Pt:1 Vehicle recovery/tow and Diag-Deep Damage! Rejected Repair! 2000 Ford F150 4X4 5.4
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Oh, it's so bad. Whatever. Let it ride something easy. Hood Hello everybody, good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you're here! Uh, so you guys have seen me in the past, Uh, do some fairly questionable uh repairs, or at least use some questionable uh uh strategies to achieve an end result. and uh, we're gonna do something. This may be the sketchiest of all sketchies on this 2000 Uh, F-150 That uh, seems to have a flat tire in a couple days. it's been sitting here. So the story with this truck is is basically the Uh transmission cooler which is within the radiator has sprung a leak and that has caused the transmission fluid and engine coolant to communicate back and forth. That means they're mixing together. Consequently, the transmission ended up full of Uh engine coolant and the radiator ended up full of transmission fluid. Um, they weren't separated. It was like a frothy brownie pink kind of mixture substance. Either way, we, uh, we pulled the pan down and inspected the transmission pan and found a bunch of clutch material in the bottom, at which point I felt compelled to condemn the transmission. The problem is is finding a junkyard replacement is sort of difficult and they're expensive. A remanufactured unit is extremely expensive and pulling this one out and having this in rebuilt is also expensive. So we're going to attempt. against my better judgment, we're going to attempt to, uh to save this thing and make it work a little bit longer. So I'm going to go back to the optimistic plan of basically flushing the daylight out of this transmission. We're going to replace the radiator to stop the leak. We're going to flush the trans. We're going to try to save it and it's either gonna work or it's not. Uh, the guy that owns it. Loud noises from the grinder, the guy that owns it is aware of the wrists, and basically this is a cost situation kind of problem here. So I'm gonna air that tire up real quick and we're gonna nose this thing in. and I'm gonna go ahead and pull and replace the radiator first, because whether we ultimately end up putting another unit in this, or I can save this one, the radiator still has to be changed. So we're going to change the radiator. and then I'm going to try to save the trans. If it doesn't work, uh, we'll we'll figure out what to do. Maybe the guy can find a used one. or maybe you can buy another truck and we can use that one. I Don't know. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very interesting conclusion to this video. Yeah Personally, I'm in the camp of let's not waste good money on bad car parts like blown up Transmissions But that's what we're going to do. So let me air this tire back up and then we'll get started. Oh and by the way, we have no idea what the mileage is because uh well, the gauge cluster doesn't work. It's got a lot of miles guaranteed. 187, 431 light years. We'll call it that. There we go, that should about Encompass all the other uh possibilities here. Uh, that's about right right there. Good to go powering down All right. That grinding now is, uh, needs to stop. So I'm turning the radio on. We need some tunes. Oh by the way, I I did make a video on, uh, the transport pan removal and inspecting this thing. Um, if you'd like to go back and refresh yourself or if you missed that video, uh, just go ahead and check down in this video's description and uh, the first link at the top will take you back in time to the first. uh, first video on this particular truck. and yeah, that's nasty. look at that. Ew. All right. So first on my list here: I Need to get this. uh K n higher performance uh. intake system removed. It's a series of uh, hose clamps and some connectors. It looks like I can't get to that one. Do that later. A couple clamps over here. we're gonna pull this guy out. Then I can pull the radiator shroud out. It will get everything disconnected, drained out, unbolted. all that good stuff. Um I'm actually hoping for. Well, this section to be easy to saving that transmission is going to be a challenge. It might not even be possible. We're gonna try it. No promises though. no promises. And there's that mass airflow connector there we go. Put that aside. potato in comes with me. okey-doke So the Shroud uh should be clipped in on the bottom and I can already see that the clips are broken and it bolts in up here at the top. So we'll pull the top bolts out. pull this shroud out of here and that's going to give us access to these hoses and these transmission lines down below. Come here. Washer. Seriously. I got it now. Look yeah, there. got it cool. All right. that's one side. let's check that other side. There it is. found you. Yeah, that's uh, hard to reach on your kicks. 