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I Dropped my scanner in the parking lot, saved it by the power cord which probably isn't good anyway. Hi everybody, good day to you Welcome back! That is a Nissan Frontier of an unknown year model. Uh, we're gonna find out in a minute anyway. I need to fetch this and I need to move this because we need to go and drive this.

I Think it's an Oh four? maybe O5? Let's take a look. It's got a check engine light on. This thing is here for second opinion diagnosis. What do we have here? What year? Yep, O5 got it guessed correctly.

Check engine lights on. They think it needs the transmission shiny with 133 101 miles on the odometer. Yep, there's our service engine soon. indicator indicated.

Let's go ahead and let this thing warm up, power the scan tool up. plug this thing in I hope I didn't break it when I dropped it powering on sweep Okay Window down. Let's fire up climate control because I'm coming back in for a test drive. Time to move the Silvery radio.

Let's back this thing out and then we can go take that Nissan out and hit the road starting engine number two, we're backing up. Silverado It's a great day today. 83 degrees Ambient Air Temperature It's feeling really nice out. Oh real quick while we're here.

let me peek in on Project Jeep Real quick. Uh, they think that uh, it's getting like a vapor lock on Project G Uh, you run it, drive it, and then on a hot start shutdown like what we have right now. it does not like to restart. Let's just check it one more time.

Yeah, I'm gonna have to just keep doing that until uh, it fails to restart. I've been trying to troubleshoot this for like a week. Anyway, let us powering down the Silvery radio and go hit the road in the Frontier the other front here, not the final front here. That one's over there on its way out.

This is another Frontier Nissan seem to be attracted to me I don't understand. it's always in these sounds. The Nissan Datsuns okay scanner Danner we're gonna go down to Nissan Dotson actually I don't think they include Dotson anymore. The scan tools used to say Dotson they don't say Dotson anymore.

Automatic identification satellites linking up in outer space communicating establishing protocol while you do that. Let's go ahead and back this thing out. now. Rumor has it this thing has a new or new to the Truck Engine and I understand that that code has something to do with the transmission.

I Do not believe that the torque converter is happy and it may require a replacement torque converter. so what we're going to do is pull up codes over there at the gate once we have the code docutated. I'm gonna go ahead and pull up live data and we're going to drive while reviewing live data and see if we cannot determine what the issue is with this particular truck. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video opening.

Z Hood Yeah. Gravity? Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Okay, so I've got some codes here: Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Valve function that's a P0744. We've got a P1754 Input Clutch Solenoid Circuit Valve Fault 1757 Front Brake Solenoid Circuit fault that's in the transmission module Uh, 1759 Front Brake Solenoid Vault Fault Circuit Fault Okay, 1764 Direct Clutch Solenoid Valve Circuit fault So we have circuit faults here and it probably doesn't shift very well.
Again, let's go drive it and figure it out. see what it does. well. Shifts shifts again.

Okay, Interesting. Uh oh. found the problem. It's not doing anything I Just tried to go.

Yeah, it's It's acting like it's in like third gear or something. Try to manually actuate these gears down into two. We're not going very fast. All right.

We made it to second gear. We we have some problems with this Trennis Mission that's for sure. It started off okay, but then it didn't even want to get out of its own way. like right now.

Look at this. Oh yeah, yeah, we're uh, this thing's junk downshift. It's not even gonna do that. Okie Dokes I've seen enough to see enough.

We're gonna go over the bridge. We're gonna go around the around the block, under the bridge and then back to the shop because I don't want this thing to leave me stranded. Lane So here's the plan. We're gonna swing back around, get back into the shop.

I'm gonna pull this thing in. We're gonna check the fluid level first. Uh, having had an engine replacement for, there's a chance that maybe the trans is not as full as it should be or maybe even something was left disconnected. So I think that that's probably the best course of action.

