Part 1: Sagging Headliner! NOT an EASY Task!
Part 2: Silverado Yukon Escalade Interior Restoration GMT800 03-06

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Howdy Folks Good day to you and welcome back. Glad you guys are here. So uh, this thing's been. uh, this is my truck.

it's an 07 Chevrolet Silverado 3500. it's the duly with the 66 Duramax I Started a small project on this truck uh, about a week ago and it has exploded. Uh, almost out of control. The idea was is I was going to, uh, pull my headliner out, that's up there I was going to pull the headliner out and reholster it with some, uh, some gray suede.

The reupholster job went very well. it uh, it came out very nice. Um, kind of a more labor than I expected it to be, but uh, it worked out anyway. In the in the process of doing that, I uh I learned I had to pull the seats out of it to get the headliner to come out through the door.

and when I pulled the seats out, I figured I may as well just pull the rest of the seats out and pull the carpet because I happened to have a a new roll of gray carpet that I had ordered with that headliner. when when I started I never intended to do the carpet I just wanted to slap the headliner in and and be done with it. but it kind of snowballed. Opportunity presented itself and uh, and I ended up pulling this thing apart a little bit further.

Uh, once the floor was out and once the console was out, I was like, well, I do need to replace the Uh evaporator core because the thing is partially clogged inside and I don't get the temperatures that I wish. So we pulled the dash out of it in order to get the evaporator box out so I could break that open and replace the core. and I figured well, while all that's out, maybe I can get some insulation and redo the insulation in this thing because the insulation was kind of nasty and it smelled a little funky from being there for 15 years or so. So uh, one small reupholstery job turned into a snowball effect of uh, a complete interior restoration.

uh, like I said I Ended up ordering uh, some sound deadening mat and a matting material in the which is the new installation I've got the kit for it. a lot of it's precut and it fits uh in certain sections. like you can see this section here, it's cut out to kind of fit the Contours um, it did does have some voids there left over uh in the installation, but that's okay because I ended up where did it go I have a roll. There's like a whole roll of kind of cut your own stick on installation around here somewhere gravity and I'm just going to have to cut those uh little strips and fill the uh, the little voids as I see fit.

So what? I'm going to do Uh, in this video, there's the roll. there it is, it's over there. So what I'm going to do in this video is we're going to get some of this insulation stuck down. Um, try to clean this up as best we can get all the dirt out of here and uh, we're going to prep this thing to start going back together at some point.

Uh, due to the UAW uh, Automotive Parts production strike that's been going on I went onto Rock Auto and I pretty much purchased from them every GM part number for the interior components that I could get a hold of. Uh, that includes this accelerator pedal right here cuz that's got the a sensor in it. that's the one that tells your uh, your engine just how much throttle input you're looking for I Ordered a new brake pedal. um I ordered some cables like the ones for the hood release and for the parking brake release just because those GM part numbers are uh, those are going to disappear and we're not going to be able to uh to get new ones.
um, along that list. I Also ordered a uh a set of battery trays cuz I found that this one was all rusted out and there's holes in it and it's nasty. So we're going to get rid of this battery tray as well. My problem is is I'm feeling a little bit of pressure uh on this project cuz I didn't intend to take this on it like I said.

it's snowballed and I know I'm My Own Worst Enemy and I probably caused half of that. uh but I'm I'm feeling pressure because I need this third stall I have some larger projects that need to come into the shop next week and so I'd really like to get this thing. Uh, get some momentum on this and get this thing out of the shop cuz where it stands right now, it's no longer in a driveable condition. Oh one other thing, take a look at this down here.

This was the insulation that came off of the firewall. It's uh, basically just some foam padding like/ in thick padding and then it was. uh, it was held onto the firewall with this rubber looking plastic bit of business. but you can see this stuff's starting to disintegrate and it's coming apart.

