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Foreign. Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! So I have a confession to make I was super duper wrong with the Cow Key car uh I called this a 2012 earlier and it's actually a 2016. I don't know what I was thinking I should have corrected that with a caption but I did not. Uh, we're almost done with it.

Uh, last episode I got the control arms installed. restarting is a 2-liter I got the uh, both more control arms installed. um I've already done the brakes I figured you and I have gone through enough brake replacement episodes where I did not record that. but what I am going to do is uh, perform a fuel induction cleaning surface to complement the tune-up uh that my wife unit did on this particular vehicle.

So I'm gonna nose this into the entryway and we're going to hook up the chemical introduction IV bottle into the intake stream and we're going to run some high quality cleaner through this particular engine. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very informative and interesting video and a few powering down re-popping zephoid. Let's get to it all right, let's see what we're gonna do. how we're gonna do this: We're gonna find my hood release first I See you? Yeah, there we go.

So what we need is a vacuum Source preferably right behind the throttle body. Now that's going to be a little hard to do because throttle body is a little bit buried down there. so I need to look around and see where I can tap into this system with my chemical injection unit so we can introduce the cleaner into this engine. Hook it up! So right here this is going to be the uh, the cleaning kit that I'm going to use.

We've got the 44k that's what it's called, not sponsored. This is just the stuff. I Sell this stuff right here is going to go into the fuel tank and that's going to go through the fuel system, particularly through the injectors. and that's a cleaning agent for the injector side of the intake system.

This can over here is going to be pressurized and aerosolized and then introduced into the Airstream So it's going to go through the intake manifold, into the cylinder, heads, over the valves and in the into the combustion chamber. And the idea is is we want to clean out the Airstream that way there's no carbon buildup or varnish things of that nature to impede the flow of air thus robbing the engine of horsepower and efficiency. Alrighty so this device right here. This is going to be the delivery device for the chemical.

We're going to connect Shop Air to this. We're going to fill this pressure vessel with our cleaning chemical. It's got an air pressure regulator that way Shop Air doesn't run to like 150 pounds in here. and then it's got the on off valve which is going to send our cleaner through the tube and to the atomizer.

This little guy right here is going to get slipped into the intake stream and as it when we open the valve, it's going to spray that cleaner in a very fine Mist out of the end of this orifice, allow the engine to evenly ingest and take in the the cleaning solution. All right. First things first, let's go ahead and get the product installed into the delivery device. We're going to unscrew this guy a little bit of pressure in there and pop the top on kick.
Once you pop the fun, don't stop and poof just like that. I'm going to get mail from Pringles Legal Department. just kidding. sorry Pringles I didn't steal your Slug and don't see any and we're going to use this entire can for this service.

No reason to get skimpy. Put that back on. Screw this guy in Now we don't have to make this super tight. The O-ring is what creates the seal here so we don't have to like wrench down on it with a thousand pounds of torque or anything like that.

Come on, it's one thread there we go. Beautiful! Okay, so looking down below at our intake stream, our throttle body is here and there's really only one place where we can connect to the intake host throttle body and that's going to be through this evap tube. However, the purge solenoid is right here and I don't want to run the cleaner through the purge solenoid. so I'm kind of going to change directions a little bit and I'm just going to insert our delivery device right into this uh, the intake tube right here and it's just also going to pass over the throttle body.

Um, yes, I can run the cleaner over that throttle body. It's going to be okay. There's There's no harm in it. It's not going to ruin the throttle body.

It's not going to pull coating off of it. It's not going to wreck the bearings. It's not going to wreck the sensors. The little motor inside all that stuff is sealed.

If damage were to occur, then we simply would have exposed a faulty or failing unit anyway. Which is a risk that I take performing the service. you know everything's a liability. So all that being said, let's go ahead and get this clamp off and we can insert our delivery nozzle into the tube and then we'll put the tube back on.

That way we don't get mass airflow triggered codes and lean conditions and all that good stuff. Chances are we're probably going to get trouble codes after the service. fairly common. we just have to clear them and test drive it and uh, shouldn't be an issue I know I talk too much I know but it's okay.