11 millimeters too. That's the weird part about that. It's an 11 mil fastener. Wait, yeah, it was an 11 mil. Fastener it's gone now. Oh, error and judgment I thought I was going to be able to slide this thing out, but uh, that's not going to be the case because the fan is is hanging on to it. So I'm gonna have to unthread that fan and disconnect it from the water pump. and since we're doing things all sketchy style I'll continue the trend of sketchy and inappropriate tactics. uh with an air chisel. but it's okay, don't worry I have a I've done sketchier things in the past, this is gonna work out just fine. So all I got to do is get this little chisel on here. It's the same mechanism as like an impact gun and put it on the edge of the Fastener. Just give it some love tats your turn just like that and it should be loose now. I can reach in and just rotate the fan clutch and it will begin to unthread from the water pump nice and easy. Yes I know fan clutch tool I know. but I have chisels and it works I have a fan clutch too tool also. but this way is just. it's so much easier. That's why I did it. Plus, if we're going to be doing something sketchy, you've got to remain consistent. We can't. just you know, be halfway sketchy. We got to go. We got to go full on like sketch Ematic here. Anyway, so the fan is, uh, fans loose now I've seen to fish the fan and the Shroud out in One Singular motion. Um, also probably easier said than done. So let's see how this works. Come out fan and the Shroud is next and it's still doesn't really want to come out of there. Got her Everything's broken. Okay, so the next thing you're going to ask is why would I replace the radiator with a leaking internal transmission cooler with a new one before fixing the transmission? And that answer is very simple. if I fix the transmission, flush all the fluid out and then I connect it to this radiator. What's going to happen is as the fluid flows through, it's just going to recommunicate again. So yes, when I install a new radiator, Yes, it will contaminate this cooler inside of the radiator with that mixed up transmission fluid. However, when I go to do the fluid exchanges on it, it'll just simply flush all that out and it won't be a problem. So yes, I will contaminate the new unit. but I will also decontaminate the new unit very swiftly. Okay, we're going to need this drain pan. I'm gonna borrow it from the Alexis that lives here. Toss that thing in right down there and I think there's a drain. Well, there's a spot for a drain, but it's either broken off or it's not equipped. I Can't really tell you? maybe I don't know. Is that like a hex in there? Can you guys see? Hang on, let's get some more light. I'd love to just be able to drain this with the pet cotton valve. Hmm. maybe I can let me get a 10 millimeter hex socket and we'll see if I can't. Uh, open that thing up. let's see if this is gonna work here. Yeah, well, it's it's turning. Is it gonna come out? Yeah. So it was broken off. it looks like it. and Let It Ride What do we got in there? Nothing. It's not even draining. it must be all plugged up. Look at that nasty Ford Blood leaking everywhere. So uh, since that drain's not draining, this actually might turn into a mess because when I pull this off, it's gonna. It's gonna leave food everywhere I Don't wish for that to happen. but uh, not exactly avoidable. And no, I'm not changing the hoses or any of the other stuff on this. Oh that's so bad. Look at this, you guys. It's not supposed to. Not supposed to be that way. Foreign blood. Bye here. We'll just put that aside. Keep that out of the way. so that's the upper hose. Let's go over and get the lower hose removed and then we'll pull the transmission cooler lines off of it and pull this unit out. Okey-doke So since we're draining on that side and we're going to be draining on this side, looks like we need two, uh, little green oil drain buckets and a 16 millimeter wrench. You know, the cool thing about everybody having worked on this at some point is a lot of the stuff that gets broken during disassembly is already broken. Like the you know, plastic retainer clips and things like that. So I don't really don't have to worry about breaking anything because it's it's already broke. which I Guess that's a win I'll call that a win. Why not? Better than being a pessimist? Okay, come on out of there. This one's a less reluctant to be compliant. which is good. That means it's American reluctant to be compliant. It's a nice way of putting it, you more nasty. Just let the radioactive board blood flow. look at that stinks too. All right now. right here. we've got this little itty bitty vent hose. Pull that guy out of there, wiggle it, some pop that guy off. There we go. So radiator is free. Disconnected both the hoses. We just need to pull these mounts off that that one there and the other one on the other side and then this unit should come out. Okay, two 10 mils chicks and that's one. Mount free bolt is stuck, another mount on kick. Okay, I'm silly I forgot the lower radiator hose I I even just said that I removed it and I didn't because I