Uh, probably just due to age. I mean watch this right here. It just breaks. It's super super brittle.

and when we pulled this apart I found like the bottom of the floor was just covered in stuff like this. uh I I Wanted to ignore it, but there was no way I was going to go through all that work and start putting things back together with destroyed insulating components and just having random pieces of foam flopping around behind my Dash So I had to pull all this stuff out of here and get rid of it. Uh, there's some more. a whole bunch more over there on that other side.

There's some over here on this side, panel. This all has to come out and I'm basically just going to Reign the entire interior of this truck with, uh, some brand new, updated installation. So that's kind of what I want to progress on at this point I just want to keep getting this insulation down I Hav't Well, my issue is I have so many parts that are hanging out here that uh, I'm going to get disorganized and I'm going to lose control and track of all these parts. So what I'd like to do is start reducing my new parts, count down as much as possible and get whatever I can get installed onto the truck.

that way the boxes get empty I can lose some of the parts, get rid of things and create some more space so I can finish kind of putting the stuff together I haven't even ordered the evaporator or the heater for yet. Uh, I do plan on changing out the actuator motors for the doors. We've got the that's the recirculation door. That's the one that switches from interior air to exterior air so it can bring in outside air.
Um, we've got a temp door here. I Think that's the the one for the heater core and there should be one more. Yeah, there we go. There's an actuator right there that's for our defrost fence up top and looks like there's just three actuators on this box.

You got blower motors down there, blower motor resistor. Oh, there's an actuator. We have four actuators on this unit. there's a hiding one.

so yeah. I've got to order all the actuators. I'm going to order a new heater core and I'm also going to order the evaporator. uh I think I may pull this foam out of here and replace it with some new foam instulation as well.

Um, same thing for the doors if I can. uh I I could not find replacement doors for this. they uh, they're on OB tanium. So I'm going to have to just use what I've got here unless something's broken if I find broken pieces in there I'm going to have to get junkyard parts because uh, new production part numbers? uh, do not exist Anyway, let's get back to the meat of the video.

I Want to get some of this insul insulation words on the the floor of the truck earlier. uh yesterday I think I did uh the the roof installation today. We're going to do the floor stuff and then whatever panels I have left over. We'll find a place to put those and then, uh, we can proceed with the getting this interior redone.

So it's going to be, uh, going to be kind of a long series I think this is part three on this truck with this particular project, uh, I will put the links down to part one and two uh below inside of this video's description and in the pin comments. So if you miss those or would like to go back and rewatch or finish one that you didn't finish through all the way, Uh, just go check those links and it will take you back in time to the first two videos on the series of this interior. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video uping the hood. Look who that guy is.

Okay, so I want to get some of the panels in the center and in the back and of course the driver's side done. But I do have the dash hanging out here. uh I Do not want to completely disconnects this Dash because that wiring harness that runs through the firewall. uh, can't really be disconnected unless we take apart.

Actually I May I may just be changed my mind I think I'm supposed to take apart the fuse block over here in order to uh to feed I Don't really want to do that either in order to feed that harness through the firewall. Uh, in order to take this off? I I Don't want to do that. So I think what I'll do is take some ratchet straps and I'm going to suspend the stash up in the air off the top of the cab. Uh, from ratchet straps That that actually might work.
Let's try that and see if that's a really good idea or a horrible idea. So we have a ratchet strap over top of the cab. Um, hook it, hook it on that side like something here. Yeah, just somewhere over there.

and then I'll hook this side up on this side and then we'll ratchet the thing up and it will suspend. Uh, the dash. I Wonder if this is going to work? I Think it's going to work if I can strap my strap properly. Okay, so what I'm going to do Dave will you pick up on that side of the dash and and I'll pick up on this side? I'm pulling on the strap, see how we're going up, TR that hang on to it and then let me hook up to it here somewhere probably from the bottom.

I Suppose you pick up any higher if you lift and I'll pull. uhoh, hang on. almost. keep pulling it all right.

Let her go. Oh, that's better than it was. Okay, it's up in the air. We got it.

