Not long ago we looked at this engine to diagnose a misfire on cold start. Low compression was found on cylinder 3 and it had a light misfire. The van returned with broken connecting rod, holes in the engine well as evidence that all four valves made contact with the piston which also broke in half in the cylinder. The head has to be removed to find out more!
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Uh-oh Something not good has happened here. This is our 20 I think it's a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Uh, we had uh, this thing in the shop. uh, last week we were diagnosing a misfire on Startup ahead of trouble code. it was a P303.

I Ended up finding slightly low compression on on cylinder number three I Speculated that it had an intake uh, or an exhaust valve leak. We cleaned out some of the carbon uh in the engine, had the intake manifold off, and I ended up tossing in a fuel injector. One, the injector was cheap and two I was trying to kind of make that misfire go away. However, the truck came back today.

uh, on a tow truck and something is very, very broken. So let us restart the engine. They said it was making some smoke. uh, there was a clicking noise or whatever and uh, the thing kind of lost power while driving.

so let us restart the engine. Oh, that's not okay powering back down. What is this about? What does popping? Z Hood Take a look down below. let's see what happened to this unit.

Something's going on here and that doesn't sound very good at all. I Want to get this in the shop? It's kind of kind of warm outside, so they said it had, uh, had an oil leak. There was some steam or some smoke coming out. Oh, see what we got here? Got a flashlight.

There's a bunch of oil down there. Look at that. Yeah. I See all kinds of oil hanging out.

a bunch of oil? there? It's a pool of oil and nothing on our dipstick that's not okay. All right, let me go fetch some oil. We'll jump a little bit in the engine here and uh, see if it's gonna run. Oh, that's not good.

All right. Okay, two of the vaults of viscosity. I've got some uh BG oil over there, but it's a highly expensive, fully synthesized Five Winter 30 and I don't want to use that so we're going to use some leftovers. See what I got here? There's some 15 40.

we can use that. This is about to trigger some people. Uh, we've got some 520, some 540. Yeah, we'll use all this stuff first and then, uh, this thing makes oil pressure or not.

I I think it's got no oil pressure or it has no oil in it I Don't know or maybe it has created itself. An inspection Port inside of the engine block. It could have done that. Also did not sound very good, but I'm gonna throw some of this in there first.

we'll restart it. At least get it into the shop. They said they were driving when this occurred and I'm uh, I'm speculating that we have suffered some catastrophic damage to this Pentastar 3.6 liter. That's not okay I hope it's okay, but it doesn't sound good.

There's even some oil splatter back here on that rear cylinder head. This is where we were working last time. We put a decompression checks on those cylinders and then we did a number three uh, fuel injector back there. So I think what? I want to do? Get some lubricant into the crankcase, make sure it's not running out on the ground.

and I don't know I can't tell. We might just have to push this thing in. Find out. See usually we get to the pouring thing segment at the end of the video and uh, this one's coming in an inverse order here.
All right, Dipstick, What do we get? almost there? Okay, there's some on the stick now. at least let's add a little bit more. Judo Chop or not, that was a failed Judo chop I can't do it I don't have the finger strength Judo non-chop Get in there. there we go.

Okay, a couple more quarts of this. uh, this 530 right here and we'll try to restart this unit. I'm about to spill this everywhere I think I think it already has oil spilled everywhere so that may be inconsequential. There we go.

Yeah, this thing we believed was affected uh, by a cylinder head issue that was known with the pentastars and there was potential that this car had a extended warranty for the issue from Dodge or Chrysler or Mopar or Fiat or Mercedes or whoever built this engine I believe there was a extended warranty on it and this thing was in the queue to go have that warranty issue addressed and then somewhere along the line it blew up. So yeah. I don't know yet. We're gonna find out though.

I Think on our way back in I'm gonna go fetch the scan tool and uh, we're just gonna check the ECM before we drive this or start it again. Just see if it's got any codes that showed up. Couldn't hurt we're in the information gathering stage. Okey-dokes I've got the scan tool with me here.

