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Hello everybody good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you were here it is. Friday It's my Friday and it being Friday um I'm doing something for myself I've got a tradition of doing that and for myself I'm going to continue project Silverado this is a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 66 Duramax Diesel with 222 389 miles on the odometer and today we're going out back and I'm gonna go ahead and pop my rear differential cover off because I have an upgraded rear diff cover and I've been chomping out the bits to get this thing installed but priorities have a rain Supreme and of course like I said I wait until the afternoon on Fridays to uh to take her with my own toys now I am gonna break my own rule with something. You see, my big lift inside is occupied uh with a Chevrolet Avalanche and so I'm gonna try to get this thing up in the air on my little big lift. straight ahead.

It might fit, it might not, it might pick it up and it might not. So uh, I'll play that by ear. We'll see if it's going to work out I don't know if it will, so let's find out right now. Moving on in.

All right. So I've got this thing pulled in and it's nosed forward pretty much as far as I can get it and I do not think that this truck is going to be lifted on this rack. um, our center of gravity is way off. I've got 60 gallons of tank in the or 60 gallons of diesel in the tank.

so we've already got some extra weight back here. I don't uh I don't really think this is appropriate because we're we're too far forward on our our lift point. I'd like to see the lift right here at the line on the doors. so um so looks like I'm doing this job on the ground.

Yeah, that's how it's going to be. So what we're going to do is roll around on the cart and get down here and get access to our diff cover driveway style. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video opening. Z Hood YouTube But you know what? I'm gonna try it anyway because if I can lift this up just a couple feet and then maybe secure it uh with like a floor jack or something, that's better than lifting it up no feet.

So I'm still gonna rack it up. uh, we're gonna see how this works out. I'm not gonna be unsafe, but I am going to try to get a little bit of a lift out of this. probably shouldn't but if it's gonna go south I believe I will be able to tell fairly quickly.

Now according to the lift, this is within spec to lift up. It's a 10 000 pound lift and this thing fully loaded weighs uh, about nine thousand pounds. so we're at capacity, but we're not overloading. All right moment of truth stuff.

Black subscribe button. We're clearing the running boards because I don't want to break my running boards. we have contact. None of it's very good for a little left.

Center And stuff there we go. Get that one right. Perfect. Moving on up.

it's taking the weight. Uh-huh. I Don't even think it's going to be able to actually lift this thing. It sounded like it was bogging down a little bit.
Okay, foreign. Yeah, it's taking it and we're not leaning. We're not pulling the bolts out of the ground. That's that's a bonus.

Okay, yeah, this is the first time I've maxed capacity of this lift before. Yeah, ten thousand. That's a slow motor. You know what? Think that's about as high as I Want to go? Yep, let's go ahead and set this down in the locks.

All right now. I Need to make gravity, no shovel gravity I Need to make this thing a little safer I Just don't trust so much what's going on here. Okay, here's the plan. Trailer hitch right? We're gonna go ahead and pull this drop hitch out because I've got more on this side than this side.

So I'm going to pull this and flip it and we're gonna run a floor jack under it and that's going to secure and keep the the truck from wobbling around. That's gonna work. Yeah, there we go. and now it's uh, much more stableish.

Good to go. Okey doke. So before we get into the nuts and bolts of nitty-gritty let's unpack the supplies. I've got some Amsoil right here.

so I do need to put new uh new fluid back in that and got that from Banks because that's going to go with the bank's rear differential cover I mentioned uh last video I did on the truck that we were. We're going to replace that cover with one of the banks Ram Air diff covers and I was also planning on installing a temperature probe that runs up to the eye Dash setup inside. So we're going to do a few things with uh with one project we're gonna get some man's Oil We're gonna get a ram air differential cover. We're gonna get to inspect the gear set inside and we're going to run that temperature system temperature probe sensor system.

