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Happenings He Hood Hello everybody, good day to you! Welcome back I Am super glad you're here I Know that I am glad to be here. Oh, check that out! I put a light on my GoPro and now I'm extra shiny. So here's the deal: I don't know how to trick you uh with the thumbnail I am the customer and I state do Not Change oil Now what do I mean by that I am I'm going to do something unique and interesting in this particular video I'm turning that light off. That's not Bueno it's not working out right now.

Cut anyway. I'm doing something interesting and unique in today's video. I Got an early Christmas gift from Cody at Cp's garage and it does go to the Duramax It goes to the actual engine itself and it should be a real quick install. Yeah, I said should as a forbidden word for me.

Anyway, it's uh, it's it's gonna be a really quick install and it's going to be an improvement over a stock system and it's going to be an inexpensive one. Words: So uh, let's get started. Let us start things. the engine.

I'm not changing the oil. Don't forget, don't click away I'm not changing the oil. but we're gonna notice cold start oil pressure. What do we got? 60 Yeah, I don't know.

65 and some change 67 pounds cold start now running while warm. that's going to drop down uh to around 27 at idle, 30 at idle. And the reason that we're going to pay attention to that is I'm going to do something that could potentially affect that. It could be an improvement or it could hinder performance of the star Max's oiling system.

Let's not let it heat up too much. I do need to pull it into the shop so let us close the door of death. It's not, uh, loud. it's not going on the lift, but I do need to bring it into the building and we'll just close that with some visibility action.

restarting the engine I could do this out here on my service drive. but I'm gonna pull it in because it's getting a little dark outside and I need lumens to work you want to make? it? doesn't matter, we're going right about here here we go powering down still 60 something. PSI So we've got cold oil. The last time I ran this truck was uh, about noon this morning and I've just moved it around the parking lot so we have cold oil.

it's thick and uh, we're gonna do something that could potentially affect the oil system on this truck. Stay tuned. This is going to be a very good video. All right, no rolling around in the dirt today.

I Have a creeper Okay So I'm not going to put this in the air but I do need a little bit of space to like get underneath of it because I am dealing with the oil system. so I I'm going to lift it up ever so slightly. There we go up we go just a little bit. we're on the driver's side of the truck.

By the way. there we go. achieved altitude. Let us, uh, throw a jack stand in here for safety at about right there? Yep, Nope.

Yep. Nope. there. That's good.

All right. So first rule of diesel engine oil is if you even think about it, it's going to get everywhere and on everything. So we're going to bring some absorbent mats right now with me. Bear with me.
We're getting. uh, we're getting to the point here. A couple more minutes to set up. Hang on.

let's go over there. top on our creeper. I'll show you what all the hubbub's about. All right.

here's the deal. Uh, I think I'm about. um, we can check it when I get back in the cab. I think I'm like just a thousand miles into this oil change or something and we're gonna pull off this Perfectly good.

ACDelco Filter got the bucket up right below. See it right there. We're gonna go ahead and pull this filter off. Just bear with me guys.

Hang on. Come on filter. look at that oil is already black. Just a couple thousand.

yeah, the O-ring fell out. See that. let's get on with it. I've emptied out this oil drain bucket so there's no, uh, no other filters or anything in there to contaminate things.

I'm uh, I'm not saying I'm oil testing or anything I just don't want a bunch of old oil going into that filter. I do have a filter cutting open device and I've never used it on my own stuff. so I actually want to check it out and see what my filter looks like. This is a little bit.

Overkill but I'm doing something kind of special. Just bear with me. Bear with me everyone. Hang on.

I'm gonna clean that off. It's like dirt that has hardened with the oil that was present around the Little Seal I Just want to get that out of there. Oh, that's good enough. There we go.

Come on. Okay, all right, all right, good enough for me. I Tried to avoid it. It's everywhere.

Look at it. It's even all over. It's all over this. It's all over the cross member oil, everywhere.

It's a diesel thing, all right. I Uh I Better get to the point. So let's get out of here. We'll show you what we got going on.

Okay, so uh Cody tells me that he found this on Facebook So if you'd like to, uh to get one handwritten note if you'd like to get one, uh email Cody at Cp's garage and he will tell you where to get one. It's a Mddp, but they don't have a website Anyway, what this is is a Duramax oil filter adapter installation kit. So I can install a Caterpillar heavy duty truck oil filters on the D-Max Now we're not installing both filters I have one for later. They appear to be the same part.

numbers are the same one R Dash One, Eight, Zero, seven, and same part number on this one. So what we're gonna do is unpack these a little bit. they're wrapped I can do this. Watch.