Doesn't even have first gear? We're starting off in a second. Now the question is: is the first gear clutch smoked is the torque converter smoked? it's technical term or are the valves in the uh, sorry driving, are the valves in the valve body not functioning or not connected? Or do they have a damaged wiring harness And there's a lot of possibilities? So just because we have codes for torque converter or valve body issues does not mean we need a torque converter or valve body. We could have a plethora of different possibilities here. So let's go find out and that will leave us with the vocab word of the day plethora.

Yay! Hello concrete guys! I Keep calling them concrete guys. They're countertop guys. They're the ones making the mirror sounds while they're grinding masonry and whatnot or not masonry. Granite See, this is this is my problem.

I've got this word association problem going on right now. That's the issue. Let me close the gate. Stay here.

Okay, all right, let's put this in gear, drive, and watch this thing. Watch What it does. How good into the shop space we go. How about straight ahead I think I'll put it over here.

That's probably good. There we go. Winter's down. parking's the auto.

popping the door and popping into Hood that was an aggressive one. All right, let's see what's under our Bonnet here. probably a 40 40 liters. Hey, wait a minute I know this Nissan I've seen this before I remember these zip ties and stuff coils on this once upon a time.
pulls and plugs or something like that I remember this. Nissan Yeah here. let's uh, throw some Newman's under the hood so we can see what we're trying to see and then uh, figure out what's going on here. Illumination.

You know. at first I thought there was no dipstick and then I found it. It's uh, way way way down. right down here.

there she is. there's our dip and stick. let's see. fluid looks okay, it's a little brown but nothing crazy looking.

All right. let's go ahead and put this stuff back. Get in your hole there dipstick. all the way down.

all right. Okie Dokes I'm in the scanner device right here and I've got two of the solenoids pulled up. We're looking for the amperage on both of those solenoids. We should see like half an amp or even maybe even more.

These are both open circuit. There's a there's no current running through those solenoids and any any gear position. Yeah. I Suspect that something is broken inside of the valve body.

I Do believe these things have a plastic valve body and I think that the the electrical connectors may be soldered in where the pins come through to connect the wiring harness and from what I understand is that area of those pins can break off and cause open circuit issues. Now the the risky side is how long did this vehicle drive with these solenoids not functioning? These solenoids are designed to redirect fluid flow words and help you change and change your gear ratios. Uh, we saw earlier that this thing seemed to be stuck in like second or third gear. So I'm I'm hoping that uh, the transmission was not damaged while being operated with uh with these solenoids being opened.

Um, let's uh, let's go ahead and raise this thing up in the air, take a look underneath and just make sure everything is connected and plugged in. and uh, if if available or if possible maybe we can pull the pan down and take a peek inside. So let us uh Power this thing down, we'll set the rack, lift it up, and continue our inspection slash diagnosis. We encountered uh, similar scenarios with valve body failures on some of the GM trucks back in my dealership days and often what would happen is folks would tolerate the slipping condition until the thing no longer wanted to move and It ultimately it damaged.

uh, the clutch packs in the Trans. So I'm hoping that this one does not have damage. That fluid condition looked okay, but that's not usually. you know, an end-all all when it comes to uh, internal transmission.

Ah, there we go. So there could be some damage. there might not be. However, since we are dealing with some internal transmission problems, I'm I'm going to speculate that this Trans is going to have to come out at some point.
We're gonna find out though. Black subscribe button: Consider subscribing to the channel and turning on those notifications. That way you receive a notification whenever I post a new video. That's good for me, it's also good for you.

There we go. So if you are not, please consider subscribing to the channel. And if you are subscribed, do me a solid and go and check that because we're still engaging in the YouTube subscriber Purge phase. I Don't know why it's happening, but people have found that they check their uh their notification Bell and they have become unsubscribed.

Don't know why, but it's uh, it's happening. Algorithm things I Suppose Oh lucky me, it's a two-wheel drive, not a four-wheel drive. And now I Remember what I did to this I put uh, catalytic converters in this once upon a time? That's what I did. Okay now I Remember Good.