Let's go ahead and plug in and power this on and see if it's got any. DTC Stored Dtcs are probably not going to help us out with uh uh, potentially blown up engine here, but it can at least provide to us a little bit of information and some evidence. So let's get that guy plugged in. scanner powering on.

this thing can go. Oh that's the release the neutral release lever for for win engaged in Towing activities. We're gonna go previous vehicles power that on a little bit vehicle history and we're looking for 17 Pacifica 3.6 Power that radio down. Show me some trouble codes here please Ding ding dingling ding Oh it's menu.

Let's see what we get here. No codes present so my misfire code didn't come back. That's cool. All right.

Well I put oil in it. Let's try the restart and see what happens and it's the same. Okay, yeah, I think this motor's toast. Let's go check it for a bunch of oil dumping out, see if it's got a hole in the block, and if not, we'll at least try to drive it in.

Yeah, it's dumping oil. Something broke All right. We're gonna push this unit inside I Don't want to drive it. Not that I fear driving it will cause um, any damage to it because the damage is already done.

I Just don't want an oil slit going through the parking lot there. so we're just gonna have to push this bad boy in the shop. You know what is my mind Troy's not here to help me push. we're just gonna send it.

All Right Moving On In As quickly as possible I know we're dumping oil on the ground. that's good. powering down, shut off. Phew.
Okay, okay, we're in the shop, we're at the rack. Let's uh, let's reap pop and Z hood here and we're gonna go down below after we lift this up and see what happened down there. Okay. lift arms are set oil slick present.

lift arm set on this side black subscribe button love understand with self promotion. That's what I use to remind you guys that are new here to consider subscribing to the channel and that will in my moments of stainless self-emotion Pacifica Moving on up. Holy smoke, look at that whole split. It's not getting any smaller.

All right all the way up top of the rack. Set her down on some on the locks here kicks and let's get some pig mats for that oil snake. we're going full X on Valdez Not bad though. Goes through uh, one box in four months say that's a pretty good deal.

You go, that one goes there. This one right there. Okay, let's pull our covers big. uh, plastic skid panel thing down here.

Splash Shield That's in the way we can't really see. Let's get this guy unbolted. Of course there's an eight millimeter in the mix. Why wouldn't there be? They're all tens except for like the ones on the side.

Here we go. Okay I got the eight that's coming in for our little side bolt here. you cannot mute it I cannot reach here. How about an eight wobbly bit I Should get it.

It's for the tough to reach places. just go around the corner. Okay, that's one. Let's get this other wobble Drive eight mil over here on this other side.

get you? Oh, there's another one right behind us. Look, there's extra Eights there. And as if all those bolts were not enough, there's also a couple of these big plastic push clips. Let's pull these guys out there we go.

Our unit is starting to drop down and oh no, that's not good. You guys. look, there are aluminum chunks under here. It's not looking good.

There's a whole bunch of chunks. Oh, that's bad. It's I think she's dead. Okay, let's get this whole business out of here.

There we go off to the side. Alrighty, so I think I would like to probably pull this pan off and see. uh, see what happened in there? I'm I'm assuming that it threw a rod at the crank. Um I want to determine if this was an oiling issue or some kind of a rod issue? So what I can do is we can pop this pan off of here and I can? Uh, I can pull maybe like one of the main caps off and see if the bearings are scored up or not.

So let's go ahead and get this exhaust removed real quick. and uh oh. look, someone's already had this exhaust removed once. Look at that.

there's orange RTV sealant the high temp stuff a little Bunch right there too. Hmm. witness marks on the bolts. Somebody's been in here before.

All right? Yeah, I'm gonna pull this exhaust off real quick and uh, we're gonna get that pan dropped and see what happened down here. This is gonna be bad. Get this stuff apart. We've got some clamps here and I was just thinking this is like a an I Do Cars video except it's still in chassis.
It's awesome. Thanks Eric for the inspiration sir. Ah, come here clamp and I'll get you later. Yeah, we got a couple brackets down here in the pan.

Stop flowing oil all over my face. Money shot. Gross. Tasty.

Yeah. whatever. Okay, moving forward to our next obstacle. There's a flange here with a couple 13 bolts on it.