There we go Words: We're going to run that and that way I can monitor in real time what my diff temps are doing. but while Towing and while driving and while off-roading or any whatever whatever I want, it's going to monitor bang on the time. So I consider that to be a substantial Improvement and I'm excited. So let's go ahead in the office, grab our cover, let's get it unboxed, take a look at it, and then, uh, we'll go ahead and pull this guy apart and get it installed now.

I mentioned Ram air and I'll show you what I'm talking about. Put that aside for later. Takes a letter from Banks Engineering Here is our temperature probe that's going to fit into this little hole drilled in the cover. right here.

Here's our cover. We've got a fill plug, another fill plug, or I Think a sight glass goes there and there might be a drain plug perhaps at the bottom? Yep, yeah, it's got a drain plug on it too. Now, the reason this is called a ram air cover is because when it's bolted onto the differential, as we're moving forward, is collecting air from these little Scoops down here on the left side, the right side. The fins on these Scoops are going to redirect the air in an upward fashion over the fins on the back of the cover.
See, while that axle is moving down the road, there's a void of airflow back here. So the factory cover and most of the aftermarket covers don't have the ability to get some airflow moving in order to generate increased Cooling And that's what the bank's differential cover has been engineered to do. Additionally, we've got some fluid directing fins on the inside that's designed to emulate the fluid flow of the factory cover and allow that fluid to spin and circulate through the differential case as it's designed to, but with an improved design that includes the addition of these types of fins right here to direct our fluid and these fins here to direct it outwards and upwards so it can get a good even splash on all the internals of the differential and of the gear set. with the stock cover, the lubricant has a beautiful path to follow the ring gear.

With this cover, the ring gear drives the fluid into this flat surface. Oh oh, one other fun: Factor These little ears right here. For all the the naysayers about ground clearance, these things do not stick down any lower than the factory differential and there are little cutouts made weak spots per se in the casting of these little. Scoops So if the scoop were to uh to, uh, contact an object, you hit a rock or a board, or you know, who knows what, you hit something while off-roading this thing is actually designed to break away off of the cover before compromising the structure of the cover itself so you won't hit this on something and then break your cover and then dump all your fluid out.

And it's designed to uh to break away and still leave this thing to be functional. Additionally, if you were to do that, Banks Engineering offers a lifetime warranty replacement. No questions asked on Uh on these covers. So if you buy one, you break it off.

you call them up. they say, hey, that sucks that you broke it. Glad it worked out for you. Here's a new one.

It's in the mail, so anyway, that's probably enough. Technical, uh, description, description, and explanation. Let's go ahead and get to work. Let's unbox this thing.

Okay, taking a look in the rest of the package here. We have already gone through the sensor and its connector. We have new hardware to install the cover. There is our sight glass plug, there's our bottom plug, and in case you don't operate one of these um sensors, there's also a plug in there that, uh, that can fill the hole for the sensor.

We've got the gasket right here. A little bit of what is that thread lock? Yep, and looks like a bracket for probably to hang on to one of the brake lines. We'll see what that's about later on. Oh, and by the way, Banks Engineering has some videos on the production and design and testing of this particular model of cover.

I'm going to, uh, take a look and gather a couple of those links and I will put them down inside of my video's description. That way, if you're looking for any additional information, it'll be readily accessible to you. Okie Dokes Let's get into our fluids. What do we have here? Looks like One, Two, Three, Four, Five Quarts Benzoil fully synthesized 75 140 Gear oil The Gorge Stuff for towing, terrain and severe temperatures.
All right. Not sponsored because I'm an Amsoil dealer. All right. First things first: we're gonna need a catch pan for all that fluid and some tools to, uh, get that cover off.

So we're going down and down below here and crawl around the dirt and let's get to work. Okay, so this guy's gonna come apart real easy. Like got 14 bolts running around the perimeter of the cover in the case. start to pull these guys loose.

We need to remove the brackets that hold the brake lines and the brake cables for parking brake. We just unbolt those and move them aside. Same thing for the brake line. Oh I See some cracks in my brake lines because they're old.