The dash is suspended and is floating. so some of these panels come here. Hose. Some of these panels don't fit perfectly.

I mean they're They're all cut and fit to, uh, or supposed to be molded and fit to the vehicle. Some of them like this one right here. For example, see how it's got the hole in it that's supposed to accommodate this. uh, this module here for the airbag.

So we know that this one kind of goes here. It has some cutouts In it but it's not a super perfect fit. and the rest of the panels that don't have like cutouts in them for specific locations. those are the ones that are kind of harder to figure out how they fit like the center one here.

I Don't know if this one in the center goes all the way up front or if it comes out back here. Uh, the picture suggests that they all bolt up NE or line up next to each other, but if we were to look at where is it this one here with the the angles or with his little wings on it, this one appears to want to fit right here to match up with that panel there. So so I think from this point what I'm going to do is just put these panels where I'm going to go with the ones that I know where they go and then I can sort out the remainder. uh, later on like this one.

I Know this one goes right here around that module. so we'll get this panel on next and then we'll continue. Uh, you can see the uh, the dash is now up and out of the way a little bit. it's hanging from the ret straps.

that's sufficient to get under here. We'll be able to clean out uh, all these passengers on the floor and all the rest of this stuff that's kind of in the way. Clean all this out blow it out, get rid of the dirt, and then uh, we'll move on forward to that panel later on. I'll probably do this section last just to reduce my parts count like what I was saying earlier.

So we're going to go from this area and then back. so here. let's pull this panel back off real fast. Ed The Blow gun.
We're going to blow out some of this dirt. Get all the dirt out of here. Probably not a huge deal, but cuz I know more dirt's going to come back in here, but I'd rather get this stuck on as best as I can and there's some stain action going on too. We want to get rid of all that stuff.

Little bit of brake clean spray that stuff out goodbye and goodbye. Give it a wipe down. goodbye. nasty dirts okay.

I'm going to want to pull this airbag module out real quick. Let's get this thing disconnected. It's going to go right back in. but I Want to get these panel set up first.

See this one's There's a bit of conflict right here because of that little stud. So what I'm going to do is we're just going to give this a bit of a cut. Make a relief for that stud. that's going to allow the whole panel to fit fit just a wee bit better here.

Yeah, I Want to go a little farther. Actually, cut that up right there. good. All right Now we're looking better.

That's nice and even I think we've got reliefs. Uh, for the seat mounts. So when I put the seats in, they're going to sit flush on the floor. Well, it's going to go on top of the carpet, but there's a relief there under the installation so that's good.

So it's going to form fit just like this. It's all adhesive back so we just glue it on. So let's get started here. I think I Want to begin with probably up here at the top and we'll work our way back right here.

I Think that's probably the best way to do it. So we take our installation, peel back the sticky layer. we'll just go back a little bit. That way we can still adjust, get it right in there like that.

That's where I want it poke a hole in it for that one stud that's sticking out. That's where the wiring harness is going to clip on. See that and then all I need to do is take the roller, roll it down to bond the adhesive to the body panel. Looks good, fold it back, and then start to pull back the paper and we'll come behind it, roll it on flat and I'm pulling on this a little bit back towards me just to keep some tension.

there we go. There's another stud here. Push that one through. Roll it.

now. there's a hump right here. like a a molding like a body line. Want to make sure we follow that Contour as tightly as possible.

push it in. There we go and continue to roll and press the adhesive on P it back, rip it good and a little bit more. Oh see what? I did? That's not okay. There's a contour right here.

I Need to follow. Push that in deep. We'll lose the rest of the paper you guys see down there. Yep, following the Contour there.

Here we go. That's nice. Me likey. So I got about 5 10 more of these things to go and uh, the interior will be done now.

I Don't like this little void business going on here. see that that's dead space. so that's why I Also ordered this extra roll. What I'm going to do is we're going to cut out a square arts and crafts time with Ray and cut us out a square that fits in the that little hole there.
We're going to fill this void as well. Cut it right here. a little bit too much. No worries.