It's okay. those are sealed units. This is good. So what we have here is an extractor tool.

The uh, destructions tell me to insert said tool into the old oil filter threads inside of the housing, use that tool to remove the threads, and then what we do is we install this adapter. So this threads into the Duramax oil filter adapter or housing and then this right here threads into the cat oil filter. Now what this does? Um, I Guess it gives them more filtration and I get to carry one extra quart of oil. Yeah, now this tool.
Pasco Yep, Part number four five, three, one one half inch nipple extractor. So yeah, that goes inside of these threads on that truck. We use this end to extract it. It unthreads.

Interesting. Looks like it's cam. Let's open this up. Haven't opened it yet.

and I got all excited from the box. Oh yeah, that thing's cammed very aggressively. Look at that. So this thing goes in.

You turn it. that cam right there starts to spread away from the extractor. It locks into the inner bore of that threaded area and these teeth dig into it. and then you can twist and extract.

Let's go take this thing apart. I'm gonna need a tool to work this tool. So let's get the ratcheting wrenches. Got that one? Yes, No.

14. Yes, that's the one these are. Uh, Mountain Wrenches Mountain is the name. They make the same wrench for many other people.

Um, you guys always ask when I use them so there's a link to these and uh, the description down below to the Amazon store where these can be found ending Shameless self-promotion because if you buy them through my Amazon link I Get a commission. All right, let's get this thing in. So what we're gonna do here? Collapse that so it fits that goes inside of this inner bore. I Hope this works or I'm going to be stranded here.

Okay I turned it. It appears to be kind of locking in. Let's get up there with the tool and see if we cannot extract that thing. It's a very risky surgery on a Sunday at like five o'clock at night.

In the whole world of automotive parts supplies closed if I screw this up. I'm in trouble. All right. it's taking some torque and it turned.

That was easy. All right. cool. I Was a little nervous there.

My thought was uh, if it slips I insert a bunch of bore or up bores I insert a bunch of Burrs into the clean side of my oil system and that will instantly destroy my bearings I was a little afraid. Slippage: Okay, so far so good. Yeah, the disadvantage of a creeper. When you move it, you kind of roll around like I can't reach without rolling.

Okay, here's more oil is draining out. That's good. So if I did just introduce any contaminants, they just flowed back out of there. Nice.

Okay, you guys wait here. I'm gonna go fetch that insert I'll be right back. All right. I Return Uh with the adapter.

Small threads. Big threads adapts small unit to a large filter. That's the idea. The instructions told me to install this and torque it to 20 foot pounds and it also told me well, it didn't tell me anything about thread.

Lock And Since the one that came out did not have thread lock and this one is not going to get thread locked, the instructions said so I would have used it. but uh, they didn't mention anything about that. So I'm not going to use it and I'm oiled pretty quick because I'm actually torque wrenching this one. This is a critical type of component.
We're not messing around. wrench coming in. I'm using the digital wrench again and reset it here. This is the digital gearwrench torque wrench.

It's gonna go. The torque wrench. Gravity That's not good. That's the worst kind of gravity is torque rights.

Gravity. We don't want to do that. You guys see the the dial. Let me point you down.

Yeah. down and Zoom should do it. If you can't see, I'll read them off. We're at 10 pounds, 12, 15, 18, 19, 20 and I'm gonna push the limit.

go to 22. there we go. 22.31 foot pounds of torque. All right.

So these cat filters. They are about twice the size in length and a little bit wider than the OE filters. So you've got, uh, your outlet holes. oh those Inlet holes and then your outlet hole to the oiling system.

These things come sealed up so no debris and contaminants can enter the filter and then, uh, wreck their engine. So we're just going to open this thing up and go ahead and install it. Got some oil here so I can lubricate these uh, this, uh, o-ring There we go. I don't have any oil left over on my ceiling surface so I have to install some oil very carefully.

I've got a dab on my finger here. See it? That's new oil, not old oil. You don't use the old oil from your drain pan. It's happened.

People have also taken their filters and dipped them in the drain pan. What is that? Oh, chalk wrench, what are you doing? People have taken the filters and dipped them in the drain pan in order to lubricate the O-ring which is, well, we all know what that is. All right, let's put this thing in here. Okay, that's a huge filter.