That's going to be a future project. Nobody likes cracking brake lines. That's bad. Okay, I'm gonna take all of these loose with the exception of like one or two up at the top.

That way when I break this cover loose, it doesn't just fly off, dump all the fluid in our faces. That would also be bad. I'm gonna tell you, working on the ground on your side on a creeper is a lot different than standing up. Everything Changes I've never had this cover off this truck and I've owned this thing for over a hundred thousand.

so I'm curious to see what I'm gonna find back here. I Hope it's all good. I'll be sad if there's some destruction because then I'll have to upgrade my rear end. Oh no.

Well, that's a good sign. Check that out. See the uh, the fluid that's coming out of this thing? It's green. See that? It's actually a really good sign because I did service this rear end once upon a time and I used uh, some BG fluid.

Now that was. uh, that was when I was working at the dealership, which was probably about two years ago. So yeah, that's two-year-old fluid and it still has the green color to it. That's actually a really good sign.

I Like that. Anyway, what I need to do next is get behind this with a chisel or pry bar and just a hammer at it. a little bit to separate the cover from the case. It's good.

After it, tap it in. Real nice leg. Foreign, stinky, green, and stinky. Let's see what we've got here that's actually looking really nice in there.

Uh, take a look at this. that's the factory. GM Locking mechanism. See a little weight package right there.

There's counterweights in there on a spring and when one wheel spins and the other doesn't, it's going to spin this little shaft with the counterweights. and as they fling out, they're going to engage this little locking tab thing right here. and that's going to swing down and it'll lock the gears into a full lock position, giving you a limited slip. Think I can get it spinning fast enough to actuate it by hand.
No now I can't do it, but that's basically the principle on how that thing works. A very clever design. Some people loved it, some people hated it. I don't mind, but uh, we're not going in that deep today.

We're just here for the cover replacement. So what we need to do next is get rid of all of our nasty sealant and Gasket and whatnot. clean this up and then we can get that new cover prepped and put into position. All right, we're going in with the grinding wheel.

It's not really a grinding wheel. uh, it's a light abrasive wheel and we're just going to use this device to take off all this old gasket material, clean up the surface uh of the of the rear end, and then we'll wipe it down, spray it out, and it should be prepped for the for the new cover. Beginning with loud noises. Now nice.

So far, so good. We've got all the gasket material removed that's pretty clean. There's nothing left, no rust, no more gasket. so let's back up.

So I'm going to spray this out, get all the debris away from here and then we can get that cover on there. Real nice. All right time to decontaminate this business down here. Listen.

Double action. Oh it broke one All right. I Can't believe I broke that trying to show off. Take two, double action, shiny hose it down.

get in there nice leg, get all that old fluid out all the debris. Is it excessive? Sure. Is it fun? Yep. Does it work? Yep.

there. Round two Uh-oh oh no spraying way up in the front by the pinion. that way. The uh.

the cleaner can wash the old fluid back and out of the bottom. here. We're in the rinsing phase now. Very nice.

All right. I Think that's enough cleaner. Get rid of this. Another? Okay, no.

in all seriousness, we've got a good clean differential. now. there's none of that old fluid left in there. All the uh, debris that I caused has been washed away.

So uh, we're ready for the next phase. Let's go ahead and fetch the cover, put the gasket on it, and uh. prep it for installation. Okay, we've had a little bit of drying off time.

We'll go in there and try to soak up whatever might be left side of the bottom of this case. I Think we're good to go. No more residuals on here. Let's get rid of all the any debris or oil that I missed with that much brake.

clean I Don't know how I would have missed anything, but you never know and you can go ahead and get our cover lined up and bolted on. I've uh. I've already brought it over here and we've got the gasket set up inside of the machine. Groove In the surface, see that gasket runs all the way around so we're not going to need any sealant.

Nothing like that. We just set this thing up there, bolted in, and set the torque to the proper proper range. Words: All right. and uh, couldn't get this bad boy.
We moved into position here same way she came off. We're gonna set it up, get our holes lined up, and we're going to start a couple bolts to hold the weight now. Yes, these are supposed to have thread lock, but I'm not going to thread lock my bolts just yet. There's bolt number two.