Let's pull those guys out. I'm gonna pick you this one. Disconnect that guy next that is there I Can't believe that there is orange sealant on that exhaust that does not go there. All right? Well anyway, exhaust is kind of free.

still working on that little clamp right there. I may need to just pry bar it? Yeah, you know at first we can pry driver it. Let me try that first. It's like a V-band clamp for a turbo where it clamps from both sides here.

Good. Come on. everything is a hammer except for my screwdriver. it didn't work there.

We go. got it? That's all. Okay, let us move around to the back side of this exhaust right here and get that final clamp off. Looks like, uh.

16? like the other one was ratchet wrench this thing off here. and then that Y-pipe will, uh, shouldn't come out of there out of the chassis here. It's kind of stuck on there. become unstuck.

Clamp? No, no, no, seriously. maybe more pry Driver: Oh, the exhaust is leaking water. Yeah, oh sorry. stabbed you guys.

That was unintentional. Fine, it's because I'm doing it wrong. I know I'm supposed to ask it nicely. There we go.

Got some separation action here. That's what we needed. Let's squiggle this stuff apart I think I need to just get this shaft all the way out. Now it still is not enough.

All right. now. give this thing a tug. or a pry.

or a pry and a tug. or All the Above I Just there we go. Gravity: Okay. Drain pan coming in.

Let's go ahead. and, uh, pull that drain plug out of the oil pan and get the remainder of the new oil back out of it. Electron ratchet coming in Neutral drop. Watch this.

Yeah, not looking good for brand new oil. that's not okay. Okay, now while that's draining, let's go ahead and start pulling these oil pan bolts out. I'll start with this bracket right here.

which goes to uh, the CV axle bracket that's bolted into the pan and into the block. So let's get this guy out. Okay, I'm not neutral dropping that one. We'll break my ratchet.

There's one. Okay, so the rest of these guys. we're just going to hit those with the extendo wobble socket. They're all 13 mil starting with the hole in the block part.

Let's go around. pull these guys all out and then we can, uh, drop this pan down and see what happened inside here next. Foreign do you imagine doing this with a speed wrench? You guys remember, speed wrenches? Okay, that's the back side and the uh, the right side Or this side of the engine. Let's go around the other side here and get the remainder of those uh.
firsteners. There's a few of them right in front of us. Let's get some light on the subject in there. There we go.

Bolt Gravity engine Block gravity and some of you guys were saying these pen of stars are good Motors I Don't think so I'm gonna have to strongly disagree with that statement. Yeah, I think that's all of them. There's a couple more on the bell housing here. Let me get those guys.

those are looking like they're going to be 15 mil. Same right there. Same thing. 15 on the wobble, that one another one up high, one more higher than that, the oil dripping everywhere on me I Don't like it.

It's just two more to go. Okay, you know that. Okay, next challenge is going to be separating the uh, the oil pan from the upper pan slash block skirt. So we need to get that taken care of.

I Choose to attempt that with curvy angular pry bar. These things are adjustable if you get the right angles for your dangle in there. so we're gonna try to hook that into that little uh, it was like a little indent right there or whatever. Try to hook that in there and then pry this using.

Leverage These people can't crack it. Loose it's gonna work or it's not, seems to not be working. Try it from another left and move. Maybe try it for another angle here with another position Island's not coming out okay.

let's move around and pry at it from the back side some and see if that gives us, uh, our desired results up here. Okay, it's a little more loose, should be coming down. pry bar again. Push the pan that way.

I'm not sure what's holding this up. it's it's totally loose and unbolted. Just kind of captured. Ah I Figured it out.

I See what the dealio is? I Pulled those two rubber plugs out right here and it just so happens to have two more fasteners all the way up there that hang on to this oil pan. That's what it is. You get those guys out. That one wasn't even tight this next one here.

Now this thing. now. she's free. There we go.

We're about to lose it. Oh no. I'm dropping it. Oh, this is gnarly.

All right. Let's see what we can see. I mean the windage tray is smashed out of it. See that? that's the windage tray that's designed to keep oil splashes from contacting the crankshaft.

It's not being smashed out of it. There are piles of aluminum in the pan. This part of the Pan's bent in, and there's chunks. Yeah, there's more chunks of aluminum.

A piece of a connecting rod. That's nice. All right. So that means that there is more connecting rod right up there.

