hose thermostat housing or the hose back inside of there.

You can have the computer hook down here. I don't see anything like oil but that's not more I lose sight of them. Oh nope there they are. Got them right here.

It's here. The radiator is looking kind of dry on this side. I don't see that's it or not though. yeah, it was pretty low.

I'm surprised to that I can't seem to find it I'm wondering if the water pump is leaking The real possibility I'm going to let this come up to Temp Again, what's cool is the bubbles seem to have stopped I was beginning to fear head gasket. This is me squeezing the hose. No bubbles in there. That's good.

There's some coolant. it's about to drip too. I wonder if it's just a radiator leak? You can tell there's a charge air cooler in the way. I can't see.

Let's look at the front side and there's an AC condenser on this front side. See any coolant here? I Kind of smell it but I don't trust my smell so much. You may need to look at this from the bottom. Okay Dukes we got this thing backed in I set the rack green subscribe button, flip this up and inspect for uh for some leaks here.

Gotta figure this thing out. Turbo: Cruiser Moving on up. Oh, what do we have here? I was driving around that might have happened, but I think I think we might have a leak going on here. Engage inspection station again.
Uh, disregard the AC water that's just from the evaporator. We're looking for something over here. Oh, there's some. Yeah, we got some leakage going down.

What is this? Is it? The radiator? It's gotta be. Look, there's coolant all over the fan that happened fast. Hang on. I'm afraid I might have spilled some.

Hey, what I'm gonna do is blow all that off and then we'll recheck it again. Yeah, I really think I spilled some, but well, there should be a trail coming in and there's not. Let's blow it off anyway and then we'll see what we can see. If you're getting loud noises, yeah, look at that.

There's even some over here. that's the left side of the radiator. Okay, that's that's a confirmed killer right there. Okay, yeah, that thing's leaking everywhere.

Okay, it needs a radiator cut and dry. I recommend hoses to go along with it. Maybe we'll do them. Maybe we won't Torque mount.

Okay, so we know it has a new thermostat. We don't need to recommend that. I'm just going to suggest we replace the radiator and hoses if we want to. We'll go from there all right.

In the meantime, I'm gonna let this Cruiser down. We're going to. power it down. Shut it down.

Let it cool down. That way we don't leak coolant all over the floor. Raw Power down. Stick that right there.

Come out Genius device. Deja Vu right? I Just did uh did something very similar on a yellow Cruiser Not long ago. Weird. Oh, and this is not a PT Cruiser From the parking lot, this is a new one.

This is another one. So this makes like number five. It's it's here in the lot. Weird, huh? It's about a three hour job.

Let's see if we can beat the clock. First on my to-do list is to get this cover off the intake. But I can't do that because these throttle cables are here. and I can't get those off because this little cover is here.

So uh, let us unclick this little cover. We'll go ahead and pull these uh, throttle and cruise control cables out. There's one. Here comes the number two and then we can pull these off the bracket.

I Don't want to use my fingernail as a pry bar. so I'll use an actual pry bar. Okay, we can just leave those. We'll set those aside maybe down inside of there that that should keep them out of the way or not.

put them over here. They're not listening to me. Stay over here. And while we're here, we'll pull this intake temp sensor off.

Now we can remove the clips that hold this little decorative cover on the intake manifold. That right here is going to come out through the top. so the intake must, uh, must be removed. There we go.

Coming on out, Let's go ahead and get the Boost pipe off. or at least disconnected. I've got to pull the battery out I think I had two on the last one. Let's disconnect this temp sensor here.

Looks like we've got a vacuum and our pressure line here. assuming that's going to be pressure because this is the Boost pipe. after all. put that aside.
over there, we've got a towel on the dipstick. I Don't like this so this is going to go away. I Don't like paper towels being tied to things I Mean that did sound kind of matter of fact, like it's a rule of life. I Just didn't like that specific paper towel.

come off of there. That's plenty. Loose dry driver action. Spawn has never been broken.

Come off please. Whoa. it's not one gum loose. Hmm.

why these come off? Look at that. I Asked it nicely and then pried it. Okay, there's another connector back here. looks like throttle position.

Let's get this guy off. Oh no. I'm getting Chrysler There we go and we're looking for a bracket back here on the back of the intake that just, uh, secures everything trying to feel for the bolts. There's one here and one of them is missing.