Okay, so now she's in position that's looking really nice. I Like it. actually. You know what? This is all wrong.

This is all wrong. I'm not. This isn't going to work for me. This is not going to work for me in the slightest.

I'm taking it all back apart. We have a major huge problem with this situation. Hang on. start over.

see. My problem here is that that differential cover is a beautiful piece of engineering. and this differential is kind of rusty and weathered and a little bit faded. Um, it's not covered in dirt, it's been pressure washed and sprayed and cleaned.

but it doesn't have a very good look at patina. So I'm just gonna hit it with some high temp engine paint that should look pretty good. and I'm going to get some paint around this area here. Everything that's visible that way.

Uh, we at least have a good looking completed project and not a not lipstick on a pig so to speak. So I'm just going to hit this with a little bit of a little bit of black shiny spray paint. Nothing crazy just to make it look a little bit better. There we go.

Cool thing about the engine paint. What was this: uh DupliColor Engine Paint it. Uh, it sprays very nicely and it's very easily controllable, which is why I like to paint things that are not engines with the high temp engine paint. And to think I almost ruined the whole job just by uh, not making this a little bit extra shiny.

So now that paint's on there again, you can see we didn't spray paint the machine surface now. I can get this cover back in position and we'll Bolter back in once. I get the first two bolts in to take the weight I can get some thread lock on the other ones. Come on now! Okay dokes, we've got some thread lock.

I'm using my thread lock because I like the applicator tip, not the thread lock that came with it. Either way, that should be fine. What I'm going to do is just get these in one at a time not that one and we'll start them with the electric ratchet and I'll finish them with a torque wrench. I need to make haste because I don't want this uh, thread lock to set up before I achieve torque on these Fasteners So we're just going to get them all in there, toss them in, run them down, hit them with torque wrench, and uh, then we can proceed.

Can't even get it in the hole? There we go. There's one. These holes are really deep because the fins. The cooling fins on this unit are absolutely massive.

This thing is like one giant cooling fin that one in. Again, we've got 14 of these guys. They are all stainless steel too. By the way.
these are really nice. Uh, nice. Fasteners that we got that we have I Do not believe we can use the factory bolts because they do not have the length to secure this particular cover. There's a lot of a lot of material in this cover.

This thing is no joke. Well, I've got three more to go. Yeah, right there. actually five more to go because the others do not have thread lock on them.

Does that one have thread lock? I don't recall. Negative, it does. Not That one does and this one lost the one that wasn't thread locked I think it was this one? Yes. I Remember, put that guy back there we go.

Dude. All right, it's secure now. Okie Dokes Coming in with a torque wrench, we're going to use actual manual clicks. Uh, thanks.

References these Fasteners at 22 foot pounds and that's what we're going to bring them up to. Not yet actual kicks and I'll finish off the remaining two up at the top once the rest of these are done. Those are the two that uh, also double up as a bolt for the brackets. Multiple actual kicks.

Missed that one a little bit nice. I Moved around so much I've already forgotten the order I was in, but no worries I can hit them all again, just going around the perimeter just to make sure that they're all up to spec. And the reason I'm paying particular attention to uh, actually, torquing this meticulously is because this is an aluminum cover and aluminum is susceptible to warpages and we do not want to cause that on a very expensive piece of equipment because that would be bad. Okay, I think I got all those.

Let's get. Uh, let's get these brackets lined up and uh, finished off those last two bolts up there like one section is nearly complete. but I still have to run that wire up to the eye Dash as well for the sensor. so we're not out of the woods yet, we're getting there.

There we go that's touching my cover I Don't like that undo can I just remove this Now it's attached to the brake lines or whatever. but I can bend it and I don't like it. this is getting removed. We're getting rid of this if I can.