Oh yeah, look at that. It does have a new engine it was made in Mexico See it right there? Mako You can tell it's new because it's shiny. Well, this is interesting. Look, the pan has been smashed in slightly see that should be flat blush and it is kind of a concave.

Actually, concave is a matter of perspective because if we were to take this pan off and look at it from the inside, it would be convex. Yeah, more vocabulary. All right. Well, that escalated faster than I thought it was.

So what I'm going to do is I'm gonna go ahead and drain this fluid out of this thing. and uh, we're gonna pop this pan off and take a gander inside and see if you have some destruction going on here on the cookage. Okay, so here's what I'm gonna do: We're gonna actually save this uh old fluid because there's a chance that this won't be serviced immediately and I'd hate to have to waste new fluid to put it back in in order to, uh, move this thing should we end up in a position where this is condemned. So I'm just going to drain this out into a bucket, we're going to save what's in there.

So if I have to temporarily reuse it I will Whoa. spillage. Anyway, we're gonna drain all this out and then I'm gonna go ahead and pull this pan down and inspect for some Carnage draining. This is like the opposite of pouring things.

draining things all right I'm back draining is nearly Complete because now it's making a mess. We got about a half gallon out of that. Pull this pan down. All right.

Let's go ahead and got the 10 millimeter out. Let's go. Twirl flashlight I Caught it. Let's pull these uh bolts out of this pit.

There's that flashlight. Magnetism has failed me. This flight sucks I'm getting rid of it. Yeah, let's try this one.

Maybe it has a better magnet IC Juice Many bolts. What'd you call me? I heard you who's here the ah okay meeting over. That was the garage door guys. contractors were here.

Let's pull the ball, get rid of all my first names, come on out so we may witness the Carnage I'm sure there's Carnage in here. There has to be all right. Let me fetch these uh far away bolts over here and then we'll get going on this. There's actually two in the back, but I can't really get to which is, uh, concerning.
Might have to pull this cross member thing out or something. Nah. I'm not gonna have to do that. I'll just use compound suicide wobblies.

There we go. Got it there? We are all right. I Think there's one more holding this thing in? I think maybe two. Probably two.

Yeah, there's one of them then the other ones right in front of us. Whoo! Well, no damage from that pan being smashed in I was kind of hoping to find like a broken filter or something like that, but whoa, spellage doesn't appear to be the case. All right. So let's go ahead and take a peek here at our magnets in the pan because I do not see any uh, any metal chunks in here and lack of metal chunks and or lack of uh, clutch material tells me.

oh wait wait wait wait wait wait there it is. There's the Sparkles I found them right here. See that here. We'll take a look with a better camera.

I See the Sparkles Okay, and there's a not a whole boatload of it, but it's in there. There is metal sparkly going on here, so that's unfortunate. I was I was actually about a nanometer away from pulling that valve body out and ordering another one. But then I see all the specks of shiny and the specs of shiny indicate there is additional damage to this transmission.

So I mean it's not a it's not a lot, but it's there. It's definitely there. Yeah, you can see it, see it in solution on my finger there. Okay, I mean oh I hate to have to put a transmission in this or send it for a rebuild just for that.

See what's in the filter? Anything in there? Man, that's so such a small amount of metal though. Yeah, I don't know what to do? What do you guys think should I put a valve body in it and uh and let it ride? or should I go with this metal problem here and uh, have the unit rebuilt? Man, that's not that bad. That's that's barely anything. Yeah I'm gonna pull the valve body out I mean yeah.

I'm gonna I have to I can't I can't condemn this transmission. No, that's not gonna work for me. Well, you know the way I see it. It's either junk or it's not and I kind of don't think it is.

I'm gonna pull this fouled body out and we're going to look for an obvious defect. Start with the filter if I can find a defect in this valve body. I'll order another one. If I can't find a defect in the valve body, yeah, then maybe it is transmission time.