Okay, so there's one bolt on the bracket. Let's go in there with the angled ratchet. I Think that's an eight millimeter bolt. That's what it felt like.

So far, so good. Let's see if that's all that holds this on. Yes, it is okay. The top part of the intake is loose from its bracket.

Two, four, two, yeah, five bolts and it comes free from the lower intake. Come here it comes and I missed a wire. This one right here. I'm out.

Please come out. Looks like I've just got to ask this car nicely. Okay, let's go ahead and lose this upper radiator hose. It's in the way and uh, I have a replacement so it does not need to be here any longer.

I'm out there. we go. next up. We need to get this thermostat housing out of the way because one of the bolts for this lower manifold is being blocked by the bolt for the thermostat housing.

I Learned it to remember that on the last. PG Cruiser the one that needed the AC condenser and a fan. uh or that other bolt. go I came out.

The leech fine flexi magnet on a stick works almost every time and we got one more right here. Put it on the thermostat housing. I'm not replacing this thermostat or the housing. it has recently been replaced.

In an effort to remedy this situation, You can see it's brand new. No further action needed. So we need that bolt. that one, one below it, the one below that, and one over here on the right.

So let us remove fuel line and inject your connectors. and then we'll attack those next series of bolts. Let's just unclip these guys without breaking the clips, of course. Thank you.

And I broke that one. Oh, hang on. there's pieces of it so that would release. There's a piece of it stuck down there.

Okay, that's one clip down. Let's not break the uh, the secondary side here. The side that fastens it. That would not be good.

Come on please. These have not been removed in a long time. They're pretty stuck. Wiggle it.
There we go. Clip Number two: That one has disintegrated upon contact. As long as we don't break the rest of it, we're good. All right.

That one's clear about clip number three. Is this one going to disintegrate upon contact? Negative: I Think that one survived? Yeah, that one's good. And number four. Okay, good.

we're good here. All right. Let's get the fuel line disconnected. We're gonna press its little release clip and presses from the back side over there.

I'm gonna just wiggle that on up. Come on. come out Fuel Line. It's free.

Almost there we go. Fuel line disconnected complete. Now we need to get this injector harness up and out and it's been zip tied on. so let us unzip tie this.

There's one zip tie disconnected and second one. Are we under. Nice. There we get somewhere now.

Okay, we see here that the dipstick tube is bolted to the intake manifold right there. So let's go ahead and get that bolt off and we'll disconnect that because we won't be able to pull the manifold out if the dipstick is holding it down. You can see that's not really a bolt right there that actually looks more like a screw. That's because that, uh, well, it kind of is a screw.

It threads directly into the plastic on that intake so we don't want to make or we want to make sure we don't get this one mixed up with something else. Okay, we're going in. Let's get those bottom intake bolts first. that's a weird angle.

Hang on. We need a wobbly wobble drive. 10 mil for the win. There we go.

Got a good bite on that unclick. Foreign got it? Let's get the second bottom bolt. Looks like there's two in the bottom. three on the top.

I Think that's uh, what my calculations are indicating. That's two. Let's get the top bolts next foreign and another one over. here.

It's the right side driver side. You're a tape. get out of your tape and looks like we've got one more in the center and this, uh, lower manifold should become free new. can't line it up.

There's a regulator in the way. I Can't get my hand on it. That's it. Okay, here it comes, we're good to go here.

Freedom. Oh, look at that right there. I Found more coolant. It's on that bolt right there for this, uh, thermostat housing.

I Bet that is why this thermostat and the gasket and the upper housing has been replaced more than once. It's got a leak right here. Also, it definitely has that radiator leak. I'm still looking at it right now.

it's still. it's still dripping. Look at that. that's not coming from that that is coming from the radiator.

But we got a secondary leak going on right here. So uh, we're gonna have to get that gasket right there before. uh, before. I Proceed real quick.

Let's go down there with a with a mirror and just double check. Make sure we're looking good. Yeah! I Really dark in there. it's tough to see.
I Definitely see coolant on the bottom side of that. Bolt Yeah, there is coolant on the bottom side there. There we go. Now we can see what's going on.

It's running right down through here. Okay, yeah, I Feel good about that. I'm going to go ahead and order that gasket. We're going to replace that too.