think right here. Okay here. let's uh, let's spin around and get down a little low and get that lower clamp off of there. That trans fluid is still like oozing and bubbling out of there too. Nope, the wrong pliers I need to be using my hose clamp pliers Shameless promotion available in Amazon links in video description. That is all right. Let's pull that guy back right there. and I need to re-center my drain pan. Bear with me. move that over some and I'm gonna reach down and pull this thing off the radiator. It's going to be a mess. A bunch of water. Yeah, that's all water dripping out of there. The water must have been settling at the bottom. That's what was happening. Okay, round two, let's give it some more. Oh, it's so bad. Whatever. let it ride extra nasty. Okay now. I Do believe that this radiator will, uh will come out with these. Let's just give it a tug. Yep, still draining. Stuck over here. now. what's going on? Nothing. Get that out of here. Come on Radiator! I Don't have all day. here comes. got it? Set the sting right over here on the towel so it can't contaminate my floor. All right, that's our transmission destroying radiator. It's a good thing we integrated that uh, trans cooler into that tank to save the safe space and money and parts count. The job. Oh no. That comment was reminiscent of the of earlier days when my sarcasm and cynicism. Reigns Supreme Above All Else Two towels. Well now what do we do? Things contaminated with the with nasty everywhere. Oh put the new radiator in. let's do that next. Three to one says it's the wrong one. What do you guys think? Do I get the right part? Hope so it's got a valve. Yeah I think this is it. Looks like it smells like it tastes like it. Yeah I think we're good. That's weird. It just started randomly flowing more fluid. Look I walked away and it was stopped and then I came back and now it's draining more water out of it. Okay new unit coming in. We're gonna lower this bad boy right down into position. except I have it upside down There we go. and whenever that thing's done draining, you can hook it up. Okay, whoa. don't go anywhere. Let's get uh, the mounts set up real quick so it can't Uh, if you flop around, there's one, there's the other one. Click squared. All right. Okay, so uh. stage two of that hose draining appears to be done, so we can go ahead and pull all this plastic stuff off of here. And little plugs don't need those. I don't know what this piece of plastic is even doing here, but it's stuck. It's stupid. Shouldn't even be. What is this? Why is that even here? Get out of here All right. Contaminated Lower hose. Yeah, yeah, that's not working I need to climb up here a little higher I I Don't have the reaching down four feet hunched over strength to manipulate this thing one-handed I can't do it two-handed Uh, because one hand is holding me up and it's it's oily man. Why it didn't have to be this hard? Let's try the right hand. gender have a little bit more strength in the right side. Are you serious? How did I get the old one off like this? Makes no sense. It's because this hose is ruined from being covered in trans fluid. That's why. Oh there it goes. Yeah, nice and easy. Okay, going back in with the hose clamp pliers again. Come here. clamp this guy back in. Now. Sure it goes. It goes down there now that hose is so soft and Squishy Okay, we need this little yellow plug out of here and that's not tight so we need to tighten that a couple turns. Should, uh, handle that situation there? Click. There's our lower hose for the transmission. Let's get this guy started. Come on. Get in there. Got it? I Think that's good? Come on. I'm getting tired of this. I'm on my tippy toes leaning over. It says stretching the calf muscles, calf muscles in my legs and it hurts Okay, okay, it's hot down there. Let's get out of that little dungeon. Come on up. So I Suppose we should go ahead and get the Shroud and the fan installed next. Now again, the cool part about this is since the bottom Tabs are broken I don't have to worry about aligning them. How about that? There's always a positive to every situation. He's gotta have the wisdom to find it. I Suppose Well, they might not be wisdom. It could be ignorance. It could be I Mean you know we don't know what? we don't know. There we go. Let's do this without gouging up the front of the radiator and gas. Oh wow, we're stuck now. Oh, it's on the Belt I See, there we go? Got it? So while I'm here, well, I got my hand on the fan. try to get these threads started. This would be easier two-handed but I can't really support my weight properly. Yeah, foreign sits a little higher up and I'm sitting up on the radiator shroud I need to get two hands on this. This is hard, you know. reach in through the back to hold the weight and then I'll use my left hand here to try to rotate this to get the thread started. Yeah, let's try this. That's a little easier. Yeah, drop my blue towel, it's over there. He goes super easy. Oh my phone's ringing