Pretty sure that that other bracket was supposed to secure this show I'll fetch that out of the box in a moment. Foreign. Okay, that's gonna be one of the fill plugs. Um, we need to get the drain plug installed, the sight glass, and uh, and the temperature probe right here.

drain plug goes down here in the bottom. Incidentally, there's also another drain plug on the actual housing. so now I have two, which is kind of cool, but that design is incorporated into these covers to include the differentials in the axle assemblies that do not have a drain plug. So that was very forward thinking on on the engineering team's part.

Good job guys! Okay, let's get the drain plug in real quick since I have it in my hand. Really cool feature. It says banks on the end of it. How awesome is that? So we got a drain plug with a gasket and it has a uh, a magnet built into it.
By the way, since we have a magnet here, that also proves or I can use that to prove that these Fasteners are stainless because these are non-magnetic so those were stainless. Fasteners I like it. Anyway, let's go ahead and screw this drain plug back in and I'll apply some torque to that. Definitely want to make sure you don't forget to tighten that because it'll come out and then dump out all of your Amsoil and that would be expensive.

Here's our Sight glass plug: I'm going to do that last because I'm just going to fill through this hole right here. Shoe: Let's get that bracket that came in our kit and the last bolts installed up top. So I think we're gonna wrap this around like so since we deleted that factory ugly bracket, it's not gonna fit I'm doing it wrong there. That's how that's gonna go.

A little bit of thread lock again, click and uh, where's my torque wrench? 22 foot pounds. There we go That since that's tight, that's secured. We have access to this plug here. if we want to use that for a fill plug, drain plug is in.

Let's get the temp probe installed and then we can refill this thing with some fluid after a little bit of a Teflon tape on there to help it seal a little bit. Okay, so what I'm going to do? We'll get this thing started by hand. Threads on it are very, very fine and this is a very easy thing to damage. if.

uh, if you don't get it right, then we'll get a socket over top of it and a small ratchet. Now, we don't need to get this thing super tight. Couple turns, you'll feel the resistance on it. We don't need to tighten it till it bottoms out, and we certainly do not want to strip the brass on on that sensor.

Hence the use of the small stubby ratchet right here. a little bit more a little bit more. I Want to make this even and flat and level right here. That way it looks good.

Okay, let's get our drain pan over here in case we have some overflowage. I've got my uh my bags of Amsoil I'm gonna go ahead and pull the cap off. You see, they're sealed. We'll break the seal if I can get a hold of it.

There we go. Let me take the cap and take the cap off the cap. Screw that onto our bag. sniff the end of it off with some side cuts and it let it flow.

I'm gonna spill some of this. it's gonna happen. but that's just the nature of the Beast oh uh. One other added benefit of uh of this differential cover is it actually increases fluid capacity by one quart.

So normally if this would take three quarts, it's gonna now be a four quart system. and that's going to help a lot with the heat absorption and heat dissipation. And that's the name of the game with this device. It's about reducing heat and saving your gear set.

Yeah, I tell you what. I'm gonna switch my uh my method here and we're just going to refill these through uh through the top fill plug I don't know why I tried to do it through the side plug I was kind of silly of me. It'll be easier to go through the top plug. And the other cool thing about all the Sam's oil is it comes in the bag so it's much easier to disperse your fluid and back up top.
Plug that in and let it ride a little bit and while that's flowing, we'll go ahead and get the sight glass in. Does that have any? Uh, let me check this for an O-ring Yeah, yeah, it's got a no-ring seal. see that, no sealant necessary and I'll go in there with a socket and snug that up in a moment as soon as I Get my uh, the four quarts installed, it has a good one. All right.

All right, that's two okay. bag number four coming in. Oh, we're spilling. Hang on.

the cap was loose. That's not cool. I'm getting Lube all over my rear end. Okay, and now we're going.

so we should see that Side Glass start to show us some fluid anytime now because it's nearly full. There we go. Yeah, there's a little bit right there. Look at that.

starting to see some fluid right on our sight glass. all right. Now that our unit's full, let's go ahead and tighten up that sight glass so it doesn't come out and leak out all of our fluid and whatnot. We don't want that to happen.