Well, there's no room for fancy tools down in this tight space, so this is all coming apart by hand. There's one other Bolt on the bottom over there and that's supposed to be the really hard one to get to I believe I'm supposed to remove this uh, power steering pump to get this out, but I think I can get around it I hope I can get around it because if not, uh, I will be displeased. Let's see if we can get in there. So far so good.

I got the head on that Fastener halfway. Yep This is gonna work. It's gonna take a while, but it's gonna work. Come on please.

Foreign. Not quite yet. Maybe almost close. There's like negative space to work with down there behind this housing.

No, come on you. I don't like this. I don't like that bolt one little bit. It's not my friend.

The Bolt's nearing. it's uh, the end of the threads. So I'm pushing on it with my finger sideways just so it gets like a little bit more friction. so the ratchet is able to actually ratchet and then reset because I can't really rely on anything else to reach in there and I can't quite turn it with my fingers yet.

Man, please turn. come on. I think this is fun. Wait till I try to put that thing back in.

That should be interesting almost I Feel like I'm about to get stuck in here. we go I've got two fingers on that Bolt Gotcha there it is. That was fun pancake. Here's that little bugger fry driver.

It doesn't look too bad. Oh, there's some, uh, damage to the surface right here. Yeah, a bunch of scoring or scratching or something. Look at that, you have to polish that smooth again.

Okay, okay, so I usually don't use this type of thing. uh for Surface Prep but since I can't fit any other tools in there, I'm just going to use this. It's a basically some sandpaper wrapped around this little shaft right here, connected to a drill. and I'm just going to go in there and try to smooth off those uh, high spots where that stuff is damaged.

not taking away material. I'm just taking away those burrs. Okay, this is sandpaper so it does have the capacity to damage the surface. In this case, I'll ruin the cylinder head and we don't want to do that.

Okay I think that's good. proceeds to continue to grind it if I see a pit right there. Okay, all right. well, what I'll do is just toss a little bit of silicone on that when I go to reseal it.

This side looks really good. super clean. Okay, all right. well right now we're dead in the water until that gasket shows up, which is going to be tomorrow.
So I'm going to go ahead and focus my attention downward and we're going to go ahead and remove this fan right here and then pull this radiator out. 10 millimeter happens every time. It's okay I know where it went. We'll get that later.

Yeah. I'm gonna have to pull the battery too air new. Come on now some. Offspring Connector: Oh this is agonizing to me because there's a mosquito biting me.

I Don't want to lose my progress here so I'll have to kill him later. He's still there as soon as this connector is done. Mosquitoes done too. Come on Connector: I Can no longer bear the pain.

Got him time to lose this air box I already? Uh, cut the zip ties. They had the zip tie installation mod going on you. There's water in there that's not good. that's nasty.

Let's go ahead and pull this guy up. It's held in with the rubber grommets. at least it should be. Let me just give it a bit of a tug and it comes apart.

Please come out making a liar out of me. Oh there it goes. There's a grommet. There's a Grommet 110 mil and 113 mil.

What? Uh, Oh weird battery hold down design. Okay I see what's going on here. It has this bar running across which bolts on like way way down at the bottom of the battery. So we take it, take the bolts off here and then I guess the bar comes off.

we'll see. Oh, that's in there. come out, let's go slow. I think that's it.

Yeah, it's out. Come here. there's our bolt it. How's this thing? Do what it does just hinges up.

This is scary. big metal bar running across the top of the battery. Okay, no danger here. Okay, and then let's get that negative terminal disconnected.

That's nasty. Oh seriously. foreign. Okay, now we did all that.

So I can reach that bolt right down there. See that? Let me get this thing out. that's the battery tray. Let's see if I can't Just oh, come on.

I don't want to fight this. This is stupid pry bar. I'm just gonna kind of push it off to the side until I can fit the tool in there. I think that's what I'm gonna do.

Maybe Yes, no sure if I do that, that'll work now. I can get this guy on there again. Uh, taking it. uh, or putting it back together is gonna be fun.

but right now we're not worried about that. right now, we're just. uh, removing it. Foreign, backward, hand, flangy action going in.

Got it? Yeah, okay. there's two more bolts for this. uh, fan down below. so let's go ahead and lift the car up.