Look at that thing now. I Can put Caterpillar stickers on my truck. It's powered by Cat or at least filtered by Cat. There's even tightening instructions on the side of the filter I didn't read them yet.

just do looks like turn, put it on, turn it and then one turn after it stops. That's what the instructions say by hand. So let's see, we're right here. so let's do one turn.

All right I Need to go a little farther, but no. I don't have the hamstring so we're gonna go a little bit more right there. All right, it's on. That is a Caterpillar Heavy Equipment slash semi-truck oil filter installed on an LBZ Duramax Let's uh, let's go up top, refill this with another quart and a half and check oil pressure, see what happens.

But first good, get all that old at all. Awesome. All my stuff I've never break cleaned this truck nice and shiny. All right, we're good.

Let's get out of here all right. We do not need this jack stand anymore unless there's a spectacular failure. Don't need this. We don't need this truck coming down all right popping.
Zoid Oh you know what? You know what we didn't do I'm not running it sorry guys I I forgot I was excited. Hang on 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 66 Duramax 218 809 miles on the clock you powering down. popping easy Hood again because I forgot that I just did it. No seriously.

I actually did forget. Okay so there's a few things I didn't do before we started and one of those was check the oil. just see what the level was. The oil that was uh, drained out of the filter will not affect the reading on the dipstick because the pan remained unaffected.

Now if we had started it and then primed that filter, the oil level in the pan would have gone down. What do we got here? Let's wipe it down so there's a positive battery terminal right here and I always I'm afraid I'm going to short this out by accident on the dipstick because this is a it's like metal cable. What do we got here? Oh, we're a little low. Whoa.

look at that. I'm low on oil. Haven't had that before. Let's see how low it is before I add to it to, uh, compensate for that filter.

I've never seen this truck low on oil. Let's see what that oil life monitor says real quick. it is at 53. Okay, maybe it was longer than I thought and you know what if 53 percent I I Lied sorry guys I lied to you I'm gonna change it I'm gonna change it with some uh, some Kirkland some Costco oil.

I have had this uh tested and it's actually not bad oil. It tests uh and performed as well as the Rotella did. Thank you. Not a sponsor.

Okay, but I still want to see how low it really was. so let me add a let me add a few quarts to it and just see where it where it lands. Okay, so I've got a quart and a half of a of oil in this jug right here. I'm gonna go ahead and pour this in and then we're just going to recheck the level.

So we're calling this an oil flush. That's what it is. It's not a flush, now it's A. it's an all or not an oil change.

It's no flush. sorry my spillage messed up my words. no seriously. I did not intend to change oil on this I didn't realize I had gone 53 of my monitor I Really feel bad I I Can I Can sense everyone unsubscribing right now like he tricked us.

Click bait, clickages and trickages. All right. What do we got here? Okay, so it was a quart and a half low. We put in a quart and a half.

It was a quart and a half low. I Can I Can live with that. No, but seriously. um, on the subscriber topic.

uh, do me a solid you guys and go down and check and make sure that you're still subscribed because there's been like some some algorithm business going on and uh, turns out people have discovered that they are no longer subscribed to the channel. I Mean you don't have to do it, but that helps me and it helps you. It helps other people too in algorithmic ways. Oh wow, this is great.

We're doing exactly what I said that we were not going to do. I'm really sorry guys, you know at the last second I even thought maybe I don't have to change the oil I was like it's fine I got 50 life left I'll just top it off and make that that and we're good to go. And and I just I couldn't I just couldn't do it I really just couldn't do it. So I I'm sorry I totally did not mean to do this on purpose, but you know this is what happens when you do things unscripted like.
all right, coming in long range with the 16 ratcheting because these are kind of tight and at an awkward angle. Can I do this from I'm doing this I'm over here trying it, not let this slip. Finger strength all right. Got it.

Give it back. Oh I Don't want to take a bath, not an oil. Wish me luck guys. we're gonna let it ride.

Oh hang on, hang on. hang on. I'm uh I'm actually realizing right now that I'm I'm in serious trouble with you guys because since I'm draining this pan I'm gonna go ahead and take a sample and uh, bottle that up and send that to the lab like I always do. They're gonna do an analysis on it and look for Trace elements of metals and things of that nature.

There we go. But yeah I said I wasn't going to do any of that either. So I've I've actually lied to you guys like three or four times today. I'm I'm so sorry I did not mean to do it I swear please don't leave.