Look at that. That's the con Rod Right there. it's bent and smashed into the crankshaft. That might be fun to remove.
Wow. Okay, so I'd like to turn this connecting rod around and maybe see if I can't uh, get the thing to come off. so I'm probably gonna have to hammer. it seems to be wedged in there.

pretty good. I'd like to spin it around, get the uh, the bolts disconnected and get it off the crank. Don't need that Eric don't need that either. Yeah, all right, all the crank turns.

Well, we know the crank turns. I Drove this car in here. Okay, so I've got a 27 mil socket. I'm going to put this up up on the front of the crankshaft right here and we're gonna turn the crank.

so I can maybe try to get to the bolts that are on the back side of that connecting rod to see if this is going to work here. If I can get those bolts off, we could probably get the cap off of it and maybe take a look at the bearings and see what the deal is here. Well, the Piston seems to be up at the top of uh of the bore. Oh, there we go.

Almost. That was almost a finger Smacker too. That would have been fun. Okay, so there's there's our two bolts and they have not been destroyed from running into things.

so let's see if we can't get that cap off. and uh, get that Rod out of there Okay, wrench socket extension coming in. Let's pull these connecting rod bolts out of here. They're tight.

That's good. There's oil coming out. That means there's oil in there. I Guess that's good.

that one's kind of stuck. That bolt seems to have contacted an obstacle and is a little bit deformed. Hammer that on again unbolting. Oh, there's still oil just dripping everywhere on me.

Honorable. Okay. bolts coming out. Now we can.

Oh, there we go. Got it. And we're losing some oil here. Ew.

Let's make it a mess. Try to get the other connecting rod out. We've got a punch here and I'm gonna put that on our bolt holes and I'm going to try to hammer this connecting rod off the crane. You saw that it was bent and it's kind of wedged in there.

but I think and get it out. Yep, Okay, it's kind of free and I need to turn the crank some more to get it to come out. It's it's wedged up in that hole right there. We'll get it.

Let's grab this piece of bearing real quick. That crank looks good and the bearing looks good. Row turning our crank again, spin this guy around, give us some space and there's our connecting rod. and I think that other piece of bearing.

Go get a Fallout All right. So here's what we know: We got a broken connecting rod. The bearing did not fail, which means it did not lose oil pressure so something else broke this. Rod You can see that Rod's bent too.

A lot some cracks in there. a lot of stress. Bearings look good though. The crank looks good.

all right. Let's uh. I'm gonna go and let this down and we're gonna pull the spark plugs out of the bank too. I Think that was the Second Bank that blew up.
We're gonna pull the plugs out and look at the top of the Pistons and see what happened there. Maybe a valve fell out of it. Maybe it's full of coolant or water. Uh, who knows what's going on.

But we're gonna go ahead and find out. Let's get our flashing lights out of there. Uh, what else we have up here? Any tools? There's another flashlight. got that one in there? All right? Okay moving back.

Lock release Chrysler Coming down all the way down, you know? I Gotta say it's a not a good look that I was just working on this. and then the engine blows up like literally pop our huh? let's get this cover off of here. Bolts are out. Look at more oil up here, blowing up everywhere.

so looks like the majority of the Carnage was back there on the back side of the engine. So we're gonna go ahead and lose this little cap connector thing here. we're gonna. We're gonna get all this stuff disconnected again and uh, clear some space.

I'm gonna pull open the spark plug and the wire on what I believe to be I think that was cylinder number three down there. We're gonna get that back apart. We're gonna pull that out and take a look down inside and see if the valve fell out of it. If there's a valve seat in there, or maybe it's full of water or coolant.

who knows what's going on. But um, we're gonna find out if I Recall I couldn't get this connector unconnected. I had to remove the little clip thing. Just pull it all the way out.

You're supposed to just push them in like towards us and then they expand. Oh yeah, just like that, that's how they go. Yeah, that's how it works. Take this little tube business out of here.

There's our three coils and uh, like I mentioned I believe that was number three, which yes, number three was the affected cylinder on the misfire and we believed that there was potential warranty on that cylinder head. So let's get number three apart first and see what's going on. Okay, going into our coil, get that 10 mil disconnected. That's a flashlight.