Get those guys disconnected next. Cruiser Moving back up. Okay, now that the cruise was out of the way, let's see if I cannot find that 10 mil that fell down. Ah, there it is.

gotcha. I mean look at that. This radiator is still leaking. drip drip drip.

All right. let's go ahead and get these fan bolts out. There's one and uh, one more off to our left right here Let Me Go fetch the uh, the oil drain and we'll pull these transmission lines and then this lower radiator hose. Okie dokes train fan coming in this hill is disconnected I know cannot reach.
There's a boost pipe in the way. maybe if I go and kind of like kind of sideways. Nope. seriously please there see I said please and it failed me.

It didn't work. Let's try again. please. Halfway worked.

please. now there. full compliance. Just get this.

uh, this hose. a tug here. There's more in there than I thought I evaded the drenching though. I got a little bit on my leg.

That's all good. All right while I'm making messes, let's go ahead and pull these trans lines for at least one of them. This one has a clamp on it and the other one. Oh, it doesn't have a serviceable clamp.

it's dripping on me. Yeah, come on. Transmission cooler line become disconnected please. Well, that was a negative.

It appears to be immune to my charm. Let's twist it. That breaks the bond there. That works.

Yeah, we don't want to dump out all this fluid. so let's plug the hole, stick a bolt in it right there. and then this one that one. I'm gonna have to break that clamp.

yeah and we'll try it with some better needle noses. All right. Pull apart clamp normally I would just get that with some side cuts and just twist it. but I I don't know where they are I think I brought them home.

There we go on. Connect Clamp. Got it? There's our clamp. Don't need that anymore.

We'll replace that with the new one. Foreign. All right. Radiator's disconnected.

Oh I'm dripping drip and trans fluid again. Hang on. I Need another. Bolt Ah, the running is accelerating.

It's still dripping fluid. Hang on here. new bowl insert There we go. All right.

that's enough of that or not. Look, it's still going. I'm gonna clamp it I'll zip tie clamp it because I don't want to find another bolt. We're going to use this.

Bolt Yeah, put the zip tie clicks. now. we're good. Enough of that.

All right, let's get this oil drain out of here. We're gonna let this thing down and we'll go ahead and fan that radiator out. We're ready to roll. Okey-dokes We're back up top again.

Get this fan out of here. Do you hear me fan? I said we're leaving. You know I'm kind of annoyed I'm just run out of paper. yeah I don't know what it is I'm just not.

uh I'll look another Fastener that didn't fit I know what it is I just stuck like four or five different sockets on this to try to pull this Little Neck thing off and I learned that they're standard size. That's why I'm annoyed. Hmm, that's junk too. All right fan, come on.

I'm annoyed I don't want to I just don't want to come on out I know I just I just did this job or something very similar last week I just feel like I'm doing it again I mean I am doing it again, but perhaps it's slightly annoying me. it's not. uh, it's not triggering my Reward Center that's what's going on. Okay, let's pull this uh piece of the bumper back for the grill.
I should say there we go. Goodbye Drill removed. Put that over here in the pile. You stay.

We got one, two, three, four five, six ten mils. and then these 13s and another ten. Then we can pull this core support off and then the radiator will come free. Put that over there for now.

Okay, that's two bolts. six more foreign, nine more. Oh never mind. there's two missing on this side.

We only have one. Must be my lucky day. less Parts you get them up. Oh what are we stuck on here? Oh that one.

that one. It's always that one. one last one, the one other last one there. That was easy.

Okay, we're going back in. We've got one, two, three bolts here and looks like one more here and that's what bolts the uh AC condenser and the trans cooler to the radiator. So we got to get these guys out next. I Can't get the bottom one with the tool so I'll have to do that one by hand.

and where's my wrench? Good old 10 mil. This should be the last one. Now we can pull this guy free and we're good. So debating on weather to call it quits after this and pick this up tomorrow.

I don't know what would you guys do? you come out? Oh we got me. there's another one behind this boost pipe that totally got me see it down there. a little bugger. they like layered them in that area.

Uh, you know what? I just need to pull the Boost pipe out. Hmm can I do this or can I not I cannot see I know that? Yeah, that's okay. this guy gonna come off of here or what? Definitely gonna be a what situation. that guy's not coming off? No without some wiggling action.