It's what I'm here for I'm here to talk. Oh hi, camera gravity. put that back become disconnected. you know I could have run this through the the air box itself.

but since we're here, let's do it this way. Okay, we slip that in. do what we can do to create a seal now. I'm kind of using this angle to reference the angle of that nozzle.

I Don't want the nozzle touching the side of this tube because that's going to allow that misted cleaner to actually pool up and then re-liquify and we do not want to run liquid into the intake manifold. We want to run that in as an aerosolized gas or a very fine Mist Now, although this is not perfect, that will be sufficient for what we're doing right now. So I need to go and fetch some shop air, connect it to our pressure vessel. We will restocking Z engine and then we'll begin ingesting the cleaner into the system.
Gee, where's my end of my hose? There it is. See here. turn this guy plugger in valve is off. when it's perpendicular to the flow, that's an off and when it's parallel to the flow, that's an on.

So we want to start with the valve off connect our pressure. We're regulated at 50 pounds. that's where the the unit is set. We have nothing on the output side, so let's go back into the cabin.

start the engine. I'm going to let it run for a little while because it's still cold and we need some heat here. A lot of the properties of these chemicals are heat activated so we need to go ahead and let this thing come up to temperature before we proceed with the service. so stand by.

We'll be right back. So while that's happening, we can go ahead and install the the fuel side of the system cleaner. I Can't do that and then we can get this installed into the tank. Check this out too.

Really cool. Funnel fits right over the can up. Okay, there's our fuel door capsule fuel system. no glug.

Let It Go In make sure it's not overfilling through the little vent hole thing and it's not good to go. Operation Complete Jordan Nope. Okay, so I can hear the fans in there running it. Let's go and check and uh, see if we're up to temperature yet and what do we got here? Let's move.

Uh, move that guy out of the way. Yep, we have reached operating temperature so what I'm going to do next is insert a throttle stop and we're going to rev this thing up to about 1500 to 2000 RPM somewhere in that zone and once it stabilizes we can go ahead and begin injecting the cleaner. Okay so what we do here. We've got the the rod on the end of this little uh caulk gun modified looking thing.

You squeeze it, it extends the rod and then it holds it in position. So what we need to do is set that up down on the pedal and then we will hook this into the steering wheel. see right there and we'll squeeze it until it contacts the pedal a little more. a little more, a little more and it's going to depress that pedal and bring RPM up too far.

Yeah, it's kind of hard to really dial it in. Throttles are sensitive right there. Look at that. It's about 1650 1700 RPM So we're gonna squeeze out of here without disturbing this business.

There we go and all we've got to do is crack open the uh, the valve. See what's going in. you may or may not hear change the engine tone. Sometimes this chemicals can bog the engine down and it'll bring that RPM down slightly which is okay, but you don't want to and now we just kind of sit back and wait and let it do its thing.
I'm going to take this air box off and maybe we can look down into the intake and see the uh, the Mist that's coming through from the uh from the nozzle. Thank you very carefully. We don't want to disturb things too much come out that affected it honey. didn't expect the air filter to make a difference on that.

That's interesting. There we go back to normal. Okay, the sound's gonna be terrible, but let's get down in there and get to see the Mist right there. You can see it all spring through.

Look at that. Focus there's that mist. Okay So we've had a couple minutes of spray delivery, so what I'm gonna do is we're gonna head into the cabin and we're just going to give this some a couple wide open throttle blurps. That way it can really ingest.

Uh, all that cleaner. Sometimes that cleaner can pull up inside and this is going to help to suck up any fluid that has pulled up and go ahead and pull it into the engine. Alrighty, Throttle stop is back in. We're back to our 1800 to 2000 RPM range and again, we're going to let it hang out and allow it to consume, uh, some more of that cleaner right there.

Now you guys won't be able to detect this because this is a video, but there is a uh, an odd smell coming from the exhaust. Smells kind of like fuel, but a little bit different. and we can hear some little misfires and blurbs and things like that going on. That's totally normal because we are running an auxiliary fuel source into the engine, so it's it's running lichter, it's running lean.

Fuel trims are going crazy right now. Again, all that gets or re-stabilized later on. After we go for our test drive and after we clear all the codes and things of that nature, foreign ER continues to make its way in. I'm just gonna go ahead and put this thing back together.

We don't need to have the air filter removed any longer. Don't stall on me. Wake up almost there looking pretty empty. I Think we're about finished putting the cabin.