All right, we're good. Let's get this thing in. I Probably could have gotten more to drain in a shorter period of time if the engine was warm, but that would have not allowed us to do a uh, a cold oil pressure test and compare between filters. Okay Click.

That's tight. Let's get out of here. Come on. Mike Okay, back up top.

let's get through this. not an oil change video as quickly as possible. I mean pouring things is great and all but I wanna I just want to get to it. see if that filter makes a difference in pressures.

That's what I was kind of afraid of. but I'd like the idea of having an extra court and uh, extra filtration capacity. Come on oil. it's 15 40.

it's pretty thick. That's actually kind of cool too. A little bonus feature is I think there's always like a quart and a quarter left after buying a case of oil. Put oil changes on this truck and with that extra filter capacity I won't have any extra oil.

but if it's burning a quart and a half at a half an oil change then I need that for half. Ah man, two steps forward, one step back. How about that? I really hope it's not burning oil I did a lot of Towing on this oil change I could have had something to do with it I mean a lot of Towing heavy towing gravel and rocks and machinery and excavators. We'll add the rest later after the filter Primes I think I put in like 10 11 quarts.

let's check and see. yeah, this is 11 quart. Sue give it the old Plunge and what do we got here? Okay, it's a little over Mark is right here so let's go ahead and start it, prime it and then recheck it in our non oil change video. I Don't think this thing has clear flood so I'm not even going to try it here.
We go one two, three, four five, six, seven eight there is pressure nine seconds I Did not hear any abnormal engine noises. no knocking, nothing like that. I did hear that culture show up in time. Let's go ahead and shut this down few and we will recheck it.

You know that was a very very very scary nine seconds for me. I I Almost gave it up and shut it down the second I heard like valve rattle or anything. some kind of noise. We were done.

It was getting shut down. Oh contaminants from my towel. look at that. Anyway, wipe that off.

we're about. we need another half a quarter. So I'm gonna put a quart in and see. see where that lands us? No I See yeah, it's tearing the towel.

No worries, the filter will catch it. Okay, last court that's gonna make for uh, 12 ports even pouring things. Thank you. Got it.

And where do we land right here in the full Mark cool. it's 12 quarts even. I'll check it again at 50 next time and uh, see if we've got any oil loss. All right.

Cap back on. let's go restart it and uh, check the pressures. Foreign. Too much light.

Ah, stop. All right. What do we got here? 60 something? 64, 65? It's the same spot. same oil pressure.

Let it come up. This is cold oil. Okay, it builds a lot of pressure. All right.

Yeah, we're not going to rub that until that oil heats up because that is 70 degree oil. But what we can do is get this steering wheel straight and I will reset the monitor. Just push and hold the whole check button. Begin resetting.

Now there we go. Oil life Reset 100. Yay! Okay, so here's what we're gonna do in an effort to not make me a total and complete liar and not have this be an oil change video. We're going to go ahead and back this thing out.

beep and uh, let it run And warm up. but we're gonna back it out because the exhaust is inside of the building and if it's sitting here running for x amount of time I don't want to breathe the uh the diesel. it doesn't smell that good and plus this thing makes some noise and we're gonna need a little bit of Silence because we're going to go inside to the bench and saw that filter in half I mentioned uh taking a look at that and I figured you guys would want to see too. so let's go do that next.

Parking: Seattle look at that 99 already. So here's what we're gonna do. Clear demand torque space here. Then we can go ahead and get set up to uh, cut this filter with the filter cutting device.

That filter is kind of large. let's go ahead and back this up. Some should just put this on a drill absorbent mat for whatever leaks out. I'm gonna put this thing way back up.

You've seen this before. some of you have it's got a little cutting head on it right here and then roller bearings right here and what we do is we put the filter in it, turn that in until the head meets the filter and you turn it and it cuts it open like a can opener. Pretty nifty device. See what's in here as it turns or as I turn it I'm running the head in to cut deeper and deeper into the filter housing.
Here we go a little more. it's almost through. Feel it make crunching noises. Here we go.

Come on. Woohoo! What do we got here? It's diesel oil colored, just like the last filter we cut open. There's some thicker sediment like sludge at the bottom. We don't have metal, we don't have visible metal.

Hopefully not. foreshadowing. Okay, looks pretty good. Nothing to see here.

This one passes visual inspection, but the lab will tell the rest of the story if there is in fact the rest of the story. And on a side note, I like uh I like this AC Delco filter. It looks very well built. There are many, many fleets.