Come on you? yeah. I'm getting some fatigue here I don't I'm not enjoying myself on this car. Give it a twist even that's not really giving me the space I need to get this out. Why? Ah, I got it all right.

Okay now I can get to the that little 10 mil that's hiding out back there. As far as getting a cooler disconnected. Now, watch this. look, see what we've got going on here.

We've got a bolt that comes out right above that charge air cooler. I bet that's fun if you drop it in there. Hooray there! Got it? Okay, I'm starting to feel not so annoyed except there's another one somewhere. What are we stuck on now? Come on.

Why tell me why? No, seriously. what's the deal with this? Oh, this broken core, support pieces falling out of it. All right. We'll dig this thing out.

It's stuck on. Oh, there's it. It's a rubber thing down there. Hang on.

It's like a little rubber. uh, what you call it like wind deflector things. It's clipped onto it there. gonna come out now.

stupid thing. Oh yeah, hey, it's still leaking. There's our unit that's nasty. Okay, foreign got it.

look I Found some kind of mangled piece of, uh, aluminum or something down there I wonder what that was for? Gone now. All right. I Figured out my problem here I was listening to heavy metal Christmas music. It was really, really making me mad.
So uh I changed the station and now I'm not so mad. Got my new unit. Got the old unit looks like I don't have to worry about that broken little piece because the new one already has a non-broken piece. Had to switch the clips over.

Everything's the same. angles of our dangles do the same. Let's get this thing. Dropped In We're good to go.

Radiator coming in, coming down, getting into position. it's gonna get bolted in. gonna kill that mosquito that just flew by e oh oh oh oh No No undo everything I Just did. gotta change the lower hose.

Love my job! Yeah, this will be infinitely easier with uh no Radiator in the way. So I'm just gonna do that right now I Almost forgot and that would have upset me greatly. That can go there for now. Let's go ahead and get behind this.

break that Bond give it a shove and it should come right out. foreign. Come on, got it? One hose disconnected. All right.

New hose, not filthy inside. Let's go ahead and get this guy plugged right on into its home here. Please go. That's what I'm looking for right there.

Perfect here. Let's get that clamp back down where it's supposed to be. I may have messed up because it has this uh, little tab right here that's like a stopper for the hose. you can't put it on too far and I somehow managed to get the clamp past the tab even though I shouldn't have been able to do that.

See if we can get it to come back around again. Yes, Survey says uh I got it and right uh I think I like it right there Perfect All right round two: Radiator coming in all the way. We're not gonna We're not gonna have any more tomfoolery with this are we? I don't think so foreign. a little bit of Wiggle in action and I do believe it's seated.

Good to go. All right, let's start putting some bolts in. We'll start with that charge air cooler. a little work up.

from there it's just gonna work or am I gonna drop it? Nope. Got it all right. that's one started. There's another one that's the one on the passenger side.

So both charge air cooler bolts are now threaded. Tighten this one and then we'll tighten the other one on the other side giving her the reach around. Perfect. Okay, well, it looks like that last scene was in, uh, super high speed fast motion.

So we tightened up this charger cooler bolt and that one over there. I'm working on this one right here. that bolt and that bolt there. and then there's one more right over there.

Foreign, not switching sockets. This is, uh, the stuff that annoys me I Gotta keep switching sockets. Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna have to switch sockets.

That's why I'm annoyed. That's exactly why I need four different size sockets for this car. Each one of them needs to have three different lengths. That's what I'm annoyed at.
and then on occasion I can't even use the socket. That's what's up now I know why I'm irritated. Actually, it all started with that right there. Maybe if that didn't happen I wouldn't be so irritated I'll get over it.

stretch. Now we're in the uh, reassembling it and putting it back together phase. Maybe I'm trying to be except the gold anyway. kick that's not straight.

Try again. Round two. So here's the deal. This side had three bolts.

That side had one. so we have a total of four. I'm gonna do uh, two on each side and uh, that way they're at least even. all right.

Sound good? That's what I want to do. Click. See: it's a little high up now. it's not.

unless those threads were stripped sure where. Yeah. I See why we only had one? Bolt he's not exactly straight. it's back together.