I'm gonna blurp that throttle a few more times and then we can finish this service up. Get rid of that I Feel it misfire a little bit when you rev it up? Yeah, here we go. We're getting some exhaust smoke. That's the cleaner burning off and the combustion chamber stinky too.

Not a lot, just a little bit of smoke. Sometimes these things smoke a whole boatload and it'll just like fill up the entire shop. That's why I put this thing kind of outside. so I don't smoke the building out all right and I'm just gonna let it run.

Let's go ahead and undo all of our connections and things like that and we'll plug this stuff back in. I'm gonna power this down. Get rid of that. now.

This might stall out because the mass airflow is here and it's going to lose mass airflow numbers. It might stall. No, no, it stayed alive good. We got our clamp back in there.

I'm gonna let this idle for a couple minutes and then we're gonna go out and take a test drive. Come here and I need a delivery device to take that? Be back in a couple minutes and we'll hit the road. Okey-dokes It's been about 10-15 minutes of idle time. We're stable.
Let's hit the road closing seat. Hood Before we go anywhere, let's check for some check engine lights. That's a negative. We have zero check engine lights.

That's cool Backing out the auto, click it or ticket for safety I'm not. Hey, it's silly I'm not doing that yet. I've got to get the gate dirt. All righty.

So what we're gonna do, we're gonna go ahead and get it on the road. Uh, we're not going to be real, real aggressive on the throttle, just in case any of that cleaner has pulled up inside of the intake manifold. What we don't want it to do is suck it all up at once and potentially damage the engine. So we're going to take it nice and easy on the throttle.

and the idea here is to just make some airflow happen. We're going to make sure that we're not misfiring, which we could be again because of the presence of the cleaner and as we feel more comfortable about it, we can start getting into heavier throttle situations. Now the whole time I've been driving I've been Feathering this throttle like you know, you know Purge and coast and purging. Coast Also, when you stop on occasion, it it can actually stall out again if there is cleaner pooling up in the intake.

stopping the vehicle could make it rush into a different section of that intake and it can re-introduce that that cleaner into the Airstream Not real common, but it has been known to happen. Same thing with turning. Corners Oh, and for the record, these cleaners are catalytic converter safe. They will not damage the cats, but you do not want to run them through a turbocharger.

That would be bad. That's an impeller killing, compressor destroying type of situation. Okay, let's open it up a little bit. We'll give it a downshift and just let it.

uh, make a little bit of power speed limits. All right, a little bit more. Steam It's feeling really good. I'm not getting any kind of intermittent misfires.

nothing like that. So I Do not think that we have any uh cleaning solution pulled up anywhere. We're good to go. we're gonna hit the bigger Road and I'm gonna give this a wide open throttle effect.

Oh, one more disclaimer: no those cleaners will not foul spark plugs. It's not going to do that well. Steam Stop sign on an entrance ramp. It's not really ramp, but it could be and I'm just progressively rolling into it letting it reach full throttle.

We are at wide open throttle right here. Perfect All right guys, that is. Uh, that's a successful operation. We are all finished here.

I'm headed back to the shop. Uh, this is how we perform a multi-part fuel, induction and fuel system cleaning procedure. Uh, the fuel system side of it is actually fairly easy to navigate. You just dump it in the tank, but it's the induction side that really matters.
This particular operation is especially beneficial for gasoline direct injection engines Gdis because Gdis have the fuel injectors directly inside of the combustion chamber, meaning that there's no fuel passing over the intake valves in order to help keep them clean. So uh, it's actually imperative and recommended that these systems or these procedures be performed on Gdis at about every 30 000 miles. I Have even seen some suggest that 15 000 miles is appropriate for a GDI Additionally You do not want to install these types of cleaners in a diesel. The diesel will and it'll run away.

It'll run wide open because that's a combustible gas being run into a compression ignition engine. But that's a tangent for a Uh for another topic: phones ringing there it was had a silence. Anyway, that's enough ramble ramble for me. I'm headed back to the shop.

Uh, As always like thank you guys for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you found it informative and entertaining. If you did find it to be either of those things, please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below. Uh, give me a tap tap on that like button while you're down there.

And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later into Ford Focus.

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