I Actually had to turn this sensor a little bit because, uh, it wasn't allowing clearance for the socket so I couldn't make it perfectly straight and up top. We've got our fill plug with a magnet. Let's go ahead, get that guy installed and we'll tighten that down then. I Just need to run the wire up front to the four.

Channel Analog module: That's the uh, the sensor module that allows all the sensors to connect to the eye. Dash I Just need to run the wire and the connector up front and this thing will give me real time differential temperatures and we need to get on that because it's time for me to go home and I'm not going anywhere until I know how hot my rear end is. Click. Beautiful.

All right, let's get out of here. and uh, get that wire run up front and we'll get this. uh, the sensor connected. Actually, hang on a minute.

I Changed my mind. We're gonna do this. Uh, back to front first. So I'm going to connect the pigtail that goes to the sensor.

Okay, and I've got two extension cords. Uh, these also came from Banks and these are going to run this sensor up front to the module. So I'll plug this guy in next and what we'll do is I'll run this up like so and we're going to zip tie it on into a few places and we're just going to follow this cable up as far as we can and we'll make a transition into the frame and or wire loom in a moment. But for right now, we'll get this guy in here and that's secure so it's going to follow this cable over.

We're going to get it into the driver's side frame rail. We're going to run it up the frame rail up until it gets to the left front wheel. Well, it's going to go up into the wheel well against the firewall and that's where the other end of this cable right here is going to meet the sensor module and thus meeting the eye. Dash All right, here's what we're looking like so far: we've got the wire running up the cable, three zip ties.
Let's go around the front of this left rear wheel and continue installing this. uh, this, this new wire rolling around on the creeper. Let's go ahead and connect the two extensions and I guess I'll just follow this up to this point here. So here I'll run this through that little uh cable hanger and send it Forward probably to I Want to say maybe maybe right here and then we can go up.

That's really all I can do. Okay, let's go find uh, our other pigtail off of our sensor module. Uh, you guys heard me mention a couple times the four Channel module and that's this unit right here. What this thing does is allows uh, up to four independent sensors to be connected to an eye.

Dash and it runs on its own data line so the eye Dash can pull measurements again from four different sensors. So I've already got two of those sensors occupied or two of those circuits I've got a pressure and a temperature probe plugged into my Boost pipe right here and I'm going to use channel number three for my differential temp. So I've got to find one more of these uh, these pigtails right here and run that down behind the fender well and it's going to meet up with my extension cord which is right about here somewhere on the frame. So let me fish one of these guys down below and then we'll go ahead and get it connected and uh, we'll get the system fired up and see how it works.

Okay, okay, so here's our connector. from up front and back over here. There's our connector coming from out back I've got it run up and behind the body mounts following the original wiring harness and we have just enough to make the connection. Take a look at that look, it's super duper close.

so this took two extensions. um, three would probably be best to be able to Route it There we go. Yeah, three would probably be best to be able to Route it and hide it a little bit better. It is kind of exposed in a couple places, so I think I am going to add one more of these extensions onto this circuit just so I Can you know? Like I said, hide these wires and Route them a little.

A little bit cleaner than what they are right now. So I bought two extensions. Uh, but the third one is probably necessary so I can I'll do that later. Anyway, the system is connected so let's uh, let's get out of here.

Get this thing off the lift and I want to fire it up and uh, see what the temperature is? Anyway, key this thing on modules. Oh, starting Z engine there. Come on modules. Okay, so what we've got here.
We've got: charge air temperature on Channel one, charge air pressure on Channel two, and that's manifold temperature on. uh, that's actually coming from the factory ECM and that's engine cooling temp. So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to go in and we're going to change engine cooling temp. That's Field Five ECT we're gonna change that to I need to find uh, what are we looking for Temperature There we go and we're looking for Channel three on the four Channel module.