I Hope it's another scammer. Be right back. Yeah, no, not a scammer. We didn't get lucky on that one. Sorry. um okay now we just need to get the Shroud lined up and go ahead and bolt it in. So this thing had like these little bracket extensions I need to uh to install those so they will extend the stud so I can Bolt the thing on there never seen these before. This is kind of odd or maybe I haven't I just don't remember. That could be the situation also. Regardless, not here. Regardless, one extension installed, run that through and then I need a got a washer and then that 11 mil nut and now that that's kind of all situated, I'll go ahead and get that transmission line bolted in while we're here. Thank you! Click! Okay, this is going to be both trans lines installed and oh let me see what else. Oh yeah, the bracket. We have to do the bracket on the other side and then we'll tighten down the bolts. so so let us move over back to the passenger side and we'll get this guy bolted in, hook it into the shroud using the stud y see that and then we'll line the bolt up with this little clip right there. See it. fail, Fail twice. No worries. I'm good at failing. My order of operations was not correct. This is fine. and where's that bolt at nut? Remember the nut that I dropped I said it was gone forever. found it crisis averted. Foreign. Did I get this other side yet? I Don't remember. No, that's why I left the line loose. Look at that. now. it doesn't can't reach the bolt. Okay, back over here. let's get the nut. No more. Eight mil. we need 11. there it is. and one more on that side. There it is. All right. good to go. kinda back up some. Let's go ahead and throw that uh, that intake back together next. Yeah I Said kinda good to go because I don't know if this thing is going to survive I really don't I mean it's really hard to tell I'm I'm not very confident in it I Know that I wouldn't put my confidence in it because if you rely on your truck and the truck proves to be unreliable, then well, it's not a very good truck Is it? because you have to rely on your truck here? Where are we got the the clamp that holds it to the little bracket? Let's get that one on. so it's all nice and stable leg mass airflow connection. It's right here. Plug that guy in and what am I missing I'm missing one more connector air intake temperature sensor. So we've got these two PCV hoses over here that barely fit I don't know what that was but it was loud. It's not a eight millimeter or 5 16 so I can't use the screw gun. hence the uh the screwdriver. Plus again I'm sitting far away and my extra long shank screwdriver makes you not have to reach so hard or hard and far there we go. All right guys. Well um now what do we do? say What I know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go to lunch and I'm gonna wait for my appointment to show up when I get back. So I think I'm Gonna Roll this thing back outside and put it on the back burner one more time. Uh, we can. uh we can Circle back this thing later on. So that being said, uh, there is going to end up being a part two I think what I'm going to do is fill this cooling system up with water. Uh, throw like some like Tide Pods in there or something, get some detergent in it and hopefully I can break up some of that nasty stuff and then clean that out. Um, but again, the real focus is going to be on saving the transmission. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to take my transmission fluid exchange machine, and I'm going to connect to those trans cooler lines over there. We're going to start the engine, get the trans pump going, and we're going to do a positive displacement fluid exchange on the transmission. We're probably gonna have to do two or three of them to get all that contaminant out of there. reason being is that it cannot be driven anymore with contaminated fluid. If those clutches have survived and it continues to drive with even just the slightest amount of coolant in there or water, then uh, it's it's gonna. It's gonna make this transmission meet a swift end if it has not already. But I'm gonna go ahead and save that one for the next video. That's going to be a rather lengthy process and I think I think that's too much to include in just one. So that being said, thank you guys for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video and I certainly hope to see you on the next one. Thanks again for watching and most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves! great day! See you guys later! End of nasty contaminated Ford.

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    Just a thought since it would be easy for u to raise and lower the truck when u need access to bottom

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    I've never seen a radiator full of melted coffee ice cream…

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Let's Go Brandon! FJB! says:

    when a ford owner says, "iblewmytranny" he's not talking about a transmission.