Let's get this hood latch back on two studs, one stud and one gravity two studs. and then he's got these two, uh, washer spacer things right here. Come on. get on there good? Yeah.

I Want to eyeball that with the Witness marks so it's spaced properly right about there. What I meant by witness Marks is the marks that the nut, nut, and washer made last time it was bolted on. Clicks. Okay, fan coming in.

We're gonna get this guy down in place just like the last one. We'll thread the top two bolts and then go back down below. Get the bottom two bolts now. I Was able to remove this from the first radiator it seems to be getting in my way here on the second radiator.

That's fine with a little bit of a maneuvering of some parts here. I'm sure we can make it squeeze into its little place there. let's see. taking careful to not Jam the fins I don't want to I don't want to bend the fins on the radiator because it's nice and shiny and if I screw it up, it won't be shiny anymore.

That's not what we're trying to do here. Okay, there we go. Yeah, we're going in moving a little bit. See what's in the way? Move what's in the way out of the way.

try again. Come on. Oh yeah, we're wedged in there. good now.

Uh, what? do we stock on? Nothing. Everything a little bit more. a little more. There we go.

Look at that thought right into its home. Beautiful. Okay, 110 mil right here. Foreign.

that's going to hang the unit and then we're gonna head down below again and get those lines and the flower hose on. Oh those were not trans cooler lines. those were power steering lines. I saw the one from the top.

Here it goes. the power steering cooler. Oops! I miscalculated that one sneaky bolt and I put that in before I put the fan in and it this is supposed to secure the fan. so I need to pull that one out again.

Love my job so much there it is just back where it goes and then put this bolt down. You know it's very hard to control the emotions in a situation like this because everything wants to make me mad and I don't want to get mad Oh I Also found out I'm annoyed because or I think because I had a splinter in my hand yesterday and this one like right here and I had to I had to pluck it out. it was a very deep one and my hand is sore today. I think I'm I'm annoyed because I have an injury.
No worries though I'll get over. it. won't be a problem for long now. If I can get my wrench in there, that should be enough to get this guy going.

Yeah, as long as it threads which I think it did. Yeah good. All right. come on flanges don't fail me now.

Oh yeah, yeah. All right. All right. all right now we're getting somewhere.

fan click. Okay, let's flip this thing up. get the bottom bolts. We're getting some progress made here I Feel better.

Oddly enough, the other Cruiser did not annoy me like this one is, but this one is also turbine power. We're gonna make it. Yep, all right, there's one click you're gonna thread. Yeah I got it.

We're gonna move through this because I don't want to be down here very long. I've got that line connected and this line right here I Need to connect that and then install a clamp. Okay, let's put this thing back before. I Forget it's very easy.

you forget some connectors and I hate doing that. There we go. Oh come on, it came off. What is this? My job? That's good.

All right. Okay, what we're gonna do here. So we're gonna go ahead and slip the clamp on where we want it. So that's going to go.

Oh, plant gravity so we're gonna slip the clamp on where we want it. Let's go ahead and lose this zip tie all the way and it's leaking again. there's our clamp. Whoa.

whoa That gravity I knew it was coming. Try this again. I Can't see. Okay, we have more light.

Let's pull the bolt out of this. Oh, it's connected. clamp in position. Where's my ratchet? oh I have the power steering fluid all over me and I don't like.

let's see here. Give me a tight squeeze clamp, click. Come on there we go all right. Back up top we go.

okay. Top fan Bolt Check. Okey-doke So uh I don't have that gasket yet and the only thing left for me to do is to go ahead and get the intake on. So what I'm gonna do is uh, split this one up like I did the last video.

Loud noises. Okay, so tomorrow morning I will have that gasket I can reseal that. We'll clean this up I'll get the intake back together, we'll get the battery back in. and as a bonus, I have here a box that I can't open one-handed So I have here a box that I can't open two-handed that broken Fork mount down below.

So tomorrow morning we're going to finish up this radiator job with this uh, coolant bypass gasket intake manifold. Then we're going to go back down below, pull off the uh engine covers and all the Plastics on that side that will give us access to that torque Mount down there and then uh, we can get that thing replaced and uh, this car should be complete at that point. So uh, I'm gonna go ahead and close this one out and I'll do that by thanking each and every one of you for watching I Missed you for watching this video As always, hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below while you're down there.
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