It's in good shape. It seems to not be one to come apart I like that I'll keep using those if I choose not to use the cat filters which I don't think I will. It's oily Okie dokes while the uh while the truck is warming up I'm gonna go ahead and power down the shop and we're gonna make like a tree and get out of here. Phase two powering down All right.

Here's the deal. Yep, oil pressure's starting to fall a little bit. It does that at idle when the oil heats up, coolant temps coming up. It's what been 15 minutes or so.

Everything's looking pretty normal. I'm pleased with this. I'm gonna go ahead and get out of here I'll check in one more time once we reach full operating temperature and uh, we'll see exactly where that oil pressure sits at idle. All right guys.

I'm packing up, headed home, taking the trash out. End of day we got the Uh the filter transferred over I didn't mean to change the oil uh I I didn't intend to do it. didn't mean to lie to you guys like three times, but I did so. I Hope you find it your heart to forgive me.

I'll I'll try not to do that again. So I'm gonna go ahead and uh, close this video right now. and I will do that by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. As always, hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below. Don't forget to tap that like button while you're down there. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day into. Chevrolet All right guys.

So far so good. We're like 50 pounds running, uh, at operating temperature? uh at Cruise speed. So it's it's holding good oil pressure. Uh, while driving.

Let's find a red light here pretty soon and we'll slow it down to an idle and see if it rests at its normal like 29 30. PSI Okay, we're close to a stop red light coming up. We're at idle. That is exactly normal.
That's usually where it sits at idle. So I think we're good to go. There's been no change in, uh, cold or hot oil pressure since uh, swapping out the that filter. so I'm pleased with it so far.

I Kind of can't wait to uh, put a few thousand on this so I can cut that other filter open and we can look inside of that one next. So stay tuned again. Thanks for watching. See you guys later Have a great day in the video! Seriously.

this time I'm really gonna go okay I'm gone.

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    It's a diesel. Of course it burns oil. That is normal. Black engine oil is normal right after an oil change. I don't wear gloves so yeah it is soot black. I had 1M miles on my diesel. I kept records…as the odometer does 99,999.9 and then it would flip over to 00,000.0. Oil was black since new, and I changed oil every 5,000 miles.

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Classic Movies And More says:

    Re subbed yup you wre correct so i added a click to my sub hoping it is torqued correctly

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Adam Juliano says:

    Broken CV boot.

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Armedlegally says:

    Thats the final straw …I'm buying stock in brake cleaner!

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars OK Boomer says:

    You were going to run dirty oil through a brand new filter? How dare you? I would have had to unsubscribe. Thank goodness you came to your senses and changed that dirty oil before it was too late.

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars J T says:

    Boy this got hard to watch with all the excuses and backtracking

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Daniel Clark says:

    Oil pressure can drop also because , if the vehicle has an oil cooler and transmission cooler that run through the radiator. In the summer you have the extra load of the AC, transmission and oil cooler all trying to remain cool along with the radiator trying to keep the engine cool. On the newer vehicles, the radiator is barely adequate to keep the engine cool with AC. For 200-400$ extra you can purchase a heavy duty radiator and help the vehicle remain cool. Most car's are designed for northern climates not Texas or Arizona.

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KC 1199 says:

    Pretty sure Rotella just rebrands for Costco

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars It's a Dogs life... says:

    …. at noon this mornin' ??? what tyme zone are you in bro?

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Carl Evans says:

    Not changing the oil, would be a shame to have to replace the new filter so soon.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Zepplin76 says:

    Can't have lied if the title told me in advance you would.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mazda626gtturbo says:

    I'm way ahead of the game on this. I run a much bigger than stock Corvette oil filter on my tiny Mazda f2t engine a 4cyl 2.2 liter turbo.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Outdoor Journeys says:

    Need some doodleydoos!!!!

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike Zampello says:

    It's a pipe cutter…

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Arthur Samson says:

    Don't apologize duder; watching you deal with unexpected twists and turns is part of what makes this channel so fun! Still miss the Doodily-doos though… Which is ironic in itself because it started out as way to deal with the annoyance of the phone ringer always going off in the shop before quickly becoming REALLY fun… IKR?

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Radar2022 says:

    Ray great video. My recommendation is use amsoil oil because you burns less than other oils. Amsoil oil last 25,000 miles . Change just filter at 5,000 miles and add additional quarts then change the all oil on next one.

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars attilahooper says:

    I'm unsubscribing. yer not wearing gloves. j/k