That's a weird Bolt Yeah, Is that like a stud in a nut that must bolt in from the other side? Okay, there's something that holds that together from the other side. Foreign stuff's coming apart. This thing is dripping trans fluid on me. I Don't like trans fluid drippings.
Oh by the way. Disclaimer: I don't do internal automatic transmission works. Not my forte. Oh, we're spilling again.

Yeah, it's just not my specialty engine stuff. Yes, transmission stuff, not so much. I Mean it's just nuts and bolts, right? So it's already broken, right? All right. That's one set of Fasteners which has exposed another set of Fasteners that are under that filter.

So let's continue to pull this thing down. I have uh, segregated the Fasteners that I've already removed I put those in a separate pan because again, I I don't know what I'm doing and if I need to put this back together, should probably be in a position to better do so. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna find bolts and fasteners that are different lengths. Let's see what else we got here.

There's one a bunch of them around the perimeter. just keep on pulling bolts. They may be different lengths, but they're not all. They're not all different.

Looks like there's just two lengths of bolts here that's easy to decipher later on. Yeah, what I want to do is I'm going to pull this out and I'm going to look for obvious defects where the electrical connections are made. There is a control module in here and I understand. Like I said earlier, there's solder joints on that control module that you want that can break and cause these open circuit issues which we have a couple open circuit codes.

Okay, parts are starting to come out now. Got a little bracket right here. Pull that guy out. Hope you guys remember all this stuff goes because uh I don't another one.

Okay, endless bolts. They just keep coming out. I Guess we need all these bolts for proper clamping for us because there's hundreds of little passages. Maybe not hundreds, but there's many passengers for uh, fluid to flow through.

I Feel like I'm gonna get the last of these bolts out and then it's just gonna dump everywhere on me. That's a lot of things going on here. Okay, we're running out a couple more. We're down to just maybe two or three left.

I Think it's another night. Another ball up. it's coming down. Look, it's starting to get more drainage.

We're getting somewhere more drippages? Yeah, this fluid's in really good shape. I I Hope I could fix this I Really do. It'd be nice I Think there's just like maybe one or two left. Aha look at that.

looks like there's just one left. More drainage. Oh I'm covered in fluid I Don't like it. Oh well, that's the job.

I Guess Come on Valve Body: A bunch of parts fall out of this and screwed. Oh, it's heavy and dripping. and dripping in heavy. Oh, a bunch of wires too.

Holy smokes. Yep. I've got myself into something. That's our little control module.

One connector disconnected. Oh, what is that? A temp sensor? Let's not. Uh, let's not break that wire, figure out where that thing connects and unconnect it. There it is.
There's our connector. Okay, it's out. Valve bodies out. I'm covered in the fluids.

Okey-dokes We're over on the toolbox. Uh, this right. here is the top side of this valve body assembly. We can see all of our solenoids right here running across.

Uh I Think this unit right here That is our control module wiring harness that runs through the transmission case and connects to the wiring harness on the other side. And I believe that the fault for those codes that we saw uh can be found on the other side of this control module. So let's pull this plate off of here and try to disassemble this thing to see if we can't find a uh, a broken wire or connector or something like that. Oh, that was already loose.

That was one of those past three bolts. That was one that was one. uh I think that's all here I think I know what I'm doing foreign I need my 10 mil back? What's in here? More connectors? Unclick these. Perhaps I should have done this before I took the bolts loose like I said I don't know what I'm doing? Nobody does.

Yeah, that's not working for me. Let's put a bolt back in it. The whole thing is flexing and I can't unclick this connector there. Too much flexing action.

Here we go. Two connectors disconnected. Got that one now. let's pull this plate off and 110 millimeter foreign.

I Hope I find something broken. that's not happening because looks like these solenoids are holding it in shoe. I need to pull those guys out as well I Guess that's a similar procedure. Okay, it's looking for debris or damage or anything of that nature under these solenoids.

I Suppose they make their electrical connection right through here. Definitely going to keep these in order because I don't know where they go or if they're different part numbers. but I Guess this is how we learn, right? We just begin to do until we learn again. In the worst case I ruined the transmission I Mean it's about as bad as it can get, right? Pry bar, mini pry bar.