Come here. light, can't have that. Pull this guy out and then we can pop that plug out I Bet it's absolutely destroyed in there. I'm thinking that the valve seat came out of it and uh, sent the valve seat into the piston and destroy the engine.

That's our spark plug socket ratchet and extension coming in. spark plug on clickage. Okay, it's coming out turning. That's good.

Back in there. Okay, so the bottom of the plug is not covered up from stuff slamming into it. All right. It's got fuel on it.

That's fuel from the injector spring. Smells like fuel. You gotta smell that it's wet from fuel, but no contact with anything. Okay, very interesting horoscope time.

Alrighty four, Scopes coming in. Hope you guys aren't getting nauseous. we're going down. Let's see what our combustion chamber and our piston looks like.
Okay, there's the top of our piston and it looks similar to how it did first time we were in here. But look at that. There's this huge big old crack running laterally across that piston. You guys see that.

Look at that crack. This is broken. How did we do that? Wow. Okay, I'm not sure I want to get a better view on this? Let's uh.

let's try to push that piston down some and uh, we'll take another look at it. Okay, so what I'm gonna do here is we're gonna put this extension down in that hole and I'm just gonna kind of tap it down with a hammer and tap the Piston down a little farther. We need to add an extension to my extension or just get a longer extension. I can try that.

Nope. we need compound extensions. Going back in again. Not that yeah, that one.

That's the one. We'll add. a medium one two. that extension piston went down now I Can go back and boroscope it again.

Okay, we're going back in again all the way down. See what we can see down here in this Dungeness area. What is this? Did the valves hit the Piston Look at that. That's a that's a new one.

Yeah I can see where the break is. There's the crack in it or you know what? That might have happened on the way back up as the crank was trying to push the uh thing up in the air. I Can't really tell. Yeah, that's definitely a cracked piston, but how did it break the connecting rod? That's that's my issue here.

How did the rod break? I wonder if there's any Carnage in here? Let's give this a rotate here. Hang on, Bear with me. I'm going to shove this thing down until it bends my boroscope. We'll try to get a like a 90 degree angle on the situation.

Those are. those are valve marks Big Time Valve marks got a piece of metal over there on the left. You can't really make out too too much in here. I Know there's some destruction I Know we got a broken piston I Don't think I see any valves in there though.

it's not Computing In my head how we have a broken connecting rod and there's evidence where all four valves hit the top of the piston. This is weird. This is a whole nother different type of failure here. I'm not sure what to make of this.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comment section down below. I'm not sure what the deal is with this. All right guys. Well, I think we've seen all that we can possibly see.

uh without taking the cylinder head off or something of that nature. Um, clearly we've had a catastrophic engine failure on this 3-6 pentastar. We've got a broken connecting rod. We've got holes in both sides of the engine block.

There's aluminum in a pile, aluminum in the pan. The block skirts damaged holes in the pin right here. This thing. uh, it's over with.

she's dead. There's piston damage on the top side of it. Those valve marks could have been caused by the Piston being shoved up higher through contacting all the Carnage down in the oil pan that could have been pushed up into the bottom of the cylinder head and the combustion chamber. Um, or uh, maybe a valve spell out of it.
But the problem is I didn't see any valves sitting in there on top of the Piston. Now they could have. uh, they could have broken loose and come free and then got shoved back up and then wedged in there, but would have to pull the cylinder head off or at least take the valve cover off to make any kind of additional determinations. So what we know right now is that my fuel injector did not blow up the engine.

but we do have a blown up engine I've got a bent connecting rod like we talked about. Bearings are good, so it's not an oiling problem so we didn't run out of oil until the hole showed up in the side of the block and then it spilled out all of its oil. Evidence suggests that one fiscal year occurred, The engine was driven for x amount of period of time because that thing's slapped around in there long enough to basically saw the engine block in half. So I think it was driven for a little while after the situation happened Again, my customer had stated that they saw smoke and steam or whatnot coming out from under the hood while they were driving, so maybe they didn't notice.

Maybe they did. Regardless, it doesn't change the fact that this Pentastar 36 is junk at this point. Really, the only thing to do is to move forward with replacing the engine. And I suppose once I get this out I can go full circle and complete a 100 I do cars uh, plagiarism type of video and then do the actual full autopsy on this thing.