Trim it off. That was not enough. No worries. I'll deal with it.

stick that right in there. ow. and then I'll do the same for this other panel. measure it.

actually. you know what? I'll tell you what. Just cut this whole strip off and trim it as we need it. This is all going to be under the carpet anyway, so it doesn't have to look beautiful, but I would like it to to function.

We'll cut that here and then a cut out for the bolt holes on our little studs in the corner. There we go. look at that. I Took a great idea and improved it with a little bit more effort.

So now we can take our module, put that guy back in place, get the three nuts on it, spin that guy down, pickes incoming. There we go. So our harness let line this thing up and we'll push those guys down over our little studs and we can probably go ahead and lock in this connector while we're here. snap that on and then our little safety clip that keeps it from backing off.

that side is good and this tape is not so. I'm going to have to tape this up too cuz I do not like how the tape is unraveling. so what? I'll do. Got a roll of a cloth tape that is for wire insulation.

pull this guy back up and we'll just run some more tape around these wires just to keep them nice and tidy. Protect them, makes it look good just in case someone else ever comes back in here. I Don't think they ever will again, but you never know I say they like it wouldn't be me soz I don't uh I don't plan on selling this truck away cuz I like it and I'm not buying a new one and that's why I'm doing all this. This truck is coming up on A4 million miles and I work this truck and I do not wish to replace it with a newer model cuz this thing is paid for and you couldn't see what I was doing.

That was horrible camera skills. But we've got this guy all taped up and just for fun. let's finish up some more on this last little section. Uh no.

I'm not going to pull away the actual existing electric tape. It's sticky and gross and a little bit too much effort. So I'm just going to ret tape the existing tape. You still can't see what I'm doing.

Terrible cameraman. I'm getting better though. It's my first day. we'll call it that.

Okay, put that guy back. This thing's nice and set up in this corner right here. I'm happy with that. Let's move on to another panel and and I think I should be using maybe this panel so I can figure out where that one goes.

Let's consult the destructions we've got. We just put in this panel so want the hole in it. That panel is right there. The front panel's on.
so this should be our top panel. Maybe not. This one has this one's got a little cutout in it and that one does not reflect the little cutout. Let me check my other pieces.

Ah I see where I've been deceived. We have two sets of instructions here. These are the late model instructions look 07 to 13 crew. Okay, that's why those are wrong.

Get rid of that. We're going to use these instructions. So this panel is flanked by this little square panel. Here, this is the one and I think I'm looking at it.

We've got a rounded Edge rounded edge angle going up that's reflected here. We got a sharp edge and a sharp edge on that one. So this panel right here is this one which is the one that goes between those two. So let's get this one on next.

Since we have, uh, we found out where it goes, that means you go forward or backward and this one sits right in here. Oh I Like that. That's better. If I meet it up here, wrap it around.

it's going to meet up right there. Okay, so we have found the home in between the two. Let's pull our wires back up, get them out of the way, and I'm going to start this one pretty much right on top of this next panel or the one we just put down. So while we're here tinkering around, I I Guess it's a good time to let you guys know that I'm going on a slight vacation.

Uh, in the next coming days. Uh, I'm heading up north to uh, go visit a buddy of mine. his name is Aaron and he runs the power stroke. Tech talk with A-Rod Channel He's a uh a Ford master technician of 23 plus years of experience and he and I have become very good friends.

uh over the past year or so and I'm going to head up there to go visit him. we're going to hang out, go to dinner till in the garage and I'm going to go to his studio and we're going to uh uh run live stream uh on my channel Aaron and I and in that live stream we've got a couple announcements um I'd like to make to you guys uh and to Aaron's audience as well. so be on the lookout for that live stream coming up. I'm not sure if I'm going to do it uh on Saturday if we're going to sit on it until later next week but we are going to run a live uh while I'm there um again I don't know which day it is, but I'm going to try to schedule it um and get the post made as soon as possible.

but consider this the early release or early warning. Uh, it may be tomorrow for all I know which is the day after you guys? uh, watch the first release of this video so stay tuned uh to my channel in order to catch the live uh featuring my bestest friend ever Aaron from Detroit Can you believe it? There's Ford guys and Chevy guys getting along. That's how you know that The world is upside down. Yeah! I Would very much like to invite everyone here to check out that live stream.