Actually, I may have to set that module up. Let me let me back out. We'll go into Banks modules. There we go: a four Channel ambient and for Channel one, we're setting up channel C Channel C We're going to enable that.

There we go. So Channel C is turned on. It's not voltage it is going to be. Temperature sensor is air and fluid offset zero offset map parameters: yada yada.

Let's back out and see what it says. Oh, we still need to set up the gauge layout. Now for Channel Channel C we're doing five. Gauge Gauge Selection Number Five Category: Fruit Four Channel module.

That's what's up there. We go Channel C and field five should be Channel C in degrees Fahrenheit So let us backing out. Ziato teeth Backup alarm. Hey, How about that? We've gone uh, what a quarter mile and we've already seen an increase in temperature just from fluid work.

It's pretty cool. Accurate says: I Can see if it changes on the Fly while we're accelerating putting work into the fluid, Sloshed it around putting some friction on the gears and it looks like it does come up. Look at that. We're up to 83 degrees now and we've only traveled.

Would have got 1.1 miles. 1.2 miles, something like that. So the temp probe works. I Know that the the cover does work in, uh, in reducing differential temperatures.

Now that's something we wouldn't really see an effect on unless we're like at highway speed. Or if I'm towing a heavy load of just riding around bobtail, uh, in the cool of the of the night isn't really going to give me that much of a benefit with that cover. But when I've got something in tow, look at that. Yep, she dropped too.

That's really cool. I Guess it does work. It went back up all right. Well cool beans, The system works, it functions.

everything's doing what I want it to do. Got the awesome cover in place that's going to keep my rear end nice and cool on those hot days in case it doesn't I know how hot it's going to be? So I can tow with a little bit more confidence in nearly any environment and that makes me happy because well, my truck's happy and when my truck's happy I'm happy Anyway guys I'm on the road. We're about to pick up some speed. So I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now.

and as always I will do that by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below. Don't forget to tap that like button while you're down there.
And most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves great day! See you guys later into bank Chevrolet Transmission Actually I'm not kidding. Um, there might be an end to my transmission because it did this weird slam into third gear thing today and uh, made me a little concerned. So it's something else I'm going to be keeping an eye on in the future.

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    One serious flaw in his is instillation.
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    Those two clamp bolts should have been torqued in sequence with the others.
    The break lines didn't / couldn't interfer with tightening or torquing the other bolts.
    Doing them after tourquing the others can cause warping.
    Wouldn't pass Q&A on an Aviation engine repair checkoff list.
    On the sensor install with heat rated tape only.
    Plumbing tape won't last.
    If you think I'm wrong.
    I've got a file full of diplomas for working on small engines (2 years vocational school in high school), motorcycle repair, Grumman HU16e Albatross seaplanes Pratt and Whitney R1820 radial engines school, Sikorski HH52a Seaguard amphibious helo T58 turboshaft helo engines school and a couple others plus at 68, a few decades working on my own vehicles plus at 16 getting stuck doing pretty much all the maintenance and most repairs on my parents 3 cars and 2 motorcycles in exchange for driving one of my choice that they were'nt using that day as long as I didn't get any tickets or drink plus left the gas level at it was when I drove it.
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    He and Watch Wes Work are both on that level of professionalism.
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    Good honest workmanship their clients can rely on not to let them down in an unessesary lurch because corners were cut or just plain shody / lazy workmanship methods.
    This product I give a top 5 star rating in design, manufacturing, packaging and other related issues cheap Chinese crap doesn't come close to.
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    That he has in spades.
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    No talking back from pain in the a#@ students.
    He can ignor our comments if he chooses and get the job done.
    I'd take my vehicles to him.
    Except due to health issues I can't drive anymore so I'm stuck with an electric assist tricycle which is actually a throw back fun to my childhood far more relaxing theses days than the stress of hassliing with those incapable of driving with respect and safety to other drivers.
    Bike path it is for me theses days..of disabled assistance driver service here in Miami-Dade County.
    I read or watch my phone / tablet. Driver drives.
    I do miss my Harley tho.
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