I am curious to as to see what's happening inside that combustion chamber. So I hope I get that opportunity again. Let me know what you guys think about this situation in the comment section down below. Do not forget to tap that like button wire down there! I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now and as always I will do such things by thanking each and every one of you guys for watching this video.

Hope you enjoy this video if you did enjoy this. Carnage Destruction Total Annihilation Video Please feel free again to let me know about that in the comment section down below. So again, as always, thank you guys for watching and most importantly, have yourselves a better day than this engine is having. See you guys later in the video end of engine in the transmission.

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    My guess is the tie rod broke and the rest of the damage occurred as a direct result after. Hope you get to do the teardown to confirm.

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mitchell WildFlame says:

    that engine had to have been making noise quite a while and they clearly left the radio on, It was likely low on oil and likely chewed up the timing chains but it was not completely out so it had some oil pressure and they heard nothing because of the radio. But you would’ve felt that and the smoke would be a clear indication

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kevin Coulimbe says:

    That is so dumb stop stop working on that damn thing it's gone get a new motor and use that time towards the new motor

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars john winner says:

    Easy fix just replace the whole engine.Or take the buy out lol😂 always buy extra warranty on dodge when they ask. 49 different lowend parts manufactures for dodge engines what could wrong. Its was made before holidayblong weekend .

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars croaton07 says:

    Good ol' Chrysler, never fails to fail

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richard Maialetti says:

    Sounds like it was done by the nut behind the wheel. It’s not your fault Ray!

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 51HankySpanky says:

    You could put the engine back together – just a little duct tape and krazy glue. It'll be better than factory new.

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jim Brennan says:

    Relaxed 3 of those indestructible guys with holes in the block.

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mike94560 says:

    I love exploring blamage.

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Philipp Wickert says:

    The 3.6 liters were junk from roughly '11 or '12 going to '16 & '17. Some were lucky and others were not. They were in the minivans, jeeps, cars and some trucks. I have a '15 caravan that had lots of issues with the motor. I'm glad I got the unlimited mileage warranty they were offering at the time and used it very often. Cylinders, rocker arms , oil pump and more constantly being replaced.

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars gavin smartt says:

    It's not impossible that a leaking injector wound up hydro locking the engine. As ye say Ray "not a good look"

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars leather neck says:

    Another junk Dodge

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jasonsong86 says:

    I'll never buy a Dodge product. It's just too dodgy.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ra- Te says:

    It runs perfectly fine for being a FCA product

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Geoffrey Collis says:

    Um why would you bother putting oil in that engine after hearing that noise coming out of the engine?

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars wolfguardian says:

    Powered metal connecting rods… junk prone to failure….engines on new vehicles are junk…Gallon 'a gas 'n a road flare will fix it…

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rick says:

    Yep, I definitely hear a slight knock 😂

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul Rinehart says:


  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars wolfguardian says:

    Should'a left it in the parking lot 'n administered a gallon of gas 'n a road flare….Engine detonated, aluminium chunks, oh no….Hole in the block, day ruined….meh Don't tell me….that thing is just out of warranty? Have you driven a Chrysler lately?

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alberto Moniz says:

    That looks like that cylinder had hydro lock.I don't think your customer is telling you the whole story, they probably were driving engine over heated blew a head gasket. Went to started it forced the starter to start the engine bent the rod when it traveled 90 degrees of rotation binded against the crankcounter weight broke off the smack the piston up on the way around

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ghostrider.13 says:

    Daimler trash. Daimler ruined dodge. Fukn ruined them.

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jeffrey's finds says:

    Wow wow wow you actually video recorded you ripping off a customer I can't believe it but I'm glad you did because you obviously ripped these people off you know the motor was no good but you tore everything apart so you could rip them off once you took the cover off and found that chunker aluminum you should have stopped you should have called them up you should tell him the motor is no good and what did I want you to do but oh no you kept going to charge them more labor fees
    you rip off

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars A J198913 says:

    What’s the odometer reading on this van? I have one identical to it. I’m hoping this is not a normal thing for these because I just paid it off