Uh, again, it is going to be on my channel featuring A-Rod Aaron from Powerstroke Tech talk with A-Rod I I Will also leave a link to Aaron's Channel down in this video's description that way uh if you guys wish, especially you 67 guys, if you'd like to check out his content, uh, you can, uh, feel free to do so anytime. uh after. of course you're done watching this video cuz I'd hate to I'd hate to lose you guys over to Aaron in the middle of my own video I mean I'm encouraging you to go there afterwards, but you know not right now cuz we got to finish uh, restoring the interior of our Chevrolet First, All right, that panel's on. That will also end my public service announcement.
I Also, don't feel the need to run the little roller over this at all times. so I'll just do a I'll do the cloth hand pressing method I think it's more efficient. Yeah, that looks really good. see how it? Contours with all the uh, the body lines I like it.

We're a little off center right here see that. but I'll live with it. It's fine. it's going under the carpet all right.

So I skipped ahead and I ran some more tape down. The rest of this wire loom right here. We're plugging it back into its studs here here and then we've got a ground wire hanging out right there. I've already got that set up.

Let's get that guy clicked in. ground wire connection complete. So we need to move on. Uh, find another panel and I think I might do uh, the one up front right there over the uh transmission housing.

Okay, okay, moving forward with uh, let's get this last uh panel on the center section in place. So it's got this little winglet down here that's supposed to meet. I think this area here. uh I think I'm going to set this up like this and then I can use some other pieces to to fill that area there.

I don't know why this has holes stamped in it I think those are there for uh, maybe a different model vehicle like the newer ones like the 7 through 13. I think the paper said it was these were compatible with the 7 through 13s. The kit was so yeah. I'm thinking thinking right there is is kind of how I want to do it.

So I'm going to start with the corner, get rid of that. I'll start with this corner and then we'll just work our way over. uh, towards the back of it. that seems to be that seems like it'll work I think pull the paper back continuing and I'm pressing down trying to get it all seated.

Nice going to roll it back over following the Contours of the body just like the other side or the other panels rather. Yep, more. peel it back some more, push it down some more. There we go.

I'm getting excited. This is starting to work at first when I when I took a look at it earlier, the whole project seemed hopeless and destined for failure and now it almost feels like it might start to work out. Maybe maybe hopefully probably I Hope it does because I've got too much effort into this truck to fail with something like you know, carpet and really trying not to not to do that. Let's see here now we're I'll shove that down right through there, iron that up or down or whatever.
Now this corner is a lot of Contours here I need to make a cut out right here to fit that hole cuz there's supposed to be a support bracket here for the uh uh for the dash and everything. So I need to make sure we don't cover up that hole with um, well with insulation. so we find my skizzers I think they're over Yonder We'll just migrate ourselves right on around over here, grab the Cutters and then get down and dirty with it in here and get, uh, get that hole cut out, you know Eric O Might be able to work on snow blowers, but did you ever redo some insulation sir? Any, uh, restoration projects? Let's get that guy cut out. Where's my hole Too far? Yeah.

Eric did a He did a snowblower repair video I think it was last winter. he was trolling me on his video talking about yeah Ray's never seen some stuff like this before. I I'm still shopping for a jet ski on Craigslist to send him I was going to I was going to buy one off of the New York Craigslist and send it over there customer. States uh no crank, no start.

See if he can't diag it for us. that'd be grand. Okay, this corner is all nice and set up here. We're poked through with our studs.