Okay, that one seems to come out with the solenoid. Oops Illinois gravity How's this one look pretty good? All right. Any check balls or gaskets? anything like that? No, no and no. So where do we get? I Can't see any of the circuitry inside of this unit I wonder if I can take this apart a little farther further further and farther.

you know there's a panel here. see I don't like that. That's awfully. Wiggly I wonder if yeah, they're all kind of.

Wiggly yeah. I'm gonna see if I can't get this, uh, control module apart to inspect the circuitry on the inside. That's kind of what's uh, what? I'm thinking here I've been working this other half of this control module assembly about five to ten minutes now or so trying to hop this back cover off of it I've got it like halfway off. It's got to come off because it's only in there with clips and it's not really glued or anything.
So I'm certain that it comes apart. Just got to do this. Uh, very gently. Again, what's the worst that can happen I ruin it I Suppose that's worth the risk to at least confirm whether it needs a trans or not.

I don't think it needs a whole transmission I Really don't. It's too clean inside. too good of a shape. The fluid's not junk on it I did see some sparkly, but it was so minimal that I don't even know.

could have actually just been normal. Anyway, I'm babbling. So here's the inside of our circuit. Here is the connections: where the control module meets the solenoids in order to power or energize and de-energize the uh, the solenoids.

And I'm just checking for any of these circuits to be broken here. Understand, these things come apart. That's what. I Read another guy up, got a winner.

There it is. That's it right there. Look at that. That's the uh, that's our.

Smoking Gun right there. Zoom In that found, you see it right there. There's a broken connection at whatever solenoid this is. So we've got one broken connection inside of this control module.

You guys see, that's it right there. That's what I was looking to find. Ding ding ding ding ding ding. We got a winner folks.

I Found it. Is there anything else broken? No, there's not I don't think so anything in here now. It looks like it's just that one. Well, I am going to order.

Let's see if I can't order just the control module I might have to order the uh, a replacement valve body. but I think I can just get this control module. So we, uh, we've got a confirmed kill on this one. That's what it is needs.

Transmission control module faulty, construction or damaged or whatever. But yeah, that's that. We have found the problem confirmed kill. I'm actually glad I went in there because I learned something today I hope you learned something today.

Actually, we learned a lot today. We learned a couple vocabulary words of the day and we learned that just because your transmission isn't working doesn't mean we need to put a new one in it actually. I I'm gonna retract that and not say that because there is a possibility that something else is damaged. but I don't think there is.

But I don't ever want to just, uh, deal in absolutes because only a Sith deals in absolutes only assist deals in absolutes. So anyway, found the problem I Need to order a part that's going to be again, a confirmed kill for our diagnosis. we have found a major problem with this unit and hopefully I can get one of these, uh, cheaper than the cost of a rebuild on that transmission. So that being said, I'm going to go ahead and close this video out right now and I will do that by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video.

For watching this video as always, hope you enjoyed this video! If You Did In Fact: Enjoy this video. Please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of transmission no pun intended.

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    Would you say there is a plethora of PT Cruisers in the parking lot! 😁

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars J.C. Paul says:

    Could you possibly fix it with a drop of solder?

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    498k subscribers. Major milestone just around the corner!

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    sith are better. change my mind.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lois Rinehart says:

    I have a 2016 Nissan/Datsun and they haven't changed on the interior since 2005/ Finally made a change on 2021. Got to watch this close so I can work on mine if it pukes.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Weazel Dark says:

    Rebuild the transmission urself
    Be interesting to see and there's probably little a transmission shop really needs to do if something needs done

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brandon Adams says:

    Heck yeah Ray Ray you used a 10mm that isn't wobbly

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Clinton Turner says:

    I'm glad you found it.😊

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    Good deal ray nice find !!! ooo yea!

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    After the 168 bolts without any springen sproingen I applaude your perseverance and congratulate you with your success in finding the problem, Detective Ray!