That's good. Moving on, let's get out of here. check this out like it's It's actually starting to come together. All the trash is out of here and the debris is gone.

These panels are coming in. This is actually looking really cool. I'm I'm getting excited. It all seems to be coming together So trying to fit this other panel here and I think it's I think it goes right there.

That's that's where it's going to fit according to the destructions. it goes behind those two panels and in between this one and that one over there. So I'm going to get started on this one. We'll run this one back then.

I can get the panel that I'm sitting on. We'll iron that one down and uh and see how this progresses. Air nozzle coming in. Let's get rid of the de Bris.

There's little pieces of dirt kind of built up in this sprayon glue looking installation. What is this stuff called like? it's on the metal and I I think it's like a glue or something. but I don't know what this is doing here. Is it like a sound deading thing? Uh, anybody that works on the line you know about this stuff, let me know in the comment section below.

I'm curious to learn. always. Anyway, get the dirt off the surface dirt removal complete. Let's bust out another panel and get this one glued on.

I'm going to fit it as close as I can to this existing pan panel here as long as it stays straight running down the center of the vehicle and then any voids like this area. I can trim that out later on so we'll start. well. Another issue is is see how we've got a body line here I want to bring it from this side to that side and I know logic.
Uh, would want us to go like front to back but I think I need to go side to side so I can make sure all those Contours uh get the proper amount of attention paid to them. So we are going to start here in this corner and again, if I run out, I'll use my supplemental roll of material to uh, make up for the shortcomings because that's what I feel like doing seems logical to me. There we go. Smash It Down Contour it and our Center Line is still correct.

so I'm pleased with that. Smash that down and I'm pulling back the paper with my left hand and I'm following one of those lines right here. See that line right there. It's a there you can see it right here.

I'm trying to get that down as quickly as possible and I want to get it in the crease of that body line so I can then ride up and over maintaining the uh the Contours So now we're on top of it. That's the other side of the lines. See it right there. push it out, iron it in, pull back some paper.

let's get this upper leftand corner all set up. and then we'll We'll move rearward. We go. That's it.

Okay, let's go around to the other side and finish off this last section here. So tell me, what do you guys think about this? uh, interior work. Is this like super boring? Or is it interesting because many folks have not seen something like this before. Would you rather hear uh, impact guns and Shop noises? Or is this kind of? Is this a good video just because of the type of content? It is like let me know I want I Want to know if this is a horrible video or a good video cuz there's not much stuff like this on the internet and I don't know if it's because of a lack of Interest or um or if it's just boring and no one wants to see it.

So yeah again, let me know down below, let's pull last of that stuff off. Okay, this piece is good. I'm going to hit it with a roller a little bit just to send it home there. That's good.

Yeah, there's a lot of Contours here. a lot of surface. Yeah, roller does help. Okay, that one's all set up.

Let's try to get this one in place. Now this side it's got a bunch of I don't even know what that stuff is. Some kind of like mold dirt or whatever. We need to blow that out of here and maybe hit that with some breake.

clean as well. Drag the air hose in goodbye dirt. yeah. I might need brake clean I think it's like growth.

There was water that came in here once I think that's like a mold leftover stuff I don't know, it's smelly. Whatever it is, brake clean going. have to bust out the brake clean pressure washer for that one. We're going to spray the can and the air at the same time and blow it all right out out there we go.

break clean pressure washer there. That's good. nice and shiny. One more good wipe down with a towel and bring in our next panel.
Again, it's not a perfect fit so we've got a gap over here, but that'll do so. let's get this one on. So I think I'm starting to get a little lazier with the application on this my my fear of messing this up is starting to diminish I'm getting a little a little bit more bold and brave and consequently I'm going a little faster too, which is cool cuz uh, there's a lot of Labor going into this project and it's costing me like normal lifetime because I can't really do much work on this during normal hours I've got to save it for, uh, the end of the day, but I don't know really? that's actually where a lot of my video time actually happens too is I tend to do things at the very end of the day I handle all the The Daily Business stuff and I get the priorities finished up and then at end of day I'll I'll bust out one of the cars that I'm going to film and then I'll do that kind of video work. So realistically, since I'm making a video, I'm technically right on track except this time I get the full customer experience cuz it's my car that didn't stick well.

must have been dirt. There we go. another panel good to go and again, like places like this I can fill that in uh with some of the auxiliary insulation so the whole thing will eventually be covered. and I have some tape too.

Okay, next panel, we've got a cutout in this one. a relief in this one. So I think I'm assuming this one's going to go here. I'm going to move it as far forward as I can and try to butt it up to the panel we just put in.

So I think I'll do this one starting front to back and I'm going to use the two pegs or the studs rather that are sticking out. uh for the uh, the seats. I'm going to use those as an alignment guide cuz I pushed these through already and put holes in it. So I'll use those studs for the alignment guide to help keep this in position here or to center it and to well to locate it where I want.

and then we'll follow the Contours back, pulling back our tape, where the paper or the paper tape, whatever you want to call it, get all that peeled off and then we'll send this one back and I'm got to pay some mind to those body lines that are in there too. see these ones we can't have. uh I don't want to have that thing not fitting properly around that line so there's one that one there There we go and then off to the side up and then it meets good. That's what I want Da Da Da that's what I like and I'll hit it with a roll or two just to send everything home.

Woohoo! The parts count is starting to reduce and that was the goal of the day. Get rid of these parts. I've skipped us ahead a little bit. Uh, we've got a couple of these rear panels back on and I'm up here in the front of the driver's side under the dash and we're just finishing up with uh, the uh driver side panel.

Let's get the all the tape stuff off of this one. We'll set this one in and we're close to the floor being completed. Uh, with the exception of the uh, the little strips I'm going to add in to complete the coverage. Uh, on this installation here, let's get all that stuff down real nice.
make it nice and flat. I Had to cut this out here a little bit to accommodate for the uh the shifter cable. It had just a slot and a little hole in it. but I wanted to leave access I wanted to leave like this rubber Gromet I wanted access for that in case I need to pull this cable out one day or something like that.

So I felt it was best to not insulate over top of it. Anyway, we've got uh, our driver panel down. what's going to be left is going to be all the voids and whatnot that I have in. like right here here here.

All this I've got to custom cut all these pieces and then fill that stuff in so that's kind of what's going on next. uh I think I beat this horse to death on the installation front and I don't think you guys want to see me trim and cut out some more pieces of the tape. so uh, kind of based than that I'm going to go ahead and stop right now with the with this section I'm going to check in later on uh on this project and I can show you some more progress on it as things happen uh in the future. but I think uh, this horse has been Beat to Death so far and and uh and we're done with this particular video.

So I'm going to go ahead and close this one out right now. I shall do such things as always by thanking each and every one of you guys for being here. Uh, hope you enjoyed this video. I Know it wasn't the the normal you know, kind of exciting and highly edited.

uh uh, content that I usually produce. but um, like I said, I'm really trying to push through this and get some of this stuff done. make some progress, get my truck back together because I don't feel good not having a functioning operating truck I mean I know I've got uh I have a backup vehicle and everything I have the Tahoe and I have the van but it's um, it's not what this truck is and I would really like to have this truck back in commission. So I'm I'm trying to push real hard before I have to get on a plane tomorrow to get this thing.

uh, get some progress on it and then uh, maybe by the end of next week or the one after. uh I'll be able to turn the key and start the engine again, but we'll see still waiting on some shipments I still have to build the Uh HVAC box and replace all those components. Um then I've got to put all the interior back together. So uh, until the next time and until the next video again.

Thank you guys for watching I'll see youall in the next one. Thank you for being here! hope you enjoyed this video If you did, don't forget to tap that like button and most importantly, have yourselves a fantastic day! See you guys later in a video in a Silverado and the Dmax 3500 and a transmission.

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